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Thalassotherapy in Tunisia: what is it? Indications, procedures, reviews


The ancient Greek sages rightly believed that the healing power of the sea can heal any disease. Indeed, the sound of the surf, the beneficial salts of sea water and the gentle action of the stream can balance the state of mind and help you recover faster after severe physical ailments. It was based on the principles of the healing action of the sea that baths and palaces were built for the treatment of noble people, as well as after many years, with the same purpose, sanatoriums and spa hospitals opened on the sea shores.

In translation from the Greek, thalassotherapy literally means “treatment by the sea”. Today this term is called the whole complex of health services used as monotherapy or in complex.

Modern medical specialists have adopted not only the sea and its water rich in minerals and salts, but also various healing properties of other essential components of sea treatment.


Rest by the sea, baths, showers, warm and cold wraps, hydromassage. They can contribute to the normalization of all internal processes in the body, run its natural protective functions.

Useful components of the sea and its products, being absorbed into the skin, fill its cells with necessary substances and stimulate its recovery. In addition, daily listening to the soothing sound of the surf and the contemplation of the curly waves lamb greatly contribute to improving the state of mind. Swimming in seawater helps to break free and open up to a tired lungs.


Using the warm rays of the sun on the seashore, for better penetration of nutrients into the lungs and skin of the body along with the sea air.

Warm sun baths that evenly warm up the body, together with the sea air, have a positive effect on all internal and external processes of the body.


Treatment directly with sea air, ionization of rooms with the help of sea water and the practice of inhalation moistened with vapor of sea air.

Cavitotherapy is called the rescue of pulmonologists. Treatment of asthma and other pathologies of the lungs and bronchi is almost entirely based on the use of the healing properties of sea water.

Diet therapy

The patient's daily menu is compiled based on the origin of its components: algae and seafood are used..

Diet therapy is effective in many internal diseases: lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, impaired humoral regulation.

Eating seafood is considered essential for male and female reproductive health.


Treatment with seaweed: wraps, compresses, baths with extracts. Almost all the salons of the world use algotherapy in a complex of anti-aging, restorative and skin-strengthening procedures.

In addition, algae have a noticeable fat-burning effect and will definitely be offered as an additional measure for edema, excess weight, cellulite deposits.

This also includes the use of marine inhabitants as assistants in the fight against skin diseases. Special fish are used which can gnaw pathologically formations on the skin of a patient with a dermatological disease.


The use of cold energy as a therapeutic effect. Actively used in dermatology.

Thalassotherapy attracts not only with its efficiency, but also with the ability to give incomparable pleasure. All these procedures are absolutely painless, pleasant and can give the body a delightful feeling of complete rest and relaxation.

Thalassotherapy: indications for use

Hydrotherapy is rarely used individually, as a monotherapy. It is a necessary part of the complex of health measures prescribed by a specialist doctor.

Thalassotherapy is prescribed in the following cases:

  • pain and pathology of the musculoskeletal system in various locations and stages,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • diseases of the hormonal system, especially useful treatment of the sea and seafood for violations of the functioning of the thyroid gland and iodine deficiency,
  • chronic respiratory pathologies, including sea air, are very helpful in nicotine addiction,
  • skin diseases
  • overwork, weakness, stress, nervous exhaustion,
  • cardiovascular diseases, disorders of blood and lymph circulation,
  • swelling of different nature,
  • excess weight.

In order to effectively use the healing properties of the sea, it is not necessary to spend large sums on a trip to it. Many resorts, salons and resort places, far from the sea and its components, can offer thalassotherapy procedures on site. Used in advance prepared sea water, past the strict certification.

Some spas may offer thalasso treatment as an item in the complex therapy.

Thalassotherapy: contraindications

Thalassotherapy, as any wellness procedure, is prescribed only after consulting a doctor-specialist.. If in this clinical case the application of any of the methods of effects will have a negative impact on health, then the doctor will have to find a safer alternative.

Treatment by the sea and its products will be denied if the patient is diagnosed with:

  • exacerbation of any chronic pathologies,
  • pathologically high levels of estrogen hormones,
  • excess iodine in the body, leading to diseases of the thyroid gland,
  • pregnancy,
  • female age over 65 due to hormonal changes,
  • acute heart disease.

Each clinical case is considered individually, and the doctor does not always put an end to thalassotherapy. Much depends on the form and stage in which the patient is located.

Kuznetsova Irina, medical reviewer

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Thalasso Centers of Tunisia

Selection thalasso center closely related to price for course of procedures and also depends on whether treatment is your main goal. If you want to combine the benefits with a beach or outdoor activities, then you should think about thalassotherapy centers at hotels. Thalasso centers are in many 4- and 5-star hotels in all resorts of Tunisia, although special attention should be paid to Hammamet, Sousse and the island of Djerba.

If you are going to Tunisia with the intention to heal, then your choice will certainly fall on one of the specialized talasso centers. Those who are planning a tour for the winter months will certainly be interested in Hasdrubal Thalassa & SPA on Djerba, which operates year-round. For those who are more free in their choice, Bio Azur, located in Hammamet, should seem attractive. Bio Azur is one of the world centers of thalassotherapy and provides a wide range of services to guests of all hotels in the resort.

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Thalassotherapy - what is it?

This word is called an extensive concept that includes a diverse range of procedures. The word "talasso" in translation from the language of the wise Greeks means the sea. Consequently, each of us perfectly understands, pronouncing the word “thalassotherapy”, that this is a seafood treatment. Among the main healing properties of honorable place are sea water and salt, plankton extracts, mud, algae. And, of course, a unique maritime climate.

History tour

In fact, it is difficult to call this trend new. Its origins go to ancient Greece. Even then, the wise Hippocrates noticed the healing power of sea water. Rome did not lag behind its neighbor. The emperors built the terms, which, in fact, were medical complexes. But the scientific substantiation of thalassotherapy received only in the 60s of the last century. This is the merit of the French. Their Brittany is still considered the center of SPA treatment all over the world. However, not only thalassotherapy thrives there. Tunisia also has a huge number of medical salons. That is why this country attracts tourists so much.

The benefits of marine treatment

Have you ever wondered why thalassotherapy gained such popularity? Reviews of doctors indicate its miraculous properties.

  • Sea water in its composition in many ways resembles blood plasma. Therefore, even a 15-minute bathing is enough for the human body to compensate for the lack of mineral elements. At a temperature of +37 degrees, they easily penetrate the skin, and then go to where their shortage is acutely felt.
  • Algae are also saturated with all sorts of trace elements. They contain almost all representatives of the periodic table.
  • The sea air, due to the negative ions in it, acts like an antibiotic and stimulates the body's defenses.

Note, thalassotherapy is based on the treatment of not with any synthetic drugs, but with biologically active components. This is its value.

Indications for thalassotherapy

When should you resort to this procedure? In fact, such treatment will not do any harm. However, sometimes thalassotherapy is a must. For example:

  1. If you are tormented by muscle aches of various kinds.
  2. You suffer from chronic respiratory diseases.
  3. You have heart problems or blood circulation.
  4. You are plagued by skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, and others).
  5. Among your diseases are arthritis, scoliosis, gout.
  6. You get tired too quickly or feel weak.
  7. Your most cherished desire is to regain your former slenderness and forever lose weight.

In addition, in the spas can offer you a few more programs. The most common of these is the nicotine rejuvenation and rejection program.

As you can see, many ailments can heal thalassotherapy. Reviews of those who have already felt its impact on themselves indicate the effectiveness of such treatment.


But still, like any other medical procedure, thalassotherapy requires consultation with a doctor. Only a doctor can give the necessary recommendations. If you are attracted to thalassotherapy in Tunisia (one of the largest centers where the use of seafood is put on a grand scale), then you can safely go on vacation. There, at each salon there are specialized doctors who prescribe the necessary treatment.

No matter how attracted you thalassotherapy, contraindications can not be ignored. It is better to refrain from this procedure if you have:

  • There are chronic diseases in an acute form.
  • Elevated estrogen levels. This fact may be an indicator of gynecological diseases.
  • Thyroid problems.

In addition, thalassotherapy is contraindicated in pregnant women and women after 65 years. Those patients who have heart problems are treated with caution.

The main methods of thalassotherapy

Modern medicine has adopted the healing properties of not only water, but also the sun, air, mud. Thalassotherapy - SPA treatment, which is based on the following methods:

  1. Hydrotherapy.
  2. Mud therapy
  3. Heliotherapy (sun treatment).
  4. Cavitotherapy (treatment with sea air).
  5. Dietotherapy (treatment with seafood dishes).
  6. Algotherapy (treatment of algae).
  7. Cryotherapy (cold treatment).

All these methods are perfectly mastered by such science as thalassotherapy. The procedures are painless, besides, besides rehabilitation, they also provide relaxation. And this is a very pleasant state.

What are the main procedures used in modern spas?

Baths, showers, baths

Of course, all these varieties relate to hydrotherapy. Many experts add to this category and steam treatment. Patients are offered the following procedures:

  • Shower. There are several varieties. The famous Charcot's douche is prescribed to combat obesity. Circular activates blood circulation and metabolic processes. Fan efficiency can compete with peeling. He perfectly exfoliates dead cells.
  • Baths. The most popular is the Jacuzzi. It has a beneficial effect on the joints, relieving pain, and normalizes blood circulation. There are also therapeutic baths with the addition of bromine, salts of the Dead Sea, iodized. Depending on the filler, such baths accelerate wound healing, restore skin tone and restore the balance of minerals. And you do not want to be in the role of the Egyptian queen? Then try taking a Cleopatra bath with a whitening and rejuvenating effect. Sea water is mixed with milk. The effects on the skin are amazing.
  • Bathhouse. Most often, you will be offered to try the Hammam. This is the name of the Turkish bath. Temperature changes and high humidity contribute to the fact that the pores open, and toxic substances are removed from the body.
  • Drinking mineral water inside. But this should be done only under the supervision of a doctor. Such treatment cleans the stomach and intestines, activates peristalsis.

Rescue in the air

The sea air itself is considered a medicine. But some procedures enhance its effectiveness. For example, thalassotherapy in Hammamet (the largest SPA centers are located here) offers inhalations of air with microparticles of sea water sprayed in it. Such a procedure is simply a salvation for people with frequent bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Moreover, such inhalations very well clean the nasal cavity.

When the sun comes to the rescue

Heliotherapy can work wonders. First of all, the natural radiation of the sun should be used. In the offseason, artificial ultraviolet irradiation is allowed.

General heliotherapy heals from many nervous diseases, restores health to the skin and hair. It increases resistance to colds and improves sleep. Local heliotherapy promotes rapid healing of wounds, as it has a drying effect on them.

Hammam + gommage + wrap

Good old procedure with which it is recommended to begin any course of thalassotherapy. It involves sweating in a traditional Tunisian bath - a hammam, which is steamed from under-floor vats with boiling water. For more comfort, you can lie down on the marble bench, having previously spread a cotton foot-sheet. After the pores of the skin open, the bathhouse man will thoroughly scrape the body with a Kesoy mitten and wash it with the usual loofah with folk soap based on olive oil. For wrapping a special “tfal” clay is used, diluted to a plastic consistency with a floral distillate - most often from geranium. At the end of the procedure tfal wash off with cool water.

Massage under drip sea shower

One of the most favorite holiday procedures and also inexpensive. It is performed on a special table with 4-5 miniature souls located above it and along the entire length of the client's body. Seawater heated to a comfortable temperature is finely sprayed from the holes, and at the same time the master makes a general relaxing massage. Perfectly relaxes and nourishes the skin with beneficial trace elements due to the light effect of rubbing.

Cleopatra's bath

VIP procedure offered in large thalassocenters. According to legend, the famous queen daily took milk baths to preserve youth and white skin. Today, they no longer put in whole milk - they just generously whiten hot sea water with them, but they add a whole range of essential oils - verbena, rosemary, and eucalyptus. And of course, for peace of mind, different flowers are allowed to float on the surface.


Combines hydromassage and color treatment. As the eastern practices say, each of the seven chakras of a person has a specific color - from red to purple, and by observing correctly chosen color combinations, you can adjust their work, and therefore bring the body into correct correspondence. In practice, you will be placed in a marine hot tub with built-in lamps, emitting a softly changing color, and left to “gurgle” in the extravaganza of beautiful shades.

Sea foot treatment

A hit for those who, by the nature of work, have to sit a lot or walk for a long time, the sea foot procedure is an effect on the calves, ankles and feet of hydromassage jets of various strengths. At the same time, they put you on the side of a tiny foot-basin (of course, this is a seat with all the comforts in the form of soft bedding and a comfortable backrest), and your legs are lowered into the bowl itself. Water is supplied at different temperatures, and the pressure of the jets varies smoothly. The feeling of lightness in the legs after such a procedure is unprecedented!

Underwater shower

Variations on a jacuzzi, not just bubble-entertaining, but therapeutic and relaxing. You will be placed in a bath with warm sea water, filled with petals and lit scented candles, and the masseur will massage your body with the help of water coming out of the hose. Напор так же можно варьировать в зависимости от чувствительности разных зон. Кроме этого в воду добавляют всевозможные вытяжки из лекарственных растений, эссенции и масла, что повышает терапевтический эффект.

The procedure recommended to everyone, without exception, aquatonic is a walk in the pool with sea water, equipped with various hydromassage gadgets. You can stand on elastic underwater fountains massaging your heels, run along a narrow corridor among strong jets aimed at different calves and calves, thoroughly shake cellulite on an “underwater bomb”, sit under a fan fountain relaxing shoulders, and relax on a section with smooth undercurrents.

The most popular procedure for those who have something to "throw." Charcot's douche is an effect of a powerful jet of water from a far distance, allowing to increase blood flow to problem areas and effectively combat excess weight. At the same time, you are literally put against the wall and told to hold onto two handrails so as not to be knocked down by a water cannon. Feeling during the procedure - as in a thorough bang, all the muscles work perfectly, trying to resist the flow of water. But then you understand how it is actually easy and wonderful to live!

The Arabic word "Gassuhl" means a kind of volcanic rock, saturated with a mass of useful trace elements and minerals. Like clay, it is diluted to the desired consistency with the help of flower essences, and then applied to the whole body. Gassoul is much more effective than tphalea in cleansing the pores of the skin, smoothing it and imparting tone. Sitting in the steam room with gassule applied to the body further enhances the therapeutic effect on the body.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning other procedures, without which it is impossible to imagine thalassotherapy in Tunisia. These are Ayurvedic and stone-massages, cryo- and pressure therapy, henna applications, face and hair care programs. Recall that to achieve a visible effect, “thalassic” is better with courses - from 1 to 5 procedures per day, lasting from 1 to 10 days.

Thalassotherapy - what is it?

Thalassotherapy - this is an improvement in the general condition of the body through the beneficial effects of the factors of the marine environment (sea water and mud, algae). In cosmetology, thalassotherapy is widely used to combat the manifestations of cellulite. The use of anti-cellulite wraps, which are based on the principles of thalassotherapy, can significantly reduce and in some cases completely eliminate this cosmetic defect.

A full course of thalassotherapy should be carried out under the supervision of doctors in the sanatorium-resort centers. However, some procedures, including wraps, today can be carried out by a cosmetologist at a specialized center. A course of procedures based on the beneficial effects of the sea improves the condition of the endocrine system, which regulates the amount of adipose tissue in the body. In combination with a complex of anti-cellulite procedures, wraps based on marine extracts can achieve a significant effect.

Cellulite occurs due to a violation of fat metabolism - a balance between the amount of accumulated and splittable fat. Blood vessels are squeezed by overgrown fibrous tissue and fat capsules, which interferes with the outflow of blood and lymph. Stagnation not only emphasizes the appearance of cellulite, but also negatively affects the skin condition, making it sluggish and flabby.

The composition of the wraps for the treatment of cellulite most often includes brown algae and sea clay. Any algae: spirulina, kelp, blister fucus, undaria, lithothamium, imontalia of elongate, hondrus crispus, litotamnia, palmaria, asparagopsis armata, krhythmum maritimum, codium tomentozum, chlorella, olean and ficocoram, nympy; lipolysis. When wraps, algae also have a corrective effect and increase skin tone: iodine, calcium and potassium salts contained in them penetrate into all layers of the skin and contribute to the drainage of fluid, improve blood microcirculation, eliminate body waste products. Removal of excess tissue fluid helps to reduce the volume of the body, and the acceleration of metabolic processes - reducing the appearance of cellulite. Other components that can be included in the mixture for wrapping (essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants) soften and soothe the skin.


1. Hot wrapping is based on the “sauna effect”: vessels expand, blood circulation activates, skin pores open. Due to this, decomposition products and toxins are better removed, and nutrients more easily penetrate deep into the skin. Thermal blanket or SPA capsule is used for hot wrapping.

2. Cold wraps, on the contrary, constrict blood vessels - this improves their tone, strengthens the walls. Due to the cooling of the skin, lipolysis is activated (for this purpose, menthol is often included in the wrap mixture).

3. The contrast method - alternating cold and hot wraps - has become widespread due to the enhanced effect of the procedure. After a hot wrap, a mask of algae is applied to the same areas of the body. Or the use of camphor and menthol for the wrapping agent, which simultaneously warms and cools.

In the treatment of thalassotherapy, two types of wraps are used - algal and mud. Mud wraps contain almost all the vitamins and trace elements that algae contain, and therefore have a similar effect on the skin. A distinctive feature of mud wrapping is the effect of mechanical peeling, carried out by solid particles contained in the therapeutic mud.

In addition, there are: oil wraps, when essential oils are added to the base oil (wheatgrass, sesame, jojoba, etc.) (all citrus fruits with anti-cellulite effect, lavender - anti-striit effect, jasmine, ylang-ylang - lifting effect, etc.), honey wrap - increase the tone, nourish, regenerate, cleanse the skin, paraffin wraps (paraffin and brown algae are included) and salt wrap - used in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, chocolate wraps - moisturizing and anti-depressant effect, herbs Herbal wrap using herbal teas (mint, chamomile, sage, marjoram) - lipolytic and tonic effect.

Thalassotherapy also includes mud baths and sea salt baths. The latter can be carried out at home, for this you need to buy sea salt. The procedure lasts 15-20 minutes.

Thalassotherapy is used in the following cases:

1. Joint diseases (osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis).
2. Cellulite and excess weight.
3. Gynecological and sexual disorders associated with disorders in the endocrine system.
4. Asthenia.
5. Varicose veins and venous insufficiency (only cold wraps).
6. Deterioration of skin tone (due to rapid weight loss, photo-aging or age-related changes).
7. Skin diseases without exacerbation (psoriasis, neurodermatitis, keratoderma, ichthyosis and others).
8. Puffiness.
9. Muscle pain.
10. Cleansing the body, toxins.
11. Skin nutrition (vitaminization and mineralization).
12. Rejuvenation.

Contraindications to the use of thalassotherapy are:

1. Infectious and inflammatory diseases in acute form.
2. Some skin diseases (dermatitis, fungal diseases, chronic skin diseases in the acute stage).
3. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels (hypertension, myocardial infarction), varicose veins (for hot wraps).
4. Oncological diseases.
5. Allergy to wrapping components.
6. Diabetes.
7. Pregnancy except cold on the feet.
8. Hyperthyroidism and autoimmune diseases of the thyroid gland.
9. Menstruation (from the 5th day of the cycle).
10. Thrombophlebitis.

Advantages and disadvantages of thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy has a complex beneficial effect on all body systems:

• algae, therapeutic sea mud and clay contain a large amount of nutrients, all of which are of natural origin

• trace elements in the form in which they are contained in sea water and algae, penetrate the skin and are well absorbed by the cells of the body

• biologically active substances are contained in products of marine origin in a proportion optimal for normalization of metabolic processes and neuroendocrine mechanisms in the body

• Thalassotherapy stimulates the immune system and helps to improve the protective properties of the body.

Disadvantages of thalassotherapy in the treatment of cellulite:

• hot wrapping procedure, which is more effective in combating fat deposits, is contraindicated for varicose veins

• thalassotherapy is a rather expensive method of treating cellulite compared to a course of massage or creams

• conducting thalassotherapy at home is problematic (especially when it comes to hot wrapping)

• little effective at stage 3-4 of cellulite.

Preparation for the procedure

Before carrying out anti-cellulite wraps, it is recommended to prepare the skin:

1. An anti-cellulite massage is performed for three days before the procedure.

2. A visit to the bath or sauna before the procedure allows you to multiply the effect of wrapping.

3. With the running form of cellulite, the body needs to be treated with peeling with sea salt and essential oils in order to remove dead skin cells and improve blood microcirculation.

4. Immediately before wrapping, you need to clean the skin, it is desirable to make a warming massage.

5. Immediately before the procedure you need to drink 1-2 glasses of water.

Procedure progress

Experts recommend performing the wrapping procedure in the evening, but not too late - optimally around 18:00. At this time, the metabolic processes in the body are activated, the skin perceives better nutrients, which allows you to achieve the maximum effect of thalassotherapy.

Anti-cellulite massage before the procedure allows you to enhance the vital activity of cells of all layers of the skin. All the techniques of classical massage are used - first stroking, rubbing and displacing the skin, then deep kneading, after - tapping, tapping and manual vibration. Influencing the subcutaneous fat layer, massage accelerates lipid metabolism, and the surface mechanical effect has a positive effect on the skin condition.

The drug is applied to the skin, evenly distributed to the problem areas. Then all areas covered with the drug are wrapped with a special film. When hot wrapping is used thermal blanket to achieve the "effect of the sauna", while cold - bandages, bandages. The exposure time is determined individually, depending on the chosen technique, the composition of the preparation and individual indications - from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours for cold wraps and up to 30 minutes of hot wraps.

Some salons use a steam shower instead of a thermal blanket. The mechanism of action consists in the purposeful action of the steam jet on problem areas treated with preparations with seaweed, mud or clay. The SPA capsule is a horizontal chamber in which the patient lies. First, steam is supplied with a temperature of 40 degrees, and then jets of water turn on at first with the same temperature, and then gradually decrease to 22-23 degrees. Exposure time up to 30 minutes.

The expected effect of thalassotherapy

Depending on the initial state of the skin, the degree of cellulite, the weight and age of the woman, it may take from 6 to 15 procedures to achieve a visible effect. Accordingly, the course of treatment will take from three to six weeks. If necessary, the number of procedures can be increased to 20 - the beautician determines the expediency of the course extension.

Thalassotherapy provides lipolytic, vasoactive, drainage effect - fats are broken down, the condition of the vessels improves, the lymph outflow is activated. The skin is supplied with nutrients, metabolic processes in all its layers are accelerated. It stimulates the activity of fibroblasts - cells that provide the necessary skin tone. Fibrous nodes, on the contrary, are destroyed, which allows to get rid of the effect of "orange peel".

Properly performed wrapping procedure allows you to get rid of 3 to 5 cm of volume in problem areas (the first 1.5-2 cm “go away” after the first procedure) and fix the effect obtained. Manifestations of cellulite are reduced, fat bumps disappear, the skin becomes elastic and taut. Useful substances and vitamins moisturize and nourish the skin, which helps prevent its drying and flaking. Thalassotherapy also helps to eliminate the edema syndrome.

The effectiveness of wraps increases significantly when combined with other procedures electrolipolysis, lymphatic drainage, ultrasound therapy, anti-cellulite massage.

Skin care after thalassotherapy procedure

After the wrap is plasticized - from a semi-liquid substance turns into a solid mass - it is carefully removed. Then you should take a shower to clean the skin of biomass residues.

Body shaping cream applied after the procedure is absorbed much better: plant extracts and essential oils improve skin elasticity, and antioxidants promote cell regeneration and repair. In most creams, caffeine is injected as a tonic - it allows you to make the skin more elastic and taut.

Possible complications after thalassotherapy procedure

1. Allergic reactions. Individual intolerance to individual components of the preparation for wrapping or a combination of them may lead to rashes, dry skin, redness. To prevent this from happening, before prescribing a course of thalassotherapy, an allergy test is required with a small amount of the drug.

2. Exacerbation of varicose veins, couperosis and other vascular pathologies. An increase in ambient temperature (a necessary condition for thermoactive or hot wrapping) is extremely dangerous for vessels whose condition was initially poor due to pathological diseases.

3. Disruption of hormonal balance. Iodine contained in preparations for thalassotherapy in hyperthyroidism and autoimmune diseases of the thyroid gland can cause an exacerbation of the disease - an excess of iodine provokes thyrotoxicosis, and in autoimmune disorders - inhibition of thyroid function.

The cost of thalassotherapy treatments

Depending on the area of ​​the problem area, the country of origin and the composition of the preparation for wrapping, the cost of one procedure can amount to 3200-3800 rubles for cold and 6500-8500 rubles for hot wrapping. Thus, the minimum course of 6 procedures, excluding the cost of peeling, lotion and cream for the preliminary preparation and skin care after the procedure, will be from 19,200 to 51,000 rubles.

Reviews of those who did thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy can be performed both in the beauty salon and at home. Feedback from those and others who have experienced this procedure is positive. Thalassotherapy helps get rid of cellulite, makes the skin soft and velvety, improves its turgor and elasticity, and also improves mood and general well-being.

Thalassotherapy in Tunisia

There are many talasso centers and spas in the country, so this resort is considered a “talsossa”, its main advantage is low prices with a good quality of service. You can get relaxing, toning and anti-cellulite marine treatments. The cost of one procedure in Tunisia starts from 80 dollars.

Also, marine therapy is widespread in Bulgaria and Israel, but prices there tend to be more expensive.

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  • Angelina | 2016-11-17 20:28:48

I make seaweed wraps, I buy layers and wrap up with a film, before the procedure I do peeling. The skin on the pope and thighs really improved, there was no trace of cellulite. Plus, then a massage with a special brush is done with tallosotherapy cosmetics.

Inga | 2016-07-03 18:33:25

I often have a hives cause not to determine. I make baths with salt, I buy salt for children with various additives in the children's world. Very like the skin calms down and becomes velvety.

Yana | 2015-06-16 09:14:06

Thank you for the good article, I understood what thalassotherapy is.
And then they offered to do it in a salon at a discount, and I was ashamed to ask what was included there.

What is thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy is a complex of beneficial procedures involving the use of sea water, mud, sun, algae, salt, air and climate. Such activities are aimed at improving the body, serve as an aid in the complex treatment of certain diseases. Doctors have fully confirmed the effectiveness of the thalassotherapy procedure in the fight against psycho-emotional disorders, depression, and endocrine diseases.

Thalassotherapy is very popular in cosmetology. Она способна помочь в решении множества проблем, начиная от преждевременного старения кожи и заканчивая растяжками и целлюлитом.

Принцип действия

В чем сокрыт принцип действия талассотерапии? Методика позволяет щедро использовать все полезные компоненты, которыми богаты воздух, вода, морские глубины. The body receives many useful substances that trigger the process of recovery and restoration of all systems. The five main components of thalassotherapy.

  1. Sea water . It is rich in potassium, calcium. It contains iodine, magnesium. The sea serves as an excellent source of bromine, sulfur and many other minerals. All these components contribute to the strengthening of immunity, improve metabolic processes, restore the functioning of the cardiovascular, nervous systems.
  2. Sea air . It is an inexhaustible source of ozone, providing cell regeneration and repair. In such conditions, the aging process is significantly slowed down. Sea air does not contain dust, harmful components and microorganisms. It is saturated with negative ions that act on the body, like a broad-spectrum antibiotic. That is why the sea air, as part of thalassotherapy, is recommended for people suffering from pathologies of the respiratory system.
  3. Dirt. These components have absorbed the healing power of water, hardened under the sun and wind. They contain a high concentration of beneficial minerals. Dirt is actively used to treat joint diseases. In cosmetology, they are used to combat fatty deposits, cellulite, striae.
  4. Sea salt . Component extracted from the depths of the sea, can be safely called a concentrate of useful substances. Salt is in demand in the treatment of the respiratory system, skin problems, the musculoskeletal system (ODE). White, large crystals will come to the aid of those who decided to say goodbye to cellulite or fatty deposits. This thalassotherapy will help improve the color and structure of the skin.
  5. Seaweed . Contain a concentrate of seawater. They are one of the powerful natural immunomodulators. They are used to treat skin diseases, its deep cleansing, the fight against cellulite. It is on the basis of algae created the most effective series of anti-aging products.

Beneficial effects

The benefits of thalassotherapy for the body lies in the complex effect on the body of all components: air, water and climate. Under the influence of such highly concentrated substances the following positive changes occur:

  • blood flow improves
  • skin defects are eliminated,
  • active cell regeneration begins,
  • purification from harmful substances, slags,
  • lymphatic flow increases,
  • normal acidity and fat content of the epidermis,
  • mental balance is restored,
  • smooths cellulite,
  • metabolism is activated,
  • increases immunity
  • improves mood, well-being,
  • work of internal systems is normalized,
  • subcutaneous fats are broken down.

In what cases recommend

Thalassotherapy is not an independent method of treatment. Therefore, it is not necessary to replace it with all appointments made by the doctor. It serves only as an auxiliary direction, both in therapy and in cosmetology. Indications thalassotherapy is very extensive. They affect the recovery and rejuvenation of the body. However, we should not forget that there are contraindications for thalassotherapy. Sea treatment is recommended in the following cases:

  • chronic pathologies of the respiratory system,
  • thyroid disease, which is characterized by iodine deficiency,
  • GI pathology,
  • skin diseases (psoriasis, neurodermatitis),
  • Oda diseases (osteochondrosis, arthritis),
  • muscle pain,
  • puffiness
  • gynecological pathologies associated with elevated estrogen levels (for example, uterine myoma, mastopathy, endometriosis),
  • cellulitis, striae,
  • nervous disorders, depression, stress, overwork,
  • overweight, obesity,
  • deterioration of the skin condition, premature aging, skin sagging.

Who is not suitable

Even healing sea treatment has contraindications. Therefore, before using thalassotherapy be sure to consult with your doctor or cosmetologist. Some procedures contain an impressive list of restrictions. General contraindications for thalassotherapy consider the following conditions:

  • exacerbations of infectious and inflammatory processes,
  • oncology,
  • iodine allergy
  • some heart diseases
  • endocrine diseases characterized by an excess of iodine.

If we talk about the procedure wraps, then this list is significantly updated with the following conditions and ailments:

  • pregnancy,
  • autoimmune pathologies,
  • diabetes,
  • fungal lesions,
  • monthly
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • hyperthyroidism
  • allergy to wraps,
  • serious cardiovascular diseases (myocardial infarction, severe hypertension).

Some disadvantages

There are very few drawbacks to thalassotherapy, especially if we compare them with the obvious advantages of marine healing and the therapeutic effects of thalassotherapy. The disadvantages of the method are the following factors.

  • High price . Thalassotherapy does not apply to cheap procedures. Even if you decide to take a course of procedures in a beauty salon, and not in the resort of the Dead or the Mediterranean, be prepared to spend a considerable amount.
  • There are limitations. Rather effective procedures of thalassotherapy contain strict contraindications. For example, in the fight against cellulite hot wraps are most effective. But people suffering from varicosis are allowed to resort to using only cold procedures.
  • There is not always an effect. Thalassotherapy treatments will help to improve the condition, but they are not always able to heal completely without medical therapy. And if we are talking about cellulite of the third or fourth stage, the sea treatment in general becomes ineffective.

What techniques are available

Thalassotherapy includes many techniques that allow you to heal the body and improve appearance. The main ones are presented in the table. Appropriate procedures can pick up a doctor or cosmetologist, based on the problem and state of health.

Table - Methods of thalassotherapy, their characteristics and use

Algotherapy Secrets

The fact that algae have healing power, people have known for a long time. But their intensive use for medicinal purposes began not so long ago. The effectiveness of such procedures is due to the presence in the algae of a huge amount of minerals.

  • Iodine has a beneficial effect on our blood, reduces its viscosity, is able to fight cholesterol.
  • Phytohormones normalize the chemical composition of the intestine, nasal mucosa and other organs.
  • Vitamins have a tonic effect.
  • Essential oils cleanse the body, soothe the nervous system, protect against stress.

As a rule, algae applications are made on those parts of the body with which problems are associated. However, you can be spread from head to toe with the therapeutic substance of these seafood. This is one of the powerful tools that thalassotherapy has. Wrapping can be not only using algae. Often, such procedures are carried out with mud and sea salt.

Thalassotherapy geography

Homeland thalassotherapy is France. Recently, however, another direction is more popular. Which country is better to choose in order to fully feel what thalassotherapy is? Tunisia. Hammamet is one of the best medical resorts, where the whole constellation of SPA centers is concentrated. The most popular ones are:

  1. BIOAZUR. One of the most famous and visited.
  2. NAHRAWESS CENTER. One of the most equipped. This can be judged at least by the fact that there are only 100 massage rooms in it. In addition, it is famous for its own complex of pools.

There are such centers in other resorts of Tunisia. For example, Yasmin can please you VITAL CENTER THALGO. It offers a full range of programs. It will be difficult for you to choose one from the range of services. Sousse was the first resort where the thalassotherapy center opened. This spa salon still exists. Moreover, he managed to earn a good reputation. Scanes and Monastir also have, albeit small, well-equipped medical centers.

Thalassotherapy in Hammamet

What can this African resort offer us? As usual, a whole kaleidoscope of pleasant and useful procedures. Before you travel there, you won’t even guess what high-quality thalassotherapy can be, what this miracle cure can do to your illnesses and cosmetological problems. Here you will receive healing and will find a rebirth. After all, only in Tunis you can try a number of procedures that are not carried out anywhere else. For example:

  • Gassoul. This is the name of a volcanic rock saturated with nutrients. To achieve the desired consistency, gassul diluted with flower essences, and then applied to the body. The skin is smoothed and younger literally on the eyes.
  • Aquatonic. This is a whole set of various medical devices. There is an underwater bomb, which is well rescues from cellulite, a fan fountain, lifting the weight from the shoulders, a corridor with beating water jets.
  • Drip sea shower. Pleasant relaxing treatment. No wonder it is so fond of tourists. Several miniature showers are located along the human body. While they spray warm sea water, the hands of the masseur work wonders, stretching the patient’s body. You get double pleasure, besides having a healing effect.
  • Hydrotherapy. In fact, it is a hydromassage, but lamps are installed in the bath, which from time to time change the shades of light. Such treatment is based on Ayurveda, because in this method each chakra has its own color. Watching the combination of the right shades, you can learn how to manage energy, balance it. To believe the oldest method or not is up to you, but you will be provided with pleasant feelings and complete relaxation.

And what if there is no opportunity to go to the sea? Today, all major cities have well-equipped thalassotherapy centers. You can limit them. Although they will not be able to replace their stay at the seaside resort, they will not do any harm either. On the contrary, you will feel younger, you will forget about many health problems, you will always be in a good mood and calm. After all, thalassotherapy is a treatment that combines two components. Health benefits and pleasure from the procedures.

The history of thalassotherapy

If you look, then you can’t call thalassotherapy a new method of treatment. As we know everything is new - it is well forgotten old. The roots of the technique go deep into ancient Greece. Even then, in ancient times, people understood that sea water has healing power:

  • Heals wounds,
  • Helps with joint pain,
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Beneficial effect on the appearance and overall condition of the body.

The ancient healers wrote about this in their treatises, but it was possible to substantiate all this from a scientific point of view only in the middle of the XIX century.

At that time, English and French scientists came to the conclusion that sea water is almost identical in composition of salts and microelements to the plasma of the human body, and in places of plankton accumulation it still contains “living cells” with healing powers.

A little later, it was proved that sea water heated to 34 degrees, penetrating through the skin, can have a beneficial effect on the composition of the plasma, as well as cause a positive reflex reaction from the endocrine system and internal organs.

At the same time, laboratory experiments confirmed that the miraculous microorganisms and the majority of salt ions are “lost” literally in the first hours after the extraction of sea water. That is why the first thalassotherapy clinics were built in close proximity to the sea.

The benefits of marine treatment

There are several main positive effects of thalassotherapy on the human body:

  • Sea water. As mentioned above, a beneficial effect on the composition of the plasma. Even 15-20 minutes of bathing will be enough for the body to replenish the missing minerals.
  • Sea air. It is saturated with microscopic droplets of seawater, as well as rich in oxygen and ozone. The sea air is rich in substances such as: iodine, magnesium, bromine, sodium chloride, etc. It is worth noting its bactericidal properties. Like a natural antibiotic, it helps the body fight infections.
  • Seaweed. Very rich in trace elements, their beneficial effects on the human body can not be overestimated.
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Seafood - the basis of thalassotherapy

There are various methods of thalassotherapy. Among them are the following:

  • Algotherapy. This is algae treatment,
  • Hydrotherapy. Water treatment, including bathing, shower, bath, sauna.
  • Heliotherapy. This is a sun treatment.
  • Mud therapy Therapeutic muds are the basis of this technique.
  • Diet therapy. The therapeutic effect is achieved through a special marine diet, that is, the consumption of seafood,
  • Cavitotherapy (sea air treatment).
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The sun's rays (ultraviolet) are thermal radiation. Gets into the skin (up to 40 mm) and has the following effects:

  • Contributes to the normalization of blood movement
  • Dilates blood vessels
  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Vitamin D is produced,
  • Prevents the development of rickets,
  • Strengthens the upper layers of the skin,
  • It has a disinfecting effect
  • Promotes better absorption of calcium.
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When will thalassotherapy be helpful?

Due to the naturalness of all components of thalassotherapy, it will be equally safe and useful for both healthy people and those with various illnesses. Such as:

  1. Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis and many others),
  2. Weight problems,
  3. Heart diseases,
  4. Circulation problems,
  5. Respiratory diseases,
  6. Muscle pain,
  7. Weakness and fatigue.
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Thalassotherapy Center

Over time, in the "treatment by the sea" an integrated approach began to be applied. The concept of "thalassocenter" in the classical sense implies the presence of the sea climate, water and mud supplied directly from the sea and estuaries, products made from seaweed and microfauna. In all other respects, thalasso and SPA centers are not much different. Cosmetological procedures such as wraps, lifting, drainage, as well as massages, physiotherapy and relaxation, have found their worthy use.

By the way, the concept of SPA also implies the recovery of water, but it does not have a strict binding to the sea. This suggests the conclusion that the center of thalassotherapy can not be a priori in a city remote from the sea.

Today, city dwellers rarely can afford a long-term wellness course of thalassotherapy in hospitals on the seashore, so they try to compensate for this deficiency with the help of cosmetics containing thalassocomponents, as well as cosmetic procedures that use these marine products.

As you know, “seafood” contains a large number of trace elements, proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, which help the skin to remain elastic, affect the metabolism and contribute to the rapid elimination of toxins from the body. With a patient approach to business, the result will be obvious. Choosing cosmetics with talassokomponentami, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. The self-respecting brand has its own scientific laboratory and extracts resources at great depths in ecologically clean regions.

Before you decide on recovery with the help of marine components, it is important to consult a physician - cosmetologist. He will help you choose an individual program and caution in case of contraindications.