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How to develop intuition: 3 simple exercises for each day


Developed intuition is a person's ability to instantly solve many life tasks and problems, it is easy to find a way out of difficult situations and find a common language both in the family and at work, in society.

Today, on the Psychoanalytic Matveev.RF website, you will learn how to develop intuition and hidden abilities using the exercises and psychological trainings given below.

What is intuition and hidden abilities

Intuition - it is, in fact, the inner voice of a person who, as it were, automatically prompts, without basing here and now the objective facts, experience and knowledge, what to do in a particular, often critical or stressful situation.

But, as often happens with people with undeveloped intuition (or rather, who can’t hear and control it), you chose the opposite, and when you “burned” (realized that you did wrong while suffering) you told yourself why so, because I had the idea to do otherwise, then everything would be fine - this thought was your intuition, which you disobeyed and injured yourself with the wrong choice.

Hidden abilities (or hidden knowledge) - there is almost every person, but they need not only to understand and realize in themselves (they are usually not realized) in order to be able to use and control them, but they need to be developed, as well as their intuition.

Before you understand how to develop your intuition and hidden abilities and begin to exercise, you need to clearly understand how much you have already developed, for this you should pass an intuition test.

So, how to develop intuition - exercises

Exercises for the development of intuition are quite simple, but their essence is not in complexity or simplicity, their essence in practice and repetitions (daily training).

In fact, any mentally healthy person may have different, usually poorly understood voices (automatic thoughts, attitudes, expectations, presentations and images) in the head. And if your intuition is not developed, i.e. you are not able to distinguish her voice from other thoughts and ideas, then you easily make a mistake, sometimes critical, during the choice of your actions and behavior in certain stressful, critical or dangerous situations of life.

Also, dear readers, you should clearly understand that your intuition and hidden abilities are not mysticism, miracles, esoterics ... and other nonsense. This is your real hidden knowledge, based on your own life experience (since birth) and real knowledge and skills.

Probably, many who use, for example, modern gadgets: computers, smartphones .... Programs and services for communication (messengers, social networks, etc.), heard such a thing - "Intuitive interface" (or something similar with the keyword "Intuitive" ... This is the work of your intuition, based on past knowledge and experience.

For example, going from Windows XP to the 7th or 10th version, you will quite easily understand the new interface and other problems with the help of your intuition, unlike the user’s manual a computer - he does not have such experience and knowledge, therefore intuition will not help him much here, here he needs to study the manual.

Thus, the more you have experience, knowledge and skills in a particular area. the higher you have developed abilities and talent for one or another type of life activity, the more ingenious you are in your subject, the steeper your intuition and inner, hidden abilities that always come to your aid in solving problems during stress, heightened emotionality ..., in a critical situation - from passing an exam and choosing a life path, to an interview when applying for a job, choosing a business partner, buying a thing, or building interpersonal, love and family relationships.

Trainings and exercises for the development of intuition and hidden abilities

We begin exercises on the development of your intuition and hidden abilities:

Before you begin the exercises, you should read this article again to get a better understanding of what intuition is and how to develop it.

Exercise perform daily, starting with the little things. For example, with ordinary shopping, in communication with friends, with loved ones, in the family, society and at work (school).

    Begin, today, to pick up voices (thoughts and ideas) in your head, at moments when you need a choice.
    For example, you went to the grocery store - as it is known in modern stores marketing is fully operational, i.e.
    hidden effect on your subconscious, so that you make a purchase, which is often not needed. Attention! Here,
    most likely, you will have two voices, almost unconscious - one intuition, the other - provocative, like instead of this sausage to buy one that, in a beautiful package, with the inscription "From pure meat".

Try to realize that you have reached out or have already put this sausage (or something else) in the basket, but something, as it were, tells you, do not take it, take that product that you came for - this is intuition, t. e. your knowledge about
that "All is not gold that glitters."

And if you hear your intuition and listen to it, then you will not take this product, which originally was not going to take. But even if you are still aware later, for example at home, that you bought not what you wanted, then remember and live again in your imagination the very situation in the store, when you reached out not for what you need, and in this fantasy-remembrance , try to catch the voice of intuition and not take the product. It will be an experience for the future work of your intuition in reality.

Use for exercises on the development of intuition, even such trifles as a hint of the inner voice to look at the expiration date, and provocation - like yes FIG with her

Work on various minor situations, catching and developing your intuition for at least a week every day, preferably several times a day, so that it becomes a habit ... Next week, after you begin to clearly understand, be aware of and distinguish intuition from provocative thoughts in trifles, start working and practice more difficult situations.

For example, try without listening to the weather forecast, predict what to wear, whether to take an umbrella, etc. Or, try to identify with familiar people their behavior in appearance, words, emotions, while listening to their voices and choosing intuition from them.

Constantly pick up and discern the inner voices, before any deed, action or deed. Then, when you begin to distinguish the development of your intuition quite well in practice, begin, at least a week, listen to your hidden knowledge when making more serious decisions. For example, expensive purchases, the beginning or continuation of a relationship, the beginning of a business, a hiring, a study enrollment

In more serious situations, there may be more voices than the intuition itself, so you need to listen better ...

  • Then, after 3-4 weeks of intensive work on the development of intuition, you will already be easier to understand it and make many decisions with its help, but at the same time, in no case do not forget about the mind and common sense.
    Intuition is a good helper, but global decisions need to be made with the mind, consciously and carefully ...
  • And the last, the most difficult and fixing exercise, in order to develop your intuition and hidden abilities, will take place in stressful and sometimes several critical situations.

    In order not to risk you, first work with these exercises in your head, in your fantasies, imagination, visualizations and ideas ...

    To better present stressful, emotional situations, i.e. those moments from your past experience, when due to strong emotions your mind was turned off, so here you will have to rely only on intuition (on a hidden mind) -
    relax your mind with psycho or self-hypnosis techniques

    Then imagine as clearly as possible, in all details, the situation from the past, especially the one in which you did not hear your intuition and acted rashly, to put it mildly ... Now, complete this situation by hearing and realizing your intuitive inner voice ... and having done so recommends you ...

    Realize your victory, and rejoice, thereby securing your inner ability, with similar situations in reality, automatically listen to your intuition and solve the problem more qualitatively ...

    Those who wish to more clearly develop their intuition and inner abilities can take a course of exercises under the guidance of an experienced psychoanalyst (online). Sign up for training online

    Come through psychological tests online (free)

    Read psychology articles (be psychologically literate)

    Sixth Sense

    Many scholars believe that the best indicator that you have the ability to foresee is deja vu, a kind of manifestation of the sixth sense. Earlier we wrote that deja vu is a peculiar look into the future. This phenomenon suggests that the gift of prediction is not only experience, but also brain development and the power of energy. The main thing is to learn how to correctly interpret deja vu in accordance with the work of your brain and world view. No one except yourself can learn this.

    The sixth sense can also be manifested in non-visual images. This is an experience when, for example, you are going somewhere, and cats scrape the heart, no mood, you are depressed. Then you come, and on the spot you are in trouble. This is a prime example of how the sixth sense can manifest itself.

    It is very difficult to develop it, because we got it from our ancestors. According to scientists, at the dawn of civilization, people could communicate telepathically, because the brain was larger and worked much faster. Psychics advise to use special talismans to improve the almost lost sixth sense.

    How to develop intuition

    Method one: practice. Practice every day, trying to guess some simple things - how your colleague will be dressed at work, the names of strangers, their hobbies, date of birth. Try to somehow connect the details of their behavior and communication style to come to certain conclusions. Solve logic puzzles and constantly train your memory. Intuition is only an incredibly small amount of magic. The main success depends on the work of the brain.

    Method two: increase your horizons and accumulate knowledge. Our life teaches us a lot. When parents tell their child that he may fall from a tree, in most cases this indicates that they themselves have experienced this or know those who have experienced it. This is a life experience. Absorb everything that happens around, so that later in the future you can save yourself or your loved ones from harm or trouble.

    Method three:projection of thoughts. in psychic as such, very little magic, but it can also play its important role in the formation of intuition and the gift of foresight for each person. It is said that any reflective surfaces can be used as windows to the future. Use talismans to improve these abilities simultaneously with mirrors. To do this, turn off the lights at night and try to look at something unusual in the mirror. The same can be done with a glass of water. At night, light the candles, find a clear water bow and try to peer into the calm water surface. Think about what you want to see this image projected on the surface of the water or even on the walls of the glass. The main thing is silence and loneliness.

    Many experts believe that extrasensory abilities can be assessed by eye color. This theory will help you assess your own potential in advance. Remember that everyone can learn to see the future. Good luck and don't forget to press buttons and

    What is intuition?

    Some people think that intuition is a myth and a fairy tale for naive children, so you can’t trust it. Others, making important decisions, necessarily listen to their sixth sense and do as their inner voice tells them.

    Intuition - these are internal motives that arise independently of the will of the person. It happens completely unexpectedly. Writing them off on your own imagination and ignoring or listening to them is a choice that a person can make several times during the day.

    It is possible to ascribe intuition to a mystical origin and assert that it is a supernatural ability, but in 1981 neuropsychologist Roger Sperry convinced the scientific world that this statement does not correspond to the truth. For this discovery, the man received the Nobel Prize. Sperry was able to prove that intuition is a normal human function, for which the right hemisphere of our brain is responsible. It is the right hemisphere that perceives and processes important information in the form of images. The left hemisphere does this with the help of abstract thinking and logic.

    Intuition is an alternative subconscious mind that each person possesses. This is the way our inner voice tries to communicate with us.

    Is it possible to develop intuition?

    Developing your sixth sense is not only possible but necessary! But it should be remembered that intuition and prediction of fate are completely different things. One to the other has nothing to do.

    Intuition is not just some function that each person possesses. This is the way of existence, our inner navigator, the path to wisdom and enlightenment. We are equipped with a finely tuned and sophisticated internal navigation system. Thanks to her, we can receive mental information. This process is energetic in nature. Through intuitive sensations, a person can receive and read information, because everything around (people, objects, space) is permeated with energy.

    To develop intuition, you need to tune in a positive way and not be afraid of difficulties. It will not be the first time, you have to be prepared for failure. But after the awakening of intuition and its development, you will notice that it has become much easier to make important decisions, and life itself has changed for the better.

    How to develop intuition? We offer you the best ways to help awaken the inner voice and adjust it to the desired way!

    Method number 1. Intuition and you are best friends

    American sociopsychologist Thomas Condon argues that each person has his own unique intuitive style. Someone may feel a special warmth in the stomach, another “sees” the picture in the head, the third one starts to twitch the eye or itch the nose. This is quite normal, because the subconscious sends chaotic signals that can manifest themselves in a strange and surprising way.

    Your task is to recognize these signals, accept them and make friends with your intuition. To do this, you need:

    1. retire and find a secluded place where no one will distract you and disturb you,
    2. recall and analyze in detail all those cases where you acted on a whim and as a result received positive results,
    3. recall and record all the sensations that you then had (rapid heartbeat, tinnitus, a strange feeling inside you, etc.),
    4. write down the exact form in which you received information: whether suddenly an image appeared in front of you in the form of a picture that you correctly deciphered, a clear and precise decision occurred to you, etc.

    After completing the exercise, you will be able to understand exactly what signals your subconscious sends you. Having understood this question, the next time you will know exactly how your intuition works.

    Consider this exercise on the example of the girl Nastya. Sometimes she begins to move her left hand, and then she selects separate words from conversations. At first, Nastya thought it was just a game of imagination. But having made friends with her intuition, the girl realized that in this way her inner voice sends her hints. Now Anastasia always listens to her intuition and easily makes the right decisions.

    Method number 2. Learning to consciously use intuition

    When you figure out exactly how your intuition works, try to learn how to use it consciously. To do this, you need to formulate a clear and precise question that interests you the most at the moment. Concentrate all your attention on the part of the body where your intuition is “born”. When familiar sensations arise (it does not always work the first time, so do not be discouraged and do not stop the exercise after the first failure), tightly clench your fists.

    Exercise must be repeated every day. Over time, you will learn to consciously turn on your intuition by simply clenching your fists.

    Method number 3. Give intuition as much freedom as possible

    Throughout the day, make the most extraordinary assumptions. If you are sitting in a cafe, then try to guess the name of the waitress. Are you dating a girlfriend? Try to imagine what exactly she will be wearing. Go to work? Guess what task the chef will entrust you with today.

    This exercise should not be taken very seriously. Do not scold yourself and do not worry if your guesswork does not correspond to the real state of affairs. Цель этого упражнения заключается не в том, чтобы вы научились предугадывать будущее, а в том, чтобы вы отключили логику и научились расслабляться.

    Хотя поначалу большинство ваших предположений будут неправильными, со временем выполнение данного упражнения позволит вам предугадывать некоторые события.

    Способ №4. We decipher the intuition signals

    To learn how to correctly interpret the signals that your intuition sends you, you need to do the following exercise in the morning. By the time it takes from 10 to 15 minutes. Practice exercise is necessary in a good mood.

    1. Take a pen and a blank sheet of paper.
    2. Find a secluded place in the house so that no one will disturb you.
    3. Completely relax, close your eyes, meditate a little.
    4. Every image that you have in your head, write or sketch. If you think it's total nonsense, push those thoughts away and keep writing or drawing.
    5. Before bed, look at the list, remember the key events that happened throughout the day and compare one with the other.

    You'd be surprised, but much of what you wrote in the morning is directly related to what happened during the day. The more you practice this exercise, the clearer and brighter your stream of consciousness will become.

    Method number 5. Get rid of filters

    This method is a bit like the previous one and is a great addition to it. Take a notebook and write down in it different words that you have in your head. Then for each word write the first associations that appear when you hear this word. Limit yourself to five words.

    At first, you will create boring lists containing standard phrases: “work-work”, “medicine-hospital”, “comfort-home”, etc. When you're done making a list, start over. Take the same words and try to write down other associations. Create new associations until you write down the most unexpected and insane phrases.

    Sociopsychologist S. Jagdish, who is the author of this method of developing intuition, writes in one of his books: “On the 15th day of the exercise“ Getting Rid of Filters, ”I unexpectedly wrote“ street-telephone ”for myself. On the same day, on the way to work, I lost my mobile. It’s good that the phone was found by a respectable person who returned it to me and did not demand any reward. ”

    Method number 6. Watch for signs

    Very often we ask heaven to send us some kind of sign, but we do not want to follow the appearance of these signs in our life. Try to follow what you see. Ask a question that interests you, and then look carefully throughout the day, which advertising posters most often appear before your eyes, does any number repeat more than two or three times a day, etc.

    You can open your favorite book at random or turn on the TV and listen to what it is about. Intuition will help you find those signs that indicate the correct answer.

    Method number 7. Meditate

    Meditation is a great way to not only relax, but also to develop your intuition. Find a secluded place, turn off the TV, computer, phone, so they do not distract you. Take a comfortable position, close your eyes and let your soul take a break from the hustle and endless worries that were yesterday and will be tomorrow.

    Meditation clears the mind and allows intuition to express itself. The more you meditate, the easier it will be to hear your inner voice.

    Intuition is an excellent tool for comprehending the world, but it has an auxiliary character. Developing your intuition, do not forget that nobody canceled logic. Using the prompts of the inner voice, sit down and think carefully about how exactly they should be used to get the best result. Logic and intuition are two sisters who must go hand in hand in your life.

    1. We become professionals

    Intuition has a rational explanation. For example, in 2005 in Istanbul, the final match of the Milan Champions League - Liverpool took place. Subsequently, he will be named among the greatest matches of football history. In a tense game, the Liverpool team won, and to a large extent it owed its victory to the Polish goalkeeper, who parried the difficult strikes in the penalty shoot-out.

    What prompted him where the ball would fly, in which direction should he roll? Intuition? Of course, but an intuition based on experience. In a split second, his brain did the greatest work, having considered several options and choosing the only correct one.

    Another example: an appraiser of paintings must determine whether it is an original or a copy. He is assured that the original, but it does not leave a strange feeling that it is not. The picture is given to the laboratory, where the appraiser's doubts are confirmed - fake. The appraiser was an expert in his field, so intuition told him that the lab took time.

    It is unlikely that in these cases, intuition worked for novice soccer players or students of the Academy of Arts who did not possess knowledge and experience.

    Curtis Faith in his book “Intuition-based Trading” tells about the American billionaire entrepreneur John Templeton, who called the ball “perhaps the greatest collector of stocks of the 20th century” as one of the publications. Thanks to practical experience, he intuitively felt both opportunities when one could start to play short and imminent danger when one should stop playing the stock market.

    “Our brain can make decisions almost instantly using thousands of individual input signals,” he writes. - “Think with your head and feel inside” - his advice to traders.

    “Intuition is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is his faithful servant,” said Albert Einstein. And he continued his thought: "We have created a society in which the servant is exalted and the gift is forgotten."

    Our ancestors relied on instinct to survive. Today, we often trust the mind, and our inner voice is often suppressed. As a result, we make mistakes that could have been avoided if we trusted the first impulse. Let's try to awaken the forgotten abilities and strengthen the intuition.

    2. Open the "third eye"

    Let's sit down comfortably, close our eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes, representing the starry sky. After we feel completely relaxed, we put our palm on the point between the eyebrows - “the third eye” and, pressing lightly on the skin, we will massage this point, moving the palm clockwise. Repeat every day for two to three minutes.

    Soon we will feel a slight tingling in the massaged place. This is a sign that the “third eye” is opening.

    3. We communicate with the subconscious

    We settle in the same way as above, only imagine a spiral staircase with ten steps leading down. We are at the very top. We take a deep breath and on the exhale mentally descend a step below. And so on until we go down, and then we say to ourselves: "This is my subconscious, I can be here as soon as I want." Repeat every day for a week.

    4. Develop the capacity for inner perception.

    Turn off the light or close your eyes. Twist to lose orientation in space, and touch begin to move around the room. No need to try to determine the position of the furniture. First we will stumble upon objects, but we should not try to recognize them. Just go around the obstacles and move on, guided only by their inner feelings, we try to feel the objects.

    Perform this exercise for 5 minutes 3-4 times a week. It can be done in the park, but, of course, someone must stand next to a safety net.

    Another option is to walk slowly along the corridor, with your skin feeling the walls and trying not to look.

    5. Learning to understand without words

    We turn on the TV channel in a language that we don’t know - Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, etc. We don’t try to understand what the characters of the film are talking about and don’t follow the plot. Just look and fix our spontaneous thoughts, feelings, impressions. After a while, an understanding of what is being done on the screen will come.

    You can watch movies or broadcasts without sound, trying to guess what information they convey to the viewer — positive or negative, important or insignificant — by the expressions on the faces of the characters or presenters.

    6. We develop intuition with the help of art objects.

    When visiting an art gallery or exhibition (best in the style of abstraction), we look at paintings, sculptures, installations, without trying to understand what the artist or sculptor had in mind. We pay attention only to our feelings. What impressions and emotions cause these works?

    Similarly with musical works. We listen to classical music a few minutes a day with eyes closed, focusing on the mental images evoked by it.

    7. We guess

    The phone rings? Before answering, we ask ourselves - who could it be. We are trying to guess: which bus will come first, who will come around the corner - a man or a woman? A young man or an old, blond or brunet, what color is his clothes?

    Close our eyes and ask ourselves: what time is it? Just do not analyze: I was at home at five, it took about two hours - probably already seven. The answer to this question should appear as a mental image: in the form of a dial or several numbers. Then we look at the clock. If you make a mistake for only 5 minutes, our intuition works flawlessly.

    8. We train during shopping

    We do not plan which store we will go to - let our feet carry us on our own. Let us divert our brain with extraneous thoughts: for example, with a score of up to 5,000, or recall all the words in the letter "p." Our behavior should be guided solely by the subconscious. When we find ourselves in the store, we will impulsively go to the shelf or hanger with clothes and take what the hand will reach. Perhaps it will be a thing that we have long dreamed of.

    Feet brought to the male department? Looking around - what if we meet a man of our life here?

    The list of exercises for the development of intuition with a description and explanation of how and why it works

    Before developing intuition, exercises help to concentrate on the main thing - on yourself, on what a person really needs. Will he have to change jobs, choose a country of rest, dare to make an offer to his chosen one - the subconscious tells you what to do in any life situations.

    Hear the voice of intuition and follow it are taught 10 techniques and exercises for intuition.

    Unusual letter

    An intuitive solution occurs in the right hemisphere of the brain. Left is responsible for logical thinking.

    It is possible to improve the work of the right hemisphere, if instead of the usual right hand to use the left while writing, typing on a phone or tablet, brushing teeth, using keys.

    After the brain gets used, complicate the task: write the right question on a piece of paper that concerns you, and use your left hand to record the answer.

    Exercise "Alphabet"

    It also relies on the work of the left and right hands. Templates can be found on the Internet for the request "exercises for the development of the intuition of the alphabet."

    Under each letter of the alphabet the following symbols are signed:

    • “L” means you need to call the letter of the alphabet, raise your left hand and right foot,
    • "P" - the right hand and left leg go up,
    • “O” - you need to raise both hands and rise on your toes.

    The neural interconnection between the hemispheres is getting better, attention, speed of thinking is improving, important decisions are made faster.

    Develop intuition exercises can, if performed regularly.

    The exercise helps to develop your own signaling system, which will warn you about the correctness of the decision.

    The traffic light can be represented or drawn on paper. For the traffic light to work, you need to associate the color of the signal and sensations:

    1. Green - even breathing, a steady heartbeat, confidence, a sense of security.
    2. Yellow - increased attention to detail, the people around them, their actions, alertness.
    3. Red - rapid pulse, rejection of activity, cancellation of action, prohibition, awareness of the futility of the decision.

    Focus on color. Light it - make it brighter than the rest. Feel the message signal. Take 10 minutes for each color in turn.

    An established exercise will help you decide, for example, when looking for a job. It works like this: read the ad, ask yourself whether this company is suitable, whether it is comfortable with wages, working conditions. After each question, listen to the sensations.

    People feel a flash of green and with it the confidence that they are doing everything right. Appearing unpleasant feelings, a desire to read the following announcement - these are signs of a red signal from an intuitive traffic light.

    After constant practice, the inner voice and instinct will prompt, make you think or say “STOP!” Before important events for you without further questions.

    Zener cards

    Suitable for practicing the skill of anticipation. The task is to guess the image of the inverted card: a star, a square, a wave, a cross, a circle.

    Start with one card. Then try to consider the figures in the sequence. Write down your assumptions, flip the cards and compare.

    Even the slightest coincidence is important - two cards standing side by side, the first one and the last one correctly named.

    A test with a coin is convenient when it is not possible to turn to cards. This practice helps to work out the acquired skill in a game form. Ask a friend to hide a coin behind their back, and predict yourself which hand it is.

    Weather forecast

    Fix experiments with cards and coins in a special notebook. Record your personal weather forecast for tomorrow. Do not rely on random numbers. Watch the temperature, the wind, your well-being. Check the predictions with the same source.

    Exercise spend daily at one time.

    Question answer

    Practice is similar to writing with an unaccustomed hand, because it is built on an internal dialogue.

    Put the phone screen down, and before you pick up the phone, ask yourself who it is calling and for what purpose. Ask a question each time at the mailbox or before you look through the peephole and open the door to the guest.

    If you are a rational and consistent person, you use additional data: time of day, day of the week, prior events. It speaks about the adjusted neural interconnection of the left and right hemispheres, when the sixth sense is connected with logical thinking.


    Purpose: The subject of the room (sofa, flower, remote and more).

    Task: to determine the exact position of the object.

    It is necessary to consider the goal well, to remember its shape, color, memories associated with it, associations, that is, to establish contact. After that, a person closes his eyes, revolves around himself, thereby changing his position in space.

    Next, this is a search for the subject with closed eyes.

    Initial level: the direction in which the subject is located is correctly indicated. Advanced level: predicted exact location, distance, target found.

    Weighing solution

    This exercise will help get rid of doubts when to choose between two options. Two attractive vacancies, equally cute car models, two events that you want to attend, but they are taking place at the same time. At one of the events a meeting with your future half will surely happen!

    One option is mentally located on the right palm, the second option - on the left. The person gives weight to the decision. Under the weight of the more important and decisive hand to lower a little.

    Exercise is performed with closed eyes. Preference should be given to the option under which the palm fell.

    Dream management

    Drop the thoughts of the past day. Relaxing meditation will help. Be sure to take a comfortable position and eliminate possible irritants: excess light, electrical appliances turned on, phone sound.

    Ask a question before bedtime. Ask your subconscious for an answer, help in finding a solution.

    Exercise for the development of intuition and clairvoyance can be repeated for several days. This will give a chance to compare the received “answer”, correctly interpret it.

    In a dream, the image of reality is given in an allegorical form. An animal that is not pleasant for you often means an enemy, illnesses in dreams are problems in business. Therefore, the next dream will clarify the previous one.

    The most valuable advice is to record what you see in a dream immediately after waking up. So it is possible to save more details and details.

    Prophetic dreams are forgotten echoes of such answers.

    The concept of deja vu is connected with them. Inner premonition gives you a chance to change the course of the situation, if in a dream it ended not in your favor: change direction, go back, answer differently.

    The benefits and harms of developed intuition

    The subconscious mind does not help, if we proceed from mercenary goals. The main landmark - the true desire of man. He must be honest with himself. Do not wishful thinking. Otherwise, the inner voice can be misinterpreted.

    The sixth sense is a means of knowing the world, like hearing, sight, taste, smell. From the desire to understand and learn more, a person turns to objects of art, tries new food, finds the perfect musical sound.

    Intuition is an inner force that pushes him to it. Traction to increase this power and own it sets you apart from ordinary people.

    Развитие интуиции и упражнения для ее улучшения – путь самосовершенствования человека, который хочет защитить себя от ошибок и добиться успеха. Развивайте себя – делайте себя лучше!

    Способы развития интуиции

    It has been proven that after serious head injuries, stresses, and strongest experiences, some personalities have revealed superpowers. In order not to apply to such methods of opening the subconscious, use the developed techniques. Recommendations that will help develop the sixth sense:

    1. Vera. You need to believe in the existence of intuition and in its power, to be ready for its manifestations.
    2. Meditation. Open chakras, composure, focus on feeling of yourself and your desires will help activate insight.
    3. The feeling of the present. Memories that cause ambiguous feelings can be projected and interfere with the manifestation of the subconscious, confusing with him. Therefore, you need to let go of everything, leaving only the present.
    4. Maintain your internal energy level. Control over emotions and feelings. It is important not to succumb to strong emotions, they reduce the ability to hear the inner voice.
    5. The manifestation of sensuality. Be sure to use all your five senses, be sure to develop them. More and more attentively to listen, peer, etc.
    6. Trust foreboding, the balance between the inner mind and rational thinking. In the early stages of the development of intuition, there is a premonition on which to rely, but not abandon logic.
    7. Ask the right questions of your intuition, the answers to which are “yes” or “no.” It's easier to get a hint.
    8. In order to achieve a good effect in perfecting the inner mind, read out special texts that affect the human mind, helping him to open up. Such conspiracies can not only contribute to spiritual development, but also improve health, improve material condition, protect.
    9. The development of this feeling must be systematic. You need to constantly repeat the exercises, not missing classes.
    10. Trust in a mentor. It is necessary to allow a specialist to assist you in the development of abilities.

    How to recognize your inner voice: ways to develop intuition

    If we consider the intuition from a gender perspective, we can say with confidence that women are more knowledgeable than men. Female intuition girls endowed with birth. By virtue of education, when desires break down and stereotypes are imposed, the connection with the inner mind weakens.

    Exercises for the development of intuition

    Regular practice and targeted exercises will help to reveal the inner flair. Basic techniques allow you to increase intelligence, unleash the potential of the human brain.

    • Method 1. Psychoradar. Training is aimed at the development of spatial perception. You need to select and focus on the object. Close your eyes, spin around your axis. Try to feel the object, to see its energy field. Open eyes. If it did not work out, then analyze why, then repeat again.
    • Method 2. Replacing the hand. Take a pen and two sheets. On one, write the questions with a familiar hand, on the second - the answers, with the hand that you usually don’t write. This simulator connects both hemispheres to the solution of the issue, the whole mind turns on.
    • Method 3. The traffic light. The technique requires self-manufacturing of a traffic light. It must be placed before the eyes. The challenge is to include a certain color along with the emotions that are associated with it.
    • Method 4. Alphabet. The method trains the brain, and also contributes to the rapid decision-making. Need a special table - the alphabet. When choosing a particular letter, you need to raise your arms and legs in the right combination.

    Ways to develop intuition are very simple, similar to children's games, but the result is amazing.

    How to recognize your inner voice: exercises

    Intuition Development Tutorial

    To begin to develop their abilities on their own, you need to scroll through a lot of literature. It is worth getting a print assistant. Laura Day's book, The Intuition Development Tutorial, is a great way to explore yourself and your abilities. As you study the inner mind, refer to listening to music at frequency 432. This frequency is in harmony with cosmic motion and natural vibration. When listening to it, it opens a connection with the universal mind and the mechanisms of the surrounding world become clear.

    Hypnosis allows you to penetrate into the subconscious of a person, even to manipulate him. It is also effective in developing this ability. It allows you to find out deeply hidden problems and feelings.

    Mantra for the development of intuition

    You can also refer to esoteric techniques. Mantra is a divine song that helps develop hypersensitivity. There are songs for immersion in yourself that enhance the perception of reality. They can be used in a complex.

    Mudra is a technique used in meditation. It allows you to remember a long-forgotten or understand the unknown. Performed by combining the tips of the fingers of both hands into a scallop. Using mudra improves memory, activates intuition.

    Qigong - a technique that teaches you to manage your energy, intuition and self-control. It will be relevant with the independent development of inner feelings.

    Maps are used extensively in various methods of self-knowledge. Arcana Tarot - a tool for the development of intuition, communication with the subtle world. Learning to communicate with the deck is the road to yourself.


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