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How to arrange a wedding in lavender color? (10 pictures)


Hello! Today I want to talk about why the wedding in lilac is an excellent choice for your special day, which promises the chosen color in the future family life. Also I will tell you a little about what type of people is suitable for lilac and what little things will help to make the wedding bright and memorable. But more about that later.

So, lilac wedding! Sit comfortably, I begin. 3. 2. 1 - let's go!

Lilac wedding, as a symbol of a happy future

Probably each of you wondered "What he wants a wedding?". After all, every girl since childhood represents her wedding dress and the place where she will become the lawful wife. Therefore, when planning your wedding, you need to decide whether you want a modest wedding or whether it will be a magnificent celebration in a certain color and theme. In order for your wedding to leave only positive impressions for a long time, you need to decide in advance on the photo zone, choose the decor and everything for the wedding.

Recently, I noticed that the lilac color or its shades is the most popular in the design of weddings. And it should be said that the design of the hall in these colors looks very rich and elegant, it is absolutely not intrusive.

However, you do not need to do everything in this color scheme, because then you will be disappointed in the video when you see one merging spot. It is bright enough, but at the same time it looks affectionately lilac in combination with white and cream shades. Or in combination with pale pink and bright blue. In such color combinations, you can decorate not only the hall, but also add a touch of color to the bride and groom. And thus, create a romantic image of your own wedding.

And who would suit such a wedding?

If you nevertheless opted for lilac shades, then you initially paved a new path to a long bright future, since it is this color that symbolizes new growth and successful beginnings. And also this color is just born for weddings. And why do you think? Because it is the color of romance and tenderness, and, as you know, these feelings are an integral part of every celebration. Well, what a loving couple will pass by such beauty? Gentle, elegant, solemn!

Would you choose such a design and such colors for your wedding? There was such a design at your wedding - write in the comments, leave your questions and post your favorite photos of designs.

But not everyone will choose such a color to design their own wedding. It is worth noting people who simply do not pay attention to this color. For example:

  1. The man is impulsive, bright,
  2. Man aggressive, not accustomed to romance,
  3. Or a creative person who loves to prove himself.

All these people will prefer brighter, more saturated and aggressive colors that could instantly characterize them. These will be red, fiery colors. And our lilac will not suit them at all. But who will be pleased with lilac, it is people of intelligent, calm, moderate. I'm not talking about nerds and nerds, no. Simply, according to psychologists, lilac color symbolizes calm, peace, while people who prefer this shade are able to withstand the blows of fate and make strong-willed decisions.

In family life lovers of lilac color waiting for peace and stability. Such people quickly become attached to each other and to the things around them. Therefore, such marriages are usually long. But then there are also "pitfalls" in the form of excessive gullibility, so do not listen to the opinions of others and believe in your feelings.

Lilac details or how to make everything beautiful

As I said earlier, the lilac design is now in fashion. Therefore, I will tell you what lilac details and interesting ideas will help to make elegant wedding photos.

Practically all newlyweds choose a color highlight not only for themselves, but also for their guests. Therefore, at many weddings you can see a picture where the bride is in a white dress, and all the bridesmaids wear the same color scheme. What is it - a modern fashion or already bust with color?

Here everyone decides for himself: to enter a dress code or how to dress guests, if you have a themed wedding. Someone will be delighted with the idea of ​​having the same dresses, while others will prefer a more modest version with a small color accessory for the evening dress of the bridesmaids.

And what if there are any, lovers pokreativet and stand out. Can someone decide to appear at a celebration in a lilac wedding dress? Or the groom decides to wear a lilac costume. However, there are very few such cases and therefore we will return to the traditional reality that most couples choose.

Image of the bride

The image of the bride can perfectly complement the shoes of the color of lilac or a small satin belt in these colors. Lovers of traditional white dresses can add the color of their wedding in makeup or jewelry, and you can also make a magnificent gentle manicure in lilac tones. Choosing a wedding in one color, do not forget about the bouquet of the bride, because it is one of the main symbols of this celebration. A perfect option would be a combination of color shades in a bouquet or a single color scheme. Again, everyone decides for himself what to choose. What would you choose? Or can someone come up with a more interesting option?

Determine the style

The first thing to do is to decide on the style, the interior of the room and the main characters of the event decorated in one direction will help to achieve complete harmony and create a special atmosphere.

The most successful solution would be a Provence style wedding. This direction involves the use of gentle and soft shades, including lavender. And since this color is very romantic, gentle and sensual, the style will be more than appropriate, because it has all the listed characteristics. Everything in it is imbued with romanticism, lightness, sensuality and airiness. This direction is the best fit for the design of the wedding.

Choosing clothes

So, to begin with the dress of the bride. It should be light, flowing, tender and romantic. No lush hem, rhinestone, plunging neckline and frilly details. It is best to opt for a fitted dress with a long hem, perhaps with a small train.

Silk, flax, chiffon or organza are considered ideal materials. Guipure can also be used, but not transparent. As for the color, the optimal are such as milk, white and champagne. You can shade it with a lavender belt, bow or flower.

The veil should not be too fanciful and catchy. It is advisable to choose a model of medium length from the lace. And you can do without veils. In this case, pearl hairpins or flowers can be used to decorate hair. Also appropriate would be a beautiful satin ribbon.

The dress of the groom should also correspond to the chosen direction. Suit a classic suit, consisting of trousers and a jacket. As for the color, it is best to choose light gray, white or beige. But also in the image may be present and lavender. So, you can choose a bow tie, tie, or shirt of this color.

In order to achieve maximum harmony, it is worth taking a responsible attitude to the choice of bridesmaids' dresses. It would be great if they put on lavender dresses. But they certainly must be feminine, romantic and gentle, and not vulgar or too catchy.

You can also ask to choose thematic outfits and friends of the groom. They can wear simple, classic trousers with suspenders, lilac shirts, and white or beige bow ties or ties. Jackets are optional, their absence will allow the groom to stand out from their friends.


You can use a variety of accessories, made in lavender color. These could be boutonnieres, cufflinks for the groom, bridal jewelry, ring pads and so on. Best of all, such details will look on a beige or white background.

Bouquet selection

The best option would be a lavender bouquet. It looks simple and concise, so you can revive it a bit with white or beige ribbons. In addition, the lavender can be supplemented with other wildflowers of white, beige or light yellow. Instead of lavender, you can use violets or lilac. Greens are best not to add, it will be superfluous.

Where to hold a wedding?

If the event is held in the warm season, you can arrange it right in the open air, this will allow you to maximize the airiness and romance of the style. Choose a quiet place, for example, on the shore of a lake or river.

If you are afraid of rain, then stop the choice at the summer cafe with verandas and tables located on the street.

If the wedding falls on the cold season, then choose a cafe or restaurant, the interior of which is made in a similar style and in bright colors.

Performing design lavender wedding, it is worth paying special attention to the interior of the place in which the event will be held. Key points:

  • Furniture. The best option is a light wicker furniture. If this option is not available, you can choose wooden upholstered chairs and tables made of light wood or covered with white paint.
  • The walls, ceiling and floor should be light, for example, milky, beige or white. The floor may be covered with parquet or laminate. Walls can be painted or trimmed with wallpaper that mimics textiles or silk-screen printing. The ideal ceiling finish is whitewashing or painting. Simple surfaces are welcome, complex textures will distract attention and negate the whole romanticism of the style.
  • Lighting. It plays an important role, since it is in bright light that lavender looks especially tender. If you decide to have a holiday outdoors, then you are very lucky if the day is sunny and clear. If the event is held indoors, then make sure that all the lamps and chandeliers work and are included.
  • Textile. You can use lavender curtains and tablecloths, they will look very harmoniously against the light background of the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture.

If you can not decide on the interior, look at photos in design magazines.

Table setting

You can choose white or beige plain tablecloths. It is desirable to use plates with a border or patterns (for example, flowers) lavender color. Glasses can be crystal. Also in this case, you can use lavender napkins. And the glasses of the bride and groom can be decorated with ribbons.

Another option is to use lavender tablecloths. But at the same time, all devices and other elements of the table setting should be either white or beige.

The following decor elements will be relevant and relevant:

  • Satin ribbons of lavender, beige, milky and white colors.
  • Ribbons from tulle will also look interesting, romantic and gentle.
  • Flowers It can be lavender, violets, lilac, cornflowers, pansies, peonies, as well as other types of white or beige color, for example, lilies, chrysanthemums, the same peonies and so on.

If you want the wedding to be perfect, then the transport should also correspond to the chosen theme. It is best to rent antique cars in white or beige. If this is not possible, then select any white cars.

Let the wedding be remembered and give the most pleasant emotions!

Variety of shades: in what color to make a wedding?

For a wedding, you can choose any shade! Just keep in mind that the celebration palette will directly affect the atmosphere at the celebration: a celebration in soft pink color will be romantic and a little “flirtatious”, while a burgundy wedding will be filled with luxury and restrained elegance. Which one of the shades to choose? Do not rely only on personal preferences, you should also take into account the following factors that will help you choose the perfect wedding color that suits your couple:

The symbol of lavender wedding

The romantic name of this wedding anniversary is borrowed from a delicate lavender plant. It can be found on the slopes of the southern mountains, and the fragrant aroma of the flower is preserved even in a dried form.

Lavender wedding ... How many years have the spouses lived together? Why wedding anniversary has such a name? 46 years of marriage notes a couple. This is not an anniversary date, so the celebration is held quite modestly.

Lavender flower - a symbol of the wedding anniversary. He personifies the longevity of the relationship of spouses who have come a long way together. Behind were the steep slopes of quarrels and conflicts. And ahead - the mountain height, covered with fragrant flowers.

Lavender wedding is celebrated on the 46th anniversary of the marriage. The couple is not young, so there may be difficulties with the event. Relatives or friends should help spouses adequately meet this date.

Relationship psychology for the 46th anniversary

Lavender flower has long been associated with tenderness, tranquility. Therefore, the relationship in the couple provide wisdom and patience. Spouses who have lived 46 years together, left behind tears, squabbles, jealousy. They have reached a new level of love and mutual respect.

Partners no longer idealize each other, forgive the previous offenses and omissions. They do not try to seem better than they actually are. Learned to accept the weakness and dignity of another. Together, from year to year, they overcame family and social difficulties. We were able to develop a sensitive attitude and attention to the needs of the partner.

At this stage of the relationship there is no passions. Spouses have already realized that support and reliability are much more important for spiritual intimacy. Dignity and quiet joy reign in their hearts.

Anniversary celebration

Lavender wedding - the holiday of elderly spouses. You can restrict gatherings with your family. Or have a picnic in the park area. Spouses on this day may be tired of the hassle and guests. Therefore, you can organize leisure for two - book a table in a cozy cafe, buy tickets to the theater or the cinema, arrange a romantic evening on the boat.

The best option for the event can be a banquet hall in a restaurant. Visitors places will not disturb guests of the holiday. And the heroes of the occasion will not have to cook countless dishes and clean the apartment after the holiday.

Lavender wedding: decoration

Anniversary decoration does not necessarily consist of the classic lavender color. This cold shade goes well with pink, blue, cream, gold, silver, gray, white tone.

To the ceiling (in the window opening, the arch), you can hang Chinese lanterns and ribbons. From the chandeliers to pull down on the line origami figures. Wedding in lavender color is made with flowing fabrics of lilac shade, white and pink organza, compositions from plant twigs. Garlands, balloons will add a festive mood.

You can decorate the holiday table with a bouquet of lavender or wildflowers (chamomile, clover, bell), to put scented candles. Tablecloths, napkins should also be kept in the appropriate color range.

Vases for bouquets can be transparent or made of purple glass. The anniversary decor will not be lush and luxurious. Lavender will give refinement, accuracy. She, with expressive accents, will create an atmosphere of comfort and confidence.

For the decoration of chairs you can prepare white bows and bunches of lavender. Tie purple, green, orange ribbons on the glasses. Even candlesticks can be twisted with sprigs of lavender, lace braid.

Invitations to the lavender wedding

Invitations for guests can also be issued in a pastel palette. For a bright accent use painted or live sprigs of lavender. The invitation card is best done from thick paper - it will be convenient to decorate it.

The text itself can be issued in the printing shop. Or you can write the invitation words by hand. Sequins and small beads are also interesting decoration elements. They can be attached to glue in the corner of the invitation or put a monogram after the text.

Lace taped to paper will add elegance. They can frame the words of the invitation or attach along the postcard. On the front side, you can add a photo of the spouses. Fantasy and creativity will help to create original invitation cards for guests.

What to give for the anniversary?

Wedding in lavender style suggests appropriate gifts. The most popular gift is an aromatic oil (candle, perfume) with the smell of lavender.

You can prepare a panel of flowers of the plant and photos of the heroes of the occasion. Aromatic pillow (or sachet) of herbs will fill the dwelling of the spouses with a pleasant soothing aroma.

Jewelry (earrings, rings, cufflinks) with purple, purple stones will remind you of a lavender wedding.

For the anniversary, you can pick up any gift. By tradition, on this holiday, the hero of the occasion receive gifts for the house. It is important to wrap it in pink-lilac shading paper (or put it in a box decorated with plant bunches).

Spouses gifts to each other

Лавандовая свадьба – прекрасный повод сделать подарок своей половинке. Выбор презента зависит от личных предпочтений мужа, жены. Но это может быть и необходимый предмет, о котором давно мечтали супруги.

A lavender bouquet, a picture with a lavender field, a veil or bedding with plant elements are the most popular anniversary gifts. Spouses can present each other household items or decorative elements - a vase, a tea set, a tablecloth with napkins, a blanket, and small pillows.

A spouse can give his wife a blue handbag, an elegant tippet, purple pearl beads, or an amethyst brooch. And she - present in the form of a present a purple shirt, a knitted sweater, a bathrobe or a tie.

46 anniversary of the wedding is an important event in the life of the spouses. Such a pair deserves respect and pride. Aged couple, having a difficult life, learned to appreciate each year, spent together.

Symbols of wedding flowers

Each shade has its own symbolism, which can be both positive and negative, so you should definitely pay attention to such a moment when choosing a palette for a wedding celebration:

  • White - innocence, tenderness.
  • Red - passion, love, power, fire and war.
  • Orange - holiday, enjoyment.

The time of year and the color of the wedding

Each season has its own specific shades, characteristic only for her. If you want to emphasize the time of the year for which you are planning a wedding, then you can fully adhere to this principle of choosing colors for the celebration:

    Winter: silver, blue, white, blue, red-green - wedding in the color of the New Year holidays, etc.

Board: fashionable pastel shades will be an excellent option for color celebrations in spring or summer, but for weddings in winter and autumn it is better to choose more saturated colors, since against the background of white snow and on an overcast autumn day, pastel shades will seem too faded.

Wedding format and colors

The format of the celebration (venue, number of guests, the ratio of young people and the older generation) should directly affect the choice of colors for your wedding:

  • For classic wedding with a large number of guests, most of whom are older, it is better to give preference to white gamma or “noble” wedding colors: ivory, gold, blue, etc.
  • For youth wedding Outside the city or in a small restaurant, you can choose bright colors: pink, yellow, blue.
  • For chamber celebration in the family circle, it is better to give preference to gentle, cozy tones: ivory, peach, chocolate.

A color scheme

Rarely manage to organize a wedding in one color, and not worth it! It is necessary to choose the main color for the celebration and choose auxiliary shades to it, emphasizing its beauty. And here the main thing is to find a pair correctly, otherwise you can create such a tasteless combination of wedding flowers that the whole celebration will be spoiled from beginning to end. It can be one or two or three shades. Just do not overdo it: choose no more than 3-4 flowers for organizing a wedding, then you will have a stylish and harmonious celebration.

To make it easier for you to navigate in the variety of fashionable colors for a wedding and their combinations, we give you a list of the most popular shades and the ideal “pairs” for them:

    Red can be combined with white, green, blue, gold, orange, aquamarine. Taboo - black, pink, purple.

Board: white, beige, ivory, pale gray, powdery are considered to be universal companion colors.

Recently, decorators offer to use for the wedding a few colors. But how among the many shades that exist in nature, to choose the ideal option and properly combine them? Here are some examples of fashionable palettes for a modern celebration:

  • Coral, white, dark blue.
  • Golden, green, emerald.

Modern newlyweds should also pay attention to the pastel shades (muted pink, dusty blue, soft peach, etc.), as well as the ombre color transitions:

  • Purple, lavender, purple.
  • Heavenly, blue, blue, dark blue.
  • Pale pink, pink, dark pink, etc.

Board: Every year the Pantone Color Institute announces the trendy color of the season. And if you want to organize a stylish and fashionable wedding, then you should be aware of the color trends. However, you should not blindly chase fashion. Give preference to fashionable colors, if they are truly “yours”, so that the celebration organized by you reflects your personality and style, rather than out of tune with your inner world.

Theme wedding

If you want to organize a wedding celebration in some style, then you should definitely find out which colors will best emphasize your chosen theme, for example:

    For a Coco Chanel-style wedding, black + white + pink will be the perfect palette.

Color wedding: 6 important points

In order for a wedding, organized in a certain color, to succeed and become stylish, bright and spectacular, leaving behind not only vivid impressions, but also colorful photos, you should think over to detail these important components:

    The image of the newlyweds: the color of the wedding dress and groom's suit can be either in the classic “white + black or dark blue” or have a shade chosen for the celebration (for example, for a gray-pink wedding - a pale pink dress for the bride and a gray suit for groom). Do not forget to complement the image with colored details: a belt, a handbag or shoes, a buttonhole and a handkerchief in your jacket pocket.

Invitation design

Invitation to the wedding are important components of the celebration. In anticipation of the holiday, guests are immersed in its atmosphere from the moment the invitation is presented. Postcards can support the lavender theme or be made with elements of lilac or purple.

5 invitation ideas:

  1. Lilac postcards in a purple envelope. To give them a festive atmosphere, stick on paper with a ribbon bow. You can buy it in the store or do it yourself.
  2. Invitation in the form of scrolls tied with a ribbon, under which a dried lavender flower is inserted. Here you need to consider that such an invitation must be served in person or sent as a parcel. In the envelope for letters to pack a scroll will not work.
  3. Invitation light lilac with photos of the bride and groom and the printed text of the invitation. Envelope choose with a similar theme. It can be depicted silhouettes of women and men.
  4. Interesting look volumetric invitations, with the opening of which become voluminous any of the wedding accessories. This could be a cake, a couple hugging, rings, etc. Such postcards can be purchased ready-made or ordered at a print shop
  5. Functional invitations that guests can use at home. This may be a plate with the inscription light purple color and purple edging. The middle or edge is decorated with the image of lavender flowers. In the same style, order mugs, cup holders, etc.

Showing imagination, you can create original invitations in the spirit of the wedding atmosphere of lavender color. The lilac color in the image of the bride and groom can act as both basic and additional.

Costume, boutonniere and other elements of the groom's style

Suit for the groom choose a shade that fits well with lilac: gray-blue, dark blue, beige, linen.

A lavender shirt with purple cufflinks will complement the look perfectly. For a suit of the groom in a lavender style, a lilac or purple tie and boutonniere will suit him.

The image of the groom is chosen so that it is in harmony with the bridal outfit, but was not defiant.

How to decorate the hall

Violet and lilac shades go well with white and beige. Provence does not allow excesses - all materials used for decoration must be natural.

The wedding hall and the arch for the newlyweds decorated with sprigs of lavender will look beautiful. Tables are decorated with bouquets of lavender and other wild flowers of white, beige and lilac shades.

The hall is decorated with hanging pots with hydrangeas and lavender shade ribbons. For a Provence wedding, it is better to use wooden, wrought-iron or wicker furniture - it is just the way to convey the spirit of naturalness and romance.

Tablecloths are made from natural fabrics with laces and embroidery.

Near each plate lay napkins to match the overall design. The backs of the chairs are decorated with covers and small bouquets tied with satin ribbons. Gel balls and hearts will create a festive atmosphere.

At the end of the celebration they can be presented to children attending the event. The feeling of comfort will create the correct play of light. In the daytime, the light comes from large windows decorated with lavender-colored curtains.

At dusk, you will need additional lighting with lighting.

Guests are warned in advance about which shades and styles to prefer clothing.

Provence style is characterized by elegance and elegance. Guest outfits should not be catchy, while in clothes you can use a combination of shades harmonizing with each other, as in the photo.

Young people, in order to set off the groom, wear lavender-colored shirts without jackets. Girls dress in dresses of all shades, combined with the main color of the holiday. The cut should be simple and elegant.

Bridesmaids can use the same lilac belts, bracelets, hairpins or other accessories.

Photo shoot ideas

By preparing the photo shoot you need to take a particularly responsible approach, because it will be a memory for life.

Provence style is very close to nature, so the main part of the photo shoot is carried out in the fresh air. At registration of a platform apply natural natural materials.

On the flower meadow you can put a wicker table with chairs and capture the process of tea drinking of lovers in nature. You should not use a large number of accessories in order not to overshadow the groom with the bride. Enough simple bunch, umbrella, shawl.

If the weather does not allow to hang a photo session on the street, use a room with vintage antique furniture in retro style.

What colors does a lavender color match?

Lavender color goes well with all shades of white, with cream, beige, gray.

This video presents a decoration option for a lavender wedding:

It looks interesting lilac and purple in combination with blue and green.

Wedding is one of the most important events in life. Photos that future parents will show to children will remain in memory. Need to think about the design of the wedding lavender color in detail. All elements should be harmoniously combined with each other and not be too catchy, so as not to distract attention from the bride and groom. What are your suggestions for decorating a lavender wedding? Share your experiences and ideas.