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Ideas for interesting and relevant gifts for chefs


If someone likes to receive guests and entertain all the meat and seafood, then he will certainly need to give a grill board of Himalayan salt, which gives the products a unique flavor. In addition, it can be cooled and served on it vegetables, fruits and cheese, which will be slightly salted. And the presentation will be unforgettable.

5. For the culinary experimenter: a set of molecular cuisine

Set for molecular cuisine is a great gift for a person who loves to cook and experiment, and for the lover of science and art. Thanks to him, you can learn to split the dish and change its appearance. Guests will be amazed at the result.

7. For seasoning lovers: salt gift set

Every culinary specialist knows that salt is necessary for full disclosure of taste and aroma of any dish, therefore a set of unusual salt will be an excellent gift for a gourmet. The set includes sea salt, smoked sea salt and black pepper peas.

10. For the chef-dirtied: sleeves

Although cookbooks never go out of style, more and more recipes are searched on the Internet. In order not to take iPads, iPhones and other equipment with dirty hands, you need a special case.

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Basic tips for choosing

In order for a birthday present to the cook, he really pleased him, it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • Reason for celebration. If the upcoming holiday does not carry much importance, then the recipient can be given a symbolic souvenir or a not-too-expensive gift. For a birthday, the surprise should be original and memorable.
  • The age of the person. The range of offerings for young people differs significantly from the preferences of the elderly.
  • Gender. There are gifts that can be presented only to a man or only to a woman. The representative of the stronger sex is unlikely to be satisfied with a set of skin care products, and the lady certainly will not be enraptured with a fishing rod or a set of tools.
  • Specialization, tastes, hobby of the recipient. A person who has certain well-established interests will be happy for a surprise associated with his hobbies.

Variants of useful gifts for the cook

If a person works in the food sector or loves to cook, then gifts suitable for cooking will suit him:

  1. Electronic measuring spoon, with which you can weigh many products in small quantities.
  2. Various devices for cutting vegetables, indispensable in the preparation of salads.
  3. A set of measuring cups that measure bulk products.
  4. The timer for the kitchen, which will be on time to remind about the food being prepared.
  5. The original apron with the recipient's name, photo, or a unique inscription. Here are some great options:

Range of current surprises for the culinary fan

A gift for the culinary specialist can be selected from the following list:

  1. expensive set of tableware or set of dishes,
  2. Sushi machine,
  3. manual coffee grinder or super modern coffee brewing machine,
  4. convenient juicer,
  5. electronic balance,
  6. Molecular Kitchen Kit
  7. samovar,
  8. cooler bag
  9. missing kitchen appliance
  10. A large illustrated cookbook is the best gift for a young culinary specialist.

Ways of packing a presentation

Finding a good surprise is not the most important thing. It is important to think about the original packaging, which is able to make your gift even more unusual and touching.

  • You can use standard wrapping paper and gift bags from the store. This option is suitable if the donor and the birthday boy is not very close relationship.
  • Packaging is easy to do with your own hands. Such a solution will not only save, but also make the gift unique and interesting. You can use cardboard, various scrap materials, paper, flowers, a grid, newspapers, various decorations, ribbons, cloth, old postcards, and much more.

Gifts for culinary enthusiasts will be personalized if they are attached to the original tag, made by yourself. On it you can briefly put friendly wishes or a small creative inscription.

The usual paper packaging can be used to glue the small ornaments that are available in the house - natural materials, beads, and beautiful appliqué.

Bows and ribbons do not necessarily tie the traditional way, it is better to show imagination. The main thing is to get neat, attractive packaging as a result, so that the recipient appreciates the donor’s efforts, and did not think that they simply save on it.

A gift associated with cooking may well be unusual, useful and memorable, if you choose it correctly and pack it beautifully.

How to make a choice?

So, what to look for when choosing a gift? There are several important points:

  • Specialization. What exactly does a cook specialize in? He is probably an excellent master pastry chef or works in a cold shop at one of the best restaurants. And this should be taken into account, because if you plan to choose a useful gift, then it should be related to one or another specificity of cooking.
  • Floor. If a man will certainly appreciate a set of knives or another specific male gift, then a woman is better to give something female.
  • Age. A young chef, a beginner cook or an amateur cook can present an original and cool gift, he will definitely be appreciated. But an experienced chef is better to give something more serious and status.
  • Occasion. What kind of holiday are you planning to present a gift for? So, if this is a professional date, then give symbolic gifts. On New Year's Day, March 8 or February 23, you can present an original souvenir. But on the anniversary should give something expensive and meaningful.

So what to give to the cook?

Gifts for the soul

If the recipient works as a cook in a large restaurant, then he is probably tired of cooking, even if it is his favorite activity. In this case, it is worth giving a break from the daily routine and giving something that will distract from work and just take pleasure. Here is what it can be:

  1. Invitation to the restaurant. Let the chef go to a different role, that is, try the dishes, not cook them. But it is important to choose a chic place with an impeccable reputation, because the cook is a real gourmet, so he definitely will not appreciate the food and low-quality dishes.
  2. Gift impression. This could be a horse ride, quad bike ride, boat trip, a rock climbing lesson, diving or something else. If you really want to please the hero of the occasion, then find out what he dreams about or at least would like to try.
  3. Invitation to wine tasting. Surely the chef will be interested to learn more about the various wines and which of them are combined with certain dishes. This is not only pleasant, but also partly useful.
  4. For a birthday party, you can give a cook a bottle of expensive and elite alcohol, such a gift will be definitely appreciated.
  5. Give a certificate for relaxing or wellness treatments at a medical center or spa. Let the hero of the occasion relax and forget not only about work, but about all problems and concerns.
  6. Give the samovar. Especially he will have to by the way, if the cook loves tea and gatherings. Electric samovars are on sale, which are much more convenient to use.
  7. Chic set consisting of a carafe and glasses. A connoisseur of delicious food will appreciate such a gift.
  8. Give the chef a portrait. On it, he can be depicted as in any interesting place (for example, in his beloved country), and for his hobby.

Useful gifts

If you want to donate something useful, then below are some suitable options:

  1. Kitchen scales. Surely the cook has to often measure the mass of certain ingredients, so this device will come in handy and will certainly be used for its intended purpose.
  2. Present a set of cutting boards for different products. They may have different forms (those products for which they were intended), different drawings or interesting inscriptions (for example, the sayings of great people or compliments).
  3. A set of knives. A cook who often cooks meat dishes will definitely appreciate this gift.
  4. This hostess can give a set of dishes or a certificate for the purchase of various items or kitchen utensils.
  5. On sale there are new, modern and sometimes unusual devices. One of them is an egg boiling timer. Some models have several marks showing the different states of the boiling egg (soft-boiled, steep), others change color in the cooking process, and some indicate readiness using sound signals.
  6. You can donate any desired multifunctional kitchen appliance. But it is better to know in advance the preferences and needs of the recipient of the gift to please him.
  7. Kitchen timer. Often the preparation of certain dishes requires strict adherence to the time frame. And in order not to miss the right moment, you can use such a device as a timer. And its interesting thematic design will be very appropriate in the kitchen.
  8. To facilitate the life of a cook, you can give him an automatic grill with electric drive. Such a convenient device will eliminate the need to monitor the meat in the cooking process and turn it over. Brazier will do everything himself and give the chef a break and do other things.
  9. You can also present a multifunctional device designed for cutting (including curly) any products.
  10. Any man will certainly appreciate the kebab set, which includes skewers, a brazier, a cutting knife in a case, a flask, a hatchet, a cigarette lighter and other useful tools.
  11. You can donate a large and original set of containers for spices or for products, for example, for cereals.
  12. Kitchen thermometer. It will make the most accurate and comfortable temperature measurement of ingredients and dishes in the cooking process. And some models are designed for ovens or ovens.
  13. A useful gift can be a creamer, which not only prepares any cream in a matter of seconds, but also allows you to decorate pastries in an original and simple way.
  14. A cook or a novice cook will definitely appreciate such a present as a book of unusual recipes or a collection of recipes of the peoples of the world.
  15. To a person who loves to cook, had the opportunity to do it even in nature and far from civilization, you can give him a cooler bag, a portable stove, solar-powered, or some other mobile device that you can easily take with you to hike

DIY gifts

Anyone will be happy gift made by yourself. Here's what you can give to the cook:

  1. Bake a cake and decorate it in an original way. And let it not be a culinary masterpiece, but the cook will definitely appreciate your efforts and give you some useful tips. You can also cook any other dish, for example, your signature or unusual.
  2. Sew an original tack with applique or embroidery. It's very simple, but such a tack will definitely be exclusive!
  3. Make an interesting craft using food. For example, it may be a picture of cereals or a product of pasta. The culinary specialist will certainly appreciate this creation.
  4. Buy a simple towel or tablecloth and decorate it yourself! You can embroider a picture or an inscription, make a creative application or embroider a fabric with beads.

Cool gifts

Interesting ideas for cool gifts:

  1. The original apron with the image of a male or female silhouette.
  2. You can give an interesting pillow in the form of some product, for example, a piece of cheese, humburger, vegetable, fruit or berries.
  3. Present a clock made in the form of a frying pan, pan or other kitchen appliance or product.
  4. You can give a cook a T-shirt or T-shirt with a thematic pattern or the inscription: “Chef,” “Cooking like God,” “Cook from God,” “Cooking with love,” and so on.
  5. Will delight the cook and a mug with a funny inscription or even a whole set of dishes.
  6. Give the hero of the occasion a diploma or a medal to the “Best Cook”, “For the best recipes and dishes” or “For culinary merit”.

Now you are sure to pick up something useful, interesting and original for the cook or amateur cook.

What to consider when choosing a gift to the chef?

In the first place - the culinary specialization. Something that suits an employee of a Thai restaurant may turn out to be completely useless for cake-making.

Then adjust for age. The choice of a present for a young chef can be treated with humor: comic souvenirs, funny prints and even funny things will be by the way.

For an adult and experienced person should find something status and serious. No less important is the sex of the person being presented, and also for what reason you are going to congratulate him.

But in order not to understand all these subtleties, it is better to read our useful tips and gift ideas for cooks for any occasion.


Remember in what area the cook demonstrates culinary skills.

Thinking what to give to the chef for his birthday, consider such a presentation option as huge recipe book of exclusive dishes and drinks.

A good gift to the pastry chef can be certificate from a specialty store for sweet desserts or melanger for making chocolate according to our own recipes.

A gift for a woman or man cook

You can present as a gift to a man a birthday chef professional knife or set of kitchen fixtureswhich is easier and more efficient to handle products of different types.

The chef will be happy to get a barbecue set from:

On the occasion of a professional holiday, it is appropriate to give comic medal with an inscription like "For outstanding achievements in cooking" or stylish t-shirt with the text print "Cook of the Year."

Another cool gift for the chef apron name.

Luxury cake also a good idea for a presentation.

If you want to give a funny anniversary gift to a woman chef, make it with your own hands - give an unusual bouquet of sweets, securing on each leaflets with good wishes.

It is better for aged cooks to give something serious, suitable by status, to young people and girls - something original.

Pay attention to such a gift as apron name cooks It should be not only beautiful, but also quality - from durable and color-preserving fabric.

Separately or with the form of a cook you can hand to the hero of the occasion. set of high-quality dishes.

When deciding what to present to the cook on Defender of the Fatherland Day or March 8, take a closer look at the souvenirs. On the occasion of a professional holiday, give something symbolic.

You do not know what to give to the chef for his birthday, for his anniversary? Choose gifts more impressive, more serious and more expensive.

On the day of the cook

If you are going to congratulate a familiar chef on your professional holiday, consider the following presentation ideas.

Naturally born chefs — pastry chefs, chefs, or bakers — can spend a lot of time searching for interesting and new flavor combinations. That is why they will be pleased with the new functional technique and various cooking appliances. Kitchen assistants will simplify the work of the cook and help him develop his skills.

Don't know what to give a colleague to a birthday chef?

Give him a useful piece of furniture - the original Wall Clock with the image on the dial of the cook and all the yummy.

You can give a cook still life painting or kitchen fruit timer.

Universal gifts for the culinary specialist - sets of kitchen bowls or containers.

Give the chef solid thickness note book with the appropriate design. The culinary specialist will be able to fill it with his exclusive recipes.

As a gift to the chef out of competition sets of dishes and kitchenware. And it is always appropriate to give culinary electronic measuring spoons, kitchen scales, measuring glasses.

Invitation to the restaurant

Invite the cook to restaurant Georgian or Hungariankitchensif he usually prepares french or thai dishes.

Let him change the role and taste the new dishes. Choose an institution with an impeccable reputation. Since he is a gourmet chef, he knows dishes and drinks.

Gift impression

As a present, present the chef invitation to horse ride, on rock climbing lesson or boat trip.

To please the hero of the occasion, find out what he wants to try.

This gift is especially useful if the chef loves to drink tea and arrange gatherings with friends. you can buy electric samovarwhich is much more convenient to use than traditional.

Choosing useful things

If you want to give the chef something functional, consider the following presentation options:

  1. Kitchen Scales - will help to measure the mass of ingredients and prepare dishes exactly according to the recipe.
  2. Set of cutting boards, which can be of different forms, with different drawings and inscriptions on the surface, for example, with compliments to the cook or with quotes from famous people.
  3. Knife Set - for the cook is always a topical gift.
  4. Set of dishes will please any hostess. Another option for this gift is a certificate for the purchase of kitchen utensils.
  5. Egg timer will help the cook to cook a soft-boiled egg or a steep thanks to the presence of marks on the state of the product, a sound signal or a changing surface color on the timer.
  6. Multifunctional kitchen appliance. If you are going to give something like that, find out in advance the needs of the cook and his preferences.
  7. Kitchen timer It is very useful for a cook to prepare dishes that require strict observance of the time frame. A timer with a thematic design also decorate the kitchen.
  8. Automatic grill with electric. With this thing, the chef will no longer have to follow the meat when cooking kebabs and turn it over. A clever brazier will do everything on his own, and the cook will be able to rest more and spend time on other matters.
  9. Multifunctional device for curly or standard cutting products.
  10. Barbecue set from a skewer, a brazier, a flask, a knife in a case, a lighter, a hatchet, and useful tools.
  11. Spice Jar Set, croup.
  12. Kitchen thermometer, standard or for the oven, will help the cook to accurately measure the temperature of the ingredients when cooking.
  13. Kremer prepare the cream in seconds and help the chef to decorate desserts in an original way.
  14. Original recipe book - that's what else you can please the cook.
  15. WITHfridge cooler, portable stove allow to cook at any time and in any place, even in nature, far from civilization.

A gift to the cook with their own hands

Give the chef an exclusive gift - make it yourself. Cookery can be presented:

  1. homemade cake or some unusual dish that you are great at,
  2. an interesting product handicraft food - a picture of cereals, a statuette of pasta,
  3. tableclothbought in a shop and decorated with your embroidery on culinary themes or with culinary initials,
  4. original pot holder and apron, which you sewed yourself and decorated with embroidery, applique (these things can be made in the manner of equipment owned by some famous chef).

Wedding gifts

If the chef has a wedding coming, you can give him or her:

  1. recipe book world or some kind of kitchen
  2. certificate in the shop of kitchen utensils and dishes, household appliances, specialized appliances,
  3. grill electric or automatic BBQ barbecue party at home,
  4. a pair of aprons for honeymooners
  5. cushions in the form of food or kitchen utensils,
  6. cocktail shaker with recipes written on it
  7. a tea set from cups and teapot - traditional or earthen for Japanese tea ceremony,
  8. container set for products and dishes
  9. organizer for cutlery.

Choosing a wedding gift, pay attention to the devices and things that will be useful to both young people.

Find about culinary gifts easy.

Thank you gifts

Did your anniversary banquet or life-changing business dinner go over well, including thanks to the culinary skills? Then you can give the chef something in gratitude for the impeccable service.

Presents can be:

  1. wall clock in the form of a frying pan or saucepan,
  2. dressing knife in a gift box
  3. unusual kitchen potholders,
  4. set of kitchen towels,
  5. humorous diploma "For outstanding achievements in cooking",
  6. containers for spices of the original form,
  7. set of exotic spices,
  8. funny car pizza knife
  9. a notebook or a book for recipes (you can make it yourself, using, for example, the scrapbooking technique).

Choosing a good gift to the chef is not always an easy task.

If you do not understand the intricacies of the cook's craft, but want to present something useful as a gift for the hero of the occasion, do not miss the opportunity to ask the chef in advance about his needs and preferences.

Where can one buy:

A sharp cook knife is the main working tool for a cook. Accordingly, the main gift. If your home cook already has one, you can choose a more specific, bread for example. Or the same "chef's knife", but of a different design.