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When can mesotherapy for hair help? Photo before and after


Mesotherapy is a modern method of influencing tissues, which involves the injection of drugs under the skin. Developed such a technique back in 1958 by the French doctor Michel Pistor. Initially, mesotherapy was an exclusively medical procedure to relieve pain.

But gradually, the technique began to be introduced into cosmetology, although it became really popular only in recent decades. Mesotherapy is the most common face, but many turn to this method to improve the condition of the hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy

To begin with, we list the main advantages of mesotropy:

  • Benefit. This is a very effective procedure, because the active substances are delivered directly to the impact zone, namely to the scalp and hair follicles.
  • The patient himself does not make any effort, because all the manipulations are performed by the doctor.
  • The result is already visible a month after the start of the course of treatment, and six months later it becomes fixed and becomes even more obvious.
  • Long-term effect, which persists for 1-1.5 years. The use of local products (shampoos, masks, balms) does not give such a long-lasting effect.

Now cons of mesotherapy for hair:

  • The procedures are rather unpleasant and sometimes even painful.
  • High price. Yes, the full course of treatment is not cheap.
  • The likelihood of side effects. Although they do not occur so often, but still undesirable manifestations are quite possible.
  • The procedure has a number of contraindications.

Mesotherapy has the following indications:

  • Some diseases of the scalp, such as lichen or seborrhea.
  • Dandruff. The course of treatment will forget about this problem.
  • Alopecia. It should be noted that mesotherapy will help stop hair loss for a variety of its causes, including impaired blood circulation of the scalp and blood supply to the hair follicles, as well as the androgenetic factor and some others.
  • Slowing hair growth. Mesotherapy will stimulate growth due to the impact on the hair follicles, as well as extend the phase of active growth of each hair.
  • Increased fat content or, on the contrary, dry hair. The introduction of certain drugs will help to normalize the sebaceous glands.
  • The deterioration of the hair. The considered method allows you to act directly on the hair follicles, which means that they will work better and provide the hair with essential nutrients. As a result, the condition of the curls will improve markedly, they will become smooth, healthy looking and natural shine. In addition, split ends will disappear.
  • Mesotherapy is used to prepare the scalp for a hair transplant procedure.

Who is banned from this procedure?

As already noted, mesotherapy has numerous contraindications:

  • Systemic diseases such as lupus erythematosus or vasculitis.
  • Diseases accompanied by blood clotting disorders.
  • Taking certain medications, such as anticoagulants (means to reduce blood clotting), as well as corticosteroids.
  • Diabetes (decompensated).
  • Oncological diseases and neoplasms.
  • Lactation and pregnancy.
  • Individual intolerance to one or more components used for the introduction of funds.
  • Scalp diseases such as furunculosis, psoriasis, eczema and some others.
  • Propensity to form keloids.
  • Acute infections.
  • Exacerbation of severe chronic diseases.
  • Endocrine diseases, metabolic disorders.
  • Some mental and neurological diseases, such as epilepsy, neurosis.
  • Period of menstruation in women.
  • The patient is younger than 14 and older than 65.

In total there are two main types of mesotherapy:

  1. Manual (manual) involves the manual injection of drugs with a syringe. Such a procedure requires the experience and professionalism of a specialist.
  2. Apparatus mesotherapy involves the use of special devices. In this case, the depth of penetration of the needles and the speed of injection are controlled by a special apparatus.

Preparation for the procedure

Preparation for mesotherapy includes several activities:

  • First of all, the patient should be examined in order to identify contraindications and prevent possible adverse reactions. In addition, at this stage, the specialist will find out which drugs are best to use.
  • A week before the start of treatment, you will need to refuse to take drugs that affect blood clotting.
  • A day before the first session, a specialist should conduct a test by making one injection and assess the patient's response.

How does mesotherapy work?

The procedure of mesotherapy is carried out in two stages:

  1. First, the scalp is treated with an antiseptic, which removes impurities and prevents infection under the skin. If desired, the patient at this stage, the impact zone is treated with anesthetic.
  2. The next stage is the direct administration of the drug.

The whole procedure lasts an average of 30-60 minutes. With the introduction of needles under the skin can cause discomfort or pain. The course of treatment consists of 8-15 sessions, conducted with an interval of 5-7 days. Repeated treatment can be started in 6-12 months.

Rehabilitation period

The rehabilitation period is usually short and uncomplicated. In the first few days, soreness, swelling, hyperemia in the area of ​​impact may occur. Touching the scalp will cause discomfort during the week. It is not recommended to sunbathe, wash your hair and undergo other procedures for a few days after the session.

If the discomfort does not go away after a week or increases, consult a doctor.

What tools are used?

The drug used for the procedure should be selected by a specialist taking into account the existing problems and the individual characteristics of the patient. As a rule, cocktails are used, consisting of several components, such as vitamins (A, E, C, group B and others), minoxidil, hyaluronic acid, zinc, selenium, magnesium, copper, special complexes of growth factors, amino acids and so on.

Ampoules with the drug can be purchased directly from a specialist conducting the procedure, or in a specialty store.

Mesotherapy for hair. Part two.

- Pros and cons of mesotherapy
- Periodicity
- Results (photos)

So, we continue to study this "beast".

Plus, there is a lot of mesotherapy.

  • This "heavy artillery", which negates hair loss.
If the loss is caused by a stress factor, lack of vitamins and microelements, if it is a progressive long-term loss, if external means were found to be powerless.

  • Mesotherapy is the only remedy today that can withstand androgenic alopecia.

Have you ever seen men with bald "lakes" on top? This is precisely it - androgenic alopecia. Just do not think that this does not apply to women. In women, it is also common and often. Just visually looks a little different. Men bald foci. And for women, it is a “thawing” parting, which eventually becomes wider and wider, exposing the crown. But this is an extreme case. We, having knowledge, will not bring this to the end. J
By the way, androgenic alopecia - this was my case. Therefore, I am so "savvy" in this matter.

  • Mesotherapy has a positive effect on hair quality.

Hair becomes thicker and thicker. And the effect is very visual. Looking closely, you can even see the border where the hair has become thicker. Especially noticeable if before that the situation was very bad. Just keep in mind that 2-3 procedures done on a case by case basis will not give such an effect. I'm talking about the case when mesotherapy is done in a course.

I can give specific numbers. When I went to the clinic, the first step was a phototrichogram. Ie shaved 1 square. cm on the top and on the back of the head and a label is made. Then a day later the hair is counted and their growth is measured. Why is this done? Mainly in order to determine the ratio of hair in the growth stage and in the rest stage. And depending on this, take certain measures. In addition, using this procedure, you can calculate the growth rate and density per 1 sq. Km. cm.

I would not advise fleeing and doing this out of pampering or idle curiosity. This is not a cheap pleasure. I did this for medical reasons in order to prescribe a course of treatment.

So, in August 2013 density indicators (density per 1 sq. Cm) were as follows:
parietal zone (crown) - 181, 3 hair
occipital - 218.7 hair

After the course of treatment and 15 mesotherapy procedures at the end of January 2014, a follow-up measurement was taken:
parietal zone - 234, 7 hair
occipital zone - 224 hair

Those. indicators of the occipital zone have changed little, but the problem top has responded to injections with a significant increase.

  • Mesotherapy increases hair growth

And here again a specific example. Before the procedures, the hair growth rate according to phototrichogram measurements was 0.16 mm per day. After the course - 0.21 mm. Those. growth rate increased by 34%. Impressive, yes?

And now, about cons of mesotherapy.

Of course, it all depends on your threshold of pain sensitivity. If you transfer shots to the arm or buttocks, it means that you can suffer a little and micro-puncture of the scalp. Moreover, the needle is inserted at a significantly shorter depth compared to a conventional prick (only 1.5-2 mm). Particularly sensitive areas are the areas near the ears and the back of the head.
By the way, mezo was pricked by various specialists. And I asked each new person how other patients were suffering. They say that everything is different - someone sits reading a magazine, and someone twitches and asks every time to take a breath. Men, it turned out, especially intolerant J
I have a pain threshold sooooo low. I can't bear the pain. But for me, this pain was acceptable.

It is a fact that, along with the pain, the high cost is the main minus of mesotherapy. I promoted various clinics, as well as private cosmetologists. In Moscow, the cost of the procedure varies from 2 to 5 thousand. It all depends on the clinic, specialist, brand and composition of the drug. Given the fact that the course is 10 procedures, then at the most minimal level it will rise to 20 thousand. True "pleasure" can be stretched. You do not pay the full amount at once, but for each individual procedure.

Then it will be about periodicity.

Of course, it all depends on the source data.

Situation 1st.
If everything is frayed and the situation with the hair is a complete polundra, then you will have to count on at least 10 procedures once a week. And then, at will, spend some time in a supportive mode. Ie another 3-5 procedures with a frequency of once every 2-3 weeks.

Girls, I want to draw your attention! Despite the fact that mesotherapy is a very effective procedure, you should not expect an instant result. The effect will appear at least to the 4th procedure. Fairy tales are only in fairy tales. In my case, it was a fairy tale about Ivan Tsarevich, who did not wait 3 days and 3 nights before his frog turned into a beauty, and burned the skin. So I, without waiting for the results, cut off 20 cm of hair. I was already desperate to stop hellish hair. And after 2-3 weeks after the haircut (somewhere in the procedure for the 6-7th), the hair first stopped falling and then went into intensive growth.

2nd situation.
The situation with the hair is not critical - the hair falls out, but not so much that it lasts a long enough period of time, we should do something about it. Then it will take 5 procedures once a week, and another 3-5 procedures every 2-3 weeks.

3rd situation.
By and large there are no problems. But I would like to thicker, thicker, and generally grow quickly. Then I recommend 3-5 procedures with a frequency of once every 3-4 weeks.

Supportive procedures can not be done. After all, the course itself is already worth a pretty penny. It depends on whether you have achieved the result, and of course, on the financial opportunity. But I can say from my own experience that supporting the regime after the main course gives a stunning effect. Hair becomes as in advertising - shiny, elastic, dense, growing so that I do not have time to cut it. This is due to the cumulative effect. I finished the main course a long time ago, and now it is possible in principle not to do anything. But the fear that everything will happen again makes me go to prevention. Once a month. It is not stressful for the budget and I see a return.

And, of course, the promised photos.
Unfortunately I have no photo before. It is understandable, did not want to have a photo on the memory of their bald spots. Yes, and then looked, frankly, not Camille. But there is a photo after.

So the hair looks now. I think it is worthy to have the right to advise J

Girls, are there any of you who also made or made meso? How impressions, how are the results?

Hair mesotherapy: the essence of the procedure

Mesotherapy is an injection procedure, during which special medical preparations or their combinations (cocktails) are injected into the scalp. The composition of such complex drugs include nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, useful amino acids and other components necessary for healthy hair.

Injection cocktails are sampled for each patient individually, taking into account his problems and help restore the hair to its former vitality and health. In this case, the active substances are delivered directly to the hair follicle, which greatly facilitates their absorption and provides an instant body response to the drugs. Such an approach, in contrast to outdoor procedures, guarantees the maximum positive effect of treatment.

The technique of injecting medicinal cocktails was developed more than half a century ago by French doctor Michel Pistor. Initially it was a medical procedure aimed at relieving pain. But in recent decades, injection technology has become extremely popular in the field of cosmetology and is actively used by the beauty industry to maintain body and hair health.

The drugs are injected under the scalp with the thinnest needle to a depth of 3-4 mm. In this case, the pain is not too strong, so during the procedure, anesthetics try not to apply. On average, a mesotherapy session lasts from 30 to 40 minutes. In order to get a stable positive result, it is recommended to do at least 10 procedures.

What result to expect?

A full course of mesotherapy allows you to achieve the following results:

  • The hair loss stops
  • Their growth is accelerating
  • It improves blood circulation in the scalp, which provides an influx of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles,
  • The scalp is cleansed of dandruff and excessive fat,
  • The functions of the sebaceous glands are normalized
  • Hair becomes dense, thick and silky,
  • The structure of the curls is restored, split ends disappear,
  • Improves the appearance of hair, returns vitality, volume, health and beautiful shine.

Feedback from grateful patients confirms that the first improvements are noticeable after the second session. The number of procedures depends on the problem. On average, you need to do from 3 to 10 procedures with a break between them in one week. To understand what effect to expect, it is enough to look at the photos on the Internet before and after the mesotherapy procedure for hair.

Who is recommended for mesotherapy?

What problems can therapeutic injections cope with? The procedure gives excellent results in the treatment of androgenic and diffuse alopecia (alopecia) and in the manifestations of seborrheic dermatitis. Thus, mesotherapy is recommended for the following conditions:

  • Pathological hair loss (alopecia),
  • Seborrhea of ​​various etiologies,
  • The appearance of dandruff, dryness or excessive oily scalp,
  • Poor hair growth,
  • Early gray hair
  • Thinning hair, violation of their structure, the appearance of split ends,
  • The deterioration of the appearance of the hair after regular dyeing, curling or procedure extensions.

The main task of mesotherapy is the restoration of the appearance of the hair and the prevention of hair loss. The composition of the meso - cocktails is selected by a specialist, adding certain doses and combinations of therapeutic components, depending on what problem you need to solve.

For example, some cocktails may contain the pigment melanin, which prevents premature graying. Many therapeutic mixtures contain B vitamins, zinc, useful amino acids and minerals, which are aimed at strengthening hair follicles, regulating the work of the sebaceous glands and eliminating dandruff.

The procedure of mesotherapy can help even in the most advanced cases, when there is pathological hair loss and other medical procedures cannot stop this process. But before prescribing a course of procedures, the trichologist must make sure that such a state of hair is not related to internal problems (hormonal disruption or other serious pathological processes in the body). If it turns out that the cause of hair loss are serious diseases, the first thing to do is treat them.

Types of hair mesotherapy

In total there are two types of mesotherapy, each of which has its own characteristics.

  1. Allopathic. Предназначение процедур – лечение облысения и восстановление поврежденной структуры волос.The composition of allopathic cocktails includes natural and synthesized vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, lipolytics, antioxidants, vasodilators. Therapeutic compositions are prepared in the laboratory and selected components individually, depending on the urgent problem. Cocktails injected under the skin, designed to affect the scalp and hair structure at the cellular level. They provide a powerful therapeutic effect: they restore, nourish, moisturize, remove toxins, strengthen hair roots and stimulate hair follicles to grow.
  2. Homeopathic. This procedure is not so popular, so it is applied much less frequently. Its goal is to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and restore the appearance of the hair. A distinctive feature of this type of mesotherapy is the minimum concentration of active substances. That is, the procedure is based on homeopathic doses of medicinal preparations, which excludes the possible addiction of the organism to therapeutic substances and provides a particularly long-lasting positive effect. The advantage of this procedure is the absence of side effects and the risk of allergic reactions.

How is the procedure performed?

The technique of mesotherapy for hair is not particularly difficult. Before the start of the session, the specialist will conduct a test to identify allergic susceptibility. This will help avoid unpredictable reactions.

Then the scalp is treated with an antiseptic (solution of medical alcohol or chlorhexidine). With the introduction of the drug under the skin may cause pain. But injections are performed at a fast pace and using the finest needles, which reduces discomfort. Beauticians try not to use painkillers, because they do not fit well with the components of therapeutic cocktails. Of course, much depends on the threshold of pain sensitivity, if necessary, the doctor can apply a local anesthetic (lidocaine solution).

After preliminary preparation, the specialist with the help of the finest needle injects a pre-made therapeutic cocktail under the skin. From 100 to 400 injections are performed in one session. In this case, drugs can be introduced in different ways, and the degree of pain of the procedure depends on it.

  1. Manual injections. They are performed with a thin syringe, which is injected under the skin to a small depth (from 2 to 4 mm). The procedure takes from 30 to 60 minutes. At the same time, the severity of pain is individual and depends on the composition of the drug, the depth and area of ​​administration. Thus, for example, the zones on the back of the head and on the lateral parts of the head, next to the auricles, are the most sensitive.
  2. Pistol injection. In this case, the procedure takes place in semi-automatic mode, which significantly reduces its duration. It is necessary that the cosmetician performing the procedure be experienced and have certain skills that facilitate the administration of the drug. This will reduce pain.
  3. Use meso injector. This option provides for the introduction of a therapeutic cocktail using a special hand-held device. This procedure is fully automatic, but also the most painful. The handset is equipped with a thin needle roller. During the procedure, the doctor conducts a roller on the scalp, making a lot of micro puncture. Then a vitamin cocktail is applied to the skin, which is absorbed much faster and deeper thanks to the previously made punctures than when applied to a complete skin.

The method of manual introduction of cocktails is considered the most effective and less painful. The procedure can cover not only the scalp, but also the cervical region and the upper back, since these areas often cause poor blood supply to the hair follicles with nutrients and oxygen.

During the procedure, the patient should sit comfortably on a couch (in a lying or sitting position). The specialist makes injections at a distance of 1.5-2 cm from each other, immersing the needle to a small depth under the skin. First, the zones are cut around the boundaries of the scalp, then the drug is injected through the parting lines over the entire surface of the head. Before each puncture, the doctor tightens the skin, which minimizes pain. After the procedure, the skin is again treated with an antiseptic.

After the procedure (photo before and after)

After the completion of the mesotherapy session, there is a slight soreness and there are red spots or small bruises on the scalp in the puncture sites. All unpleasant sensations will disappear in a few days, and you can again lead a normal life.

But until micro-punctures in the scalp are healed, some limitations will have to be observed. So, for 2 days after a mesotherapy session it is forbidden to wash your hair. For 5-7 days, it is not recommended to bathe in a hot bath, visit a bath, sauna, swimming pool or solarium. In addition, it is recommended to abstain from alcohol during three days after the procedure, as this will provoke dilation of the vessels and may affect the effectiveness of the procedure. It is forbidden to comb the scalp and damage the crusts formed at the site of injections. They must dry up and fall away on their own.

The positive effect after the full course of mesotherapy persists for 10 months. In the future, the procedure can be repeated. It should be understood that 1-2 sessions will not help solve the problem of hair loss or accelerate their growth. Therefore, if you decide to achieve a positive effect, you must necessarily go through the entire course of procedures, appointed by a specialist.

What drugs are used?

The composition of the medical cocktail selects specialist - cosmetologist. It may include the following components:

  1. Vitamins of group B. Thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), nicotinic acid (B3), folic acid (B9) and cyanocobalamin (B12) are of particular value for hair health and normalization of metabolic processes.
  2. Amino acids (arginine, threonine, lysine) are responsible for the formation of keratin fibers and are the “building material” for hair.
  3. Copper and zinc peptides. These components prevent the degeneration of the hair follicles, so they are recommended for the treatment of various forms of alopecia.
  4. Hyaluronic acid - activates hair growth and is responsible for their nutrition and hydration.
  5. Coenzyme Q10 - accelerates blood microcirculation in the scalp, fills cells with vital energy and stimulates hair growth.

In addition, ready-made professional cocktails can be used for the procedure, the composition of which is selected in such a way that all the components are perfectly combined in their therapeutic properties and complement each other, ensuring the maximum effect of the procedure.


Like many medical or cosmetic procedures, mesotherapy for hair has a number of contraindications. Healing cocktails can not be entered under the following conditions:

  • Individual intolerance to the components of a therapeutic cocktail,
  • Pregnancy and lactation,
  • Oncological diseases,
  • Vascular pathologies,
  • Chronic renal failure
  • Diseases of the blood,
  • Inflammatory processes in the scalp,
  • Period of menstruation,
  • ARI and viral infections
  • Diabetes and other pathologies of the endocrine system,
  • Nervous disorders (neurosis, epilepsy),
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • Tendency to the formation of keloid scars.

Another important condition: if you are taking medications, be sure to inform your doctor.

Possible complications

The mesotherapy procedure should be carried out by a competent and qualified specialist who has undergone special training. Errors during the procedure can lead to a number of complications. Among them are the appearance of granulomas, extensive hematomas, a bleeding disorder.

If the procedure is too fast, there may be scratches or minor linear scars on the skin. Such injuries increase the risk of secondary infection, which is multiplied if the antiseptic norms were violated during the session.

After the procedure, sometimes redness persists for a long time, there are painful sensations and headaches appear. Such a reaction happens in cases where the doctor does not use special needles for meso-injections, but for example needles for administering insulin. They have too large a diameter, they are not adapted for repeated punctures and injure the skin, causing complications.

It should be noted that in cases where the balding process has gone too far, and the connective tissue has already formed at the site of the hair follicles, the mesotherapy procedure will not help. It can only be prescribed for the purpose of preparing the scalp for a hair transplant.

Mesotherapy for hair at home

The procedure for mesotherapy for hair can be done at home. To do this, you need to purchase therapeutic cocktails and a mezoroller - a special device consisting of a roller covered with thin needles.

During the procedure, absolute sterility must be observed. At the preparatory stage, the hair is washed with shampoo and dried. The scalp and mezoroller are treated with an antiseptic solution. Then, a medical composition is applied to the needle roller of the device and the scalp part of the head is processed from the back of the head to the forehead with careful movements. Otherwise, the rules of skin and hair care are the same as after the procedure in the salon.

The final cost of the procedure will depend on the problem that needs to be solved. In accordance with this, the composition of therapeutic cocktails and the number of sessions will be selected. The average price of mesotherapy for hair ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 per session. For the treatment of seborrhea, 3-4 sessions may be needed, while the prevention of alopecia will require 10-12 procedures. Accordingly, the full course of treatment for baldness will cost much more.

Reviews of mesotherapy for hair are mostly positive. Patients note the effectiveness of the procedure and lasting results, which ensures the restoration and preservation of hair. Of the minuses, many note the pain and high cost of mesotherapy.

Reviews of the procedure

Review №1

Hair became very brittle and lifeless, almost did not give way to styling. The tips were broken, thinned. Apparently affected regular staining and hot styling. In the beauty salon offered a procedure for mesotherapy. In total, 5 sessions were prescribed, liquid vitamins and keratin were included in the composition of the therapeutic cocktail. It was heard that the procedure was painful, but I can say that the sensations are quite tolerable.

Some cosmetic procedures are much more painful, I know this from my own experience. The result after the course of treatment is very good. Hair came to life, became voluminous, soft and moist. Easily combed and stacked, shimmer lively shine and look beautiful and healthy.

Review number 2

The last six months, hair fell out very strongly. It became a real problem for me, no medical shampoos, masks and balms helped. I was afraid that I would be completely bald, my scalp began to shine through and no hairstyle could hide it. I decided on the procedure of mesotherapy, although I am very afraid of injections and the treatment is very expensive. The first two procedures were real torture for me, it was very painful.

After the injections, the scalp burned, was red, bruises and rough crusts appeared at the puncture site. She wanted to refuse, but the doctor began to make anesthesia, and then it was already easier. My torment was not in vain. Now the hair has become noticeably thicker, and most importantly, they stopped falling out. I think that soon everything will come back to normal.

Review number 3

Passed two courses of mesotherapy with a break between them a year. The treatment was a pretty penny, but the result was worth it. The fact is that I began to grow bald disastrously quickly and to prevent hair loss I decided to get treatment.

The result is good, if two years ago there was a noticeable bald spot on his head, now his hair has grown back at this place and I think that a few more courses of treatment will help to completely solve the problem.


A large number of people are faced with the problem of thinning and hair loss. Hair mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure. Due to this manipulation, the minerals and vitamins are replaced, which were lost by the body in the process of aging or due to stress. Mesotherapy of the scalp is designed to achieve excellent results in solving these problems.

Treatment of the situation should be started as soon as possible, then it will be possible to suspend the process of precipitation.

What is mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy for hair began relatively recently, but there are already positive results. The essence of this technique is reduced to the introduction of special preparations into the scalp with the help of injections of health cocktails. Cocktails are drugs that contain nutrients and vitamins. That they need weakened and depleted hair. However, such a useful procedure has its own contraindications.

Treatment by this method is very effective, since with it cocktails are injected directly into the place of injury. With traditional treatment, nutrients are not able to penetrate the scalp so deeply.

Mesotherapy for hair has several advantages:

  • High performance
  • Non-surgical method
  • There are no pain.

This way of helping hair can solve a large number of problems of almost all types:

What drugs to be administered to the patient, decides the attending physician. Components that are part of it, act in a specific direction, while those organs that do not need such treatment will not be involved. Before proceeding to mesotherapy specialist conduct a comprehensive examination. When interviewing a patient, the doctor will try to identify the causes that led to the disease in order to prescribe a more effective treatment.

Performing the procedure

The procedure of mesotherapy is a fairly simple and almost painless process. It is performed directly by the doctor himself, or everything is carried out under his strict control.

After the patient sits down, the scalp is treated with a special solution based on alcohol. This procedure allows to reduce the pain from the injections. After that, the solution, which is prepared in advance, is injected into the skin.

Injections are performed with special very thin needles. They are immersed just a few millimeters. The mesotherapy procedure for hair involves the administration of very small doses of drugs, which solves the problem of their loss, improves the structure and stimulates growth. This procedure takes about 35-40 minutes.

When conducting mesotherapy, there is a slight burning sensation. Some people feel a little pain. It can be reduced using anesthesia ointment.

After such therapy, the patient may show some side effects in the form of mild discomfort. Also in some cases appear:

Patient reviews indicate that these adverse events disappear after 2 days, the maximum disappear after a week.

Indications for mesotherapy and contraindications

This procedure helps to strengthen the hair, improve blood circulation to the scalp, but it is not shown to all people, there are certain contraindications. Mesotherapy sessions are recommended for people who have observed:

  • Damage to hair growth
  • Loss and alopecia,
  • The strengthened fragility, dryness, split ends,
  • Itching, seborrhea, dandruff,
  • Ringworm,
  • Loss of hair after childbirth and change in their structure,
  • Early gray hair.

You can not perform such cosmetic intervention in the presence of:

  • Gallstones,
  • Hypersensitivity and personal intolerance to certain ingredients of the drug,
  • Tumors,
  • Endocrine system diseases
  • Low immunity,
  • Blood disorders and coagulation disorders,
  • Skin inflammation,
  • Deviations psyche.

Formulations for hair treatment

Cocktails for this procedure are prepared personally by a beautician right before he starts to perform it. To do this, mix different drugs. Only in this case, cocktails will be able to solve the problems.

Most drugs that are used for this method of treatment, are composed of substances:

  • Animal (collagen and elastin) and synthetic origin (hyaluronic acid, stem cells),
  • Vitamins B, E, P, C,
  • Various minerals - sulfur, phosphorus and others
  • Glycolic and pyruvic acids,
  • Plant extracts - artichoke, chamomile, etc.

If there are special indications, then perhaps medicinal components will be included in the preparations. Cocktails also contain products that fight against seborrhea, inflammation. Numerous reviews confirm that they are all very effective. All drugs are developed to help the hair with their hair loss, as well as enhance their growth.

Basic or active substances have a direct effect on the structure, the bulbs and the hair roots. Thus, they eliminate the causes of their loss.

Substances auxiliary contribute to the normalization of the blood supply and its circulation, as well as supply the bulbs with proper nutrition.

Аллопатические коктейли приносят быстрый эффект. Их задача – провести заместительную терапию. Они дают возможность для стимуляции роста волос и улучшению их структуры.

Препараты гомеопатии в мезотерапии применяют не часто, причина в их низкой концентрации. Их действие направлено на то, чтобы привести в норму все функции организма. These drugs do not cause addiction, allergies, no side effects.

Cocktails are selected based on the problem to be solved. Very often, preparations for mesotherapy in their composition have hyaluronic. Hyaluronic acid for hair is an excellent solution for their moisturizing. It works well on the skin. Preparations with its content are used for:

  • Seborrhea and increased fat content of the scalp,
  • Dryness and brittleness.

Hyaluronic acid helps with hair loss.

The treatment process by this method is rather slow. The duration of the application of the method of mesotherapy depends on the level of development of the disease.

Advantages of the mesotherapy process

The advantages of this technique, of course, include:

  • High efficiency
  • No pain
  • The minimum number of complications.

This treatment can be applied to all age groups. It can be combined with other medical procedures.

Cocktails for such therapy penetrate deep into the subcutaneous layer, make hair healthy and delightful. The means used have a beneficial effect on the body. After their application dandruff ceases to appear, sebaceous excretion is normalized.

The process of mesotherapy helps:

  • Become hair follicles strong
  • Improve blood circulation and hair structure,
  • Appear new hair.

If we compare their condition before the course of therapy and after, the result will undoubtedly be visible. Hair becomes shining, thick. After mesotherapy, they need less care.

Recommendations after mesotherapy

Of course, like after any treatment, this method has some limitations that you must adhere to.

After these recreational sessions are not recommended:

  • For 2 days is in the sun, and go to the solarium,
  • Take a bath or shower for 8-10 hours
  • use any kind of hair care products,
  • To massage the head.

It is forbidden to wash your hair for 2-3 days after the mesotherapy procedure. In most cases, customer feedback on this method of treatment is positive. This procedure performs all the tasks that are necessary for the health of the hair follicles. The main thing - it guarantees the entry into the scalp of nutrients.

Express rehabilitation: mesotherapy procedure

Try mesotherapy for hair and scalp. This is one of the most sought-after salon procedures for the care of tired and brittle hair, prone to loss and dryness. Mesotherapy copes with most of the "hair" problems: it provides the bulbs to breathe, supplies the roots with essential nutrients, normalizes the production of sebum, effectively fights dandruff. In addition, after a few procedures, you can visually evaluate the first results.

Let's take a closer look at what kind of miracle procedure is, who and how is doing it.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy - This is a non-surgical treatment of the scalp, which is conducted by a certified cosmetologist. With the help of microinjections, a special preparation is injected under the skin, enriched with vitamins and microelements, as well as other substances that provide intensive hair growth. The mezokokteyl is selected by a specialist depending on your problem. Today, mesotherapy is the best cure for hair in a cost / benefit ratio.

Benefits of hair mesotherapy

If we talk about mesotherapy in the context of hair restoration (and this procedure is also actively used to restore the skin of the face and body), it is necessary to clarify: what is different from other methods, and whether to leave the cosmetologist a tidy sum for this pleasure.

First, the injectable cocktail for mesotherapy is selected individually and contains exactly the ratio of vitamins, minerals and microelements that will allow you to eliminate your problem as effectively as possible. The number of injections specialist also selects individually.

Secondly, the beneficial substances enter directly into the bulb, whereas during the "external" procedures the upper layers of the skin prevent the penetration of foreign substances into the inside.

Due to the purposeful action, the hair follicles receive an intensive charge of vital energy, due to which the condition of the hair is significantly improved:

  • Partially reduced or stopped hair loss.
  • Grows healthy and strong curls.
  • The activity of the sebaceous glands decreases, the hair stays clean longer and maintains volume.
  • Increased blood circulation and access of oxygen to the hair follicles.
  • Dandruff is significantly reduced or completely disappears.

The overall condition of the hair is greatly improved - they become dense, silky, easier to style and not confused. To visually assess the result, you can take a photo of "before" and "after" hair mesotherapy. By the way, many cosmetologists use this method to “hit” a client with their work.

Disadvantages of Mesotherapy

  • The presence of contraindications.
  • High price.

The first will be discussed further, but the second is to focus attention. The fact that the cost of the procedure consists of the price of the drug and the work of a cosmetologist. Depending on the composition of the cocktail and the brand-manufacturer, the price can vary within 2-3 thousand. The cost of the wizard depends on the level of the cabin. In any case, before visiting a beautician, you need to ask about the availability of appropriate certificates from the salon and a specialist.

What is hair mesotherapy

The modern world of cosmetology allows beauties to choose the most appropriate hair treatment methods, based not only on financial possibilities, but also on aesthetic expectations. So the mesotherapy of the scalp can be allopathic and homeopathic. In the first case, you will quickly notice the result, but it will be short. In the second case, the bet is on the long-term effect, which will have to wait a little longer.

Allopathic mezokokteyli

The composition of the allopathic mezokokteyley present:

  • vitamin and mineral complexes,
  • vasodilator drugs
  • collagen and elastin,
  • vegetable ingredients
  • other effective drugs synthesized in the laboratory.

The allopathic composition is again selected by the beautician after a thorough examination of the hair and skin, and also after assessing the condition of the locks on the basis of an oral conversation with the “victim”. Such cocktails "hit" right on target, striking a specific problem.

Homeopathic mezokokteyli

Such preparations include exclusively vegetable components, combined on a water basis without the use of oils and extracts of animal or chemical origin. Such cocktails are designed to mobilize the body’s own resources and boost the work of the hair follicles. But wait for a quick result in this case is not worth it - the effect is gaining momentum gradually.

The second option is most preferable for women who want to get not only a cosmetic effect, but also to eliminate the cause of the problems.

How to conduct mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is considered a technically simple procedure. Microinjections are done manually using a syringe with a thin needle or by using a hardware method, where an applicator is used. The therapeutic composition is introduced to a depth of no more than 1-2 millimeters, so the active substances act directly on the hair follicles.

The site administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the video clip. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD79gW_C14k&t=3s

It is important to pay attention to some nuances: for 2-3 days after the procedure, you can not wash your hair, go to the sauna or swimming pool, as well as the solarium. Also, doctors recommend not to drink alcohol on the day of mesotherapy - “degree” dilates blood vessels and increases pressure.

Do not forget that to achieve a lasting effect, you must undergo a course of therapy. As a rule, you need 8-10 sessions. Maintenance procedures are recommended once every 4-6 months.

Should I do mesotherapy?

So, mesotherapy can solve most of the hair and scalp problems caused by environmental degradation, poor nutrition, body fatigue or insufficient care. However, if there is a disease that causes hair loss, mesotherapy, alas, is powerless. Therefore, to begin with, you need to contact a specialist who will conduct the appropriate tests and prescribe treatment.

The line ALERANA ® presents professional tools that allow you to stop hair loss and eliminate the cause of the disease. So, ALERANA ® Spray for external use has been successfully used for many years to restore thinning hair in women and men who have experienced androgenic hair loss. The active ingredient Minoxidil suppresses the formation of 5-alpha-dehydrotestosterone, changing the effect of androgens on the hair sacs. As a result, an intensive restoration of hair follicles and the growth of new healthy curls are observed.

Natalia Andrushko

Psychologist, Ecophacilitator, Supervisor Mediator. Specialist from the website b17.ru

Yes. from falling out helped. Well, after prick stop all falling out occur with redoubled force. also grew for three months decently. out of the minuses the scalp becomes oily

so many. she herself went through hair loss after giving birth. cut my hair shorter, then grew back

It helped, not for long.
Everything is very expensive. It hurts.

Made mesotherapy for hair with the purpose of "try." There were no problems with hair, so it was limited to one time, and not ten sessions, as recommended. Prick vitamins in the head really hurts, because Anesthesia on the hair is not used. But the session ends quickly, so for the sake of curiosity you can be patient. Beautician said that the effect will be in six months. Indeed, after six months the hair grew sharply. Conclusion - there will be extra money, you can do mesotherapy for hair.

After childbirth, hair falls out is natural. And after the end of the GW about 2 years will be restored. In my small 5 speed, only normal hair becomes. And so went bald)))

I will be in five years like a billiard ball. ((((

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Made mesotherapy for hair with the purpose of "try." There were no problems with hair, so it was limited to one time, and not ten sessions, as recommended. _bred, because one time nothing happens at all. This is absurd. I tried a course of 6 procedures and did not see the effect. Girls, all divorce, no significant changes (visible).

I will be in five years like a billiard ball. ((((

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of such a procedure has not been proven. More precisely, not so: it cannot help with serious problems, and hair loss associated with a change in hormonal levels, stress or illness or vitamin deficiency goes away by itself. Very often, girls are bred for mesotherapy after birth. As it has already been written above, half a year after about childbirth, intensive hair loss stops, which people attribute to the beneficial effects of mesotherapy.
In short, there is extra money - try it. No - lose a little.
Better buy darsonval and stimulate the hair roots: darsonval wakes up sleeping hair follicles and stimulates blood circulation. Plus a bit dries the scalp.

Girls, thank you all very much for the answers! While I wait with mesotherapy) -)))

Maybe not very relevant, but I will write. After the pregnancy, I also have big problems with my hair, they just bundle up, the whole bath, the whole house, everything in my hair, and most importantly on their head, literally in two months of total shedding, there are exactly three times less. Since several years ago I already faced such a loss due to hormonal disruption, I decided to repeat the previous course of treatment this time, I bought ekapil, vontesil from Simone, the shampoo from the loss was also Simone, the mask, in short, turned out to be about 10 tr. There were still remnants of Minoxidil and of course itamines ((In general, a month every morning, in the morning and in the evening, I smeared my head with this “good” and with horror understood that this time it does not help, my hair did not respond to all my lotions in general. C the grief went to the trichologist, already roughly knowing what she would say to me. Naturally, I passed the tests for hormones, fortunately they are practically normal and started to prick mezo. This is very unpleasant and painful. Before pregnancy I did mesoterpia, but not at the doctor, and in the beauty salon at the beautician, injected a vasodilator drug with what t with vitamins, I don’t remember the name, there was no pronounced effect. Yesterday I did the first procedure at the doctor, they were injecting two drugs at once: liquid biotin in ampoules and a cocktail of vitamins - zinc, selenium, calcium, and another one I don’t remember which one. Usually, this morning when washing my head I was surprised to find that only a few hairs were left in my hands, I don’t know what it is connected with, maybe with mesotherapy, I’ll do all 10, because I haven’t yet come up with alternative ways to fight loss.

This post was surprised.
Guest | 02.21.2013, 01:46:58 Guest
Yes. from falling out helped. Well, after prick stop all falling out occur with redoubled force. also grew for three months decently. out of the minuses the scalp becomes oily
how skin can become oily. This procedure is aimed at improving blood circulation and regulating the sebaceous glands! I think you were expecting a super shock and wrong care!
there is nothing to frighten people! the effect is in any case! it is better to specify that there were drugs for both 1500 and 5000! probably the difference will be))
girls tolerant! everyone has his own pain threshold! if you need hair you can be patient))) I had processes in a week! I am happy that I did) the skin was oily, but right now everything is fine)) and even my complexion has become better))) they inject vitamins into the skin! peace for everyone!

I did mesotherapy for hair in the salon 7 times. Yes, it's sick, but you can suffer for the sake of beauty. hair has become much more. communicated with those girls who do this procedure periodically. They praise very much. Therefore, if hair loss is not associated with the disease, you can stimulate the growth of sleeping hair

who can know I started doing mesotherapy for hair, but the procedures fall on those days when I go to dance. Naturally, my head sweats there. and then the thought arose that everything injected would come out. is it a crazy idea, is it impossible?

Maybe not very relevant, but I will write. After the pregnancy, I also have big problems with my hair, they just bundle up, the whole bath, the whole house, everything in my hair, and most importantly on their head, literally in two months of total shedding, there are exactly three times less. Since several years ago I already faced such a loss due to hormonal disruption, I decided to repeat the previous course of treatment this time, I bought ekapil, vontesil from Simone, the shampoo from the loss was also Simone, the mask, in short, turned out to be about 10 tr. There were still remnants of Minoxidil and of course itamines ((In general, a month every morning, in the morning and in the evening, I smeared my head with this “good” and with horror understood that this time it does not help, my hair did not respond to all my lotions in general. C the grief went to the trichologist, already roughly knowing what she would say to me. Naturally, I passed the tests for hormones, fortunately they are practically normal and started to prick mezo. This is very unpleasant and painful. Before pregnancy I did mesoterpia, but not at the doctor, and in the beauty salon at the beautician, injected a vasodilator drug with what t with vitamins, I don’t remember the name, there was no pronounced effect. Yesterday I did the first procedure at the doctor, they were injecting two drugs at once: liquid biotin in ampoules and a cocktail of vitamins - zinc, selenium, calcium, and another one I don’t remember which one. Usually, this morning when washing my head I was surprised to find that only a few hairs were left in my hands, I don’t know what it is connected with, maybe with mesotherapy, I’ll do all 10, because I haven’t yet come up with alternative ways to fight loss.

Made mesotherapy for hair with the purpose of "try." There were no problems with hair, so it was limited to one time, and not ten sessions, as recommended. _bred, because one time nothing happens at all. This is absurd. I tried a course of 6 procedures and did not see the effect. Girls, all divorce, no significant changes (visible).

I agree that you need to go to the trichologist in a normal clinic. Calm somehow, that they will not carry anything to you and will pierce what the doctor has prescribed. Although not a fact :) I went yesterday for a second session, it hurts, sparks from the eyes are pouring, but tolerable. Assigned only 15. It is not clear about the effect. They say most of the 4th procedure is felt.

What not to do after hair mesotherapy

To begin with, it is necessary to come to mezo hair with clean, washed hair, without any care products and styling products applied to them.

For 3 days, stop taking blood-thinning drugs, such as aspirin. If there is a need for admission consult a physician or trichologist.

With the preparation, everything is simple, but what after the injections:

  • It is impossible to wash and rinse your head for two days, to visit the pool without a cap, since some part of the absorbed and acting preparation remains on the skin.
  • It is forbidden to visit the bath, sauna, hammam, hot bath.
  • Do not massage the head, face and neck.
  • На пару дней отказаться от активных занятий спортом.
  • За день до мезотерапии головы и три два дня поле нельзя пить алкогольные напитки.

Все пункты запрещены потому-что происходит усиление кровообращения и более быстрое выведение мезококтейлей из организма. Also, in a moist and warm environment, inflammation of damaged skin can occur.

Alcohol in addition can cause excessive swelling.

  • Hair dyeing can be carried out a week after the injections, when all the points of entry of the needle will heal. Before mezo staining is better on average for five days.

Side effects after mezo

Mesotherapy rarely leads to complications, with most of them being considered normal and taking place during the rehabilitation period:

  • Soreness at the injection site.
  • Slight swelling of the scalp.
  • Sinyachki in places of introduction of a needle.
  • Hair loss - continues in the same intensity as before the mezo, until all dead hair falls out. As you know, after the death of the hairs do not fall out immediately, but about two months.
  • Itchy head after hair mesotherapy - such an unpleasant sensation usually appears to the second or third. At the end of the second day with a mezo, you can wash your hair with shampoo (preferably without sulphate), only without intensive scratching and massage movements.

Itching can also be an allergic manifestation and requires antihistamines and the administration of hyaluronidase.
If other complications appear, it is necessary to consult with the specialist who performed the procedure.

For example, on the forums you can find questions about the increase in pressure and headaches after injecting mezokokteyley. Such a reaction is not related to the norm, so it is advisable to check whether there are medically contraindications to the procedure or other reasons ignored by the patient.

Important! In order to avoid an allergic reaction, it is advisable to test for an allergy to the mesopreparation prior to the injection.

In the article, we do not consider the results of non-injection mesotherapy, since, for example, the ultrasound technique raises questions for professional physicians about performance.