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Active lifestyle: physical education, sports, tourism


A healthy lifestyle is an active lifestyle. This is an axiom to argue with which is at least silly. Regular exercise has a beneficial effect on the human body, strengthens its physical and psychological health, and improves immunity. That is why neglecting regular exercise is hardly sensible. The question of how to lead an active lifestyle, very often leads people to a dead end, but in fact it is not enough difficult in this - just follow a number of simple and understandable instructions. Below are some of them.

Getting rid of laziness is the number one challenge.

Progress and modern conveniences provide a person with all the necessities of life: people no longer put efforts to earn their own food, build housing and protect their shelter from predators and the weather.

Nature, once identified with a violent force, which no living creature is able to resist, appears in the minds of modern people in the form of a heroically defeated tyrant, whose power has always remained somewhere in the back streets of long gone days. Man imagines himself the crown of creation and, as a result, has found many pernicious addictions, the main place among which, perhaps, is rightly taken by laziness. Everyone probably knows how destructive the impact it has on the person, how quickly it destroys and decomposes it.

A person throughout his life is in constant motion, and if he doesn’t move forward very, very slowly, he will certainly make rapid strides backward. Laziness and an active lifestyle are incompatible concepts, so you need to get rid of idleness, stalling development, as soon as possible. Otherwise, nothing but a fiasco is to be expected: the case will certainly be left halfway through, and the bitter aftertaste of disappointment will for a long time (perhaps even forever) discourage the desire to try again.

More movement and sports

It is sometimes very difficult to find time for a long workout in a gym or aerobic room, but this does not mean that you have to put a cross on your decision to lead a physically active lifestyle. It is necessary to allocate a few free hours to sports, after getting rid of unnecessary distractions. So, for example, one and a half hours watching TV in the evening after work is preferable to going to a fitness club or jogging in a nearby park. Any missed reality show is unlikely to be a significant loss, but physical exertion will have a positive effect on overall well-being and provide a positive attitude.

However, if there was no time to go in for sports, you still shouldn't despair. In this case, you can replace the ride on the elevator climbs the stairs and walk more. Few people know that an hour walk at a speed of 6 km / h (energetic pace) can burn up to 300 kcal!

Do not force yourself!

The rules of an active lifestyle are clear and simple enough, but in this case (as, indeed, in any other) it is important not to overdo it. You do not need to force yourself to engage in what is clearly not to your liking, but rather to choose the kind of sport that gives pleasure to you personally. So, some people like to ride a bike, others prefer roller skates, others like to play tennis and volleyball - human tastes are extremely diverse, but no one bothers you to listen to your own heart. Violence on oneself will not lead to anything good, but will only cause stress and irritation.

How to relax right?

For a modern person, the concept of rest is almost synonymous with idleness. Most people spend time at home or, worse, spend precious hours of life on clubs, dubious companies and alcohol fun. Needless to say that the philosophy of an active lifestyle contradicts this kind of behavior and habits? For example, picnics in nature, swimming in ponds, various sports (bowling, volleyball, football, etc.), dancing, hiking and much more are among the proper rest.

Healthy food

An active lifestyle is not only performing regular physical exercises, but, above all, a responsible and sensitive attitude to your health, and, accordingly, to your diet. It is very important that the diet is as varied and properly balanced as possible, because food is essentially the main source of energy in the body. It is necessary to limit the consumption of sweets, fast carbohydrates, fats and enter into the diet fresh vegetables and fruits, berries and complex carbohydrates (they contain, for example, cereals). Moreover, you need to abandon so popular now fast food. Instead of dubious products of fast food restaurants for a snack at school or work, you can buy yogurts, curds and a variety of fruits, make your own porridge and casseroles. This not only does not take a significant amount of time, but also maintains your health and well-being in good condition (which, for example, cannot be said about fast food).

Drinking and exercise

The importance of water for the human body can hardly be overestimated: it participates in all metabolic processes and the digestion of food, removes toxins and makes up about 80% of our muscle mass. Depending on the state of health, stress level, intensity of exercise and weather, an adult needs between one and a half and three liters of water per day. However, it should be borne in mind that the principle “the more, the better” in this case does not work. Excessive amount of water increases the load on the kidneys and, as a result, leads to violations of their functioning, causing puffiness and the appearance of seizures.


An active lifestyle without hygiene is impossible! An adult hardly needs to be reminded that you need to brush your teeth twice a day, take a shower regularly (not only once every 24 hours, but also if possible after every exercise), wash your hands before eating. These habits must be developed to automatism or, if you wish, to a state of reflex. In addition, you must also monitor the hygiene of the premises in which you work, play sports or live. It is necessary to air the rooms regularly, as well as to carry out wet cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. This is necessary in order to protect themselves from dust and germs and provide the body with enough oxygen.

The benefits of an active lifestyle

1. Health. An active lifestyle helps to avoid cardiovascular and oncological diseases, obesity, diabetes, as well as many diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs. This, in turn, prolongs life, improves health and immunity, and also helps to increase stamina and keep it up to a great age.

2. Beautiful appearance. Many people dream of a beautiful toned figure and smooth elastic skin. However, to act much more productive than to dream. An active lifestyle in this business will be a great help. Of course, you can give yourself to be torn apart by plastic surgeons, but is it reasonable if you can achieve the best result by living a full active life?

3. Slowing down the aging process. An active lifestyle and aging issues are closely interconnected. Scientists have shown that people who lead a passive lifestyle, grow old much earlier than those who are active. Movement is life, and only it is able to postpone old age, nothing else is given.

Mode of rest and work

Lead an active lifestyle is difficult, when on duty has 8 hours 5 times a week to sit on a chair. Oddly enough, office work is associated with a number of so-called occupational diseases. Persistent migraines, dry eye syndrome, "mouse disease", osteochondrosis, as well as many digestive problems - and this is not the whole list of ailments associated with a sedentary lifestyle. In order to prevent them, you should regularly perform the following exercises:

- Charging for the eyes. It takes only a few minutes of time, but very effectively relieves fatigue. There are also special drops for dry eye syndrome. In composition, they resemble a human tear and serve to moisturize the surface of the eyeball.

- Warm up. Enough once an hour to perform simple exercises such as torso, head rotation, stretching and squatting.This is perhaps all that is required to know about how to start an active lifestyle. Remember that the main thing in this business is clear motivation and willpower: you must be sure that you want it, and know why you want it, and then the initiative will be more than successful.

Modern society

Fast food, social networks, alcohol, smoking, car. All this is the reality of modern man. Accelerated pace of life, constant fuss and fatigue have become indispensable attributes of society. Therefore, to spend the day off, lying on the couch with the remote control from the TV, it seems more pleasant and easy pastime than walking and other ways of doing outdoor activities.

In addition, the latest technology and automation greatly simplify life and reduce the need for activity. All the hard work today make cars. For a picnic in nature, you no longer need to walk with a backpack on your shoulders. Enough to sit in a comfortable car that easily delivers to the desired point.

Life has become easier, but time has become less. As a result of these two factors, today the percentage of the obese population is growing exponentially, depression has become a scourge of modern society, dependence on the Internet and television is officially recognized as a serious psychological disease. The constant lack of time and energy is a logical excuse for those people who have postponed the care of their health into the background.

Healthy lifestyle

The problems of modern society lead to a significant deterioration in the physical and emotional state of a person. That is why it is so important to lead a healthy lifestyle. HLS includes several interrelated elements:

  1. Rejection of bad habits. Such habits include alcohol abuse, smoking, taking drugs.
  2. Proper distribution of rest and exercise.
  3. Healthy sleep. It must be full and regular and allow rest, both body and mind.
  4. Control of the emotional state. It is important to try to avoid stress and try to saturate your life with positive emotions.
  5. Proper nutrition. Eating healthy foods strengthens the immune system, helps control weight and improves physical well-being.
  6. Personal hygiene. “Cleanliness is a guarantee of health” - quite rightly the proverb says.
  7. Social aspect. It represents human behavior in society, the acquisition of communication skills.

Compliance with the above principles is aimed at improving the state of health and can increase the life of a person.

Movement is life!

It should be noted that an active and healthy lifestyle is a different concept. The concept of a healthy lifestyle is broader and more general and includes elements of an active image.

Recently, an active lifestyle has become increasingly popular, it is promoted by television, radio and the press. Social networks are full of pictures of smart young men and women, causing the desire to be the same. What is the active lifestyle? The answer to this question is very simple. In everyday life, you need to add more movement. It can be walking, sports tourism, visiting the gym. Simply put, to an active lifestyle can be attributed to all periods of time, which are held in dynamics.

The benefits of such a lifestyle is obvious. Physical activities bring the body into a tone, strengthen the nervous system and immunity, heal the body as a whole.

Reasons for active lifestyle

At a young age, people rarely have to think about their health. The body is full of energy and it seems that it will always be so. However, years later, the energy supply is running low, fatigue occurs even after minor loads. The main desire is to do "doing nothing". And the more time a person spends in a passive state, the more difficult it becomes to be active.

The first and main reason to lead an active lifestyle is the desire to return youth to your body. A healthy body, physical exercise brings particular benefit to the human cardiovascular system, normalizing blood pressure and stabilizing the work of the heart muscle. In addition, blood sugar is reduced, which eliminates the risk of diabetes. A pleasant fatigue after, for example, jogging or swimming is fundamentally different from the constant feeling of exhaustion accompanying people leading passive life.

Do not forget about such a reason as the feeling of self-satisfaction, which certainly arises when looking at your reflection in the mirror.

Run from laziness

Where should start a person who decided to lead an active lifestyle? First of all, you need to overcome laziness. Collect the will into a fist and get off the couch - the first step towards health! Overcoming laziness will definitely help a positive attitude. Any initiative must be approached with pleasure. In the case of the start of a new, more mobile and interesting life, it is quite easy to do this. One has only to imagine all the positive moments that carries an active lifestyle. The sport does not have to be exhausting and overwhelming. You should choose for yourself the kind of activity that will appeal.

Without a proper attitude, attempts to change one’s life are unlikely to succeed. You should not also refer to the lack of time. For an active lifestyle, it is not necessary to go to the gym on the other side of the city every day. It will be enough just to get to work on foot. This will help to wake up, activates the brain. Moreover, switching from physical to mental exercise increases the effectiveness of the latter.

Fundamental rules

As mentioned above, the most important thing in an active lifestyle is receiving pleasure from it. Any activities should bring joy, otherwise stress and fatigue will not only not disappear from life, but also increase significantly. Therefore, the load must be chosen correctly, it makes no sense to overstress the body. It is also important to learn to alternate activity and relaxation. Healthy sleep is an integral part of a healthy life.

Before you begin to change your lifestyle, you need to make a clear picture of your health. To do this, you need to fully study the medical history and get advice from a qualified specialist. The presence of certain chronic diseases can significantly adjust plans for sports, tourism and other outdoor activities.

At the next stage, it is necessary to carefully examine the diet. It is necessary to exclude from the menu products that do not benefit the body, and saturate it with vitamins. An important aspect of healthy eating is regular intake of clean, non-carbonated water. This not only improves digestion, but helps the body to better endure physical exertion. The fact is that during sports the body expends a large amount of fluid. If water is not replenished in time, muscles lose their elasticity and wear out.

Physical body culture

Physical body culture is a concept more extensive than sports tourism, sport, or hardening. This is a part of human culture, which has its own values, knowledge and traditions. These are activities aimed at developing and improving the physical data of the human body. Physical education classes include several components:

  1. Morning gymnastics. Many habitually call it "charging." It is really aimed at charging the body with energy after a night's rest. During sleep, the muscles relax and morning exercises help to tone them.
  2. Doing exercise and playing sports. These actions are aimed at the development of physical data. Leading a passive lifestyle, a person does not use even a small part of the potential that is given to him by nature.
  3. Physical activity. The manifestation of motor activity affects the entire body and is the prevention of many diseases.

The elements of physical culture of the body can also include personal hygiene and hardening. It strengthens the body, making it more resistant to various diseases.

Sports tourism

Спортивным туризмом называется вид активного отдыха, являющийся путешествием по природным маршрутам с преодолением различных естественных препятствий. Это может быть пешеходная прогулка, сплав по реке, велосипедный или лыжный туризм.

Такой вид туризма является командным. Поэтому он не только улучшает физические способности человека, но и развивает коммуникативные навыки. Это достаточно экономный вид отдыха и поэтому очень популярен среди молодежи. К тому же участие в таких мероприятиях помогает научиться взаимопомощи, познать свои возможности, развить силу воли.

Результат налицо

The benefits of an active lifestyle is obvious. It is especially noticeable in the age of nanotechnology and robotization. It helps fight fatigue and depression, disease and aging. Physical activity strengthens the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and other systems of the human body.

Mobile life can and should be led at any age, only by adjusting and changing the load. Starting to take care of your health is never too late. An active lifestyle will make the body healthy and the body beautiful. He will bring peace of mind and harmony with the outside world.

Why lead a healthy lifestyle?

Modern lifestyle is not very disposed to activity. I think that our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers would be very surprised at how much time we spend sitting and lying.

Why move? In order to eat well, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of time in the garden or in the woods while hunting. In the store you can buy anything. And in order to make money, straining your arms and legs is also optional - now people of many professions get more than a few people working in the field or at the machine for a few hours spent at the computer or cash register. Children are much more interested in playing computer games than in street games, and now you can meet your friends without leaving your home - there would be a computer connected to the Internet. Sitting can do anything - work, relax and have fun, communicate, get new knowledge.

Meanwhile, man was not created by nature for sitting and lying. Our distant ancestors spent all their time in motion, fleeing from enemies and earning themselves food. To live to this day, to establish a state and launch spacecraft into space, a person was helped not only by brain development, but also by fast legs and skillful hands. Not for nothing, there is a saying: "Labor made a monkey man". And this work is not mental at all.

Only in the last couple of hundred years with the development of technology among many people, primarily from developed countries, has the need to work with hands disappear. Perhaps this is good, but there is one BUT. The human body, which for hundreds of thousands of years worked and developed in such a way as to provide the person with maximum strength, dexterity and endurance, did not change in such a short period of time, and those functions that were beneficial in the absence of activity began to cause harm.

A striking example of this change is, of course, the tendency to be overweight. The mechanism of storing fat on a rainy day, so many times saving our prehistoric ancestors from starvation, now leads to this very death, only from obesity. According to a variety of studies, cardiovascular diseases are the main “medical” cause of death in western countries, in most cases arising from overweight. You can read more about this in the article about a sedentary lifestyle.

Disappointing statistics

In the old days, people themselves took care of their health, because any more or less serious illness led, if not to death, then to disability and, consequently, the inability to earn a living. Nowadays, we can say that a person is freed from these worries - they are transferred to a huge medical industry, which is able to offer a cure for almost any disease for a certain amount (or even free of charge). But, despite all the invented drugs, the abundance of hospitals, sanatoriums, gyms and similar things, the number of people who have health problems is only increasing. According to statistics, in our country 47% of the population has problems with overweight.

Often cited are the results of one of the studies, according to which human health is 50% dependent on conditions and lifestyle, and on the other 50% on heredity, medicine and ecology. Simply put, half of our health depends only on our attitude to it. Therefore, if you have problems, the same notorious extra weight, then there is no point in justifying yourself with a bad heredity. We ourselves have made ourselves the way we are now.

If you came here for an answer to a question Why lead a healthy lifestyle?, now I will try to explain it to you.

The fact that some people believe that they simply do not need to lead a healthy lifestyle, can not but surprise and not terrify. I conducted a survey, and about a third of the participants said that they did not need it.

Indeed, in order to be successful, happy and earn a lot of money, it is not necessary to be active and mobile. For example, the brilliant scientist Stephen Hawking, who conducted research in the field of cosmology and quantum gravity and won many awards in physics, was almost completely paralyzed and contacted others with a speech synthesizer. But there are at least four reasons why you should not spend most of your life sitting and leading a healthy lifestyle. But before proceeding to an analysis of these reasons, it is worth saying a few words about how an active lifestyle is associated with human health from the point of view of physiology.

How is a healthy lifestyle associated with health?

In the human body there are 640 muscles that allow a person to perform any actions - from a simple smile to performing the most difficult sports exercises. Actively working muscles form a stream of impulses that constantly stimulates the nervous system, metabolism and the work of all other organs and systems. Due to intensive muscular work, the tissues are saturated with oxygen, and all substances entering the body are effectively absorbed.

There is a special theory of motor-visceral reflexes explaining the connection of muscles with internal organs. According to this theory, muscles, ligaments and tendons have small nerve endings, which with a certain frequency transmit impulses through the central nervous system to all parts of the body. If a person moves a lot and has developed muscles, then the internal organs are affected by impulses of the most optimal frequency, normalizing the activity of the brain and internal organs.

Conversely, the lack of movement (hypodynamia) leads to the attenuation of the vital activity of the organism. With a sedentary lifestyle and poorly developed muscles, the aforementioned impulses have a very low frequency. This leads to disruption of the brain, lungs, liver and other "mechanisms", the person's immunity and energy reserves decrease, the metabolism worsens. All this leads to diseases (primarily related to digestion and the spine), an increase in body fat reserves, a drop in strength and endurance, and constant fatigue and apathy.

Why do you need to lead a healthy lifestyle?

All that has been said above is science. Now I want to give a few specific reasons why you should lead a healthy lifestyle. There is another article on this site, “69 reasons to live an active lifestyle,” in which I cited as many as 69 reasons in the form of abstracts. Here I want to dwell on the five most important and complex ones.

  • You will live longer. As you know, people with low mobility live an average of 6-8 years less than what nature has set aside for them. Cardiovascular diseases, which were mentioned above, are a real scourge of our century, and any overweight person has a high chance of getting a stroke or a heart attack at any time. With age, this probability only increases, and upon reaching 50 years in the absence of positive changes in the body, it becomes simply critical. I repeat once again, according to the World Health Organization, 29% of all deaths on Earth occur in heart disease. About 17 million people die from this every year, and of course I'm sorry, but if you lead a passive sedentary lifestyle, you may be among them next year. Of course, it’s hard to think about such a long-term perspective, if you don’t have 30, but believe me - you will say many thanks to yourself in the future, when acquaintances of your age, I apologize, will start dying from heart attacks and strokes, and you will not feel 60 years old, and at 17.
  • You will have excellent health. This partly follows from the previous paragraph. Of course, there are diseases that are not related to motor activity in any way, but still most of the diseases directly depend on what kind of lifestyle you lead. Cardiovascular diseases, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, diseases of the digestive and respiratory systems - all this will not be familiar to you if you are active enough. Infectious diseases will break on the shield of your immunity, and if in addition you also eat healthy natural food, then, according to many researchers, you will also be protected from cancer diseases.
  • All your life you will be able to maintain their performance. Again, this is connected with the two previous points and means that you can maintain clarity of thinking and the opportunity to do your favorite business, as well as actively relax. Oddly enough, many of the actions that we perform in our youth without thinking, in more mature years, can cause a lot of trouble and difficulties. Climbing the stairs, carrying a heavy bag, short-term jogging after leaving the bus - all this may be simply impossible for many people over 50, or even 40. Overweight people are not just hard to run or jump, it can be hard to walk. Who do you want to be in the future? If you agree to be a half-blind, weak and crazy old wreck, you can safely close the article. Return to the site when you change your mind.
  • You will always have a good figure and remain beautiful and attractive. I think this item is not as important as the first three, due to the fact that beauty is not at all necessary in order to live long and happy. However, this is a very attractive bonus, and for young guys and girls - the main reason to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sitting on the pope at the computer, you can pump up knowledge, but here's an excellent and sexy figure to do in principle impossible. For a good figure does not need fashionable diets, super tablets and the latest technological innovations. It is enough to follow two rules: eat healthy food and exercise and sports. This is especially true in school and college years when the foundation of your entire physical condition is laid for the next several decades. Every guy dreams of dice on the press, and the girl - on a slim waist and elastic, taut pope. An active lifestyle gives this opportunity to anyone.
  • And the last reason, which may seem rather abstracted from the topic of health, but, nevertheless, very important and indirectly dependent on your activity. You will become a more developed and successful person. Looking at your figure and feeling your condition, you will be proud of yourself, and your self-esteem will always be very high. Thanks to the excellent work of the brain, you can always think creatively and creatively. You will become a role model for your own children, for relatives, friends and acquaintances. You will no longer be lazy and waste your time. In the end, you can create for yourself exactly the kind of future you deserve.

I told you about why and why you should lead a healthy lifestyle, and I hope I managed to convince you. But this is a theory. And in the following articles the practice will begin, and I will give you detailed instructions on how to begin to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Why a healthy lifestyle has become popular among young people

Judging by global trends, it is clear that a healthy lifestyle has become popular not only among the stars, but also among ordinary people. Why do young people make healthy food choices and why it is a constant lifestyle. A few years ago, young people did not even think about a healthy lifestyle, from giving up bad habits. Since earlier everyone wanted to grow up earlier and chose not the best way of life. And it was alcohol, and smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle, and an unhealthy diet. And now the topic of a healthy lifestyle becomes relevant and fashionable. Previously, it was fashionable hard diets that are poorly displayed on health, but now young people choose proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Many teenagers began to realize that proper nutrition, physical exertion, and good sleep are important for health. Sport has become more popular due to the fact that everyone wants to exercise their bodies.

For all, it is no secret that thanks to sport, you can lose weight, or gain weight, as well as the hormone of happiness, endorphin.

In addition to sports, young people also choose proper nutrition, as it plays an important role in maintaining health. Porridge, fruit, vegetables, dairy products and cereal products, has become a daily use. Adhering to a diet of proper nutrition does not mean that it is not tasty, or boring. On the contrary, healthy food includes a variety of dishes, the taste of these dishes is not replaced by any fast food and sweets.

Why a healthy and healthy body has become the goal of today's youth

One of the reasons is that everyone wants to be like celebrities, adolescents admire them. Guys strive for a strong body, and girls strive for a beautiful and healthy face radiance. Recently, all world stars promote not just a fashion for a beautiful body, but also a healthy diet. This was an example and a desire to be similar to many people, everyone wants to go to the gym, eat right, drink plenty of water and run in the morning.

Another reason for the popularity of a healthy lifestyle is the image of a successful person. The modern image of a successful person includes the visual attractiveness of a person, so that negotiating with him would be pleasant to his interlocutor. If you say differently, it is desirable to have an appropriate appearance that would represent the company in the face of a modern and beautiful employee.

Unfortunately, there are still fans of fast food, alcohol and smoking. But we must remember that it is never too late to start quitting smoking, to go in for sports, to start eating right.

Why do we choose a healthy lifestyle

So, a healthy diet and sports is a pledge of a healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 simple rules to follow:

1. You need to eat fully and varied. Vitamins, macronutrients and minerals are constantly needed by our body. They are contained in different products, that is, the more varied the menu, the greater the set of useful substances enters the body.

2. There is a need more often, observing the regime. Breakfast lunch and dinner. In between, you can eat fruit. Fractional nutrition helps to reduce weight, as well as shown in certain diseases.

3. You can not skip a meal. Firstly, the body is depleted, a feeling of rapid fatigue appears, and secondly, after that, at the next meal, more of it is eaten, which does not bear any benefit for the organism.

4. Salt and sugar intake should be reduced. The use of large amounts of salt leads to an increase in blood pressure, kidney and joint diseases, and a large consumption of sugar to diabetes and excess weight. In addition, sugar and salt are contained in many ready-made products. Sugar carbonated beverages should be abandoned altogether, replacing them with mineral water.

5. There are more wholegrain products. These include bread with bran, or wholemeal flour, cereals from unpolished grain. Whole-grain products contain a lot of vitamins and fiber, so they reduce the feeling of hunger, but are low-calorie.

6. Eat fruits and vegetables daily. Fruits, berries and vegetables are an important source of minerals and vitamins.

7. Eat fish at least once a week. Especially useful fatty fish containing omega-3 fatty acids, helping to prevent heart disease.

8. It is necessary to drink more pure water. Coffee, tea, sweet carbonated drinks do not count.

9. Reduce the amount of fats consumed, especially animals. Their excess is deposited in the body and impairs the pancreas and liver.

10. Abandon fast food. With it, you get overweight and depressed.

Now we see that a healthy diet does not limit our diet at all, but rather expands it on the contrary. As the saying goes, Big things start small. Take one of the first steps towards your health. Start eating right and your body will thank you! You will again feel that living is great!

It seems that we began to appreciate not only what is beautiful, but also what is useful. So, if a healthy lifestyle didn’t mean anything before, now it’s time to change your attitude towards it and change yourself!

Where to begin?

Interesting, but in fact, an active lifestyle is very popular now, they try to practice it in many TV shows, as well as in newspapers and magazines.

However, being in a trend is one thing, but really sticking to it is quite another, many people prefer to say that they lead a healthy lifestyle, but without doing anything for it. Many people find it difficult to just start, they do not know what to undertake, because a wide variety of techniques, various trainings and lessons are offered.

А начинать необходимо с малого – просто ходите. Как когда-то сказал известный философ – «Движение – это жизнь!». И это действительно так, прогулка в течение нескольких часов средним шагом способна сжечь около 500 ккал!

Так что, просто гуляя, любуясь видами и улочками родного города, можно худеть и восстанавливать тонус своих мышц, а также стимулировать работу сердечной мышцы.

Как вести активный образ жизни?

Easy to say - go, and if there is no time for this? After all, a modern person is a creature that is always entertaining, always has a cloud of troubles and problems that need to be solved exactly today.

It's very simple - to walk, it does not run, so walk to work, so you have to wake up a little earlier, but it's worth it. If you go to work for too long, then at least go through a few stops, thus you will allow your body to finally wake up, muscles that are sluggish after sleep, come to tone, and at the same time brain activity is improving and attention and concentration are increasing.

From work, by the way, you can also walk, avoid elevators, having run up the stairs for half a day, you will definitely wind up half of the required amount.

By the way, the trip for food or things is also a good physical activity, pushing the carts, constant fittings, running from the boutique to the boutique, is able to stretch your muscles well. So wear comfortable shoes and go!

The main thing is that this campaign does not end with a raid on any restaurant of "fast and cheap food." If you are a young mother, you also can’t avoid daily walks, but it’s up to you to decide whether to constantly sit on the bench, sway the stroller lazily, or walk constantly, explore new routes and streets in your area, while constantly losing weight and straining your body physically.

Naturally, walking is very good, but by adding heavy physical exertion to your diet, you can achieve even greater and visible results.

Therefore, find the kind of sport that you like, it can be fitness, swimming, jogging, aerobics, dancing or wrestling, anything, as long as it brings you pleasure. Even if it will be difficult to start, you will not have time to look back, as you really begin to like it, you just need to “shake” your body.

By the way, if you are a sociable person, you can search in your city for associations of the same activists who form clubs, in which nature attacks, hiking, trips to the sea, various sports competitions and gatherings constantly occur. In addition, there you can get new and "healthy" friends.