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What are matting napkins for?


Pure matte skin of the face is one of the main components of the ideal image of feminine beauty: the best mascara and lipstick will not help you look well-groomed if there is a greasy shine on your forehead, nose or cheeks. This problem becomes especially urgent in the hot season, when even unattractive to the fat content of the skin begins to shine ugly.

Previously, the most popular means to give a face haze was powder, but in fact it is not well suited for daytime makeup. After all, if you constantly clog pores with all new layers of powder, this will limit the access of oxygen, and the entry of dust microparticles may even lead to the development of an inflammatory process. It is much more efficient to use matting wipes for the face, which are needed in order not to block the layer of sebum and impurities, but to completely remove it.

How to use matting napkins for the face

Napkins with matting effect are made of special thin materials that have

Using them is pretty easy: just attach to the problem area.

Since the paper is thin and fragile enough, you do not need to press it down too much and rub it all the way; lightly pressing it for a second will be enough for the problem area to become clean again.

You can use this tool as often as you need it, especially since the packaging will easily fit in even the smallest handbag.

So, you have already understood why we need wipes with a matting effect, now let's move on to how

to choose them correctly. Since they are becoming increasingly popular among women, more and more new names from different manufacturers are constantly appearing on the market. Understanding the variety of dry and wet matting napkins, matting napkins with powder and without is sometimes difficult, because each company advertises its product, and the average customer can not always determine whether they offer a product with improved properties, or there is a dummy behind a beautiful description .

We cannot cover the whole range of existing trademarks, as there are a lot of them and new ones constantly appear, therefore we simply recommend reading the composition and paying attention to the following points when purchasing:

  1. there should be no alcohol, which, although it dries the skin, can cause irritation and microscopic burns,
  2. it is better to choose the version without fragrances: even a pleasant smell can be badly combined with perfumes,
  3. wipes with powder are good only if you choose the right tone, and this is not always easy,
  4. excellent if it contains polymers, as they perfectly absorb excess sebum and moisture,
  5. pay attention to the look of napkins: although “natural material” sounds like a positive recommendation, in fact synthetic spunlace and spunbond are designed specifically for napkins with matting effect, and no type of natural fabric or paper absorbs better,
  6. wet wipes are more effective and stored longer, however, if you forget to close the container well, they, on the contrary, will very quickly become unusable, besides impregnation contains many different components, which increases the risk of allergies.

When buying also pay attention to the container. It should not be too bulky to fit in your purse, but not quite small, otherwise it will be impossible to find it quickly. Check whether it is easy to open it and get one napkin, because you do not want the procedure to give a face a clean and tidy look to take a long time.

Since this is a cosmetic that is in direct contact with the skin, it is worth buying in a pharmacy, specialty store, or ordered on the manufacturer's website. Perhaps it will be a little more expensive, but it’s unlikely that you really think that for the sake of a few saved rubles, it is worth risking the health of your face.

Also, be sure to pay attention to the shelf life, since the main material of the product after a long time can become brittle and begin to crumble, and additional components can become toxic at all.

Also matting napkins can be made by hand.

To do this, just soak disposable handkerchiefs with a mixture of tonic, liquid soap and decoction of herbs and fold them into convenient packaging.

But they will still be inferior to modern factory-made ones in their ability to absorb excess sebum, so that their consumption will be greater and it will not be possible to save significantly. The only big plus of the fact that you make them with your own hands is the ability to independently select the safe hypoallergenic components, and for allergy sufferers this is very important.

In any case, we wish you well to choose exactly what is perfect for you. Let your face be clean and beautiful regardless of the time of day and weather.

What are matting napkins

Matting napkins presented today in stores can be classified according to several criteria. The first and, perhaps, the most important feature is the composition. In addition to its main function - absorption of sebum, they can also perform a number of others. So, depending on your skin type, you can pick up wipes with powder, hypoallergenic components, tannins, and narrowing pore elements. A wide selection of flavored matting napkins is also available.

Depending on the material, chemical composition, as well as the brand-manufacturer, matting napkins can vary considerably in terms of prices.

Another criterion by which matting wipes may vary is packaging. They can be packaged in cardboard or plastic boxes, as well as plastic bags. Also, some manufacturers complement the packaging of napkins with a compact mirror.

Popular brands

Despite the fact that napkins are a very simple product, it is not difficult to get confused in manufacturing companies, each of which is trying to bring something new. So, the most popular today are the following brands:

  • - “Shiseydo” offers customers wipes with a refreshing effect. Due to the presence in the composition of the powder, they refresh the makeup and do an excellent job with its main function,
  • - Mary Kay has developed special double-sided wipes that fight against excess sebum and other contaminants,
  • - “Artdeco” offers its customers special wipes “Oil Control Paper”. They are distinguished by their original bright packaging, delicate texture and incredibly pleasant aroma. Their disadvantage is the small size, because of what at times you have to use several pieces,
  • - Napkins "Cettua", like the previous ones, can also boast of packaging, but they do not differ in efficiency,
  • - Oriflame offers customers a standard product, which, however, does an excellent job with its main function,
  • - Clinique wipes do not just eliminate excess fat, but also prevent its reappearance due to the special components in the lotion they are soaked with.

How to make matting wipes

If you are accustomed to folk cosmetology and do not trust the store products, then you can easily make matting napkins on your own. For this you need the following set of components:

  • - tonic or lotion designed for oily skin,
  • - a special container where the napkins will be stored,
  • - liquid soap,
  • - ordinary purified or boiled water (you can also use herbal decoction),
  • - dry paper napkins,
  • - If you are going to adjust the makeup, you can add a little of your powder or foundation.
  • - If you wish, you can use your favorite essential oils.

In individually selected proportions mix all the ingredients you have. Select the number of components you need based on your skin type, as well as the functions that you plan to endow your wipes. Now you need to gently soak the napkins with the resulting composition, consistently putting them in a container. Now you will have self-made matting wipes.

Before and after

Negative points

Buying matting napkins, carefully study their composition. So, it is strictly forbidden to use wipes that contain alcohol. Because of it, the sebaceous glands begin to work even more intensively, due to which the matting effect will not be long-term. If there are tannins in your napkins, you should not use them too often.

When using matting napkins in the summer, do not forget also about the basic care, since during this period the problem of shine becomes even more urgent. In addition, it is necessary to limit yourself to the use of decorative cosmetics, it can lead to inflammation and blackheads.

Benefits of Matting Wipes

Matting napkins - this is certainly a useful product.

  • It is important that most manufacturers include in their composition special bactericidal components that prevent the formation of inflammation on the skin. In addition, wipes absorb sebum, providing a pronounced cosmetic effect. And if there is powder in their composition, they also even out the complexion.
  • It is important that matting wipes are designed for single use, which is the most hygienic option.
  • In addition, hermetic packaging prevents the entry of dust and other contaminants.
  • Naturally, one of the main advantages of matting napkins is their undeniable convenience. For a modern woman it is very important that you can put yourself in order in a matter of seconds, literally on the go.

Despite the fact that matting napkins are a fairly simple product, their choice should be approached carefully and responsibly. Be sure to consider the type of your skin, as well as carefully study the composition. Observing all the necessary conditions, you will be irresistible in any situation.

A bit of history

The finest napkins soaked with a special compound were invented in America. Initially, they were intended for astronauts as a cleanser for the face - after all, a full-fledged washing is impossible in zero gravity. After some time, an agent for children's hygiene was released in the image of “cosmic” napkins.

The use of this cleansing product for cosmetic purposes was decided in France, when scientists developed a special compound to remove shine. The name itself comes from the French word “matt” - “dull”, “matte”. Soon the tool became popular with celebrities who were forced to constantly be under the camera's sight. And only recently, with cheaper production, matting napkins have entered the consumer market.

Today, these wipes are popular among girls and women of all ages, they can be purchased not only in cosmetic stores, but also in pharmacies and supermarkets.

What is matting napkins

Matting napkin is a thin piece of cellulose or rice paper in the form of sewing tracing paper. As a rule, these facial wipes are packed in a compact sealed box, ideal for wearing in a cosmetic bag. Such wipes are impregnated with a special solution with a high content of polymer particles. This solution penetrates the tonal base without damaging the makeup, and gently absorbs excess sebum, as well as dirt, dust, the smallest drops of sweat.

Of course, manufacturers tend to diversify their cosmetics, sometimes using non-standard innovative or organic ingredients. Nevertheless, the impregnation of most popular matting napkins has a similar composition.

Powderto remove oily shine,

Essential oilswith antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Flavorsgiving a delicate scent

Talc, removing excess sebum,

Aluminum sulphate, oily skin drying,

Tannins to eliminate the feeling of "oily film"

Zinc oxide - another drying and matting component.

To choose such a cosmetic product is necessary depending on the type of skin. For example, owners of enlarged pores should pay attention to napkins soaked in a composition for their narrowing. Girls with sensitive and allergic skin need to pick up products without fragrances. And if your skin is prone to inflammation, use products containing tea tree oil or rosemary in the composition.

NYX Professional Makeup Matting Wipes

In the line of blotting paper matting napkins, there are 4 types of products for different skin types. All of them are made of natural wood pulp, which has pronounced absorbent properties. Napkins Blotting Paper do not contain alcohol and do not cause allergies. These products perfectly cope with their responsibilities: they effectively matte the skin, remove oily shine and slightly even out the tone of the face, without disturbing the protective properties of the skin.

  • Matte - hypoallergenic wipes without impregnation, suitable for the most sensitive skin,
  • TeaTree - contain tea tree oil to control the appearance of oily shine and inflammation in the T-zone, as well as regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands,
  • Greentea - supplemented with green tea extract, an effective antioxidant that prevents the harmful effects of free radicals,
  • Freshface - include a small amount of salicylic acid, a well-known assistant in the fight against skin imperfections.

Means are packed in a small thin envelope made of thick cardboard. In a compact package - 100 pieces. The price of these napkins on the official website is 500 rubles. Due to its high absorbency, such a napkin makes it possible to eliminate the oily shine from the entire face, leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Such wipes will instantly provide a pronounced long-term matting effect and will give your skin comfort and freshness on the hottest summer day.

Matting napkins - what is it and what are they for?

The sebaceous glands, located in the skin, produce their secret, designed to moisturize and prevent drying of the skin. There is such a mechanism and the reverse side - excessive glands work gives ugly greasy luster on the face, which greatly spoils the appearance. Matting wipes are designed to remove excess sebum without damaging the makeup and without harming the skin.

Such a napkin is a small piece of fabric or paper, which can be either soaked with a special solution, or coated with fine absorbent powder. Using such a tool not only removes shine, but also refreshes make-up, making it brighter and more expressive.

What are matting facial wipes made of: composition

As already mentioned, napkins can be made on paper or fabric basis and are small thin leaves. But the essence of such a means is its filling, that is, the components with which it is impregnated. Different manufacturers use their ingredients, but the most popular positions in the composition are the following:

  • fine powder
  • talc,
  • zinc oxide,
  • aluminum sulfate, etc.

All these components are necessary for absorption of sebum and easy drying of the skin. Often in the composition you can find alcohol, but the use of such products should be avoided. Some manufacturers add to the composition of the impregnation of natural ingredients to achieve the most positive effects on the skin (for example, wipes from Tian De enriched with green tea extract).

How to use?

The principle of using matting napkins is extremely simple: you need to remove one of the packaging and simply attach it to the face in the area where there is an increased fat content. It is not necessary to make any rubbing movements, it will be enough just to “get wet” the face.

If the wipes are of high quality, then the excess sebum will be immediately absorbed into a disposable napkin, and only a pleasant light dullness will remain on the face. Apply such a product can be either on top of the makeup, and before applying it, if necessary, to remove excess fat.

What wipes with matting effect is better to buy

The popularity of matting napkins can be easily seen by noting the large number of options presented by various manufacturers. Such goods can be found in every Faberlik and Oriflame catalog, not to mention the shelves of cosmetic stores. How do they differ and what are worth buying? In this and try to figure it out.

Mary Kay / Mary Kay

The popular cosmetic brand Mary Kay offers its customers to purchase matting wipes to effectively remove excess sebum from the face. In one package - 75 napkins, each of which has a size of 100 by 76 mm. Компактный размер позволяет удобно транспортировать средство и всегда иметь его под рукой, чтобы применить в случае необходимости. Каждая такая «помощница» уберет лишний блеск с проблемных зон, позволяя тем самым макияжу сохраняться намного дольше в идеальном состоянии. Средство может быть использовано для любого типа кожи, в том числе и для чувствительной – салфетки гипоаллергенны, не провоцируют раздражения и прочих неприятных проявлений.Flavors in the composition are absent, exactly like fatty components.

Available in a compact cardboard box, in one package - 80 pieces. The packaging itself is made in such a way that the napkins are conveniently stretched one by one, not falling out and not taking several at once. It is worth noting that the texture of them is somewhat rough, so they can not fit all. The size of each napkin is selected in such a way that one is enough to process the entire face and neck. With its main function - matting the face and removing excess sebum - copes with "excellent." Separately, it is worth noting the affordable price of this product (in the same category as the popular Tony Molly (tony moly)) compared with similar positions from other manufacturers.

Cettua vs shine

Napkins are presented in a compact packaging-envelope and have a light brown color. The packaging is thin and small, so you can always carry it in your purse. The number of napkins in the set - 50 pieces. The tool copes well with the removal of oily shine, the face after their use becomes fresher and a pleasant feeling of lightness appears on the skin. The size allows you to effectively process the face and neck, using only one cloth for one procedure. The only censure they cause in women is the difficulty of extracting one thing, since the paper is very thin and often 2-3 pieces go from the envelope.

Letual Bon Voyage

The packaging of the product is very delicate and attractive, in pastel pink, it is compact and will fit even in the smallest women's handbag. The wipes themselves are easy to get one by one and do a good job with their functions: they absorb fat from the skin, and you can use them both before applying makeup to remove shine and on top of the already applied make-up for the same purpose. It contains talc as an absorbent ingredient, zinc oxide for a drying and anti-inflammatory effect, and magnesium carbonate to regulate perspiration. In one package - 50 pieces, the price is quite affordable.

Shiseido / Shiseido

Napkins are produced in a convenient rubberized pocket in the amount of 100 pieces - they are convenient to carry and use if necessary. Alcohol is not included, so the skin wipes are not dried. Each has an optimal small size - 90 to 75 mm, thanks to which it is possible to correct makeup without being noticed in any conditions. They are used very sparingly - one thing is enough for the treatment of the face and neck, and the matting effect lasts for more than 6 hours even in case of heat. Wipes allow you to refresh your makeup in seconds, remove all oily shine, dirt and dust from the surface of the face, as well as trickles in sweat in hot weather. You can buy a product from SHiseydo in any cosmetic store, including in the Rive Gauche network.

Ginza classic

Wipes are designed using a unique Japanese technology, thanks to which you can remove the oily shine from the face without damaging the makeup and giving the face a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. They do not contain powder, they do not clog pores and do not create an ugly mask effect on the face. Napkins consist of pure cellulose, and released in a very interesting form - in the form of a small roll. The total length is 7 meters, and for one use it is possible to tear off the most suitable in size piece, which makes the use of such a product as economical as possible. The manufacturer claims that one roll is enough for at least 100 applications.

What can replace matting wipes?

Wipes to remove shine from the face - this is a very convenient tool, largely due to its mobility. A similar function is performed by special lotions, cleansers and other cosmetics, but for their use it is desirable to be at home. The easiest way to do without a special napkin is to simply powder, but it is worth understanding that in this way the pores are clogged up in the heat and the inflammatory process is likely to be caught. If there is an urgent need to cope with shine outside the house, you can just wet your face with a normal dry cloth, but it should be very thin and delicate.

Why do you need it?

Under the skin are sebaceous glands. They are necessary, since it is their work that helps moisturize and protect the skin from drying out. But there is a downside. So, if the secretion of sebum is increased, then the face will become fat, it will shine in the sun, which does not look very impressive and attractive. By the way, about a quarter or even a third of the beautiful half of humanity is facing this problem.

Excess fat from the skin can be removed. For this, some use drying lotions with special ingredients. But such funds, unfortunately, do not provide protection for the whole day. And, going out in hot weather, the girl discovers that her whole face is shiny. In this case, the excess sebum just needs to be removed along with sweat and dirt. That's what we need wipes with matting effect.

How does this work?

A napkin is a piece of cloth or paper of small size, soaked in a certain solution. Such a solution includes components that are deposited on the surface of the villi and help remove excess sebaceous glands from the skin. In addition, this tool will avoid blocking the pores, as it removes sweat along with the dirt on the face.

Thanks to all this, the skin becomes clean, fresh and beautiful, the shine disappears. There are a wide variety of wipes, almost every manufacturer of cosmetics produces them. So sometimes it is quite difficult to decide on a choice. But still possible.

How to make a choice?

So, what to look for when buying a matting napkins for the face?

  1. Composition. It may be different, but some components should be avoided. For example, alcohol can dry the skin badly and even lead to microscopic burns and irritations that you absolutely do not need. In addition, the effect may be completely opposite. If there is a content of particles of polymers, then it is great, because they perfectly absorb both moisture and excess sebum. Powder may also be included, but, firstly, there are practically no variations of shades (if the tone does not fit, then a mask effect may be created), secondly, particles of powder may clog pores, as a result of which acne will appear. Fragrances are not needed at all. Yes, they add a pleasant aroma, but it can be too bright and strong and interrupt the smell of your perfume and even irritate the olfactory receptors.
  2. Smell. As already noted, it will be better if it is absent. Only a barely perceptible light, fresh and pleasant aroma is allowed.
  3. Material. It is better to choose wipes from a thin non-woven material. Today, more often used synthetic and combined. The best and most practical option is spunlace. It is durable and hypoallergenic. You can also buy napkins of spunbond, but it is much thinner and dries faster.
  4. Packaging. It is extremely important to pay attention to her. First of all, usability is important. A pack should fit in a handbag, but it can be easily found in it (and this is sometimes extremely difficult for a girl). Secondly, the packaging should be easy to open. Today, almost all manufacturers provide sticking and unstuck tongue. It must be wide enough (like the hole) and well attached (otherwise the napkins will simply dry out).
  5. Be sure to read everything on the package. And there certainly must contain information about the manufacturer (address, name, contacts), as well as data on security (they are obtained from the results of tests). In addition, review and recommendations on the use of funds. Diligent firms do not forget about them.
  6. Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. After its expiration, some components and substances can change their properties and become dangerous and harmful.
  7. To buy such a product is best either in a pharmacy or in a specialized and proven cosmetics store. You can go to the official website of the cosmetics company and order products there. But it is sometimes more expensive and more problematic.

Overview of some brands

You can find a variety of napkins from a variety of manufacturers. We suggest you to study reviews about some of them:

Napkins from "SHiseydo". There is an excellent refreshing effect, the skin is not tightened and does not overdry. One napkin is enough for the whole face. In the composition there is powder, perfectly smoothing the complexion. Bold shine disappears.

"Mary Kay" offers bilateral napkins. One side relieves dirt, the other absorbs excess sebum. It is very convenient and practical. Most of the product buyers remained pretty.

Napkins "Cettua" is not very economical, as shown by customer reviews. On the face can take two napkins. But the packaging is very convenient.

"Oil Control Paper" from "Artdeco". The packaging is stylish and cute, wipes are pleasant to the touch, smell good. But with oily skin on the problem areas may take a few pieces.

The firm "Oriflame" also offers such a tool. Packing comfortable and compact. Wipes perfectly cope with their task and remove excess fat from the face. There are not so many reviews, but they are all positive.

Clinique's “Pore Minimizer Oil Blotting Sheets” not only makes the face dull and fresh, but also prevents contamination. The packaging is convenient, the product is quite economical.

We do napkins at home

You can make matting napkins at home with your own hands. This will require:

  • lotion for oily skin or tonic
  • napkin container
  • liquid soap,
  • boiled water or decoction of herbs,
  • aromatic oils (optional),
  • paper towels or dry napkins.

Everything is very simple. It is necessary to mix all the liquid components. Their proportions are selected individually depending on the expectations and the degree of oily skin. You can also add a little powder or foundation, individually selected for your skin tone. Liquid soap is better to choose on a natural basis, it is more useful. In addition, all components must be safe and hypoallergenic.

Now soak the napkins with the mixture from all sides. Do not spill liquid, paper will just disintegrate. Then place the napkins in the container and close it. Shake the container so that everything is soaked. Done!

We wish you to choose the best napkins with matting effect, use them with pleasure and always look stunning!

How to make at home?

There is a way to make an analogue of matting napkins at home, but you should immediately make a reservation that they are unlikely to be suitable for carrying with you, but for home use they will be just right. So, you need to take the usual paper towels and put them in a resealable container, which you should pour in with impregnation from a small amount of water and skin lotion (you can also use natural decoctions of herbs). Store such napkins only in a closed container.

Lena: I have dry skin and on the one hand it’s good that I don’t need such wipes at all, but on the other I struggle with peeling all the time, and I don’t even know what is best. But from the experience of girlfriends I know that such wipes help out very much, especially in summer. Most positive reviews heard about the manufacturer Belita.

Alina: I use the product from Merik. The packaging is economical, the quality of the napkins completely suits me - it is good and permanently mating the face. True, as for me, a little expensive, but I think this is a small fee for quality and the absence of an allergic reaction.

Katya: Shiseydo napkins - my real salvation! They are very convenient to carry with them, and they just perfectly cope with their tasks! I never regretted buying them.