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Vitamins for weight loss: Do they help weight loss?


Diets used for weight loss, as a rule, entail a lack of vitamins, as limited to products containing them.

Depending on the rigidity of the diet, the symptoms of vitamin hypovitaminosis are expressed in varying degrees. In addition to the dysfunction of organs and systems, this can lead to a sharp deterioration in the appearance, general and psycho-emotional state.

The mechanism of action of vitamins for weight loss

Vitamin deficiencies can cause a reverse effect due to a sharp decrease in their intake: the fat layer will start to grow dramatically, instead of being burned. This is due to the attempt of the body to insure itself against further loss of vitamins. For the same reason, an increase in appetite, respectively, increases the portion to fill the missing vitamins and trace elements. All this complicates the diet, often leads to its interruption.

To avoid this, there are vitamins for weight loss, helping to comply with the necessary time for corrective nutrition. But even the best of them without sports loads and power restrictions will not have the expected effect.

The mechanism of action of vitamins for weight loss is, in addition to compensating for their lack:

• to speed up the metabolism,

These goals and mechanisms are fully consistent with the B vitamins. In order for the sugars entering the body to be deposited not in adipose tissue, but used to release energy, ascorbic acid is necessary. Indirectly contributes to the feeling of satiety, which is a necessary element of the diet, vitamin D.

Thus, vitamins for weight loss are vitamins of group B, as well as - C, D. They regulate the metabolic rate, which is significantly reduced when they are deficient. This leads to the fact that the absorption of food also slows down, the fat is deposited in the tissues, the person feels sluggish and weak.

Since vitamins are coenzymes, they are involved in regulating the activities of the enzymes of the digestive system. With a deficiency of vitamins, insufficient synthesis of enzymes occurs, food stagnates in the stomach, its digestion processes are disturbed, which leads to the deposition of fat.

Vitamins for weight loss - group B

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - important for various digestive disorders, stimulates bowel movement. Contained in buckwheat and oatmeal, peanuts, legumes, beef.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - controls and normalizes the activity of the thyroid gland, which is important in the body's metabolism. It speeds up the main metabolism, which leads to the burning of excess calories.

B3 (nicotinic acid, vitamin PP, niacin) - participates in the formation of hormones produced by the thyroid gland, and normalizes the amount of glucose in the blood. Its insufficient amount leads to disruption of the thyroid gland and slower metabolism. This contributes to weight gain due to an increase in adipose tissue due to the unused energy of the body. Niacin reduces hunger, which helps the process of losing weight.

B4 (choline) - stimulates the intestinal function, takes part in the process of neutralizing toxins in the liver, ensures normal fat metabolism, due to which excess fat is burned. They prevent the deposition of excess fat in problem areas. A lack of choline leads to fatty degeneration of the liver.

B5 (pantothenic acid) - affects the general metabolism in the body, releasing a significant amount of energy, accelerates the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, contributes to their early utilization and burning of excess fat.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) - controls the metabolism and is involved in the formation of thyroid hormones, like nicotinic acid (vitamin B3),

B7 (biotin) - indirectly brings the level of sugar in the blood to normal numbers, providing insulin-like effect, affects the formation of fatty acids and energy metabolism. Biotin is directly involved in the synthesis of glucokinase, an enzyme that stimulates the exchange of sugar in the blood. Since glucose is food for brain cells, its low level is manifested by fatigue, apathy, lack of energy. Glucokinase also accelerates the metabolism of proteins. With their biochemical transformations, energy is released, which, together with the normal amount of glucose in the blood, supports the normal physical and psycho-emotional state.

B8 (Inositol) - enhances energy potential, is involved in the process of fat metabolism - their burning.

B9 (folic acid) - restores and nourishes damaged tissues, takes part in the exchange of nucleic acids and proteins. It promotes the normal absorption and absorption of other vitamins in this group. With a lack of B9, a deficiency of the remaining vitamin preparations of group B is automatically formed.

B12 (Zincobalamin) - participates in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, improves the process of utilization of fats and carbohydrates. Increases energy, provides long-term workability, therefore, is one of the vitamins for weight loss.

Ascorbic acid - one of the vitamins for weight loss

Ascorbic acid is involved in the metabolism of sugar, converting it into energy, through which the breakdown of fats.

Vitamin C is indispensable for the process of losing weight, given that it takes part in the formation of one of the hormones of the adrenal glands - norepinephrine. This hormone affects the process of storing fat. In addition, ascorbic acid promotes the absorption of iron, significantly reduces fatigue, thereby affecting the physical activity of a person, preventing weight gain.

Contained in black currant, parsley, wild rose, citrus.

Calciferol and tocopherol - slimming vitamins

Vitamin D (calciferol) is responsible for saturation, it is necessary to eliminate the feeling of hunger during the diet, because it reduces appetite perfectly. It is a universal substance for growth and development. Refers to vitamins for weight loss. Contained in butter, cheeses, oily fish.

An important regulator of human weight is hormones. Its condition is influenced by vitamins and trace elements. In women, the amount of estrogen (female sex hormone) depends on the weight, thickness of the fat layer, regularity of the menstrual cycle. Estrogen is produced with the participation of tocopherol (vitamin E).

If there is an insufficient amount of vitamins with food, and they cannot cover the body’s existing needs for them, and additional complex drugs are not taken, the appetite greatly increases. Constant strict diets without replenishing the developing lack of vitamins lead to metabolic disorders. His recovery, even with the right diet, will take a lot of time and effort.

Sources of vitamins for weight loss of group B are: hard cheeses, eggs, liver, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts. Since the need for vitamins cannot be fully covered with food products only, there are a large number of ready-made slimming vitamins, which, if taken, can successfully reduce body weight. These include: Complivit, Alphabet, Vitrum, Direct - Vitamins for weight loss. They contain vitamins with microelements. The drug, the correct dosage and duration of admission will recommend a doctor.

Vitamins for weight loss

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During diets, the diet is often subject to a sharp reduction. At this time, the list of nutrients, macro-, micronutrients and vitamins entering the body with food, is significantly reduced. This causes two factors:

  1. The lack of necessary substances can provoke serious disruptions in the work of various systems and organs, initiate diseases. In addition, inevitably poor health, deterioration of appearance and psycho-emotional state.
  2. Vitamin deficiencies serve as an inverse mechanism for losing weight: when the supply of these components of nutrition is sharply reduced, the fat layer begins to replenish instead of burning. Thus, the body tries to insure itself against further aggravations of vitamin deficiency. Moreover, this circumstance forces to intensify the appetite and increase the portions to restore the balance of the necessary elements. All this complicates keeping the diet, and often makes you stop losing weight ahead of time.

In such cases, the stabilization of the situation is assisted by the intake of special vitamin-mineral complexes throughout the course of corrective nutrition.

Properties of vitamins that promote weight loss

The presence of vitamins is a prerequisite for the occurrence of physical and chemical reactions in the body. And although the main role in weight loss does not belong to them, but their indirect influence is obvious. To speed up the metabolism, it is necessary to correctly calculate the daily rate of their intake with food or with full vitamin complexes. The presence of some vitamins is not particularly important for metabolism, while others are particularly effective in accelerating metabolism.

The list of the most active vitamins for weight loss is as follows:

  • B2 - regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland. When it works in a streamlined mode, the metabolic processes take place at an optimal pace for losing weight. Sources: hard cheeses, whole milk, almond nut, chicken eggs, liver, kidneys, vegetables and fruits with a high content of chlorophyll.
  • B3 - in addition to the fact that this vitamin is involved in coordinating the production of hormones by the thyroid gland, it also controls the level of sugar content in the blood, and this helps reduce appetite. Sources: tuna, salmon, mackerel, chicken, turkey meat, liver, eggs, meat, cottage cheese, brown rice, prunes, dried apricots, wheat bran, oatmeal.
  • B4 - choline, performs a regulatory function in the processes of fat metabolism. Its presence in the blood is proportional to the concentration of the hormone responsible for the breakdown and conversion of fats. Source of vitamin: egg yolk, liver, peanuts, cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, vegetable oil, yeast.
  • B5 - panthenol (pantothenic acid) catalyzes the mechanisms of fat utilization, the interaction of fatty acids and the conversion of fats into energy. Source: fish roe, peas, hazelnuts, buckwheat, oatmeal, chicken, heart, liver, kidneys, egg yolk, cauliflower, yeast.
  • B6 - pyridoxine is very close to vitamin B3 in action: it helps ensure the balance of thyroid hormone production and controls the processes occurring in the body. Sources: wheat groats, buckwheat groats, walnuts, avocados, oysters, cod liver oil, cattle liver, milk, egg yolk, corn, mustard, soybean, wheat germ, potatoes, treacle.
  • B8 - contributes to the burning of excess fat, which the body does not constantly need. Source: citrus fruits, nuts, sprouted wheat grains, whole grains, sesame seeds, legumes, melon, pork, fish caviar (especially black), breast milk, veal, liver and beef brains.
  • B12 - cyanocobalamin, contributes to the proper course of the cycle of absorption of fats and carbohydrates, vitamin provides increased efficiency and activity. Source: yeast, hop, kelp, fish meat, mackerel, oysters, milk, cheese, kidneys, liver, soy, chicken eggs.
  • E - tocopherol acetate regulates and normalizes the thyroid gland and glands of the reproductive system. In addition, it participates in the immune system and increases the body's defenses. Sources of vitamin: wheat germ, cottonseed, soybean, corn oil, vegetables rich in chlorophyll, peanuts, almonds, flax seeds, oatmeal, egg yolk, rosehip, oats, raspberry leaves, nettle, alfalfa, dandelion.
  • C - ascorbic acid reduces the content of harmful cholesterol in the blood and converts glucose into energy. In addition, together with vitamin B8 is the main element in the fat-burning mechanisms. Its presence in the body is proportional to the concentration of the hormone responsible for the breakdown and conversion of fats. Source of vitamin C: red and green pepper, horseradish, cauliflower and sauerkraut, hips, strawberries, black currants, radishes, oranges, lemons, red currants.
  • D - cholecalciferol is able to dull the feeling of hunger. He is directly responsible for the presence of a special substance - leptin, which provides a feeling of fullness after eating. It is a fat soluble component that is involved in the mechanism of calcium absorption. Sources: Alfalfa, parsley, horsetail, nettle, fish oil, chicken egg yolk, butter, caviar, hard cheese, dairy products, mackerel, salmon, tuna.

Rarely voiced is the fact that a lack of vitamins in itself provokes a set of excess weight, because the body in an attempt to compensate for their lack of forces to make portions larger and more often to make meals. Properly formulated ration fully covers the requirements of the body in fortified food, but it requires specific knowledge, constant monitoring of food consumed and substantial material costs.

Dietitians know this secret of weight loss, so one, the most common recommendation from specialists, is to take reasonably selected vitamin – mineral specialized complexes.

Pluses taking multivitamin slimming drugs

  1. The lack of these essential elements can adversely affect the rate of breakdown of fat deposits and slow down the metabolism.
  2. They contain a balanced set of vitamins, including the daily need of the average person.
  3. These complexes contain micro- and macroelements, the lack of intake of which adversely affects their well-being.
  4. In addition to the above-mentioned substances, the composition of multivitamin preparations include essential acids, which, in duet with other food elements, contribute to intensive weight loss.
  5. The composition often contains thermogenics - substances that contribute to increased heat generation, which consumes most of the body's energy reserves, forcing the body fat deposits to be actively processed and gradually depleted.

Principles of rational drug selection

In order to optimally choose a vitamin-mineral drug that promotes weight loss, first of all, you need to pay attention to the diet and determine which substances in this diet come in at a minimum or are completely absent. Based on this information, you can choose the most effective in a particular case, the complex for human metabolism. Most of these drugs are composed of vitamins B, antioxidants and thermogenics.

In accordance with the material capabilities, you can choose a drug class "premium" or economy-option. They all differ in composition, but the quantitative content of the same groups of vitamins most often differs slightly. They must be taken strictly according to the instructions, it is strictly prohibited to exceed the dosage, since it threatens with the occurrence of hypervitaminosis, which has severe clinical manifestations.

Slimming complexes

The best metabolic complexes are designed to help the body during severe dietary restrictions, and help it to sustain the diet to the end, without causing damage to health.

All vitamins for weight loss are in free retail. They can be purchased at pharmacies or online stores, without a doctor's prescription.

It is impossible to take several unidirectional multivitamins at the same time: this dramatically increases the likelihood of side effects and overdose. It is important to bear in mind that the drug should contain no more than 80% of the daily dose of vitamins and minerals in order to meet the requirements of the means to reduce weight as much as possible.

With hypervitaminosis of any of the vitamins, the use of these complexes is strictly prohibited.

In order to decide which vitamins you need to drink during a diet, you need to familiarize yourself in more detail with the main ones.

Manufacturer - Unipharm (USA).

Contains components that normalize the functioning of the organs of the cardiovascular system, increases the level of the immune system and the processes of the nervous system. For those who adhere to strict diets, this complex is one of the best, because its ingredients have a direct effect on lipid metabolism, the splitting of carbohydrates, make the body's thermal-energy processes more intense.

Contraindicated in allergic reactions to the components of the drug, tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, gout, renal dysfunction, and teriotoksikoze.

Form release - pills, 30, 60, 100 or 130 pieces in a jar. В одной таблетке содержится суточная норма потребления витаминов для взрослого человека.

Indications for use:

  1. В периоды повышенной потребности организма в витаминах (во время восстановительного периода после тяжёлых заболеваний, при резком ограничении рациона, при интенсивных физических или психоэмоциональных перегрузках).
  2. Ослабление защитных механизмов иммунной системы.
  3. Период реконвалесценции.
  4. При отсутствии сбалансированного питания, дисфункции пищеварительной системы и нарушениях усваивания питательных веществ (полная или частичная потеря аппетита, тошнота, понос).
  5. Supportive therapy, the period of recovery and active tissue regeneration after surgery.
  6. During exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  7. Antibiotic therapy and chemotherapy.

How to use: 1 tablet per day, preferably in the morning with meals for 1-2 months. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

Cost: “Vitrum” No. 30 - 437–531 rubles, “Vitrum” No. 60 - 640–832 rubles., “Vitrum” No. 100 - 990–1285 rubles., “Vitrum” No. 130 - 1616–2079 rubles.

Ingredients 1 tablet:

  • Vitamin A (retinol acetate) - 1.42 mg,
  • beta carotene - 300 mcg,
  • E (tocopherol acetate) - 30 mg,
  • D3 (cholecalciferol) - 10 µg,
  • K1 (phytonadione) - 25 µg,
  • C (ascorbic acid) - 60 mg,
  • B1 (thiamine mononitrate) - 1.5 mg,
  • B2 (riboflavin) - 1, 7 mg,
  • B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) - 2 mg,
  • B12 (cyanocobalamin) - 6 µg,
  • Pantothenic acid (calcium pantothenate) - 10 mg,
  • Biotin - 30 mcg,
  • calcium (calcium phosphate) - 162 µg,
  • phosphorus (calcium phosphate) - 125 mg,
  • Nicotinamide - 20 mg,
  • potassium (potassium chloride) - 40 mg,
  • magnesium (magnesium oxide) - 100 mg,
  • chlorides (potassium chloride) - 36.3 mg,
  • copper (copper oxide) - 2 mg,
  • zinc (zinc oxide) - 15 mg,
  • iron (iron furmarate) - 18 mg,
  • manganese (manganese sulfate) - 2.5 mg,
  • molybdenum (sodium molybdate) - 25 µg,
  • iodine (potassium iodide) - 150 µg,
  • selenium (sodium selenate) - 25 µg,
  • tin (tin chlorides) - 10 µg,
  • chromium (chromium chlorides) - 25 µg,
  • Nickel (nickel sulfate) - 5 µg,
  • silicon (colloidal silicon dioxide) - 10 µg,
  • vanadium (in the form of sodium metavanadate) - 10 μg,
  • folic acid - 400 mcg,
  • excipients (stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, etc.).

Manufacturer - Wyeth Pharmaceutical, New York USA.

This vitamin-mineral complex, developed in Austria, is a supplier of participants in metabolic processes, increases human activity, activates the antioxidant effect and supports natural functioning under muscle loads. In addition, strengthens bone cells and improves the condition of the skin, hair and nail plate. The optimized formula of the drug contributes to increasing physical activity, maintaining external signs of attractiveness and a decent level of health.

The complex is represented by a number of drugs: "Centrum Children's Pro", "Centrum from A to Zn", "Centrum Silver", "Centrum Silver with Lutein" and "Centrum Materna". The complex that contributes most to weight loss is “Centrum from A to Zn”.

Taking the drug is contraindicated in severe allergic reactions to any of the ingredients.

Form release - pills, 30, 60 or 100 pieces in a jar.

Indications for use:

  1. Prevention of polyhypovitaminosis.
  2. Insufficient intake of food elements (seasonal vitamin deficiency).
  3. Preservation of the protective functions of the skin.
  4. Enhance immunity.

How to use: after breakfast, 1 tablet, washed down with water. The course of reception is 30 days.

Ingredients 1 tablet:

Cost: “Centrum from A to Zn” No. 30 - 514–673 rub., “Centrum from A to Zn” No. 60–709–894 rub., “Centrum from A to Zn” No. 100 - 1024–1461 rub.

The manufacturer is BIOrganik, Moldova, Chisinau and Leovit – Nutrio LLC, Moscow.

Fat burning multivitamin complex developed by the Swiss Institute of Pharmacology. Promotes rapid weight loss and is used as an aid in carrying out a wide range of procedures aimed at reducing the volume of the waist, hips, buttocks and the fight against the manifestations of cellulite. Provides retention after diet at the level achieved and prevents the re-return of weight. It adjusts the work of each section of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminates the feeling of hunger and delivers micronutrients.

If at the reception of this complex neurosis, drops in blood pressure, painful sensations in the area of ​​the kidneys appear, then the application should be stopped immediately.

Contraindications to the use of this drug are increased nervous irritability, coronary disease, tachycardia, and kidney and liver disease.

The release form is yellow-white capsules. "Megaslim" Leovit - 30 pieces per pack, "Megaslim" Biorganik - 40 pcs. packaged.

Indications for use:

  1. Decreased performance during the diet.
  2. Sharply reduced servings and rations.
  3. The period of stabilization of weight after intensive weight loss.

How to use: during meals, 1 capsule in the morning and evening. Course duration - 1-3 months.

Ingredients 1 capsules:

  • Vitamin H (Biotin) - 75 µg,
  • B5 (pantothenic acid) - 2.9 mg,
  • E (acetate) - 5 mg,
  • C - 30 mg,
  • PP (niacin) - 9 mg,
  • thiamine mononitrate - 0.7 mg,
  • Riboflavin - 0.8 mg,
  • B6 - 1 mg,
  • B9 (folic acid) - 0.5 mg,
  • B12 - 0.5 µg,
  • zinc sulfate - 5.5 mg,
  • chromium (chromium picolinate) - 25 µg,
  • magnesium - 0.82 mg,
  • selenium (sodium selenite) - 30 µg,
  • l – carnitine - 100 mg,
  • Bromelain - 50 mg,
  • excipients: talc, calcium stearate, aerosil, starchy substances.

Cost: "Megaslim" Leovit - 241-350 rubles., "Megaslim" Biorganik - 524–679 rubles.

Manufacturer - Krka, Slovenia.

A combination product that effectively supports the inadequate supply of vitamin and mineral elements of the food chain. Stimulates metabolism, acts as a compensatory mechanism to fill the deficit of a wide range of chemical compounds necessary for the healthy functioning of the human body. Vitamin – mineral complex consists of red and blue tablets. The red contains vitamins, and the blue contains minerals.

Contraindications are hypothyroidism, elevated uric acid, impaired metabolism of copper and iron, myocardial insufficiency, complicated glucose tolerance, Vaisez disease.

Form release: tablets of red and blue, 40 pieces per pack (20 pieces of blue – blue color and 20 pieces of red color).

If nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, convulsions, hypersomnia is manifested, then the medication should be stopped immediately.

Indications for use:

  1. With a sharp restriction and control of the diet during the treatment of diabetes and obesity.
  2. With active physical exertion and excessive loss of trace elements and vitamins, due to excessive sweating.
  3. When manifestations of seasonal avitaminosis.
  4. With alcohol and nicotine addiction.
  5. During lactation to provide breast milk with the necessary ingredients.
  6. With intense physical and mental stress.

How to use: 1 blue and 1 red pill every day. It is better to take in the morning. Since the tablets of different colors contain components - antagonists, their use must be differentiated in time (at least 3 hours). Reception course - 20 days.

The composition of 1 red pill:

  • vitamin A (retinol) - 2,94 mg,
  • B1 (thiamine) - 1 mg,
  • B2 (riboflavin) - 1.2 mg,
  • B3 (nicotinamide) - 13 mg,
  • B5 (pantothenic acid) - 5 mg,
  • pyridoxine - 2 mg,
  • folic acid - 400 mcg,
  • cyanocobalamin - 3 µg,
  • ascorbic acid - 60 mg,
  • cholecalciferol - 200 mcg,
  • tocopherol - 10 mg,
  • excipients: orange oil, purified castor oil, defoamer, sorbitol, magnesium stearate, etc.

Composition of 1 blue pill:

  • calcium (calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate) - 64.5 mg,
  • magnesium (magnesium lactate dihydrate) - 20 mg,
  • iron (iron furmarate) - 20.3 mg,
  • phosphorus - 12 mg,
  • copper (copper sulfate pentahydrate) - 4 mg,
  • zinc (adapted as zinc sulfate heptahydrate) - 13.3 mg,
  • manganese (manganese sulfate monohydrate) - 3.1 mg,
  • molybdenum - 100 mcg,
  • sodium molybdate dihydrate - 220 µg,
  • excipients: lactose monohydrate, orange oil, purified castor oil, emulsion wax, sucrose, etc.

Cost: “Duovit” - 125–213 rubles.

Manufacturer - OTCPharm PAO (Russia), Pharmstandard – UfaVITA (Russia).

Complex means, which includes 11 vitamins and 9 minerals. Specific manufacturing technology ensures the maximum level of assimilation and mutual compatibility of ingredients. Favorably affects the processes of losing weight. It has a positive effect on the regulation of the mechanisms of the sex glands and the production of sex hormones, activates carbohydrate – fat metabolism, and exhibits anticancer activity.

Contraindications: individual intolerance and age up to 12 years.

Product: biconvex pink tablets in the shell, 30 or 60 tablets in a jar.

Indications for use:

  1. Avitaminosis prevention and treatment.
  2. Permanent residence in areas with a disastrous environmental situation.
  3. Mineral deficient states.
  4. Decreased immune response to viral diseases.
  5. The need for increased physical exertion.

How to use: reception is strictly tied to meals. Take 1 tablet once a day only after a hearty meal. In cases of increased physical exertion - 2 tablets per day.

Ingredients 1 tablet:

  • methionine - 0.1 g,
  • magnesium - 0.04 g,
  • ascorbic acid - 0.035 g,
  • phosphorus - 0.03 g,
  • calcium phosphate dihydrate - 0.025 g,
  • Rutoside - 0,012 g,
  • tocopherol acetate - 0.007 g,
  • Nicotinamide - 0.004 g,
  • calcium pantothenate - 0,0025 g,
  • pyridoxine hydrochloride - 0.0025 g,
  • ferrous sulfate - 0,0025 g,
  • zinc sulfate - 0.002 g,
  • manganese (II) sulfate - 0,00125 g,
  • Riboflavin - 0.001 g,
  • α-lipoic acid - 0.001 g,
  • thiamine hydrochloride - 581 µg,
  • copper sulfate pentahydrate - 400 µg,
  • cobalt (II) sulfate - 50 µg,
  • folic acid - 50 mcg,
  • sodium selenite - 25 mcg,
  • cyanocobalamin - 3 µg,
  • retinol - 1650 IU,
  • Auxiliary components: citric acid, calcium stearate, gelatin, starch, talc, sucrose, wheat flour, MC, wax, etc.

Cost: Selmevit Otsifarm package of 30 pieces - 150.7–183 rubles: package of 60 pieces - 230–333 rubles, “Selmevit” Pharmstandard 30 pieces in a package - 173–244 rubles, packing of 60 pieces - 230–318 rubles

"Will direct - vitamins for active life"

Manufacturer - Evalar, Russia (Biysk, Altai Territory).

This vitamin complex is designed to improve energy metabolism and improved cellular nutrition. The use of this tool allows you to increase efficiency and tone. The composition on the basis of biologically active substances corrects metabolic processes and helps to overcome stress and fatigue.

Contraindications: unregulated mental irritability, insomnia, atherosclerosis.

Product form: 0.25 g capsules, 20 capsules per package.

Indications for use:

  1. The need to strengthen the immune system.
  2. Low concentration of attention and long-term memory.
  3. General weakness and lethargy, fatigue.

How to use: 1 capsule at breakfast with plenty of drink. The course must last at least 30 days, the courses must be repeated 3-4 times a year.


  • “Evalar” phytoform (gingko biloba, flowers and leaves of hawthorn, hips) - 79.5 mg,
  • flavonoglycosides - 6.5 mg,
  • potassium asparaginate - 22.0 mg,
  • magnesium asparaginate - 22.0 mg,
  • pyridoxine - 1.7 mg,
  • Riboflavin - 1.3 mg,
  • thiamine, 1.1 mg.

Cost: 110–298 rub. You can buy both in ordinary pharmacies and in the specialized network of Evalar OJSC. As a rule, the cost in a specialized network is lower than in other pharmacies.

"Doppelgerts Active"

Manufacturer - Kweisser Pharma, Germany.

Contains a modern complex of easily absorbable components based on linoleic acid. It is this substance that initiates the process of splitting and subsequent burning of lipids. Enriched with various fruit flavors. In addition to the normalization of weight and the establishment of metabolic processes, improves the external manifestations of sufficient intake of vitamins: gives health to hair, nails and skin. This effect is due to the content in the composition of selenium and zinc.

The tablets are developed according to the “depot” technology: the components are released in a certain sequence, which allows them to be absorbed in the optimal order.

Contraindications include a tendency to intestinal disorders, pregnancy and allergies.

Form release: tablets of 30 pieces per pack or 15 effervescent instant tablets in a tube.

Indications for use:

  1. With impaired concentration.
  2. To enhance physical abilities and increase stamina.
  3. With insufficient intake of essential nutrients and vitamins during diets.
  4. Maintenance therapy during and after stress, overwork, increased physical exertion.
  5. In the recovery period after suffering severe illnesses.

How to use: during breakfast, 1 tablet, drinking a sufficient amount of liquid or dissolved previously in a glass of warm water (in the case of effervescent tablets). Reception course - 1 month.


  • vitamin A,
  • biotin
  • thiamine mononitrate,
  • riboflavin,
  • calcium pantothenate,
  • AT 6,
  • AT 12,
  • vitamin C,
  • D,
  • E,
  • folic acid,
  • vitamin k,
  • nicotinamide
  • calcium,
  • magnesium,
  • chromium,
  • potassium,
  • copper,
  • iodine,
  • phosphorus,
  • molybdenum,
  • selenium,
  • manganese,
  • zinc.

Cost: pack of 30 pieces - 249–347 rubles, a tube with 15 soluble effervescent tablets - 207–256 rubles.

"Turboslim express weight loss"

Manufacturer - Evalar, Russia (Biysk, Altai district).

The peculiarity of the drug lies in the fact that it consists of 4 products: “Turboslim – morning”, “Turboslim – day”, “Turboslim – evening” and special sachets with a drink. A characteristic feature is the composition of all-natural ingredients. A set of biologically active substances makes it possible to lose weight in record time: in 3 days you can get rid of 3–3.5 kg. In addition to weight loss, the use of "Turboslim Express Slimming" helps to eliminate swelling and cleansing lymph flow.

Contraindications: any trimester of pregnancy or breastfeeding, allergic reactions.

Release form: capsules of white, pink and blue color. The kit contains 18 capsules (3 pieces of each color) and 3 sachets with a drink weighing 3.6 g each. Course duration - 3 days.

Indications for use:

  1. The need for express weight loss.
  2. Fight against obesity.

How to use: during breakfast, take 2 white capsules, during lunch - 2 pink capsules, and during dinner - 2 blue capsules. Each reception to accompany the arrival of a sufficient amount of water. Dissolve the contents of the sachet in 1 liter of purified water and drink in small sips all day. Duration of a weight loss course is 3 days.

The composition "Turboslim morning":

  • concentrated red seaweed extract,
  • extract of intercellular guarana juice,
  • vitamin C,
  • red grape leaf extract,
  • calcium.

The composition of the "Turboslim day":

  • fennel seed extract
  • senna extract,
  • chromium in organic form
  • Garcinia extract,
  • corn silk extract,
  • extract of prickly pear flowers.

The composition "Turboslim night":

  • extract of leaves and flowers of lemon balm,
  • chromium,
  • l-carnitine,
  • Garcinia extract,
  • senna extract,
  • extract of fucus.

The composition of the sachet:

  • oligofructose,
  • prickly pear flower extract
  • extract of fruits (flowers) of artichoke,
  • fennel extract,
  • green tea,
  • lemon juice.

Cost: 613-725 rub. per set.

Manufacturer - Evalar, Russia (Biysk, Altai district).

An indispensable tool in the fight against overweight. Consisting of natural ingredients, it enhances metabolic processes, processes energy at an accelerated rate, due to which extra calories are burned. The complex of biological active substances consists of the following components: “Turboslim Day”, “Turboslim Night”, “Turboslim Coffee” and “Turboslim Tea”.

Contraindications to admission are: individual allergic reactions, atherosclerosis, sleep disorders and pregnancy.

Form release: "Turboslim day", "Turboslim night" - 30 tablets per pack. "Turboslim coffee" and "Turboslim tea" - packaged in 20 bags.

Indications for use:

  1. Getting rid of excess weight.
  2. Reduced immunity.
  3. Violation of the digestive processes.

How to use: "Turboslim Day" - one tablet at lunch and breakfast. "Turboslim night" - 1 tablet during dinner. "Turboslim tea" - drink with meals in the morning and evening. “Turboslim coffee” - use in the morning half of the day once to avoid disturbing sleep cycles.

The composition of "Turboslim day":

  • guarana extract,
  • red algae extract
  • bioflavonoids,
  • papaya extract,
  • vitamin C,
  • niacin.

The composition "Turboslim night":

  • lemon balm,
  • garcinia cambogia extract,
  • senna extract,
  • chromium,
  • zinc,
  • thiamine mononitrate,
  • riboflavin,
  • E.

Composition "Turboslim tea":

  • green tea,
  • cherry step extract,
  • senna,
  • corn silk.

The composition of "Turboslim coffee":

  • Arabica coffee,
  • Garcinia extract,
  • turmeric,
  • burdock root,
  • horsetail root.

Cost: “Turboslim day” - 350–524 rubles, “Turboslim night” - 386–537 rubles, “Turboslim tea” - 220–310 rubles, “Turboslim coffee” - 211–316 rubles.

Manufacturer - Solgar, USA.

Of all the drugs represented by this brand, it is recommended to use “Solgar for women” for weight loss. This type of dietary supplement premium-class reliably protects the gastrointestinal tract from pathogenic influences, strengthens the body's defenses, improves the deeper layers of the hair and nails, and ensures healthy skin. Designed for systematic use.

Contraindications: an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

Form release: capsules, packaged in 50 pieces per jar.

Indications for use:

  1. The need to maintain the normal functioning of the digestive system.
  2. The deterioration of the hairline.
  3. Maintaining the work of the organs of the cardiovascular system.

How to use: 3 times a day in capsule during breakfast and lunch.


  • beta carotene
  • vitamin C,
  • ergocalciferol,
  • d – alpha tocopherol succinate,
  • vitamin k,
  • thiamine mononitrate
  • riboflavin,
  • a nicotinic acid,
  • pyridoxine
  • folic acid,
  • cobalamin,
  • biotin
  • pantothenic acid
  • calcium,
  • iron,
  • potassium iodide,
  • magnesium,
  • zinc,
  • selenium,
  • copper,
  • manganese,
  • chromium,
  • molybdenum,
  • sodium,
  • potassium,
  • citrus bioflavonoids,
  • choline,
  • inositon
  • pantethine
  • pyridoxal phosphate,
  • pantethine
  • boron,
  • ginseng extract
  • milk thistle extract
  • black cohosh extract
  • soy isoflavones,
  • carotenoids.

Cost: "Solgar for women" - 1687-1971 rubles.

"Alphabet Diet"

Manufacturer - Aquion, Russia.

Vitamin and mineral complex is divided into three different components. Their reception is strictly delimited in time, which excludes competition in the assimilation of antagonist ingredients that can not be fully absorbed while being ingested. Also, one of the components contains elements that suppress appetite, which makes it easier to maintain a diet. Caffeine forces the metabolism to accelerate and maintain tone throughout the day, and the mix of carefully selected substances accelerates carbohydrate metabolism.

Coffee color capsules activate energy metabolism and speed up metabolism.

Yellow capsules help to strengthen the immune system, which is important during a diet and a limited diet. Also normalize the glands of the endocrine system and the level of hormone production.

Gray capsules are useful for the proper functioning of all organs of the cardiovascular system, contribute to the formation of a healthy blood formula. During a diet or fasting, they protect the body from exhaustion and negative influences.

An important characteristic of this multivitamin complex is the presence of plant fibers (soluble and insoluble) in the composition. They swell inside the intestines and provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety that allows you to eat less often.

Due to the fact that antagonist substances are delimited in time, Alphabet Diet is the most hypoallegreous among multivitamin complexes.

Contraindications include: problems of the kidneys, liver, diseases of the cardiovascular system, significant fluctuations in blood pressure.

Release form: 60 tablets: No. 1 of coffee color - 20 pieces, No. 2 of yellow color - 20 pieces, No. 3 of gray color - 20 pieces, in blisters.

Indications for use:

  1. Sharp restriction of a diet lasting more than 1 week.
  2. Recreation period after illness.
  3. Sports nutrition during the competition.

How to use: 1 capsule of different colors in the morning, at lunch and for dinner. They should be drunk in strict sequence: coffee, yellow, gray. You can not change the sequence, because the ingredients are designed for consumption, taking into account daily cycles of wakefulness and rest. Between the reception should take at least 4 hours (optimally - 5-6 hours). Their reception should be combined with abundant intake of fluid, since otherwise the removal of plant fibers is hampered.

The composition of the tablets number 1 (coffee color):

The composition of the tablets number 2 (yellow):

  • vitamin C,
  • a nicotinic acid,
  • vitamin E,
  • AT 12,
  • AT 6,
  • beta carotene
  • magnesium,
  • manganese,
  • chromium,
  • selenium,
  • zinc,
  • potassium iodide,
  • lipoic acid
  • inulin (extract from the plantain leaf).

The composition of the tablets number 3 (gray):

  • vitamin C,
  • thiamine mononitrate,
  • BUT,
  • folic acid,
  • iron,
  • copper,
  • lemon balm extract
  • inulin (extract from the plantain leaves).

Cost: "Alphabet Diet" - 220-314 rubles.

Japanese dietary supplements for weight loss

A special segment in the market of multivitamin slimming products traditionally are dietary supplements made in Japan. They embody the main centuries-old traditions of the power of this country, which is characterized by a special culture of eating. The main emphasis in them is shifted not so much in the direction of dropping excess weight, as in ensuring a healthy process. Medical innovations and pharmaceutical research in Japan have long been at the forefront of cutting-edge developments adopted by nutritionists around the world.

Their main difference from the majority of multivitamin preparations is the extended list of constituents, which include flavonoids of various groups, anthocyanins, coumarins, quinones, indole compounds, phytosterols, organic acids, phytoestrogens and other biologically active additives. That is, these dietary supplements not only supply the body with elements of the nutritional chain, but also serve as regulatory mechanisms for their further assimilation.

Effective dietary supplements made in Japan accelerate and facilitate the course of diets. They have a number of fundamental characteristics.

Distinctive characteristics of Japanese dietary supplements

  • The principal requirement of all Japanese drugs of this type is the ingredients obtained naturally from plants, animals or minerals that are able to break down fats and accelerate the body’s energy functions.
  • With a systematic reception, they are not addictive and addictive.
  • Promote the activation of metabolic processes and improve metabolism.
  • Improve the structure of the hair and nail plates by strengthening the keratin layer.
  • Provide optimal flow of physiological processes of internal organs.
  • Improve the evacuation function of the intestine.
  • Effectively remove xenobiotics from the body.
  • Normalize the potassium – sodium pump balance.
  • Activate the removal of slag deposits and toxic substances.
  • Reduce the content of cholesterol in the vessels.
  • Adjust hormonal balance.
  • Ensure quick weight loss results.
  • Allow to keep the appetite under control.
  • Provide the necessary daily dose of vitamins.
  • They are a source of well-being and vigor throughout the day.
  • GMP standard is officially confirmed, which guarantees the use of high quality raw materials and the conformity of finished products to international standards.
  • Durability and stability of the result when losing weight with these tools.

Many doctors recognize Japanese dietary supplements that promote weight loss, one of the safest and not detrimental to human health.

Main categories

By effects on the body, they are divided into three main groups:

  1. Regulators and suppressors of hunger sensation (contain anorexigenes (anorectics), gently acting on the central nervous system).
  2. Means that burn fat and enhance metabolism (due to increased ATP activity in the cells and increase the temperature of intracellular reactions).
  3. Modifiers of food elements (supply the right amount of nutrients and vitamins to the digestive system, eliminating the accumulation of excess cholesterol and fat).

Principles of selection and acquisition

  • Acquire products from proven and well-known brands that have been on the market for years.
  • Interested in the presence of certificates for drugs.
  • Pre-read the instructions.
  • Exclude possible contraindications.
  • Before you begin, consult a therapist about the safety of this drug for you.

How to use

First of all, you need to be guided by the requirements of the instructions for admission. But there are a number of general principles that will ensure maximum absorption of useful substances and will ensure the acceleration of metabolic processes.

  1. The most active action occurs after ingestion on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals.
  2. It is very important to drink tableted, powdered and encapsulated products with purified warm water, at least 200 ml.
  3. Tinctures are not allowed to drink.
  4. For maximum assimilation after taking it is necessary to be in a vertical position (to sit or stand), so the effectiveness of the means increases 1.5 times.
  5. The daily rate of the drug must be divided into several methods (from 2 to 4).
  6. Do not exceed the duration of the course specified in the instructions.

Currently, the leaders in the production of Japanese dietary supplements are the following companies: Minami, Asahi, Fine, Be-max, DHC, JBP, Orihiro. These pharmacological companies offer a huge selection of products that differ in price and composition. They can be ordered on the Internet, after reading the consumer reviews, preferably acquiring dietary supplements on the same site.

Weight loss with the use of Japanese dietary supplements will be fast, effective and not contrary to the principles of healthy weight loss dynamics.

Contraindications and side effects

Remedies should not show side effects if they are properly selected and do not exceed the recommended dosages. There is always a certain risk of allergic reactions to the components of dietary supplements, especially given the multi-component composition of drugs. Therefore, in the event of recurrent nausea and vomiting, increased irritability, neurosis, insomnia, painful sensations in the stomach, fever and increased heart rate, the use of slimming should be stopped.

Reviews and results losing weight

Ksenia Ivanova, 45 years old

Several times tried to lose weight. I chose diets for effective weight loss, but each time I began to feel tired and broken in the first days. I cherish my health, so this side effect made me very embarrassed. Then she read in the description of one diet that you need to take a multivitamin while losing weight. The next time I bought Doppelgerz and everything went differently: my health was normal, I was filled with vigor. I managed to finish the diet and then I did not pounce on food like that. Not for nothing, they probably write that it is necessary not only to reduce calories, but also not to forget about vitamins for weight loss, in order not to get problems.

Pavel Shapoval, 34 years old
To grow thin without support in the form of vitamins I consider as a crime against myself. I myself always buy vitamins in the fall, when losing weight, and my sister made. Now she uses them herself. Our choice - "Alphabet Diet". Although, it seems to me that any complex will be effective and by the way.

Anna Konovalova, 28 years old

I can not deny myself the pleasure to eat, so all my adult life I sit on diets. After the holidays - in general a disaster: those extra pounds do not want to leave. I have been looking for my remedy for a long time, until I was advised to use the dietary supplement for slimming Japanese Bofusan. Now I will never torture myself with diets. Every time I drink away the course and the extra weight melts on its own. At the same time, I feel great, no hunger pangs, always accompanying diets.

How do vitamins affect weight?

Vitamins are simply necessary for metabolism and weight loss. Most of them are actively involved in metabolism. As soon as the body feels a lack of one (or several at once), the processes of splitting and synthesis of organic compounds slow down. The mechanism of instinctive self-preservation works: if less nutrients start to flow, you need to start stocking them. As a result, the weight increases, the complexes grow, centimeters at the waist are added.

In this situation, the majority makes an unforgivable mistake - they start to go on diets. And all of them are fraught with a restriction not only calories, but also the intake of vitamins. And instead of losing weight, the reverse process occurs - weight gain.

In addition to enhancing metabolism, they contribute to weight loss in other areas.

  • Are coenzymes

These are substances that regulate the normal functioning of the digestive system. If they are not enough, gastric enzymes begin to be produced in a smaller than necessary quantity. The result - food is poorly processed, lingers in the intestine, wanders. And all this leads to undesirable deposition of not only fats, but also slags (which also contributes to weight gain).

  • Eliminate hunger

Vitamin deficiency awakens the strongest appetite, which again is a protective reaction of the body. By forcing a person to eat more, he hopes to get what he lacks from food. And overeating and excess of daily calorie intake invariably leads to the deposition of fat.

  • Affect the production of hormones

A frequent cause of excess weight is hormonal failure. And often blamed for this vitamins. For example, to produce a sufficient amount of estrogen, on which the menstrual cycle depends, the type of figure, the presence of excess weight and the thickness of the fat layer simply need tocopherol.

So vitamins, being participants in such important processes as metabolism, digestion and hormone production, greatly influence the presence or absence of excess weight. And if other reasons have already been analyzed and there are no visible factors provoking mass gain, you should pay attention to them.

And now very important information: not all vitamins are equally useful for losing weight. Some of them, indeed, are active participants in the hormonal, metabolic and digestive processes. Others, however, perform completely different functions and do not concern these aspects. Therefore, we suggest that you carefully study the list, which included only the most effective ones in terms of weight loss.


Chemical name: Retinol (axeroftol, antioxerophthalic vitamin).

The role of losing weight: part of hormones, enzymes, helps the body absorb minerals: zinc (regulates insulin production, which lowers appetite), chromium (lowers bad cholesterol in the blood), manganese (helps remove toxins from the body).

Where is contained: apricots, zucchini, carrots, sea buckthorn, peaches, tomatoes, plums, persimmon.

Daily need: 900 mcg.

Chemical name: Riboflavin.

The role of losing weight: regulates the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, which sets the metabolic processes optimal rate.

Where is contained: hard cheeses, milk, almonds, eggs, liver, kidneys, green vegetables and fruits.

Daily need: 1.8 mg.

Chemical name: Nicotinamide (nicotinic acid, niacinamide, anti-pellet vitamin).

The role of losing weight: coordinates the production of hormones by the thyroid gland, controls blood sugar levels, which helps reduce appetite.

Where is contained: fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel), chicken, turkey, liver, eggs, cottage cheese, brown rice, prunes, dried apricots, wheat bran, oatmeal.

Daily need: 20 mg.

Chemical name: Choline.

The role of losing weight: regulates lipolysis, its presence in the body is proportional to the concentration of the hormone that is responsible for the breakdown of fats. Normalizes the liver, which is involved in cleansing the body.

Where is contained: egg yolk, liver, peanuts, cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, vegetable oil, yeast.

Daily need: 425-550 mg.

Chemical name: Pantothenic acid (calcium pantothenate).

The role of losing weight: accelerates the mechanism of fat utilization, provides a full and uninterrupted interaction of fatty acids, controls the conversion of fats into energy.

Where is contained: fish roe, peas, hazelnuts, buckwheat, oatmeal, chicken, heart, liver, kidneys, egg yolk, cauliflower, yeast.

Daily need: 5 mg.

Chemical name: Pyridoxine (Adermin).

The role of losing weight: used to treat eating disorders. Responsible for the balance of hormones synthesized by the thyroid gland. Controls the rate of metabolic processes.

Where is contained: wheat cereals, buckwheat, walnuts, avocados, oysters, liver, milk, egg yolk, corn, mustard, soybeans, wheat germ, potatoes, treacle.

Daily need: 2 mg.

Chemical name: Biotin (antiseborrheic factor, factor W, skin factor, coenzyme R, factor X).

The role of losing weight: relieves depression, which is used in the treatment of compulsive overeating.

Where is contained: beef, veal, milk, cheese, fish (herring, flounder, sardines), seafood, strawberries, sea buckthorn, tomatoes, peanuts, carrots, mushrooms, onions, whole-grain bread.

Daily need: 50 mcg

Chemical name: Inositol (inositol, meso-inositol).

The role of losing weight: helps to burn excess fat reserves, which the body does not need.

Where is contained: citrus, nuts, sprouted wheat grains, whole grains, sesame seeds, legumes, melon, pork, fish roe (especially black), veal, liver.

Daily need: no data.

The role of losing weight: speeds up lipolysis, helps the liver to remove harmful substances from the body.

Where is contained: lettuce, spinach, parsley, onion, corn, tomatoes, legumes, cabbage, nuts, liver, pumpkin seeds, asparagus, pears, apples, avocados, currants, apricots, strawberries.

Daily need: 400 mcg

Chemical name: Para-aminobenzoic acid, PUB (n-Aminobenzoic acid).

The role of losing weight: stimulates the production of vitamins by intestinal microflora. Included in folic acid.

Where is contained: potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, nuts and seeds, cereals, molasses, brewer's yeast, dairy products, kidneys, liver, seafood, egg yolk.

Daily need: not installed.

Chemical name: Levarnitin.

The role of losing weight: regulates metabolic processes.

Where is contained: meat products, poultry, dairy products, avocados, mushrooms.

Daily need: 300 mg.

Chemical name: Cyanocobalamin (antianemic).

The role of losing weight: controls the correct course of the cycle of assimilation of fats and carbohydrates, increases efficiency and activity.

Where is contained: yeast, hops, kelp, fish, oysters, milk, cheese, kidneys, liver, soy, eggs.

Daily need: 3 mcg.


Chemical name: Ascorbic acid, anti-scing (antiscorbutic) vitamin.

The role of losing weight: reduces the content of harmful cholesterol in the blood, converts glucose into energy. Together with vitamin B8 is involved in the fat-burning mechanisms. Its presence in the body is proportional to the concentration of the hormone responsible for the breakdown of fats.

Where is contained: Red and green pepper, horseradish, cauliflower and sauerkraut, wild rose, strawberry, black currant, radish, oranges, lemons, red currant.

Daily need: 90 mg.

Chemical name: Lamisterol, Ergocalciferol (calciferol, antirathitic vitamin), Cholecalciferol, Dihydrotachysterol, 7-dehydrotachisterol.

The role of losing weight: dulls the feeling of hunger. Responsible for the presence of leptin, which provides a feeling of fullness.

Where is contained: alfalfa, parsley, horsetail, nettle, fish oil, egg yolk, butter, caviar, hard cheese, dairy products, fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna).

Daily need: 10-15 mcg.


Chemical name: α-, β-, γ-tocopherols.

The role of losing weight: regulates the thyroid gland and the synthesis of hormones.

Where is contained: wheat germ, cottonseed, soybean, corn oil, green vegetables, peanuts, almonds, flax seeds, oatmeal, egg yolk, wild rose, oats, nettle, alfalfa, dandelion.

Daily need: 15 mg.


Chemical name: Lipoic acid, Thioctic acid.

The role of losing weight: reduces appetite, reduces body fat.

Where is contained: bananas, legumes, mushrooms, yeast, leafy greens, onions, dairy products, beef, meat offal, cabbage, carrots, peppers, wheat cereal, rice, eggs.

Daily need: 30 mg.

According to this list, we can assume what exactly the body lacks. If the problem of overweight is related to the hormonal background and the thyroid gland, vitamin E may be necessary. If there are nightly adventures to the fridge and excessive appetite, vitamin D is needed. But, as a rule, there is rarely a shortage of one. Most often, beriberi is a lack of several.

As you can see, for slimming you need many vitamins (there are only 13 at the moment of development of science in this direction), but not all. There are logical questions: how to understand that the body lacks a certain substance or several at once? And how to fill this deficit, to bring body weight back to normal?

General recommendations

There are several ways to eliminate the deficit.


If prescribed by a doctor, you can take pills or capsules of individual vitamins, if a particular is lacking (this can only be detected during a medical examination).


You can do intramuscular injections. Injections are often prescribed for weight correction:

  • cyanocobalamin (B12),
  • cholecalciferol (D3),
  • combinations of choline, methionine, inositol with the addition of cyanocobalamin,
  • combinations of L-carnitine, B12, B6, B5, choline, amino acids (the name of the drug - LipoDenX).


You can drink a course of multivitamins - and this will be the best way to eliminate the deficiency of several vitamins in the body. Pharmaceutical preparations are usually chosen, although modern manufacturers offer a wide range of special, fat-burning vitamin supplements.


On the one hand, eating foods rich in a particular vitamin is the way to proper and healthy nutrition, natural replenishment of the deficit, etc. On the other hand, the body's digestibility of these substances is not always 100% and often encounters a lot of obstacles. So losing weight can be delayed. But as soon as the deficit is replenished with the help of a multivitamin complex, this method is perfect for further maintaining normal weight.

Criterias of choice

Most often, experts recommend the use of multivitamin complexes. But how to choose the only one that turns out to be the most effective among the variety of modern assortment? A few helpful tips will help not to be mistaken.

The most correct thing is to consult with a specialist. This may be an endocrinologist, a therapist or a nutritionist.

There is always a temptation to buy exactly fat-burning vitamin complex, because it was designed specifically for weight loss. Do not get fooled by this manufacturers trick. These are common dietary supplements, most of which do not have the necessary quality certification. Therefore it is better to buy them at the pharmacy.

Look at the content in the preparation of starch, lactose, talc, sugar. It should be minimal. Often, manufacturers add them to tablets to increase the overall weight and reduce the mass fraction of nutrients. The maximum limit is 10 mg.

Prefer complex, which offers the use of different capsules during the day. This is due to the fact that vitamins and minerals are properly taken separately, and with a break of up to 6 hours, because some suppress the absorption of others.

The drug must contain those vitamins that are listed in the list above. They can be indicated by both Latin letters and scientific names.

The mineral complex also contributes to weight loss. Make sure your product contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine, manganese and cobalt. Especially useful will be a multivitamin with chromium. It reduces body fat by regulating fat and carbohydrate metabolism, has an effect on insulin, delivers glucose to cells.

Do not be afraid of the contents of beer yeast. They contain a lot of protein and vitamins of group B. Amino acids also do not interfere: asparagine, tryptophan, isoleucine, alanine, leucine, valine, tyrosine especially contribute to weight loss. So look for them as part of your complex - you will not lose.

And, of course, universal advice - without physical activity and proper nutrition, no vitamin complexes from overweight will save you. So go in for sports and reduce your daily calorie intake - only in this case, vitamin therapy will be effective.

Overview of the complexes

And finally, a review of several popular multivitamin complexes that are recommended to drink for weight loss. They are divided into 2 large groups: just general-purpose pharmacy drugs and fat-burning vitamins (it is more correct to call them dietary supplements) that promote weight loss (according to manufacturers).

  • Vitrum

The best complex for those who diets. It has an effect on lipid metabolism, accelerates the breakdown of carbohydrates, activates thermo-energy processes.

Manufacturer: Unipharm, Inc. (USA).

Contraindications: allergy, tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, gout, kidney dysfunction, thyrotoxicosis.

Daily rate: 1 tablet. Drink in the morning while eating. The course is 1-2 months. Wash down with plenty of water.

Accelerates metabolism, increases activity, supports muscle mass during physical exertion.

Manufacturer: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (USA).

It is presented in a wide range, but for weight loss are especially useful: "Centrum from A to Zn" and "Centrum Silver with Lutein".

Daily intake: 1 tablet after breakfast, drink water. The course is a month.

Stimulates metabolism. Offers red (vitamins) and blue (minerals) tablets.

Manufacturer: Krka (Slovenia).

Contraindications: hypothyroidism, elevated uric acid levels, Vacaise’s disease, metabolic disorders, myocardial insufficiency, glucose intolerance.

Side effects: nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, convulsions, hypersomnia.

Daily rate: 1 blue and 1 red pill, drink in the morning. Between their use should take at least 3 hours. The course is 20 days.

It contributes to weight loss. Controls the production of hormones, improves carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

Manufacturers: Pharmstandard – UfAVITA, OTCPharm PAO (Russia).

Contraindications: age up to 12 years, individual intolerance.

Daily rate: 1 tablet after lunch. With intensive training - 2 tablets.

Improves energy metabolism and cellular nutrition. Increases performance. Corrects metabolism.

Manufacturer: Evalar (Russia).

Contraindications: mental irritability, atherosclerosis, insomnia.

Daily rate: 1 capsule, drink during breakfast, drink plenty of water. The course is 1 month, 4 times a year.

  • Doppelgerts Active

Complex based on linoleic acid, which contributes to the breakdown and subsequent burning of lipids. Effectively normalizes weight.

Manufacturer: Queisser Pharma Germany.

Contraindications: intestinal disorders, pregnancy, allergies.

Daily rate: 1 tablet, drink during breakfast, drinking plenty of water. Course - 1 month.

Includes a whole line of vitamin complexes. Women are recommended to choose "Solgar for women." It belongs to the premium class, improves primarily the digestion and hormones.

Manufacturer: Solgar (United States).

Daily rate: 3 capsules taken with meals.

Fat Burning Supplements

  • Megaslim

Developed by the Swiss Pharmacology Institute, but produced by Moldovan and Russian concerns. Promotes intense weight loss. It is recommended as an aid in carrying out procedures and activities aimed at eliminating cellulite and reducing the volume in problem areas. Provides stable results, preventing the return of weight. Helps control appetite.

Manufacturers: BIOrganik (Moldova), Leovit – Nutrio (Russia).

Side effects: neurosis, pressure surges, pain in the kidneys.

Contraindications: nervous excitability, ischemia, diseases of the kidneys and liver, tachycardia.

Daily rate: 2 capsules with food in the morning and evening. The course is 1-3 months.

  • Turboslim express weight loss

The complex consists of 4 separate means: Turboslim - morning, day, evening and sachet with a drink. It reduces weight, eliminates edema, cleans the lymph flow.

Manufacturer: Evalar (Russia).

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, allergies.

Daily rate: 2 white capsules at breakfast time, 2 pink capsules for lunch, 2 blue ones for dinner. Sasha is dissolved in a liter of water and is drunk in small sips. Course - 3 days.

Read more in the article by reference.

  • Alphabet Diet

Suppresses appetite, which helps to easily withstand almost any diet. Caffeine activates metabolism, a well-chosen vitamin complex speeds up carbohydrate metabolism. Contain vegetable fibers that swell inside the intestines and provide a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Manufacturer: Akvion (Russia).

Contraindications: diseases of the kidneys and liver, cardiovascular system, problems with pressure.

Daily rate: 1 capsule of different colors during breakfast, lunch, dinner. Between receptions should take at least 4 hours. Drink plenty of water.

Special vitamin dietary supplements for weight loss can also be found in manufacturers such as:

  • Doctor’s Best,
  • Garden of Life (Vitamin Code),
  • Jarrow Formulas (B-Right),
  • Madre Labs,
  • Nature’s Way,
  • Now Foods.

Do not underestimate the role that vitamins play in the process of losing weight. If you do not have eating disorders, you lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, but at the same time observe weight gain, you should check for a lack of these nutrients. Their deficiency slows down and disrupts the process of metabolism, due to which fat reserves disappear. There will be problems with it - and those extra pounds, alas, will not go anywhere.

Therefore, it is worth to be examined and to consult with a therapist or a nutritionist about the possibility of consuming a multivitamin complex or individual tablets to eliminate the alleged cause of overweight.

What vitamins are necessary for weight loss

All of them, as well as the principles of their actions, are described below:

  1. Vitamin B2 contributes to the normalization of the functioning of the thyroid gland, thereby accelerating the natural metabolism in the body.
  2. B3 It also affects the functioning of the thyroid gland and controls the production of hormones in it, besides, it helps to normalize the chemical composition of the blood and lower the level of sugar. Additionally, this substance suppresses the feeling of hunger, which allows a person to reduce the volume of consumed portions and increase the intervals between meals.
  3. Vitamin B4 stimulates fat metabolism, so that all incoming fats in a timely manner are processed and removed from the body, and do not accumulate in it.
  4. B5 It has a complex effect on the work of the human body, since it is a participant in virtually all the processes occurring in it. Additionally, this substance removes all accumulated fats and stimulates energy consumption, so that all deposits begin to be used as fuel sources.
  5. Vitamin B6 has exactly the same effect as B
  6. B8 triggers a series of reactions, which results in burning of accumulated fat deposits.
  7. Vitamin B12 It has a complex effect, but its most significant function is to increase the digestibility of all incoming carbohydrates and fats of any origin.
  8. C has the same effect as B
  9. Vitamin D able to suppress appetite and cause an artificial sense of satiety, which persists for a long time. His technique is often combined with various diets, since this practice makes it much easier to carry them.

What products contain

Slimming can contribute to making certain changes in the daily diet, the main sources of the necessary substances are discussed below:

  1. B2 It is abundant in most hard cheeses, liver, dairy products, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as in some nuts, primarily in almonds.
  2. Vitamin B3 can be obtained by including in your diet a sufficient amount of cheese, wheat flakes and bran, barley-based dishes, eggs, dried fruit and fish, primarily tuna and mackerel.
  3. B4 is contained in sufficient volume in eggs, peanuts, cauliflower and liver.
  4. Vitamin B5 found in most foods that are rich in vitamin B3, you can also get it by eating liver, kidney, poultry, and any kind of sea fish.
  5. B6 can be obtained in sufficient quantities, if the diet includes a brown variety of rice cereals, any fish, eggs, beef meat, cabbage, potatoes and nuts, primarily peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts.
  6. Vitamin B8 found in large quantities in sprouted wheat, it can also be obtained by eating any nuts, fresh herbs, fruits of citrus trees, soybeans and liver.
  7. B12 contains in any seafood, also its sources are all kinds of dairy products, any breed of fish and any meat.
  8. Vitamin C found in all fruits of citrus trees, as well as in a number of vegetables, for example, in bell pepper, tomatoes or cabbage.
  9. D can be obtained by varying your diet with enough fatty fish, any kind of cheese, or adding butter to dishes.

Pharmaceutical vitamin complexes for weight loss

To date, these tools are presented on the pharmacological market in a wide range, so it is quite difficult to make a choice.

To facilitate this process, below will be a list of the most effective, sought-after and safest drugs that have a lot of positive feedback from both people who took them and from specialists:

  • Vitamin Code is a modern drug, which is a vitamin complex that is designed specifically for people who want to lose weight. It includes a set of all the necessary substances that can help with weight loss, so that the tool has a combined effect, suppressing the feeling of hunger that arises, stimulating the process of burning fat deposits. In addition, Vitamin Code has a calming effect, due to which the body does not experience stress during weight loss. Approximate cost of a bottle containing 120 capsules is about 2000-2500 rubles.

  • B-Right by Jarrow Formulas is a modern tool, which includes vitamin B12 and a number of chemical elements that help in the fight against obesity. After starting a person can increase his physical activity, his body accelerates metabolic processes, improves the absorption of carbohydrates and fats, in addition, there is a significant decrease in appetite. The cost of a package containing 100 tablets varies from 1,000 to 1,500 rubles.

  • Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil contains the whole complex of vitamins, minerals and chemical elements that a person needs to get rid of overweight. The price of a package containing 90 capsules averages 300-350 rubles.

  • "Alphabet Diet" - This is another complex that contains all the substances necessary for weight loss, in addition to it includes natural extracts of various plants, dietary fiber and acids of organic origin. As an independent means to reduce weight, it is ineffective, during the course requires a low-calorie diet and increased physical activity. The composition of the tablets also includes caffeine, which is a stimulating substance that allows you to do all the exercises and training much more intense. The price of the package, which includes 60 tablets, is about 300 rubles.

  • "MegaSlim" produced in the form of gelatin capsules, which are biologically active food additives. The composition includes not only a set of vitamins, but also cinnamon, plant extracts, potato starch and L-carnitine, as well as various chemical elements, especially high concentrations of zinc. Due to this, the intake of this complex allows to speed up the natural metabolism, stimulate the process of processing fat deposits and the output of residual products, as well as reduce appetite. The cost of the package, which includes 30 capsules, is about 300 rubles.

  • "Turboslim Multivitamins" is a complex from the well-known domestic pharmaceutical company "Evalar", it includes 20 different substances, which in various ways simplify the process of getting rid of overweight. Taking the drug allows you to speed up the metabolism, improve mood and increase the physical activity of the person, therefore, the course is recommended to be combined with sports training. The cost of a package containing 60 capsules, today is 420 rubles.

  • "Direct" Available in several different vitamin complexes, one of which is designed to assist in the process of losing weight. The set also includes a set of proteins of various types, sulfur, zinc oxide and natural extracts of horsetail and zirconium roots. Reception of the complex will not only help in the process of losing weight, but also improve the condition of the epidermis and all its derivatives. The cost of one package containing 60 tablets, an average of 250-300 rubles.

Below are reviews of people who have already tried to increase the amount of vitamins entering the body in order to lose weight:

“On the recommendation of a nutritionist, I started taking Vitrum: I used to consider it a normal vitamin supplement, and this turned out to be a whole complex that helps with weight loss. Combined his reception with a low-calorie diet, it was given to me very hard, because I constantly experienced a feeling of hunger. Adaptation of the organism to new conditions took a very long time, although the diet was quite easy. However, in 2.5 months I managed to get rid of 7 kg of weight. ”

“Many people complain that taking vitamin complexes does not help them lose weight, but at the same time they do not take any measures. I combined the course with a low-calorie diet and gym visits about 2-3 times a week, that is, the drug performed only auxiliary functions.

With the help of the Vitamin Code, I easily endured a diet, as I didn’t want to eat at all, besides, I was able to significantly increase the intensity of my workouts, energy was over the edge. I advise everyone to lose weight to use the same technique, since only a set of measures gives a truly visible and long-lasting result. "

“I wanted to get Vitrum, because he helped many of my girlfriends during diets, but he wasn’t at the pharmacy, and I bought Alphabet Diet. Previously, I didn’t have enough willpower to withstand the required time, and even when getting rid of a few kilograms, they returned quite quickly. With the start of taking the vitamin preparation, everything changed dramatically: I didn’t want to eat at all, so I suffered a diet without any problems.

The result was 7.5 kg, which I got rid of in 1.5 months. Now I have a break, after which I plan to repeat the course I have taken to improve the results already achieved, now I know how this can be done without harm to health. ”

Vitamins necessary for weight loss

What vitamins help to lose weight:

  1. Riboflavin - regulates the work of thyroid hormones and improves the metabolic process. Belongs to a group of vitamins B2.
  2. Niacin - affects the reproduction of thyroid hormones, affects the reduction of blood sugar levels. Vitamin of group B3.
  3. Choline - provides the exchange of fat cells. The lack of mineral provokes the deposition of fat in the liver, which is fraught with complex diseases. Vitamin of group B4.
  4. Pantothenic acid - participates in the processes of utilization of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Vitamin group B5.
  5. Pyridoxine - affects the reproduction of thyroid hormones, promotes metabolism. Vitamin group B6.
  6. Inositol - splits fat, promotes the burning of fat cells. Vitamin group B8.
  7. Cyanocobalamin - helps to digest and break down fats, carbohydrates. Fills the body with energy. Vitamin group B12.
  8. Vitamin C lowers cholesterol, and are involved in the process of glucose conversion, fat splitting.
  9. Vitamin D - contributes to the dissolution of fat cells, helps the body to better absorb calcium, is involved in the development of leptin, which causes a feeling of satiety.
  10. Calcium prevents fat accumulation, promotes the burning of fat cells.
  11. Zinc participates in the process of thyroid hormone production, quenches hunger. Especially effective in combination with vitamins A, E.
  12. Chromium It helps strengthen muscle mass, regulates cholesterol levels and participates in metabolic processes.

Effective vitamin complexes

Developed slimming systems are selected individually, according to the results of examination tests. The shortage of trace elements in the body is easy to fill, observing the rules of admission and dosage.

Any combination of minerals is aimed at the functionality of the body in perception and digestion of food, elimination of processed products. Unfortunately, most of the vitamins sold in pharmacies contain various synthetic additives, harmful dyes. In sports nutrition stores, vitamin complexes are made on the basis of organic products.

Important trace elements for weight loss:

  • chromium,
  • iodine,
  • calcium,
  • magnesium,
  • the whole group of vitamins B, C, E,
  • Coenzyme Q10,
  • omega-3 fatty acids

Fat Burner (for women):

  1. Release form - tablets (72 pieces / unitary enterprise).
  2. Displays excess water from the body.
  3. Suppresses hunger.
  4. Regulates metabolic processes.
  5. It gives energy.
  6. Price 3802 p.

In addition to the basic vitamin composition that affects weight loss, contains female minerals that affect the condition of the skin, hair, nails.

Tru Hoodia, Now Foods

Slimming complex:

  1. Release form - capsules (60 pcs / pack).
  2. Suppresses hunger.
  3. Promotes the breakdown of food and the natural withdrawal from the body.
  4. Reduces fat deposits.
  5. Improves the work of the circulatory system.
  6. Price 623 p.

The basis of the complex consists of plant extracts that do not cause side effects. The absence of toxic substances make the product absolutely safe and anti-allergenic.

Life extension

Abdominal fat burner:

  1. Release form - capsules (120 pcs / pack).
  2. Using peptides burns fat.
  3. Feed bone minerals.
  4. Increases energy.
  5. Participates in the splitting of food, preventing the formation of fat.
  6. Price 5280 p.

The popularity of the product has achieved good results and safety of the composition. Actively acts on the fatty layers in the abdomen. Non-toxic. No side effects were noted.

Slimming complex:

  1. Release form - capsules (60 pcs / pack).
  2. Enriches body antioxidants.
  3. Participates in metabolic processes, fighting free radicals.
  4. Supports in the body water balance.
  5. Improves digestion.
  6. Price 1905 p.

The complex based on green tea, cinnamon and coffee extract with the addition of chromium and iodine enriches the body, stimulates metabolic processes and increases energy. The composition does not include dyes, glucose and other synthetic additives.

Top Secret Nutrition

Garcinia and white beans:

  1. Release form - capsules (90 pcs / pack).
  2. Acts as an accelerator for the exchange process.
  3. Suppresses hunger.
  4. Regulates carbohydrate index.
  5. Price 2560 p.

The combination of extracts of Garcinia (which is also the main ingredient of another slimming drug that can be read about here) and white beans have an excellent effect on the body and the metabolic process.

Fat burner:

  1. Release form - capsules (60 pcs / pack).
  2. Releases muscles from excess fluid.
  3. Reduces appetite.
  4. Splits fat.
  5. Normalizes metabolic functions of the body.
  6. Gives energy and endurance to perform physical activities.
  7. Price 2830 r.

Calcium in combination with chromium and extracts of natural plants contribute to the splitting of fat cells, giving vitality and strength during physical exertion. Does not suppress the mood. There are no allergic reactions.

Irina, 29 years old:

“My weight was 95 kg with height 169. I tried different diets, even had good results. But after a while the weight returned, sometimes adding 2-4 kg more. And after the experiments on the body began to appear weakness, sleep disturbance.

A complex of vitamins with chromium Centrum was advised by a friend who works as a fitness trainer. For 3 months of taking the capsules threw 12 kg. After the break, start the second course. The reaction of the body is most pleased. Earlier, until the end of the working day, I barely made it up: just as the headaches from overwork tormented me, so the depression. And now I am vigorous, optimistic and pleased with myself during the day!

Natalya Ivanovna, 42 years old:

“Always watch your weight. Not allowed to go beyond, the diet, the grueling workout. At a reception at the endocrinologist I learned about the Natrol vitamin complex. The doctor not only recommended it to maintain the condition of the skin, strengthen the hair and nails, but also to control weight.

At first I was surprised that vitamins are capable of fighting obesity, and then I felt their effect on myself. In addition to morning exercises, I do not do additional physical activity. A diet is normal, balanced. Weight for six weeks did not change. And all this only with the participation of vitamins ... Miracle. "

Sofia, 30 years old:

“On the advice of a neighbor, I purchased Vitrum complex, implying it should be used only to saturate the body with microelements. But then I learned that it is used for weight loss.

Surprise became discarded 5 kg for the first month. The second month was less productive - minus 3 kg, but still nice. The main thing - I understand that no chemical drugs do not enter the body. Pleasantly surprised by the result. After a two-week break, I want to continue taking Vitrum. So weight is much easier to lose. ”

Tatyana Sergeevna, 34 years old:

“I implemented another friend’s advice - I got Twinlab vitamins for weight loss. As always, she began to receive, skeptically awaiting the result. At the end of the first month, she weighed and smiled because of the result of 1 kg. I wanted to stop the course, but I thought that vitamins would be useful for the body, and weight ... My diet does not differ in fatty and unhealthy food, and I get full physical activity at work, she is very mobile.

When at the end of the 13th week I saw minus 5 on the scales, I took heart. But most of all I was delighted by my manicurist. She said that the nail plate strengthened and became more healthy. I'm glad I tried a new way to control weight. Both useful and effective. ”

Olga, 27 years old:

“I wanted to share my achievements. The first - discovered SlimQuick fat burner. The second - lost 12 kg in three months. But if someone says that it is only with the help of vitamins, then it is mistaken. Workouts every other day, strict menu, daily routine - and this is not a complete list of my efforts. And the joy is so great due to the fact that in 5 years I have not found a more effective way to lose weight without causing damage to my health. ”

How Vitamins Affect Weight

It would seem that vitamins do not have a direct effect on weight loss. But if you carefully examine this issue, it becomes clear that vitamins are very important for losing weight. This is due to the fact that all processes of the body will normally proceed only if the vitamin balance is not disturbed.

The main ways to influence overweight are presented below:

  • Participation in the metabolism. Proper metabolism promotes consistent weight loss. To speed up the metabolism, enzymes are needed. But their work is impossible without coenzymes, which are obtained from various vitamins. It is for this process that vitamins of groups B, C, A and E are necessary. Thus, the vitamins take part in the normal metabolism.
  • Deficiency. The lack of any vitamins directly affects weight gain. It is known that with a lack of vitamins a strong appetite is awakened. The brain hopes that when food arrives, the level of substances will be replenished. Man eats up, overweight grows. If you drink vitamin complexes, the appetite will significantly decrease and the body will consume less carbohydrates and fats, which increase weight.
  • Participation in the production of hormones. With a lack of certain substances, the level of hormones is disturbed, and a person has a strong appetite, contributing to weight gain.
  • A person may experience an increased appetite during stress or anxiety. Lack of vitamin B6 can cause disturbances in the nervous system, which can lead to stress or depression.

It follows from the above that vitamins directly or indirectly affect the appetite and the presence of excess weight.

What vitamins help to lose weight

There is a huge amount of vitamins, but not all of them are useful for reducing excess weight. Immediately the question arises, what vitamins to drink when losing weight?

  1. B1 - participates in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.
  2. C (ascorbic acid) - accelerates the uptake of glucose and its processing into energy. Helps to release energy from body fat.
  3. B2 (riboflavin) - normalizes the thyroid gland, thereby helping to maintain hormone levels. This is very important, because if the hormonal balance is disturbed, the person gets an increased appetite.
  4. B6 - normalizes the work of the nervous system during weight loss. It is no secret that during an intensive weight loss, a person's mood deteriorates and depressive symptoms appear. Taking this vitamin while losing weight will help reduce stress.
  5. B12 - helps improve digestion. Nutrients are digested, as expected, respectively, the digestive process is correct.

With a lack of the above vitamins, the process of losing weight will be significantly slowed down.

Overview of multivitamins for weight loss

In addition to the vitamins themselves, various minerals and amino acids are also present in the vitamin complexes. In combination with a multivitamin for weight loss, they help speed up the process of weight loss. What are the most effective vitamins and their complexes for weight loss?

  • "Alphabet-diet." Specially developed vitamin complex that promotes weight loss. It contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids to regulate the activity of the thyroid gland and the gastrointestinal tract. Due to this, the feeling of hunger is dulled, the metabolism returns to normal and the weight loss occurs faster. This complex also contains useful herbal ingredients and fiber for healing the walls of the stomach and intestines.
  • Vitrum. Vitamin complex containing a large amount of vitamins and minerals. The use of this drug is especially relevant with strict diets and the impossibility of nutrition. With the loss of many nutrients is not enough. Vitrum will help to fill their lack. You will be pleased with the low price of this complex.
  • "Vitamins for weight loss" from the manufacturer Evalar also specifically created to reduce excess weight. The complex contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal ingredients. The action of the drug is aimed at regulating the metabolism and improving the digestion of food, which contributes to weight loss. Vitamin B6 in the composition will help reduce the negative effect of the diet on the nervous system.
  • "Magnesium B6" can be drunk with increased irritability during the diet. The complex consists of only two drugs. Magnesium has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, and vitamin B6 will help to cope with nervousness and irritability caused by intense loss of excess weight. With this drug, you can lose weight and always stay in a great mood.
  • "Selmevit". Domestic product contains 11 vitamins and 9 minerals. The composition includes vitamins B, A, C, that is, all the necessary vitamins that promote weight loss and weight loss. This vitamin complex will help to establish digestion even during the most rigid diet. The price of the drug is not burdensome even for the most modest wallet.
  • "Aevit" contains in its composition two components: vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is involved in the lipid metabolism of the body, so that fats and carbohydrates are better absorbed. Vitamin E is involved in the regulation of the reproductive system of women. This is very important, because during the diet often problems arise in the work of the sex glands. Also, this vitamin complex will help maintain good skin and hair condition while losing weight.

Receiving vitamin complexes that promote weight loss should be started simultaneously with the diet, as with restriction of products entering the body, the volume of vitamins and other beneficial substances for weight loss is also limited.

Multivitamins specifically for women

Unlike vitamin complexes intended for all categories of the population, there are special vitamins for women used for weight loss. Female vitamins for weight loss - this is the name for vitamin complexes designed specifically for the fair sex. They differ in a certain set of elements, therefore they are recommended for admission to women.

  1. Multitabs. This name of vitamin complexes has a specially designed series for women. Such multivitamins are remarkable in that for each age category of women there is a special complex of vitamins. Multitabs helps to lose weight, because the body gets all the necessary substances during the diet. Appetite noticeably reduced. The price of the drug is quite high compared to other similar multivitamins.
  2. "Complivit". This vitamin complex also has a special female series. Она представлена препаратами «Компливит 45+» и «Компливит-сияние».Both of these complexes are excellent help to establish or restore the metabolism of a woman, thanks to the components in the composition. Despite the most rigid diets, when you take these drugs, your hair, skin and nails will look great.
  3. “Duovit for Women” is a specially designed series for women of any age. One tablet contains 12 vitamins and 5 minerals. The composition of the elements in this preparation allows you to say that while losing weight, this vitamin complex will bring tangible benefits. The vitamin complex of this series belongs to an average price category.
  4. “Doppelgerts. Complex for weight loss. It is also a special vitamin complex for weight loss from the German manufacturer. Components are selected in such a way as to fill the deficiency in any diet. An effective composition that improves metabolism and promotes weight loss.

How to choose vitamins for weight loss and which can be taken during weight loss - it is better to consult a nutritionist.

Where to buy and what to look for

Undoubtedly, vitamins should not be bought on the market and from strangers. It is also not recommended to order drugs of doubtful quality on the Internet or by mail. It so happens that multivitamins are offered by suspicious people who bypass apartments or offices. Most often, these drugs are simply useless, and sometimes they can get harmful formulations.

Vitamin complexes can be purchased at a pharmacy, and dietary supplements - in a specialty store.

When buying a multivitamin in a pharmacy, you should read the composition. It may be that the composition does not contain the necessary elements and they are useless for losing weight. Also among the elements may be individually intolerable substances. If there is something incomprehensible to you in the dietary supplement, consult a pharmacist.

Pay attention to the expiration date. After the expiration date of the composition can not be used.

Multivitamins should be packaged in blisters or in a bottle. The top layer of the package is a cardboard box with instructions inside. Packaging must be such that sunlight does not fall on the capsules or tablets. The box should have a well-readable name.

Pay attention to the price. It happens that similar formulations of multivitamins vary considerably in cost.

If the supplement is bought for the first time, it is better to take a small package, as it may happen that multivitamins can cause allergic reactions.

If a dietary supplement is purchased not at a pharmacy, but at some health food store, do not hesitate to ask for a certificate for the goods. When making a purchase, take a check.

Do not buy the drug on the advice of a girlfriend or hearing the name in advertising. Each person needs to choose the composition individually.

If a series of multivitamins is represented by a variety of age categories, indicated in the title, you should choose a drug that matches your age. Also, if the title says that the composition is intended for women, it means they should use it.

How to use?

To lose weight was effective, the drug should be drunk in accordance with the instructions. Many people mistakenly believe that if you take more nutrients than is written in the instructions, it will be better for the body. This is fundamentally wrong! Failure to follow the instructions can lead to serious consequences for the body.

If multivitamins are packaged in two (or more) types, they should be drunk according to the prescribed regimen, since different tablets may contain mutually exclusive compounds (for example, Duovit). You can not take two types of pills at the same time, losing weight will be ineffective.

If a certain substance is included in the preparation, then it should not be taken additionally as a single preparation. The vitamin complex, as a rule, already contains the daily rate. If taken additionally, there is a high risk of overdosing with a specific component.

Vitamin complexes are not as harmless as they seem, therefore only strict compliance with the instructions will allow you to lose weight safely.


Contraindications for multivitamins are not so many, but they are available:

  • Individual intolerance to the components.
  • An unfavorable combination of components of multivitamins with drugs that a person takes for life regularly.
  • Diseases of the stomach and intestines (for example, you cannot take pure ascorbic acid).
  • When urolithiasis is prohibited to take some minerals that may be part of multivitamins.

Do not neglect the contraindications, since the consequences may be the most adverse.

What vitamins to choose for weight loss, every woman decides for herself. Before you make your choice, it is better to undergo a blood test for an excess or lack of vitamins and minerals. After that, you can choose the most suitable composition of multivitamins. This is necessary, since the number of some elements may be redundant.

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