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After the lovers officially confirmed their status as a married couple in front of all their relatives, friends, and the state, every year they celebrate the day on which this event took place. And every year is a special holiday, with its own traditions and customs. Let's see how to properly celebrate 9 years and what a wedding it is.

What is the name and why

If you know the answer to the question “8 years, what a wedding”, then it will be a little surprise to you that for a later date, as a symbol, a more fragile and delicate material was chosen - faience. Why so, we will try to understand further.

Chamomile - a beautiful and delicate flower, a symbol of the sun, warmth, fun and romance. He seems to be hinting that all the basic joys and real flourishing of family life are only ahead. Relationships in the family are not as stable as we would like, and are somewhat similar to this flower. At least a small bouquet of daisies will be a very symbolic and appropriate gift. And if you decide to tie your lives in marriage in the winter, then such a sign of attention becomes even more valuable. This title has only one interpretation, unlike the following.

Faience - a very fragile material, and it is not for nothing that the ninth wedding anniversary is named after him. The first interpretation is based on the psychological aspect: after 9 years of marriage, in a family’s life, a time of complex crisis comes, and relationships become quite fragile - like faience. To safely survive it, you need to gather all the will into a fist and make a lot of effort. The tradition of the ninth anniversary will help to cope with stress - our grandparents were observant, and without any psychologists they clearly knew what was needed for a strong family life.

The second version is more optimistic: after so many years, the family becomes as strong as chamomile tea in their earthenware cups. Ware from this material is associated with a harmonious way of life, hence this interpretation. Whatever it was, all values ​​are reduced to one: 9 years is the limit, at the intersection of which the family reaches true stability.

Traditions and customs

All events of family life are unique and are accompanied by interesting customs. The ninth wedding anniversary is no exception. She, too, will leave behind bright memories, if you decide to follow the traditions.

We have already answered the question of what kind of wedding after 9 years of marriage, now we need to find out what rituals should be performed so that further marriage is happy and cloudless. It is worth noting that the ninth anniversary requires the implementation of only one tradition, but it is very unusual and interesting, and will certainly please both the wife and the husband.

The phrase "break for happiness" is known to each of us. She is the motto of the ninth anniversary. At the faience wedding, it is customary to beat the old dishes, for all the same happiness. From a purely psychological point of view, this technique is very useful: this way you give way to stress and negative energy that has accumulated in you. Imagine that these plates are all quarrels that have been in your family for 9 years, and ruin your health.

The quantity is also determined by the anniversary of the wedding - exactly 9 plates should be broken. If the house suddenly did not have the right amount, stock up in the store to be fully armed for the holiday. This is a very good reception: you will do a psychological relief, and perform all the necessary rites. To make the effect even better, before breaking each plate, it is worth saying the following words: “With the broken plate, I’m freeing myself from. »And further all the nuances that you did not like in family life.

The ritual ends with a solemn cleaning up of the fragments. The spouse and spouse together remove the remnants of broken dishes and throw them away. It symbolizes that they got rid of everything old and unnecessary that was in the past, and are ready to start a new life from scratch. In conclusion, a sweet kiss must follow, which is a sign that the husband and wife have forgotten all the old grievances, and love still reigns in their home.

What to gift

The closer the date of the anniversary, the more often the question arises: what is given for a nine-year wedding? As in other similar cases, it is worth starting from the name. It is usually accepted to give such things as:

  • china sets,
  • dishes and other products from crystal and glass,
  • various figurines,
  • bouquet of daisies.

Kitchen utensils will be very relevant if the couple still performed the ritual for 9 years of wedding. Here new dishes presented by friends will be very useful.

Do not forget about another name - chamomile wedding. This delicate flower can be used as a pattern on your gift. By the way, the original idea would be the image of a married couple on the dishes: on a mug or on a large beautiful dish.

The choice of a gift depends only on your imagination and the preferences of the spouses. It is advisable to focus on the symbol of the wedding, but you can show individuality when you decide what is best to give.

How to mark

9 years of wedding. What is a wedding without guests and a holiday? Even after so many years, I want to remember everything again and feel like newlyweds.

Here the daisy dictates its rules, as the second symbol of the ninth anniversary. It is desirable, if possible, to celebrate such a holiday in nature. It will be original, interesting and healthy. But, if it is impossible to go to nature - it's okay, there are plenty of options how to arrange a chic holiday.

The best option would be to gather around you only the closest friends and relatives who have been around for many years and helped in difficult times.. For grand parties there are anniversaries and round dates, but the wedding anniversary is best celebrated in a narrow circle.

Sincere congratulations, sincere words and beautiful gifts will make the holiday atmosphere unforgettable, and will charge the spouses with a positive for the whole next year of family life. But, if you do - the soul of the company and love the noise and loud fun, no one forbids throwing a feast to the whole world. You can celebrate in a cafe, but you can gather everyone in your house at the holiday table.

4 life rules of relationships

Many experts will agree with us that using these simple rules will help you to be happy together more often:

  1. Do not tell your partner about your problems.: It is important for every woman to remember that you should not always tell your partner all your problems. Your partner is always ready to help you, but do not overload it with trifles! After all, you often would like to receive warmth and love, and less to think about problems.
  2. Take care of your loved one more often.: Many begin to feel obliged when a man invites to a cafe, expensive restaurants and gives valuable gifts. Do not feel obliged and guilty of spending money - this is a mistake. Enjoy life together.
  3. Do not allow disrespect to yourself: Even if a strong feeling arose between the partners, in no case should one disregard oneself. If any of the partners allows themselves to say offensive words to their beloved or loved one, then it is worth stopping immediately. Say that it hurts you when you hear such words and with love ask not to speak them in front of you. Build respect and trust every day.
  4. Study psychology: Both partners should remember one golden rule - the atmosphere in the family depends on such factors as: harmony, trust, mutual respect, ability to forgive, patience and the need for each other. This is important to learn, as this is our whole life!

Traditions and faience wedding rules

Earthenware wedding - an important holiday, with this wonderful day begins a new family year, which means you can start a lot again. How to spend this holiday, so that the best memories of this day remain, and there are many years of happy life ahead, before the golden wedding?

1. The main tradition of this day is a bouquet of daisies as a gift to his wife. The husband wakes up at the very beginning of the day, at dawn, and goes to the field to collect daisies.

Well, at least to the nearest flower shop. The wife should wake up and first see this lovely bouquet - and hear warm congratulations from her beloved husband on this festive day. Such a greeting will be symbolic and pleasant, as well as set up in the right way and bring love to the family.

2. All day spouses must be together and not part. Even if someone needs to go to the store, they go together, because it will symbolize their strong and indestructible union, and for many years of life they will be inseparable. Of course, ideally, if the holiday fell on a day off, or it is worth taking a day off - do not go to work with my husband.

3. This anniversary can take place in a large circle - the main thing is that there should be at least nine guests, and married couples must come together, together, and better - with children. Celebrating faience wedding is better in nature, if it is possible - this is the custom.

On the bank of the river or in the forest you can make a fire, play interesting games in the fresh air, sing songs and have fun, listen to nice congratulations and receive gifts from guests. Let the children have fun and run around, their carefree laughter attracts love and wealth to the family.

4. Women invited to the holiday, weave wreaths of daisies - and should give the hostess, so she will always always have female happiness and health, and she will be happy with her husband. If the holiday takes place at home, in the cold season, you can buy chamomiles in the store - and make a wreath from it.

5. Another tradition with which the anniversary is associated is the smashing of dishes. First of all, during the day, it is necessary to throw out all the dishes that are broken or cracked from the house - it will bring misfortune to the house. And during the holiday, with congratulations and applause, the couple beat exactly nine old plates - and this ceremony will definitely bring happiness to the family.

6. Spouses should buy something new in the house, and ideally it should be a beautiful faience service. It is better to update as much as possible all the dishes, or at least just a part of it.

What give a wedding faience?

The name is eloquent - in this jubilee the spouses will receive a lot of earthenware as a gift. But congratulations should be original, and it will be good if the owners do not have to get some completely identical sets as a gift, so it’s worth thinking about.

  • Earthenware dishes - that you can safely give, besides it is beautiful and diverse. How many unusual coffee and tea sets, saucers, teapots can be given - the eyes run! Husband and wife can give each other special coffee pairs, which will be symbolic for them.
  • You can show imagination and not give the dishes, and give, say, a decorative plate on a stand - it is very beautiful. By the way, on such a plate you can order a portrait of the spouses or a special inscription, then you can give it safely, with confidence that it will be a valuable souvenir.

  • They also give statues and other home decor. Faience figures are made from faience for home and garden, symbolic decorative ornaments, candlesticks and even caskets.
  • Remembering the second name of the anniversary, congratulations can be associated with daisies. For example, you can give bed linen in daisies, tablecloth, rug or curtains.

  • A woman can safely give accessories with these wildflowers - hairpins, bijouterie, a handbag or a cosmetic bag, a flowered umbrella or even a dress.
  • Of course, every greeting should be accompanied by a bouquet of daisies. They can be freely given in any quantity; the more these flowers are in the house, the more love and happiness the spouses will have!

The most valuable thing that spouses can give each other on this holiday is sincere love and loyalty. It is worth considering your behavior and decide what should be changed.

The important year ahead is the last year before the ten-year, decisive and crucial anniversary. Surely there are many plans that have not yet been implemented, and much needs to be changed in life and in yourself.

To reach the ten-year anniversary of a truly mature and envious of all happy family, you need to work on relationships and take care of them, starting with this for - a wonderful faience wedding! Author: Vasilina Serova

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Gentle fragility or sweet stability?

Before we talk about what is customary to give for a nine-year anniversary of living together, we recall two main versions of the origin of the name of the faience wedding.

The first is related to the fragility of this material in case of careless handling: nine years together is enough to know each other’s weak points, but they can be struck under unfavorable circumstances! Many psychologists consider the 9th year of marriage to be a kind of test, a crisis, after passing through which, the spouses will learn to more carefully handle the faience of their relationship, which will make it possible to put it into a more solid phase.

The second version is more pleasant, because it connects the familiarity of faience with the stability of warm feelings, the romance of everyday life: joint evenings over a cup of tea, family dinners, splashing in the bathroom ... And the dishes are beating, mostly for luck! In addition, according to beliefs, faience has a beneficial ability to absorb negative energy, radiating its positive in return. So, maybe, after 9 years, it is time to update the family's faience stocks, filled with old grievances and misunderstandings, with new, energy-friendly ones?

One daisy, two daisies ...

Since the anniversary of 9 years from the date of the wedding, except for earthenware, often called chamomile wedding, pay attention to this cute and modest flower. In it there is no royal splendor of roses and mysteriousness of gerberas. A bouquet of daisies is not a pretentious shop arrangement, this summer, pure impulses of youth and the eternal question “loves - does not love”, which the couple asks itself again, 9 years later ...

So the gifts that carry the “chamomile” component will be as relevant as the faience on this day.

9 wedding anniversary is not always celebrated brightly and magnificently, yet the date is not round, but a cute surprise and a sign of attention will never be superfluous. You are welcome to ask for ideas of inexpensive gifts for 9 years of wedding!

Gifts to his beloved wife

If you ask your wife to choose a new dinner service, this will be a great occasion to spend the day together, and a wedding anniversary gift will come out just wonderful.

Well, if you intend to present her with some kind of surprise, intended to please her personally, then a few faience tips:

  • an item of dishes, but not trivial, but interesting, intricate, for example, sauceboat, tureen, salad bowl, teapot, stand for boiled eggs,
  • beautiful cake dish
  • ceramic casket (you can put a new decoration in it, for example, a pendant or a ring),
  • original jewelry containing faience (earrings, medallion, pendant),
  • faience stand for rings and beads,
  • candlestick,
  • watch,
  • statuette,
  • faience figurine charm,
  • jug for drinks,
  • perfume or cream in a ceramic bottle or box (only if you know your spouse's tastes),
  • A new vase: let them put in it a bouquet of daisies you donated, haven't you forgotten about it?

Well, if your wife appreciates the romance, you can use the sanitaryware for the gift, arranging for your favorite bath with champagne or rose petals! Some SPA salons also offer such a service, that is, you can donate a certificate. And to use this gift is more pleasant together.

"Chamomile" gifts:

  • bouquet - surely, does not need comments, add a card with the words: “Do not guess, love, and much!”,
  • cosmetics with an extract of medicinal plants,
  • new dress with camomile print or embroidery,
  • flirty robe or apron "in daisies",
  • fashion sweater
  • comb painted with daisies (you can find at the masters of hand-made),
  • handmade soap in the form of a flower
  • phone case, patterned wallet,
  • form for cake, cupcakes (beautiful will bake!),
  • tray painted with flowers
  • set for needlework (embroidery, beadwork, decoupage, etc.) on the subject of chamomiles,
  • decoration in the form of a daisy (brooch, earrings, bracelet, pendant).

Surprises to her adored husband for 9 years of marriage

For the attentive spouse, remembering that the 9th wedding anniversary is coming, it will be a pleasure for the wife to choose a gift in the faience theme of the holiday:

  • beer mug,
  • a new cup (it is possible with a creative - congratulatory inscription, original picture, there are even chameleon cups),
  • aroma lamp (and in the evening apply as intended!),
  • ceramic talisman (you can, given its zodiac sign or animal patron),
  • for smoking men - a faience ashtray, there are also such pipes,
  • chandelier with faience shade,
  • award statuette or cup ("The Best Husband", "The most beloved man", or invent an inscription to your liking),
  • faience barrel for jam or honey (if the spouse is a sweet tooth).

Если пришло время обновить сантехнику, как раз можно приурочить покупку новой раковины или унитаза к торжественной дате. Скажете, неромантично? Зато запомнится, и при каждом мытье рук будет вспоминаться ваша свадебная годовщина. Если супруг не чужд чувства юмора, можно преподнести ему сувенирный унитазик.

And you can really make your man happy by installing a urinal in the bathroom especially for him: verified by many opinions! If your son is growing up, you can be sure that this item will not be superfluous!

Chamomile can also become an element of a gift for a man, if you approach the question creatively:

  • photo wallpaper (and you will enjoy the updated view of the room together),
  • “Chamomile wishes” - make a beautiful flower. on each petal of which a wish is written to the beloved,
  • a cup with daisies (just two holiday themes in one gift),
  • a set of gingerbread baked in the form of flowers (bake it yourself or order the artisans),
  • good chamomile tea,
  • decorate with daisies using the decoupage technique or paint with acrylic paint some of his tools, for example, a drill or a screwdriver (or buy a new one as a gift and decorate it),
  • if the husband is an amateur gardener, he will be delighted with chamomile seeds of beautiful shades or seedlings of some rare variety,
  • Bring your favorite breakfast in bed by filling out the usual sausages with scrambled eggs in the form of a daisy bouquet.

Congratulate the nine year old family

Those close to you who are invited to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary or who remember this date will want to choose a gift for their friends, combined with faience or chamomile themes. Most often, their choice falls on the dishes. A beautiful, worthy, relevant gift, there can be only one “but”: better than before consult each other so that the spouses do not get several identical things or sets of the same type. After all, the sets can be different: tea, coffee, canteens, the author’s set can become an exclusive gift.

And what, besides dishes, you can teach for a family of earthenware? Here are some interesting ideas:

  • decorative plate, wall or on a stand (you can order a drawing from a couple's photo, write greeting words or just a stylized number 9),
  • faience figurine, sculpture, composition (to order, artists can create a composition resembling any significant scene from the life of the spouses),
  • picture of faience (and there may be daisies on it - you get a 2 in 1 gift),
  • decor for the room (panels, wall compositions, etc.),
  • original piggy bank
  • ceramic key holder,
  • tea pair (you can pick up very interesting cups for two),
  • beautiful egg "under Faberge" (you can store wedding rings in it, for example).

Chamomiles can also be a great theme for those who have not decided which one to choose a gift for 9 years of marriage from close people:

  • money in an envelope decorated with an “anniversary” flower,
  • cake decorated with daisies made of mastic or cream,
  • big picture
  • bedding with an appropriate pattern,
  • blanket bedspread
  • cushion chamomile,
  • coasters for glasses or cups,
  • a large set of candies "Chamomile" (a bouquet of sweets or handmade caramel in the shape of a flower),
  • festive tablecloth
  • new set of curtains.

If you want to really surprise the spouses, then you should pay attention to the gifts-impressions: it will be a pleasant variety in their stable, but perhaps sometimes monotonous life. After all, there are holidays for this! Firms involved in the organization of leisure, undertake to organize almost any pastime.

And to “tie” such a gift to the anniversary theme is not so difficult:

  • tea ceremony (here to you and faience!),
  • joint master class of painting on dishes
  • pottery mastery lesson for two (this is a very romantic lesson, remember the cult scene from the movie “Ghost”, where the hero of Patrick Swazy sculpts a jug with his beloved)
  • joint hydromassage in the jacuzzi
  • tsvetodeliya lesson (making artificial flowers in various techniques),
  • Chamomile style photo shoot,
  • SPA spa procedure.

The nine-year anniversary of living together is a wonderful date, it remains only a year before the first round jubilee, and the materials to which wedding anniversaries are devoted become more and more robust and precious, as are the relationships themselves.

Of course, it is not necessary to make gifts only “on the subject”, strictly following the letter of the tradition. The main thing is warm and sincere attention. But how interesting it is to show imagination and choose the necessary, useful, original gift, and yes even associated with a specific subject. Choosing a gift becomes like an exciting game with certain rules. Referring to the choice of a present not formally, but with a drop of soul, you will receive no less pleasure than those to whom it is intended.

Love each other, do not forget to delight you with cute surprises, bringing to life as much joy and warmest feelings as possible!

What wedding

Popular wisdom connects two symbols with the ninth anniversary at once: faience and chamomile. And let the chamomile wedding sound more romantic and sublime, but most celebrants believe that the faience wedding is a more familiar and appropriate name. Faience is a fragile and delicate material made from several grades of clay and possessing unique energy properties. Some argue that it can easily absorb negative energy from the environment.

Knowing these amazing properties of earthenware, our great-grandmothers hung out washed earthenware to dry on the stakes of the fence not just like that. They believed that this method of drying eliminates the negative accumulated in the dishes and at the same time charges it with the positive energy of four elements: the sun, air, water and earth. And if it was not possible to dry the earthenware in this way, the hostesses preferred to periodically change the old dishes to a new one, not soaked in negative energies.

Earthenware wedding carries a different meaning. Pottery is used in everyday life and requires careful care and careful storage. Any family relationships can crack if not cared for. No family is immune from crisis moments. It is believed that exactly in the ninth year there is one of the periods when relations become especially fragile, like a faience saucer. Therefore, this symbol is a kind of reminder that love must be protected. After all, the broken bowl will not work together.

But do not forget about the beautiful chamomile association. This flower is a sign of pure and tender love, romantic and devoted feelings. 9 years from the date of the wedding - a considerable time, which implies that you no longer need to guess about the feelings of a partner. Spouses got used to each other, learned to anticipate desires, learned habits and personality traits. Chamomile wedding is the heyday of living together.

Traditions and rites

A lot of traditions and rituals are connected with the faience wedding. One of the main customs, opening the feast, - smashing dishes. Spouses must break 9 plates. At the same time they take up the edges of the plate and throw it onto the floor with all their might. At the same time, guests loudly account for broken dishes. The ceremony ends with a kiss, which is also held under the bill and ends when friends and relatives count to 9.

It should be noted that a pile of fragments can not be immediately collected. It must lie until the end of the event. To avoid injury, move it to the side. At the end of the celebration, broken plates are collected in a special bag and stored for a year. This will be a kind of reminder that the relationship has acquired new qualities. All the old grievances and misunderstandings broke. Together with the dishes and updated marriage.

Below are a few of the most popular customs for the ninth wedding anniversary.

  • Bouquet of daisies as a gift to his wife.
  • All day the married couple should spend together. Even if the celebration falls on a working day, try to take time off. Joint pastime will symbolize a strong and reliable union.
  • The number of invited guests must be at least nine. And it is better if 9 married couples come on a holiday.
  • Weaving wreaths of daisies.
  • Buying in the house of new dishes.

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Greetings from friends (verses)

You have been married for nine years,
And this is a long time.
And even imperceptibly,
What time has run.

Still you together
Still beautiful
And your glances shine
Happy smile

Faience Wedding -
Solemn date.
Live well
And be you rich!
Today is your wedding anniversary.
Yes, 9 years is not yet an anniversary
But still it is a holiday date.
And we congratulate you on her.

Let the years pass unnoticed
Without darkening the path of life nothing.
And may your union be very strong,
And let the feelings burn like a thousand candles.

Greetings from friends (prose)

I heartily congratulate you on the faience wedding, on the 9th anniversary of family life. Let your feelings never cool down and be always hot, like fresh tea in earthenware cups with a pleasant aroma of tenderness and an amazing taste of happiness.

Congratulations to a happy and beautiful family on the 9th anniversary of consistency, with a faience wedding. I wish you painted and bright faience happiness, eternal love and undoubted good luck, a healthy family and well-being in the house.

Congratulations to my wife

For the ninth time today, dear,
I'm glad you're my wife,
I reach you every day,
Tops of happiness, my dear!

My love, thank you,
What do you tolerate me and understand.
For not always giving flowers,
You forgive me with endurance.

I want to live with you for dozens of years
To protect you with love, to protect.
You are my joy, you are my light.
My love for you forever not to appease.
We have been living with you for nine years,
And every moment is complete happiness.
Sent over me by fate.
Life changed overnight,

In that glorious moment, when with you,
We went to the wedding.
Everything has become a dream come true
Great charm!

I love you madly,
Your glorious, sweet, gentle image.
And I worship with all my heart!
No wonder our marriage in the sky created!

Congratulations to her husband

Nine years with you we are together
Many have lived already,
I wish that as before
Passion circled in a bend.

My husband is glorious and beloved,
I am glad that we are a family.
I want to be forever
One you and me.
Nine years of marriage -
Life in joy, love.
And with my wife, sometimes capricious,
Lived, husband beloved, you.

Happy anniversary
And I want to tell you:
You are a real man
I can not dream of the best.

Ideas for the organization

The ninth anniversary is not celebrated too noisy. More ambitious event you can arrange for next year. Earthenware wedding is better to meet with close friends and relatives. If time of year and weather allows, it is advisable to hold a holiday in nature. In the forest or on the river bank, kindle a bonfire, cook kebabs. Organize outdoor games, sing your favorite songs. Have fun and joke from the heart. Let the guests say congratulations, and around the children make noise and run. Their joyful laughter will attract family, wealth and love.

If you can not get out into nature, arrange a small holiday at home. Decorate the rooms with flowers. Place the earthenware on the table, place napkins with the image of daisies near the plates. You can specifically buy for the upcoming event curtains or curtains with daisies. They will not only become an ornament, but will personify the tenderness and vulnerability of feelings.

Despite the fact that 9 years of a wedding is not an anniversary date, this in no way diminishes its importance. Each year makes a huge contribution to the marital relationship. To leave behind insults, jealousy and the accumulated negative, use popular wisdom. Do not be afraid to beat the dishes! Let bad things go away with each plate that has been blown apart, and warmth, trust, tenderness and mutual love will replace it.