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Pain and beauty: painkillers for epilation and depilation


If the procedure of hair removal seems too painful to you, then you should not endure the pain, because there are several ways to reduce it.

Recommendations are given at the very beginning of the article, as some of them can help reduce pain, with the result that special tools are simply not required.

So, useful tips:

  1. Before removing hair, you can steam out the skin. Thermal exposure will expand the pores and thereby facilitate the removal of hairs from the follicles and make the procedure faster and less painful.
  2. Choose the right time. So, cosmetologists do not advise to carry out the procedure before menstruation and in her period. The best time is a week and a half after critical days. At this stage of the cycle sensitivity is reduced.
  3. Try to relax as much as possible, this will relieve tension and vasospasm and thereby relieve pain.

Some people advise you to drink before hair removal, but you shouldn’t do it, because alcohol reduces concentration, which can make the procedure ineffective. Do not use ice. Yes, it cools and relieves, but causes narrowing of the vessels and pores, so removing hair after cooling will not be easy.

What to choose for pain relief?

What painkillers can be used before epilation?

  1. "Lidocaine". This anesthetic is actively used both in cosmetology and in medical practice, and a very long time ago. For anesthesia before depilation it is best to use a spray, this is the most convenient form. But if it was not possible to find it, then the usual solution sold in ampoules will do.
  2. "Prilocain". This cream is absorbed more slowly, but has fewer side effects than Lidocaine.
  3. Emla cream is popular because it is easy to use and effective. It consists of the active ingredients lidocaine and prilocaine.
  4. "Light Dep". The active substance of this agent is anesthoderm. The effect is slightly lower than that of prilocaine and lidocaine, but the component is hypoallergenic.
  5. Deep Numb contains lidocaine and has the same effect.
  6. Precisely pain relief drugs of general spectrum of action, such as Nurofen, Tempalgin, Pntalgin and others, will help to reduce pain. If you have a low pain threshold, then you can use them. You should take one or two tablets about half an hour or forty minutes before the procedure.

How to apply?

To achieve the effect of pain relief, you need to apply the tools correctly.

Some important rules:

  1. Before use, by all means test the product on a small area of ​​the skin to avoid unwanted reactions. Just put a small amount on the elbow bend and watch the reaction for several hours (preferably a day).
  2. Before applying any means it is desirable to clean the skin. To do this, you can use any detergent, but rather a special cleansing tonic. Why do you need it? This preparation will remove dead skin cells and increase its permeability, thanks to which the anesthetic components will achieve the goal and will definitely work. But you should not use a scrub, it can damage the skin and only strengthen the sensations.
  3. If you chose a specialized tool, then the instructions attached to it probably indicated that an occlusive dressing should be applied after application. What it is? This is a bandage that blocks the access of oxygen and prevents the composition from evaporating from the surface of the skin and allows it to penetrate the skin to the nerve endings and provide an analgesic effect. To achieve this, after distributing the product over the skin, wrap the area with cling film and leave it for an hour or two so that the components reach the target and act. After removing the film, immediately proceed to the procedure, since the effect usually lasts no more than 30-60 minutes.
  4. Apply ointments, sprays, gels or creams followed by active massaging movements. In addition, it is not necessary to save money, in this case, it may simply not work.
  5. Do not use the product after the expiration date.
  6. Remember that any remedy has side effects and contraindications, so read the instructions before use.

The use of folk remedies

Can help and some folk remedies:

  • Use chili pepper. This may seem strange, because it is hot and sharp. But in fact, the analgesic effect is quite understandable. First, such a tool will help to expand the pores and thereby make hair removal easier and faster. Secondly, you get used to burning, and epilation will seem to you not so painful. Thirdly, chili pepper contains a unique substance capsaicin, which explains the burning sensation. So, when exposed to the skin, the body will receive a signal and begin to produce hormones that reduce pain, namely endorphins. As a result, the sensations will be dulled and will be less pronounced.
  • You can use any spicy and fairly spicy seasonings, for example, turmeric, mustard, curry, cinnamon and other. They all have the same effect as chili peppers.
  • Try using mint. Just pick some fresh leaves, remember them and attach to the impact zone for 10-15 minutes. Such a plant has a cooling effect, but it does not constrict the vessels and does not cause their spasms.
  • Try lubricating the skin with sea buckthorn oil. To enhance the effect, wrap the area with cling film and leave for an hour. Do not forget to carefully remove the remnants, they can make hair removal ineffective.

Let epilation be effective and painless!

How does hair removal cream

Painkillers in the form of a cream, spray or patch, used for epilation or depilation externally. Due to the ease of use, many ladies use creams at home. The cream base acts on depilation gently but effectively.

The ingredients of the cream Usually there are various anesthetic substances (usually lidocaine or prilocaine) or herbal components that allow you to easily transfer cosmetic procedures.

How to apply the cream

The cosmetology industry offers just waterfall creams to relieve pain during epilation and depilation.

The use of creams before these procedures has its own characteristics:

  • Usually, the cream is applied to the skin surface with a thin layer for a certain time, and on top is applied occlusive dressing. If the cream is simply applied to the skin, it dries immediately, without having time to produce the desired anesthetic effect. Non-breathable materials (rubberized fabric, plastic wrap or wax paper) can be used for dressings. Most women use food wrap for this.

The application of an occlusive dressing contributes to a more powerful anesthesia process for epilation or depilation.

  • The finished occlusive dressing can be purchased at the pharmacy. In any case, the bandage does not hold on the skin for more than two hours.
  • If you apply the cream for one hour, this time will be enough to anesthetize the skin at a depth of 2 m. If you need a deeper anesthesia (up to 3 mm), to do this, apply the cream for two hours under the bandage. Many women use cream to combat facial hair.
  • If the cream under the bandage is quickly absorbed, you can re-lubricate their skin.
  • Many creams are used with caution on the delicate skin of the genitals.
  • Before using any cream for the first time, it is necessary to test for sensitivity. There are cases of serious allergic reactions after using innocent cosmetics. The matter can even reach the death of the patient, which should not be allowed in any case.
  • No external anesthetic can be applied to the skin with impaired integrity (wounds, rashes, papillomas, scars, birthmarks, herpes, etc.)

Anesthesia treatment is prohibited for any violation of the integrity of the skin.

Rules for conducting a sample of sensitivity to cosmetic products

For the sample is applied a meager amount of cream on the area of ​​the elbow bend. After 30 minutes, we look at the result: if the skin at the site of application of the cream does not redden, has no rashes or irritations, then this cream can be used without fear.

Before using for the first time, any cream must be tested for sensitivity.

How to numb the skin

In order to minimize pain during hair removal procedures, methods of anesthesia are used, both with and without medicines. The choice of anesthesia method depends on the method of hair removal.

Drug free drugs they are used when simple and slightly painful procedures for the destruction of vegetation are chosen (shaving or pulling out hairs). Among such methods, epilation at a certain phase of the cycle (after menstruation will be less pain), use of strong drinks (which is not advised by doctors), use of a better time to minimize pain (usually from 18 to 20 hours), and rubbing the skin with ice ( which can have the opposite effect) and much more.

With more radical hair removal methodswhich are accompanied by a high degree of pain (electro-epilation or shugaring, laser or wax epilation, etc.), often have to be used medication methods of anesthesia.


Women who use more radical methods to get rid of unnecessary vegetation, or who have a low pain threshold, often need medication anesthesia for these procedures.

Medications are used to make procedures more comfortable. electro hair removal, photo or laser hair removal, shugaringor when using wax for depilation.

When these procedures use the following methods of pain relief:

  • ingestion of painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs 40 minutes before the procedure (often non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, nimesil, nurofen, naproxen, diclofenac, etc.),
  • subcutaneous administration of drugs (more often, 2% lidocaine solution is injected subcutaneously, in a staggered manner, to a depth of 3-4 mm before the formation of micro-seals, lidocaine cannot be injected into the mucous membrane of the labia).
  • application of drugs for pain relief on the skin (sprays, gels, creams, patches, etc.).

Do not use aspirin before epilation, as this may cause blood thinning and bleeding at the hair removal site.

Before subcutaneous administration of lidocaine, a skin test for sensitivity must be done.

Popular tools

For application to the skin often use patches, creams or sprays containing special painkillers.
Consider the most popular of these tools and features of their application.

Removal of unwanted hair from the face and body has long been a necessary part of a hygienic ritual. The choice of available remedies is simply incredible, but often after this, skin irritation and inflammatory acne occur. Learn from our article how to avoid irritation after epilation.

Emla cream, 5%

Composition: contains prilocaine, lidocaine and excipients.

Indications: Used for superficial anesthesia of the skin during various surgical procedures. Allowed for anesthesia of the genitals.

Application: The cream relieves the skin well, if applied in a thin layer, and apply a plastic wrap on top. If the cream under the film is quickly absorbed, it is applied again. To anesthetize 2 mm of skin, it is enough to apply the cream for an hour, with a deeper anesthesia, the bandage with the cream is kept longer (2 hours for anesthesia of the skin at a depth of 3 mm). Consumption of cream is 5-10 grams per session.

Special instructions. Do not apply this tool with:

  • any violations of the integrity of the skin,
  • with high sensitivity to anesthetics such as amides,
  • careful use during pregnancy
  • caution when using cream on the genital organ (bikini area).

Average price: about 400 rubles.

The pain caused by the epilator, can not endure all. But the depilatory cream, gently acting on the skin and effectively destroying the hairs, is able to cope with this task completely painlessly. Read reviews on the Baptiste Depilatory Cream.

Cosmetic potions for foot skin care are very diverse, but even among the entire range of products, the unique composition of Aquapiling cream stands out. Instructions for use in this article.

For the depilation of unwanted vegetation by manufacturers of the beauty industry a lot of products are produced. It is very important to choose the one that would effectively remove hair from both the leg area, the bikini, and the face, where the skin is very sensitive. And there is such an option - cream from the manufacturer Evelyn. How to use it http://ilcosmetic.ru/uhod-za-telom/epilyatsiya/krem-evelin.html

Video for you: how to apply Emla cream

Emla Plaster Plus

Ladies note the simplicity and ease of use of the patch, as this does not need any bandages or films. But the size of the patch is small, and in one procedure they use no more than three.

Emla's plaster is used on small sensitive areas of the skin (white line of the abdomen, armpits, bikini area).

Composition: lidocaine, prilocaine.

Application: An aluminum substrate is removed from the patch, it is attached to the place of future depilation.

Special instructions: usually well tolerated, but not used by people with lidocaine intolerance. Carefully used by pregnant women.

Average price:from 640 rubles.

Cream Dr. Namb

Composition: contains lidocaine, benzyl alcohol, and other excipients.


  • used for laser and wax hair removal and depilation: the cream blocks nerve impulses from the skin,
  • To use it, the desired area of ​​skin is washed with soap or treated with alcohol. Then a thick layer of cream is applied to the skin. The use of the film accelerates the anesthesia process,
  • usually the cream is kept on the skin for about half an hour.

Special instructions:

  • gives a lasting anesthetic effect (from 3 to 5 hours),
  • can not be used for people with heart disease or lidocaine allergies,
  • Some people get redness, irritation, or a rash.

Average price: for 10 ml from 450 rubles.
Means of the “Deo Control” line are popular, in modern stores there are very few competitive brands that can compete with this cosmetics in price and quality. Learn more about Deo Control's foot odor cream.

Composition: anesthoderm, water, castor oil, carbomer and auxiliary components.


  • apply a depilatory cream for bikini, face or underarms.
  • cream is applied with a cotton swab on the skin for 15-60 minutes (depending on the patient's sensitivity threshold) repeatedly, preventing it from being absorbed, and then washed off

Special instructions:

  • The cream is water based, therefore it rarely causes allergic reactions,
  • analgesic effect up to 4 hours, which is enough for any hair removal,
  • does not contain lidocaine, therefore, acts locally, without falling into the blood.

Average price: 850 rubles.

Watch the video: features of the use of gel Light Dep

Gel depilflax

Composition: menthol, chamomile extract, vegetable essential oils (tea tree and rosemary), excipients.


  • gel is usually used for waxing,
  • it cools well, anesthetizes and disinfects the skin
  • It is applied with light massage movements before epilation and held for a minute.
  • moisturizes hair, facilitates their removal, serves as prevention of ingrowth.

Special instructions: rarely used for painful methods of depilation. Can not be used in allergic reactions to the constituent components.

Average price: from 700 rubles.

Antifungal nail polish Loceryl designed specifically to combat the insidious disease called "nail fungus." This medicinal varnish not only slows down the process of nail destruction and has a detrimental effect on the causative agent of the disease, but also does an excellent job with protecting nails from fungal diseases. Read the Luceril instructions for use.

Gel anesthetic

Composition: contains a complex of novocaine derivatives (ametocain, lignocaine, impregnation), dexapanthenol, hyalorunidase and other components.


  • used for local anesthesia for different types of hair removal,
  • It has a powerful analgesic effect and is used for minor surgical procedures on the skin (piercing, removal of papillomas, mesotherapy, etc.)
  • does not require dressing,
  • applied after cleaning the skin (soap, alcohol),
  • the first two layers are aged on the skin for 10 minutes, and the third is washed off 5 minutes after application,
  • numb the skin at a depth of 3 mm for 3 hours (the effect occurs after 25 minutes).

Special instructions: not applied to damaged skin, is hypoallergenic.

Average price:
from 1200 rub. for a 30 gram tube.

Anesthetic colloidal solution Golden Rose

Composition: contains two local anesthetics (lidocaine and prilocaine) and excipients.


  • the solution is more often used for permanent makeup (tattoo),
  • they are moistened with a napkin, which is applied to clean skin (previously defatted with alcohol) for 15 to 20 minutes,
  • the solution relieves the skin at a depth of 3 mm for 40-60 minutes.

Special instructions: the tool can be applied directly during the procedures of hair removal and depilation, rarely causes allergies.

Average price: about 1700 rubles for 20 ml.

The skin of the feet requires careful and daily care.The range of products presented today is simply huge, which makes it a little difficult to choose the right product. Timely cosmetology suggests such an effective and inexpensive cream from the manufacturer Gehwol. Read gehwol foot cream, assortment, reviews and price.

VEET spray

Composition: There are two types of spray - with aloe vera and vitamin E (for sensitive skin), and with shea and almond oil (for dry skin).


  • cream spray VEET at the same time is an anesthetic and a means for depilation,
  • when sprayed on the skin, well reduces the sensitivity of its upper layer,
  • used to remove hair from the armpits, legs or bikini area,
  • not used to remove hair from the face, chest or groin, as it may contribute to irritation,
  • a day before the first use of the spray, it is better to test for skin sensitivity,
  • the contents of the spray is sprayed onto the skin and after 5 minutes removed with a spatula along with unnecessary vegetation.

Special instructions:

  • not suitable for deep depilation or hair removal,
  • does not apply on damaged skin,
  • during the day after applying the spray is not recommended to visit the beach, solarium, take a hot bath or shower.

Average price: 515 rb.

Watch the video recipe for a natural way to remove unwanted hair.

Olga, 46 years old. “Emla helps me a lot. If it were not for this remedy, I would not have been able to endure this hellish pain. It is necessary to apply this cream, wrap up the film for 30-40 minutes, and calmly accept the procedure of depilation ”.

Svetlana, 23 years old. “I use pain relief during epilation of Dr.Numb. I am also pleased with Light dep, this remedy is cheaper and does not give an unpleasant vascular reaction, like after Emla. ”

Nicole, 19 years old. “I still tolerate epilation of legs, but it is simply impossible to endure on a bikini zone. Due to the high cost of imported creams, I use lidocaine injections. One ampoule is enough for the entire zone and helps perfectly. ”

Alexandra, 28 years old. “I am a master of electric hair removal. Girls, do not get carried away with lidocaine injections. They even die of it. I use it only for deep bikini. In other cases, I and my clients use Lightdep. It is suitable for the face and body. ”

Many ladies do not want to suffer from the pain and try to make the depilation as comfortable as possible.

But do not forget that any mindless use of medical drugs can thoroughly destroy your health.

With the observance of the necessary rules, any woman can choose for herself a suitable remedy and forget about the pain during epilation.
Indeed, in modern cosmetology, beauty does not have to be paid for in pain.
Applying the patchouli oil in the care of your appearance, you can take advantage of its mystical properties and look like a million. About applying it in hair care here.
To smooth the effects of aggressive effects of oxidizing compounds when lightening the hair, it is necessary to regularly carry out masks that help restore the broken structure of bleached curls. Mask recipes in this article.

Epilation lidocaine

This painkiller is freely available in pharmacies. It is often used by dentists. But for hair removal, it is used in the following cases:

  • laser hair removal
  • photoepilation
  • waxing,
  • phytoepilation
  • electrolysis,

Lidocaine, which can be used for painlessly carrying out the procedure of depilation and epilation, is of several types:

Most often for anesthesia before epilation use local anesthesia, for example, creams or sprays. The main component of these drugs is lidocaine. In general, lidocaine has been used for a long time in medical practice, both as a local anesthetic and with the introduction of injections. Lidocaine can be freely purchased at any pharmacy. The main advantage of lidocaine is ease of use and local action. Let's take a closer look at the form of lidocaine, each of which has its own pros and cons.

Lidocaine before epilating as a spray

Anesthetic lidocaine hair removal spray the most convenient way to anesthesia at home. You do not have to do injection with lidocaine, and in principle it is not recommended. Injections can be done only by a specialist who has certain skills. Lidocaine spray for hair removal can be purchased at the pharmacy. If there is no spray, you can buy ampoules and pour them into a container with a spray.

Lidocaine pain relief in the form of a spray is applied in the armpits, legs and arms.

Lidocaine for bikini epilation is also widely used. Apply spray on the face is not recommended, as it is likely to get into the eyes and respiratory tract.

The action of the drug begins after a few hours. Before spraying lidocaine onto the area to be treated, thoroughly rub the skin and then wipe it dry. After applying the spray on the treated areas, cover the skin with cling film and leave for 10-15 minutes. You will feel cold on the skin. Now you can safely proceed to the procedure of hair removal. Soreness of the procedure will significantly decrease.

Lidocaine Cream

Anesthetic cream with lidocaine can be used absolutely on all skin areas, including on the face.

In effectiveness, the cream is not inferior to spray, but price is more expensive. Cream unlike spray will not spread on the skin and does not deliver any problems during application. In addition, this tool is economical, it is enough to apply a thin layer of cream on the skin. Cream for anesthesia during epilation, as well as spray quickly dry, so for greater efficiency it is necessary to use a bandage that retains moisture. Such a bandage among doctors is called occlusive, and it does not allow the cream and spray to evaporate quickly, blocking the contact of the drug with the air. The simplest type of occlusive dressing is plastic wrap. The cream begins to act only after a few hours.

Lidocaine injection

As we have said, lidocaine injections are not recommended at home and in the absence of certain skills.

However, this type of anesthesia is used quite often. Injections are made using an insulin syringe with a very thin needle. The drug is injected under the skin to a depth of 2 mm, at a distance of 3 cm from each other. Initially, small bumps form on the skin area, which eventually disappear. The main advantage of the injection method is the speed of exposure compared to the cream and spray. But do not exceed the permissible dose, and it is better to carry out injections under the supervision of another person. It is also not recommended to inject lidocaine on the mucous membrane of the labia minora. This procedure is rather unpleasant, but the choice is always yours.

The main advantages of lidocaine drugs is the effectiveness of pain relief and ease of use. But, like any drug, lidocaine has its drawbacks, which boil down to its contraindications. In order not to cause harm to health, before using, read the list of contraindications:

  • Lidocaine is not recommended for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • Liver and kidney diseases
  • Diseases of the nervous system
  • Low pressure
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Allergic reactions.

As you can see, the list is quite serious, so it’s worth taking lidocaine seriously and deliberately. In addition, lidocaine also has a large list of side effects, such as migraine, vomiting, nausea, and more. There is a drug - prilocaine, which does not have such a list of "side effects", its effect is slower, but no less effective. In any case, if you are concerned about these drugs, consult your doctor.

Other methods of pain relief


Pills - this is the easiest and most economical option for pain relief during epilation. In the pharmacy, you can buy any anesthetic drugs that relieve pain and cramps. Here are some of them:

  • Analgin
  • Pentalgin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Diclofenac
  • Andipal
  • Ketoprofen

* The price of these drugs varies from 30 to 200 rubles. for 20 tablets.

Take the pill for half an hour before the procedure, so that the drug began to act.

Before taking the drug, read the recommendations, contraindications and side effects.

It is recommended to use drugs that were used previously, to prevent undesirable reactions. If you have not previously taken anesthetic drugs, then you need to consult a doctor who will help you make the right choice. Silence about the negative impact of pills on the internal organs, we will not. That is why the frequent taking of drugs can have a bad effect on health.

It is undesirable to use aspirin before the procedure, since he thins the blood. And if the skin is damaged, the blood will go more intense.

Cream and ointment

Virtually all creams and ointments intended for pain during epilation, contain lidocaine. For example, Emla cream consists of lidocaine and prilocaine. This cream has become popular with means for anesthesia during epilation. The cream does not have a large number of side effects and can boast a longer period of exposure. Anesthesia occurs in an hour and lasts about two hours. But the cream "Emla" is still a couple of drawbacks.

  • First is the price.
  • Secondly, if you are allergic to lidocaine, then this cream is definitely not for you.
  • And third, it is not recommended to use this cream during pregnancy.

Further, based on Internet reviews, DeepNumb is included in the ranking of the best anesthetics. This tool is more often used for epilation of the bikini zone, since it contains other active ingredients besides lidocaine. Another anesthetic cream that is widely used is LightDep. Most often it is used in the event that there are allergic reactions to the components of the cream "Emla" or the high sensitivity of the skin.

The main active ingredient in the cream "LightDep" is - anestderm.

This is an anesthetic complex, which includes:

Cream "LightDep" has no contraindications, does not cause allergies and irritation. The rules for anesthesia for all creams are exactly the same. The use of an occlusive dressing is necessary in order for the cream to be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and the effect is enhanced. LightDep cream is available in several forms: for the face (15 ml) and for the body (30 ml). As for the cost, it is worth noting here that Emla cream is many times more expensive than LightDep cream.


Plasters are also used as anesthetic methods. Adhesive patches are particularly convenient for the armpits, as their action is limited to a small area. There is one rule for using patches: it is not recommended to use more than 3 patches. The most popular plaster is the patch company "Emla".

The use of special tips on the epilator

If you use special hair removal a device called an epilator, in addition to the main methods of pain relief Pay attention to the special nozzles that reduce pain.These nozzles include: massage and cooling nozzles. Massage nozzle is a kind of distracting "maneuver." Massage knocks pain signals and the process of hair removal becomes easier and more comfortable.

The cooling nozzle has a slightly different principle of action, and it is based not so much on reducing pain, but on preventing irritation. The epilator with a cooling nozzle has a certain capacity, into which water is poured and put in the freezer before the formation of ice. Such an epilator carries out the procedure not only less painful, but also prevents the appearance of irritation on the treated area.

I would like to mention one more attachment to the epilator, which has several thinned discs, due to which fewer hairs are plucked at a time, and consequently, less pain. Only here such an epilator will have to pass through the site several times.

The following video will tell you about other methods of skin anesthesia before epilation, as well as using men as an example, you can see how difficult it is for women to carry the burden of beauty, and men can’t tolerate even one of the epilation procedures offered to them for a minute. We look! It will be interesting!

Tips and tricks

We have told you about the basic methods of anesthesia for epilation, and finally we want to give you some useful recommendations that, of course, will not relieve you completely from pain, but they will make the procedure easier and more comfortable:

  • Cycle. Very often, women are concerned about when it is best to carry out the procedure of hair removal. Many do not even suspect the presence of natural defenses. For example, during menstruation, the body increases the level of the pain threshold in order to reduce pain. If you take into account this feature, then it is better to carry out hair removal on the second or third day after your period. The most acute pain occurs during ovulation and a few days before the start of menstruation.
  • Time drain. It is also worth choosing the right time of day for the procedure. Most often in the morning the skin is more susceptible and reacts sharply to pain. The most optimal is the afternoon. But it is worth noting that this moment is strictly individual. Try on yourself to carry out the procedure at different times of the day and choose for yourself "your" time.
  • Training. On the eve of the proposed procedure, exfoliate the skin. You can do this with a scrub or peeling. After peeling, the skin will become softer and hair more supple. In addition, it will save you from ingrown hairs.
  • Massage. Before epilating, thoroughly massage the skin where the procedure will be performed. Massage reduces pain.
  • Pills. Half an hour before the epilation, take the pain pills.
  • First time. If you are a beginner, then use the epilator for the first time at low speeds.
  • Before the procedure. Before removing the hair, the skin must be thoroughly steamed. After steaming, the pores expand and the epilator removes unwanted vegetation more easily.

Important: Alcohol-containing solutions do not reduce pain, but only complicate the process. As when rubbed with alcohol vessels lend. Also do not use ice for pain relief. before epilation. This contributes to muscle tension and narrow pores.

  • Care after. After epilation, the skin also requires proper care. To prevent irritation, after removing the hair on the skin, you need to hold it with ice cubes and apply a soothing lotion.
  • Hair length. Remember that short hairs are easier to clean. The allowable length is 0.5 cm, if your hairs are longer, then use the depilation procedure, that is, a razor or a special cream with a spatula.

And some more useful information:

  • Take a shower or hot bath just before the procedure. Relaxed muscles are less sensitive, and the hairs themselves will be pulled upward to be removed.
  • Before epilation, skin should be dry. After a shower, thoroughly wipe the skin.
  • When working with wax or epilator, be sure to tighten the skin, so excess hairs are removed more effectively.
  • If you are not able to carry out the hair removal procedure on your own, then choose a specialist with extensive experience. The painfulness of the procedure will depend on the clarity and coherence of the wizard.
  • Caffeine and alcohol before the procedure on all women are affected in different ways. Someone better suffers pain after the use of those, and someone on the contrary, becomes very sensitive.
  • Sometimes the breathing technique helps. For example, pull out hair at the peak of a deep breath.
  • If you have a low pain threshold, you can use several methods of anesthesia. For example, apply lidocaine or another anesthetic to the skin, and take anesthetic pills in half an hour.

And what is the opinion of the doctor about this? Let's see the next video!

For modern women, hair removal is an integral part of personal care. Pain sensations should not scare women and lead them astray to perfection. It was for this purpose that anesthetic preparations were created. Your task is to choose the right method of anesthesia for you, based on your individual characteristics. You can combine methods, or you can use one thing. The main thing is that the epilation procedure should be comfortable.

Preparation before waxing

To resort to drug therapy is not necessary, especially if you remove the hair from the legs. Sensitivity can be reduced by making a number of preliminary works and preparing the skin:

  • Before waxing the area, it is recommended to discard the ice. The cold leads to muscle tension, which is responsible for lifting the hair and at the same time constricting the pores. This can lead to a more painful procedure.
  • For the same reason, it is necessary to abandon the use of alcohol-containing cosmetics before epilation. Such agents manifest tanning effects, due to which the skin becomes coarser. This can reduce the effectiveness of the type of hair removal used.
  • During the work it is necessary to act accurately and constantly keep the skin taut.
  • If before the procedure to scrub the skin, you can lift the hairs and make their removal at home more simple.
  • If you do hair removal in the first week of the cycle, you can significantly reduce the pain, especially if we are talking about the bikini area. Обычно незадолго перед месячными у девушек обостряется чувствительность, особенно интимной зоны, тогда потребуется сильная анестезия, чтобы процедура была безболезненной.

These are the basic rules for working at home. Additionally, it will be useful to steam out the skin before the procedure, just do not forget to wipe it off after quality. Another recommendation, the effect of which, however, is doubtful, is the separation of the strips of wax on the breath.

Proper work with the epilator

If you decide to use the epilator, let alone make it a bikini zone, you need to use special attachments. They often come bundled with the epilator and help prepare the skin, as well as process it after the procedure. Among the most popular options, you can select the nozzle, which is somewhat thinning epilating discs.

Most often, these are the limiters are used when you need to make a bikini or remove hair from the armpits. Due to these limiters, the number of pulling out hairs is significantly reduced, therefore, the procedure becomes less painful.

In modern models of epilators, you can often find special tips with a cooling effect. This is a regular container, which before the procedure is filled with water and sent to the freezer. After the nozzle has cooled, it is put on the epilator. Work is carried out at the same time and before the procedure and after, thus preventing possible irritation. But if we talk about the bikini zone, the option with cooling is not very acceptable.

The third type of nozzles is massagers. They can be compared with the rubbing, which is performed after a slight injury. Thus, the transmission of pain signals is disturbed, which are sent by nerve endings. If you are thinking about a deep bikini using an epilator or a more radical procedure, such as electrolysis, then you will have to use much more powerful tools to make the procedure painless.

"Lidocaine" to help

Sprays are often used for anesthesia before epilation. The most popular of these is Lidocaine. The use of “Lidocaine” for epilation began a long time ago, while many recommend stopping at the production variant of Hungary, and not Russia, emphasizing that its analgesic properties are higher. Such sprays are actively used both before waxing, as well as when working with an epilator, and even during electrolysis and other methods of hardware cosmetology.

At the same time, a number of beauty centers propose using sprays not externally, but injection, especially as regards the bikini or underarm area and the painful method of electrolysis. Anesthesia with the help of injections involves the use of the ampoule variant "Lidocaine". It is administered subcutaneously.

If it is not about electrolysis, and the usual waxing bikini, you can use the option in the form of a spray. To do this, the tool is plentifully distributed throughout the area, which is covered over with cling film. It is necessary to maintain sprays within two to three hours. Only after this epilation will be painless. If you plan to go to the salon, it is advisable to perform such a procedure previously at home.

Do not forget that any pharmaceutical sprays are drugs that can cause side effects or cause allergies. Therefore, if you have not used Lidocaine before, perform a dermatological test or consult a doctor.

"Lidocaine" can be used for anesthesia during electrolysis of any zone. If hair removal is planned on the face, then it is better to pay attention to special creams. If you performed surface application, do not forget that the time of its operation is limited and will depend on your individual characteristics.

Excessive oiliness of the skin, high temperature, insufficient amount of the agent, time spent on the skin and the presence of a special occlusive dressing may affect the effectiveness of the drug.

Do not forget that "Lidocaine" is prohibited for violations of renal and hepatic work, with a tendency to low blood pressure, with heart problems and individual intolerance to the drug.

Cream efficacy

Not less than a proven tool to help cope with the pain during electrolysis, became cream "Emla". It was developed specifically for superficial skin anesthesia. The composition combines Lidocaine and Prilocaine. If Emla cream is applied in accordance with the rules prescribed in the instructions, then a very good effect can be achieved.

In order for a piece of skin of 2 mm thickness to become insensitive, it is necessary to withstand the cream for an hour, using a dense occlusive dressing. During this time it is necessary to add a cream to enhance the effect in order to prolong the anesthetic effect.

Up to two grams of cream is used per ten square centimeters of skin. For the treatment of deep bikinis will have to use up to ten grams in the same area, because the skin in the intimate areas is especially delicate.

The effect of Emla cream lasts about two hours. At the same time, bikini areas are recommended to be combined. First, Emla cream is applied to the skin and kept for the necessary time under a closed bandage, and just before the procedure, Lidocaine injection is performed in the most sensitive places.

Emla also has a plaster look. He is also focused on the anesthesia of the skin before epilation. However, this method is not entirely convenient due to the size of the patches, and at the same time only three units can be glued. They will be perfect only if you need to treat one small but sensitive area.

Do not forget about the precautions. Emla cream is forbidden to use if skin is damaged. This can trigger an allergic reaction.

Pill use

Before the procedure of electrolysis it is often recommended to drink painkillers. Under them refers to nonsteroidal drugs of anti-inflammatory action. In a moderate dose, such a drug can be supplemented with a tranquilizer.

Drugs in which the content of tranquilizers is small are dispensed in a pharmacy without a prescription. They are safe, and help reduce the excessive emotional reaction that can occur from pain. Before going to the procedure, it is recommended to take a painkiller for half an hour. Forget about using aspirin, it leads to blood thinning, which can result in hematomas in the areas where hair removal is performed.

What means can be used

Today, there are many worthy options on the pharmacological market that are suitable for use. In each case, the tool is recommended to choose individually, taking into account the condition of the skin and other features. There are several options: pills, sprays, creams, subcutaneous injections. It is necessary to choose a means for anesthesia during epilation, based on its individual features, and not at all on the advice of experienced friends. Tablets are easy to use, but as a rule, in most cases they have a lot of side effects. Creams and sprays act more gently, have a local anesthetic effect. Subcutaneous injections are also quite effective, but not every woman will decide to use them.

Oral tablets

In many cases, oral anesthetic drugs are used to remove unwanted hair. However, it is worth noting that there are no special hair removal pills. For this reason, one has to use those offered by modern pharmacology. The disadvantage of this method is that such drugs have contraindications. It is necessary to carefully study the instructions, analyze each situation separately, before you begin to use. It is also not recommended to constantly resort to this method, otherwise you can cause irreparable damage to internal organs.

Before using this or that tool, you should carefully read the instructions for contraindications.

The drug, mainly used for the relief of headache and toothache. However, it does well with skin anesthesia. It is better to take a pill 40 minutes before the procedure itself, so that it can dissolve in the stomach and begin to act.

Quite a well-known drug that has a gentle and mild effect. Ibuprofen is able to remove the painful manifestations so that the epilation is the most successful. The tablet must be drunk half an hour before the procedure itself. In some cases, you may need to take two pills, but do not need to be afraid.

A very effective drug with a wide spectrum of action. It is best to apply it for 25-35 minutes before the start of the proposed procedure. It will help make the process of getting rid of excess vegetation less painful. However, to constantly take these pills is still not worth it. It is better to find some other anesthetic.

Best for hair removal in the bikini area. Since this place is hypersensitive, the pain is usually much more pronounced. Diclofenac perfectly cope with its task: to help make the procedure tolerable. You must take a pill for 30-40 minutes before the start.

Strong drug that helps to cope with pain during epilation. Is taken orally in about 20-25 minutes before the procedure. Do not be afraid that the tablet for some reason will not work. It will not completely remove the pain, but the sensations will be dull and quite tolerable.

Spray Lidocaine

A very effective tool that is very popular. Many women choose it for the reason that they do not want to once again swallow pills. The spray is quite easy to use and has a local analgesic effect.

You need to put a small amount of cream on the skin where you plan to carry out hair removal. This should be done a few hours before the procedure. After use, it is better to cover the skin with cling film. In this case, the result will be better.

After applying the spray, a local anesthetic effect is observed.

The procedure of hair removal will not be as painful as if it was done without additional “freezing”. Lidocaine is quite possible to use at home, when you do not want to resort to special injections and taking pills.

What creams are used

Some women for many reasons are afraid to use pills to facilitate the process of depilation. In this case, it is worth remembering that you can resort to local anesthesia. Widely known cream, specifically designed for this purpose.

Many modern women are already familiar with this effective tool. It has proven itself and gives an amazing opportunity to carry out hair removal without pain. Emla cream is recommended for girls with sensitive skin. Awesome anesthetic effect is achieved due to the high content of lidocaine and prilocaine in the product. Side effects are practically absent or extremely rare. The cream should be applied to the skin no later than an hour and a half before the procedure itself. To make the effect stronger, you can also wrap areas of the body with cling film. In addition to the cream "Emla" in the pharmacological market there is a patch with the same name. It is perfect for removing hair in the bikini area. It is very simple to use the plaster: it is necessary to remove the protective film and attach it to the part of the body where the epilation is planned. Do not apply the patch in the event of irritation or any other skin damage.

This is an option for those who are going to remove unwanted hair in the bikini zone. Since the skin in these places is quite sensitive, it requires special attention. Cream "Light Dep" is developed just for such cases. It is made of water-based, almost always well tolerated. However, for the first time it is recommended to test for sensitivity of the skin. It must be applied in two hours, then the procedure for removing excess vegetation will be easy and painless. Ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.

A distinctive feature is the democratic cost and high efficiency. That is why the cream is recommended to use as needed, having adopted its amazing properties.

Another good tool that managed to perfectly prove. It consists of lidocaine, benzyl alcohol and other beneficial substances. Before use, it is necessary to apply alcohol to the treated areas of the skin. The cream itself is desirable to keep on the skin for about 30 minutes, it perfectly disinfects areas up to four hours. In some cases, allergic reactions may occur, so for the first time it is better to use it very carefully..

This tool contains natural ingredients such as: chamomile extract, menthol, essential oils. It is advisable to use for waxing hair removal. The cream itself must be applied to the skin with light patting movements, avoiding rubbing.

Another tool with high efficiency. The cream has a powerful analgesic effect and is usually used for surgery on the skin. As a decrease in sensitivity during epilation, it is also suitable. “Anistop” is a hypoallergenic agent, therefore it is unlikely to cause irritation and lead to damage.

Occlusive dressing

It is an auxiliary tool for epilation. This bandage is used to ensure that the cream intended for anesthesia is not quickly absorbed or dried. With the help of an occlusive dressing you can achieve the desired effect during the procedure and at the same time not experience unpleasant sensations. It can be purchased separately or even make yourself. It can be made from wax paper, plastic film or rubberized fabric. It is recommended to keep such a bandage on the body for no more than four hours.

Skin infiltration at the injection site

In some cases, to achieve the analgesic effect, subcutaneous lidocaine is used. Usually one ampoule is enough to chip around the area where epilation is planned. The essence of the procedure is that the injection should be done in a staggered manner so that the anesthesia is complete. Features of the implementation of this method are quite specific. The drug must be administered shallowly, just under the skin, because it is necessary to achieve the effect of pain relief at this level..

Sometimes the patient has a slight burning sensation for some time after the injection. It is important to follow certain rules: do not increase the dose, try not to use at home on your own, you can not use on the mucous membranes of the genitals. Subcutaneous administration always, to varying degrees, leaves traces.

How it works?

Pain relieving cream before epilation today are a more convenient tool and, most importantly, more effective than analgesic pills. This is due to the fact that drugs have an effect on the whole body, are absorbed into the blood, and can irritate the gastric mucosa. But the cream works at the place of application. Penetrating into the skin, it makes it slightly sensitive for a short period of time.

The essence of any anesthetic cream before epilation is to reduce the conduction of nerve endings. To achieve this effect, you can use local anesthesia.

There are many gels and ointments on the market that work effectively and relieve women of unpleasant pain during procedures for removing unwanted hair.

Usually, the way an anesthesia cream works during epilation depends on how much active ingredient is absorbed into the skin. It is the active substance, not the cream in general.

To enhance the effectiveness of the tool can be using an occlusive dressing, which will prevent contact of the skin with the external environment and will not allow moisture to evaporate. In the home, such a bandage can be replaced with a conventional cling film or polyethylene.

Freezing Hair Removal Cream

Freeze cream for hair removal can be freely purchased at the pharmacy. It remarkably anesthetizes the skin due to its cooling functions. But It is worth noting that he is not able to completely remove the pain. This is due to the fact that such a tool does not penetrate into the subcutaneous layer deep enough to reach the hair follicles. It is used most often at home, at least - in the salons.

Sensitivity testing

Before treating skin with anesthetic before depilation, it is imperative to perform a sensitivity test. For this a small amount is applied to the elbow bend zone and analyzed the result in 30-40 minutes.

In the absence of any irritation, rash and redness, this product can be safely used in the future.

Anesthesia before the procedure

After the sensitivity test has been carried out, the product can be applied to the body in the required amount.

  • Кожу предварительно рекомендуется распарить, так волоски будут легче и менее болезненно удаляться.
  • Участок, который будет обрабатываться, нужно тщательно просушить, после чего нанести препарат для обезболивания. Для достижения максимального эффекта, кожа дополнительно покрывается пищевой пленкой и выдерживается то количество времени, которое указано в инструкции.
  • Остатки крема убираются салфеткой или бумажным полотенцем.
  • Можно приступать к удалению лишнего волосяного покрова.

Народные средства обезболивания перед эпиляцией

In addition to the purchase of tools there are many popular methods that help reduce the sensitivity of the skin during the procedure of depilation.

  • Chilli. At first glance, this method will probably seem strange, because chili pepper is hot and very hot. But at the same time, the effect of relieving painful sensations is quite easily explained. This tool is able to expand the pores on the skin, which helps the hairs to be removed easier and faster. Additionally, the effect will be obtained as a result of the action of capsaicin, which is part of the pepper. Capsaicin is just the cause of the burning sensation. The body, when interacting with it, will receive the appropriate signal and begin to produce hormones that reduce unpleasant painful sensations - endorphins. As a result, the sensations will be less noticeable, dull.
  • Similarly, chili peppers will work such spicy seasonings, like mustard, turmeric, cinnamon, curry, etc.
  • Mint. A few fresh leaves should be applied to the skin for 15 minutes. The plant will cool the skin, while not narrowing the pores and not causing cramps.
  • Sea buckthorn oil. After smearing the skin with oil, you can additionally cover it with food film for 45-60 minutes. The tool is effective, but it will need to be carefully removed from the skin before the waxing or shugaring procedure, otherwise hair removal will be ineffective.

Naturally, one should not expect a stunning effect from popular methods. But in the absence of medication drugs such options are quite acceptable.

Popular ready-made creams

There is a significant amount of ready-made skin anesthesia creams on the market before depilation. It is enough to choose a suitable option for yourself and the hair removal procedure will no longer bring unpleasant sensations.

Today anesthetic depilatory cream "Emla" is the most popular anesthetic among the fair sex.

The composition of the cream "Emla" for depilation includes elements that are used for local anesthesia: prilocaine and lidocaine.

Penetrating into the skin, they act as an anesthetic, and the degree of their action directly depends on the dose of the preparation used and on the duration of its presence on the skin.

Instructions for use

How to use Emla cream before epilation is described in detail in the instructions in each package of the preparation. If you use the cream according to such instructions for use for hair removal, the result will be the most effective and tangible.

The first step is to clean the skin. After that, the cream is applied with a thick layer and covered with adhesive tape, which is also attached to the package.

Such manipulations are needed so that the anesthetic penetrates more deeply into the skin and the active elements of the preparation do not evaporate. If the depilation will be carried out on extensive skin areas, then instead of a special tape, you can apply normal food film.

The layer that is under the film can be updated from time to time. Speaking of the cream "Emla" and its use for hair removal, it is worth noting that it is very convenient to use it in preparation for the procedure of hair removal beforehand, before going to the salon, for example, because the effect is quite long.

According to the instructions for use for depilation you need to observe a number of precautions:

  • It is forbidden to apply the product to the skin around the eyes.
  • If there are scratches, inflammations, open wounds, etc. on the skin, the preparation should not be used.
  • In no case should not let the cream in the ear.
  • If any side effects occur, the product should be removed from the skin immediately.

Watch the video on the application of Emla cream before epilation.

Analogs cream "Emla"

There are also a number of analogues of Emla cream on the market, which can also be quite successfully used for pain relief during epilation. In comparison, analogs can be significantly cheaper, and in effectiveness for pain relief during depilation it is not much less than to yield.

The active elements of this drug is anestderm. Its effectiveness is somewhat lower compared to prilocaine and lidocaine, but the advantage of this drug is its hypoallergenicity.

“Light Dep” is a combined agent that mainly affects the epidermis.

It is able to block the nerve endings, while maintaining adequate sensitivity to temperature changes. This is very important in cases where, for example, hot wax is used. This way you can avoid burns.

This remedy usually does not cause irritation. It also does not penetrate the blood.

Apply it with a cotton pad in several layers. The layers themselves must be quite thick. The skin is additionally covered with cling film. If “Light Dep” is used on the face, there is no need for topkle

On the skin to withstand the cream should be from 15 to 60 minutes. Then the remnants of the funds are removed and you can begin to remove hair.

Cream "Doctor Namb" contains benzyl alcohol and lidocaine. It is able to block the nerve impulses that come from the skin.

Before using it, the skin should be washed with soap and it can be further treated with alcohol.

You need to apply a fairly thick layer of the product, it is allowed to cover with a film or a bandage to enhance the effect. The cream on the skin is aged for about 30 minutes.

The effect is noticeably persistent - from 3 to 5 hours. People who suffer from heart disease, as well as those who are allergic to lidocaine use “Dr. "Numb" is impossible.

It happens that it can cause irritation on the skin or a rash, so be sure to first conduct a test for its susceptibility to the skin.

Means to prevent pain "Deep Numb" is made on a water basis. It is non-greasy and well removes discomfort during depilation.

Before applying it on the skin, the area must be disinfected. The effect lasts about 40-60 minutes.

“Deep Numb” temporarily blocks pain signals that go along nerves. It is recommended to apply it approximately 40 minutes before the start of the hair removal procedure.

First, the desired area is washed with soap and wiped dry. Then you can apply the cream.

As for the bikini zone, the product can be applied to the pubic area and labia. The area of ​​the buttocks and thighs should not be covered with this cream. During exposure, a slight burning sensation may be felt, this is normal and usually passes after a few minutes. Polyethylene film spread on top is allowed.

“Depilflax” is a gel that contains menthol, essential vegetable oils and chamomile extract. Most often it is used before waxing.

This preparation cools the skin well and also disinfects it.

Apply the cream should be weak massage movements, should be kept just a few minutes.

“Depilflax” will moisturize hair and make removal easier.

This remedy works very well against hair ingrowth. You should pay attention to the presence of allergies to the components that make up the cream «Depilflax».

Lidocaine is an agent that is considered the most effective in the field of pain relief. It works very well when removing unwanted hair in the deep bikini zone.

Available in two versions: spray and injection.

Spray It relieves the skin well, but it does not relieve all unpleasant sensations, since the active substance cannot penetrate to the subcutaneous layer, where the hair follicles are located.

As for injections, they can completely remove the sensitivity of the desired zone.

Choosing the second option of anesthesia, it is important to responsibly consider the choice of a beauty salon where the hair removal procedure will take place. After all, you need to adhere to the maximum level of hygiene, as well as the correct injection.

Due to the fact that lidocaine is a drug, it has a contraindication. First of all, it is intolerance to the active substances present in the composition of the preparation. This does not have to be a clear allergy, so you need to first conduct a sensitivity test.

"Super Numb"

"Super Numb" - a drug that comes in the form of a cream. It is made of water-based, therefore, relatively easily and quickly able to penetrate the skin.

This remedy will relieve unpleasant painful sensations during the epilation procedure, and the effect will last for 4 hours. The country of origin is the USA.

Before applying the skin, wash the skin with soap and water and then wipe dry. The product is applied in a thin layer and covered with a food film to activate the active ingredients.

Soak it on the skin for 30-60 minutes, after which hair removal can be performed. Use "Super Numb" on the damaged areas of the skin can not.

"Sustaine" is a drug that able to not only reduce the sensitivity, but also reduce bleeding, remove swelling and bruising. The effect is achieved through a combination of active ingredients: lidocaine, tetracaine and adrenaline. The product should be used directly during the procedure in order to continue the effect of pain relief.

The gel is odorless and does not cause burning, as is often the case with similar products.

Apply it with a thin layer at the place of the procedure, using a cotton pad, tampon or other applicator.

The action occurs literally in 2-5 minutes after applying the product on the skin. Excess funds should be wiped off, after which you can continue the hair removal procedure.

When applying the product, wear gloves every time, and after use, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Sustaine gel must not be allowed to enter the mouth or eyes. It is also mandatory to conduct testing for the presence of allergic reactions.

There are quite a few drugs that help relieve pain during the procedure of removing unwanted hair from the skin. After reading the description of each of them, you can choose the one that is best suited and will become a reliable assistant in the comfortable procedure of depilation.

The mechanism of action of pain relief methods

The correct choice of anesthesia method depends on understanding the mechanism of formation of unpleasant sensations. If the hairs are pulled out by the root mechanically (by means of tweezers, epilator, sugar paste, wax), the reaction of tactile, painful and baroreceptors occurs, which are located where the hair follicle is in the dermis. In case of hardware epilation, thermal receptors mostly respond to exposure. From receptors, the signal travels through the nerve fibers to the brain, and the girl, who decides to remove unnecessary “vegetation,” feels pain.

That is why all methods of anesthesia used in epilation are aimed at reducing the sensitivity of receptors located in the dermis.

How to do without special tools

When resorting to shugaring, waxing or using an epilator, most girls do without special painkillers. To transfer the hair removal procedure as comfortably as possible, they follow simple recommendations:

  • Positive attitude. In preparing for the procedure, you should not look forward with horror to the upcoming flour, on the contrary, you need to think about the result: perfectly smooth skin.
  • Good master. If there is no certain skill, it is better to turn to a professional for hair removal: the more competent the specialist is, the less painful the procedure will be.
  • Cosmetic procedures. The day before the epilation, it is good to scrub the areas to be treated, just before the session to take a hot shower or bath: unwanted hairs from the steamed skin will make it easier to “leave”. As a bonus, such measures will reduce the risk of ingrown hair.
  • The right day. The easiest epilation is transferred to the second or third day after the end of menstruation. In the second half of the cycle, it is not recommended to resort to the procedure, because at this time the pain sensitivity increases.

Obstetricians and psychologists recommend resorting to special breathing to reduce painful sensations: inhale for 3 counts, hold breath - 2 counts, exhale - 4 counts.

Medicines for ingestion

Before the epilation session, girls, often distant from medicine, are advised to take medicines that have analgesic properties (most often they are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs):

  • Diclofenac,
  • Naproxen
  • Indomethacin,
  • Ketoprofen and others.

After reviewing the instructions, you can understand that hair removal is not an indication for the use of these drugs, and therefore you should understand the full degree of responsibility for possible side effects when using drugs for this purpose. Thoughtless use of such funds is fraught with a disorder of liver function and other health problems.

It is not recommended to take aspirin for anesthesia, since, by affecting the viscosity of the blood, the drug increases the risk of bruising.

Preparations for external use

The safest use of funds that are applied externally and provide a local anesthetic effect.

When using means for topical administration it is necessary:

  • take into account possible contraindications
  • conduct an allergotest: apply a little money on the elbow bend, wait a day, if no undesirable manifestations are detected (burning, dryness, irritation, redness, etc.), the product can be used,
  • Avoid application to damaged skin.

Mode of application

The algorithm of using external means is the same:

  1. The areas of the skin that will be subjected to epilation, process the drug.
  2. Cover the product with a food film (or a special dressing that comes with it, for example, for Emla cream) to prevent it from drying out. Usually, to fix the dressing, it is enough to put on thick underwear or adjacent clothing, if necessary, you can use a plaster.
  3. After 15–120 minutes (depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and the specific product, see the information below), remove the preparation from the skin and proceed to hair removal.

The anesthetic can be applied not to the whole area covered with unwanted hairs, but only to the most sensitive areas.

Most of the used for pain relief hair removal products can be purchased at the pharmacy. To decide on which drug to choose, it is worthwhile to get an idea of ​​the most popular ones, the table below will help with this.

Table - an overview of popular tools

  • Aged on skin for 15–60 minutes
  • experts claim that the spray penetrates the mucous membranes well, but not through the skin, so the use of the drug is practically meaningless, the only thing that can be expected is the placebo effect.
  • Individual intolerance,
  • age less than 12 years
  • Adams-Stokes Syndrome
  • Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
  • atrio-vertical blockade of 2 and 3 degrees,
  • weak sinus syndrome,
  • convulsions (including history),
  • low blood pressure
  • reduced heart rate,
  • porphyria,
  • renal and liver dysfunction,
  • myasthenia gravis
  • Prilocaine,
  • lidocaine.
  • The skin is kept for an hour (penetration depth - 2 mm) or 2 hours (exposure depth - 3 mm),
  • The tool is designed specifically for use on the skin, so its use for hair removal is more appropriate than the use of Lidocaine,
  • the anesthetic effect of the cream lasts for 2 hours after removing the compress,
  • 10 cm 2 of body area will require approximately 1-2 g of the product,
  • also available in the form of a plaster, but using it for epilation is not rational because of its small size, and no more than three can be stuck at the same time, it is advisable to use the product to work with small, especially sensitive areas, for example, for the underarm area.
  • Lidocaine
  • tetracaine,
  • prilocaine
  • epinephrine.
  • Aged on skin for 15–60 minutes
  • for the most part affects the epidermis,
  • does not penetrate the bloodstream
  • blocks the main part of the nerve endings.
  • Procaine,
  • benzocaine
  • menthol.
  • Aged on skin
  • provides a refreshing effect due to menthol,
  • it is also produced in the form of a solution, but this form contains 70% alcohol, and therefore it dries the skin very much: it is undesirable to use it for epilation.
  • Individual intolerance,
  • dermatitis,
  • skin damage
  • eczema
  • inflammation of the skin,
  • burns.
  • Refrigerants,
  • menthol.
  • It is sprayed onto areas requiring anesthesia for 3-4 seconds from a distance of at least 10 cm,
  • the effect appears after 15 seconds and lasts for half an hour,
  • provides a cooling effect, smoothing pain,
  • The range of 3 degrees of freezing: super, medium and light, for hair removal is recommended to choose the easiest.

After reading the reviews, I purchased Lidocaine spray at the pharmacy to painlessly free the bikini area from unnecessary “vegetation” using wax strips. Unfortunately, I did not notice the effect: as it was painful, it remained. True, I did not cover the device with a film, perhaps the result would be better.

Anesthetic injections

Professional cosmetologists can inject anesthetics to reduce painful sensations during epilation, especially if the client is hypersensitive. Some perform the procedure at home. However, experts recommend to abandon such experiments, especially for people without medical education, so as not to harm health.

В качестве анестетика для обезболивающих инъекций обычно используется раствор лидокаина гидрохлорида 2%. Такой способ введения препарата более эффективный с точки зрения обезболивания, чем наружное нанесение.

Typically, the tool is used to reduce the sensitivity of the bikini area and is injected under the skin to a depth of several millimeters with an insulin syringe in the inner surface of the thighs, pubis, large labia (labia are not broken off). 0.1-0.3 mm of the preparation is injected at one point (the exact dosage is determined by a specialist) until a small compaction (papule) appears. Injections are staggered in steps of 2.5–3 cm.

Excess dosage of lidocaine is unacceptable, usually a specialist is limited to one capsule for treatment of the crotch area.

The girls will share my experience in epilation of bikini and deep zone zones ... I bought the first time I used Russian Lidocoin spray, did everything as I wrote on the forums the girls squirted, I completely filled the bottom with the deputy film, sat for 1 hour and Kond tried the epilator, the pain was terrible (I have a sensitive pain threshold). Gave up this venture and shaved as always. In a month Seeing in the dressing room of the sports club, a girlfriend with a perfectly shaved pubis asked how she had done this procedure. So, my first mistake is to buy only Hungarian lidocoin, the second mistake is to spray in the bathroom, I sat for about an hour, wiped dry and spray, wrapped everything, put on pants and lay down under the covers, my third mistake was to 1–1.5 to lie covered with a blanket or wear warm pants, so that there all sweat pores open and lidocoin falls into open pores. Voila, when epilating with an epilator, I didn’t feel any pain, sometimes I reminded you that you were pulling everything, but it is tolerable, but in the area of ​​deep bikini, everything is just so numb.



I bought Emla cream, it helps perfectly! The truth for the bikini zone is leaving 2 tubes, one tube is expensive, it turns out a little expensive, I want to try lidocaine to prick, but why is it scary, never pricked. And Emla is just a miracle, you need to spread a thick layer and cover with top of the food film, hold for about an hour and then go ahead!



In the era of my youth ... when bikini was still a problem for me .. I tried to numb myself ... it was the beginning of the 90s, the active appearance of all sorts of waxes ... as I tried to treat myself a little ....... Menovazin ... yes .. burned, infused, it was cold, all at the same time. but the waxing went off with a bang. then, I told my cosmetologist-cosmetologist ... having looked at the composition, she laughed, and then, after a while, she said that she had tried it on herself. and was also pleasantly surprised.



When epilating at home, it is desirable to do with non-drug methods of pain relief. If the discomfort is unbearable, you can resort to anesthetics intended for external use, putting them on the most sensitive areas.