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Have you heard of eyebrow extensions?


The procedure will be effective in several cases:

  1. Uneven growth of eyebrows. It happens that the hairs have different length, thickness, and form a "bald spot". It also leads to asymmetry, which looks sloppy and immediately catches the eye.
  2. Scars. In the places of injury and scarring of the skin, the hair follicles stop their work, and the area remains empty.
  3. Hair loss due to illness. Serious diseases and necessary therapy often lead to hair loss. In this case, the extension will help to return the face a distinctive look.
  4. Unsuccessful experiments. Care for the eyebrows also requires an experienced master. Often, girls are engaged in plucking themselves, experimenting with the form, but the result is far from joyful. You can fix it with the help of artificial latex material.

The essence of the procedure

Now let's figure out how to build up? To do this, use two types of materials:

  • single hairs
  • latex stripes with hairs.

In the first case, the master will attach one artificial hair to his natural hair, and in the second case he will simply stick a strip. The first option makes it possible to achieve the most natural effect, and the second is quite suitable for self-treatment.

So, the workflow consists of several stages:

  1. With the help of special stencils master will determine the ideal shape of the eyebrows for the client.
  2. Correction occurs: the stencil is held on the face, and the master removes all hairs that do not fall into it with tweezers.
  3. The eyebrow area is degreased with a special solution.
  4. All required sections are filled with a single method. And in the case of latex strips, glue is applied to the workpiece, and the strip is applied to the “native” bend as quickly and accurately as possible.
  5. After the session comes to an end, the master will examine the resulting result and make an additional correction if necessary.

For those who want to save on a monthly visit to the brow-master, there are special courses where you can learn the technique of self-building.

Advantages and disadvantages

Deciding to make your look more attractive, you will not regret it, because the procedure has many advantages:

  1. Immediate result. Immediately after the session, you can enjoy your transformation.
  2. Security. The session does not imply a mechanical effect on the skin, so the pain and any side effects are practically excluded.
  3. Lack of contraindications. Building up can be done to everyone, the only contraindication is the individual intolerance of the components that make up the adhesive.

But, like every cosmetic procedure, these “beauty sessions” have their drawbacks:

  1. A short result. Glued hairs with proper care, hold on for about 2-3 weeks, after which they will start to fall out gradually. Therefore, for those who want to get a more lasting effect, you should choose other methods - tattoo or microblading.
  2. Duration The procedure of a single extension takes a lot of time, so you have to be patient.
  3. Frequent correction. When the artificial hairs begin to fall out, the brows look messy and need to be corrected. Depending on the quality of materials and the correctness of the procedure, the master will have to visit every 2-3 weeks.
  4. Care. To preserve the resulting effect, you must adhere to several important rules:
  • for several hours after the session, do not wet the face,
  • avoid cosmetic products on the eyebrows during daily washes,
  • refuse to visit the sauna and solarium,
  • do not try to carry out the correction yourself and try once again not to touch the eyebrow zone.

Want to have bright, thick and beautiful eyebrows? Go to a qualified master to build, and your face will become even more expressive and attractive.

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2. How to care for extended eyebrows?

For 48 hours after the build-up, do not touch them in any way: do not wash, do not urinate your face, take a shower, do not go to the pool and sauna, do not go to intensive workouts (sweat is the worst enemy), don’t wear the clothes you need shoot through the head. Make sure your makeup remover does not contain oils. Do not use scrubs and peels in the eyebrows.


The hair extension of the eyebrows is that the master takes individual hairs and fixes them. Previously, the specialist together with the client selects them: specifies the length. For example, it can be from 4 to 8 mm. In addition, eyebrow shape correction is performed. The master must choose the desired tone structure, which will be increased.

The attachment of hairs to your brows is done using a special base. It is applied to the skin or to those hairs that already exist. Some materials can be applied exclusively on the hairs, but this does not mean that it is not possible for clients with a small number of hairs. Artificial eyebrow latex hairs can be stuck on the downy hairs.

Who produces materials for this procedure?

Today ko6e4ka.ru is not ready to give a full assessment to all cosmetic preparations that modern cosmetologists and makeup artists use in their work. Just let's clarify what material manufacturers are:

  • Lash Perfect - one of the first brands in the production of eyelash extensions, collaborates with many fashion houses, is used in the correction of eyebrows models and stars of cinema,
  • I-Beauty is a South Korean company that offers materials for building eyebrows with hairs at lower prices,
  • Novel Brow Perfect - produces full-fledged systems for the restoration of eyebrows, in them - everything you need to conduct sessions (hairs, stencils of different shapes, composition-degreaser, options for glue and rings, round brush, straight tweezers, gel remover).

How much does it cost to build eyebrows?

The specific price is associated with the selected option to correct the edges.

  • For example, if you have an architectural form of eyebrows expressive in and of itself, but no, say, the required length, or corner, or tail, then the session will not take much time (about an hour), and the sum will be about 2 thousand. rubles.
  • When your edge form is partial. For example, on the nose - too wide a distance. Or there is no bend. Then the cost is about 3000 r.
  • A full eyebrow modeling session will take more time, take more steps and cost approximately 4,000 rubles.

If we summarize the answer to this question, it turns out that the prices are calculated based on the material that will have to be spent and the work space. And also time which the master will spend.

Eyebrow extensions: how much is holding up?

If you believe the experts and advertising statements, then the extended edge will delight you at least from a couple to three weeks, and sometimes longer. At the same time they also assure that you can bathe without problems, go to the sauna and not be afraid for the result.

In addition, the extended artificial hairs do not require special care, and if desired, they can additionally apply decorative cosmetics. However, how well they will hold as a result of this is especially incomprehensible.

In approximately two weeks, the brow hairs will gradually crumble. In this case, you can sign up for a corrective extension of the eyebrows with hairs, in other words, to undergo a correction, as is the case with the same cilia.

I would like to pay attention to some features. There are contraindications to this procedure:

  • treatment with antibiotics, the use of certain drugs for acne, chemotherapy - capacity can only be six months after the course,
  • eczema or pustules on the face,
  • damage to the skin near the eyebrows, various abrasions and wounds, cuts,
  • skin infections
  • swelling or swelling on the face,
  • The test for sensitivity to the drugs used is positive.

You should not confuse the hair extensions of the eyebrows with the hair tattoo, transplantation (hair transplant) and the gluing of eyebrows (yes, you can find such “beauty-finds” in stores and online catalogs). If you have already tried on yourself, share your feelings!

Eyebrow extensions - true!

The girl’s hair, eyelashes and nails have been built up for a long time. But, since broad eyebrows came into vogue, many have thought about how to increase them artificially. The British company was the first to jump at this idea. The Eyelash Design Companyknown for producing eyelash extension materials. Based on the fact that both of these procedures are similar, it is not surprising that this company was the first to think about building eyebrows.

Why build eyebrows? The reasons may be different and each has its own: someone loves to experiment, someone wants to do this for aesthetic reasons after suffering a disease or a course of treatment, such as chemotherapy, and someone just has an eyebrow growing asymmetrically, and building up will help remove this a flaw.

How to increase eyebrows?

Eyebrow extensions are a rather new and outlandish procedure, however, in beauty salons, it gradually begins to appear in the list of services provided. When performing the procedure, artificial, made of soft latex hairs that completely emit natural eyebrows are used.
Before the procedure, the skin on the eyebrow line is cleaned, after which, they select the desired shade and length, and proceed with the actual build-up. The bottom line is that each hair grow on the natural hair with a special elastic glue. The hairs can be extended even to the barely noticeable fluff that is on each skin. As a result, eyebrows will get the necessary volume and shade. The process of building up is quite laborious.

The advantages of eyebrow extensions:

  • color fastness
  • eyebrows look more natural than with tattoo,
  • painless procedure,
  • reconstructing the shape and line of even damaged and damaged eyebrows,
  • moisture resistance
  • hypoallergenic.

Of course, like any other procedure, eyebrow extensions have their drawback - this is what the eyebrows begin to crumble after a week. However, if you are preparing for any important event or significant event, eyebrow extensions can be a great way to create a festive look.

Brow extensions - what is it?

This procedure is a process of alternately sticking individual hairs into the eyebrow, which allows to solve most of the problems associated with a small thickness and shape of the eyebrow. Despite the fact that the build-up process is a relatively new procedure - he managed to become very popular and win recognition from a large number of girls.

The need to build up (in addition to personal discontent with existing eyebrows) often arises in such situations:

  • consequences of unsuccessful experiments with the form,
  • pronounced asymmetry of arcs,
  • lack of hairs in certain areas,
  • the presence of scars as a consequence of previously received injuries, because of which the hairs do not grow,
  • massive hair loss due to chemotherapy, etc.

A distinctive feature of hair extensions from any other types of artificial brow modeling is a realistic look. During the procedure, the specialist glues individual hairs, gradually creating the shape of the eyebrow. As a result, a visually extended eyebrow is no different from its own, with the exception of thickness and artificially specified parameters.

How to build eyebrows in the salon

The technology of creating augmented eyebrows implies obtaining the most realistic result that will be difficult to distinguish from natural eyebrows. As already noted, the main goal of such an event is to correct and build up the shape and density, so it is obvious that the first step is to determine the optimal shape of this element, taking into account the features of the face and, of course, the client's wishes. Then everything goes according to this scenario:

  • thorough cleansing of the skin and the hairs themselves with a special composition - this is necessary to ensure the best durability of attachment,
  • eyebrow contour drawn on the skin, and if necessary, extra, protruding hairs are removed with tweezers,
  • repeated cleansing with a brush with simultaneous brushing of natural hair,
  • the selection of the required color and length of the artificial elements is carried out - this is done by the master on the basis of the features of natural eyebrows,
  • A special adhesive compound on an elastic basis is applied to the hairs of the point, and it is applied to the right place. Attaching can be done both on the skin and on its hairs.

In general, the event does not last long, but much depends on the qualifications of the master. The choice of a specialist should be given the most attention, because only an experienced person will be able to correctly choose the shape of eyebrows, and impose artificial hairs as imperceptibly as possible. Equally important is the quality of materials.

Is it possible to make extensions at home?

Classic eyebrow extensions of one hair at home are extremely rare, as this procedure requires the purchase of a large amount of materials: hairs of a certain color and length, glue, tools, etc. This method is resorted to only if there is a need to carry out the procedure continuously for the correction of unwanted defects.

For infrequent use, another method is considered simpler and more accessible - the use of special strips. These are essentially the same false eyebrows, only the hairs are already laid on a certain shape and you only need to apply an adhesive to them, and then apply it to your eyebrows exactly. The procedure is very simple and gives a good, smooth result, there is no need to waste time drawing the ideal individual form. After drying, good glue does not cause discomfort at all, which is also a plus of the procedure.

Used materials and kits for the procedure

To date, there are a huge number of manufacturers of various applied tools and tools necessary for the implementation of the brow extensions. Despite the fact that the method of hair sticking began to practice quite recently, the market has already been filled with everything necessary. To the number of integral components for the extension should include:

  • preparing compositions necessary for degreasing and cleansing your own hair from cosmetics, dirt and other sediments,
  • glue as a base
  • special tweezers for styling hair,
  • the hairs made of latex of the required tone directly (their length varies from 4 to 8 millimeters).

Among the products sold on the market can be found ready-made kits, in which there are all the necessary components for the process. The result of the procedure depends on the quality of the materials that were used. The most popular cosmetic brands that produce components for semi-permanent extension include:

  • Novel brow perfect
  • I-beauty,
  • Lash Perfect, etc.

During the event in the salon the master usually does not offer the client to choose, since he already works with certain materials and can guarantee the quality of the result with them.

How much is the result

The eyebrow extension procedure gives a rather short term effect - on average up to two weeks. This already not long period can shorten the features of the skin. For example, in the presence of increased fat content of the skin of the face, the hairs will last less. You should also pay attention to the correctness of care for the created ideal form:

  • minimum number of touches
  • it is not worth washing, scratching or rubbing - any active mechanical effect can provoke a rapid loss of artificial elements,
  • lubrication with oils or creams is necessary (which composition to use will be prompted by the master who performed the procedure, since this depends on the materials used during the extension).

If the described rules are observed, the result will last for as long as possible, but in any case, the beauty will begin to thin. To restore it, it is necessary either to carry out a timely correction with the gluing of the missing hairs, or to further re-build it.

Given the small persistence of the effect and the need for careful care, few people just resort to the procedure. Usually, such an increase is addressed before some important event, wanting to look simply irresistible.

Photos before and after eyebrow extensions by the hair method

Qualitatively carried out procedure allows you to feel the difference between what was previously and the current picture. Thanks to the hair method, it is possible to create a completely natural image, emphasizing the depth and sincerity of the look. Именно благодаря процедуре наращивания, проблема светлых и тоненьких бровей перестала быть актуальной сегодня.

Алина: Всегда страдала от того, что мои брови неяркого, тусклого цвета и по форме и густоте напоминают ниточку. Раньше я их красила с помощью туши, хны и других средств, но вид был совершенно не тот, что я хотела. I recently learned about a semi-permanent extension and decided to try. I did not even think that the effect could be so cool: high-quality, natural and very beautiful.

Tatyana: My problem is classic - my eyebrows are very “poor”, and tattooing is definitely not for me. A friend is building eyebrows and suggested that I try to become her client, to which I agreed. As a result, I received thick, saturated and very natural eyebrows, the very shape I had always dreamed of.

Evgenia: The procedure of brow browning was completely dissatisfied, because after carrying out the procedure I woke up in the morning with half-fallen leaves like eyebrows in autumn. I do not know why it happened, but such a problem is definitely not only in my case.

Pauline: Eyebrow extensions are a great alternative to the tattoo, without having a negative impact on your own eyebrows, skin, etc. A very effective and simple method to make the look more expressive.

Brow extensions. Eyebrow correction. Why is there no such branch on Irek yet? Have you tried eyebrow extensions? New beauty mania. There are a lot of myths on the Internet, I will tell the whole truth. Do you have rare eyebrows? This is the procedure for you! + PHOTO brows before and after


Today I want to talk about something new. I was so surprised that Irek is not yet such

eyebrow extensions. Really, no one has tried?

I have long read information about this new procedure. Now they are increasing

Everything, and nails, and eyelashes, so why not to raise eyebrows.

For me, they are very rare in themselves and for me this procedure is simply a vital necessity.

There are a lot of myths on the Internet, the most frequent is that eyebrows will be shaved before the procedure

under 0, but in fact this is not at all true. No one will touch your brows, you just add

there is a hair. Glue if I'm not mistaken for the same glue as for eyelashes. But unlike

eyelash extensionswhich I also managed to try gluing in intervals, and not to themselves

hairs. But actually finding the information true about this procedure is simply not

really. So if you have any questions please write.

Prices depend on your city, but right away I can assure you that this will cost you a pretty penny, because

The procedure is relatively new and not many where you will do it well.

The effect is just WOW, I was just thrilled and could not believe that this was possible.

The first time was of course very scary, and what if something goes wrong, but what if it hurts or

there will be an allergy, but it's good that everything turned out fine and I was pleased. Approximately takes time

There are a lot of advantages:

eyebrows look much better

-can change the shape of the eyebrows

- do not require special care

- you can swim and swim and lead an active lifestyle

well and minus only one requires correction.

After the procedure, the eyebrows do not itch and do not cause discomfort at all.

Right after

eyebrows still painted on top with henna.

In few days

In 2 weeks

After 4 weeks

it is evident that even after 4 weeks there are still not my hairs, there are no longer many of them, but

there is still.

I was very pleased! I hope that was helpful.

I also want to note that the procedure did not affect the state of my eyebrows, it did not affect my eyebrows.

in place and did not become less frequent or fall out.

For comparison, add tip where I dyed my eyebrows without building up.


I would like to note that now for building they use transparent instant glue and now it is not visible on the skin. Work this time looks muchneater.

Be beautiful