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Steamed ravioli recipe


Have you ever tried Chinese dumplings? If you hear about such a dish for the first time, then in the presented article we will tell you about how you can make them yourself at home. It should be noted that there is nothing difficult in the preparation of these products and can not be.

general information

Before telling you about how Chinese dumplings are made, you should tell you what these items are.

Practically every nation has its own traditional dish in the form of boiled or fried small pies with minced meat or other fillings. In our country, they are called dumplings, in Georgia - khinkali, in Central Asia - manti, and in Italy - ravioli.

It is believed that the birthplace of this dish is China. After all, it is in this country that it has been very popular since time immemorial. Chinese dumplings are prepared both on weekdays and on holidays. Some cooks even arrange banquets at which guests are served the mentioned dish of various kinds.

It should be noted that each region of the Middle Kingdom has its own peculiarities in the preparation of such products. There are a lot of them, and they can be called in different ways.

Chinese dumplings: Jiaozi recipe

If you need to prepare a hearty and nutritious dish, then it is recommended to make it together with minced meat. But in order to make it spicy, you should definitely add some spices to the filling.

So, to make dumplings in Chinese, you need to prepare:

  • pork flesh without bones and fat - about 400 g,
  • fresh dill - 2 large bunches,
  • large bulb onion - 1 head,
  • ginger (root about 2-5 centimeters) - about 50 g,
  • any aromatic spices - use to taste,
  • wheat flour - full 2 ​​glasses,
  • potato starch - 1/3 cup,
  • cold tap water - 250 ml.

Knead dough

The dough for Chinese dumplings is practically no different from the basis that kneads for Russian dishes. For its preparation it is necessary to combine potato starch and wheat flour, and then add cold drinking water to them. Kneading the ingredients for a long time, you should get a homogeneous dough, which should be placed in a bag and set aside for 20-35 minutes.

Making the stuffing

Chinese dumplings, the recipe of which we are considering, involve the use of meat filling. To make such stuffing, you need to rinse the pork and chop it in a meat grinder together with the onion head. Next to the ingredients you should add chopped fresh dill, grated on a small grater ginger root, as well as salt and pepper. Finally, all products should be mixed thoroughly.

We form products

Chinese dumplings, whose name sounds like "Jiaozi", are formed very easily. To do this, the base is required to divide not small pieces, and then roll them into thin cakes with a diameter of 7-10 centimeters. Next, in the center of the product must be placed a spoonful of minced meat. After this, the edges of the base should be gently lifted, put together like a flower, and pinch well.

Heat treatment

After the Chinese dumplings are formed, they must be laid out in a double boiler and cook for 40 minutes. If desired, such products can be boiled in plain lightly salted water. In this case, the heat treatment time should not exceed 20 minutes. Otherwise, the products will be released, and the filling will go beyond the test.

How to properly present dumplings to the table?

Now you know how to prepare dumplings in Chinese. After they have been heat-treated, they should be removed from the steamer or the pan and beautifully placed on a plate. It is recommended to bring such items to the table with a salad of finely squared green onions and fresh cucumber, sprinkled with lemon juice and flavored with sweet paprika. Also for lunch you can serve bread and thick sour cream.

Chinese dumplings: recipe, dish photo

We have described above how to make an oriental dish with meat filling. Now I want to tell you about how to cook Chinese dumplings, whose name sounds like "Wonton". Unlike Jiaozzi, their dough is thinner and softer. Moreover, it is desirable to cook such products only for a couple.

So, to make a Chinese dish, we need:

  • wheat flour - about 3 glasses,
  • sunflower oil - 2 large spoons (for dough),
  • boiling water is steep - ½ cup,
  • cold water - ½ cup,
  • table salt - a small spoon,
  • parsley, cilantro and onion - on a bunch,
  • celery (root) - ½ pcs.,
  • ginger (root) - 3 centimeters,
  • frozen green beans - about 400 g,
  • potato starch - 3 full spoons,
  • soy sauce - a big spoon,
  • brown sugar - 3 large spoons,
  • sunflower oil (for the filling) - 4 large spoons.

Making the base

Vegetable dumplings in Chinese, the recipe of which we are considering, is very tasty and healthy. For their preparation should thoroughly knead the base.

Thus, it is necessary to mix the wheat flour with salt, then lay it on the table in a slide and make a well in the center. It is required to pour boiling water over it and then mix everything up. Next to the dough, add cold water and sunflower oil. All ingredients must be kneaded until you have a uniform base.

Cooking stuffing

To make a vegetable filling for “Wonton”, you should chop celery, cilantro, parsley and onion, as well as ginger root in a blender. After that, it is necessary to fry the string beans in sunflower oil, and then add previously processed products to it. Cook all the ingredients together preferably about five minutes. At the end of the dishes with the contents you want to remove from the stove, and then add potato starch, brown sugar and pour soy sauce. After mixing the ingredients, they should be left aside until completely cool.

Sculpt dumplings

After the preparation of the filling, as well as the kneading of the base, you should proceed to the direct molding of products. To do this, you need to pinch a small piece of dough from the base, and then roll it into a thin cake with a diameter of 6 centimeters. Next in the center of the product you want to put the vegetable filling and beautifully pinch the edges in the upper part.

By analogy, you should fashion all the other dumplings. By the way, for the beauty of the original bags can be further tie the feathers of a bow.

Cooking dish in a double boiler

Before placing all the formed products into this device, the bottom of the container should be abundantly smeared with sunflower or butter. Next, dumplings are required to lay out in a double boiler and set the timer for 30 minutes. During this time, vegetable wonton are fully cooked, become soft, juicy and very tasty.

Cooking tender and tasty dumplings with cabbage

Chinese dumplings with cabbage are quite unusual. After all, most people are accustomed to, that such products are prepared exclusively from meat and greens. But, as mentioned above, you can sculpt them with completely different fillings.

So, to create the presented dish we need:

  • white cabbage - a small springy forks,
  • carrot - 2 medium pieces,
  • large bulb onion - 1 head,
  • Ginger (root about 2-3 centimeters) - about 30 g,
  • any aromatic spices - use to taste,
  • wheat flour - full 2 ​​glasses,
  • potato starch - 1/3 cup,
  • sunflower oil - for frying vegetables,
  • cold tap water - 250 ml.

Cooking Basics

The dough for such a dish is done in exactly the same way as in previous recipes. Potato starch is mixed with wheat flour, and then added to water and thoroughly mixed. As a result of such actions should be very dense and elastic dough, which must be placed in a bag and kept at room temperature for about ¼ hour.

Cooking stuffing

To prepare the filling, rinse the cabbage thoroughly, cut off all its surface leaves, and then chop it into a very thin straw. Next, you need to clean the carrots and onions. The last component must be cut into cubes, and the first - grind grated.

After preparing the vegetables they need to put in a saucepan, pour in some water and simmer for about half an hour. When all the liquid has evaporated, oil and spices should be added to the ingredients. It is necessary to fry them on medium heat until they get a golden hue.

How to cook on the stove?

Some housewives prefer to cook Chinese dumplings in lightly layered water. But if you decide to cook products with cabbage, then it is better to turn them over to steam treatment. To do this, all previously formed dumplings must be laid out in a double boiler, the capacity of which should be pre-lubricated with any cooking oil. Next, you need to set the timer to exactly 25 minutes. This time is enough to fully prepare the dough.

We bring to the table a delicious oriental dish

After cooking Chinese dumplings, they should be carefully removed from the double boiler and placed on a plate. Add all the hot products with butter and serve to family members immediately. In addition to this dinner, it is recommended to make fresh vegetable salad and present white bread. Good appetite!

Dough making for ravioli

Cooking delicious and tasty dumplings begins with the test. For him you will need:

  • wheat flour - 450 g,
  • eggs - 2 pcs.,
  • cold water - 200 ml,
  • salt - 5 g

Dough preparation steps:

  1. Sift the flour into a deep dish. In the center of the slides of flour make a groove.
  2. Break eggs into a separate dish, beat them with a fork. Add cold water and mix.
  3. Pour the water and eggs into the groove that was made in the flour. Add salt. Knead the dough with a fork, gradually pouring flour from the edges of the groove.
  4. Next, start kneading the dough with your hands. Achieve a uniform and elastic mass. The perfect dough should be without cracks and folds.
  5. Make a ball of dough. Put it in a dish, cover with a towel and leave for 30 minutes.
  6. Knead the dough again. The result should be a dough that does not stick to your hands.

Cooking dumplings. List of required ingredients

In order to cook the dumplings, you will need:

  • dumplings - 250 grams,
  • peppercorns - 9 peas,
  • vegetable oil - 10 ml,
  • bay leaf - 4 leaves,
  • dried parsley root - 12 grams,
  • Vinegar 9% - 10 ml,
  • black ground pepper - 5 grams,
  • sour cream - 50 grams.

Steamed ravioli recipe

  1. Grease with steam oil. Put the dumplings on the form.
  2. It is necessary to pour a liter of boiling water into the bowl of the multicooker, put bay leaves, peppercorns and parsley root.
  3. Install the form for steaming in a slow cooker. Turn on the “Steam cooking” mode. How to cook steamed dumplings? Cook for 15-18 minutes.
  4. Dumplings can be served immediately with a sauce of sour cream, vinegar and black pepper.

Chinese steamed dumplings, or xiajiao

Chinese dumplings are different from Russian fillings and the composition of the dough.

Ingredients for the preparation of the filling:

  • shrimp - 350 grams,
  • minced pork - 100 grams,
  • green bow - 2 arrows,
  • ginger - 5 grams,
  • Shaosin wine - 8 grams
  • sesame oil - 3 grams,
  • Sichuan pepper - 8 grams,
  • black pepper - 4 grams,
  • chicken broth in granules - 4 grams,
  • salt - 3 grams,
  • white sugar - 3 grams.

Ingredients for the dough:

  • wheat starch - 180 grams,
  • corn starch - 60 grams,
  • boiling water - 300 ml,
  • salt - 4 grams.

Ingredients for making dip sauce:

  • black rice vinegar - 10 ml,
  • sesame paste sharp - 8 grams,
  • light soy sauce - 35 ml.

1.Prepare the water to moisten the minced meat. Finely chop the ginger and put it in a small container, add Sichuan pepper to it and pour boiling water over it. Leave the water to infuse.

2. Make a deep dip. Mix the sauce ingredients thoroughly in a small bowl and place in a refrigerator in a container.

3. The next step is the preparation of the dough. Mix in a large dish all the ingredients for the dough (except boiling water). Boiling water should be poured gradually and at the same time you need to constantly stir the contents of the dish.

4. Wait for the dough to cool and knead it with your hands. It should turn white elastic and soft dough. Put it back in the dish, cover and let it stand for 15 minutes.

5. Peel the shrimp, remove the ventral and dorsal veins and tail. Divide the shrimp into two halves. Cut one part of the shrimp into large pieces and chop the other into minced meat.

6. Green onions cut into rings. Combine shrimp and ground beef, dry chicken broth, onion, salt, white sugar, sesame oil, Shaoxin wine and ground black pepper in a bowl. Mix everything. Add two tablespoons of ginger water and mix again. If necessary, add more ginger water. Put the stuffing for dumplings marinate in the fridge for 20 minutes.

7. While the filling is marinated, take a test. Divide it into 4 parts. Roll each part into a flagellum with a diameter of 4 centimeters. Each flagellum cut into pieces with a thickness of about 3 centimeters.

8. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin to make a round cake 2 millimeters thick and 8 centimeters in diameter.

9. In the center of the cake, put about a teaspoon of filling. Blind dumpling.

10. Put the dumplings in a steaming form. Steam dumplings can stick to the form for cooking. To avoid this, cover the form with lettuce leaves or a clean cotton cloth.

11. Pour 300 ml of boiling water into the multicooker bowl. Cook dumplings 5 ​​minutes.

Serve Chinese dumplings with dip sauce or regular soy sauce.


Regardless of what kind of dumplings you prefer to cook - Chinese or traditional Russian, as a result you get a fragrant and very appetizing dish. By the way, it is not at all necessary to always sculpt the dumplings just before cooking. It is enough to do the preparation and freeze the product - so you will be able to always quickly and satisfyingly eat.

What are the Chinese dumplings called

To begin with, it should be noted that they can be divided into two categories: those that are boiled in water, and those that are steamed. True, some of them can be cooked in both ways. Separately, I would not single out fried ones, since this is a subspecies of the first two.

Jiaozi - These are dumplings with various fillings, the shape of which is identical to our dumplings. They are always boiled in water and then called shujiao, and sometimes after cooking they are fried in oil in a frying pan and then renamed to jianjiao. Stuffings can be listed indefinitely. It will be meat, and vegetables, and seafood (for example, small shrimps), and even a mixture of these three ingredients, which translates as “three freshness”.

Baozi - these are steam dumplings, the closest relatives of the Buryat poses (or buuz). Their dough is thick and loose. Cook them in woven wooden baskets for a couple.

Xiaolunbao - a type of baozy. The appearance and method of modeling are similar to the Georgian khinkali, but steamed. Unlike baozy dough, they have a thin dumpling.

Shaomai in shape resemble a nodule, slightly open at the top. Their dough is very thin, almost transparent and they are also steamed.

Huntun or, as they are called in southern China wonton, - small dumplings, usually round in shape, are usually served in broth or soup with the addition of vegetables and other ingredients.

Very often in a row of Chinese dumplings include and dim sum (or dim sum). Although in fact it is the South Chinese pronunciation of the word "dianxin", which translates as small sweets, small snacks. I am not practically familiar with the cuisine of southern China, so I cannot say for sure, but I suppose that some of the small ravioli are considered such a snack there. However, to assume that dim-sum is only dumplings is not true.

Today I will introduce you step by step to the recipe of the most popular type - jiaozi.

Cooking process

  1. In a bowl, sift flour and salt. Since the flour is still all different (the gluten is different in it, the humidity is different), I recommend that you first pour 2/3 of the total amount, and then add more if necessary. Pour oil.
  2. Mix and pour freshly boiled water from the kettle. Quickly stir with a spoon.
  3. We get here such lumps as in the photo.
  4. Give a little cool, just a couple of minutes and break the egg.
  5. Stir again with a spoon.
  6. And now we will knead hands. Within 10 minutes. The quality of the test depends on the quality of kneading. If you don’t want to do all this with your hands, you can assign this occupation to the combine - dough mixer from the very beginning. We get such a warm ball.
  7. We shift it to the package and leave for half an hour. During this time, the gluten will dissolve and we will get a soft, supple, elastic dough as a result.

How to cook the stuffing

  1. If there is no onion in your mince, you must grind it in a blender or skip through a meat grinder and add. I have minced pork with onions, so in addition I did not add.
  2. Ginger peel and rub on a fine grater. Put in stuffing. Garlic is passed through the press and put there too.
  3. Celery. Можно мелко нарубить ножом пучок листового сельдерея, а можно мелко нарезать кусочек стебля. У меня вы видите листовой.
  4. Наливаем соевый соус и холодную воду.
  5. Очень хорошо перемешиваем. Солить надо по вкусу, так как соевый соус соленый и нужно пробовать, чтобы понять сколько соли положить.

Как лепить китайские пельмени

  1. Usually, the Chinese are molded like this: the pieces, which are rolled up with sausage, are separated from the dough, then cut across the washers. And they, in turn, are rolling with a rolling pin into thin juice. By the way, their rolling pins are small, without handles, just like a wand. I went the way I used to - split the dough into pieces, each rolled into a layer no more than 2 mm thick. And then cut out a glass mug.
  2. Now take a circle of dough, put on it 1 teaspoon of filling.
  3. Bend sochen in half, laying on one side of the folds connect the edges.
  4. We get this jiaozzi.
  5. Fold them on a baking tray with flour.

Jiaozzi we will cook in water, like ordinary dumplings. Those. bring the water to a boil, add some salt. Put the dumplings in boiling water, gently stir for a minute so that they do not stick to the bottom of the pan. Then we just make sure that the water does not boil much and does not spill out.

When they come up we cook for another 5 minutes and listen with a slotted spoon.

By the way, the Chinese are boiling jiaozi somewhat different from us. They wait for boiling and pour a few spoons of cold water into the pan. When the water boils again, pour cold water again. Those. Do not let it boil. It is possible so that actively boiling water will not damage the thin dumpling dough.

What to serve with dumplings

Jiaozi is traditionally served with soy sauce and dark rice vinegar. This vinegar to buy from us in Russia is difficult, so I recommend doing so:

  1. Peel a couple of garlic cloves.
  2. Finely chop them up.
  3. Pour the soy sauce into a small cup and add the garlic.

When you eat and bite dumplings, pour a sauce with a teaspoon of garlic sauce. This is delicious!

Ingredients for "Pelmeni in Chinese":

  • Wheat flour / Flour - 2 stack.
  • Milk (warm or room temperature, not from the fridge!) - 1/3 stack.
  • Water (boiled, warm) - 2/3 stack.
  • Salt - 1 tbsp. l
  • Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. l
  • Minced meat (better pork) - 500 g
  • Peking cabbage - 200 g
  • Soy sauce (to taste, added to stuffing instead of salt)
  • Black pepper
  • Green onion

Time for preparing: 60 minutes

Servings: 4

Recipe "Dumplings in Chinese":

As I said, the recipe was given to me by Chinese women. Therefore, it was not without soy sauce. The only recipe for the dough I took my own, from which I usually make dumplings. If you know another good recipe for the test, write in the comments, I will be glad!

The performance is very simple, though, you need a little time. But, as I said, it's worth it. So let's get started.

With the test everything is very simple: mix flour, milk, water, salt and rast. butter. The only thing I can advise is to dissolve the salt in water, then certainly there will be no lumps of salt (otherwise you never know). You need to knead well and efficiently so that there are no lumps of flour. The dough is elastic.

Ready to leave the dough to lie down a bit (better to cover, so as not to have dried from above). And while we do stuffing. The most difficult thing at this stage is to chop Peking cabbage very finely. Too thick parts of the sheet, which are below, it is better to cut and not to use. The rest is finely chopped (with devices such as a blender turns porridge, which is not desirable).

All we put in a bowl and sprinkle with salt (do not overdo it! Salt is needed only in order for the cabbage to put juice). Cabbage will make juice, it will need to be squeezed out well, but what is left (no juice should be about 200 grams), mixed with minced meat. Sprinkle with pepper (the Chinese added a special shehuuan pepper - it is more fragrant, and I also found it, if not, the usual one will go).

Add soy sauce to taste instead of salt. I had 2 types of soy sauce: light and dark. Dark, respectively, is darker than the one that we used to see in supermarkets, and thicker. Therefore, it needs a little, about a teaspoon. It will give minced color and flavor. Well, at the end we add green onion, finely chopped. Stuffing ready!

Further, according to the scenario, we have the molding of ravioli. And here is the most interesting, because the form is not different from ours. The dough can either be rolled out and then cut into circles (a bit more than ordinary dumplings) with a glass, or you can make a “sausage”, cut off the pieces and then roll out each one. Then as you like.

The shape of the dumplings will be like dumplings, only "picked up" like curtains.
To make it clearer, I attach a photo:

With this amount of dough and minced meat I get. I don’t know how many pieces I didn’t count, honestly. But I have enough for 2 times to eat together. It is also possible to freeze, and if guests come, then quickly cook them.

You need to boil them like ordinary dumplings, that is, throw them into boiling water and cook for about 10 minutes. They eat them without broth, we dipped in soy sauce, it was very tasty!

Tip:To dumplings have not lost their shape and not boiled soft while cooking, take a larger pot and take some water. If they will lie on top of each other when cooking - do not expect good dumplings. It is better that they float all freely. If there is no large pan, and the dumplings need to be cooked a lot, divide it better into 2 passes.

That's what happened with me:

How to cook Chinese dumplings


Wheat flour - 2 bowls. (250 ml)
Water - 180 ml for the test
Minced chicken - 400 g
Chinese cabbage - 600 g
Green onions - 3 pcs. feathers
Ginger - 1 tbsp. fresh, grated
Soy sauce - 2 tbsp.
Sesame oil - 2 tbsp.
Salt - 1 tsp.
Soy sauce - 80 ml optional for sauce
Ginger - 1 tbsp. optional for sauce
Sesame oil - 5 drop (s) at will, for the sauce
Vinegar - 2 tbsp. dark rice or balsamic (optional for sauce)
Green onions - 1 pc. feather (optional for sauce)
Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. for frying


First, prepare the dough for Chinese dumplings, as he will need to stand a little.

Pour the sifted flour in a bowl, add water and quickly stir.

When the dough begins to gather in one, you need to shift it to the working surface, sprinkled with flour, and knead well with your hands. The dough is not very steep and is not difficult to do.

You need to knead the dough for 3-5 minutes, it should become smooth, uniform and elastic, stop sticking to your hands.

Cover the dough with cling film and let stand 30-60 minutes.

While the dough is resting, you can make the filling.

First you need to cut the cabbage rather finely. You can use a food processor, but it is important to stop in time and not chop it into "dust", I prefer to cut it with a knife.

Cut the cabbage into a bowl and mix with salt. Let stand for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, when the cabbage begins to emit water, it must be pressed, the water should be drained. The amount of cabbage significantly reduced. We do this so that the filling of dumplings is not too wet.

Then we will cut green onions.

Next, you need to clean the ginger. It is convenient to do it with a tablespoon, just scrape off the peel. So do not have to cut too much.

Then cleaned ginger must be rubbed. For filling dumplings need a tablespoon of grated ginger. If you make the sauce, grate more immediately.

In a large bowl, mix the minced meat, sesame oil, ginger, soy sauce and green onions. Mix thoroughly in one direction.

Then add the cabbage and mix well again. The filling is ready! You can sculpt dumplings.

But first try to cook literally one tablespoon of the filling to make sure that it has enough salt and seasonings.

Cook in the microwave or in a small skillet, it will take just a few minutes, try and adjust the salt-pepper. Thus, you can check the taste of the filling before all the dumplings are cooked.

Rested dough divided into two parts. Roll out half the dough with a long sausage, of uniform width, about 20-25 cm long. Cut the sausage into 12 parts.

Each piece of dough gently crush fingers and roll into a circle. The rolling pin and the surface, if necessary, lightly flutter with flour. It is convenient to roll out 6 circles, make 6 dumplings, then roll out the following, and so on.

Ready dumplings can be laid out on a chopping board. Roll out mugs, ready dumplings and dough, which is waiting for its turn, cover with cling film.

Put the stuffing in the center of the circle, then form the dumplings. In form, they are more like the usual dumplings, but do not lie on the side, but "stand" on the ground.

Thus sculpt all the dumplings. 24 pieces will turn out.

Now you can fry the dumplings. We put a large frying pan on high heat, heat 2 tbsp. vegetable oil and spread dumplings. Try not to touch each other.

As soon as the dumplings begin to squish hard, you need to add about half a glass of water (so that the water covers the bottom of the pan completely) and close the lid. Cook with the lid closed for about 5 minutes.

After five minutes, remove the lid and check the readiness of the dumplings. All the water should evaporate, and on the basis of the dumplings form a golden crust. If the crust is not ruddy enough, you can still fry the dumplings a little without the lid.

If you decide to boil the dumplings, boil water with a pinch of salt, dip the dumplings into the water and mix gently. Allow the water to boil again and add a cup of cold water to the pan.

This trick will allow the filling to reach readiness, and the dough will not fall apart. Bring the water to a boil again and add another cup of cold water. Then, when the dumplings float to the surface and take 5-7 minutes, you can remove them.

If you are cooking pre-frozen dumplings, increase the cooking time by 2-3 minutes.

For serving dumplings, you can quickly make a sauce: soy sauce, grated ginger, chopped green onions, dark rice vinegar (can be replaced with balsamic) and a little sesame oil mixed in a bowl.

Chinese dumplings - what is this dish and how is it called

Many historians claim that it was Marco Polo who in the 14th century brought from China to Europe tidy clumps of dough with filling inside. In our country they are called dumplings, in Uzbekistan - manti, in Georgia - khinkali, in Italy - ravioli. There are several types of Chinese dumplings, they can be stuffed with meat, fish, vegetables and seafood. In each region of the Middle Kingdom they are prepared differently and also called differently. What are the names of various Chinese dumplings, we will tell further.

  1. The first kind of Chinese dumplings - Wonton. They are triangular or round shape. They are boiled, fried or steamed. For the filling use pork, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms or Chinese cabbage. In some provinces you can taste the sweet wonton with fruit filling.
  2. Stuffed with vegetables and pork are cooked jiaozi. In form, they are similar to Wonton, but they are usually just boiled and occasionally fried. Zaozi is not salty or spicy to taste, so these dumplings are served with pickles and soy sauce.
  3. Yeast dough stuffed with vegetables, meat, chicken or mushrooms make bao chi. They are only steamed and are served in China for breakfast. There are also sweet baozi stuffed with red beans and sugar.
  4. Dimsamy is another Chinese dish. They are steamed from starch or simple dough. For the filling use seafood, vegetables, chicken or meat.

Chinese dumplings jiaozi

Jiaozi is a traditional dish of China's cuisine, which is made from dough with meat filling (mainly used for minced pork) and vegetables (usually with cabbage), but sometimes only from one meat. The dish has a variety of forms, served on the table with a sauce of chopped garlic, soy sauce and vinegar. The name of Chinese dumplings jiaozi is translated as "gentle ear."

  • 2 cups of flour,
  • Bulb,
  • 400 g minced pork,
  • 1/3 cup of starch,
  • 200 g fresh dill,
  • 50 g fresh ginger root (about 5 cm),
  • A glass of cold water,
  • Pepper and salt to taste.

  1. Mix the flour with starch, sift into the dishes. Gradually add water and knead homogeneous testis. The amount of water can be adjusted independently
  2. In the process of cooking for the filling, add to the mince finely chopped dill, chopped onion and ginger root, grated with a grater. Salt, pepper and mix,
  3. Pinch off the test mass, small pieces, roll them in the form of cakes. In the middle of each product we put the filling: if small cakes - a teaspoon, if more - a tablespoon,
  4. Next, gently lift the edges of the stick up and fold in the form of a flower, do not forget to pinch a little. So we will do all the preparations,
  5. Then we put our semi-finished products in a double boiler for 15-20 minutes, or boil them in small batches in salted water,

Chinese dumplings are served steamed (or boiled) with lettuce, which consists of finely chopped cucumber and green onions, sprinkled with lemon juice. You can also sprinkle some salad with sweet paprika or chili pepper.

Chinese "Goths"

In the Middle Kingdom, Chinese fried dumplings are called "Gothi". They are a traditional New Year's dish, but they are prepared year round. In Russia, this dish is known as Gedza, and is served in Chinese and Japanese restaurants or cafes. Such products are made with a filling of pork and vegetables (Chinese cabbage).

The composition of the products (24 pieces):

  • 250 g Peking cabbage,
  • A large spoon of white dry (or Shaosin-rice) wine,
  • 85 ml of water (room temperature)
  • 2 large spoons of light soy sauce,
  • 175 grams of wheat flour,
  • Garlic clove,
  • 300 g minced pork,
  • 2 green onion stalks,
  • Big spoon of vegetable oil,
  • 1/4 tsp of salt (for the filling) and ground (black or white) pepper,
  • 6 small spoons of sesame oil (for frying and sauce),
  • Ginger circle (from fresh root),
  • A small spoonful of black rice vinegar.

Chinese dumpling recipe:

  1. Sift flour and mix with water - first with wooden sticks, then with your hands. Bring test to homogeneous state,
  2. Wrap it in a bag, put it on the work surface for 20 minutes,
  3. We clean the ginger and garlic, the latter is passed through the press, three ginger on a small terke,
  4. We add to the stuffing with any pepper, salt, a spoon of soy sauce, three small spoons of sesame oil, wine. Thoroughly knead, cover, put in the fridge for 30 minutes,
  5. Cut into narrow strips the young leaves of Beijing cabbage (it is better to use the lower part). We put it in boiling water for 2 minutes, remove it from the water, turn it into a colander, dry it,
  6. Finely chop the cabbage and chop the green onion, add to the minced meat,
  7. To make dip sauce at home, we mix the remnants of soy sauce with sesame oil (teaspoon) and rice vinegar. Optionally add 1/4 of a small spoonful of chili butter,
  8. Again, knead the dough for Chinese dumplings to a soft, smooth, elastic state. Roll into a bun, divide into 2 equal parts, which we roll into sausages. Each cut into 12 identical pieces, we get 24 dumplings billet,
  9. Each roll into a ball and roll out into a thin circle with a diameter of about 8-9 cm (other blanks should be covered so as not to be weathered),
  10. We put a teaspoon of filling in the middle of all the circles, then lift the edges upwards from the sides, moisten them with tepid water, fix them so that the seam of the “goti” turns out from above,
  11. We warm up a large spoonful of sunflower oil in a flat griddle and shift the semi-finished products there,
  12. We fry on an average flame to a ruddy state, do not turn it over. Next, pour 1/4 cup of water, close the lid, fry another 5 minutes, then remove the lid and evaporate the water,
  13. Add 2 teaspoons of sesame oil to the dumplings, cover again, fry for about two minutes.

We spread tasty and nourishing "goti" in a flat dish with the fried side up, served with dip sauce (this is a special kind of dressing, which you need to dip the food, in our case - dumplings).

Blanks can be frozen and kept in the freezer, or immediately fry (frozen semi-finished products before frying do not need to be defrosted).

Wonton dumplings - step by step recipe

Wonton is a popular variation of Chinese ravioli with deliciously unique and unique fillings consisting of bamboo and shrimps. Products can have a different shape: square, triangular, round in the form of a bag (closed and open), envelope.

A dish melting in your mouth is fried in oil, steamed or boiled in a saucepan.

  • Egg protein,
  • 0.5 large spoons of sugar and sesame oil (can be replaced by vegetable),
  • 400 g of boiled large peeled shrimp,
  • 200 grams of minced pork,
  • 2 tablespoons of starch (or rice flour),
  • 130 g of small marinated champignons or bamboo shoots,
  • 2 large spoons of white semi-dry (or rice wine) and soy sauce,
  • 1/2 small spoonful of ground black pepper,
  • About 200 ml of boiled water,
  • 600 g flour (in dough),
  • Tablespoon of sunflower oil (in the dough),
  • Salt to taste.

  1. Pound shrimp fork, mix with minced meat,
  2. Finely cut bamboo shoots (or mushrooms), add to the mass,
  3. Seasoning stuffed with sugar, wine, soy, pepper, butter,
  4. Combine with starch (or flour), with protein. All well stirred. If the stuffing is rather dry, dilute it with boiled water,
  5. Flour for testis sift and make the recess,
  6. Add 100 ml of boiling water to the flour, add it to the flour, mix it with butter. Still add cooled boiled water,
  7. Knead the elastic test mass and leave to "rest" for 10 minutes,
  8. Divide into three parts. Two pieces of cover and remove,
  9. Раскатываем кусок тестечка до двух миллиметров и вырезаем кружочки диаметром по 5 см,
  10. На каждую заготовку накладываем чайную ложку начинки,
  11. Собираем изделия: формируем мешочек, у которого открыт верх в форме «горлышка»,
  12. Вонтоны с фаршем помещаем в пароварку на 15 минут. Под каждую заготовку кладем кружок морковки, чтобы избежать прилипания к поверхности.

Serve the dumplings with any sauce: chili, sweet and sour, sesame-garlic, etc.