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Short mink coat - what to wear and how to create fashionable images?


Perhaps there is no woman in the world who would not want to become the owner of a mink coat. Even if a lady is a resident of a very hot country, having seen a mink coat, she cannot help falling in love with her! And indeed, the mink coat has always been the object of lust. This fur adorns all women. Full ladies slim coats of sheared mink, thin - very fit to the face of the cut "trapeze". Every fashionista will be able to find the desired style.

Selection and Acquisition

Buying a mink coat was considered the privilege of the rich, but many are willing to save money for years to get even closer to the dream. If the amount is prepared, then it is time to delve into the details of the selection and purchase of the coveted fur coat. So, all about mink coats.

If the coat is chosen correctly, then it can become a real decoration for the hostess. But in order not to be mistaken with the choice, you need to know a lot of details. Mink coats have not lost their popularity with consumers for many years. If you are going to make such a significant purchase, it is important to remember that the choice is great and you should not hurry. Carefully read all the information about the seller and manufacturer, carefully select the style.

In the sea, the proposed models are easy to get lost. Therefore, it is worth mentioning once again that there is no need to hurry. Many women trust the value for money. In this case, it turns out that the more expensive the fur coat, the better it is. And this is not always true. There are not the most expensive mink coats, which are able to overshadow the goods with the exorbitant price. The main thing is the quality of the fur. The seller is responsible for this.

Correctly choose the style of the coat. With the cold weather approaching, fashionable women are increasingly visiting stores in search of a fur coat that will become a real decoration for the owner. Online store of fur coats offers a large selection of goods. Here you can find a fur coat for every taste. The style, able to decorate any shape.

In the new season, the most popular will be a straight silhouette and short fur coats. Both young ladies and elegant ladies look beautiful in them. The most fashionable designers chose the length of the fur coat of this season and came to the conclusion that short fur coats will be the most popular and in demand. This is not only the length, reaching to the knee, many will like models barely crossing the hip line or those whose length only reaches the waist.

But no matter how the fashion changes, a strict straight silhouette will always be popular. A strict fur coat, the length of which reaches to the knee or even to the toes, will make any woman elegant. After all, a mink coat is not only a status thing, it must protect against frost in cold winter. Surely there are those who want to purchase and models that look outrageous.

The online store of fur coats represents a wide variety of models from the most modern designers. Each of the proposed models meets all quality standards and meets the requirements of customers. For each fur coat presented, a detailed description is ready, and if necessary, the customer can use the connection with the operator and get the most comprehensive information about the product.

Short mink coats 2018

Every winter season makes us happy with a great opportunity to flaunt in exquisite clothes on the background of white snowdrifts and in conditions of frosty freshness. The range of natural fur is diverse and wide, but the gentle playful mink is not inferior to the leading positions in the collections of famous couturiers and women who prefer to wear luxurious furs on fragile women's shoulders.

Short models, whose length barely reaches the middle of the thigh, give extraordinary comfort and coziness, there is no talk of heaviness of clothing and speech. If we talk about what they are, short mink fur coats, first-class products mainly follow current trends, with an eye on the timeless classics:

  1. Premium models are made mainly in straight and flared cut, often used elegant stand-up collar, characterized by a soft shoulder line.
  2. This season is invited to wear a trendy model with a combined tailoring.
  3. In addition to traditional colors, unusual and even extravagant tones are offered.
  4. Relevant curly laser haircut fur.

Mink short fur coats

Fur fur animal without additional tinsel looks gorgeous, so the mink products are great even in a concise performance. Designers this year make a bias towards unconditional femininity and romance, which are so openly expressed by models of short mink fur coats:

  1. Your wardrobe can decorate the A-line model with pleats at the bottom.
  2. Always relevant coat fitted or straight cut.
  3. As a tribute to the general course on overseas, designers presented models with a free cut and a belt.
  4. The anti-cold hood perfectly complements the refinement of fur outerwear.
  5. Short sleeves are a fashionable detail of a winter look.
  6. Transverse style is an extraordinary fashionable solution for the winter of 2018.

Short mink coat with hood

Many of us categorically do not accept hats, so a short mink coat with a hood is a great solution for a cold winter. In windy weather, this detail will protect against gusts, and on a sunny day will be a beautiful addition to the collar. The hood is attached to a fur coat with a dressing gown, bat, trapeze. Often the hood is fastened with a beautiful button or an elegant brooch. The hood itself can be made in color to the main fur or create a striking contrast.

Short fur coats from mink avtoledi

A woman driving a car is a sight that hasn't surprised anyone for a long time. But to drive a car in a confined space in a lush gown of natural fur is extremely inconvenient. You should not refuse a smart fur coat, the special cut of the model of an avtoled will warm, but will not prevent to conduct a car accurately. Comfort is achieved by a shortened length, due to which disturbing folds are not created on the seat, and the free cut of the sleeves does not hinder movement. There are a lot of variations on this topic:

  1. Often, a short mink coat of avtoledi has short sleeves without weighting cuffs.
  2. Laconic design is expressed in the complete absence of the collar.
  3. A small hood is convenient as an alternative to the headdress when leaving the car.
  4. Popular models with a belt.

Short mink coat across

A very popular version of fashionable coat has won a great love of fashionistas. This is not surprising, because the transverse arrangement of the skins has an extraordinary and stylish look. The bands can be the same width or be combined in different sizes, forming an interesting ornament. Pouring over the colors of the fur creates a beautiful effect, it is difficult to resist such magnificence. The only thing worth paying attention to is that a short fur coat transverse to a mink can add volume, therefore girls with full forms should avoid such models. Reasonable compromise - products from short-haired fur.

Mink coat with short sleeves

Many ladies perceived this trendy version with a shortened sleeve at first with considerable surprise, but then they wanted to become the happy owner of an interesting model. A beautiful three-quarter-length short mink coat looks extraordinary and feminine, and its practicality is unquestionable - you can not be afraid that expensive fur will rub along the edges.

Exquisite model is ideal for girls driving a car. To prevent the hands from freezing, high leather gloves or a sweater / polo-neck are worn under a fur coat. Gloves are recommended not to take on the color of fur, but in a contrasting tone. A stylish short mink coat with short sleeves is the perfect complement to an evening look made up of a chic dress, diamonds and an incredible stiletto.

What can I wear with a short mink fur coat?

A fur coat from elite fur outside the timeframe of fashion, it always looks relevant to the winter look and with the corresponding accompaniment. Shortened models are much more democratic than elongated ones, so you can use casual clothes and business wardrobe items to make bows:

  1. A youth image can consist of thick leather leggings, skin-tight skinny and a monochrome turtleneck or sweaters and jackboots.
  2. The actual pencil skirt or flared is worn with a straight or flared fur coat and neat boots on a wedge.
  3. The woolen or knitted dress is good with a fitted fur coat. The latter can be grabbed with a wide leather belt for rivets. If the coat has shortened sleeves, do not forget about gloves.
  4. The evening dress perfectly complements the laconic model of a trapezoidal cut.

If you put youth jeans or a comfortable skirt under your fur coat, then you can use an actual knitted hat with a fur pompon as a headdress. When a short mink coat of women is used with a set of clothes of classic style, the best addition is considered a hat or a fur hat. The elegant scarves or shawls exquisitely transform the bow.

Fashionable images in a short mink coat

Mink black short fur coat

Universal color is considered the most practical, it easily transfers pollution, easily combined with various clothes. With a luxurious black shine of mink fur, only diamonds can argue. Particularly impressive is the short black fur coat of a mink across, both narrow and wide. And you should not make a common mistake when putting on things under a black fur of a similar tone.

Winter, in which white and dark colors reign, is no reason to give up a bright, cheerful palette, especially since positive colors are relevant in the coming season - brick, coffee, raspberry, purple and others. It is worth to pay attention that designers recommend choosing black leather or suede shoes and accessories for black coats - boots, boots, bags, gloves.

Short gray mink coat

There is a persistent stereotype about the “mouseness” of gray color, but the coat in this elegant palette tone looks amazing. Gray has a lot of shades: pearl, silver, coal, with blue, graphite. Choose to taste and to your color type is not so difficult. A short mink coat can be combined well with almost any color:

  1. A short light-colored mink coat is expressive with dark gray trousers or skirt.
  2. The classic combination of gray and pink can be used in this case too: under a gray model, they wear a fuchsia-colored dress in lilac.
  3. Leather accessories look stylish with gray fur.
  4. Gray outerwear is good with red, olive, maroon accessories.

Short white mink coat

The dream of every woman is an incredibly beautiful short mink white fur coat in which you feel like a real queen. This is an option to exit, in everyday images it is out of place and completely impractical. Such magnificence is suitable only for special occasions, to a luxurious dress and to the brilliance of precious stones. Light short mink coat can be executed in pure white color or have blotches of black or gray. Refined models with a collar or cuffs of fur in a contrasting tone.


Description: An elegant mink coat - the dream of every lady. The harmony of colors, nobility and durability of this fur make even a young girl look like a real queen. Despite the fact that mink fur products came into fashion relatively recently, elegant mink coats are very popular with women around the world. Soft to the touch and incredibly elegant, they are also very warm and moisture resistant.

Karakul fur coat delicate shade - from golden sand to sky-blue due to the absence of a long nap perfectly emphasize the dignity of your figure.