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Hardening rules


Hardening benefits
Hardening is a system of preventive measures aimed at the body’s resistance to adverse environmental factors. Improving hardening helps the body to improve adaptation to environmental conditions. That is, a hardened organism, even with significant fluctuations in ambient temperature, maintains the temperature of the internal organs in fairly narrow boundaries. For example: with a sharp decrease or increase in the temperature of the external environment, a hardened organism will sharply react by narrowing or expanding the vessels to the threat of possible strong cooling or overheating, and limit or increase heat transfer. Whereas a non-tempered organism will not be able to react so quickly, and will get hypothermia or overheating.

In addition, the hardening of a person increases the endurance of the body, strengthens the nervous system, increases immunity and resistance to disease. Hardening is considered one of the best ways to maintain health.

Types of hardening
Hardening of the body can be divided into several types, depending on the procedures:

  • Aerotherapy - hardening air. This type of hardening includes air baths and long walks in the fresh air. Fresh air hardens the body by cooling the skin receptors and nerve endings of the mucous membranes and thereby improves the body's thermoregulation. Hardening with air is useful for the psycho-emotional state of a person, enhancing immunity, saturating the body with oxygen and thereby helps normalize the work of most organs and body systems.
    Hardening with air is the easiest and most affordable method of hardening. You need to spend more time outdoors, regardless of the weather and time of year. It is necessary to try to spend more time walking in parks, woods, near reservoirs, since in summer the air in such places is saturated with useful active substances that are secreted by plants. In winter, walks in forests and parks are also very important, since winter air is practically free of germs, is more saturated with oxygen and has a healing effect on the entire body.
  • Heliotherapy - hardening by the sun, the effect on the body by sunlight and heat. Hardening by the sun increases the stability of the nervous system, accelerates the body's metabolic processes, increases the body's resistance, improves blood circulation, improves the functioning of the muscular system, has a tonic effect on almost all body functions.
    Hardening by the sun can not only be beneficial, but also cause very great harm, therefore, this type of hardening should be treated very responsibly and abide by all the rules of hardening by the sun. In no case should burns, overheating and heat shocks be allowed. Improper hardening by the sun can lead to serious illnesses. Hardening by the sun should occur gradually and take into account age, human health, climatic conditions and other factors.
  • Walking barefoot. This type of hardening is useful for both children and adults. On the feet of a person there is a large number of biologically active points, which, when walking barefoot, are stimulated and help to normalize the work of many organs and body systems. Walking barefoot increases the body's resistance to colds, improves immunity. This type of hardening is a good prevention of so many diseases.
  • Hardening water. Hardening with water is a very useful procedure for the human body. During water hardening, blood circulation in the body occurs more intensively, bringing additional oxygen and nutrients to the organs and systems of the body. Hardening water can be divided into several types:
    Rubbing is the most gentle and gentle water that is hardening procedures. Rubbing can be applied from an early age. Rubbing can be done with a sponge, hand or towel dipped in water. First, wipe the upper body, then rub it with a dry towel, and then wipe the lower part of the body and rub it with a dry towel.
    Dousing is more effective in influencing the procedure than rubbing. Pouring can be common, that is, the whole body and local - pouring the legs. After the douche procedure, rub the body with a dry towel.
    Hardening a shower is an even more effective hardening procedure than rubbing and pouring. There are two options for hardening a shower; this is a cool (cold) shower and a contrast shower.
    Medical bathing and winter swimming.
    This type of water hardening every year becomes more and more popular. Medical bathing and winter swimming perfectly affects all organs and systems of the human body, improves the work of the heart, lungs, and improves the thermoregulation system. This type of hardening implies the strictest observance of all the rules for this type. To begin winter swimming is necessary after consultation with the doctor.

Hardening rules

  1. It is necessary to begin tempering procedures when a person is completely healthy. Children and people suffering from various diseases can begin hardening with gentle procedures and only after consulting a doctor.
  2. It is necessary to observe the principle of gradualness. This concerns both the temperature regime and the temporal framework of tempering procedures. When water is hardened, the procedures should be started with water at room temperature, gradually lowering it by 1-2 degrees. When hardening by the sun, it is also necessary to observe the principle of gradualness and begin to stay in the sun from a few minutes, gradually increasing the time spent in the sun.
  3. It is also very important to carry out tempering procedures regularly, without large intervals, in any weather and season. If it still happened that you interrupted the hardening for a long time, then it should be renewed with more gentle procedures.
  4. Combine hardening with exercise. This will greatly increase the effectiveness of tempering procedures and will have a beneficial effect on the entire body.
  5. Hardening should bring vigor and joy. If you feel unwell after tempering procedures, you should stop tempering and consult a doctor.
  6. When hardening, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of a person, health, season, natural and climatic conditions and so on.
  7. Performing tempering procedures, it is necessary to carry out self-checking. Evaluate overall health, pulse, blood pressure, appetite and other indicators, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.
  8. Remember that hardening is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget to pay attention to your diet and other aspects of your life.

Harden yourself with pleasure and be healthy!

And a little more about tempering:

Fundamental rules

The main principles of such health procedures are to comply with simple recommendations. Consider them in detail:

  1. Hardening can begin only in the absence of acute and chronic diseases that are at the stage of relapse. At the time of training a person must be completely healthy.
  2. Before carrying out wellness procedures, it is recommended to visit a therapist who will advise the kind of hardening that is right for you.
  3. Increasing the intensity and duration of the activities should be gradual, but should be done regularly.
  4. In the process of hardening, it is necessary to constantly monitor and note the slightest changes in health - to measure pressure, body temperature, pulse.
  5. To enhance the protective functions of the body, it is important to combine hardening with physical exertion.
  6. During the procedures, you should not go on a diet, it is better to be guided by the principles of healthy eating.
  7. If you have health problems or deterioration of health, you need to stop activities.

Terms of hardening the body cold and warm

This type of wellness procedures is based on exposure to cold water (douche, douche, “winter swimming”) and steam (bath, sauna). The considered techniques help to increase the body's resistance to temperature changes, improve blood circulation and increase metabolism.

If you prefer to carry out cold tempering, then you should start classes with wiping the body with a dry towel and walking barefoot on the dew and snow, gradually increasing the load.

As for hardening in the steam room, the first stages of training the body should be limited to three minutes in the sauna or bath. At the same time, the temperature of the air in the steam room should be moderate. After 3 months, you can increase the effects of hot steam. But running out after a steam room in the cold is allowed only when the body fully adapts to both types of hardening.

Rules for quenching the body with air

In the process of carrying out such procedures, you must follow the sequence of actions. Begin the tempering complex with a stay in the open air for 15 minutes. Every day, the duration of walks is increased by 2-3 minutes. Outdoor activities should be combined with walking, jogging, and cycling. At home, try to open the window for the night, often to ventilate the room. Gradually increase the frequency of walks, abandon public transport, walk before bedtime.

Sun hardening rules

This type of wellness procedures promotes the release of vitamin D, improve the condition of the skin, improve the vitality of the body. However, hardening should begin in those days when the air temperature is within 19 degrees. You can sunbathe only in the morning before 11 o'clock and in the evening after 17 o'clock. Do not forget to cover your eyes with glasses and wear a hat. The duration of the reception of recreational sunbathing should be increased gradually, starting from 3-5 minutes. Such procedures are recommended to be combined with hardening with air and cold.

That is, in principle, all the basic rules for healing the body. By observing them, you will ensure a long and painless life!

The main methods of hardening the body

Air quenching (aerotherapy). This method of hardening the body in frequent walks in the fresh air. Pretty simple, isn't it? Just walk in the open air more often, and everything will be fine. And it is best to do it in the forest, park or near water.

Hardening by the Sun (heliotherapy). Quite a dangerous way of hardening, although very useful. It lies in the fact that it is necessary from time to time to sunbathe under the sunlight. And this, and so many are engaged in the summer. But here it is important not to overdo it - do not let sunburn or heatstroke. And in general, be careful, because sunbathing is useful only in limited quantities.

Barefoot walking. Oddly enough, it is also a kind of hardening, and quite useful. But it should be understood that walking barefoot can be either around the house or along the street in the warm season. It is not necessary to prove the strength of your spirit, walking barefoot in the spring or autumn, for example, when the earth is cold.

Water hardening. It is one of the most useful forms of hardening of the body. There are several ways:

    - Rubdown - the most gentle method. Just soak a cloth in cold water and wipe your body with it. Ideal for beginners.

- Douche - fast and easy. Pour a bucket of cold water on yourself and immediately rub the body with a dry towel.

- Cold shower - A very effective method of tempering. Get under the shower, turn on the warm water and gradually tighten the hot water tap. For 2-3 minutes, lower the temperature to cold (or not, watch your state of health), then stand for a while under a cold shower. Thoroughly rub the body with a dry towel after the procedure.

- Cold and hot shower - An advanced version of a cold shower. This method consists in alternating a cold shower with a hot one. Moreover, a cold shower must be turned on abruptly, after which gradually raise the temperature to hot, and then reset it to cold. Such repetitions must be made from 3 to 5, 30-90 seconds each. That is, a contrast shower should take 5-10 minutes, during which you will have time to be under cold and hot water. It is thanks to this change the body and get a huge benefit.

- Winter swimming (or swimming in cold water). Of course, it is not necessary to climb into the hole, because swimming in late spring and bathing in early autumn also have a great effect. Only apply this method is only after consulting a doctor, well, or if you are absolutely confident in their abilities. Indeed, at this time of year the beaches are empty and no one can come to your aid in case something happens. A lot of things can happen in cold water.

  • - Bath (sauna) - well-known method of hardening. Excellent results are achieved due to exposure to hot water vapor on the body. And even greater effect can be achieved if you alternate the high temperature of the sauna and cold water douche (swimming in a cold pond and diving into the snow will do even better, but not always available).
  • The benefits of hardening the body

      - Strengthening the body's immune system (better opposed to various diseases).

    - Thermal control of the body and increase its resistance to adverse conditions (it tolerates both cold and heat better).

    - Preparing the body for critical situations. So, you can hope for a better response of the body in emergency situations.

    - Increased endurance and performance.

    - Improved mood and stabilization of the nervous system. A seasoned person becomes more calm and restrained, and also copes with stress better.

  • - Strengthening of the spirit (as for hardening it is necessary to learn to overcome unpleasant feelings, to endure).
  • Conclusion

    Hardening the body is quite an effective way to improve health and prevent various diseases. However, these procedures do not take much time and can be carried out by each person. It is only necessary to find a desire in yourself and to show a little perseverance.

    Washing hands
    In order not to catch the infection, you need to wash your hands before eating. But do they need to be washed at another time?

    Warm up
    It is necessary to do warm-up in order to avoid muscle injuries and to prepare the body for exercise.

    A bit about the history of hardening

    About hardening known for a long time. About him there are mentions in the treatises of the great scientists of antiquity, such as Hippocrates, Democritus, Asklepiad. Great attention to physical health and stamina was given in Sparta. From a very young age, boys walked barefoot, and in the warm season they were almost naked.

    In ancient Rome, hardening and strengthening of the body were also treated positively. Only the main place of the procedure was the bath. There were pools with hot and cold water, as well as facilities for massage and gymnastic exercises, mud baths were practiced. Sunbathing on the roofs.

    Ancient Chinese medicine was positive about disease prevention and health promoting procedures. It was said that "a wise man heals the disease that is not yet in the body." Much attention was paid to water procedures, gymnastics, massage, diet.

    In Russia, hardening was massive. A bath followed by rubbing with snow was the norm. Swimming in the waters at any time of the year is also popular.

    Hardening methods

    Depending on the effects on the body, there are several methods of hardening:

    1. Hardening air:

    • Taking air baths. Air affects the naked body.
    • Sun baths Practiced for the purpose of rehabilitation and prevention.
    • Walking barefoot regardless of the season.

    2. Hardening water:

    • Cold and hot shower. Pouring alternately cold and moderately hot water.
    • A visit to the bath, followed by diving into the cool water.
    • Douche of water.
    • Swimming in the hole.

    What type of hardening to choose depends on the area of ​​residence, on health status and many other factors.

    Principles of hardening

    No matter what method is chosen, it is necessary to follow some principles of hardening. If they are not followed, the procedures will be random.

    We list the basic principles of hardening the body:

    • Systematic hardening procedures. They must be held regularly, regardless of weather conditions and time of year. You can fix the execution procedures in the mode of the day.
    • Gradual increase in loads. A sharp increase in load can be detrimental to health. A gradual transition should be carried out taking into account the responses of the body. This is especially important when hardening children, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.
    • Compliance with the sequence in the implementation of procedures. Hardening begins with a wiping and foot baths. Согласно медицинским правилам, слабые раздражители лучше воздействуют на функции организма, а чрезмерные - губительны.
    • Комплексное воздействие на организм. It is necessary to use procedures with the influence of natural forces that daily affect a person - water and air. Pouring can be carried out on the street. The body must experience a strong, then a weak effect, not getting used to a constant temperature, otherwise hardening in this case would be inappropriate.
    • Accounting for the individual characteristics of the body and health. Decided to start hardening? Perfectly! But first it is recommended to visit a doctor. He will tell you which method to choose. Hardening under medical supervision will help to avoid undesirable consequences and makes it possible to properly plan further health promotion measures.

    Water hardening

    This kind of hardening has a more powerful effect on the body than air.

    Water affects the body as follows:

    • At the first stage, a spasm of blood vessels and subcutaneous fat occurs.
    • In the second, the skin becomes red, adaptation occurs, mast cells, leukocytes are activated, substances with interferon-like properties are released. The state of health improves. Feel a surge of strength.
    • In the third stage, if the body is overcooled, vascular spasm occurs again. As the body is supercooled, the body can no longer adapt, and chills occur.

    If you follow the principles of hardening, the second stage will be faster. The most important thing is not to bring it to the third stage.

    Who does not recommend water quenching, consider next.

    Who is contraindicated hardening water

    There are many stories of healing due to tempering procedures, but it is worth noting that in some cases it is necessary to delay these procedures.

    1. Cold water causes vascular spasms, so if there are diseases of the cardiovascular system (tachycardia, coronary heart disease, heart failure), such methods are contraindicated.
    2. Sharp temperature changes affect the central nervous system. It is necessary to practice hardening with caution in diseases of the central nervous system: epilepsy, psychosis, hysteria.
    3. If there are any skin diseases, hardening with water should be abandoned until complete recovery. Especially in the presence of purulent, non-healing or open wounds.
    4. With respiratory diseases: tuberculosis, bronchial asthma.
    5. Do not recommend dousing with increased eye pressure.
    6. In case of catarrhal diseases (ARVI, acute respiratory infections, influenza) it is necessary to refrain from the procedures, even if the classes before the illness were regular.
    7. Do not be drenched in the head. This can adversely affect health.

    Water hardening methods

    Hardening water is traditional and unconventional.

    The traditional methods include:

    • Rubdown It can be used at any age, even from the cradle. To do this, you need a towel that absorbs water well. How to carry out the procedure, we describe below.
    • Douche. May be local and general.
    • Bathing in natural waters. You can also recommend from an early age, starting with a temperature of 24-26 degrees. After the procedure, be sure to move.

    How to begin the procedure of hardening with water, consider below.

    Begin water quenching

    The best time for tempering water treatments is morning. It is recommended to do exercises.

    Hardening with water should begin with a wipe. To do this, moisten a sponge or towel with water of a certain temperature and wipe it off. You need to start with the upper parts of the body - from the neck, then follow the shoulders, arms, chest, back. The next step is to wipe the towel dry and rub the skin red-hot. It is necessary to move from the periphery to the heart.

    Then you can go to the lower body. They are also wiped with a damp sponge or towel and then rubbed dry with a dry towel. The whole process should take no more than 5 minutes.

    Then you can go directly to the douche.

    Begin to use water a degree just below body temperature. The allowable range is +34. +36 o C. Every 3 days the temperature is lowered by one degree. After douches, it is also recommended to rub the body with a red towel with a dry towel. The procedure should last no more than 1 minute.

    Unconventional hardening

    Non-traditional methods of hardening include such procedures as:

    • Rubbing with snow.
    • Walking barefoot in the snow.
    • Pouring over ice water.
    • Exposure to low temperature air.
    • Sauna.
    • Russian sauna.

    The meaning of hardening is that the thermoregulatory apparatus of the immune system is trained with such procedures. This reduces the body's sensitivity to the harmful effects of the sun, cold, water and other factors.

    The use of unconventional hardening methods in children at an early age often leads to a backlash. Doctors believe that to carry out such procedures in children is impractical. Since the body is not yet formed and can not adequately respond to a sharp change in temperature.

    Hardening of children

    For children it is advisable to apply such methods of hardening:

    As we indicated earlier, unconventional hardening methods are not recommended for children’s bodies, especially for preschoolers due to the immaturity of the neural and endocrine systems. What to do? Choose something else.

    The best option for children and parents is hardening in the summer. The main rules at this time:

    • Do not allow hypothermia or excessive overheating.
    • Together with the water procedures, you can do massage, gymnastic exercises.

    When hardening children of preschool age it is necessary to adhere to several norms:

    • Before the procedure, the body of the child should be warm.
    • Necessary to control the redness of the body. If this reaction does not occur, the body should be rubbed with a dry towel.
    • The lower the water temperature, the shorter the contact should be with it.

    In winter, hardening of the baby should be approached carefully. If the child is sick, the procedure should be stopped for the time of illness.

    General rules for hardening children

    Let us highlight a few rules and recommendations that must be followed if there is a desire to strengthen the health of the child:

    • You can temper a child from a very early age.
    • Baby should be completely healthy.
    • Adhere to the basic principle of tempering - the systematic implementation of procedures.
    • Set an example for a child. Participate, for example, in water procedures.
    • Gradually increase the duration and load. This is another important principle of hardening.
    • Do not start the procedure if the child is not in the mood. You need to set a good mood.
    • Do not allow overheating or hypothermia baby.
    • Add to the exercises and massage procedures.
    • Before the procedure, the hands and feet of the child should be warm.
    • If you do not like the procedure and caused unexpected negative reactions in the child, you will have to stop tempering for a while and show the child to the doctor.

    Air hardening rules

    This kind of hardening is practiced from infancy. Some rules are very natural for each of us. They are the basis of hardening at home.

    • The process begins with walks in the fresh air (at first, 10 minutes per day is enough). You need to walk every day, increasing the time.
    • Ventilate the room daily.
    • Be sure to ventilate the room before and after bedtime.
    • Dress the child for the weather.
    • In good weather, the child can sleep in the fresh air. Older children in good weather outside should be as long as possible.

    Water hardening child

    Hardening of preschool children begins with a contrast pouring of the legs. You can also use the following procedures:

    • Local contrast baths for arms and legs.
    • Wipe with a damp cloth or washcloth. The best option to start hardening.
    • Contrast douche on the legs. The main rule: do not drench your feet with cold water, before they are not warm.
    • Contrast shower with a slight difference in water temperature.
    • Swimming in the pool.
    • Swimming in the sea / river.

    It is worth remembering that children who have had pneumonia, pleurisy, having heart disease, kidney problems, bathing and hardening is not recommended. Consultation with a doctor is required.

    Cold and Heat Hardening Rules

    The described type of immunity is based on the effects of cold water (dousing, bathing, "winter swimming") and steam (sauna, bath).

    These techniques, both individually and in tandem, help to increase the body's resistance to temperature changes, improve blood circulation and metabolism.

    1. Cold hardening begins with rubdowns, walking barefoot on the dew, gradually increasing the load. Before "winter swimming" be sure to consult with your doctor.
    2. Limit your stay in the steam room for 1-3 minutes, the temperature should be moderate. Exposed to hot air can be no earlier than 3-6 months after the first procedure.
    3. Combining tempering with heat and cold is permitted when the body is fully adapted to both types of exercise.

    General rules for air hardening

    In this case, the main principle is gradual. The complex of procedures is recommended to start with a comfortable air temperature (20-22 degrees), slowly and systematically lowering it.

    It is important not only to temper purposefully, but also to walk regularly in the fresh air in lightweight clothes, go in for sports, take time for active rest, and get used to sleeping at night with an open window.

    There are 5 hardening rules that should be strictly followed.

    The first rule of hardening: a gradual increase in the intensity of the tempering effect.

    The intensity of tempering procedures should increase at a pace that does not harm the body and at the same time be sufficient to obtain an immune response of the body. Insufficient loads reduce the hardening effect, and excessive loads damage the body and prevent hardening, overloading the body and inhibiting the training of the immune system.

    So, when hardening with water, you must slowly, listening to your body, reduce the water temperature by 1-2 o C to the norm, corresponding to the age and condition of the person. Such a correspondence is very important, in particular, the hardening of children with water is significantly different from the water hardening of adults. And adults are different from each other. Beginners in no case can not immediately rub off with snow or dip into the hole. Exactly as the hardening ace should not move towards regression or stand still. As soon as the body ceases to give a reaction from the cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous system, it is necessary to increase the duration and intensity of tempering procedures.

    The second rule of hardening: regular tempering procedures.

    Tempering procedures must be performed throughout life, without interrupting even during a period of minor illnesses and ailments.

    Preference should be given to brief but frequent exposures rather than prolonged and rare. Ideal - a clear fixing the time of tempering procedures in the mode of the day.

    This is a very important hardening rule, because even after regular procedures for a long time, only three to four weeks of rest are sufficient, and all the results obtained will be lost. Children just have enough 5-7-day break.

    If tempering has to be interrupted for the time of illness, then after recovery, tempering procedures resume from the very beginning.

    The third rule of hardening: mandatory accounting and control of individual parameters of the organism.

    It is important to take into account the state of human health at the time of the start of tempering procedures, the susceptibility and tolerance of tempering effects. Hardening is a strong effect on the body, and therefore, before proceeding to its implementation, you should consult a doctor, especially if there are any chronic diseases.

    In hardening self-control is the most important point, it includes the control of general health, pulse, body weight, appetite, sleep.

    The fourth rule of hardening: multifactorial.

    It is very important to apply not one, but several factors of hardening: heat, cold, light, water, etc.

    The fifth rule of hardening: providing breaks between different tempering effects produced in one day.

    Subsequent procedures can be carried out only after the complete restoration of body parameters (temperature, pulse, etc.) that have changed as a result of previous exposure.

    If you ignore the basic rules of hardening the body, then at best this will lead to a waste of time, and at worst - to the development of a pathological condition.

    The rules of hardening for children in their essence do not differ from the rules of hardening an adult. At the same time, proper hardening of the child is especially important, because the child cannot always accurately describe his feelings, especially if it is a baby. And then it remains only to observe the basic rules of hardening and personal hygiene even more strictly.