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Tip 1: How to make a natural flavoring with your own hands


For many of us, coziness in the house is not only a successful placement of pieces of furniture, wallpaper-covered walls and a beautiful chandelier on the ceiling. Comfortable atmosphere consists of many diverse, seemingly insignificant details. Baubles dear to the heart, souvenirs brought from travels, and, of course, smells - this is what creates the overall cozy atmosphere. Of course, someone can say: "I already smell deliciously without any artificial" stinkers "there." But it’s not at all necessary to pour the apartment “with the smell of spray can”, where it is better to use natural aromas for home to create a pleasant atmosphere.

What can be used as a natural flavor at home

In order for a pleasant fragrance in your apartment to become stable, it is necessary for all rooms to use fragrances with similar, suitable to each other, and better - the same - smells. Home flavors are not only well-known sachets with herbs and aroma lamps. They can be fragrant soap, and incense sticks, and candles, and aroma stones, and of course plants, such as basil grown on the windowsill or lemon balm. Making flavors for the house with your own hands is not at all difficult. It does not require any great effort from you, as well as time-consuming. Quite the contrary, their production will bring you complete pleasure, help to raise your spirits, fill the house with indescribable smells in its magnificence. Flavors for home can be done with your child - this is undoubtedly instructive, and most importantly - absolutely safe occupation.

Aromatic Sachet

Sasha (from the French sachet, which means "small bag" or "bag"). These
small pads filled with fragrant dry herbs or saturated with the scent of essential oils have been used as flavors for several centuries. You can sew sachets from any material, decorate with embroidery, lace or beads. Having attached a loop to it, you can hang it in a wardrobe so that the clothes are soaked with the pleasant smell of herbs or oils. Putting a sachet under the pillow with the soothing smell of lavender or lemon balm will contribute to a good rest. Wonderful natural air fragrance for the home can be done by putting several such delicious-smelling bags into a small beautiful basket.

Than fill sachet, it's up to you. To make the aroma lasting, you can put a few drops of essential oil on dry grass.

Making Aromashe

For the manufacture of aromatherapy, take any, preferably natural, material - this
can be flax, burlap, cotton or bamboo fabric, silk. The size of the cushion or pouch should not exceed the size of 12x13 cm. Usually the sachet is filled with well-dried, crushed plants. For this purpose mint, lavender, geranium, wormwood, tarragon, carnation, jasmine, flowers of acacia, roses and others with a strong aroma of grass are perfect. In addition to them can serve a variety of spices - vanilla, cinnamon, anise, sweet peas, dried lemon peel, orange and others. It is worth noting that all these spices have an intense pungent smell, so you should add them to the main mixture of herbs carefully, in small quantities.

It is possible to use sachet as a flavoring agent for no more than three or four months, after this period the smell, unfortunately, will evaporate. But as an interesting, homemade decoration of the interior of the house, it will serve you for years.


Flavors for home in the form of decorative stones are gaining more and more popularity due to the fact that in addition to the pleasantly smelling atmosphere, they are also wonderful, one might say exclusive interior design items.

To make several small aroma stones you will need:

  • any flour - 1,5 glasses,
  • salt - 2.5 tbsp. spoons
  • potato starch or corn starch - 2.5 tbsp. spoons
  • boiling water - a little more than half a glass,
  • essential oils (optional),
  • food or artificial colors,
  • cookie cutters.

Flour, salt and starch should be mixed in a suitable container, add water with a dye and "knead". Roll out the dough into a thick cake. Using molds, cut out figures of stones, each of which can now be applied with a few drops of oil and left to dry. If there are no molds, you can simply make the dough in the form of small pebbles. After hardening, the stones can be laid out throughout the house, either individually or arranged with wicker baskets, small plates. As the smell evaporates, a couple of drops of essential oil can be dropped on the stones again and again, which will keep the aroma for a long time.

Aroma sticks

Home flavors made with natural wood sticks will become a real decoration for any interior. Besides, they are pretty durable due to the fact that the components of the composition are easily replaced.

In order to make a home fragrance with chopsticks, you will need:

  • a glass vase or bottle with a narrow neck,
  • wooden sticks (skewers for kebabs),
  • vegetable or cosmetic oil, odorless,
  • essential oil,
  • vodka or alcohol (to speed up the process of flavoring).

It is very easy to make a home flavoring with chopsticks; to do this, you need to pour the oil (no smell) into a suitable bottle, add 25-35 drops of essential oil and a couple of teaspoons of alcohol, stir the mixture. Now a few sticks just fall into the mixture of oils - flavoring is ready. Do not forget to periodically turn the sticks - it helps to enhance the smell. What essential oil to include in the composition, everyone decides for himself. In case you do not understand aromatherapy, use a mixture of aromas of lavender and bergamot or eucalyptus, mint with sweet orange or patchouli and neroli. These win-win variants of smells perfectly lift your spirits, contribute to creating a light fragrant atmosphere in the house.

Natural Flavor Spray

This fragrance spray is the best suited for those who are accustomed to spray the smell around themselves from a spray. How to make a home for flavoring in the form of a spray? Easy, simple, and most importantly - fast.You will need:

  • water,
  • alcohol,
  • spray bottle (preferably glass, but plastic will also work),
  • essential oils.

All components must be mixed. Before each spraying the bottle with liquid must be thoroughly shaken so that the ingredients are mixed together. By the way, such a flavoring can be sprinkled with upholstered furniture, carpets and rugs.

Coffee Flavor

Perhaps the easiest way to fill the house with an indescribable natural aroma is to place cups filled with roasted coffee beans in all rooms.

You will undoubtedly have great pleasure in creating flavors for the house with your own hands. In addition, natural, without impurities, odors can significantly improve your mood, create a pleasant cozy atmosphere in the house and do no harm to your health.

It remains only to wish your home warmth and comfort surrounded by wonderful delicious aromas!

The content of the article

  • How to make a natural flavor with your own hands
  • Natural Home Flavors
  • How to make a natural air freshener

Natural fragrance, exuding an unobtrusive favorite smell, will help to effectively and safely freshen the air in residential premises, common areas, the cabin of the car. In addition, such flavors can be used to fragrance of linen, protect clothes from moths, eliminate unpleasant odors from the refrigerator and microwave.

Making a dry natural flavor

For the manufacture of such an air freshener, you will need a dense fabric having a mesh structure: burlap, coarse linen, an embroidery frame will do. From a small flap of fabric sew a bag or any simple figure.

Having retreated 1-2 cm from the upper edge, they make holes in the pouch through which they pass a ribbon or a beautiful ribbon. The ribbon should be easily untied and open access to the contents of the flavoring to replace it as the smell erodes.

The finished bag is decorated with decorative elements, sewn loop and proceed to stuffing with filler. Coffee beans, an aromatic blend of cinnamon and vanilla, cloves and dried orange peels, anise, cumin, fennel can be used as a filler.

Fans of spicy herbs can fill the bag with dried mint, lavender, melissa, vervain, chamomile or ready-made herbal tea and teas.

For those who love coniferous aromas, filling the bag with fresh sawdust or fine scraps of fragrant wood with the addition of a few drops of essential oil of fir, pine and cedar will be ideal.

Wood can be replaced with coarse sea salt or table salt. Salt absorbs well and preserves the aromas of essential oils, has a healing effect on human health.

Production of liquid and gel natural flavoring

To create a liquid flavoring need small bottles - from essential oils or drugs. Such bottles can be decorated to your own taste: paint with stained glass paints, decorate using decoupage technique, covered with fabric, etc.

The container is sealed with a bottle cap in which a small hole is made and a decorative cord is passed through it. The bottle is filled with your favorite essential oil or a composition of several oils. The lace, dipped in oil, is impregnated with it and begins to exude a delicate aroma.

To obtain a more saturated flavor, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the surface of the cork.

Gel flavoring is made using gelatin, glycerin and essential oils. A bag of gelatin is dissolved in water, according to the instructions, after which it is mixed with 1-2 tsp. glycerol to obtain a homogeneous dense mass.

To make the flavor attractive, the mixture can be tinted with water-soluble food colors or gouache, add decorative elements: flowers, plant twigs, beads, small seashells, etc.

A few drops of essential oils are added to the cooled mixture, after which the mass is laid out in a previously prepared container and left to solidify. Most effectively looks flavoring in curly transparent bottles.

1. Flavor of orange, cinnamon, clove and anise

One of the warmest winter smells. Many make from oranges or tangerines and cloves fragrant "hedgehogs". This flavor works great for a week. Option with a can more long-playing.

Cut the orange into slices, add a few cinnamon sticks, 8–10 buds of cloves and a few stars of anise. Value can be changed depending on what kind of smell you like more.

Fill the jar with water. In order for the mixture to give off flavor, it must be heated (an important rule for all water-based flavors). To do this, you can use fondue box, USB heaters for drinks, stand for teapots with candles or just a radiator.

3. Flavor of lime, thyme, mint and vanilla

Cut lime into slices, add a couple of thyme, a few drops of vanilla extract and mint. Fill all with water and heat up.

It is possible to use both mint essence, and dry mint for tea. The same applies to thyme: if there is no fresh, you can add a pinch of dry.

4. Orange, Ginger and Almond Flavoring

Cut the orange into slices and fold into a jar. Add ginger there: fresh (then it also needs to be cut into slices) or in powder - and cover with water. Complement the flavor with a few drops of almond essence. Nuts, unfortunately, will not give a rich smell.

Do not forget to put the finished flavoring in a warm place.

5. Flavor of pine needles, nutmegs and bay leaves

This time you do not need to fill with water. Just put in a jar spruce branches and a few bay leaves. So they immediately began to smell, it is better to break them. Add a couple of whole and a couple of grated nutmeg: their flavor is stronger and more resistant than the powder.

6. Gel flavoring

Wash and dry small glass jars. Make holes in the center of the covers and cover them with tissue paper: odors will easily pass through it.

Boil a glass of water and dissolve 2-3 bags of gelatin in it. Pour a tablespoon of salt and pour in a glass of cold water. Add 30 drops of your favorite essential oil and a couple of drops of dye. All thoroughly mix and pour into banks. Let it freeze (better during the night) and arrange the house.

7. Flavor from baking soda

Baking soda is very susceptible to odors. It will not only give off the aroma of the essential oil, which is impregnated, but also absorb unpleasant odors.

Cut a round hole in the lid of the glass jar. Cover it with scrapbooking paper and make many holes in it with a needle. You can also use a thin cotton cloth, or it is easier to just enter and just pierce the metal cover with an awl in several places.

Clean and dry the can with baking soda to about half, add 8–12 drops of essential oil and shake. If the aroma does not seem to you to be intense enough, pour in another 5–10 drops and shake again.

8. Dried flowers fragrance

Excellent solution not only for the home, but also for the office. Dried flowers not only exude a pleasant delicate aroma, but also look very aesthetically pleasing inside a glass jar.

Dried flowers and herbs can be bought at a pharmacy and store or dried by yourself. If you choose the second way, simply tie a small bouquet with a thread and hang it in a sunny and well-ventilated place.

Put the plants in a jar and add a couple of drops of essential oil of aroma. So, if you have dried roses or wild rose, use rose oil. If you have a lavender in a can, enhance its natural aroma with lavender oil.

This flavor is recommended to shake occasionally.

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At present, simple flavors for home surprise no one will. After all, this category of goods is sold in large quantities in each store. Home flavors may differ both externally and their aroma. Although they have the same functions.

The advantages of home remedies

Buy a ready product is not difficult, but to prepare the flavoring for the house with his own hands much nicer. There is another reason. It is necessary to work a little, first of all, to create a completely natural flavoring for the house with chopsticks with your own hands, which will not contain chemical components that are harmful to human health. This fact is very important for both healthy people and allergies.

In addition to the benefits of home remedies, you should pay attention to the price of the product. Purchased flavoring for a house with chopsticks from a well-known company can be very expensive. Creating it yourself, you can choose not only the smell, but also the intensity of the fragrance.

Not every hostess knows how to make a flavoring for the house with his own hands without difficulty. The work can be applied many ways and variations of creating fragrant products. However, not every method can be effective and simple.

Home flavors will help to fill a person’s housing with a delicious smell that will lift your spirits and have a beneficial effect on the immune system of the residents.

Varieties of essential oils

Essential oils can rightfully be considered the most popular ingredient for homemade air fresheners. Pick them up, based on personal preferences. One person loves a coniferous scent, and the other will give his voice a floral scent. Each smell affects in its own way the human nervous system.

For example, coniferous trees are very often used for relaxation and relaxation, lavender is able to calm and balance the mental state, and you can feel cheerfulness and energy only by smelling citrus. If there is a desire, then in one bottle of homemade flavoring for the house you can combine several different flavors. However, this is not the key to success.

Cotton swab

A simple option to refresh the space is to drop a few drops of your favorite oil on a cotton swab, which you then put in a glass jar or on an ordinary saucer. In order for the esters to evaporate, cotton wool with oil should be periodically placed on the battery or in another warm place. You can refresh the smell by re-applying ether to the product. Scented fleece is placed not only in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, but also in the wardrobe.

Fragrant jar

Не менее популярным способом создания ароматизатора из масел для дома можно считать метод с использованием банки. В процессе работы потребуется обзавестись:

  • фольгой,
  • содой,
  • баночкой небольшого размера с крышкой, в которой уже сделаны отверстия,
  • toothpick
  • эфирными маслами.

Step-by-step creation of the room fragrance involves the following actions:

  • Soda is poured in a small amount to the bottom of the tank.
  • Then the essential oil is dripped into it (30 drops).
  • The jar is well shaken.
  • The neck of the container is wrapped in foil. Small holes are made in the foil with a toothpick.
  • After which the jar is closed with a lid.

The principle of operation does not differ from the previously presented option. When the flavor is not so saturated, it can be updated using the very same ether. Such a freshener is quite easy to perform, but the self-made tool will last a long time.

When creating a gel air freshener, it should be borne in mind that this substance can be used not only at home, but also in the car. Since it can not crumble or spill at the most inopportune moment. To prepare it is very simple. To work you will need to have:

  • glycerin - 1-2 tablespoons,
  • gelatin - 1 pack,
  • essential oil - a couple of droplets,
  • glass,
  • water - 200 ml.

In one glass with water dilute the packaging of gelatin, add glycerin, an essential oil. The entire contents of the container are thoroughly mixed. This type of freshener does not dry out in a few days, but serves for a long time. To give the flavoring aesthetic appearance, the liquid can be poured into a beautiful transparent bowl, add lemon, lime or orange, which are cut into thin slices. Spectacular decor for the house, made with your own hands, ready.

Coffee smell

The aroma of coffee is one of the most favorite smells of many women. Dark colored grains can be successfully used to create a homemade air freshener. One of the design options for a creative air freshener will be a small bag made of cloth. It is sewn at home independently from flax, cotton or burlap. Ten fresh coffee beans are poured into the prepared fabric, and the contents are tied with a decorative cord. It is necessary to update the contents of the bag periodically. This aroma can be obtained even with ground coffee. It is simply poured into saucers and placed in different parts of the room.

Citrus ingredients

This way will appeal to hostesses who do not really like essential oils. You can freshen the air, just using the fruit as a whole. Lemon, lime or orange is best in this case. The room will be filled with a pleasant aroma using orange hedgehogs. How to create such a flavor? The process is simple: put ten sprigs of dried cloves in a round fruit. A pleasant smell in the room will last throughout the week with the help of delicious "hedgehogs".

Another option for a citrus room freshener can be made with plain water, to which lemon juice is added. This liquid is poured into the spray. Such flavoring in space can be used both in the room and in the toilet.

Aroma sticks

For the manufacture will need:

  • wooden sticks
  • glass vase
  • refined vegetable oil,
  • essential oil,
  • alcohol or vodka.

Vegetable oil is mixed with essential (100 ml - 25 drops). Add a couple of spoons of alcohol or vodka. The aroma mixture is poured into a vase and put wooden sticks in it.

Creation of aroma stones

Stones of this type will not only make the air in the living space fresh, but also the room - a stylish room. After all, they can act as an unusual element of the interior. Harmony and sophistication is simple. To make aromakamen, you need:

  • salt - 1 kg,
  • flour - 580 grams,
  • starch - 4-5 st. spoons
  • hot water - 200 ml,
  • gouache or food coloring,
  • essential oil.

The whole process consists in the following sequence of actions:

  • All components, except ether, are mixed in a large tank. The dough should be steep.
  • The whole mass should be divided into equal pieces, which will then be rolled into balls that look like stones.
  • Each pebble needs to be “filled” with a few drops of essential oil.
  • After the stone dries and hardens, it can be put on the shelf in the room. You can have this freshener alone or in groups.

With the help of figures for cookies, you can create aroma stones of irregular shape and adjust them to fit any room interior. And the bright colors of the products will only help to decorate the whole world around.

Selection of essential oils

Before you start making flavoring from the essential oils, you need to choose the right flavors, focusing on what effect you want to achieve in the end. So, the most popular are the following oils.

And you can learn more about essential oils in a special section of our site.

  • Ylang ylang It helps people with a weak psyche to overcome difficulties, relieves stress and fatigue, relaxes muscles and allows the brain to relax. In addition, ylang-ylang is the strongest aphrodisiac for women.
  • Verbena. "Charges positive" - ​​so they say those who have already tried this oil. Helps to focus on certain things, relieves headaches and drowning.
  • Lemon. For the human body does not bring a clear effect, but it is indispensable in the summer, as it repels mosquitoes, flies and other annoying insects with its smell.
  • Patchouli. Gives a good charge of cheerfulness and raises the tone. Especially useful for prolonged mental stress.
  • Cinnamon. It helps to cope with sadness and grief, it is easy to transfer the difficult moments of life or to distract from problems that have piled in, relieves fatigue. It is especially necessary in rooms with unpleasant odors, as it drowns them out well with the aroma of fresh cake.
  • Fir. Perhaps the most useful oil of all listed here. It destroys many types of bacteria, perfectly removes bad odors, increases resistance to stress and overwork, improves immunity and helps to cope with anxiety. Fir oil also repels insects. It can be said that this oil is a strong aphrodisiac for women, although it is still inferior to ylang-ylang.

What are home flavors?

Under the flavors means means designed to deal with unpleasant odors in the room and saturate the air with flavors that will help create the necessary comfort in the house. High-quality perfume for the house of this type is made from hypoallergenic and natural ingredients. It will help to cope with the smells of tobacco, cooking and pets. Some converters are placed in a closet with linen and even in the refrigerator. When choosing a home fragrance, you should take into account the tastes of every household, as some smells can cause headaches or allergies.

Essential oils, such as orange, lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, are widely used for flavoring indoor air. This category includes the following tools:

  • Soda flavoring. The easiest and most affordable option, for the preparation of which a few drops of aroma oil are added to the soda. After that, the whole composition is stirred, and the container is covered with a lid with small holes.
  • Diffusers with chopsticks. The diffuser is a beautiful container of glass, which is filled with a liquid with a pleasant smell. It put high aroma sticks for the house, made of porous bamboo. Gradually, they soak in essential oil and spread the fragrance throughout the room.
  • Aroma lamps. The classic version is made of glass, ceramic, metal or stone and is a hybrid of a candlestick and a vase. A small bowl is filled with water or essential oil, and at the bottom you need to put a candle. When heated, the liquid spreads fragrance throughout the room.
  • Gel option. Looks like jelly, which consists of gelatin, juice, glycerin and essential oil. After solidification, the mixture is applied in small pieces, which are laid out in a jar, bowl or other convenient container.
  • Aromakamni. Consist of flour, salt, essential oils and some other components that are mixed in one mass. After drying, they are laid out throughout the house in random order.

Dry fragrances for rooms have also become widespread. For their manufacture are used fees fragrant herbs and plants. Popular options include lavender, jasmine, mint, oregano, rosemary, etc. Alternative spices are used, for example, cinnamon, star anise, dried citrus peel, star anise. Some options are:

  • Coffee. With the help of this flavoring the house will become more comfortable, because the atmosphere in it will be filled with a delicious coffee aroma that many people like.
  • A potpourri of dried herbs and flowers soaked with incense or essential oils. Such sets can be bought already in finished form and put in a decorative bowl or vase on the dining table.
  • You can make sachets and fill such a bag with any dried odorous herbs and flowers, or with other dry filler, on which you should put a few drops of aromatic oil.

Are less common due to the fact that they are inconvenient to use. To get the desired effect, the flavored solution must be heated each time. To obtain funds, one of the following components is required to fill with water, then bring to a boil:

How to make a flavoring for the house do it yourself

To make dry or liquid flavors for home alone, the main thing is to decide on a suitable option. Some of them will become an interior component of a particular room, for example, aroma stones or diffusers. Even if you are not an ardent fan of aromatherapy, linen bags and sachets with odorous contents will not be superfluous in a closet with clothes - they will not only give the wardrobe a fresh smell, but will also drive away moths and other insects. The following options are great for self-production:

  • diffuser,
  • sachet,
  • aromakamni,
  • humidifier,
  • coffee flavor.

Diffuser for home

This version of aroma accessories is one of the most fashionable, because with it you can not only refresh the air, but also decorate the interior. It is ideal for flavoring living spaces, especially small ones. In most cases, the capacity of the diffuser is made of glass, which is subsequently filled with an aromatic liquid. Last put special sticks. For self-manufacturing diffuser with chopsticks you will need:

  • beautiful and heavy earthenware or glass bottle with a narrow neck,
  • aromatic and essential oils,
  • base light oil (jojoba, fractionated coconut, almond or safflower) or dipropylene glycol (DPG).
  • sticks of wood, rattan, or bamboo skewers / skewers, or dry stalks of plants.

Finding the components described is not so problematic. The process of preparing a diffuser with chopsticks is even easier:

  1. Create a mixture on the DPG / base oil (choose one of them) - the base should be 70%, and the essential oil or a mixture of several oils - 30%. If the smell is not as strong as we would like, then increase the proportion of esters. Sometimes to a mixture of essential oils just add a few teaspoons of alcohol.
  2. Try the resulting mixture in a small amount in the aroma lamp. If necessary, correct the recipe, then in accordance with the proportion, repeat it already in the aromatic diffuser.
  3. Then insert into the bottle neck pre-prepared sticks. After a few hours, turn them over to the other side. It is recommended to turn the sticks by different sides with a frequency of several days.
  4. Over time, the mixture in the diffuser will end, and wooden sticks will no longer absorb and hold the aroma oil. In this case, you will need to make a new diffuser.

Deciding to make natural flavors for the home, pay attention to the sachets that have not lost their relevance to this day. It is possible to fill such a bag with dry crusts from citrus fruits (mandarin, lemon, grapefruit), dried odorous herbs and flowers (wormwood, mint, melissa). Even cotton wool will be suitable as a filler - you only need to drip a little pink or rosemary aroma oil on it.

In addition to the sachet will be different spices: anise, cloves, vanilla pods, anise, etc. At the same time note that the proportion of their weight to the total mass of homemade flavoring in the bag should be relatively small. The fact is that they have an intense and sometimes strong smell. Production steps:

  1. First you need to prepare the bag. You can sew sachets from any material, but make a choice in favor of natural fabrics, for example, flax, burlap, etc. The dimensions should be relatively small - often it is 10x8 or 12x13 cm.
  2. The cut bag must be sewn on three sides. After it is filled with aromatic contents, tie it or completely sew it.
  3. If you plan to hang such a flavor, be sure to sew a small loop on it. It would be nice to decorate the bag with lace, ribbons, embroidery or beads.
  4. It is possible to use sachets as an air freshener for a relatively short time - about 3 months, depending on the content. After this period, the old filler should be replaced with a new one.


An interesting option for home fragrance would be a humidifier. To make it, prepare a container with a volume of about 200 ml, water (150 ml), 1-3 drops of vanilla extract and essential oils. You will need a lemon with rosemary in the ratio of 15: 5. Cooking process:

  1. Add vanilla extract and aroma oil to the water. Mix thoroughly the entire composition.
  2. Pour the resulting liquid into a suitable container (bowl or jar) to be placed on the radiator.