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How to preserve sorrel for the winter


As you know, winter does not make us happy with a variety of products, but the body, despite this, still requires a bright menu. What to do? Homework comes to the rescue.

In this article we will tell you how you can prepare sorrel for the winter. Agree, fragrant green soup is still able to make fresh notes in a boring winter diet.

In addition, the process of procurement does not require you to spend a lot of time, effort, and especially money.

In winter, you can make your favorite soup from many harvested sorrel, add it to a salad and even use it as a filling for pies.

Useful tips

  1. Close the sorrel for the winter is best in small banks - the best option capacity - 0.5 liters. One such jar is enough for you to make a pot of fragrant soup.
  2. To make the preparation more fragrant when preserved, a small amount of dill should be added to the sorrel.

  • How to make the most delicious soup? To do this, canned sorrel must be added at the end of cooking, so that it comes to a boil in broth.
  • If you spend the preparation of sorrel for the winter according to all the rules, the difference in taste between fresh and canned product you do not feel.

    Therefore, follow the recommendations and enjoy the taste of summer throughout the year.

    Cooking rules

    Harvesting sorrel for the winter at home can be done in different ways.

    • First, the leafy vegetable can be frozen. What does that require? Only free space in the freezer.
    • Secondly, sorrel for the winter can be preserved. With this method, the issue with the lack of space that is necessary for storing the frozen product is solved.

    Soup from canned green vegetables is as tasty as fresh

    Before moving on to recipes, you need to give a few tips.

    1. Some mistress sorrel when canning sterilize. But since it contains oxalic acid, one can do without this procedure.
    2. Before preparing sorrel for the winter, special attention should be paid to the purity of the main product - it is carefully washed and sorted out so that no bacteria from the soil gets into the jar.

    Recommendation! To be completely confident in the purity of sorrel, after washing it should be filled with water and left for an hour!

  • Storage containers must be sterile. This applies not only to cans, but also covers.
  • For convenience, the leaves are not placed in jars entirely, but cut into small pieces.
  • So, we bring to your attention a few recipes for which you can prepare sorrel for the winter.

    • fresh sorrel
    • 1 liter of water
    • 1 tablespoon salt
    • 100 ml of table vinegar.

    1. Finely chop the leafy vegetable with a knife, put in jars and shake.
    2. In a separate container combine vinegar, water and salt, mix.
    3. Marinade pour sorrel, banks roll up.

    This is one of the most delicious ways that helps prepare sorrel for the winter for soup.

    It may seem strange that in this recipe, sorrel does not undergo heat treatment, but despite this, it is beautifully stored and also retains its bright color.

    Salty sorrel

    1. Vegetable chopped chop.
    2. Put prepared greens in jars, sprinkling salt on each layer.
    3. Bring water to a boil, cool and fill the jars with it, roll up.

    This method of preparation is suitable for lovers of salty sorrel.

    1. Soak vegetable in cold water and chop finely.
    2. Fold the vegetable into sterilized half-liter jars.
    3. Bring water to a boil, pour sorrel over it and roll it up quickly.

    Sorrel freeze

    To freeze sorrel for the winter there is no need to make any special efforts. The technology is pretty simple:

    • fresh leaves are sorted, discarding floral arrows and grass,
    • the vegetable is washed in plenty of cold water
    • large leaves cut across, small ones are whole,
    • then the greens are immersed in boiling water for about a minute - during this time the color of the leaves will change to dark olive, but this will not affect the quality of the product,
    • the sorrel is removed from the boiling water with a skimmer and left for a few minutes to drain the excess liquid,
    • leaves can be slightly blotted with a paper towel, and then folded in plastic bags.

    Tip! Conveniently, when the portion in the package corresponds to the volume of one pot of soup!

    As required, the herbs are taken out of the freezer and, without defrosting, dipped in boiling broth.

    Sorrel can be frozen in another way. The green leaves, as usual, are sorted, washed and dried on a towel. After that, the product is interrupted in a blender and spread the resulting puree in small containers.

    And the third method - the vegetable is finely chopped, packed in containers and poured with cooled boiled water.

    Each of these methods allows you to save all the benefits of the product and its flavor. If you wish, you can freeze sorrel with other herbs, such as dill or parsley.

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    How to preserve sorrel without a hassle for a long winter

    The ancestors of man long ago ceased to be herbivores, but the love of spicy or sour leaves has been preserved. But how long do the leaves turn green in the northern climate? That is why in the Russian culinary tradition a significant place is given to preparations for the winter.

    Close the young sorrel in small banks and enjoy the green cabbage soup when there is a blizzard outside the window - what could be more entertaining for a gourmet? Preservation of sorrel at home is simple, try our recipe and you will not notice how familiar this product will become in your kitchen.

    Sorrel is an emerald wizard in the city

    And without the magic glasses of the gatekeeper Faramant, young sorrel is striking in its bright emerald green. Its name translates from Latin as “spear”, and indeed, its leaves with its arrow-shaped base resemble a formidable tip.

    For harvesting needed young leaves of sorrel

    According to the botanical classification, sorrel is a relative of buckwheat, but edible are not seeds, but leaves and tops of young shoots, just like tea.

    Old leaves accumulate a bit too much oxalic acid, which can provoke or exacerbate stone formation in the kidneys, gout, and arthritis.

    Attention! Sorrel is absolutely contraindicated for people with disorders of water-salt metabolism and kidney disease.

    Sorrel did not get to the culinary section immediately. For a long time, he was listed among the medicines for dysentery, indigestion, bleeding and even from the plague. Perhaps the placebo effect worked, but from what sorrel definitely helps, it is from scurvy: the content of vitamin C in 100 g of fresh leaves is approaching the daily rate.

    There is an expression in the people: "vitamin of joy." So, sorrel fully corresponds to it.

    At the end of spring, when our bodies are depleted by the fight against winter depression, and there are practically no vitamin plants yet, the young leaves of sorrel magically color the picture of the world.

    Gentle green soup with a big-eyed oval of a tough egg or a fresh salad of sorrel with a radish like nothing else will return both performance and vitality.

    Council In order to eat the little swell, and not to make kidney stones, accompany it with a large amount of calcium-containing product. Not too useful oxalic acid forms insoluble compounds with calcium in the intestine and leaves the body without being absorbed into the blood.

    Preparation of sorrel for conservation

    Like other vitamin harvest, sorrel can and should be harvested for the winter. The plants will be ready as early as May, and this is good: the processing of sorrel can be viewed as a kind of warm-up before a larger campaign for the preservation of cucumbers and other garden vegetables. When working with this plant should be aware of some rules.

    1. In order not to harm the health of excess amount of oxalic acid, only young ones break off the leaves.
    2. If heat treatment is not planned, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the leaves from the ground and possible laying of insect eggs. To do this, the leaves are immersed for an hour in a bowl of water, then washed and dried on napkins or a towel.
    3. Before you put a knife over the leaves, it would be nice to imagine how the canned product will be used. If in the tradition of the family to add it to salads or to the filling for pies, it is better to chop. For the preparation of first courses of leaves can be mashed.
    4. It is more rational to take half-liter banks, since they place the product on one pot or a couple of salads, and it will not be stored in clear form any longer.

    Sorrel for the winter: a vitamin recipe

    To create a tasty and healthy snack from sour leaves, you should prepare:

    • sterilized banks
    • scalded metal covers,
    • chopped greens
    • tolkushku

    The recipe for sorrel is very simple

    Greens laid in a jar and crush it tolkushkoy to fit more. Add a little cold boiled water. Salt to taste or do without salt at all. Roll and store in the cellar. Oxalic acid itself acts as a preservative in such preparations.

    If there is no cold storage room, use a different recipe. In a large pot, pour about two fingers of boiling water, put chopped leaves, bring to a boil. The resulting boiling thick is poured into hot cans alternately: filled - rolled up, then the next. Magic vitamin sour for the winter ready.

    Attention! Do not use aluminum cookware. When heated, the acid will destroy the protective oxide film on the surface of the dish and react directly with the metal. As a result, unhealthy aluminum oxalate will form in the product.

    Sorrel is not necessarily canned lonely. The company can make him spinach, dill, parsley and onion feathers. It can be harvested like sauerkraut: chopped, salt, packed tightly in a jar, wait for juice under pressure, close, store in the refrigerator. In the freezer can provide a place for flat ice cream sorrel bags.

    In winter, when we are moving from crispy vegetables to macaroni and potatoes, it is so nice to sprinkle dinner with something summer-like bright: sauerkraut, pickled patisson and, of course, sour leaves of timely harvested sorrel.

    Sorrel for the winter: preservation without sterilization, recipes with photos

    Do you want to cook green borsch in winter time? I propose to work hard now, close sorrel for the winter. Preservation is a way to keep fresh the product for a long time. Canned, it can be used for soups and even pies. There are few ways to save sorrel, each has its own pros and cons.

    This article will discuss the different ways of preserving sorrel. From their list it is quite possible to choose the appropriate one. First there will be a brief description of the main methods of conservation of this product.

    Preparation of sorrel for the winter: several ways, the secrets of culinary

    At one time, sorrel was considered weed, few people paid attention to it, they just blurted it out from the gardens. However, its usefulness was later established, it is written about it here, its taste qualities were revealed, and even tasty cakes are prepared with it, read about it at http://organikeda.com/pirozhki-so-shhavelem-retsept.html

    You can save this product enriched with vitamins in several ways:

    • to dry
    • to freeze,
    • canned in the bank.

    Features of each type of processing will be discussed below.

    To dry

    When drying, the product will retain most of the nutrients, but it should be noted that the soup with dried sorrel has a rather specific taste.

    • Dry the leaves like this: prepared leaves are spread on a clean surface. The preparation process includes washing, drying and sorting. Dried leaves quickly - for 2 days. Dry leaves simply fold into glass jars.

    To freeze

    When frozen, sorrel will retain all its beneficial properties. But you can defrost it only before cooking, re-freezing is unacceptable! If you defrost, sorrel did not work out anything to cook, it can and should be thrown away.

    Canning in the bank

    Option suitable for creative people. There are a lot of ways to do this, choose any!

    Canning sorrel without salt, cold water

    • Water needs to be boiled, pour sorrel, while no additives are used. Sorrel is prepared in the usual way, if desired, the leaves can be cut. Greens are tightly tamped into a sterilized jar, filled to the top with water and closed with a nylon cap. Store in the refrigerator or cellar.

    The second option canning without salt

    The recipe differs from the previous one only in water temperature. Bay oxal leaves boiling water, they can be stored at room temperature.

    The product is prepared as usual, but poured boiling water. Banks better roll up. If the greens were chopped finely, before rolling them, you should wait until air bubbles come out, add water and then roll up.

    Sorrel Salting

    Banks to prepare and chop the sorrel leaves. Put the greens in the jars, tightly tamped. When cutting the product, the stems are better not to be thrown away - in small slices, they can also be preserved.

    On a 0.5 liter jar add 10 g of salt (exactly 1 teaspoon) and add water - boiled water or boiled chilled. The quality of conservation will not deteriorate. Banks roll up.

    Sorrel canning without sterilization

    All the above recipes did not require sterilization of the product. We offer another option without sterilization - with dill. In a jar of this preservation even more vitamins and benefits.

    The ratio of sorrel and dill should not exceed 1: 4. Prepare the dill in the same way as oxal leaves. Banks need to be sterilized, put a portion of sorrel, rammed, put dill on top. Pour cold water (boiled) and close. Keep this preservation need in the cold.

    Canning sorrel with greens

    Close the sorrel leaves for the winter with even more greenery. The more varied the list of products, the more useful will be ultimately the composition of the can. This recipe requires sterilization.

    List of products for 1 jar in 1 liter capacity:

    • sorrel leaves and stems - 750 g,
    • water - 300 g,
    • green onions - 150 g,
    • salt - 10 g,
    • Dill - 10 g,
    • parsley - 10 g.

    The sequence of the conservation process:

    1. Rinse greens, sort, chop.
    2. Boil the water.
    3. Add the prepared products to the pan (not aluminum - only in enamel), add 1 teaspoon of salt.
    4. Boil for 10 minutes.
    5. At the expiration of the specified period put the hot product in the bank. It is not necessary to sterilize it in advance - just wash it with kitchen detergent and rinse it under running water.
    6. Cover the jar with a lid, and sterilize for 20 minutes.
    7. At the end of the sterilization process, remove the can from the water and roll it up. Since it needs to ensure the slowest cooling, it is better to return it back to the water in which the sterilization took place.

    Preservation of sorrel with vinegar

    The plus of this variant is the preservation of the color and taste of the sorrel shoots. This happens due to the lack of heat treatment.

    List of products for the recipe using vinegar:

    • sorrel - the desired amount
    • cold boiled water - 1 l,
    • Vinegar 9% - 100 g (6.5 tablespoons),
    • salt - 30 g

    1. Rinse oxalic leaves and stems and cut them randomly.
    2. Banks to sterilize, then ram them greens.
    3. Put the norm of vinegar and salt into boiled water, stir until all the crystals are completely dissolved.
    4. Pour water up to the top, roll up.

    The sorrel closed for the winter in such a way is perfectly stored, keeps all flavoring properties.

    Sorrel canning without water

    Sorrel leaves can be preserved without water and with additional greens. Banks are used in a reduced volume - 300 g, but it is possible with a capacity of 500 g.

    It is not necessary to comply with the proportions of products, their quantity will depend on the availability of a certain type of greenery and personal preferences. In addition to sorrel, you can use green onions, parsley or dill.

    • All products need to properly prepare, then grind with a knife. In a container that is convenient for mixing, it is too salty to add all the greens. The amount of salt is calculated as follows: for every 150 g of oxalic shoots, 30 g (tablespoon) of salt is used. After mixing the herbs and salt, leave them for half an hour to get the juice. Banks pre-sterilize, shift them to the workpiece, ram and roll.

    Preparation of sorrel for the winter with salt without water

    Another recipe without water is described below. It is different from the previous one.

    1. Зелень промыть и перебрать. Нарезая, складывать его в таз, пересыпать солью и перемешать руками. Консервация продукта произойдет из-за содержания в щавеле природной кислоты.
    2. Заготовленный продукт положить в банки, закрыть крышками. Хранить предпочтительнее в холодном месте — погребе или холодильнике.

    Как заморозить щавель на зиму

    Вариантов заморозки также существует несколько. Тут будет описан самый распространенный.

    Как замораживать щавелевые побеги:

    1. Свежий щавель перебирается. This process involves the removal of another herb, a flaccid or damaged leaf, and all that is found in the oxalic bunch, but is not a sorrel.
    2. Enumerated product is washed. Since the sorrel shoots often touch the ground, washing, it is better to lower the sorrel into a bowl of water (it should completely cover the product), and after sinking to the bottom of the ground, wash the stems one by one under running water. This may be a more labor-intensive process than it seemed at first, but if you do not do that, then the ground and sand will be in the finished soup.
    3. Leaves chop. It is enough to cut across the sheet into strips 3-4 cm thick.
    4. Boil water in a saucepan. Put crushed product into it.
    5. After 1 minute, remove the product from boiling water and place it in a colander to drain off excess liquid.
    6. In this form, leave the greens to cool completely and maximum drying.
    7. Laying out cooled oxalic leaves in batch packages, you need to count the amount of product in the package at one time.
    8. Release the air before freezing from the bag. Put in the freezer and leave there until the need for sorrel.

    How to close the sorrel for the winter in the banks

    Recipes seaming sorrel in the banks have been described above. The cans themselves (if the product is not sterilized) must be prepared in advance. Since all the recipes do not take a lot of time, the banks should already be ready for the beginning of the processing of the oxal shoots.

    Preserve better conservation in the cellar. If not, a fridge will do. Subject to all rules of canning, banks should not "explode."

    This article has described many ways how to prepare sorrel for the winter. Preservation depends only on the needs and preferences, you can choose the fastest or most delicious recipe of the workpiece.

    How to prepare sorrel for the winter in banks without sterilization

    As a child, I loved green borscht so much and looked forward to May. At this time, the grandmother always pleased us with a fragrant sorrel soup. And now there is no need to wait so long. Harvesting sorrel for the winter in the banks - a great way out in this situation. And today I will tell you how to prepare sorrel in cans for the winter without sterilization. Prepared the best recipes, choose any.

    Some tips for preparation:

    1. Harvesting sorrel begins with the collection of leaves. May or June sorrel is best suited - then he is young, fresh and juicy.
    2. Leaves first fill with cool water for half an hour. During this time, all garbage will move away.
    3. Then gently wash the sorrel and dry it on a paper towel.

    Sorrel in banks for the winter without salt

    I will share with you first the best recipes for making sorrel without salt for the winter. If you follow the health, it is harmful to you a lot of salty, then this way is for you! In the future, you can already salt the finished dish to your liking.

    Ingredients for 0.5 liter jar:

    • A large bunch of sorrel,
    • Cold water (better - spring or bottled).

    1. The moved sorrel is washed, dried.
    2. Carefully wash the jars of soda, sterilize them over the steam. Cover with boiling water for 5 min.
    3. Leaves finely cut, pre-cut their tails.
    4. Put the leaves in clean jars, lightly ramming. Gradually fill them with cold water so that it covers the greens.

    Lid rolls. Due to the high acid content, sorrel without salt is well preserved, remains fresh and tasty for a long time. Store in the fridge or pantry apartment.

    How to prepare sorrel for the winter soup

    The first recipe is also suitable, without sterilization. But there is another option for seaming soup.

    • 5 large bundles of sorrel,
    • Water - about 2 cups.

    1. Wash leaves, dry, chop.
    2. Banks and covers are sterilized.
    3. Pour water into a saucepan, heat to boil. Put the leaves in portions, boil a couple of minutes before the color changes. We take out skimmer.

    Fold in cans, ram the spoon tightly, twist the lids. Done!

    Tip: How to save nutrients during heat treatment? It is better not to digest the sorrel. Some citric acid can be added to the water.

    Marinated sorrel with citric acid

    I will share another recipe, how to pickle sorrel. Suitable for cooking soups, pastries, baking, as an additive in side dishes.

    • 500 g sorrel leaves,
    • 5 g of citric acid (1 teaspoon).

    1. Sterilize dishes for preservation.
    2. Washed and dried sorrel skip through a meat grinder.
    3. Put the green puree in a large saucepan, heat and simmer, stirring for 10 minutes. At the end add citric acid, mix.

    Put mashed potatoes in banks, roll up. We turn and envelop. When the banks cool, transfer them to storage.

    Sorrel in its own juice

    When we look for the best preparations of sorrel for the winter, the method of canning in its own juice attracts attention. I'll tell you how to prepare sorrel for the winter in banks without sterilization, using only a minimum of components.

    1. The washed sorrel is dried and cut in an arbitrary way.
    2. Sterilize jars and lids.
    3. Put the chopped leaves into the pan without oil. Heat, stirring, until the leaves do not let the juice and darken.
    4. Immediately shift hot sorrel with the juice in the jar. Heat the next batch.

    When all the jars are filled, close them and leave to infuse under the coverlet.

    Tip: It is convenient to make such a workpiece under the screw caps.

    How to prepare sorrel for pies for the winter

    The sorrel recipe for pies is very simple. The previous options are also suitable, but I still like the following one. It already contains salt, so you will not need to add the finished filling.

    • 500 g of sorrel,
    • 25 g of salt (1 tbsp. With a top),
    • 25-30 ml of vegetable oil.

    1. Enumerated leaves of sorrel, washed, give dry.
    2. Wash with soda and sterilize jars, lids.
    3. We cut the leaves into strips, fold them into a bowl. Pour salt, knead hands. Sorrel will make juice.

    We shift the chopped leaves into jars. Add the juice remaining in the bowl. Top pouring a little vegetable oil. In this case, canned sorrel for pies will not become moldy. Close the lids (can be plastic). Keep in a cool place.

    Sorrel in the banks for the winter with salt

    If we are talking about salt, I propose another simple way how to pickle sorrel for the winter, also without sterilization.

    Ingredients for 0.5 liter jar:

    • 1-2 large bundles of sorrel,
    • 1 tsp salt,
    • Pure water (boiled and cooled).

    1. Enumerated and washed leaves dry on a towel.
    2. Sterilize the container for preservation (jars, lids).
    3. Cut the leaves into strips, fold them into jars. We pour salt on top and pour water over the neck.

    Lidding and that’s it! Transferred to storage in the cellar.

    Tip: You can also fill with hot water, but then less preserved nutrients.

    Check out another video on how to harvest sorrel in banks.

    Now you can treat yourself to a delicious green borschik or rosy pies with a sour filling at any time of the year. And the most pleasant thing is that the preparations are unpretentious, they are perfectly stored at home, rich in vitamins and minerals, and they diversify the winter diet pleasantly. Have a great appetite and spring mood!

    Secrets of cooking canned sorrel

    On the Internet you can find a great variety of recipes that fit in a couple of printed lines. It seems what complexity can be: stock up on the green component and create kitchen wonders for your pleasure! But if you overdo it with the sterilization of greens or simply overdo it in boiling water, then you run the risk of getting not a useful preservation, but a hill devoid of any vitamins grass in jars. What you need to know before you start creating a winter refueling?

    • Only young shoots are suitable for harvesting canned sorrel, so set aside the dark green large leaves and select those that are lighter and fresher for rolling.
    • In almost all recipes, the plant should be poured abundantly with salt. If you plan to use greens as a dressing for the soup, stuffing for baking or as a component of vitamin salad, please note that it will be necessary to salt the food much less.
    • Pouring boiled water over sliced ​​leaves, do not be surprised that the contents of the jar will change color. This is not a sign that the product has deteriorated or failed, but the result of heat treatment.
    • The only thing that will have to tinker a bit, taking up the preparation of canned sorrel, is the sterilization of cans. Make it any way convenient for you: hold the containers over the steam or rinse them with boiling water as it should. And don't forget the covers!

    Now you know theoretically how to preserve sorrel for the winter. It's time to put this knowledge into practice!


    One can argue arbitrarily about the benefits of fresh greens and the uselessness of conservation, but in our climate zone the only way to eat soup or pie in the middle of winter is to prepare sorrel in advance. Moreover, the greens for this recipe is obtained as if it had just been picked in the garden! Home will be delighted - verified!

    1. The leaves, intended for the preparation of canned sorrel, are carefully sorted out so that no pests or weeds can get into the jars. Fill them with cold water and leave for half an hour. We should not skip this stage as unimportant - we do not want the finished snack to creak from the sand on the teeth?

    2. While the green mass is soaking in an aqueous medium, put a saucepan with water on the fire and bring the liquid to a boil. We leave to cool - it is necessary that the water was just warm, not hot, when we put it into motion.

    3. Time is up? Now we are shredding the leaves in the way that our heart desires - all the same, in the finished dish, the shape of the oxalic shoots is absolutely not important.

    4. Fill the cut into sterilized containers and add to each a couple of tablespoons of salt (we took the amount per half-liter jars, for jars of 250 g it should be reduced twice). Mix the mass, fill it with water to the hanger of the dishes and roll up the lids.

    Wherever canned sorrel goes according to this recipe! And in okroshka, and in a salad, and in a pie, and in soup - everyone will find the very “own” dish that he will like more than the rest! And the snack is kept wonderful - it can stand in a cold place for several years, without losing a little bit of its taste and benefit!

    * Cook tips

    • Some particularly "advanced" chefs advise to conserve the greens mixed with finely chopped beet tops. Take it in a ratio of 1: 1 and repeat all the steps from the above recipe. If you believe the reviews of those who had the opportunity to try this dish, it turns out moderately sour and very tasty.
    • Are you afraid that the salt will settle on the bottom? You can mix it with cooled boiled water and only then pour it into jars.
    • Leaves do not necessarily cut. You can simply wrinkle them a little with your hands so that they become softer and send them to the jar as a whole.

    Now you know all about how to preserve sorrel for the winter so that the roll-in turns out appetizing and preserves all its vitamins.

    How to prepare raw materials

    1. Cut sorrel leaves, cut them at the base of the stems (closer to the ground).
    2. Put the cut leaves in a large bowl.
    3. Sort spoiled, holey, too light leaves, remove weed-covered weeds, shake off visible dirt.

    In sorted conditioned leaves, tear off the stems (especially in more “mature” specimens, in very young ones, most of the stem can be left), put raw materials prepared for preservation on trays or large dishes.

  • Cut prepared sorrel.
  • How to wash

    1. Pour it generously with water in a large bowl.

    On the green leaves a large number of harmful bacteria and other "living creatures", harmful to our body, which gets on it with soil particles. It is important to wash off the dirt and dust before closing the sorrel in banks!

  • Rinse the sorrel, as it should in the first bowl. Then gradually shift the leaves from the first container to the second. Shift at one time as much greens as fit in one hand, until nothing is left in the first bowl.
  • Conscientiously wash the first bowl and set aside for now. Pour water into the second one, rinse the leaves thoroughly in it, put them in the third in handful until there is nothing left in the second.
  • Fill the third tank with water, rinse the raw material and similarly transfer it to the first one. Repeat the cycle one more time. Thus, the sorrel will be thoroughly cleaned and the preservation for the winter will turn out not only tasty, but also safe.
  • How to close the banks for the winter

    1. A large pot filled with water at the rate of 100 ml of water for every 100 g of sorrel. Heat the water to a boil, put sorrel in the boiled water, shaking the water over the bowl.

  • As soon as all the prepared sorrel is in the water, you should drown it and stir it. He will strive to ascend, and you his spoon, a spoon down in boiling water.
  • The water should boil again, boil the mass for three minutes. Remove pan from heat.

    Place the prepared sterile jars and lids as close to the saucepan as possible so that the distance between the container and the jars is minimal.

  • Spoon the hot mass, fill the jars almost to the top, cover twist-off or ordinary lacquered tin lids.
  • Turn the filled jars upside down and leave to cool.

    The banks rolled up this way are well worth the whole winter in a cool place. Reinsurers can put a small pinch of salt in each jar. Greens at the same time immediately change color

    It is most practical to roll up small mustard jars - such a portion is just enough for a 2-2.5 liter pot of soup.

    How to close for the winter in banks billet with sorrel, nettle and dill

    1. Prepare sorrel, as in the first recipe.
    2. At the nettle to tear the tender upper young leaves, sort out, rinse in the same way in three bowls (protect your hands with gloves).
    3. Rinse the young dill, finely chop.

  • Boil in a large saucepan water at the rate of 100 ml of water per 100 grams of prepared raw materials.
  • Put the prepared greens into the water, drown in a spoon so that it does not float. Boil for 3 minutes after boiling.

  • Pour into sterile jars, roll up sterilized lids, turn upside down, wrap and leave to cool completely.
  • Sorrel contains a large amount of acid, which preserves it.

    Keep clean when rolling up and rejoice yourself and your loved ones in winter with a delicious green borsch with the scent of sun and summer!

    We have already made a gas station for the winter for red borscht. But today prepared for green.

    Canned sorrel: cooking recipes:

    All summer, the mistresses use sorrel to make delicious first courses and even pies. But the warm time ends, and the question arises of the preparation of this plant for the winter.

    Canned sorrel, the recipe of which should be every hostess, will be a great help in the winter and will diversify the menu. After all, you can cook excellent soup with him, and besides, also useful.

    There are several options for the preparation of sorrel, which we consider in this article.

    Small retreat

    In total, there are about 150 species of sorrel in nature. It is found in the wild, and as a cultivated plant in the suburban and garden plots. You can meet this representative of the flora anywhere, for example in Asia, Australia, Europe and North Africa.

    In Russia, there are about 70 species of sorrel, and all of them are fit for human consumption. And if you consider that it is an excellent source of vitamins and beneficial substances for the body, then the question of its preparation for the winter rises by itself.

    How to close the sorrel, to keep the maximum useful properties? We will deal with this issue.


    In the period of rapid growth of sorrel, you must not miss the moment of harvest. Collect leaves when the plant produces about 4-5 young shoots. They are cut off with a sharp knife, trying not to damage the newly-emerging plant buds. Harvesting is best done in the morning when the dew comes down.

    When sorrel begins to form arrows, its leaves become unfit for food. They accumulate a lot of oxalic acid, which can lead to poisoning. Arrows are better to cut, so that the plant gives all its strength to the formation of new shoots.

    So for the season you can collect several sorrel harvests.

    Choosing dishes

    Green sorrel is best harvested in small glass jars. One portion of sorrel should be enough to cook borscht pans. It is convenient and practical. It is possible to close the dishes with both nylon and metal lids.

    Can be used with screw caps that were used. The main thing is to properly handle the dishes so that the workpiece can stand for the necessary time. To begin with, wash the jars with a small amount of soda, rinse thoroughly and dry. Then sterilize them in any convenient way.

    In such dishes canned sorrel, the recipe of which is proposed further, will be stored all winter.

    Sorrel with salt

    We select and wash sorrel. Then cut the leaves, as on the soup, strips. Sprinkle them with salt on top and mix slightly. This method is similar to pickling cabbage. Greens should limp a little and put the juice.

    Now lay out the sorrel in jars (we tamp tightly) and sprinkle with a little salt on top. Закрываем банки крышками и храним заготовку в подвале. Консервированный щавель, рецепт которого прост, будет храниться всю зиму.

    Количество соли регулируйте по своему усмотрению. Но если положить мало, то срок хранения будет очень небольшой. Много соли тоже не надо, иначе борщ получится пересоленным. Солить блюдо, приготовленное из такой заготовки, следует в конце.

    Не забывайте, что консервированный щавель, рецепт которого вам наверняка понравится, уже имеет в своем составе данный ингредиент.

    Очень простой рецепт

    How to simplify the cooking process? Harvesting sorrel does not take much time if you use this recipe. Prepared leaves cut into strips (like borscht) and laid out in jars. Before canning sorrel, it is necessary to prepare the dishes.

    Banks are carefully washed and sterilized. Fill the dish with sorrel with boiling water and immediately close the lids (preferably metal). Move the billet to a cool place after it cools down.

    If you do not know how to close sorrel, so that it retains a fresh taste and aroma, then this is the best way.

    No less just

    Almost all canning recipes are very simple. With a minimum of effort and spending not so much time, you can enjoy the taste of a great first course in the winter. Prepared sorrel, washed and chopped, put in a pot of boiling water.

    Two minutes later we get it from there and put it into jars, which must be prepared in advance. Tamper sorrel tightly so as to leave as little air as possible. Then pour boiling water over them, in which the leaves are blanched, and close them with lids.

    Now the banks with the workpiece must be sterilized for an hour, and then roll up the lids. The main thing in this recipe is not to digest the sorrel.

    Blank in a wooden barrel

    Here's how to preserve sorrel at home in large quantities. To do this, use a wooden barrel or keg. The container should be clean and dried, without odors. Sorrel is pre-sorted, washed and dried. Then it is laid in layers in a tub, sprinkled with salt.

    For one kilogram of leaves you need to take 30 grams of salt. Then put a wooden circle on top and oppression. In the pot, you can add sorrel as it settles. Store the product in a cool place. Greens are washed with water before use.

    Harvesting sorrel in this way does not require large amounts of glassware and a lot of storage space.

    Preparation in the form of mashed potatoes

    Sorrel puree is also an excellent basis for cooking first courses, pies and pies. For every 900 grams of sorrel you will need 100 grams of salt. To begin, prepare the leaves, wash and sort out. Then put the pot of water on the fire, add salt to it. When the liquid boils, put sorrel in it.

    Cook it for 3-5 minutes. After that, pour out the water, and wipe the sorrel through a sieve. It turns out mashed potatoes, which must be decomposed into prepared banks. Then sterilize the workpiece for an hour and close the lids. Dishes should be washed and doused with steam, before canning sorrel.

    In the jars no longer add any ingredients.


    • Canned sorrel 0.5 Liter
    • Meat 400-500 Grams
    • Potatoes 5-6 Pieces
    • Onion 1 Piece
    • Egg 1-2 Pieces
    • Vegetable oil 1 Art. spoon
    • Salt 1.5 Teaspoons
    • Ground black pepper 2 Pinch
    • Water 2.5 Liter

    First boil the broth. Fill the meat with water and set it on fire. When boils, remove the foam and cook until meat is ready. I will have chicken broth, it will cook faster than beef or pork.

    Peel the onion, cut into small cubes and fry in vegetable oil until light golden brown.

    We clean the potatoes and cut into cubes or cubes - as you like.

    We take the cooked meat out of the broth, cut into pieces

    Send the meat and potatoes to the broth, add fried onion and salt a little.

    Beat the egg with a fork.

    When the potatoes are cooked, add the canned sorrel. When the soup boils, thin stream, while stir the soup, pour in a beaten egg. Add pepper and salt to taste. The soup is ready.

    Pour the soup into a plate, add sour cream and enjoy your meal :)

    Sorrel blanks: photo

    • Dandelion yellow ordinary and blanks from it
    • Preparations for the winter of the barberry: detailed recipes and photos
    • Tea Rose Jam Recipes
    • Blue (eggplant) Fritters - a dish not only for vegetarians

    Sorrel to collect in the forest after the rain, that would be clean, to sort and dry so that it would be ground into powder. That is a great seasoning.
    Bon appetite .

    Recipe "Homemade conservation of natural sorrel"

    This recipe allows you to prepare sorrel for the winter, retaining all the natural freshness and benefit. To do this, the sorrel leaves are picked, washed, put in a colander and immersed in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Then sorrel is tightly laid in hot glass jars and filled with hot (almost boiling) water in which it is blanched. After this, the banks with sorrel are sterilized for 50-60 minutes in boiling water, sealed and removed for prolonged storage.

    Recipe for canning mashed sorrel

    Enumerated and washed fresh leaves of sorrel for 3-4 minutes are blanched in boiling water. Then they need to be wiped through a fine sieve into a homogeneous mass, which is poured into an enamel pan. The resulting puree is heated at a moderate and even low heat, not bringing it to a boil, and poured into sterilized jars. After that, the workpiece is sterilized for 1 hour in boiling water and rolled. Sorrel puree is stored for up to a year in a cool place. Before use, it should be shaken and used for cooking in the first course in winter.

    Canned sorrel in the form of mashed potatoes can be prepared "with additives", for example, with spinach. To do this, fresh leaves of sorrel and spinach (they are taken both in equal and in arbitrary ratio) are picked, washed and blanched for 3-4 minutes in boiling water. Then the leaves are rubbed through a sieve, and the resulting puree is transferred to an enamel pan. Puree is brought to a boil over low heat and then cooked for 5-7 minutes. The cooked mashed sorrel and spinach fill the calcined jars, and the preform is sterilized before boiling for 30-40 minutes in boiling water.

    To preserve oxalic puree, the leaves can be crushed as on a sieve, pre-boiling or blanching them using a food processor or a blender. As well as fresh sorrel can be turned through a meat grinder.

    Dry sorrel canning recipe

    For such a billet per 1 kg of sorrel is taken 100 g of salt. If wild-growing sorrel is taken for the recipe, then it is better to close it in early spring, and the vegetable garden - throughout the summer. Collected fresh sheets of sorrel are thoroughly washed and sifted. After which they are spread out in a thin layer on a sheet of paper to dry. Dried sorrel is chopped finely, like a borscht, mixed with salt, ground in hands in a bowl until the juice appears and is placed tightly in jars. Sorrel is compacted in the container until the liquid on the surface. Next, banks can be sealed and put in the refrigerator for long-term storage. Packing sorrel is better in cans of a small displacement for the convenience of a single use.

    Recipe "Natural Salted Sorrel"

    From the salty sorrel for the winter, you can also cook "Soup from canned sorrel "recipe. But this must be done correctly, observing all the details of canning sorrel (according to the recipe), otherwise the workpiece will deteriorate and become unsuitable for consumption. For salting the leaves of sorrel for 1 kg of the main ingredient is taken 120-130 g of salt.

    Enumerated, freshly harvested and washed sheets must first be slightly straightened (laid out in the sun or warm for 1-2 days) and then put whole in jars with a wide neck or other dishes. Laying sorrel, it is poured in layers of salt in layers, and on top is a wooden circle and on it is oppressed. The billet is aged at room temperature for a couple of days and put in a refrigerator where it can be stored for up to six months.

    Recipe for canning natural sorrel with spinach

    To prepare such a combined preparation, you will need 250 g of sorrel leaves, 500 g of spinach and 1 cup of water. Greens can be taken in a different, arbitrary proportion. Spinach and sorrel leaves are sifted, washed out and transferred to the appropriate volume of dishes. Then water is poured over them, and the greens are brought to a boil over low heat. Boil the mass should be no more than 3 minutes, and immediately pack it with water, in which the leaves were cooked, in hot half-glass glass jars. Banks are sterilized for 25-30 minutes and clogged with boiled lids.

    Quick methods of harvesting (salting and preservation) of sorrel for the winter

    Among the wide range of quick ways to highlight the following two recipes.

    1) Young, fresh leaves of sorrel are washed, crushed and poured with salt at the rate of 1 kg of sorrel - 30 g of salt. Then the greens with salt are moved to the jars, tightly tamped into them and filled with cold water. After the cans are closed with nylon covers and the preparation of sorrel for the winter is removed for storage in the refrigerator or other dark cold place.

    2) Boiled sorrel is salted in a similar way. Just do not forget that when boiling sorrel loses most of its vitamins and becomes less saturated in taste. Therefore, the cooking time should not exceed 5 minutes at a low boil.

    Sorrel itself contains a certain amount of salt and mineral substances in its own leaves. Therefore, preserving it is not necessary to add salt to the preform.

    Having considered so many interesting recipes for canning sorrel for the winter, you definitely need to know - what about the first dishes made from it ?! After all, clogging the leaves in jars is one thing, and making them a delicious borscht or soup is completely different. Therefore, the following recipes are devoted to the methods of "How to cook canned sorrel soup».

    Recipe "Green soup with canned sorrel"

    For soup with canned sorrel you will need to take:
    - 1 can (0.4-0.5 l) of canned sorrel,
    - 0.5 kg of chicken fillet or other meat,
    - 5 potatoes,
    - 1 egg,
    - 1 onion.

    The broth is boiled out of the meat for the cabbage, after which it is crushed and put into the broth again. Potatoes are peeled, cut into cubes and dipped in meat broth. Potatoes must be boiled for 20-25 minutes until cooked. For the oxalic soup, the potatoes are always boiled first of all the ingredients, since when added to it during the cooking process, oxalic acids will become tasteless and harden. In the meantime, potatoes are cooked, onions are peeled, finely chopped and fried. Fried onion is transferred to the pot in the pan.

    Next in the soup is laid canned sorrel, and the first dish is brought to a boil. If during the preservation the sorrel was boiled, then the soup should not be boiled with it, otherwise the dish should be boiled for 5-7 minutes. At the end of the egg is driven into the pan, it is desirable to add it pre-whipped. The egg in shchi acts as a thickener, and also reduces the level of acid. For those who prefer sour soup, the egg should be laid boiled hard-boiled and straight into the plate, cut into quarters. Before you turn off the fire, the soup salted and pepper to taste. Feeding the dish on the table, it would be good to add sour cream and fresh parsley or dill to it.

    RecipeSorrel soup made from canned sorrel (fridge) "

    With canned sorrel, you can also cook some variation of okroshka - fridge. It will require:
    - 200 ml of canned sorrel,
    - 2-3 potatoes,
    - 2 cucumbers,
    - bunch of radishes,
    - 1 bunch of dill, parsley and green onions,
    - 2 liters of mineral water without gas,
    - salt and black pepper to taste
    - meat or cooked sausage at will,
    - 2-3 boiled eggs,
    - sour cream.

    Potato fries (peeled and washed), radishes, cucumbers, boiled eggs and boiled meat (or sausage) are cut into small cubes or rubbed on a large grater. After that, the crushed ingredients are added to the pan. To them is added chopped greens, salt and black pepper powder to taste. Separately canned sorrel is mixed with mineral water and poured into the pan to the rest of the fridge. The dish is salted to taste, and cooled before serving. Like green cabbage soup, the fridge is seasoned with sour cream. Soup can be made more rich by cooking pork meat broth instead of mineral water.

    You can cook not only soup of canned sorrel, but also botvinia (cold soup on kvass with beets and various additives), diet soup-puree, sorrel soup with fish (usually boiled fish is put into it), pickle. Green borscht, in which the harvesting of greens is added for the winter, is enriched with rice, cheese, mushrooms, lentils, etc. And what a tasty baking is obtained: sweet rings, rolls and pies with sorrel and eggs, pancakes with sorrel filling, fried pies.

    The conservation of sorrel is just as varied. We reviewed the recipes for how to preserve natural sorrel, methods of salting it. In addition, on the basis of sorrel, a dressing for borsch is made for the winter and other equally useful and tasty seals. By preparing jars of canned sorrel, you can be sure that in the winter you will not have a lack of greens and vitamins!

    Recipe "Canned Sorrel":

    We cut sorrel into finely finely and firmly into sterile jars. Separately add to 1 l of cold water, one pile of vinegar and 1 tbsp. l salt. Mix and pour into the jars to the top. Immediately roll up. Done! Due to the fact that sorrel does not undergo hot processing, it retains color and taste. It is stored perfectly. No bank ever exploded!

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    Sorrel, canned with greens

    This preparation is enough to add to the pot with boiling broth and diced potatoes - you get a great first dish. It has all the necessary components: sorrel and various greens. But note: at the time of laying sorrel potatoes should be ready.

    Otherwise, the acid will not allow it to boil, and it will remain solid. So, take 750 g of sorrel leaves, 300 milliliters of water, 10 g of dill, parsley and salt, and 150 g of green onions. We wash all greens, sort out and cut them finely enough.

    Then we shift it to the pan, add salt and pour boiling water. Cook the mixture for about 10 minutes, and then put in jars, which must be prepared in advance. We cover the workpiece covers, but do not roll. We set the sorrel to be sterilized for 20 minutes.

    Only after this cover can you roll up. After the sorrel with greens cool, move it to a cooler place.

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    Procurement options are many. How to preserve sorrel - only you choose. All proposed recipes are good, do not require much time and effort. The result will not be long in coming, when in the winter time you prepare a dish of sorrel and surprise them with your loved ones. Another way of harvesting this plant is freezing.

    Note it too. It is necessary to sort, wash and thoroughly dry the leaves of sorrel. They are then put in tight-fitting bags or containers. The workpiece is placed in the freezer until use. Defrost sorrel before cooking is not necessary.

    You can simply cut off the required amount.

    Sorrel for the winter in cans without salt

    The classic recipe used by many housewives. To keep the sorrel all winter, you need to preserve it. I like to make any preparations for the winter according to several recipes, because everyone has their own taste. In this case, we do without salt.

    We will need:

    Sorrel leaves are carefully picked and washed. Cut the leaves as small as possible.

    In a saucepan or basin, boil water and immerse sliced ​​leaves there.

    Cover dishes with a lid and stew greens on a very small fire. We warm, but do not boil! It takes about 4 minutes. Mix with a wooden spoon, the leaves change color. Again, close the lid and leave for another 3 minutes.

    Sterilize jars and lids. There are many ways to sterilize. I described them in detail in my article. In this case, I boil a little jars and lids in the pan.

    Parboiled greens are placed in sterilized jars and rolled up with lids.

    Banks turn upside down, cover with a towel and keep turned upside down to cool them completely.

    The best recipe for preparation without salt

    If in the first recipe, we cooked some sorrel for a bit, then this wonderful way is to simply pour the preparation with boiling water. Simple, fast and reliable recipe.

    I, perhaps, will not even indicate the number of ingredients, we will do everything “by eye”.

    We will need:

    We chop greens arbitrarily, although personally I like smaller ones.

    Sorrel lay out in pre-sterilized jars and tamped with a spoon, or even better with wooden pulp. In a half-liter jar will enter a good bunch of greenery.

    There are a lot of sterilization methods, I wrote about them in this article.

    Simultaneously boil a teapot or water in a saucepan and pour sorrel in a jar with it. Water should completely cover the contents of the jar. On top of the spoon, you need a little more mash the greens in the jar to get all the air out.

    It remains only to close the sterile cap, turn the jar over and cover with a warm blanket until it cools completely.

    How to close the sorrel for the winter with cold water

    It turns out that it is not necessary to boil or boil our greens. Thanks to oxalic acid, the billet is beautifully stored all winter and can be poured with ordinary cold water. The green color remains saturated green, as if it had just been plucked from the garden.

    In some recipes, it is even advised not to sterilize jars. I still sterilized both banks and lids for greater reliability.

    Sorrel, cut and lay out in a jar, slightly kneading it. No need to tamper.

    Fill the contents of the jar with plain cold water and roll the lid.

    Fast and probably the easiest way.

    Quick recipe in the microwave

    Speed ​​in the kitchen remains a priority, because there is always not enough time for cooking. And in summer and autumn, stocks for the winter are added to the usual family dishes. So we are looking for simple and fast ways, and in this we will use a microwave.

    Cooking sorrel for the winter with salt without sterilization

    With another one of my favorite ways I want to introduce you. I like it with its simplicity. True, it is prepared with the addition of a sufficient amount of salt and in preparing any dish there is a danger of forgetting that it is not possible to salt it in any way. In any case, I had several such “punctures” when cooking green borscht. By the way, you can get acquainted with the recipes of this sour soup here.

    We will need:

    It's simple - wash the greens, dry a little and chop. Fold into the pan or any other convenient container.

    Sprinkle with salt on top.

    Hands we squeeze greens a little, try to do it without fanaticism, so that vegetable puree does not work out.

    We take glass jars and pour a little salt on the bottom.

    Banks in this recipe can not be sterilized - the salt will do the trick.

    Spread the greens and tamp with a rolling pin or spoon.

    A lot of juice is formed in the jar, the extra should be drained. When the jar is full, sprinkle salt on top.

    It remains to close the lid and wait for the winter.

    Video on how to prepare sorrel in the freezer

    In recent years, many people choose when preparing greens, berries, mushrooms and vegetables freezing. I am also a fan of this method, because it is believed that vitamins and trace elements are the best preserved. And the taste is more similar to the original from the garden. True, not always enough space in the freezer. But if there is a separate freezer or enough space in the refrigerator, then this method is for you.

    Green preparation for borsch

    I propose to prepare a mixture of different greens, because it is very convenient - opened a jar, put a couple of potatoes and borscht is ready. And if you have not found your favorite recipe for green borscht, you may find it here.

    In summer, the choice of greenery is great, so you can pick up various herbs in this mixture. Approximately half of this billet consists of sorrel, and in the second half you can add herbs at your discretion. I chose the traditional ones - onion, dill and parsley.

    We will need:

    • sorrel
    • dill
    • parsley
    • green onions
    • Bay leaf
    • black and allspice
    • water - 1.5 liters
    • garlic - 3 heads
    • citric acid - 1/2 tsp on the can

    We cut sorrel, at the same time we use only leaves, and we do not throw away the stems, but we fold them into a separate container (we still need them).

    We also chop various greens quite finely so that it cooks beautifully in a borscht.

    Put clean greens in half clean cans in half, pour slices of peeled garlic in the middle. And again to the top we fill the jar with a green mixture.

    Sorrel stalks are quite solid, we will not use them for borscht. But of them we will prepare a healthy sour broth. Boil water, add bay leaf, pepper and boil the cut stems on a low heat.

    Pour the contents of the can with this broth, and put the jars in a pan with hot water to be sterilized. In each jar on top add 1/2 tsp. citric acid and add a little more broth. Cover and sterilize for 20-25 minutes.

    Close the lids tightly and leave the jars upside down to cool.

    So, now we know that there are many ways of useful preparations from the wonderful and useful sour weed. But after all, a lot of useful things grow in the garden, and every good housewife wants to extend their life until the next harvest. So you need to hurry and share with you the best recipes blanks.