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How to choose a wheelchair for a pet?


Taking care of a comfortable rehabilitation for a disabled person who has lost the ability to walk is an important task. The main measure of assistance is the competent choice of a wheelchair. When buying a model, you need to pay attention to a large number of nuances that you will learn about later.

Features of the construction of wheelchairs

In the design of each stroller there are several elements:

  • support frame
  • seat,
  • front and rear wheels,
  • armrests,
  • footboards.

Mostly produced folding strollers, since this design is more convenient to use. It is as strong as monolithic, but thanks to the folding mechanism it is possible to save space when holding the product at home.

Varieties of wheelchairs

There are many types of wheelchairs. Selection of a variant depends not only on the physiological characteristics of the patient, but also on the lifestyle that he will lead in the future. There are 2 main groups of products.

  1. Basic strollers, which are a common design for people with disabilities, leading a typical (inactive) lifestyle.
  2. Active are designed for patients who often plan to move around the city or in the house, lead an active lifestyle, and even engage in some sports.

There are also 3 groups of products depending on where the wheelchair will most often be used.

  1. For home and street (universal).

Another classification relates to how the stroller moves.

  1. Manual wheelchairs are the most common among active models. Thanks to a pair of levers, the disabled person himself sets in motion a simple mechanical system. This is a lightweight version of the base stroller, because it is easier to set it in motion.

  1. In the case of electric models are more expensive, but they provide maximum comfort for the disabled. By setting the mechanism in motion, the patient drives the stroller without outside help and even without his own physical efforts.

Separately, you can select tricycles, teenagers, models for children with cerebral palsy and sports.

How to make the right choice: step by step instructions

When choosing a wheelchair you need to pay attention not only to its value. The main task is to ensure maximum comfort for the disabled person and provide for all the nuances:

  • human physiological characteristics (height, weight, clothing size),
  • engine features (manual or electric)
  • what should be the depth of the chair
  • the height of the main parts (armrests, seat),
  • where the stroller will be mainly used - at home or on the street,
  • additional features (a mechanism that protects against overturning, the ability to change components and adjust their height).

An analysis of the main selection criteria is given below.

Homemade wheelchairs and street it is important to select a specific patient. It is necessary to take into account not only height and weight, but also clothing size, which allows you to navigate the average width of the product (the ratio of parameters is given in the table).

Both extremes are harmful: if you choose a seat that is too narrow, the patient will be uncomfortable, and if it is too wide, there is a risk of falling out, because the chair must securely fix the person.

Depth of the chair

This is an important parameter, especially if it is supposed to use wheelchairs for the street. Under the depth refers to the distance from the back to the edge. In assessing the depth should be borne in mind that the position of the patient should be as easy as possible.

  1. The patient should not slide, freely moving on a chair.
  2. Weight should be evenly distributed over the surface so that the body does not swell, there were no pressure sores and other violations of the skin.

Choose an adult or a pram is simple: you need to measure the distance from the beginning of the thigh to the knees and subtract 5 cm. You need to avoid extremes: if the surface is not large enough, the patient strains the seat and when the chair is too deep, a rash appears on the skin under the knees.

Seat height and armrests

To facilitate the position of the disabled person during movement, it is important to accurately calculate the height of the armrests and the seat. To do this, you need to take a measure from the patient: measure the distance from the surface of the feet to the knees, add 5 cm and get the required height of the seat.

It is necessary to determine the height of the back: measure the distance (in a sitting position) from the seat surface to the armpits and take 10 cm. And to get the optimum height of the armrests, measure the distance from the elbows to the surface of the chair, then add 3 cm to this figure.

The right choice is the stroller, which provides for the possibility of regulation:

Then it is not necessary to carry out all measurements, because in any case, you can adjust the product to the desired height, in accordance with the patient's characteristics.

Wheels are of two types.

  1. Cast is best used when moving inside buildings (apartment, hospital, sanatorium). They serve for a long time, because they are made of durable materials, but not suitable for walking options.
  2. Pneumatic soften blows while driving, although they do not differ in the same durability as the cast. Pneumatic wheels are convenient if you are planning an active lifestyle with frequent movements along the street - they quench the bumps on bumps and bumps.

Maximum wheelchair user weight

The average capacity of the wheelchair is 110 kg, so when choosing it is worth paying attention to this parameter, if the weight of the patient is more than 110 kg, you should choose the appropriate model. The frame of the stroller of greater capacity is made of a more durable material, in some cases the wheels are made of cast more durable discs. The maximum user weight allowed in the wheelchairs offered on our website is 150 kg.

Selection of a wheelchair depending on the duration of use

In some cases, a wheelchair is required for a short time and there is no need to overpay for additional features, you can choose the simplest option with a regular fabric seat without folding armrests and other useful features that are not urgently needed.

If prolonged use is intended, you should carefully consider the question of choice. Consider the main characteristics that have an important role and facilitate the use of the stroller in everyday life and on the street:

Folding back
To reduce the load on the spine, an important feature is the presence of a folding back in a wheelchair, most often, if this function is available, the back is tilted at an angle of up to 180 degrees. The user can lie down, thereby reducing the load on the spine and lower back, also, these types of wheelchairs are equipped with removable head restraints, which can be detached if necessary. For example, when going outside and in other similar situations.

Wheelchair with a folding back

Adjustable footboards
Along with a folding back, the presence in the models of adjustable footrests plays an important role. In most models, but not all, there is the possibility of raising steps up to a certain degree. This is convenient for reducing the load on the lower leg and thigh. Often, this option is used in conjunction with folding back to 180 degrees. Also steps are most often regulated in height and are set in accordance with the length of the legs. If the steps are not needed, there is the possibility of their complete detachment.

Adjustable wheelchair steps

Removable armrests
Wheelchair armrests also have various modifications. In the most simple models, it is not possible to detach the armrest, in this case, landing and disembarking is possible only from the front, which is not always convenient for daily use. Other models are equipped with removable armrests, which can also be adjusted in height and recline. In this case, landing and disembarking is greatly facilitated since it is already possible to sit in the sidecar from the side, and if necessary, completely remove the armrest.

Wheelchair with otkindy armrests

Comfort seat
Once you have decided on the size of the wheelchair, you should choose which chair to use. The most budget option is the usual not soft armchair with a fabric water-repellent coating. The stroller with such a chair can be used for short-term use. More expensive options are equipped with additional soft anatomical foam mattresses with removable covers. But the most convenient options are the seats made in the similarity of automobiles. Undoubtedly, their operation is the most comfortable and such chairs are designed for the long-term presence of a person in a wheelchair. Naturally, the more expensive models of wheelchairs have more comfortable chairs.

What is the difference between a wheelchair for the street and a carriage for home or hospital?

In addition to the listed characteristics, there is one more important parameter of choice - these are wheels of a wheelchair. Wheels of wheelchairs are divided into wheels with solid tires, made of a single piece of rubber, and pneumatic tires inflated by the pump. What is their main difference?

Solid tires more resistant to external influences and therefore more durable to use. Since they do not have a high depreciation component, the use of a stroller on such wheels on the street will not be comfortable due to the sensitivity to each even a small unevenness. Therefore, wheelchairs on solid tires are recommended to be used only in places with a perfectly flat surface (at home, in a hospital, etc.). At failure of a wheel of such carriage, it is replaced completely.

Tire wheel

Pneumatic tires less durable compared to solid cast, but have several advantages. First, it is a softer movement of the device due to increased depreciation. Due to this, pneumatic tires are more adapted for driving on the street, in conditions of uneven road surfaces. Secondly, strollers on pneumatic tires can be used not only on the street, but also at home. Those. This is a more versatile option. When a tire of this wheel fails, there is no need to completely replace the wheel, it is enough to change the tire.

Pneumatic Tire Wheel

Most often, the front wheels are always solid, as they do not greatly affect the depreciation, while the rear wheels are installed either solid or pneumatic. Therefore, when choosing a stroller for the street or for the home, first of all pay attention to the rear wheels of the device.

When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in some models there is the possibility of using both solid cast and pneumatic rear wheels. This adds versatility to the stroller and allows comfortable use both outdoors and at home. Most often wheels of such carriages quick-detachable.

How to manage a wheelchair

All models of mechanical wheelchairs are equipped with handles behind the back to control the stroller with the help of an accompanying person. Therefore, it can be managed both by the user, using special handles on wheels, and his guide.

With the loss of the function of the lower extremities and with sufficiently developed muscles, you can use a wheelchair with lever control. Such devices are most often intended for use on the street (equipped with pneumatic tires).

What else to look for when buying a wheelchair

The above are all the basic parameters that you need to pay attention to when buying. If the wheelchair is chosen correctly, your loved ones or you yourself will feel comfortable and will not regret buying. Nevertheless, there are more characteristics that we have not mentioned, we will briefly list them:

  • Adjusting the wheels horizontally and vertically,
  • Seat height adjustment,
  • The ability to quickly detach the wheels,
  • The presence / absence of anti-tipping wheels,
  • Easy adjustment of the backrest, armrests, footrests, etc.

The options described above make the operation of the device more convenient and adapted to a specific user.

Wheelchair price

Obviously, the more comfortable the wheelchair in operation, the higher its price. Perhaps the price could have been put in the first place of the article, but we did not do this for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, in our online store it is possible to choose a wheelchair for a sick or elderly person at very reasonable prices,
  • secondly, by choosing a model that is not adapted for the user, you can often regret that you didn’t pay 2-3 thousand for additional conveniences in due time,
  • thirdly, for any means of rehabilitation, you can receive compensation in the FSS in full, and, if the wheelchair is purchased in our online store, compensation can be obtained even for the delivery of goods to the client. This is done simply, we can specify in the contract the delivery at the expense of the supplier and include the cost of delivery in the account of the wheelchair.

A complete list of mechanical wheelchairs for the house and the street, offered by our online store, you can find on the link: Mechanical wheelchairs for the house and the street

What are wheelchairs?

Before making a choice, it is worth considering the main types of wheelchairs:

  • Frontal. They are attached to the front of the body of the animal and are intended for pets who have lost mobility of the front paws.
  • Classic or rear strollers are designed for animals with injured, amputated or paralyzed hind legs. This design is attached to the back of the torso.
  • The so-called carriage "quad", that is, four-wheel. It is useful if the mobility of both the hind legs, and the front ones, is either completely or completely lost, or coordination is disturbed in the animal. Also, such models are often used after serious operations, if the rehabilitation period requires limited mobility.
  • The stroller is designed for walking fully paralyzed animals or healthy, but quickly tired (for example, old or having problems with the joints or the musculoskeletal system). This design looks like a regular baby carriage, but smaller. Pet is placed in it completely and conveniently located. In such a wheelchair there can be a so-called luggage compartment - a compartment for things in the lower part.

Stroller device

A wheelchair usually consists of several main parts:

  • Wheels. They provide the mobility of the whole structure.
  • The harness is designed to secure the animal in the stroller and allows you to securely fix the device and synchronize movement. Pet mobility with quality harness is practically not limited.
  • Saddle. It accommodates the immobilized part of the body of the animal. Thus, it does not hang and is not pressed down with straps, but is fixed and supported. But at the same time the animal can self-defecate, which is very important.
  • Stirrups are designed for fixing fixed paws, so that they do not interfere and distract the pet, almost merged with the design.
  • Frame. This is the main part of the stroller, and the comfort and safety of your pet will depend on its configuration and strength.

    What to look for?

    How to choose a wheelchair for your pet? Pay attention to the following important points:

  • The size. It is selected individually, which ensures maximum comfort to the pet. There are many options, so you can pick up a pram for a dog of impressive size, for a cat or for a small dog.
  • Wheels. Their size will depend on the size of the stroller and the size of the animal. As for materials, small wheels are usually made of polyurethane, and large ones are pneumatic with inflatable chambers, which allows for sufficient cushioning and excellent maneuverability. Pay attention to how far they are, because if the pet is full, the wheelchair may seem narrow to him. In addition, the wheels can touch the paws and distract your pet. But usually they are located at a sufficient distance and even at a certain angle.
  • All mounts must be reliable and durable, it will ensure maximum safety of the pet.
  • Please note whether there is an adjustment function. This will allow you to adapt to changes occurring with the pet.
  • Frame. Most often it is made from durable, but at the same time fairly lightweight aluminum pipes.
  • Soft parts, that is, stirrups and harnesses should be made of breathable and soft material, such as aeroprene. It provides maximum pet comfort, as well as perfectly breathable and evaporates moisture, which is especially important for active animals.
  • Some parts of the device may be removable, and sometimes this is necessary. So, if the pet recovers from the injury, and mobility is lost partially or temporarily, then the stirrups can be removed. Таким образом, животное будет периодически опираться на лапы и давать им необходимую нагрузку (в противном случае они могут атрофироваться).
  • Some models, in addition to the main parts, also have a hard corset. And it can be useful or even necessary, for example, if the pet has a broken spine and needs to be fixed in a certain position.
  • Pay attention to the features of harness. Firstly, it should be fixed on the pet in several places, so that during active games the stroller does not accidentally jump off. Secondly, this part of the device must comply with the characteristics of the structure of the animal. Thirdly, the straps should not be tight or hard.
  • The price will depend on the configuration, features and dimensions of the stroller. So, usually simple models for small dogs or cats are inexpensive, their cost varies between 3-5 thousand rubles. But strollers for large breeds can cost about 10-20 thousand and above.


    Some useful tips:

    • In order not to miscalculate and find the right option, take your pet with you to literally “try on” the chosen model and evaluate it in action. The animal should feel comfortable and move without much effort.
    • You can try to make a stroller yourself. For example, if the dog is large, it is best to make such a device from a garden cart or car. And all supporting components can be made of special sports breathable fabric. If you have wheels (for example, from a children's bike), then the pillars and axle can be made of aluminum or steel tubes. All metal parts are fastened together, usually by welding, and soft ones - by adhesive tape.
    • Purchase a stroller in a specialty store. And by all means ask the seller whether the supplier has components, whether warranty service is expected (if the device breaks, it will be very difficult to fix it yourself).
    • Before you purchase a stroller, consult your veterinarian for advice on a specific model, as well as advise on the correct, safe and effective use of such a device. For example, if an animal is recovering from an injury, a stroller may not be necessary. If you teach your pet to her, then mobility may decrease and eventually get lost completely. With some injuries, it is necessary to ensure regular loads, and the stroller can slow down the process of healing and tissue repair.
    • You can buy a wheelchair on the ad, so to speak, "with the hands." But it must be serviceable and fit your pet.

    Let your pet live a full life!

    Types of wheelchairs

    Disabled vehicles can be of several varieties:

    Active strollers used by the patient to move independently. For the manufacture of such seats, a high-strength metal is used so that it can withstand large and long-lasting loads. The design of this chair is lightweight and allows you to perform many maneuvers.

    Armchair with a mechanical or lever driveequipped with pneumatic tires. Such tires improve the depreciation properties on a rough road. Chairs of this type have adjustable backrest, allowing you to change the position of the body. This model is especially convenient for people whose capabilities are limited in part, as well as for sports. The design of the stroller is reliable and stable, which provides the best contact with the coating.

    Electric seat is the most convenient. They are easy to manage. Such devices can be used for movement both indoors and outdoors. The electric seat is battery powered and can be controlled using a special remote control. Movement on such a device does not take a lot of man’s energy, since in order to set the chair in motion, you need to press only 1 button on the remote. The only drawback of electric models is that they are expensive.

    Wheelchairs also differ in model designation. For example, children's wheelchairs are almost all custom-made. When performing such a stroller, the structural features of the child’s body, the specifics of the disease and the purpose are taken into account. There are also sanitary wheelchairs, which are equipped with useful devices with which you can change the ship, help the patient take a shower and perform some other actions.

    Features of the choice of a wheelchair

    Before proceeding to the selection of a wheelchair for a particular person, you should be aware that all wheelchairs have several differences:

    • Armrests can be removable or fixed. Removable or reclining design of armrests is convenient in case there is a need to quickly transplant the patient. Some models provide the ability to adjust the height of the armrests. If this element of the vehicle is securely fixed, the design is simple and reliable. This stroller is very durable and stable. When using such a chair, you can not be afraid of accidental breakage of the mechanism, so it is absolutely safe to move around on such a chair. The downside to the fixed armrests is that they make the transplant difficult.
    • Tires can be pneumatic or solid. The latter option is distinguished by reliability and durability, but it is possible to move on such a wheelchair only on a flat solid surface, since with the slightest unevenness a person will surely feel it on his body. Therefore, wheelchairs with solid wheels are preferable to use only at home.

    The seat with pneumatic tires is designed for movement outside. When hit on unevenness, unpleasant sensations are smoothed out by the shock-absorbing effect of tires. The disadvantage of these tires is that they need to be pumped up regularly and replaced from time to time. But such models of wheelchairs are constantly being improved; new components are being developed that make movement in a wheelchair as comfortable as possible.

    How to choose a wheelchair

    To make a person comfortable using a wheelchair, you need to make some measurements before you buy:

    • width, height and depth of the seat,
    • the length of a person's feet,
    • forearm height
    • back height.

    The width of the seat is measured using a tailor's meter, placing the tape on the widest parts of the hips. For freedom, another 5 cm is added to the received number. If the stroller is bought for street walks, it is recommended to make an additional increase in thick clothes. Insufficient seat width causes the formation of pressure sores. And excess width is dangerous due to improper body position. To determine the correctness of the selection of the width is easy enough: the palm of a person should easily pass between the human body and the stroller.

    In order to determine the depth of the seat, the tape is placed from the edge of the buttock along the outer side of the thigh to the knee. To get the correct value, the resulting number is taken away from 5 to 7.5 cm. With an insufficient depth of the seat, the patient can simply fall forward while moving. A chair that is too deep disturbs the proper circulation of blood and irritates the skin and calf muscles in the popliteal area. To determine the correctness of the measurement of this value, it is necessary to measure between the popliteal area and the edge of the seat upholstery. Its value should be approximately 7 cm.

    Toe length is measured from the edge of the shoe to the level of the thigh. When measuring, it is advisable to put a pillow on the seat, and put your feet on a special platform 5 cm from the ground.

    To find the height of the seat, add 5 cm to the previous dimension. If a person sits in a chair on a special pillow, then half the thickness of the pillow is added to the previous figure.

    To find the height of the armrests, measure the distance from the seat to the beginning of the elbow and add 2.5 cm to this number. The armrests are fixed at this height.

    To determine the height of the back of the chair measure the distance from the seat to the human armpits. During this measurement, the person must stretch their arms forward parallel to the floor surface. To clarify the thickness of the upholstery you need to subtract 10 cm from the number obtained. At such a height, the support of the body will be minimal.

    If you need to provide maximum support for the body, then measurements are made from the seat to the desired level. In this case, it makes sense to stay in a chair whose back is reclined or use chairs with sectional adjustment of the height of the back.

    Video tips on choosing a wheelchair:

    Most Popular Wheelchairs

    People with disabilities are now seeking to lead an active lifestyle and contact with society. Therefore, a wheelchair for such people is not just a means of transportation, but a vital thing. The lack of a personal vehicle rives a sick person to a bed, a person is cut off from the whole world. We present you the best strollers that meet the most demanding requirements of people with disabilities.

    This wheelchair is very suitable if you need to constantly maneuver in narrow doorways and aisles. In addition, this model, if necessary, can be easily folded due to the special design of the mechanism. In this model of a wheelchair, the frame is characterized by increased durability, as it is made of high-quality steel with chrome plating. According to reviews of many people who used this stroller, it is recognized as the narrowest and has excellent traffic, since the width of the seat is only 50 cm. It is convenient to use it both on the street and in the apartment. The model is suitable for moving at the airport, for a trip to the hospital and, if necessary, it will easily fit into a car.

    The model has a comfortable multifunctional headrest, and high-quality seat belts. If necessary, a folding table can be installed on the armrests, and for patients there is an opportunity to attach a dropper. For convenience, you can change the angle of the footrest and there is body support on the sides. All tires in this model are pneumatic.

    • comfortable,
    • maneuverable
    • durable
    • there is an additional equipment.
    • only for slender people and teenagers.

    The average price is 27,800 rubles.

    The production model of the German company is universal, therefore it is suitable for use at home and for traveling outside. The purpose of the stroller may vary depending on the configuration. To adjust the wheelbase, a special adapter is provided. This is convenient for the person himself and increases the maneuverability of the chair in different environments. To store and transport a chair, a special folding mechanism.

    For the convenience of the person, the chair is equipped with a special cushion that prevents the formation of bedsores. The seat can have a different width and depth, which allows you to choose a chair for people of different build. The armrests are comfortably adjustable in height, and can be folded back if necessary. It is also possible to adjust the angle of the footrest or even remove it. The back is also adjustable, covered with nylon. For human safety, there is a special protection against overturning, seat belts, a folding back, and there is also a set of tools complete with an armchair.

    • comfortable,
    • you can install replacement wheels
    • there is a complete set for the house and for the street,
    • You can install additional equipment.
    • not found.

    The average price is 32100 rubles.

    Read more about the wheelchair in the video:

    Children with disabilities, as well as adults, need a quality vehicle. This model will be an excellent choice, it will be convenient for both the child and his parents. The model is very good to use on the street for walks in the fresh air, it provides everything you need to make your child comfortable. In this stroller, the child is protected, if necessary, you can change the position of the back of the stroller to take a reclining or recumbent position, and not just sit.

    The frame of the stroller is made of durable steel. There is a set of wheels for home and for the street. You can adjust the position of the step. The stroller is equipped with bright covers that can be quickly removed and washed. The stroller is suitable for a child weighing up to 60 kg.

    • three positions of the child in the chair,
    • suitable for both home and street walks,
    • there is a folding mechanism.
    • not found.

    The average price is 41,000 rubles.

    This model of German production is deservedly recognized as one of the best. It differs in ease and maneuverability, is equipped with a strong duralumin frame, a progressive adapter, it is possible to adjust the wheels in all respects. The presence of these functions makes it possible to customize the stroller for active and passive users. There is a cushion protecting cushion on the seat, so it is safe to use this chair for a long time.

    Duralumin frame can be folded if necessary. Nylon is used to cover the back and seat, which can be easily cleaned if necessary. The chair is adjustable in height and seat depth. The armrests recline, it is possible to adjust or completely remove the footrest. Smooth movement is provided by cast front and pneumatic rear wheels. For convenience, there are brake levers on both sides of the seat.

    • comfortable armchair,
    • high-quality assembly,
    • 4 year warranty.
    • additional equipment needs to be bought separately.

    The average price is 57,400 rubles.

    This model is recommended, above all, for children suffering from diseases such as cerebral palsy. In it, the child can sit without fixation, provided that he is socially active. This summer stroller in the form of a cane is equipped with free front wheels, a lock and a lightweight frame. The Eco-Buggy model is the most maneuverable, it can be used to overcome the most difficult places on city roads. Included is a bag where you can put everything you need for a long walk. The backrest is adjustable, so in case of fatigue, the child can rest in a reclining position. To protect the child there are seat belts.

    If necessary, the aluminum frame can be quickly folded. Nylon is used for the seat and back, which can be easily cleaned. It is possible to install an additional roof as protection from rain. For kids there is a mattress, you can set the footrest for a second child.


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