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12 main trends of women's fashion season autumn-winter 2018


September 29, 2016 15:53 ​​49

Consider that of the fashion trends, the winter of 2016-2017 can be worn in our frosts

The main question that will concern the ladies with the onset of cold weather is that in Paris, in Moscow, this is how to dress, to look fashionable and stylish, while not getting cold, and, moreover, to not visually gain weight. Consider that of the fashion trends, the winter of 2016-2017 can be worn in our frosts.

The first fashion trend of the coming winter - coats very tight especially, a coat in the style of the military of the Red Army. Such coats are well worn with large shawls or scarves with ruffles, creating not only warmth and comfort, but also additional volume in the collar area. Those who are not ready for a coat in the grotesque military style can recommend a light version - an overcoat, especially since it will be warm even in the bitter cold.

The first fashion trend of the coming winter - tightly fitting coats

The second fashionable must-have of the coming winter you do not like - white clothes. If someone thinks that it is extremely impractical for winter, the designers, not paying attention to it, declare: “But it’s beautiful!” In extreme cases, you can get by with dresses with white details or patterned or striped winter coats in gray-white or white and black tones.

You will not like the second fashionable must-have of the coming winter - white clothes

The third trend of winter is shiny clothes. Dresses or trouser suits in gold or silver will be at the peak of popularity. The main thing is not to overdo it and balance the image with restrained accessories - a classic bag, bracelets or earrings of soothing shades. And do not do it if you are not Lena Lenin, high hairstyles.

The third trend of winter is shiny clothes.

Fourth touch to the perfect winter wardrobe - velvet things. And, despite the fact that products made of velvet are associated primarily with an evening out, a velvet jacket of neutral color can be safely worn to work in winter, combining with a silk blouse and classic jeans or straight trousers.

The fourth touch to the perfect winter wardrobe - velvet things

The fifth trend of winter fashion returns back in the 80s. The central place in the cabinets of that time and this winter is occupied by voluminous sweaters, narrowed skirts and oversized jackets. But here, the main thing is not to overreact: it's still the 21st century and, in order to balance the image, it is best to combine a dress a la the 80s with a modern low-key meykap.

The fifth trend of winter fashion returns back to the 80s

The sixth trend is exaggerated sporty style. For lovers of comfortable clothes, this is good news - the designers decided that a sporty look could be worn in the winter and offered to wear a bright down jacket with equally bright sneakers, by the way, some brands even have special winterized options - with fur.

The sixth trend is an exaggerated sporty style.

The seventh most correct trend for winter is maximum long coats, fur coats and down jackets, to the floor. And two sizes larger than yours. With the color of the creators of such healthful things in winter weather, they decided to be original and offered purple, pink or red. If you are not so brave, then you can simply combine any outerwear of dark shades with bright accessories.

The seventh most correct trend for winter is the longest coats, fur coats and down jackets, up to the floor

The eighth feature of the winter wardrobe 2017 - maxi skirts. No mini in the cold winter season! Flared skirts and pleated skirts will be at their peak of popularity. You can wear them with turtlenecks made of wool or blouses with a warm waistcoat.

The eighth feature of the winter wardrobe 2017 - maxi skirts

The ninth trend is good news for businesswomen. Back in fashion ties with shirts for women. They can be worn with trouser suits or skirts.

The ninth trend - good news for businesswomen

And finally, the obvious tenth trend of the coming cold weather - fur. Or at least, a fur collar. It does not matter what will be more in the wardrobe - fur coats, coats or down jackets. The main thing is to have a fur collar, the most fashionable attribute of this winter. The main new rule is to choose the color of the collar contrasting with the color of the outerwear. Black and white combinations, brown and maroon and gray-pink will look great.

And finally, the obvious tenth tendency of the coming cold weather is fur.

Dimensionless things

While supporters of body hypotheses are in favor of exposing all parts of the body, most designers, on the contrary, encourage them to hide. In place of the underlined sexuality and tight-fitting forms, dimensionless jackets and trench coats resembling camping tents have come. Wearing - on the naked body, combining with Panama, galoshes and a huge bag, to be inspired - shows Dries Van Noten, Dior and Balenciaga, promoting freedom and complete relaxation.

Art + fashion has acquired new forms: now we will not be wearing portraits of artists or fashionable installations, but tapestries - old, lint-free carpets with a plot drawing. Yes, we are not joking: Dolce & Gabbana made skirts of them, Off-White - body corsets, Mary Katrantzou - dresses with leather straps, and Kenzo - a coat with a fur trim and masterpieces of the artist Henri Rousseau.

Feminism has also changed: there are less T-shirts with a protest appeal, and more jackets with huge shoulders. Everything, as fashion historian and our columnist Megan Virtanen predicted: “Images of broad-shouldered aunts who are dragging huge trunks somewhere can be considered the forerunners of the future - they show us the power of a woman equal to the opposite sex in everything. In the same way, she can rivet submarines or sign multimillion-dollar contracts, and the width of her shoulders is equal to men's. ”

Underlined asymmetry

But the negligence in the image is transmitted from season to season: designers sew two jackets of different colors and textures and combine them into one that is more likely to become a hit of the collection. We found potential applicants for soldier-out from Marni, Gucci and the Japanese brand Sacai, but an asymmetrical thing can be done at home.


Purple, named the main shade of this year according to the Pantone Institute of Color, was rarely seen on the podium. His place in the main gamut of autumn was taken by soft blue, colored Valentino dresses, Roksanda costumes, wide off-white boots and lurex Chloé sets.

The quilting technique first appeared in the 16th century and for a long time was considered a sign of poverty: due to the lack of fabrics and the inability to buy new clothes, women had to make outfits from old ones. Now patchwork materials are made specifically, and patchwork outfits appear in the collections of world brands: Dior combines them with rubber boots and a single-colored cap, Dolce & Gabbana balances hip-hop styling, and Versace complements a branded T-shirt and black corset.

Wild Wild West

While film critics celebrate Sharp Objects and The Handmaid's Tale, the podium is praised by the World of the Wild West series: Isabel Marant has released fur coats with a fringe, MSGM has leather trousers with a stitching, and Versace has tightly buttoned jeans with rivets. But the most fashionable thing from Fashion Weeks (which is already in use) is the Cossacks. We put them on with tight jeans and an oversized shirt and go out in any weather.

We have already written that natural disasters affect fashion no less than politics. The trend for plastic things, which began already this season and saves us from rain, slush and snow, has continued in the collections of Balmain, John Galliano, Each x Other and Maison Margiela.


Merch transformed from T-shirts with the name of his favorite group and jackets with a quote from a playlist to couture dresses with prints, portraits. Vetements are fans of Marilyn Manson, Paul & Joe from the “big eyes” Margaret Keane, Gucci from the infantile anime girls, and Christopher Kane from the heroes of the manual “Joy of Love”.

Massive sneakers

Four years have passed since the revolutionary show of Chanel, which legalized sneakers in the same bow with couture dresses. During this time, we learned to wear sports shoes along with black-tie suits, summer sundresses and silk skirts to the floor. A new level of styling - massive sneakers-all-terrain vehicles, which appeared in House of Holland, Balenciaga, Versace and Gucci. Now they - the central element of the image, under which you need to pick up the rest of the clothes.

What you need to know about street fashion

Street fashion is distinguished by the possibility of self-realization, it boldly combines things from haute couture and cheap “a la second-hand” objects. This is quite a bold trend that allows you to play with images, colors and fabrics. Impregnated with this spirit and fashion for teens. We can say that this is a special kind of shocking, but here, too, everything should be in moderation. The main rule is to dress comfortably (like casual style), to bring some zest to the image, as well as to follow fashion trends. After all, it is not for nothing that designers allocate a special place for collections in which street clothing dominates. And in order to be in trend, using this style, you should carefully consider what the leading fashion designers offer to wear in the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season.

The main trends of street fashion for women for autumn-winter 2017/18

Whatever you prefer for the next exit, it is worth considering that the main trends of street wear in the upcoming season will be positive, bright colors and quite bold creative ideas. And such is not only women's fashion, but also fashion for teenagers. If we talk about individual elements, then popular will be:

  • tissue. Leather, suede, denim, velvet. The combination of fabrics is welcomed. A new trend is coming into fashion - brocade,
  • decor Fur trim, ruffles, sequins, flounces, jabot,
  • colors. Khaki, burgundy, terracotta, red, golden, purple, yellow, brown, pink, deep green. Not quite successful is the use of black. Instead, it is better to choose a more current dark blue or brown shade.

Consider that when creating an image, it is important to select things so that they become one, conflicts are not allowed here. In this case, you can combine clothes as one style direction, and create original mixes.

Stylish streetwear for the autumn-winter 2017-2018 highlights several characteristic accents. The spirit of the 80s (acid shades, metallic luster, asymmetry) and 70s (floral prints, hippie style, free silhouettes, denim and midi length) will be felt. From the distant past Victorian style in modern performance will come back. It is to him that the street style of the coming season is due to flirty ruffles, romantic ruffles, voluminous sleeves and high collars.

Clothing, as if removed from someone else's shoulder, continues to be at the peak of popularity. Actually everything: jackets, coats, sweaters and even dresses.


When it comes to street style, there is no place for strict classics. Therefore, pantsuits will be more like home clothes. Actual styles in the form of pajamas, prints, bright colors. If, nevertheless, you do not dare to move away from the costume in the classic version, dilute it with a large-knit cardigan, a cropped sheepskin coat or a colorful coat with floral appliqués.

Pleated Skirt

Street fashion for women offers the novelty of the season autumn-winter 2017/18 - a pleated skirt. A pleated skirt is simply a must to create a unique look.

It will be especially advantageous when combined with oxfords, high comfortable conversions.

In the fashion model trapezoidal, A-silhouette. Trend dresses are also asymmetric dresses. They must be bright accents: prints, applications, embroidery, accessories. It is better to combine such things in street style with thick colored or dark tights and high golf courses.

Dress dress will be fashionable. It is characterized by a fitted cut, slightly flared bottom and short length. Often decorated with prints. You can combine with ballet shoes, oxfords, ankle boots and Cossacks. Some women of fashion are not averse to flaunting in a tea dress complete with rubber wellingtons.

A short dress with frills in the Victorian style will also become popular. It is better to combine it with high boots, and on top throw a solid trench coat or coat.

Well, if there is a desire to show the character of a predator, then you should pay attention to the dress with an animal print. Winning will be the option of finishing his belt and a stylish choker.

Topical models with high waist, torn and asymmetrical pants with a raw bottom. You can combine with a denim trench coat, drape coat, leather jackets, elongated vests.


As for outerwear, here the street style of 2017 is very democratic. Everything will be trendy: sports down jackets, fur vests, jackets with a print in the style of kitsch-rodeo, bright, colorful ponchos, coats with natural fur trimming, as well as jackets resembling hussar dolomans. Popular will be more fur coats and coats of artificial fur. The color, however, can be completely different: from pastel, low-key, to flashy and even acidic. Welcome in the coming street style and print, imitating the animal color.

The brocade jackets decorated with rich patterns come into fashion.

Street fashion is not without boots. This season they should be high, almost to the hip. Material - patent leather or suede in bright, colorful shades.

Creating the desired image, keep in mind that wide tops are a thing of the past, opening the way to neat, skinny legs, ankle boots, boots, boots. Heel - medium height, steady. Fashionable shoes decorated with buckles.


Bags. Trendy are the bulk bags tote and hobo. The theme will be clutches, decorated with a bright print, as well as waist bags from the 80s. The cut is different. Fashionable will be the finish, resembling a piercing.

Decorations. Pearls, brooches, made in the style of boho. Any accessories in ethno style, open rings. Current remain chokers. You can wear earrings that are different in design from the clothes you wear.

Glasses. With a frame made of wood, futuristic motifs, various "butterflies", "kitties". Designers offer to wear glasses even in the coldest time of the year.

Scarf. Street style of the coming season simply obliges to buy such an accessory made of natural fur (raccoon, arctic fox, fox). Equally well combined with coats and jackets, and with jumpers and chiffon dresses.

Additional attributes. Colored, natural stones.

Teenage street wear

Since street fashion is especially popular in the teenage wardrobe, it is worth mentioning what street fashion for teenagers will be in the coming autumn-winter 2017/18 season.

  • layering
  • dresses free cut. They are especially relevant in combination with sneakers,
  • oversized pullovers,
  • metallic luster
  • a combination of different shades in one image,
  • denim ensembles,
  • lace,
  • bright coats
  • colored shoes
  • floral print
  • frill collars,
  • sweatshirts cut, imitating stretched models,
  • faded jeans
  • coat with bulky shoulders
  • glasses,
  • puffy sleeves
  • white jackets
  • jackets in a cage, resembling a shirt,
  • cowboy hats,
  • leather vests,
  • polka dot prints, animal print,
  • shirt dresses

Stylists advise adolescents, in choosing a bow, to be guided by the upcoming occasion. If the image is chosen for the school, do not get involved in bright colors and fancy cut, it is better to give preference to calm shades and discreet execution. But on the party you can safely wear bright clothes, emphasizing the individuality and originality of its owner.

As for shoes, there are plenty to choose from for teenagers. In fashion shoes with high, massive or concise flat sole. To look really advantageous, you should look at sneakers, shoes, sneakers or boots.

Creating an image, it is better to give vent to fantasy, for example, tie a jacket beautifully over the dress. But do not overly zealous, picking up things, most importantly - comfort.

Street fashion at the place of residence

Such a fashion looks especially in different parts of the globe.

Paris street fashion

If we talk about Paris, velvet coats, velvet overalls, denim jackets with a lowered shoulder line, feather skirts and, of course, “a la pajama” suits will be relevant here. To complement the image, in this case, it is better with velvet shoes or metallic shoes.

Milan street fashion

Designers showing street wear in Milan recommend dressing as follows:

  • material - velvet and satin, translucent, flowing fabrics,
  • color - fuchsia, red,
  • print - cell
  • shoes - velvet, trimmed with ruffles,
  • the jacket is leather, in combination with absolutely everything: dresses, sports pants, pencil skirts and so on.

London street fashion

Here it is fashionable to combine red and pink shades, to wear pajama suits, to coat clothes with sequins, to wear velvet, leather or checkered coats, sheepskin coats, trench coats, as well as to use all kinds of flounces and ruffles.

New York street fashion

Favorite street fashion in New York in 2017 were ripped jeans, sky-blue shades, velvet, fuchsia coats, as well as the usual outerwear made of leather. Если говорить о брюках, то здесь тоже есть из чего выбрать: виниловые, кожаные, широкие атласные, укороченные деловые. В тренде спортивный шик, а также одежда, напоминающие белье.

Уличная мода — это направление, как никакое другое, позволяющее проявить свою индивидуальность. Не бойтесь экспериментировать. Try new images and be truly irresistible, remembering the golden rule: everything is good in moderation. And then your street style will become a kind of business card, talking only about your personality and excellent sense of taste.

Autumn and winter coats 2015-2016

Coats we offer cashmere, conservative cut straight or trapezoidal silhouette. Large collar with a lapel, with a belt, with a hidden clasp or a careless type with a smell.

Some fashion houses are considered as a version of a coat without a collar, with shoulder pads and a double-breasted clasp.

Trousers fall winter 2015-2016

The color scheme of trousers goes far beyond the 7 colors of the rainbow. And this season to have bright pants in the wardrobe is fashionable.

If the choice falls on black pants, you need to focus on the material: a combination of knitwear and boucle wool, thick silk and soft velvet are not the only pairs that complement each other.

I would like to mention the triumphant return of women's pants with a high waist, and the pants can be narrowed shortened at the bottom or straight cut.

An overview of fashion trousers for autumn-winter 2015-2016 read on our website here.

Fur coats of winter 2015-2016

Retro fur coats again went to the podium. But they are complemented by the highlights of this season:

  • horizontal or oblique stripes favorably emphasize the figure,
  • sleeve length ¾ makes it possible to wear long leather gloves to the elbow,
  • along with the classic hues on the catwalk are bright colors - amber, burgundy. A new color trend is the so-called coloring of a fur coat under jeans, more precisely the combination of black and gray and blue colors.

Down jackets fall winter 2015-2016

This season's trendy down jackets will completely turn your idea of ​​dark winter clothes. They are comfortable, suitable for walking with children, shopping or trips to nature. At the same time you will feel feminine, beautiful and stylish.

Particularly memorable details of this clothing can be called asymmetry in a cut: this is both a slanting fastener and a shortened front part, in which a bright lining is visible.

The length of the choice is very large - from sports-style jackets to a coat that covers two-thirds of the legs. Difficult prints using the original colors will puzzle you when choosing a model: you will need to choose between hieroglyphs, modified colors or a pixel pattern from the Matrix.

In one model, combinations of nylon, fur, tweed or impregnated with water repellent drape are possible. Fur trim pockets and hoods can be both natural tones, and very bright - orange, emerald green, red or blue.

Full review: Fashion down jackets 2015-2016

Poncho 2015-2016

These clothes are so comfortable that it is highly recommended to purchase them.

This season, the length and color palette are as varied as you can imagine. To this you can add many options for the volume, the material used and the fashionable asymmetry.

English tweed with its traditional cage, whitewashed suede with black edges, fabric with a nap, decorated with Mexican ornament - units of an infinite number of images of ponchos.

Hats fall-winter 2015-2016

Stiff and dank in winter, the presence of warm and soft hats, warming and protecting from wind-snow-frost is not even discussed.

Cute cozy patterns of knitted hats are perfectly combined with sportswear, and with casual outfits, and even with the option of a smart casual for advanced fashionistas. The offered models from thin jersey of pastel shades are perfectly combined with evening dresses from the elegant flying fabrics.

For lovers of bright everyday life, couturiers offer jewelry on headdresses in the form of metal brooches, buckles with inlays, bows, braid and cords of metallized thread.

Very unusual are the wonderful motley caps, literally sewn up with multicolored beads, glass beads, large beads. Frequent in the set and a fur pompon in the shape of a heart.

Also relevant in the season of autumn-winter 2015-2016 retro model - a cap-pipe, recently received a new name - LIC. This hat can be used not only as a hat, but also as a scarf that covers the neck well.

Fashion trends in shoes

You can safely call the shoes presented at the shows, the highlight of the collections. This bright detail of any image attracts the eye and causes amazement. Pretty bold and innovative solutions in the models allowed themselves to designers.

Their imagination has created models in which defiant bright colors and unusual heels, details and decorations, materials that have not been used in the shoe industry before.

The colors of the models of the autumn-winter 2015-2016 season have receded from the traditional black ordinary in favor of bichromic variants. This is especially noticeable on sports models with a deliberately thickened sole, as can be seen in the photo below.

Monochrome shoes are distinguished by the gloss of bright patent leather. Shoes made of metallic leather of lilac shade, metallic gold shade, in bronze and rose gold, will also find their admirers.

But the shoes of soothing tones are simply amazing with the meticulous finishes and details: if the tops of the boots, then at the level of the jackboots, if the ankle boots, then with carved toes.

All sorts of overhead fur tops, textile inserts, fake lacing, buckles and ties, used in the models, emphasize the silhouette of the female leg.

There are three main directions in the models. The first - emphasized elegant shoes with heels with an elongated toe. The second direction is sports shoes with a thickened sole. The third direction is the military style variations. All sorts of shoes and shoes resembling men's shoes will be very popular. Read the full review on our website here.

Show of the Dolce & Gabbana collection

Trendy colors and prints

The most current colors:

  • Fuchsia. This bright and at the same time romantic shade will allow you to stay in a good mood even in the cold season.
  • Cranberry is a sensual, but not vulgar color, which is suitable for everyone without exception, regardless of the age and characteristics of the figure.
  • Emerald - a noble, elegant and truly chic shade that will suit real queens and connoisseurs of high fashion and style.
  • The shade of an orchid is so bright, but at the same time mysterious and romantic. Next winter it will be at the peak of its popularity, and in any form.
  • Mustard or honey. It will not suit everyone, but it will present a real warmth and a great mood.
  • The trend is deep and noble blue and all its shades. Each can find a suitable tone.
  • Burgundy or wine - feminine and so warm! Be sure to purchase a thing of this color.
  • Winter will please with soft pastel shades such as caramel, sand and milk.
  • If you prefer restraint, pay attention to gray, chocolate and classic black.

As for prints, animalistic, geometric and ethnic patterns, as well as a cage will be especially relevant. In addition, the trend is multi-patterned, that is, a combination of several prints, even if different. And it will not look ridiculous or motley.

Styles and silhouettes

What is fashionable and stylish will look like next winter?

  • Strict silhouettes and clear lines give the image a special charm.
  • Free cut. Contrary to popular belief, it can be elegant and bright.
  • Pay attention to the models with high waist, they will be relevant as ever.
  • In the trend will be baggy things. They are not too sexy, but will look particularly stylish.
  • Attention should be paid to male models. But remember that they are chosen only by strong, self-sufficient and self-confident women.
  • Slim and sexy silhouettes will also be relevant, but the image will be really stylish if you combine such models with baggy, voluminous and free.
  • In the fashion will be fluffy sleeves.

As for the length, it is better to forget about the mini, in winter it is completely impractical. But the maxi and midi models will not only give comfort and warmth, but also make the image feminine and elegant.

Stylistic directions

If you have not yet decided on the style, then pay attention to one of the following:

  • Hipsters. These are interesting fabrics, polka dots, a cage and animal prints, fitted silhouettes, turtlenecks, flared trousers, “sun” style skirts, thick panty hoses and the most daring combinations.
  • Hippies are simple fabrics and models, complemented by cute accessories.
  • Victorian style: elegant and feminine silhouettes, ruffles, ruffles and lace, long skirts and dresses.
  • Sports style suitable active nature.

What you need to buy?

What to wear in the winter of 2016?

From clothes by all means buy:

  • Flared trousers with a high waist from knee or hip.
  • Bulk knit or wool patterned or coarse cardigan. It will be comfortable and warm.
  • Blouse from dense fabric. You can go to work in it.
  • Pencil skirt from dense material. Office or elegant casual option.
  • For special occasions, get a bright evening dress knee-length or floor-length with unusual elements, such as ribbons, inserts of contrasting materials, fringe, wide belt, a slit in the front hem or a deep cut on the back.
  • For parties, you can buy a short dress with a flared hem made of thick fabric.
  • Bulk dress-sweater.
  • Dense monophonic panty hoses, preferably classical and restrained tones, for example, brown, gray or black.
  • Culottes, similar to the skirt-pants.