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How to choose a hairstyle for a wedding


Wedding hairstyle should be special, emphasize the beauty of the bride and advantageous to complement her image. Wedding trends change every year, although there are hairstyles that will never become obsolete! What do stylists advise? What fashion trends of wedding hairstyles are waiting for us in 2015? How to choose the perfect styling? - the answers to these questions you will find in this article!

Say at once, in 2015, stylists are betting on feminine and concise silhouettes!

A few tips on choosing a wedding hairstyle:

  • Dark hair visually makes brides more adult: to look younger, hair is pulled back, do not bang,
  • On blond hair, braids look better, and on dark hair - curls,
  • Tall brides should avoid voluminous hairstyles, it is better to give preference to curls or braids,
  • For short brides, it is better to abandon low beams and tails, but to rely on volumetric styling, tiaras and other accessories that visually lengthen the figure,
  • Be sure to consider the shape of the face when choosing a hairstyle. For a square face shape, a hairstyle with a rounded bang is suitable, you can release a few curls on the sides - so styling will be more natural. For owners of an oval-shaped face, most haircuts are suitable: beautiful and regular features are better emphasized by a dark and saturated color. For girls with a “heart” face, hairstyles with curls at the bottom of styling, as well as wide and lush hairstyles are suitable. If the face is round, it needs to be visually lengthened, you can make an ombra (dark tones at the bottom, light at the top), it is better to refuse volumetric haircuts with curls and curls on the sides, you shouldn’t do a long fringe either. Owners of an oval face fit elongated bangs, voluminous lateral hairstyles,
  • For magnificent dresses it is better to choose a beautiful styling, but without an abundance of decorative elements. Silhouette dresses can be supplemented with loose and curls. If the dress is strict, the hairstyle should be elegant, but simple. Silhouette of the Empire style, the Greek style harmoniously looks with curls and braids. Short dresses are badly combined with voluminous hairstyles - focus on simplicity,
  • In 2015, naturalness is in fashion, so that the hair color should be natural, rich and beautiful. Coloring and highlighting is still in the past, honey and chestnut hair shades are at the peak of popularity,
  • Take a look with parting, bangs, silhouettes, try a hairstyle - then you will know better what is your style and what is absolutely contraindicated.

Wedding hairstyles for long and medium hair 2015

Minimalism. Now minimalism style could not be more appropriate: airy and simple styling with a minimum of styling tools, complemented by one large accessory, will be a win-win option for a celebration in any style. It is best to collect hair on the top or the back of the head.

What should be considered when choosing a hairstyle for a wedding?

To create a harmonious image of the bride, one should work hard not only to choose clothes and accessories, but also to find a hairstyle that meets a number of requirements that many brides overlook. What to choose - a tight bunch, Hollywood curls with a veil, romantic braids or Greek weaving with a diadem? Determine this issue will allow the analysis of the following factors.

Bride growth

According to stylists, the most difficult thing to choose a hairstyle brides of low or high growth. Tall girls should pay attention to styling with medium length hair. They should avoid lush styling, high hairstyles and options with long flowing hair. Stylists offer miniature girls to opt for medium-volume styling; loose or semi-loose hair will do for them. Do not give up on elegant curls. But from short haircuts and smooth styling will have to refrain - they will reduce the already low growth.

Most lucky brides of medium height. They can afford almost any hairstyle and accessories to it. For them fit falling strands and high styling. Experts recommend to pay attention to all sorts of beams that open the neck, visually increasing the growth of the bride. Brides of this type should pay attention to other individual characteristics - body build, skin color.

Face shape

Choosing a hairstyle, brides should pay attention to the shape of your face. A round oval allows for high, asymmetrical styling with curls. Owners of an elongated face fit wavy strands, gently falling on the shoulders, and bangs. For the shape of a triangle (narrow at the top, wide at the bottom), stylists recommend multilayer styling.

With the type of face “inverted triangle” (narrow at the bottom, wide at the top) you should pay attention to hairstyles with a volume in the neck or loose hair of medium length. The square type allows for semi-disheveled hair with loose curls falling on the shoulders. By oval pick up the easiest way. Such brides fit lush bouffant, elegant babette, openwork weaving or classic curls.

Hair color

Depending on the color, not only the hairstyles themselves are chosen, but also decorations for them. Fair-haired brides will be treated with intricate styling with small curls, long bangs, weaving, various tows, decorated with any miniature accessories. Blondes should not get involved in small shiny decorations, they can get lost on the general background. With care, girls with blond hair should use ribbons, flowers and hairpins. As for the veil, blondes fit any model that matches the image.

Brides with dark hair are advised to pay attention to styling with clear, large elements. The ideal choice would be smooth beams, retro waves or weaving. If the bride prefers wavy patterns, then they should be voluminous and large. Brunettes will be decorated with accessories of any light shades, fresh flowers, veilings, ribbons, hairpins and veils.

Most of all lucky red-haired brides. And without that bright hair does not require special research. They are advised to simple styling without frills: the Greek tail with a beautiful ribbon, romantic curls with the effect of "wet hair". Small details and a short white veil look good on red strands. Favorably highlight the beauty of golden curls real flowers. In this case, the plants for decorating the head may overlap or coincide in shade with the bouquet of the bride. However, red-haired brides will have to give up silver jewelry.

Wedding Dress

When choosing a hairstyle, you should take into account the features of the bride's dress: the style of the dress, its style, the fabric from which the dress is sewn. With the horizontal silhouette of the garment, which puffy models possess, the styling should also be voluminous with large details. Packs or heavy curls will do. Vertical silhouette, embodied in dresses-cases, mermaids, allows flowing curls, plaits, smooth styling.

For an elegant dress of classic cut, stylists advise a refined, sophisticated, with a lot of elements, styling. For a sundress dress, a “braid to the waist” with a crown of fresh flowers, a smooth babette decorated with ribbons or a hairstyle with the effect of supposedly carelessly flowing hair will suit. When choosing accessories, you should take into account the fabric from which the wedding dress is sewn.

Satin and silk outfits allow sparkling pins and rhinestones on smooth strands. Dress made from natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, is not combined with sequins and sparkling jewelry. It is better for them to leave their hair without accessories or to decorate them with fresh flowers if they allow for the season. In any case, dress and styling should complement each other and be one harmonious whole.

Season and weather

When choosing a hairstyle for a celebration, it is necessary to take into account another important factor - the season. If the wedding is in spring or autumn, then adverse weather is allowed - rain, wind. It is necessary to abandon the bulk, loosely fixed styling and loose hair. For a summer wedding, a natural hairstyle with a minimum number of fixers, a few accessories for the completeness of the wedding image will be appropriate. A beautiful wreath of fresh or artificial flowers and berries can decorate the bride's head.

For winter wedding suit high styling, opening the neck. This is due to the fact that the bride will throw a cape or a fur coat over her shoulders. It is better to refuse loose hair in winter. The ideal option is a high or low beam. It may be smooth or slightly disheveled. As accessories, use a tiara, a white ribbon, a veil. Suitable for winter and all kinds of braids and weaving. These can be French braids, adorned with shiny accessories and high hairstyle, or Greek weave with a lot of elements.

Video: how to choose a wedding hairstyle bride

Each girl dreams of her perfect wedding, in which a special place is given to creating the perfect image of the bride, while every little thing is important. A special place in this list is hairstyle. Without it, it is impossible to create a harmonious image of the bride. What it will be - high smooth babette, loose hair, Greek braids or stacked complex styling with a lot of sparkling accessories, is not easy to choose. Determine the solution to this issue will help the advice of a professional stylist, with whom you can familiarize yourself by watching the video.

Photos of well-chosen wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyle can be done in completely different styles - either classic with a veil, ribbons, decorated with pearls, flowers, rhinestones, or ultra-modern styling. Wedding styling is done not only for luxurious long hair, but also for short, well-groomed ones, they are very beautiful. We look at the options of successful hairstyles for brides in our photo collection.

Wedding hairstyles 2015

The purpose of the wedding hairstyle is, first of all, to emphasize the dignity and beauty of the bride, to illuminate her image with radiance and unique tenderness, romance and charm, with which the wedding is invariably associated. The choice of hair depends on many factors - the length, thickness and character of the hair, the oval of the face, the style and style of the dress and the shape of the veil or other head decoration.

Wedding hairstyles 2015 most of them, instead of the usual veil, are decorated with incredibly beautiful accessories. At the peak of popularity are diadems of various shapes, styles and types, many fashion houses decorated brides with hoops with intricate and elegant ornaments, as well as magnificent and varied hairpins with swan down, rhinestones, precious and semiprecious stones, elements of short veils and colors from various fabrics textures

General tips

To create the perfect wedding hairstyle for the bride in 2015-2016 (the photo will be lower), you need to take into account many factors. Consider the most important points that are worth paying attention to:

  • Choose a dress. Probably the most important component in the image of the bride. It is under the dress and should pick up hair. If you bought a dress in the Greek style, then fit hair hairstyles with braids, weaves. If the dress is in retro style, choose high hairstyles with glaze decorations. Under the classic fluffy dress fit any hairstyle.
  • To decide on veil. Depending on whether you have a hairstyle with a veil or without, you need to choose a hairstyle. All kinds of options are available without a veil. Veil also makes the hairstyle more robust, to allocate a place in her hair under her mount. The last trend of the season is a small veil. It does not weigh down the hair, makes the image romantic.
  • Choose jewelry. In 2015, 2016, small jewelry is in fashion. You can choose one original hairpin or tiara. A few small pearls and sparkles in hair will also look good.
  • Focus on the shape of the face. It is important to emphasize its beauty, and not to spoil the effect, even if it is a beautiful haircut, but not in harmony with appearance. Consult this question with the master, and better experiment yourself first to decide in advance.
  • Choose a hairstyle depending on the length of hair. The most important point. Of course, you can increase the curls on short hair. But this season natural beauty is fashionable, no matter how long your hair is. The main thing is to pack them beautifully.

Hairstyles for long hair

Consider the fashion trends in wedding hairstyles for long hair in 2015, consider the examples in the photo:

  • “French Twist”. Concisely collected hair on the back of the head or the crown. The hairstyle is decorated with one massive element: a rim, a hairpin, a diadem.
  • Romantic tails. This season, tails in all sorts of interpretations are more popular than ever. Fashionable low tails, in which ribbons are woven, jewelry is inserted. Hair in the tail can be curled into curls, it is interesting to twist.
  • Intricate braids. Do not go out of the trend for several seasons. Such hairstyles with dresses in the Greek style look very romantic.
  • Amazing bunches. Convenient and stylish solution. Suitable for almost any outfit: both modern and retro style.
  • Curls. Gentle design image. You can curl just loose hair, and you can stab them from behind, lift them to the sides, opening the temples.
  • Boho chic style. Popular in this season style (about this flow read here). Hairstyles can be decorated not with standard decorations, but with bright wreaths, headbands, ribbons. Some negligence is also welcome.

Ideas for medium length hair

We learn further about the wedding hairstyles for medium hair, which are fashionable in 2015 and 2016, we will see good photos:

  • Easy negligence. Hair can curl into curls, and interesting to lay. Stabbed individual strands, raise part of the hair.
  • Retro style. Glaze and strict image will be combined with a dress in the Empire style, as well as the ubiquitous classics. An interesting combination will turn out with a short dress.

Wedding solutions for short hair

Next, we consider wedding hairstyles for short hair in 2015, we will give examples in the photo, learn about useful tricks:

  • Curls and curls. Your image will be brighter if the hair to give volume, make them more magnificent. The opposite of volume, fashionable in 2015 - 2016 is a wet effect. Various solutions are available.
  • Original decorations. Complete the image with small beads, pearls. The original flower or bow will also decorate your appearance.

The latest fashion trends in wedding hairstyles in 2015 are very diverse. Choose an image that is close to your liking, which emphasizes your beauty!

Collected hair

Collected wedding hairstyles 2015 are still in fashion. Gentle romantic styling with a beam or complemented by weaving is very popular. This is a good version of this year.

A special place in the list of popular hairstyles is occupied by Greek ones - they are very popular among Russian women for several years, and brides do not pass by them: if you have long or medium hair, then this style will look very good.

The main attribute of the Greek styling is a tiara - this accessory is not as suitable for a wedding as a veil, however, if you pick it up for a dress, the image will be very impressive.

The dignity of the Greek styling and the fact that they are quite simple in execution - if you wish and need, you can do it yourself, while complying with all the major trends of 2015.

There are different options for creating Greek styling, but its main attributes are always the same: it is made on a wavy head of hair, hair is collected in a loose bun, and you need to be decorated with a diadem in a hair style.

Wedding hairstyles 2015 are minimalist, so you should not be surprised that the usual bunch is in the list of popular options.

Most often, brides choose high volume bunches at the crown, smoothly combing the remaining strands, but there are also options for wavy hair, as well as styling with a pile, which make the hair more voluminous.

Despite its simplicity, the bundles look very stylish due to accessories - you should definitely decorate your hair with a ribbon, rim, tiara or a beautiful hairpin to match the dress (see photo).

If you have long hair, and you prefer the collected styling, then the perfect addition to the wedding image will be styling with weaving.

Classical types of braids: French, fishtail, etc. have not lost their popularity for many years, so they can complement the popular wedding hairstyles 2015.

Weaving options also exist quite a lot: you can make a braid-bezel, or braid a braid on the back of your head, assemble a braid on the side, or combine weaving elements with loose locks by selecting a braid waterfall (all these options are in the photo in the article) - the choice is yours.

The braids are also good because they are comfortable for the bride: such styling keeps well and does not bloom throughout the event, and it is quite possible to add them with a veil or other accessories, which will make the image even more festive.

Высокие или, наоборот, приглаженные укладки в стиле ретро – тоже популярный в 2015 году вариант.

Если ваша шевелюра короткая, то добиться объема можно с помощью простого начеса: начешите пряди у корней и уложите назад.

Дополнить такой образ можно тонким изящным ободком или диадемой – зависит от вашего образа.

Also available for short hair elegant large curls in the style of the 20s - they can also be decorated with an accessory to make the appearance more festive.

The simplicity of performance will also please you - they are not so difficult to make yourself.

Loose hair

Hairstyles with loose curls remain popular this year. The most fashionable hairstyles 2015 - curls.

The truth is this style is suitable only for long hair, with bangs or not, however, if the length and health of the hair allows, then you should think about this option.

The easiest option is large loose curls, they can be decorated with a large artificial flower - such an accessory is often decorated with wedding hairstyles 2015, or veils, without which it is difficult to imagine a real wedding.

If the length of the strands allows, then you can make a wide bezel around your head from your own hair - it will complement well the image of the bride.

Strands in this case it is better to curl, and decorate the bezel with flowers or other decorative elements.

If you decide to leave wavy hair loose, you can experiment with styling.

Fashion trends this year - laying on the side - they are beautiful, comfortable and perfectly combined with a veil and other wedding attributes.

Since wedding hairstyles 2015 show a tendency towards simplicity, it is allowed to leave hair loose without any additional styling.

But, of course, this is permissible only if your hair is healthy and beautiful.

Accessories will be a prerequisite for such an image - it can be a voluminous wreath, veil or tiara - it is advisable to think over the image in advance if you choose such a package.

The accessory must be quite massive and noticeable, otherwise the styling will look too simple.

Beautiful accessories adorn many hairstyles in 2015, and there are noticeable trends for large jewelry: a voluminous wreath, a long veil, a tiara with jewelry, etc.

Accessories will be a great addition for haircuts with short hair. And tiaras, and veils, and other options will be perfectly combined with haircuts with bangs, and without.

If there is a desire and the length of the hair allows, then you can complement them with weaving or curl hair.

Accessories and decorations

The main wedding trends in 2015 - the presence in the image of accessories.

Especially popular this year are decorations with flowers: they can be wreaths or just artificial flowers that are woven into the head of hair.

Wreaths perfectly fit into the image of the bride with long flowing hair, but in some cases they can be supplemented with short haircuts.

Tiaras - the classic version of wedding jewelry, it is found as an accessory only slightly less than the veil.

The most common version of the image with a diadem is Greek, but not worse this decoration will look also on loose straight or curly hair, or even with a short hairstyle, but in this case the diadem should not be too large.

New trends in 2015 - the use of Indian teak jewelry - they are very popular this year and will suit not only for Indian outfit, but also for a classic white dress.

This is a modern accessory that will make the image bright and unusual, it is not suitable only for haircuts with bangs, otherwise it can be used for both short and long hair.

If you want to decorate your hair with bangs, then you can use ribbons, headbands and decorative hoops - there are very beautiful models of these jewelry - they fit perfectly into the image.

The advantage of these decorations is that they can be chosen for almost any haircut or styling and hair length, so they can be called universal accessories.

Classic veil

Wedding hairstyles 2015 with a veil are still popular: thanks to a variety of models, a veil with bangs can be decorated with a veil, long or short, wavy or straight strands - this is the most famous wedding attribute that will always be appropriate.

But, if you decide to decorate your image with a veil, then you should not use other flashy accessories - this will be a bad fit.

There are many varieties of this decoration, thanks to which you can add any image, a haircut with or without a bang, etc. with a veil.

If you choose the classic option, then you might like a long or medium veil. A more practical option is a short veil, it looks great on hairstyles with bangs.

If you list the novelties of 2015, then it is impossible not to recall the veil pirate - it is very stylish and original, but not suitable for any look.

If you have a short haircut or retro hairstyle, then it is best to supplement it with a veil, not a veil.

Original decorations

If the veil is a classic, then feathers are the trend of this year. They make the most fashionable wedding hairstyles 2015.

Far from all brides decide to decorate their hair, but this look will be very impressive.

Feathers are well combined with the collected hair, they will add to the colors along with the colors and make it more original.

The trends of 2015 are as follows: preference is given mainly to simple hairstyles, so it will be easy to make them with your own hands.

But a mandatory attribute of a wedding dress are accessories: veil, wreath, tiara and other decorations.

In general, the choice of hairstyles and images for the bride is very wide: you can easily find both options with weaving (you can see them in video lessons), and collected or just loose strands.

And thanks to the accessories, you can transform even the shortest hair, which is difficult to make a beautiful styling.

Some of these trends will complement the wedding hairstyles of 2016, so you can not worry - the image chosen today will certainly be relevant next year.

In retro style

Designers are increasingly choosing retro styles for modern fashion. Now you can see vintage images on the catwalk with prints on fabrics. This style has brought new hairstyle trends that are perfect for brides.

Such styling requires a certain dress, most often it is the styles: "Mermaid", "Empire", "Pencil Dress", a short or adjacent dress. But not every bride will choose such a hairstyle, as this image is bold and bright - it will attract a lot of attention.

Greek style

This hairstyle is also at the height of fashion in 2015! It should be with a strict parting, a bundle, with curls or collected from several braids. Accessories should not be loud, there should be a minimum. Do not worry that the Greek style is taken from the image of the "goddess."

A bunch of ballerinas - simple and tasteful! What could be easier than to pick up the hair in a bun? To do this, you do not need to be a hairdresser, and accessories fit the most different: from tiaras to large flowers.

This version of the hairstyle has long been in the lead, and not surprisingly, as braids and various weaving are popular because of the simplicity and singularity. Ideal for owners of long and thick hair, who do not like to fuss.

Curls and curls

Curls and curls - are also relevant in 2015! Beautiful hairstyle for an away wedding in the Mediterranean. And also for those who want to emphasize the beauty of their hair.

For short hair

The length of the hair plays a big role in the selection of hairstyles, and if the bride has short hair, then the choice is not great. Not all the same options!

Short haircuts look gorgeous with retro waves or slightly curled ends. The usual styling decorated with an original accessory will still look smooth.

Stylists recommend to focus on accessories for haircuts.

For medium and long hair

Stylists say: "The longer the hair, the more hairstyles available." Without a doubt, this is so, although there are exceptions - this is hair below the belt. This hair is very heavy and difficult to lay. Ideal - Spit!

All hair styles are available for medium and long hair! You can create fabulously beautiful and luxurious images, as far as the fantasy of the bride and hairdresser suffices!

! If you do not have enough thickness and / or length, then you can use overhead strands or hair extensions!

Fashionable wedding accessories

Accessories can transform and complement the image. All this is well known and used, giving a special attention to the choice.
The bride can spend a lot of time looking for a harmonious element for the image and end up with a fiasco. In such a variety, you can get confused!
And so that this does not happen, our selection will help you find the actual accessory for the hairstyle according to the most fashionable trends!

The easiest and practical way to decorate your hair!

Decorative hoops

One of the most popular accessories for a wedding! The hoop can be decorated with: flowers, rhinestones, ribbons, etc.

If the bride will be with the style of "country" or "rustic", then this option is perfect to decorate her hair. The wreath may be flowers, grass, branches, berries, etc.

The tiara will create an elegant and royal look. The only thing you need to be careful when choosing, the decoration should be combined not only with your haircut, but also with the dress and other elements.

This accessory will add a special charm to the image.

Artificial and fresh flowers

Flowers on a wedding hairstyle are a classic!

Previously, every wedding on the bride was a veil and not because she was fashionable, but simply was considered a talisman from the evil eye. Now things are different. Girls wear it based on their taste, and not because of superstition. Many brides believe that the veil complements the image of the bride and hairstyles, making her royally luxurious!

The most popular models of veils in 2015:

1. Classic - This is a long veil with lace or thin frill or without it. Luxury option, but not very practical.

2. average - veil, consisting of one layer of the thinnest tulle. It is universal, suitable for almost any dress.

3. Short - veil, consisting of several layers with ragged ends or with other unusual details.

4. Fata Pirate - A selection of the most daring and stylish.

5. Veil - perfect for retro hairstyles.