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We learn how to make coffee with foam at home: where to start, and how to "train"?


Coffee is considered the most popular drink in the world. Someone is a real coffee lover, and someone is simply indifferent to this drink. But no one will argue that coffee has conquered the whole world. In each country, city and in each house it is prepared differently, and how many varieties there are - do not count. But the most favorite is coffee with foam. By the way, to taste the aroma and taste of a freshly brewed drink, you do not have to run to a coffee shop, you can cook it yourself at home. Enough to know how to make coffee with froth at home.

Coffee Story

Unfortunately, no exact data, where and who discovered the invigorating property of coffee beans, no. But there is one legend by which it can be understood that the first mention of the invigorating drink appeared in Ethiopia. A certain shepherd Kaldim noticed that his goats became more cheerful, they jump and run strangely after eating red fruits. The shepherd turned for help to the abbot of the local monastery, who decided on himself to check the effect of the sheets of this bush. Sensing the invigorating property of the decoction of the leaves and fruits of this wild shrub, the abbot decided that such a drink would be useful to his monks so that they would not fall asleep during the service. And then coffee became common among the local population of the province of Caffe. But there are no facts that this legend is true, therefore historians believe that this is a common fiction. And as it was in fact - is unknown.

Then the news of coffee goes to Yemen, where the trade routes to Europe and the East passed. And in Russia, this drink came through Peter the Great. Of course, coffee and foam in our country did not fall in love immediately, but only after 1812 to drink this drink was considered good form.

How to choose the right coffee?

Before you start preparing an invigorating drink, the grain must be selected correctly. After all, the aroma and taste of the drink is directly dependent on the quality of the grain.

Coffee is soluble, freeze-dried and natural. Naturally needed in natural grains. Find coffee beans can be in specialized stores. There you will be offered grains from different producing countries. The lowest quality grains grow in India and Indonesia. Prefer grains from Central and South America, such as Colombian.

Probably, if you find yourself in such a store for the first time, your eyes will run away from varieties. First try arabica. It is very tasty, with a pronounced aroma. If Arabica seems to you weak, try Robusta.

Having decided on the grade, inspect the appearance of the grains. They should not be dry and old, and the mold on the grains should alert you. First of all, grains of the same variety must be of the same color and size. For example, Arabica beans are large and oblong in shape, oily in appearance. A variety of "Robusta" - round and small.

Secrets of delicious and aromatic coffee

Here are a few secrets of how to make coffee in a Turk on a stove, which conditions are best met:

  1. Before cooking, the Turk must be heated or boiled over.
  2. It is best to use finely ground coffee. After all, the smaller, the more aromatic.
  3. Never bring to a boil. As soon as the foam began to rise, remove from the fire.
  4. If you want the flavor to be more saturated, then a pinch of salt can be added to the coffee with the foam.
  5. Use only clear water.

Which Turk to choose?

Despite such a huge variety of coffee machines and coffee makers, the Turk is an integral part in the preparation of high-quality and delicious coffee with foam and without. The taste of the aroma of the drink depends on the choice of the Turks. It is made from a variety of materials. The cheapest and most practical is aluminum. True, in this dish you can not mix different varieties of beans. The most sought-after material is Turkish copper. But it must be covered from the inside with food tin so that copper does not get into the drink. Also, there are clay and ceramic Turks. They perfectly retain the flavor, but fragile and short-lived.

The handle of the grater should be wooden, which will not allow you to burn yourself. The neck should be narrow, the bottom should be wide, so you can enjoy all the aromas and amazing taste of natural coffee in the Turk with foam. Do not choose a big Turk, a maximum of two cups.

Drink recipe

Many simply do not know how to make coffee in Turkish with foam, so they don’t even try, but run to the nearest cafe. And in vain. Perhaps the first time to prepare a tasty drink will not work, but, having filled his hand, you will understand how much pleasure this process gives. For those who do not know how to make coffee in the Turk on the stove, here is the recipe.

  • Turk.
  • Ground coffee - 2 teaspoons. You can buy grain and grind yourself in a coffee grinder. So the flavor will be even richer and fresher.
  • Drinking water - 100 ml.
  • Spices to taste, such as sugar or cinnamon.

Now we learn how to make coffee with froth:

  1. First, heat the Turk a little, but not too much, otherwise you will ruin the dishes.
  2. Pour cold drinking water into the Turk.
  3. Pour natural ground coffee beans and mix gently.
  4. Put the Turk on a slow fire.
  5. During cooking, a foam should appear, as soon as it rises, remove from heat.
  6. Then, when the coffee is standing a little, you need to put it on fire again and repeat the process.
  7. Carefully remove the froth and transfer it to the coffee cup, then slowly and along the wall pour in the coffee. If you want more foam, then remove it constantly, but not completely. Since the foam does not allow the aroma of coffee to volatilize during the cooking process. Your coffee with a delicious crema is ready!

How to get milk foam?

More gentle natures prefer to drink coffee with milk foam. Another such drink is called cappuccino. You can make this coffee yourself. To obtain milk froth you need to whip milk of medium fat, about 3-6%. You can beat the milk in any way you can. You can use a cappuccino maker, if there is no such device, an ordinary mixer can do it perfectly for this purpose. Beat the pre-chilled milk in the refrigerator until a thick foam forms. Then shift the milk froth to coffee, sprinkle with cinnamon and add sugar to taste. You can also add a tasty syrup, such as strawberry.

And finally

You can buy instant coffee with foam in the store, now they are on sale. But the natural and freshly brewed drink can never be compared to soluble. Having tried time true aroma and taste of coffee, you do not want to drink sublimated. And you do not need the skills of a barista to make tasty and aromatic coffee. In addition, having learned to make a dense and resistant foam, you can try yourself in the art of latte art. After all, there is no limit to perfection!

Coffee with foam: how to cook?

Coffee with milk foam is called cappuccino. It is easiest to make it in a special device - a professional, semi-professional or household coffee machine, equipped with all the necessary equipment to quickly create such drinks.

But if you really want and try, a real cappuccino can be made even in a Turk, at home.

Cappuccino is famous for its dense milk or cream foam. In restaurants, it is often served with a pattern covering the very milky foam.

The figures usually depict simple figures - leaves, hearts, bubbles and other ornaments.

Milk or creamy crema is easiest to do with a special machine. It traditionally has a cappuccinator designed specifically for this purpose. But if you do not have one at home, you can prepare the foam separately using other kitchen appliances.

To make a dense foam for coffee at home, you need cream or milk, and the second option, oddly enough, is much preferable. Milk must be bold without fail - at least 3%. It is highly desirable to use a natural product for this purpose, but a store-like product is also suitable if the periods for its permissible storage are not too long.

The following devices will help you beat the milk in foam:

  • Whisk from the mixer (manual beating),
  • Mixer (automatic beating),
  • French press,
  • Blender.

It is harder to make foam in these devices than in a cappuccino maker, however it is possible with proper effort and caution.

All that is required of you is to continue to cook the “right” drink and supplement it with the resulting “accessory”.

Quite tasty get drinks, flavored chocolate or caramel toppings, maple syrup, various spices (cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, etc.).

The easiest way to get foam

For those who are not accustomed to go in difficult ways, manufacturers have developed special instant drinks that help to achieve the desired foam on the surface of coffee in just two minutes. One of those is Nescafe Krema.

The raw material itself is not granular, and is a fine powder. All that is required of you to make coffee with froth is to pour teaspoon of powder with boiling water. True, the air "component" will quickly settle, and will not be as tasty as if you were preparing it from milk or cream yourself.

However, this option will be acceptable for coffee lovers with foam, who are constantly busy with something, or spend most of their time at work.

“Right” Espresso in Turk

Cooking the “right” flavored drink at home is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Coffee is a rather capricious raw material, and if you just hold it in a Turk over the fire for a certain time, nothing good will come of it.

If you have a coffee grinder at home, prefer to purchase coffee beans. You can grind them yourself, and you will be 100% sure of the naturalness of the raw materials. If you do not have the device - choose the best quality drink. In this respect, the products of the brands “Paulig” and “Carte Noir” have proven themselves well. You shouldn't be stingy with money in this respect - at least, surrogates may seem to you completely tasteless. And do not forget about their impact on health and weight.

You need to make espresso in Turk by the following principle:

  • Pour the required amount of powder into the Turk
  • Add water (usually taken at room temperature or slightly warm, but not hot or boiling),
  • Put the tank on the stove, setting the middle fire,
  • Wait
  • When the foam appears on the surface of the drink, remove the container from the stove and wait until it settles,
  • In no case do not let the boil - if this happens, you will encounter excess bitterness,
  • After settling the foam, put the Turk on the stove again,
  • Repeat the manipulation 3 to 7 times, depending on what kind of coffee strength you intend to get,
  • More than 7 times to precipitate the foam is not recommended - the drink may be too strong and “hard” to taste.

This is all that is required of you in the preparation of this coffee. If you like spicy drinks, we recommend that you add cinnamon or natural vanilla to ground seeds. This should be done at the stage of falling asleep powder in the Turk. Toppings are usually added last, when the liquid is already poured into tall glasses. And only in the end milk foam is applied. The final stage of manufacture is the application of a “pattern”, if one is supposed.

The most delicious combination with the following toppings:

Some connoisseurs prefer toppings "stronger" - namely, with the taste of rum or liquor.

Glasa is another version of the drink, which does not leave indifferent even the most picky gourmets.

It is easy to cook, and the result will please both households and sophisticated guests.

In order to make a glance, you need to make an espresso. You can add sugar to taste, although it is believed that in this case such a component is clearly superfluous - it is able to “simplify” the finished gourmet drink.

Glaze is served in tall glasses, like cappuccino. Pour the espresso in the bowl, then add the glasses of cream or dairy ice cream to the glasses. Decorate when serving as you can with ice cream. Top dessert drink can be sprinkled with fine chocolate chips, instant coffee granules, cocoa powder, and crushed nuts. If you have a topping - pour the obtained delicacy and them, but do not overdo it with the amount.

You can also add liquor or rum. Walnut flavors are very harmoniously combined with a drink - from hazelnuts to coconut.

Due to the ice cream, it will look like a froth guaranteed, while no additional manipulations will be required from you for its preparation.

Therefore, if you are not strong in making such culinary delights, or simply save time and you do not have time to whip milk into foam, try the option with a glance - the drink will turn out incredibly tasty and satisfy your original desires.

You can quickly submit such a dessert, which will solve the problem of refreshments for guests who suddenly appear suddenly. Remember - a creamy ice cream in the freezer will never be superfluous in your home!

Comprehend the art of making coffee can not all. But if you study for a long time and try hard, you will definitely succeed!

How to make this coffee?

How to make coffee with frothy? The easiest and most obvious way is to use a coffee machine. Simply choose an espresso or cappuccino program, wait a bit and enjoy the result.

If you do not have such a useful device, then you can brew natural coffee, complementing it with an appetizing foam. This will require:

  • Turk,
  • 150 ml of pure water (preferably filtered, bottled or purified),
  • 10-15 g of coffee beans
  • coffee grinder
  • Coffee cup,
  • wooden spoon.

  1. First, grind the coffee beans, and ideally you should have practically a powder.
  2. Pour water into a Turk, pour grains into it. Mix everything, and better with a wooden spoon or at least a stick, as a metal device can adversely affect the taste of the product.
  3. Put the Turk on a slow fire. First, large bubbles will appear, then the foam will become more airy and will begin to rise. At this point, turn off the fire or remove the Turk from the stove.
  4. Allow the coffee to stand for a while and reheat it again to create a voluminous froth.
  5. Take a cup and heat it with hot water.
  6. Gently pour a warm cup of coffee in order to preserve the foam.
  7. Serve a drink.

You can do otherwise and make the foam more voluminous. To do this, remove the foam formed during the cooking process, but not completely, so that the surface remains closed, otherwise the boiling will begin. Move the air mass in some dishes, preferably warm. When the drink is in the cup, place the prepared foam on top of a neatly warm spoon.

Cooking secrets

To make your own perfect coffee with froth, you need to follow some rules:

  • Much depends on the dishes, that is, from the Turks. It should have a fairly narrow neck, and what it will have, the more airy and tender the foam will turn out.
  • Equally important is the quality of coffee. You need to use only fresh kernels, because they contain a sufficient amount of essential oils, which, firstly, stimulate the formation of small bubbles and, accordingly, airy foam, and secondly, give the drink an unforgettable bright aroma. If the coffee is stale, then some of the oils from it will have time to evaporate. The variety can be almost anything, its choice depends only on your personal preferences.
  • At home, it is most convenient to use a gas stove to heat a drink, but it is important to keep the fire on a minimum, otherwise the coffee will simply boil, boil, and then you can only dream of foam. If you use an electric stove, the degree of surface heating should also be minimal.
  • To make the foam better in shape, and the drink itself has acquired a more delicate taste, you can add a small pinch of salt to the Turk when cooking.
  • The water before brewing coffee must be extremely cold so that the heating is gradual and natural. But the grains trapped in a hot liquid and have undergone such rapid heat treatment can lose most of the essential oils and aroma.
  • Grind grains need only immediately before cooking, not earlier, so that they retain all the essential oils contained in them.

Milk froth

The foam can be not only coffee, but also milk, just such is present on the surface of a delicious and so beloved by many cappuccino. If you do not have a coffee machine, then try to make a “milk cloud” with your own hands. And this is simple: it is enough to take rather fat milk (it is whipped faster and holds its shape better), whisk it with a whisk or a mixer to make a frothy mass. Move it gently onto the surface of the coffee poured into the cup.

The preparation of milk froth also has several nuances.

  • First, the milk must be preheated, as a cold composition can quickly lose its shape when it comes into contact with hot coffee.
  • Во-вторых, взбивать продукт придётся долго: сначала образуются крупные пузырьки, но они не подойдут. Продолжайте взбивание, чтобы увидеть мелкоячеистую пену, именно она и будет использоваться.
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to shift the mass extremely carefully and preferably with a warm spoon, since a cold one can make all your efforts in vain.
  • Fourthly, the milk must be sufficiently fat, so if the fat content is reduced, you can add a little cream.

Now you can definitely make delicious, correct, aromatic and beautiful coffee with airy foam.


  • Coffee 1 teaspoon
  • Sugar 1 teaspoon
  • Milk To taste

1. The recipe for making coffee with a foam should start with the fact that you will need to make good, aromatic and high-quality black coffee. It is best to do this in Turk.

2. To do this, pour coffee in the Turk. Given that it will be diluted with milk, do not be afraid to make it strong.

3. Add sugar if you prefer a sweet drink. For a more intense flavor, you can take cane sugar.

4. Put the Turk on the fire, never take his eyes off her. Next to a small saucepan, bring the milk to a boil.

5. Here is the coffee already. Pour it into a pre-warmed cup.

6. Milk should be whipped until bubbles appear. The amount of milk added depends on how much coffee you like.

7. Pour the hot milk and gently pour it into the coffee mug.

8. That's all, coffee with froth at home is ready. For a small raisin, you can add a little caramel. Amazingly tasty. Good morning to you!

Making a drink with a cream at home

Let's learn how to make coffee with froth at home. There is an opinion that the cream on the surface of espresso is obtained only in coffee machines. However, this is an erroneous statement. To obtain the desired result, it is necessary to make a little effort, to observe the sequence of actions, to use coffee beans with a high content of essential oils.

Instructions - how to make coffee with foam:

Use the thick-walled Turk with a narrow top. Copper capacity is suitable for the process. Pour purified water into the vessel.

  1. Grind the coffee beans before making espresso. Pour the powder preferably with a wooden spoon. If it is made of metal, then you get a bad taste.
  2. Send the vessel to the stove. Brew a drink over low heat. Be patient, the process will take some time, but the result will be excellent.
  3. Do not leave the container unattended. When you see how small bubbles form on coffee, combine into creams and gradually begin to rise, remove coffee from the cooker.
  4. Wait a little, let it settle thicker. Three minutes later, again put the Turk on the stove. And again on a slow fire bring to the boiling state, when the cream forms a cap of bubbles.
  5. Next, let stand again drink. And for the third time do the same.
  6. Microwave an empty coffee cup. Put the cream on the bottom with a spoon. In the Turku add two drops of cold water to quickly settled particles of coffee powder. After that, gently pour the espresso along the wall with a thin stream along the walls of the cup. This will help not to break the dense skin. Try to leave the thick of the Turk.

Add a clove or cardamom to your drink if desired. Try to keep the spices on the surface of the coffee, not in the drink itself. The traditional recipe was used in the sixteenth century, when there were no coffee machines and other devices for cooking the divine drink.

The espresso foam made with this method lasts about two minutes.

How to make instant coffee with cream?

Instant coffee is also popular, despite the fact that true drink connoisseurs are skeptical about it. After all, it loses a lot of useful components during processing, it becomes tasteless. To solve the problem, manufacturers add various flavors to the product.

Despite all the disadvantages of instant coffee is obtained foam. It is easier to cook than from natural coffee. The process is as follows:

  1. In a container, mix instant coffee, sugar.
  2. In the mass, add 3 ml of water. Spoon the ingredients together to make a mixture saturated with oxygen.
  3. Beat the foam in this way will take about ten minutes. The mass should get a light tone with a brown tint.
  4. It remains to pour hot water into the cup. Just add water along the side of the tank with a trickle. In this case, the cream will be stable, dense.

This method of brewing coffee is simpler than that described above. But often to get involved in such an espresso is undesirable. Enough per day to drink three cups of coffee drink.

To feel the new taste and aroma of espresso, you can try to wash it with purified cold water. Your receptors will feel the new notes.

If it is reasonable to use an ancient drink, then it will give you only vigor, energy, positive emotions. Drinking instant or natural coffee in large quantities leads to health problems and addiction.