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10 fastest representatives of the animal world


What animals are the fastest on earth? What about the sea? What birds fly faster than others? To answer these questions, we have compiled a list of the 25 fastest animals on land, at sea and in the air.

Speed ​​is one of the most interesting features of living things. If you ask any person about the fastest animal on earth, then most will come to mind a cheetah. But it turns out that the cheetah is not the fastest animal, as there are a dozen others whose speed is much greater. However, the cheetah is still a record holder in several categories: as the fastest mammal, the fastest land animal and the fastest cat. Read on to find out who occupies a leading position in this list.

This is the fastest breed of dogs that can reach a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

Elk is the largest species in the reindeer family. He can run at a speed of 72 kilometers per hour.

23. Horned antelope

Despite the fact that there are a lot of hunters who want to get captured horns, the horned antelope is not so easy to catch. It can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour and can easily run away from the bullet.

A lion is considered not as dangerous as a tiger. That's because lions are very lazy and have a predictable character. Nevertheless, these big cats are still dangerous because they run at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

18. Mexican bat

This is the fastest flying mammal in the world. These bats are common in America and Asia. They fly at a speed of 96.6 km per hour.

There is a saying that an ostrich hides its head in the sand when it sees danger. But this is not true. Do not try to scare the ostrich, and then run away from it. These large birds can easily catch you as they reach a speed of 96.6 km per hour.

15. Hummingbird

It is unlikely that someone will ask why the hummingbird appeared on this list, given its ability to flap its wings 50 times a second. And this leads to good results. Hummingbird, if necessary, can reach speeds of up to 98.7 kilometers per hour.

14. Sailfish

A sailboat is very similar to a swordfish due to an elongated nose, but in reality it is a completely different look. It got its name because of its ability to swim at a maximum speed of 109.19 km per hour.

This is where the most advertised animal turned out to be - the cheetah. This big cat can run at an amazing speed - 120.7 kilometers per hour. That is the peak of the speed of many cars. So the next time you go on safari, make sure that there is no angry cheetah nearby.

12. Gray Albatross

Like all albatrosses, this large sea bird is too famous for its unique and beautiful view. But in addition, the gray albatross can fly at a speed of 126.9 kilometers per hour.

Do not confuse this bird with the one that went to Harry Potter. The gyrfalcon is a completely different subspecies of falcon, which can fly at an amazing speed. The maximum recorded speed is 127 kilometers per hour.

8. Spur goose

This is a very big bird, similar to a goose, which can fly at a speed of 129 kilometers per hour.

It turns out that there is an insect that can outrun a cheetah. Sounds interesting isn't it? Blind is the flies that are found all over the world. They can fly at a speed of 145 km per hour.

6. Rock Dove

This subspecies of pigeons is common in Asian countries such as India. In fact, in this country, the gray-headed pigeon is a pet cared for by housewives. In India, even pigeon races are held, which is not surprising, since representatives of this subspecies can reach speeds of up to 148.9 km per hour. What is even more surprising, unlike many of the animals named here, gray pigeons can maintain this speed over long distances.

This bird has very large wings. Mostly frigate eats fish and squid and is found in tropical latitudes. Frigates can fly at a speed of 153 km per hour.

The hock is widespread in Central Asia, Europe and parts of Africa. This subspecies falcon can fly at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

2. Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle, being in second place in our list, can reach an amazing speed of 320 km per hour. However, the average flight speed, which was recorded by ornithologists, is 240 km per hour, which in any case allows him to keep the second place in the ranking.

Sapsan is the fastest bird and at the same time the fastest living creature on the planet. It can fly at a speed of 389 km per hour. It is even faster than most racing cars.

The fastest bird is the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)

This bird of prey from the falcon family can be seen on almost all continents, with the exception of Antarctica.

In nature, there are about 17 subspecies of peregrine falcons.

On our planet it is not only the fastest bird, but also the fastest living creature.

According to experts, in a fast dive flight, a peregrine falcon can reach speeds of up to 322 km / h.

But it is worth noting that in horizontal flight the peregrine falcon gives the first place to a swift, whose horizontal flight speed can reach 111 km / h.

The fastest horse - English racehorses

At the moment, these purebred riding horses are considered the fastest. If you choose a specific representative, then the fastest is the thoroughbred stallion Beach Rekit.

He was able to set an absolute record among domestic breeds. During the race in Mexico at a distance of 409.26 meters, the Beach developed a maximum speed of 69.69 km / h. In general, the average speed of English race horses is 60 km / h.

The fastest fish is a sailboat (Istiophorus platypterus)

This marine fish from the order perciformes, lives in all the oceans of the Earth, preferring tropical, subtropical and temperate waters.

It should be noted that the sailboat is an active predator and is capable of speeds up to 100 km / h.

During the experiments, in the fishing camp of Long Key, Florida, USA, this fish was able to swim 91 meters in 3 seconds, which is equal to a speed of 109 km / h.

The fastest beast (land animal) - cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)

The cheetah is the fastest land animal. It differs from other cats in that it does not hunt prey, sitting in ambush, preferring to pursue it.

First, the cheetah, approaches its victim at a distance of about 10 meters, especially not trying to be secretive, and then trying to catch potential prey in a short race. During the race, he can reach speeds of up to 110-115 km / h, while he achieves a speed of 75 km / h in 2 seconds. It is also worth noting that the cheetah runs a jump of 6-8 meters in length.

Greyhound is the fastest dog

Generally opinions about which dog is the fastest divided. Some say that it is a hunting English greyhound, which can boast a very fast sprint, which gives them the opportunity to catch a hare.

If we talk about a hyena-like dog, then it can reach speeds of up to 55 km / h and pursue its victim to the point of utter exhaustion.

Yet officially, the highest speed among dogs was recorded on March 5, 1994 in Australia, when the Greyhound, nicknamed Star Title, was able to accelerate to 67.32 km / h.

The Fastest Cat - Egyptian Mau

This short-haired breed of medium-sized cats boasts a full of energy who love to move and play. Therefore, the Egyptian Mau has a flexible and muscular shape.

From Egyptian language "Mau" means "cat." This cat can reach speeds of up to 58 km / h. In addition, Mau have excellent eyesight, hearing and smell.

The fastest turtle - leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea)

Among the reptiles, this is the fastest - in the water it can reach a speed of 35 km / h.

Such a turtle weighs 450 kg, and the length of its body can vary from 1.8 to 2.1 meters.

However, in 1988, a leatherback turtle was found in Harlek, UK, whose body length was 2.91 meters and its weight was 961.1 kg.

The fastest insect

In this case, it is necessary to divide by the speed on the ground and in the air. On earth, the fastest insect is the American cockroach. Its speed reaches 5.4 km / h. It is worth noting that in 1 second he is able to run a distance that is 50 times greater than the length of his own body. When compared with a person, this corresponds to a speed of approximately 330 km / h.

The airborne insect is a dragonfly, namely Austrophlebia costalis, which can reach a speed of 52 km / h in flight. Since there are different ways to measure speed, experts cannot clearly tell who is faster, being divided between dragonflies, hawk moths and horseflies.

Top 10 fastest animals in the world:

  1. In the first place ranking "runner" out of competition - cheetah. This animal is unique, as it can accelerate in seconds to 100-120 kilometers per hour, and this is the speed of the car! But how does a cheetah do this? His body seemed created for running, because it is streamlined and stretched, like a sports car body. The paws are long and very powerful, the head is small, so it does not create resistance to airflow. In addition, the body weight is also relatively small (it is about 50 kilograms), so this representative of the fauna seems to float through the air. And it is this that allows him to hunt prey, feed and survive in extreme conditions.
  2. Wildebeest. These animals are often attacked by lions, but, fortunately, they run faster than predators, which allows them to survive (although not always). The maximum speed can reach 80-90 kilometers per hour. And this is quite a lot, given the impressive size and weight of the beast. Thus, the growth is about 1.5 meters, and weight - 200 kilograms. By the way, the wildebeest feeds exclusively on plants, and it is during their absorption that lions begin to hunt them.
  3. Pronghorn or the pronghorn antelope is often attacked by the fastest animals - cheetahs. And so she quickly run is simply vital. Such a beast can reach speeds of up to 115 kilometers per hour, but these are not all achievements. The pronghorn also jumps well: two meters high and 5-6 meters long. And such opportunities are provided with features of the structure of the organism. For example, the pronghorn antelope has a large heart and a powerful trachea, which allows for rapid circulation and uninterrupted breathing.
  4. Gazelle - this is not only a very beautiful and graceful animal, but also one of the fastest in the world. It can accelerate at short distances up to 90-110 kilometers. Moreover, the gazelle is also famous for its endurance, which often helps it to avoid predation by predators. And when running over long distances, it can move at a speed of about 50-60 kilometers per hour. And this gazelle is given quite easily, because the legs are well developed, and the weight is small - up to 30 kilograms. Such animals usually live in herds.
  5. Greyhound dog. Surprisingly, the dog was included in the list, and quite deservedly, because the breed was originally created specifically for hunting, so high speed is a must. It can reach 90 kilometers, and during short runs it is usually in the range of 55-65 km / h. It is worth noting that there are about 20 species of breed, and among them there are especially fast. But the most speedy and hardy is undoubtedly the Russian greyhound. Her muscles are perfectly developed, her body is perfectly folded. But such a dog with all its capabilities can be a great friend of man.
  6. Zebra. If some animals can hide from predators, camouflaging in the grass or thickets, then the color of the zebra (by the way, it is special for different individuals, although it seems almost the same) gives it away almost immediately. So the only chance for salvation is to run, and fast. Fortunately, the nature of this animal has endowed this feature, and it can at a short distance develop a speed reaching 80 km / h. And the zebras are very smart. For example, they live in herds and even build families than they resemble people. And during walking, watering, resting or eating food, some individuals play the role of guards and warn others about the impending danger.
  7. Horse. The average speed of this beautiful animal with intelligent eyes is about 60-65 kilometers per hour. But as people breed all new breeds, some qualities improve, including speed. In 2008, a record was set, and then the horse was able to accelerate to 87 kilometers per hour. By the way, such animals are the only representatives of the horse family, belonging to the order of solids. For a long time they were domesticated, and today the domestic horse is considered a separate subspecies.
  8. Brown hare Often becomes a victim of predators, so I have to constantly live in extreme conditions. But nature itself helps it to survive. Firstly, he is very attentive and knows how to hide in case of danger. Secondly, it can reach a high speed, reaching 80 kilometers per hour (the average is 50-60). Thirdly, the hare is hardy, sometimes the reason for his rescue is fatigue of the pursuer, who simply cannot continue to run. Fourthly, such an animal is cunning: it can run from side to side and confuse a predator, eventually breaking away from it and hiding.
  9. a lion - the real king of beasts. And its speed corresponds to such an unspoken title: it can reach 80 kilometers per hour, and the lionesses run faster, they also hunt more often (by the way, that is why their mane is not developed, because it would greatly hinder and disguise hunting). It is worth noting that the lion is almost the largest "participant" in the rating, its weight can reach 250 kilograms. Lions can hunt in groups, tracking, chasing, and then chasing and overtaking the victim. Surprisingly: these animals have the smallest heart compared to other predators.
  10. Coyote - This is a wolf. Its speed during the pursuit of victims can reach 60-70 kilometers. This predator feeds mainly on small rodents, ground squirrels, hares, ferrets, beavers, and sometimes birds and even insects. In addition, the coyote can dive, swim well and fish and even frogs. In the fall, the wolf is content to eat fruits and berries. In general, this beast is completely unpretentious and omnivorous, most likely, this is what helps it to survive.

The speed of these animals is impressive, isn't it?

№ 9. Brown hare

Maximum recorded speed: 80 km / h

57 km / h - the average speed during the sprint, 80 km / h - the maximum speed for a very short distance. Since their only chance to survive is to run very fast, they are naturally very fast and agile. At such high speeds, they are capable of deceiving their pursuers, rushing from side to side. Hare hare is ranked ninth at that-10 the fastest animals .

Maximum recorded speed: 80 km / h

Unfortunately, the zebra does not have camouflage color, and therefore freezing on the ground when the predator approaches it will not save them. So speed is the key to survival. The speed both individually and in a herd can reach from 57 to 80 km / h.

Maximum recorded speed: 87 km / h

61 km / h on average during the sprint, with a maximum speed of 87 km / h over very short distances, a record set in 2008.

Maximum recorded speed: 89 km / h

This is the fastest dog.. On average, the speed during the sprint is 63 km / h, at very short distances it can reach 89 km / h. This is the fastest breed of dog. For comparison, other breeds reach speeds from 30 to 50 km / h.

№ 5. Wildebeest

Maximum recorded speed: 90 km / h

A wildebeest is faster than a lion, a leopard and a zebra, 40 mph is its average speed during a sprint, and a maximum of -90 km / h at a very short distance. Do you want to live - know how to spin.

№ 4. Thomson's Gazelle

Maximum recorded speed: 94.1 km / h

The average speed is 87 km / h. With a lone cheetah manages to catch up with her once out of five! According to research scientists, males reach 68 km / h at a distance of 600 meters and 94.2 km / h at a distance of up to 100 meters.

Maximum recorded speed: 114 km / h

The results of gazelles (or antelopes of South Africa) are truly impressive: the average result is 105 km / h, at a distance of 800 m it reaches a speed of 88 km / h, and by 150 m it reaches 114 km / h. Endurance is also a virtue of a gazelle: it can hold 48 km / h.

Maximum recorded speed: 115 km / h

The speed is 105 km / h at a distance of 1000 meters and 115 km / h at a distance of 200 meters. Pronghorn is able to jump over obstacles up to 2 meters in height and 6 meters in length, but in general he prefers to bypass them rather than overcome above. For 6 km.

the fastest animal in the world

Maximum recorded speed: 121 km / h

Surprisingly, this fastest animal on earth sets all records! The cheetah is limited in endurance (about a quarter of a mile), however, its maximum speed is 95 km / h on average at 400 m, and at 100 m the maximum speed is 120 km / h

Top 10 fastest animals on earth

Люди наделены от природы удивительной силой — разумом, который позволяет им обеспечивать себя пищей, водой, теплом. Люди даже способны отправляться в космос и погружаться в тёмные глубины океана. При этом, человек не обладает особо выдающимися физическими данными.

В этой статье речь пойдёт о скорости передвижения в животном мире. Для некоторых животных высокая скорость жизненно необходима, например, чтобы поймать добычу или убежать от хищника. Представляем список из 10 самых быстрых животных в мире.

10. Заяц-русак

Заяц-русак являются мелким млекопитающим родом из Западной Европы и Азии. Эти зайцы довольно крупные. In size they are even larger than rabbits, it has longer legs and ears. Hare-hare can reach speeds of up to 77 km / h.

Powerful hind legs provide hare tremendous acceleration. Hare is very difficult to catch, because he can instantly change the direction of movement and run in a zigzag without losing speed. Such a quick run helps hare hare walk away from a large number of natural predators.

9. Blue wildebeest

Blue wildebeest - herbivore mammals come from southern and eastern Africa. Its height is about 130 cm, body weight about 220 kg. Despite the rather large weight, the strong legs and shoulders of the animal help him to reach a speed of 80 km / h. Such a quick run helps blue wildebeest run away from predators, and also provides fast and safe migration. These animals usually live in groups. They migrate to wetlands in search of grass during droughts.

These animals live in North America. Wilorogi able to reach speeds of up to 70 km / h, but the maximum record speed of the fork is once recorded - 88.5 km / h.

Wilorogi, unlike many of the animals on this list, are natural marathon runners. She is not just able to run fast, they are so hardy that they can run at high speed for long distances. The large heart, the voluminous lungs and the thick trachea help these animals to quickly deliver oxygenated blood to the cells of the whole body.

If you compare Viloroga with a ram of the same weight, then a heart Viloroga will be more than 2 times the heart of a ram.

7. Gauze fish

Marlin (or sailing) fish are among the longest fish in the world. Their length can reach up to 5 meters, and weight up to 800 kg. They live in the warm waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and often migrate over long distances - up to several thousand kilometers.

Marlin Fish are very fast swimmers, their speed can reach up to 80km / h.

6. Fish Sailfish

These fish are so named because they have a large fin on their backs, shaped like a sail. They live mainly in temperate, tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. The length of an adult individual is up to 3.5 meters, its weight is up to 100 kg.

Sailboats They are considered the fastest fish in the world, because their speed can reach 110 km / h.

10. Leo / Panthera leo (

Since 10 on 3 is not exactly divisible, we decided to give the vacant place to a representative of sushi, and even to what. Opens our list of the fastest animals in the world lion. Despite the fact that the lion - the king of beasts, in speed, he is not the best. Its one of the largest representatives of the cat gains its 80 km / h extremely rarely, since mainly liones are engaged in hunting in the pride.

9. Scad / Trachurus (

Continues our rating representative aquatic habitat - horse mackerel. She is one of the three fastest swimming fish on our planet. Moves mostly large flocks in the surface layers of water, developing speeds of up to 80 km / h. Probably, because of such a quick movement, the scad has practically no fat at all. The largest fish of this breed, of those caught by man, weighed about 2 kg.

8. Grant's Gazelle / Gazella granti (

The eighth place is occupied by the grants of Grant. This frisky hoofed animal is found in eastern Africa. It got its name in honor of the famous Scottish naturalist D.O. Grant. Despite the seemingly fragile appearance, this gazelle is very hardy and strong. This graceful animal uses its considerable speed mainly to run away from its main enemies - hyenas and jackals.

7. Pronghorn / Antilocapra americana (

On the seventh place in our list of the fastest animals in the world is the antelope called Vilorog. These animals live in North America. Accelerating to almost 90 km / h, they easily get away from wolves and coyotes, which get only weakened, sick individuals. At one time, their population was very large, like bison, but due to its natural curiosity, the fortress became easy prey for hunters. Currently, some subspecies of these animals are listed in the Red Book.

6. Striped marlin / Istiophoridae (

The next representative of our aquatic habitat is striped marlin. He ranks second among the fastest swimming fish on our planet. His threateningly protruding dorsal fin is approximately equal in height to his body, which allows him to maneuver very well, without losing speed. This fish can reach sizes up to 5 meters in length, and can weigh more than half a ton. Marlin got its name because of the similarity of its nose with the rigging tool, which is written in English as marlinspike.

5. Sailboat / Istiophorus platypterus (

Fifth place in our list is again for the aquatic inhabitant - a sailfish fish. Sailboat is the fastest fish in the world. Its habitat is mainly tropical and subtropical zones of the oceans, but it also occurs in temperate waters. The size of a sailboat can be up to 3.5 meters in length, and weighs in excess of 150 kg. When a sailfish quickly swims, it folds its giant fin, removing it in a special notch on its back. Due to its fin structure, these fish make good use of the effect of turbulence, when the water dissected during movement does not pass in even layers along their body, but forms special twists, which additionally make it possible to achieve such phenomenal speed in water.

4. Cheetah / Acinonyx jubatus (

In fourth place in our top is a cheetah - the fastest land animal in the world. Its speed in the snatch, according to various data can be from 110 to 120 km / h. Cheetahs are found in Africa and in some countries of the Middle East. The unique structure of the body helps the cheetahs to jump, even at top speed. These born hunters not only run fast, but are also able to instantly change their direction of movement due to the structure of their long tail. Scientists have determined that the average length of a cheetah race is only about 170 m and this is not surprising, with such speed these graceful predators very quickly catch up with their prey.

3. Frigate / Fregata (

The representative of the air habitat - the frigate bird opens the three leaders of our dozens of the fastest animals. This bird can be found in the warm waters of tropical and subtropical regions of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. These unusual birds in horizontal flight can reach speeds of about 153 km / h. Their wingspan is about 2 m 50 cm, and the body weight of an adult individual is about 1.5 kg. It is very easy to distinguish males of a frigate by a bright red throat bag, in females it is white.

2. Needletail (prickly-tailed) Swift / Hirundapus caudacutus (

On the second place of our list is the tail of a swift. Despite its miniature, this bird ranks second among all birds in speed. The size of the needletail swift does not exceed 24 cm, and the weight is not more than 140 g. The streamlined shapes of this bird allow minimizing air resistance in order to achieve such amazing results in flight speed. It is noteworthy that almost all their lives, these birds spend in height, only occasionally dropping to the ground.

1. Sapsan / Falco peregrinus (

And finally, the first place. Answering the question what is the fastest animal in the air, you can immediately answer the question what is the fastest animal on Earth. And the answer will be - a peregrine falcon, for good reason the high-speed train on the route Moscow - St. Petersburg was named after this unique bird. Adult peregrine falcon reaches a size of 120 cm in length and a mass of approximately 1.5 kg. The wingspan of these birds fluctuates around 80-120 cm. Peregrine falcon is a flying bird hunter and you can often see the swift occupying the second line in our rating in its prey, which indicates the phenomenal speed of this predator. Flying over its prey, the peregrine falcon, folded its wings, throws a stone at its peak, in which it reaches its stunning high-speed highs.