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Do relationships have a chance at a distance


Surely, almost every person has an example of relationships that develop at a distance. We will not exaggerate and deceive, the majority of couples still can not cope with the difficulties of such a relationship, the joy of communication and meetings are lost and people, as a result, part.

But it is also true that in many respects not the “difficult” life is to blame, but just the people themselves, who do not understand that any relationship is hard work and work on oneself, while relations at a distance are doubly work, without which just won't work.

If it happened that two people met, loved each other, but it so happened that due to circumstances (promotion, family problems, studying in another city) you had to leave each other, then you need to learn all the points and rules that will help keep your relationship at a distance.

And then no thousand kilometers will be able to separate your strong pair, and even then, when it becomes very difficult, you can always cope with the situation. And if all of a sudden it helps you, the lion’s share of Americans live in different cities, but at the same time they do an excellent job with their relationships at a distance, develop them and form families.

And, most likely, every person has a happy example of such a couple, who after long years of life separately still formed a happy family. How do they do it? Let's try to figure it out.

Communication and communication again!

It also happens that couples who live in the same city can only be seen on weekends, this is a big deal, but this is a fact that is sometimes very destructive for relationships, even though they are much closer to each other.

And the thing is that people forget to chat! Fortunately, modern progress has reached the point that, being half a world away from your half, you can always call up on Skype and see each other, chat in chat, write via e-mail, and constantly exchange SMS messages.

Many people neglect such important moments, they call each other only occasionally, which ultimately leads to the “erasure” of the need to communicate with each other. It is necessary that your half will always occupy a decisive place in everyday life.

During the day, you can always throw off a few pleasant words by SMS, and on the way from work, chat about what happened during the day, and in the evening before bedtime discuss personal topics. It is important to create a joint schedule, which you will both stick to, knowing that at this time you have to phone, and on weekends you will always communicate via Skype. Only such a discipline will help not to lose the need for your soul mate.

Joint future

It is very important to know whether you have a future, what you want to eventually come to, relations at a distance require such nourishment. You should constantly discuss what you want to come to, faith in a life together, children and a happy family should always be present between you. It is imperative to believe that the distance that separates you at the moment is manageable, and this will happen in the future.

Two loving people should constantly make every effort to be together, to use any opportunity to meet. Even if you have already used joint vacation, but you feel that you need to see your soul mate, then it is better to take a couple of days of vacation at your own expense, but still realize your desire.

Of course, such aspiration should be from two sides, and if one of the partners only “accepts” your aspirations and impulses, then it is worth thinking about whether you really need such a relationship?

Party time

Yes, yes, do not be surprised, being thousands of kilometers apart, you can still have common hobbies and activities. And it is even necessary if you want your partner to be aware of your life, because of the household trifles and occupations, it is formed. For example, do you both love cycling?

Phoned in the process of driving through the park, discuss the little things that you see around you: grannies on a bench, children on the playground, fragrant flowers and the gentle sun. Maybe you like to cook, so figure out something together, each in his own kitchen, but at the same time being on a video conference on Skype. You can even watch movies together, synchronously, and in parallel in the next chat window discuss everything that happens. Perhaps it will seem to you something superfluous, but believe me, this is not so, you should create the effect of each other’s presence in your life with all your might.

Gifts and surprises

Do not forget that even though you are at a distance, your half would like to feel, at least sometimes, something tangible near, something that concerned its half.

Especially, this refers to the beautiful half, just send her flowers by the delivery service, cute postcards or small surprises that will be sent by mail, will add considerable effect. It is also important that your half has some kind of trinket that will always remind her of you and vice versa. This, for example, pendant, bracelet, ring, which can always be with you.

The pros and cons of distance relations

Do not forget that relationships at a distance are not only sheer difficulties, but even in them you can find positive aspects that people who constantly live together do not exactly have. For example, you will definitely have fewer quarrels because of domestic trivialities, each of your meetings is always filled with joy, emotions and happiness, you are much less likely to pick up anger on each other, because you understand how precious are the minutes spent together.

Unlike couples who are constantly together, you have time for self-development, for hobbies and meetings with friends, you can spend more time with family and friends if they are there next to you.

But the cons, of course, are known to all. The main problem that torments most couples is distrust, people are afraid that their half might not agree, change or find something else. And jealousy and distrust are the surest ways to destroy even the most gentle and strong relationship.

Therefore, if it so happens, and you have to live apart for some time, you have to trust your soul mate, his honesty and innocence should not even be discussed. But, of course, not to blind stupidity, if you see the obvious facts, then perhaps it is time to finish what you so carefully kept all this time. And the distance or not, if a person wants, he will leave and from his half, with whom he lives in the same apartment, so the distance is not an indicator.

Many people wonder whether relations are possible at a distance, they want to get an answer from third parties. But, if this topic touched you, first of all, honestly ask yourself, and if you can follow all the rules, and what awaits you at the end. And only then you will understand whether the game is worth the candle.

The couple is under strong social pressure.

If the other half is far away, you have to constantly answer stupid questions: “When will your girlfriend come?”, “Are you sure that he is not walking there?” Circumstances are already psychologically crushed, and such attempts to get into the soul are generally unsettled.

Close friends and relatives usually understand the situation, but you will not escape the pressure of curious colleagues and acquaintances. This is because relations at a distance in the mass consciousness go beyond the limits of normality. To save them, you need to be able to abstract from the opinions of others.

People feel lonely at important moments in their lives.

On the one hand, you can go wherever you want, do what you like. But on the other hand, at all events (birthdays, weddings, family holidays, and so on) you will also be alone.

And if at a party with your friends you can somehow cope with the feeling of loneliness, then at critical moments (illness, death of loved ones, etc.) it just overwhelms.

Moreover, if it is impossible to break and come, it is bad for both parties. You want your loved one to be near and hold her hand, and your spouse cannot find the “right” words of consolation and hates herself for being unable to help.

It is necessary to adapt to the schedule of the partner

When it's midday in Moscow, it's a deep night in New York. Couples living in different time zones, for the sake of communication with a loved one have to sleep enough. Even a couple hours difference can be a nuisance if you work or study.

It is also necessary to adapt to each other for meetings. For example, take a vacation at one time to spend it together. From here, by the way, one more minus of relations follows from a distance: money is needed for constant flights and transfers, as well as for long-distance communication.

But it is not all that bad. Relations at a distance have indisputable advantages.

They communicate more

It sounds paradoxical, but it is. If a man and a woman live together for a long time, then gradually the conversations between them boil down to exchanging news at dinner. This happens because, over time, close people begin to understand each other without words or half-words. Why say something if you already see that your other half, for example, is upset about something, and can you just walk up and hug?

Couples separated by kilometers and time zones are forced to put all their feelings and experiences into words. After all, no one can read minds at a distance, and without non-verbal means of communication, it is sometimes difficult to achieve mutual understanding. Therefore, in a relationship at a distance, lovers send each other dozens of messages and pour out their souls for hours on the phone and on Skype.

They value freedom

Its and partner's freedom.

In the novel “Atlas Shrugged” John Gault and Dagny Taggert promised each other:

The relations of the Ayn Rand heroes are built on a healthy egoism and respect for the individual freedom of the individual. If your other half is far away and wants, for example, to enroll in tango courses, you have no right to interfere. When a partner is not physically close by, everyone does what he wants.

Couples living together are forced to subdue selfishness and reckon with each other's hobbies. The situation when he loves hiking, and she prefers theater, divides. We have to look for a common hobby that satisfies both parties.

Between them there is no quarrel on domestic soil

When a couple starts living together, reproaches like “You always throw everything around!” Or “You are going to take too long!” Are inevitable. Some eventually reconcile themselves with each other's habits, while others have a love boat that beats so hard on the rocks of life that feelings disappear.

Lovers living in different cities or even countries do not need to argue about who is doing the dishes today or first in the shower. Of course, someday they will have to go through household grinding. But they have enough time to study each other’s habits and discuss the conditions of living together.

They keep jealousy under control

Relations at a distance - this is primarily a trust. Without it, nothing happens. Jealousy is certainly present, but it should be reduced to flirting: “Does that guy next to you in the photo know that he doesn’t have anything to shine?”, “Be a good girl at a party - do not let him stick to you!” A simple demonstration of how you love the partner.

If there is no trust and constant reproaches and suspicions between you, the relationship is doomed. Therefore, couples separated by distance must keep their jealousy under control.

What does the statistics say? Are relationships possible at a distance?

As practice shows, a considerable number of couples faced the problem of separation. For some, these were temporary difficulties, for example, in the form of a business trip of one of the lovers or military service. But there are couples who started or continued their relationship from a distance.

Psychologists have identified the situation with such a relationship one of the most problematic and unstable. Statistics show that many couples do not withstand prolonged separation, so one or both partners switch their attention to someone else. There are also relations for which separation is not a hindrance, and lovers manage to preserve old feelings without even seeing each other.

Opinion psychologists

Psychologists have their own opinion on this problem. Experts believe: in order to maintain relationships, certain factors must coincide in a couple. For example:

  • sexual and biological compatibility,
  • similar views on life
  • living in one geographic location.

The last factor is important, and according to psychologists too. So the distance is detrimental to the relationship, no matter how strong and passionate they are in the first stages. 2-3 years spent not together, kill all the tender feelings of people, distancing them from each other not only geographically. To become one of those people who are happy, living a few kilometers apart, it is worthwhile to heed the advice of psychologists on relationships at a distance.

Keep in touch

Relationships between man and woman are impossible without constant contact. If earlier it was possible to communicate using letters, now it can be done via the Internet, telephone calls and video calls. You need to call up and chat as often as possible, better every day or every other day, but in no case when there is time for it. For the sake of maintaining relationships, sometimes you need to sacrifice something. Living together or close by, people in pairs constantly communicate. The same must be done at a distance. Otherwise all love will come to naught.

Not having constant contact with each other, especially verbal, lovers gradually wean off the manifestation of warm feelings towards their half, coldness and remoteness sets in in a relationship. Of course, this can happen to those who see each other regularly, but at a distance it happens faster.

You can start communication with the morning SMS with a wish for a good day and the expression of feelings. In the afternoon or in the evening, you can call or chat on Skype. Constant contact is able to warm up love feelings and desire for a speedy meeting.

Do not dwell on problems

Very often, a fallen problem lump presses with its load when a person is separated from his or her second half. Of course, when support is close by, coping with difficulties is easier. Therefore, psychologists strongly recommend separated couples not to dwell on the accumulated problems, not to become disheartened and not to dump all this load on their half.

Distance undermines a person’s emotional state. He constantly misses his partner, and here he faces everyday, financial or personal problems so at the wrong time. Advice from psychologists: abstract for a while, but do not stop solving your problems. As often as possible, get distracted by entertainment, cultural events, socializing with friends. Do not make the accumulated adversity the foundation of your existence. Talk with your beloved about pleasant, about to meet soon, about future joint plans. This will not only solve the problem of how to keep relationships at a distance, but also significantly improve the internal state.

Towards life!

Undoubtedly, the absence of a loved one beside spoils the mood and undermines the inner mood for any accomplishments. Therefore, psychologists offer advice: relations at a distance should not be limited to relationships alone.

Live, rejoice, set goals and achieve them, change the image, get yourself a hobby, change your hated work. In other words, live to the fullest. In separation, it is very common for many to fall into depression, which eventually develops into apathy, and even worse - into depression. Psychologists strongly recommend not to dwell on the fact that there is no loved one near. It is not necessary to live only thoughts about the upcoming meeting. This will not only adversely affect the internal state, but also lead to a deterioration in relations.

The need for meetings

The beloved who live far from each other are deprived of the joy of regular meetings, and without this there is no sense of relationship. Therefore, to those who are subjected to such a test as distance, psychologists strongly recommend starting a schedule of meetings and not deviate from it, except in the case of force majeure.

If the desired meeting is scheduled for a specific date, then you should not postpone it if it is not necessary. After all, it is not known for how long the meeting will be postponed and whether it will take place at all in the near future. For convenience, it is worth agreeing with a partner about how often you would like (you have the opportunity) to meet, for example, 2 times a month, and clearly follow the planned plans. Postponing or postponing a date will eventually begin to gradually suppress the need for it, the desire to see each other will go to the back rows. And such relationships at a distance are doomed to a sad ending.

One thing for two

And the lovers who live nearby, and the couple who are separated, have the same chances of breaking up, if the partners have nothing at all to unite. There is nothing to discuss. Therefore, the relationship of men and women at a distance should be supported by common interests. It is important that lovers consult with each other, share their impressions and their attitude to something.

Речь не идет о том, что партнеры должны заняться вязанием крючком и обсуждать схемы узоров или рассуждать о том, какое масло залить в автомобиль. Нет, это, конечно, тоже замечательно, но для отношений на расстоянии можно поступить иначе.

Modern technology allows you to stay on video 24 hours a day. Therefore, in order to strengthen relations in separation, you can go "together" shopping (each in your own city), advising you about a particular purchase. And if one of the partners is going to attend an interesting exhibition at his place of stay, he can “take with him” his soul mate. So you can spend your free time together, even at a distance.

No cheating

About relations at a distance, you can say "unstable". And this, unfortunately, is true, since, without seeing for a long time, and most importantly, without physically feeling his partner, a person begins to wean him. Tactile contact is no less important than visual and verbal. It provokes many to search for the one who is closer, the one who is somehow similar to that distant, dear.

Relationship statistics at a distance is sad because most couples break up because of cheating. And the changed partner does not break off relations with his former half, while continuing to build new ones. Therefore, psychologists recommend that those who value their relationship, do not lie to his beloved. Everyone suffers from this: the one who is deceived and the one who is deceiving.

Even without confessing his action, the betrayer can no longer live in old relationships as before. His condition will be depressed, in relation to his partner, he will experience shame and remorse. Only pure relationships without lies and betrayal are capable of continuing.

Discuss problems

Discussing controversies that have arisen is not only relevant for those couples who live at a distance. But if nearby lovers can immediately resolve the conflict, the relationship at a distance does not allow it. As a result, partners tend to think out what is not, thereby aggravating the seemingly simple situation. Partners, in particular, are characteristic of women, after embellishing a conflict situation in their head, they begin to be offended, to ignore the relationship with their beloved, thereby leading them to discord.

Psychologists are advised to resolve controversial issues that are said, "without departing from the cash register." This can be discussed in the correspondence or call immediately as a free minute appears. To dot all the "i" immediately, otherwise the separation will occur because of seemingly trivial disorder.

Self-realization and development

Relations with a man at a distance or with a woman should be self-sufficient, but not overlapping the personalities of each of the partners. The mistakes of many people living in separation, that they completely dissolve in this relationship, live only by them and their beloved, completely forgetting about their own person. This mistake can also cause a termination of the relationship. After all, interest in a partner disappears when he is constantly in a melancholic mood, his eye is not burning with the desire to live and develop. If a person is not interested in himself, then he is not interested in anyone. Alas, it is.

While the second half is not around, this is a great way to do yourself: master a new profession, learn a new language, do sports, learn how to cook well, change your appearance. Having told about your new successes to your beloved, you will awaken his new interest in you, the desire to see you and your achievements with your own eyes, make you look in a new way at you. Therefore, it will not only save relationships at a distance, but also increase self-esteem.

And what is the result?

Relationships at a distance are painstaking work that requires both partners to have patience, prudence, maturity, and most importantly, a desire to build these relationships. Unfortunately, many of these relationships are doomed to break, because for beloveds this becomes a serious test that they cannot overcome. This is especially true of very young people.

But if the test is passed, then, as practice shows, such relationships become the most durable and indestructible, since lovers have proven that they are able to overcome everything together, while maintaining love, loyalty and respect for each other.

They value time spent together.

“What we have, we do not keep, having lost - we cry” - this truth is as old as the world and absolutely true. In a relationship at a distance, meetings are usually rare and short-lived, so lovers cherish every minute spent together.

They prepare each other surprises and give maximum attention to a loved one. At such moments, work, friends, life, in general, everything goes into the background and there is no room for quarrels over trifles.

If you also have experience of relations at a distance, write in the comments, what advantages and disadvantages you have found in them. And for those whose second half is still far away, we strongly recommend reading the article on how to keep relationships at a distance.

Gradation and types of relationships at a distance

A man and a woman are only planning to meet or have already met, but due to life circumstances, specific reasons or geographic location they cannot yet be together. A couple can seriously plan a joint future.
A man and a woman could meet in real life, but they will never be together for individual reasons.
Both types of communication have their own set of problems, with the presence of some common features that can lead not only to success, but also to failure. That is why it is initially worth considering how to maintain relationships at a distance.

The experience of such interaction shows that the distance can play a different role:

- constant separation. The permanent distance between people can have a detrimental effect on the future of the couple. People who are in such an interaction, most likely, will never be together ever. The reasons are many, both partners may be married, which is often associated with the interests of young children. The presence of some family obligations, career interests.

However, a relationship at a distance gives love, which is not considered with the previously appeared circumstances. The bills have to be paid to people who are involved in such interaction, often fleeting meetings and the subsequent separation instill in the lovers even more sadness and longing. It is in this case that a relationship that survives distance is rewarded by eternity.

- temporary separation. In this case, the couple meets online and falls in love very much with each other. There is a need to move one of the partners to another, which is inextricably linked to time costs. This is not all that can endure, which becomes the last test.

How to build relationships at a distance. Start

Initially, the Internet becomes the place that transports you through space; you will have to spend a lot of time online. It becomes a tool that allows you to know each other better. Relationships at a distance in psychology suggests that for this it is necessary to overcome the temptation, which prompts to greatly embellish reality. As a rule, every person does not lie, but simply does not tell the whole truth.
It is the realism that becomes a strong pillar of communication, fantasy is also wonderful, but you should not live with them. Excessive exaggeration contributes to falling into a kind of trap of illusions, which promises only a perfect existence in the network, but not in real life.

Relationships at a distance how to save and what prospects

Honesty. You should not try to find the aura of ideality, trying to please the chosen one and agreeing with him in everything. Such behavior will work successfully only at the beginning, but then it will fail.
Be yourself. Honesty should relate primarily to yourself. In the end, the tension from the permanent stay in the mask will make itself felt and the novel will not be a pleasure. It is worth asking yourself whether relations are possible at a distance in constant lies. and the answer will be obvious.

The psychology of the success of relationships at a distance

To virtual romance brought its fruit and crowned with a strong marriage, it is necessary from time to time to breathe into life in such communication. This is a harsh and real work. Proper positioning yourself will strengthen the connection between you, despite the presence of specific factors. First of all, sincerity should be in communication, it is vitally necessary to share with a partner your feelings, joy, or experiences.Do not hesitate and ask the constant question of whether relations are possible at a distance, it is better to live and strive towards your love!

Features of love relationships in a long separation

It is difficult for lovers to endure separation, because they cannot touch and hug each other. The manifestations of tenderness are possible only by telephone and the Internet. This is very little, because so need tactile contact. Being close, loving people can spend evenings and weekends together, have fun, share experiences.

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At a distance, each has its own rich life, and moments of communication are rare and short. Because of this, love is overshadowed by negative. No matter how much people trust each other, they face a periodic “inaccessibility” of partners. At such moments, mistrust, jealousy, resentment are born.

When psychologists look at relationships from a distance, the advice begins with the fact that the lovers are offered to discuss the main thing: how they perceive their connection. It's the most important. For one of the partners, this may be a serious relationship in which he expects a future family. And the second can relate to them as to communication without special obligations.

Retaining relationships only makes sense if the future plans for both partners coincide, otherwise disappointment is inevitable.

How to keep relationships at a distance: the advice of a psychologist

The lovers need to agree that they plan in the future: to get together, get married, or meet as good friends and sexual partners. It should be understood that life makes its own adjustments, and not be afraid of changes, but adjust its plans for them. So that love does not fade, follow a few simple rules.

1. Stop suffering, learn to enjoy separation

It sounds blasphemous, but it was this advice that helped many couples save love, despite kilometers and years. In a relationship at a distance there are many advantages. You do not have to deal with everyday chores, quarrel over trifles and endure each other’s unpleasant habits. In fact, your love blooms in greenhouse conditions. So enjoy it!

Build your schedule so that the whole day was filled with events. Be sure to find out what gives you a surge of hormones of happiness, and every day do everything to get maximum pleasure. This will help you not to concentrate on separation and not to cheat negative thoughts.

Another positive point: when you communicate with your loved one, you will emanate a wave of joy, positive, energy, ease. Hearing a warm happy voice from the phone, watching an involuntary smile via video link, your partner will fall in love even more and will wait for each meeting with impatience.

2. Talk to each other as often as possible.

Be in touch at any opportunity, and preferably so that you can see each other. Written messages can not convey your feelings, you need a more reliable contact.

Speak about everything, without specifically choosing topics. Do not be afraid to ask about household trifles, to report on small joys and troubles. It will help you not to lose touch with reality.

3. Never interrogate with addiction

Be attentive to each other's life, but do not allow conversations to become mutual interrogations. If a person did not call, you should not jealously try to find out where he was and what he did. Decide for yourself that you believe your beloved, do not doubt his feelings for a second and are not jealous.

Your suspicion can break the fragile bond. You should not look for signs of adultery, but if it became obvious that the partner is lying, do not close your eyes to it. Consider whether you are ready to take it. Live life to the fullest, have fun with friends, love, but always relate expectations to reality.

4. Improve yourself, cultivate with the idea of ​​a partner

Sign up for a gym, a cooking class, or a dance. Choose what you like and let your hobby help you improve yourself. Think about how new skills will help you strengthen relationships, become more attractive. This will be a great motivation for both. A useful hobby will turn your attention. You will miss your loved one less and at the same time be inspired by his love for him.

5. Meet more often, give each other gifts

Meet as often as possible. Never delay the next date, even if you quarreled during the previous one. Personal encounters are very important, otherwise you risk loving a virtual virtual image instead of a real person. Then, having decided to live together, you will be deeply disappointed.

Give each other gifts. Choosing gifts, proceed from your financial capabilities. You should not go broke at every meeting, but a small pleasant surprise is a must. When parting, you will not only impressions but also quite material things associated with them.

The main thing about love and maintaining relationships at a distance

Not every couple can save love at a distance, but those who have coped with this task have found reliable partners. Separation is an excellent test of feelings for strength. So that it does not turn into a gap, follow these tips:

Make sure your future plans coincide with your partner.

Meet as often as possible, be constantly in touch by phone and internet. Do not forget to make pleasant surprises.

Talk. Tell and ask about the little things, say gentle words, confess feelings.

Find what makes you happier, better and more attractive to your partner. Hormones of happiness have not hurt anyone.

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Love at a distance can be overshadowed by bitterness and jealousy, or it can be the best memory of your life. What do you choose for yourself?

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Complexity of the situation

Yes, the chosen path is undoubtedly difficult. But our life, and building relationships in particular, always consists of certain sacrifices. Here, too, partners have to miss more, get bored and, perhaps, cry into a pillow at night. Sometimes, you want to embrace your lover, snuggle up to him, look him in the eye, but he is not around ... However, even from this situation you can and should extract dividends.

So, couples that are rarely seen, much more often hold hands and know how to appreciate every second spent together. They know how to enjoy the smell of hair and can not talk enough. They are able to perceive a joint meal not as a banal dinner, but as something more, as a process capable of bringing them closer together. Such communication can develop into a long-term relationship, provided that the lovers will always miss each other.

For long-term relationships to last for a long period, we suggest using tips that will help preserve feelings.

Less is more

With rare meetings with each other, lovers can make a big mistake, filling the whole space for 12 or even more hours a day. Excessive communication, obsession and the constant presence next to your loved one will not be able to compensate for future separation. Do not substitute concepts and be selfish owner. Perhaps a particularly zealous partner will not be able to recognize that fine line beyond which such obsession can quickly tire another, and this will inevitably entail a deterioration in relations. Give your loved one a familiar lifestyle and more personal space.

Distance is a bridge to each other

If you learn to live without each other, then you can live together. Think of the situation as a kind of textbook on building relationships. Believe that the distance will not be able to extinguish the fire that has flared up between two hearts. In this situation it is especially valuable to identify the distance not with an obstacle, but with a bridge over which the lovers are connected with each other.

Tacit rules

In order to avoid misunderstandings and conflict situations at the next meeting, the couple must announce their expectations to each other in advance. It is necessary to discuss not only your desires and listen to the aspirations of your partner, but also to agree on those things that none of them should do at the meeting. It will be fair if the points in the adopted unwritten “commitment” will be equal for each of the parties.

Creative communication

In the period of separation, lovers often call each other, but more often communicate through social networks. It must be remembered that the daily greeting, as well as the romantic wish of “sweet dreams” for the night, should be indispensable attributes. It helps to keep the invisible thread with each other. Partners can be creative in communicating, sharing each other with more photos and videos from everyday life. You can try to arrange a romantic dinner by candlelight via Skype or spend time watching the new movie in the online mode in your free time. В этом случае партнеры ощущают больше внимания и любви по отношению друг к другу.

Сексуальная подоплека

Многие пары держаться на постоянном сексуальном влечении друг к другу. В случае, когда любовь испытывается расстоянием, физический контакт и интимная близость возможны только в период встреч. In this case, in order to preserve the relationship, it is necessary to warm them up with piquant phrases, provocative descriptions of actions or passionate sexual hints.

Set goals

Both partners should be clearly aware that relations at a distance in any case are temporary and cannot last forever. Either they fade away, or grow into a cohabitation. Lovers can not have uncertainty, they must clearly present a goal to which they will strive. If the lovers draw a graph in which their desired goals will be on one sheet - this is already good.

“I will receive a diploma and move to you forever” - this phrase contains 2 goals at once, for which it is worth the wait. The man voiced his version: "During this time I will take care of our own housing." In this case, neither different spaces nor different time zones can prevent the couple from reuniting in the future, because their goals intersect on the integrated chart.

Avoid "dangerous situations"

The institute group of one of the lovers in this evening is planning a noisy party with drinks. Of course, there will be many temptations and various scenarios. What to do in this case? There are two correct solutions:

  1. Abandon the party at all.
  2. Tell your loved one (s) that the event will be.

There is no third. If the second half ever finds out that the partner hides his nightly adventures - to be in trouble.

Arrival to visit

Different people have different working and training schedules. But, fortunately, there are holiday holidays, holidays, time off and weekends. If we compare the calendar, then surely there will be periods when lovers can afford to come to visit each other. They prepare for such meetings, wait for them, buy presents, preen, and have illusions. Such multi-day meetings risk becoming the sweetest moment, the apotheosis of relationships at a distance. Now, lovers will definitely not be able to tear themselves away from each other. Bright sensations will be experienced from a simple tender look and gentle touch, physical intimacy can cause powerful fireworks of emotions. At such moments, couples are particularly aware of the value of relationships.

Cannot be made partner center of the universe

During the separation, you should not allow yourself to think only about the beloved - it can plunge into solitude. Close emotional communication with loved ones will help to avoid loneliness. Parents, brothers, sisters, friends and girlfriends also want their portion of tenderness and attention. At the same time, our relatives give their absolute love in return. To escape from the constant thoughts about a partner, you need to invent a new hobby for yourself: go to the gym more often or watch a banal talk show.

Being frank with each other

Openness and honesty - this is the key to a long relationship. Trusting your partner, telling about your problems, fears, jealousies or shortcomings is not a big deal, as well as sharing the most intimate with your partner. Hiding things that would later be embarrassing is the same as concealing an awl in a bag. Sooner or later, everything will pour out, but trust will already be lost. To confess one’s own sins and mistakes is to recognize one’s own strength. In addition, a loving person will always offer help and support to get out of a difficult situation.

Important stuff

Do not ignore the little things, they are very important. While living in a different time zone, think about whether you wake up in the middle of the night your chosen one. Show your attitude in the media, leaving a comment under a fresh photo in one of the social networks.

Take care of the gifts, because they are priceless. Even the simplest things in their energy retain heat and a piece of the soul of a loved one.