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Three excellent workshops for decorating wedding champagne bottles


The tradition of decorating champagne bottles for a wedding is a great way to stand out, once again emphasize your unique sense of taste, as well as recreate a special solemn atmosphere.

Looking through the catalogs with the finished decorated bottles, we rarely think about the fact that, it turns out, to do this, and, perhaps, better, it is not difficult with your own hands, for this you need a little patience, imagination, free time and, of course, necessary materials. The original decor of wedding champagne should be combined with the general style of the celebration, and also involves the use of traditional wedding symbols.

Have you ever wondered where such an interesting tradition came from? In fact, even researchers of the history of wedding folklore find it difficult to answer this question, however, there is an interesting following interesting version, on the basis of which the tradition originates in Little Russia. There, instead of bottles, a bull and a cow tied up with tapes by the horns appeared, they were presented as an expensive wedding gift to the newlyweds.

Naturally, over time, the tradition of giving expensive bulls transformed into a more elegant tradition of giving expensive alcohol. At the same time, the tradition to tie two bottles with a ribbon was preserved for a long time, by the way, initially it did not have to be champagne, it could be replaced by expensive cognac or wine.

Today, some traditions and customs are associated with wedding champagne. For example, it is believed that it must be stored until the first wedding anniversary (the first bottle is drunk) and until the first child is born (the second bottle is drunk).

That is why the bride is trying to decorate the champagne as beautiful as possible, because it will be a home decoration for a long time. How to decorate the bottles so that they fit well into the overall concept and theme of the holiday? It’s very simple, you don’t need to be a designer or a man of art, you just have to spend a little time on this process.

Where to begin?

In fact, if you wish, you can arrange champagne bottles even better than professionals, because only you know what exactly you want to get as a result. There are many techniques that any one can easily cope with, the main thing is to begin to practice so as not to spoil expensive champagne.

Choosing this or that theme, remember that in the same style with champagne, the glasses of the newlyweds should be decorated. Of course, this is not a mandatory rule or some sign, however, this is done solely for aesthetic reasons.

Sometimes the glasses decorate and leave them as decoration, and at the holiday itself the newlyweds drink from ordinary glasses so as not to spoil the festive, sometimes they do not save them at all, but they are sold at a wedding auction. With bottles, things are different.

How to prepare the bottle?

If you still decide to decorate the champagne with your own hands, then first you need to carefully separate it from the paper label and prepare the surface of the glass. To do this, dial a large basin of warm water, make a soapy solution in it and lower the bottle there. You will need to wait about half an hour, after which you can gently remove the label and brush off the remaining glue with a stiff sponge.

Soap, of course, degreases the surface of the glass, but, to be sure, wipe it dry, and then moisten it with alcohol or acetone. In fact, this is a general technology of bottle preparation, which is used for almost any design.

Champagne decoration with ribbons

In principle, if you decide to use one of the most traditional ideas - decorating with ribbons, then you do not need to remove the label. The result is elegant and festive, and everyone can cope with the technology. Usually ribbons are chosen in the tone of the wedding, or white and black, to match the clothes of the bride and groom.

In general, the theme of decorating bottles in the style of "Bride and Groom" has become widespread among future newlyweds, they add some details of the image, which, subsequently, can be found in the images of the spouses. For example, ornaments made of ribbons are complemented with lace, in the form of a bride's skirt or veils, rhinestones and flowers (live or made of cloth) are attached to ribbons.

Sometimes ribbons are usually replaced with string, which is wrapped tightly around the bottle, especially interesting is the champagne that looks at weddings in the marine or eco-theme. So that the string does not look very sad, it is supplemented with the necessary elements of decor: seashells or stars, beads, bows, elements of flora and so on.

Decorating with paints and brushes

In general, all methods of decorating holiday bottles are divided into two main subspecies: decoration using textiles, which include all kinds of ribbons, threads, sewing special covers, creating ribbon colors, and so on.

The second subspecies is painting with paints, usually it is either decoupage or stained glass technique, and stucco made of polymer clay is also popular. By the way, the latter look extremely organically, both on champagne and on glasses: usually these are small roses, pearls or other flowers, which are complemented with ribbons and lace.

Sometimes these two subspecies intersect with each other, in general, you can decorate and mix styles, as the soul wants, most importantly, creating a coherent and harmonious picture that meets the general style of the holiday.

Often you can find options when wedding bottles and glasses are decorated with the help of holiday engraving: for this they need to be attributed to a specialist who can put on the glass the inscriptions you specified. Usually this is the date of the wedding, the names of the newlyweds or some beautiful quote from a favorite movie or book.

The champagne decoration looks original with the help of velvet coating (for example, black is applied to one bottle, and white is applied to the other). On the prepared canvas they apply or lay out drawings of rhinestones and pearls, again, wedding symbols remain the theme: rings, the initials of the spouses, hearts and so on.

Champagne value

Champagne - a symbol of celebration and carefree happinessIt fits perfectly into the wedding menu and decorations.

Sparkling golden drink accompanies the ceremony from start to finish. Toasts, the first kiss of the newlyweds under the deafening "Bitter!". Perhaps there will be a place at the banquet and a whole fountain or a tower made of glasses.

It is important that the champagne is of good quality, but if you want every little detail of the wedding to be perfect, then It is worth thinking not only about the content, but also about the form - about the decoration of the bottles.

Champagne bulls

In addition, there is an interesting custom. Two bottles of champagne, for the groom and for the bride, are decorated in a special way and do not open during the feast. They are used exclusively for decoration and as a symbol of a “full bowl”, wait on the table for the end of the celebration, and then go home to a new family.

This particular pair of bottles is called "bulls." The custom came from antiquity when, instead of champagne, the young people were given a bull and a cow tied by the horns, and on the first anniversary a new family treated all the guests with fresh milk.

Today, the bottle of the groom is allowed to open on the first anniversary as a symbol of male patience, love and ability to maintain a long union. Interestingly, the first glass of drink still goes to his wife.

The champagne of the bride is opened for the birth of the first child. For obvious reasons, the mother will not get the drink on this day.

Champagne decor allows you to not limit the imagination as an unusual and a classic wedding. Bottles become a highlight, decoration, one of the main accessories of the holiday.

Often they use motifs of newlyweds in their decoration. - groom's dress is put on in a strict suit, bride - in a lace dress.

A fresh, interesting option - to decorate alcohol with fresh flowers, echoing the bouquet of the bride. It looks very romantic, gentle, but, unfortunately, this decor is extremely short-lived. Alternative - artificial flowers made of felt, paper, polymer clay. Bright and touching they will never fade, like the love of spouses.

The color wedding has the idea that the champagne was not in the classic green and gold bottle, but in a more appropriate design. Foil, fabric or paint of the desired color will add to the festive table the necessary bright accents, customizing the guests to the desired mood.

Polymer clay flowers

Delicate flowers, almost like real ones, but at the same time strong and durable - a wonderful option for decorating a special champagne. For craftswomen who can create such a miracle on their own, this is also an opportunity to showcase their talents to all guests.

However, you can buy finished products of the desired color in any store for creativity. Leaves, twigs, berries and everything that you wish to use in the decor are also sold there. In addition to the colors themselves, you will need a spray paint of the required color, usually white, Moment glue and additional decorative elements from lace to rhinestones.

Paint - an optional step, but it is easier to stick on everything you need. We advise you to prepare the bottle for the decor - get rid of the label, dry it, check the evenness of the glass and cover it with paint. By the way, here you can play with the design. For example, glue (most importantly, not very resistant glue) on the glass surface paper pieces of the original form. After you remove them, a perfectly even and unusual pattern will remain on the painted surface.

Next, think over the sketch and put a pencil point where you are going to stick the flowers. Now proceed to fixing the buds on the glass. “Moment” or any other fast-setting glue is already useful here.

Photos of newlyweds

Your happy laughing faces on the label along with the date of the celebration or any other inscription - the original designthat will not leave anyone indifferent. Such champagne looks great both on a classic wedding and on a themed one, for example, if you arrange the labels in the form of a movie poster or a poster “Especially dangerous”.

Making a creative image is easy if you own Photoshop. If the popular image editor is not available to you, you will need to contact a specialist for help. It is necessary to print labels on thin paper in order to transfer it to the glass using the decoupage technique. Remember that the bottle before it is also pre-cooked - cleaned, degreased, dried.


For lovers of luxury, champagne decoration engraved on glass will be a great idea. A good master will be able to apply almost any pattern, regardless of its complexity. Even simple and thin openwork lines look great on dark green glass, giving the bottle a fleur of aristocracy.

Which picture or inscription to choose? It depends solely on your wishes - the names of the newlyweds, oaths of loyalty, the image of doves, angels, rings, hearts. Looks great any pattern: as a fairly discreet, with a small number of lines, and a stunning riot of curlicues.

You should not think that the picture must be gold or silver - a professional engraver has the power to create a color, transparent, absolutely any masterpiece. Of course, Before choosing a master, you should see his works. It is better to do this in the workshop to get a complete picture of how your order will look.

Decoupage bottles and glasses

This design method is gaining all the great popularity, as it combines ease of execution and a chic result. It is used not only for decorating bottles, but also when making glasses for newlyweds.

Decoupage is the gluing of paper elements on acrylic-treated glass surface. The paper must be thin, well suited, for example, napkins with the right pattern - delicate flowers, hearts, angels, or something more original.

Before starting work, the bottle is removed from the label, degreased with alcohol and dried. Our workshop will help you create the original design and enjoy the process of creativity.

Next, you need a primer for a flat and uniform surface. It can be done in two ways - buy a special glass primer in a specialty store or prepare a mixture of acrylic, water and PVA glue on your own. Then put the mixture on the glass with a thin layer. You can do it with a brush, but it is much more convenient to use foam sponge. After drying, add the next layer of acrylic.

When the surface is completely dry, we begin to glue the paper elements - the glue can be used as a special for decoupage (sold in any shop for creativity), and ordinary PVA or even glue stick. Inevitably, wrinkles along the edges should be carefully smoothed with a piece of emery paper, but be careful, because the napkins are easily torn.

At the end, fix the resulting decor with clear acrylic varnish. It will have to be applied in several layers, and each - only after the previous one has completely dried.

So the bottle is ready. Now you can decorate it with sparkles, rhinestones, feathers or any other additional decor. The decoupage technique looks gentle, festive, and allows you to embody almost any fantasy.

DIY workshop

If you decide to create a unique design yourself, then first you need to prepare the surface of the bottle.

The label is easiest to remove as follows - put the bottle in a basin or a large saucepan filled with warm water, add dishwashing detergent and leave for half an hour. After soaking to remove the paper and glue is not difficult.

Further be sure to degrease the surface. Any alcoholic solution or even regular acetone is suitable for this. It is possible to apply both alcohol and acetone only on a completely dry bottle.

Now it remains to choose the design for your champagne. There are many options - delicate lace, beads, polymer clay figures, fresh flowers. Below are two of the lightest master classes that allow you to create small masterpieces with your own hands.

Satin ribbons

Brilliant, flowing material, beautiful on the canvas, and as partsPerfect for decorating wedding bottles. Such a decor does not have to be pure white. You may well add a delicate pink, blue or lilac color, and if the theme of the wedding allows, then a rich and vivid palette.

  • satin ribbon (or more if you want a combination),
  • glue gun (in the absence of the usual moment),
  • scissors,
  • various decor - beads, rhinestones, lace, brocade.

Stages of decoration:

  1. Measure and cut the required length of the tape. Lubricate with a small amount of glue. It is necessary to begin to glue the bottle from the neck, slowly going down. The right end of the tape at the same time will close the left,
  2. Cut the next piece - it will be a little more, as the bottle expands. Brush with glue and fix, also leaving the right end on top,
  3. Stick another two to five layers, depending on the width of your tape. When the bottle is flat - the top is ready, and you can go to the bottom of the decor,
  4. Bottom pasted even stripes, leaving the joint on the back of the champagne,
  5. Junction mask one more tape pasted vertically
  6. Champagne ready, it now remains to add details for beauty and camouflage of the inevitable irregularities. Bows look good both from the same satin ribbon and from contrasting fabric of another texture - brocade or lace.

To make the decoration more solemnity add a few strips of daisy tape. Usually in the center - the fifth and sixth layer of the upper decoration, and to the very bottom.

Velvet suits

Velvet design looks luxurious and aristocratic. The material stretches perfectly, which makes it easy to sew the necessary clothing out of it onto the champagne of almost any style. Colors can be any, but the classic combination is the white bottle of the bride and the black one - the groom.

It will take:

  • velvet of required colors,
  • matching shade threads
  • paper, best graph paper,
  • good sharpened scissors - it’s not so easy to cut velvet
  • a pencil or a narrow piece of soap,
  • if desired, additional decor, for example, lace, rhinestones, beads.

  1. First you need to find a suitable pattern and transfer it to paper,
  2. Transferring the pattern to velvet from the wrong side. You can draw as a pencil, it will still not be visible, and a piece of soap - its traces will disappear even faster,
  3. Cut out the resulting billet. Remember that velvet is an extremely capricious material, therefore it is necessary to cut it in a slightly tense state and very carefully,
  4. We sew the details and get the "costumes" for champagne. We put them on the bottle,
  5. Now you can do the decor. Жениховское шампанское обычно украшают миниатюрным галстуком или бабочкой, не менее очаровательный вариант – стразы в виде пуговиц на костюме. Можно использовать и обычные пуговицы. Другая интересная идея – миниатюрная шляпа или цилиндр. For the bride's drink, they often make a tiny veil of a piece of lace or organza, and also add flowers, ribbons, and any other feminine elements.


  • Be sure to prepare the glass before you begin. - remove the label, degrease and dry,
  • Remember that too much heat can adversely affect the taste of champagne,
  • When choosing a design, be guided by the theme of your wedding, the overall decor of the festive table, as well as the suit of the groom and the dress of the bride,
  • Learn how much time is needed at a particular stage of work., to finish everything before the ceremony in emergency mode. For example, acryl pre-hardens 30 minutes after application, but for several days it remains weak, which is important to consider if you are going to glue something on it,
  • The decor of the bottles for the bride and groom allows you to go on a variety of experiments, but It is worth remembering moderation to create a truly elegant design.


Unique champagne, pleasing not only with content, but also with fabulous decoration - a perfect final touch for a perfect wedding. Decorated with engravings or photos of young people, emphasizing the theme of the holiday or, conversely, diluting it coquettishly - the bottles will in any case bring joy and delight to all your guests. A custom-made decoration will allow you to invest in the triumph of a piece of your soul and individuality.

How and why make wedding champagne bottles

There are many interesting wedding traditions, among which are two pristine bottles of sparkling drink, most often it is champagne, with the exception of completely non-alcoholic rites.

This indispensable attribute of the marriage ceremony is specially decorated and sealed so that they remain intact.

Registration by satin ribbons or paper details

Why do not touch them? According to tradition, the couple should take them with them from the wedding table.

To drink the contents of these, in fact, holiday gifts will have much later:

  • on your wedding anniversary
  • after the birth of the first child, when he and the young mother will be brought from the hospital.

Important! There are no uniform requirements as to how to decorate the bottles for the wedding, it depends on the wishes of the newlyweds and the taste of those who design them.

Champagne with lace, tulle or other beautiful fabric

Offered a lot of options for how to make out this table souvenir. There are a lot of master classes in the design of wedding bottles, but not every technique is available to beginners. Among the most popular offers.

Decor bottles in the original technique (decoupage, scrapbooking and others)

The main idea of ​​decorating a pair of bottles is to give them the symbolism of the bride and groom - He and She with the attributes of a wedding dress. If the bride and groom have the experience to make their own hands, you can prepare each other a surprise. But it is better to agree on what will be the color and material. Then, on the wedding day, each of them will present an original souvenir to his other half.

What materials traditionally decorated wedding bottle

It is desirable to decorate both bottles in the same technique so that a pair combination can be traced. For example, if it is just a white spray paint, you can buy one larger bottle and decorate it with a homemade hat and bow tie. Then a smaller bottle may have a white veil or a skirt with 2-3 rows of flounces. They can be collected on an elastic band or sewed from a beautiful and light white fabric, gathering the drawstring:

Paint is applied in several thin layers until the bottle is perfectly white, without gaps

More attention is paid to the design of the “female” bottle, the “male” half of the table decoration looks more restrained. A modest decor can be exquisite if you think through every detail. You can spy on other people's ideas or make from the material at hand something that no one else had when there is such a desire.

Council You should not treat the design of wedding glasses and bottles lightly. These attributes will be on everyone's mind, so there is another opportunity to surprise their guests.

Hat for the bride's bottle can be made of colored cardboard

If the wedding is non-alcoholic, you can arrange any fizzy drink in a beautiful bottle. Some want to make a bottle of brandy or another strong drink. The basis of the decoration is the same - wedding theme:

  • he and she,
  • rings,
  • hearts,
  • Colour,
  • elements of bridal outfit.

You can use beads and pebbles with a flat base (for sticking), glitter and beads, small artificial flowers and fragments of jewelry.

Decoration of bottles with polymer clay flowers

If you are ready to do the work yourself, do not delay this part of the wedding props on the back. It may take longer than expected. To choose something creative and non-standard, when you don’t have your own ideas, look at the master-classes and step-by-step explanations with your own hands on the theme of decorating wedding bottles.

Of course, such a wedding attribute can be bought ready-made, or you can suggest the master to be made to order. This does not surprise anyone today, but where is the guarantee that your guests did not celebrate another wedding at a table with exactly the same decor? It can be embarrassing when asked whose champagne? Therefore, it is better to choose something original, so that none of your surroundings will have it.

Wedding stickers - one of the easiest options for decorating bottles

Ordering a master will cost 2-3 times more, but the point is not even about saving, although everything can be done from scrap materials. No one can put so much warmth in the decoration of your marriage, like the bride and groom themselves or their loved ones.

Important! You can vary the color of the decor of wedding bottles with your own hands, but it should not introduce disharmony in the overall design of the festive feast. If this is a wedding in lilac, gold or turquoise colors, then a white bottle of champagne is better to complement the decor in the specified range.

Decor bottles of white satin ribbon

Artificial roses can be added to the bottles decorated using decoupage technique.

The original decoration can be made in duplicate - to sell to guests from an impromptu auction. Or offer a souvenir as a prize in the most beautiful or original contests.

We choose the design of bottles by the type of bride and groom

The so-called “wedding bottles” with champagne or another drink is a table decor that is gaining popularity. They still add glasses of the bride and groom. And even if the newlyweds are not at the table, it is immediately obvious where their place is, since the decoration itself shows the place of honor for the heroes of the occasion.

    The simplest way is aerosol coloring of champagne. To do this, remove the sticker (leave the foil), wash off the remnants of glue and work on a dry surface. It is easy to stain the paint with a spray gun, therefore it is better to work in outdoor conditions in calm weather, laying under the newspaper's souvenir. On top of the painted surface it will be possible to tie the bottles with ribbons with bows, to glue the accessories.

You will need white acrylic paint, multi-colored satin ribbons, cardboard and decorative elements - beads, bows, lace or textile flowers

"Clothes" for champagne in the style of the bride and groom

Elegant champagne bottles for the newlyweds table

Wedding champagne with volumetric decor

Decoupage champagne in gold color

You can stick photos of the newlyweds and inscriptions with the date of the wedding

Important! There are inaccuracies in the work, glue stains, awkward notches with scissors. If it is possible to remake, it is better not to put your mistakes on public display. Small errors can be hidden rhinestones, small artificial flowers or pebbles.

On the bottles you can write the names of the newlyweds.

The French style of decoration or decoupage is a unique technique of wrapping with special napkins. As inserts, postcards, photos, thematic drawings are recommended, from which the top layer is removed during disintegration. Their surface is coated with varnish. Much can be found in the shops "All for needlework."

A great do-it-yourself wedding champagne bottle decoration: photos of incredible ideas

Photos from the site: HandMadeFrom.Ru

Modern people are very different from those who married and got married just some fifty or a hundred years ago. Not long ago, the white "Volga" as a tuple, as well as the competition for eating apples on a string, was the ceiling of dreams. Crystal glasses of a special form in general caused wild envy of the bridesmaids. Today everything is much simpler, because you can decorate your own celebration exactly as you want, and there are plenty of devices for this, the main thing is to show your imagination and not be shy.

The constant attribute of the wedding ceremony is a festive bottle of champagne, and ideally, there should be two. The tradition says that on the table these bottles should remain intact, that is why they want to be decorated in a special, unusual and original way. The first bottle opens on the anniversary of the marriage, and the second by the time the successor of the family, the firstborn in the family, is born.

Anyone can decorate a bottle of champagne with their own hands at the wedding as he wants, but you need to make sure that your décor authenticly fits into the overall style of the wedding, since discrepancies can spoil the whole picture. He should be in harmony with the decoration of the hall, the dress of the bride and her bridesmaids, the groom's suit and everything else.

Among other things, if the newlyweds make the decor on their own, that is, with their own hands, then there will be much more reasons for pride. Yes, and guests will be amazed at such handicrafts, if everything really works out. Variants of jewelry bottles for a wedding with their own hands can be just a huge amount, you just have to choose exactly what you like most, as well as what is most suitable in all respects.

Beautiful flowers made of polymer clay - the original and gentle solution

Incredibly elegant and beautifully will be the decoration of champagne for the wedding with your own hands, a photo of which can be found in abundance on the Internet, which is produced using a material such as polymer clay. And it does not require special costs, you will need to buy a little:

Photos from the site: crystalmary.ru

  • Champagne to taste and choice.
  • White paint in a spray can.
  • Polymer clay flowers, which are easy to buy in any shop for needlewomen.
  • Special contour pencil for drawing on glass.
  • Beads and semi-beads.
  • Scissors, glue, ribbons and more.

Photos from the site: svadbavo.ru

It’s not a problem with work either, it’s enough to paint the bottles white, and then, drawing a contour with a special pencil, stick the decor you choose, beads, ribbons, roses and the like to them.

Decorating champagne for a wedding do it yourself with photos of young

A very important decoration for decorating wedding champagne bottles today are the photos of the newlyweds themselves, which can be glued in place of labels. And there you can write the date of the celebration, the wedding time, the names of the bride and groom, and even congratulations and wishes. For such decoration, you will have to print photos of young people on thin paper, or you can decorate the bottles using decoupage technique if you own it.

Photos from the site: svadbavo.ru

If you do not know where and how you can print special labels, contact your nearest print shop. Wedding photos of champagne with their own hands with photos really look amazing and even somewhat intriguing, you should definitely consider this option.

Making your own champagne for a wedding: photos of magnificent engravings

Another very profitable, as well as a beautiful design for wedding champagne is engraving. Such a bottle will not lose its appearance, even after long years of storage, and the inscription can be made in verse, it will be even more touching and beautiful.

Photos from the site: isheff.ru

Such an original design will look solemn and original, and you can choose the pattern yourself, though the work should be done by a professional master. Although you do not need to think that it costs a fortune, not at all. Making wedding bottles with your own hands, through engraving, if you don’t have any special skills, it’s better not to try to make it, and even if it’s an hour you can get hurt, and before the wedding, it’s completely inappropriate.

The original decor of wedding bottles do it yourself: master classes for needlewomen

Photos from the site: dom-dacha-svoimi-rukami.ru

Beautiful and unusual bottle decoration for a wedding celebration can be anyone, but more often brides themselves are engaged in this, so that they can proudly look at the creation of their own hands. In addition, it is the best way to show the groom his own abilities, creative thinking and its breadth, imagination and flight of thought. So that everyone could decorate their own wedding champagne bottles, the photo must be considered in great detail, we will provide a couple of lessons that will make the work clear, simple and enjoyable. For example, it will be very good to decorate wedding bottles with ribbons, or to sew original clothes for them, as if for favorite dolls in childhood.

Wedding bottle of champagne do-it-yourself: ribbon master class

Photos from the site: svadbalist.ru

Decorating with ribbons of wedding bottles, a master class of which we will now give you, is a fairly simple method, it will suit even for those who have limited means, due to the organization of wedding festivities and celebrations. Moreover, even the one who has never done decorating before, can beautifully arrange the bottles, but the result will definitely appeal to everyone, without exception. Ribbon decoration looks unusual, and most importantly, extremely stylish.

Materials and tools

  • Golden ribbon of brocade.
  • Blue satin ribbon.
  • Glue gun, as well as the wonderful glue "Moment Crystal".
  • Lace elements, beads and half beads, sequins and more.
  • Scissors.
  • A bottle of champagne, one or two.

The method of making the original bottle on the wedding with their own hands, a master class

Photos from the site: svadbavo.ru

We attach a blue ribbon to the neck of the bottle, just where the foil cap ends, as shown in the picture. Next, cut off the excess, and grease the edges and glue, putting one on another. We repeat such actions several times, and it is necessary to make sure that the front edge looks neat, and for this it is better that the right side of the tape always overlaps the left, or vice versa. This should be done exactly four times, after which a golden brocade ribbon will be used.

Photos from the site: svadbavo.ru

The fifth and sixth layer of the decoration will be made of brocade, which is attached just like its satin “colleague”. You need to make two layers, and then it's time to move on to decorating the bottom of your bottle.

Photos from the site: svadbavo.ru

The bottom layer should be golden, and then everything should be trimmed with a blue satin ribbon, securing it from the back of the bottle. Moreover, it should be understood that ideally exactly exactly it will not work, even if you carefully measure and cut everything out beforehand, therefore it makes sense to close the seam with an additional ribbon.

Photos from the site: svadbavo.ru

To do this, carefully cut the tape in ten centimeters under the lower edge of the brocade strip, glue it inside, and then attach it, bending it in half, and also put it on the glue. Next will be to secure the third, and the last layer of the daisy tape, which will be approximately a little above the middle of the height of the bottle and it's in the hat.

Further, only your imagination will work, so that the wedding bottles with their own hands, the master class of which we looked at, did not look as if they came from the same incubator, like a clutch in the fall. You can use lace, beads, sequins, stones and rhinestones, as well as artificial flowers and even feathers. In addition, the manipulations can be repeated with the second bottle, using white instead of a blue satin ribbon. The result is a very attractive "pair" that can decorate any table.

Real clothes for champagne for a wedding with their own hands: the bride and groom

Bottles decorated with the help of such material as velvet or panne will look very beautiful, stylish and also rich. This noble material looks great on its own, and if everything is done correctly, it doesn’t take your eyes off your original composition. Let's take a look at the master class, how to decorate wedding champagne with your own hands and hit all the guests.

Photos from the site: svadbavo.ru

Necessary tools and materials

  • Cuts of black and white velvet. It is necessary to monitor the quality of the purchased goods, it is impossible to allow the fabric to “climb” in the hands. It is advisable to take a stretch option so that it fits well on the bends of the bottle.
  • Two bottles of champagne to your taste.
  • The threads are black and white.
  • Pieces of tulle, lace and organza, beads, ribbons, and other elements for decoration, you can consider everything that is available.
  • A simple pencil, scissors, paper.
  • Glue gun and the same, the notorious "Moment Crystal".

Метод изготовления свадебной «пары» из шампанского

Фото с сайта: svadbavo.ru

Для начала нужно сделать выкройку из бумаги, по контуру бутылки. Так как материал тянется, то особой точности тут не потребуется, главное, чтобы ткани было не чрезмерно много. It is clear that for the bottle-groom it is necessary to take black velvet, and for the bride - white. Cutted patterns should be neatly, stitched in small stitches in the manner of a cover that should sit tightly on the bottle, not frowning and not slipping.

Photos from the site: svadbada.com

Next, it will be necessary to put all this on the bottles, sew the edges, so that nothing sticks out anywhere, and then you can immediately proceed to decorating, and this is done arbitrarily, but with the mind. For example, you can make it very stylish and simple by attaching a veil or skirt to the “bride”, and a “bow tie” to the “groom”. It will not be overly obtrusive, but very symbolic and beautiful. However, only you yourself can decide how you like it, the main thing is that all this is done with your own hands, and this is priceless.

Types of wedding bottles decor

Adorable holiday accessory can be made in any needlework technique. Most often other materials use satin ribbons, artificial flowers, fabric, lace and stained glass paints. According to the materials used, the decor is divided into the following types:

  • decoupage
  • engraving
  • glass painting
  • decoration with bows, feathers, beads,
  • decoration with natural flowers and leaves
  • making flowers from metal plates, polymer clay and textiles,
  • performance of wedding or national costumes.

The main requirement for the decor - it must meet the level of solemnity, in harmony with the dishes, decoration of the hall, dresses the newlyweds. Pompous gold engraving is out of place at a Provence wedding. Intricate roses, pendants, lace will perfectly fit into the refined ceremony in the aristocratic scenery.

These masterpieces are obtained by using hints on a profession or hobby, entering into marriage. A bottleneck twined with rope, miniature anchors and handwheels will suit the sailor groom, and the bride's enthusiasm for travel can be emphasized by tiny images of famous sights.

On the decoration of a commemorative bottle, dust will surely gather over time. To combat it, use an ordinary hair dryer.

Decoration with photos of young

The special charm of sparkling wedding wine gives photos of couples in love. Bottles acquire individuality, become a truly memorable gift. A photograph for a similar decor is selected by a tender, romantic, commensurate bottle.

A subtle point in this technique is to glue the photo so smoothly and carefully that there are no bubbles, creases and folds left. To do this, the image must be performed on a sufficiently thin paper. When using an inkjet printer is desirable photo ink, not leaking when in contact with water. The perfect result will give a color laser printer. In his absence, you can contact the printing house.

The photograph is placed instead of the label in the lower third of the bottle. You can frame it with a heart, accompany it with a wish letter, make it the center of a flower collage. The date of the wedding, the venue of the wedding, the names of the newlyweds, the time of the wedding will be appropriate.

Ribbons and flowers

This master class will help you to decorate champagne bottles and glasses in the same style without unnecessary expense. You can take any color to your liking. Of course, the bride and groom should be united in the choice of wedding decorations.
For work you will need:

  1. Champagne - 2 bottles.
  2. White spray paint in a can - 1 piece.
  3. White and lilac satin ribbons - 2 meters each.
  4. Scotch double sided.
  5. Beads.
  6. Polymer clay flowers.
  7. The contour of the glass.
  8. Clerical glue.
  9. Clay Moment.

Wash the stickers from the bottles with warm water and a sponge. Alcohol or acetone degrease the surface. We are waiting for when it dries. Next, glue the paper squares, after painting on these places should remain clean glass. You can decorate with butterflies or anything.

We take a can of white paint (color can be chosen golden, silver), from a distance of 20-30 cm paint the glass. We paint at least 3 times, after each time we wait for it to dry.

Carefully remove the squares of paper. If the glue sticks, scrape the glass with an emery cloth. There are unpainted squares and stripes.

On a clean glass with glue The moment we glue the flowers.

Paint the flowers and the bottle contour on the glass.

Glue the beads on the white paint. If the beads are large, split them with a knife and a hammer into two halves. Halves too stick.

At the end of the work we tie the bottle with satin ribbons, we start to weave them from the neck. To keep our tape in place, just in case, fasten it with double-sided tape every 5 cm. We tie the tapes with a knot and a bow.

Master class on the decoration of wedding champagne bottles

In order to independently decorate the bottle, as a rule, no special knowledge or skills are required. What is important is the presence of desire, fantasy and a few hours of free time. For decoration of wedding champagne various techniques, materials, decorative elements can be used - it depends on the theme of the celebration, its color design, the fantasy of the newlyweds. The master classes presented in the article will help you decorate a bottle of alcohol for a holiday with your own hands, making it a special solemn, unique.

How to decorate bottles with satin ribbons

The newlyweds can beautifully arrange the bottles with the help of satin ribbons: this is an easy, affordable way that does not require special material costs and experience. But despite the simplicity of materials, technology, the result will exceed all your expectations, because the decorated champagne will look bright, impressive, amazing. The advantage of technology is that even people who are far from creativity can do such a design, because there are no difficulties, and all possible defects are easily masked with the help of decorative elements.

All the necessary materials should be prepared in advance, having thought through the composition and design. The necessary accessories will be found in stores with sewing accessories. For decoration ribbons will need:

  • Blue satin and brocade golden ribbons.
  • Glue gun or moment-crystal glue.
  • Booble with champagne.
  • Scissors.
  • Decor elements: beads, semi-beads, lace.

Begin to decorate the champagne:

  • Try on a satin ribbon to the neck and cut off the required length. Lubricate with glue, glue the ribbon, wrapping it around the bottle, putting the right end on the left.
  • For the second layer we measure the tape again, but this time it will be longer due to the expansion of the bottle. Apply glue and fasten. In order for the front part to look neat, you must ensure that the right edge always remains on top. By analogy, we attach two more layers.

  • In order to give the champagne a festive look, parallel is used brocade tape, which we glue on the fifth and sixth layers.
  • The top of the bottle is ready, proceed to the decoration of the lower part: starting from the very bottom, glue one layer of brocade tape. The rest of the space is decorated with a blue satin ribbon, connecting the ends of the back side of the champagne.

  • It is unlikely that the junction will turn out perfectly smooth, beautiful, so it is worth hiding. Cut off the tape about 10 cm long, dripping a little glue, push it under the bottom layer and fasten it to the product. We stretch the ribbon, masking the joint, glue it to the bottle. Fasten the last layer of brocade ribbon.

  • To give elegance, we add elements of decor: beads, bows, feathers. The original champagne for the wedding is ready.

Bride and groom velvet bottle decorations

The bottles decorated with a velvet richly and effectively look. This material is able to transform a simple container into a true work of art that will delight newlyweds on their wedding day, and in addition they will be immensely proud of their work. The advantage of this design is simplicity in execution, a small amount of materials, accessories, the ability to create a wedding attribute with their own hands for people who have not done handicraft before.

For velvet decor you will need:

  • Velvet streychevy black and white colors.
  • Threads of appropriate colors.
  • A simple pencil.
  • Paper.
  • Two bottles of champagne.
  • Decoration elements: tulle, organza, beads, lace, ribbons.

We start decorating:

  • Draw and cut on paper pattern, repeating the contours of the bottle.
  • Transfer the pattern to velvet using a simple pencil. For the “groom” bottle we take black, and for the “bride” white stretch velvet.
  • Cut out blanks of fabric and sew so that we get a “cover” on the bottle.
  • We put the “costume” on the bottle, proceed to the decor: to decorate the “bride”, it is necessary to make a veil, decorate with laces, ribbons, make beads from beads. For the design of the "groom" will require satin ribbons and semi-beads.
  • Wedding champagne, decorated with velvet, ready!

Ideas for decorating wedding champagne

To decorate the champagne bottles for the wedding, a variety of techniques and materials are used. It can be a painting, engraving decoration, the costumes of the bride and groom for alcohol and much more. The original design of the attribute will be remembered by all the guests for a long time, and upon learning that the decor was made by the hands of the newlyweds, they will be doubly admired. What technique, idea, future spouses will choose for registration depends on their personal preferences and ideas about what wedding accessories should be.

Polymer clay flowers

Bottles with alcoholic beverages, decorated with flower composition based on polymer clay look elegant and unusually beautiful. This will require very little: champagne, white paint in an aerosol, glass contour, glue, beads, semi-beads and ready-made artificial flowers made of polymer clay (they can be different colors - white, pink, blue, depending on the subject design).

For decoration, you need to wash the bottle, clean the label, dry and spray paint, let it dry. With the help of a pencil draw a picture, which will be arranged flowers. We glue accessories from polymer clay. The remaining space is decorated with a contour, beads, rhinestones, semi-beads. Decorated champagne ready.

Photos of young

Wedding bottles decorated with photographs of newlyweds look original. Photos can be placed on the labels, which will also indicate the date of the wedding celebration, or pictures printed on thin paper, can be applied to the bottle using the decoupage technique. The newlyweds can design such a bottle on their own; only a printing company will need help to print labels or pictures on thin material.


A special way to decorate wedding bottles is engraving on glass. Decorated in this style accessories look festive, original, and the advantage of this technique is the ability to choose absolutely any pattern, inscription, image, which will be applied to the bottle with the skillful hands of a master. To decorate this kind, you should turn to professionals who know the subtleties of working with glass and have experience in engraving. Only a true specialist will make a unique masterpiece, clearly and as accurately as possible drawing all the lines and strokes.

Video: Decoupage champagne bottles for a wedding

Decoupage in the design and decoration of wedding accessories is becoming increasingly popular. The essence of the technique consists in gluing paper napkins or blanks on the surface treated with acrylic paint and further coating it with varnish. The advantage of decoupage is the ability to create a unique bright attribute with your own hands. In order to deal with the basic principles of decoupage wedding champagne, watch the video with a detailed master class:

DIY Handmade Decoration Classes

Future wives often decorate champagne on their own, demonstrating their handmade skills to guests. This is an echo of those times when a girl, going down the aisle, presented to her relatives embroidered tablecloths, towels, and shirts. Nowadays, decorated bottles can depict anything: figures of marriages, candles, flower fountains.

To decorate a holiday accessory with bottles, you first need to remove the labels. To do this, they put in warm soapy water. In half an hour the paper will easily go off by itself. From expensive grades on which glue is more qualitative, labels are rubbed with a metal dish sponge.

After that, the glass is degreased with acetone, alcohol or vodka. In any of these liquids, moisten a cotton pad, wipe the entire surface of the bottle and leave to dry.

Next, choose the technique of decoration, prepare materials, tools, create a sketch of the ornament. Trial drawing is done on paper in color in order to assess its harmony and balance. Below are a few simple master classes with step-by-step photos that are easy to bring to life.

Decoupage is a magic wand for those who cannot draw. Images are made in advance by the artist on plain or rice paper. They can only be cut and pasted on the smooth sides of a festive bottle. To work will require:

  • thematic drawings printed on a decoupage map or a dining napkin,
  • sharp scissors,
  • acrylic primer and foam rubber sponge for its application,
  • PVA glue (in a ratio of 1: 1 with water) or special decoupage,
  • synthetic fan brush - it will not leave hairs on the finished work,
  • small soft patches,
  • varnish for fixing the pattern and protect the product from water.

For the application in the decoupage technique, pot-bellied bottles for House Perignon, Circle or Asti champagne are better suited to others - there is more space for them to accommodate the design. From thin paper it is simply cut, thick paper is first soaked in warm water and dried on a cloth.

The degreased surface cleaned from the labels is grounded with acrylic paint one or two tones lighter than the main pattern. After drying, the primer is applied on top of the selected images and soaked them generously with glue. The same brush expels air bubbles from under the paper, smoothes wrinkles.

After the glue has completely dried, the work is protected with three layers of varnish. To achieve the effect of antiquity use craquelure varnish.

To keep the bottle on weight when applying an application or painting, use two pieces of packing foam. In one of them, cut a groove under the neck, in the other - under the bottom.

Satin ribbons and beads

The charming decor of champagne for a close friend's wedding is done by hand with satin ribbons with the addition of all sorts of little things: sequins, rhinestones, beads, semi-beads. The easiest way to make a bottle with ribbons is to braid it. This requires:

  • 2.5 cm wide satin or brocade ribbons in matching colors,
  • glue "Moment" marked "Crystal", which does not leave yellow spots,
  • scissors and stationery knife.

Tape looped to the neck of the bottle, measure the desired length, cut off. From the seamy side of the tape, several glue dots are applied and glued to the bottle. So do the next loop, getting braided relief, reminiscent of masonry rustic.

The bottom of the bottle can be wrapped with horizontal stripes of tape. In this case, it is important that the seam is in the middle. It is processed in two ways.

  1. The seam is left open at the back, but the edges of the tape are slightly burned with a lighter so that the threads do not ruffle.
  2. The front seam is decorated with flowers and bows. Special chic - use Japanese kanzashi jewelry.

A large flower on the front of the bottle can be further decorated with strings of beads or a long narrow feather.

Bride and Groom Suit

The bottles decorated for wedding dresses of the newlyweds look exquisitely on the table. In this case, it is important to know in advance the style and colors of their clothes. Modern brides often choose not white dresses, but pink, vanilla, mint. The groom's suit is also not necessarily black.

You can make copies of young dresses from:

  • slanting bake,
  • satin or silk ribbons,
  • rags of expensive fabrics: brocade, velvet, taffeta.
  • corrugations - special paper for scrapbooking, having a clear fold.

The groom's bottle is woven around so that the top two or three layers of tape or paper imitate the shirt collar, and all subsequent layers are a jacket. A bow tie is attached to the neck, small button beads are centered, and a rose in a buttonhole is on the left side.

The material for the bridesmaid dress is selected as closely as possible according to the texture and color. A braid is made on the top of the bottle, the lower third is turned into a full skirt made of organza, guipure, and gas. If the newlywed woman chose a narrow dress, the outlines of the bottle are left strict. Lace, artificial flowers, small decorative accessories are used for decoration.


Stylish wedding bottles are obtained if dark green glass is simply painted with stained glass paints without the addition of other materials. In addition to the colors themselves, you need to prepare:

  • gold contour for glass,
  • washable marker closest to the color of the contour color,
  • acetone for rinsing brushes.

The initial drawing is applied to the bottle with a marker, can be in the form of dashed lines. Over the marker draw a contour. After it dries, the traces of the marker are removed with warm water and soap, while simultaneously degreasing the surface.

Внутри замкнутых контуров наносят кисточкой светлые яркие краски: зеленую, желтую, красную. Смешивать их удобно в алюминиевой формочке для тарталеток. Заостренной спичкой рисуют веточки, тычинки, лианы, мелких насекомых, делают переходы между оттенками. Некоторые тонкие детали можно процарапать иглой по высохшей краске.

The wedding will fade, guests will go away, toasts will be forgotten, the solemn hall will be laid for another holiday, but two elegant bottles will remain. For a whole year they will remind the young how happy they were to meet the dawn of their family life.