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Silicone hair ties: comfortable and inexpensive


Well fix the hair without letting your hair get out, do not pull the hair when removed, stretch well and tighten back, the child can not remove the gum.

Need to adapt

Silicone gum became a discovery for me. I never paid attention to such things until I had a daughter. Now my girl is already one and a half years old and we have a smart head of hair up to her shoulders, which we don’t want to cut off and put into the hairstyle of her hair, because the child constantly removes hairpins and gum from her head.
At the time of purchase in the store and bought on silicone quality. I bought two packages - large and small in size, with a package of 100 pieces. The cost of gum surprised me, for each of the packages I paid almost 200 rubles. Ie 1 gum essentially cost me 2 rubles.
Gum looks not quite presentable, small and narrow, they really turned out to be salvation.

I used to wear large rubber bands on my hair, they perfectly tighten hair and do not allow curls and hairs to stand out from the tail. At night, sleeping with a pigtail is also more comfortable with a silicone rubber band than with regular ones, because they are practically not felt on the hair and do not press down.
In addition, gum stretch well, none have torn yet, no matter how much I stretch them. For example, a photo with a stretched large elastic band

After such a stretch, the usual fabric elastic bands immediately stretch, and these are the opposite: having stretched, the hair is well attached and, after application, returns to its original appearance, just as they themselves are pulled back.
Small in size gum as well stretch on the fingers (in the photo itself gum and its analogue in the stretched form):

These rezinochki successfully suited for her daughter's hairstyles. The child cannot remove them from the hair by himself, and the hairs are not knocked out of the tails. Very successful and, most importantly, timely, I got both a find and a purchase.
I can also note that when rezinochki begin to remove from the hair, they do not pull the hair and do not contribute to their loss. I definitely didn’t adapt to silicone materials right away, but it was worth it.
Rezinochki on the hair can be masked with hairpins or curl, then they become completely invisible.
I can recommend with pleasure and confidence to those who have not tried silicone gum, they are ideal for hairstyles, especially for babies.

Usage time:4 months

Overall impression. Strong and cool hair ties

Hair ties

Scrunchy is an indispensable accessory for most girls, whose hair at least slightly reaches the shoulders. Some use them daily, others prefer to collect hair extremely rarely. But absolutely everyone, faced with a modern assortment of hair ties, may experience difficulty in choosing.

Our article will help to understand the types and purpose of rubber bands, which are found on the shelves of beauty shops.

Features and purpose

Gum, without thinking, can be called the most popular hair accessory. It looks like an elastic ring, most often, of rubber, and in its essence is a special device for fixing the hairstyle.

It is used since childhood - as soon as the hair of a little girl grows by several centimeters, the mother is already striving to make her daughter a couple of funny tails.

The purpose of this accessory is to collect the hair in the hair, to remove them from the face so that they do not interfere. Many girls use them daily, at least in the process of washing and during household chores, when loose hair is not only inconvenient, but also unhygienic.

In everyday life, they are used to create beautiful hairstyles and fixing styling. Some modern models are multifunctional - they can also play the role of a bracelet on hand, due to the stylish appearance.

With hooks

For many girls, such a hair accessory raises a lot of questions, although in fact, this is a regular elastic band. Its only difference from all the others is that the ends of this clamp are separated and there are small hooks on them.

This elastic allows you to securely fix the hairstyle for the whole day, you do not have to redo it during the day. Enough once to figure out how to use a rubber band, and in the future no problems arise.

They are transparent, the color of the hair - black, beige, brown and multi-colored. The diameter is also different - small ones are suitable for creating complex hairstyles and for babies, the standard ones are suitable for everyday wear, and the models marked “Power” are designed specifically for very thick and curly hair.

Greek gum is an elastic bandage for the hair, which is sometimes called the rim or athena. With its help, you can make a hairstyle in the Greek style for hair of any length.

The elastic is worn on the head as a bandage, and then curls curl under it. It turns out a convenient hairstyle for every day and for publication. Additionally, it can be decorated with a beautiful hair clip or a flower.

Elastic sponge

In order to make a neat and uniform beam, girls use volumetric gum, like sponges. Using it is very simple: you need to tie up the horse's tail, and, starting from the tips, wind the hair over the sponge so that they are evenly distributed over it. Then it will be necessary only to secure the finished beam with pins and invisibles.

Elastic mesh

This accessory is used to create a beam on the head, the mesh-cap securely holds the hair in place. In everyday life, this gum is rare, it is most often used by gymnasts or dancers, so that the curls are not knocked out of the hairstyle during the performance of complex elements.

Kansanshi style

Most often, this Japanese technique is used to create flowers. First, a lot of multi-colored petals are made of fabric, which are then gathered together, then the finished flower is attached to an elastic band.

If you show imagination, you can become the owner of a unique accessory. However, various rezinochki in kanzashi technique are on sale, so you can safely buy ready-made.

Tail - one of the most practical hairstyles for long hair. It can be fixed with ordinary rubber bands, and you can buy special ones that are offered by sports brands. These are strong, seamless, good quality gums that gently collect hair, eliminating any painful sensations.

The size of the hair clip should be chosen based on your hair volume and the type of hairstyle you are going to do. A large gum will suit the owners of thick, curly, long hair, it will securely hold the tail, bun, pigtail.

Small rezinochki fit the owners of thin hair, little girls, and you can also use them to create several tails.

Thin gum is invisible on the hair, they are suitable for everyday and festive hairstyles. As a rule, they are strong, therefore locks of any thickness are securely fixed.

Fashion trends

  • Relevant gum with leather inserts in the form of flowers. They are perfectly combined with a slightly careless tattered tail or pigtail.
  • Also returned to the fashion hair nets, which previously could only be seen on ballet dancers. To do the styling with a rubber net, tie a low tail, twist the hair into a bun and fasten it with a net. Such styling can be office - together with a white shirt, evening dress - with a cocktail dress, or even a wedding dress.
  • Gum with flowers are especially relevant in spring and summer. Choose large roses or carnations that complement the dress or light sundress. However, they will also look good paired with blue jeans and a simple white t-shirt.
  • The elastic lace will always be relevant. The laconic thin strip of black color allows you to quickly build a tail, a bundle or fasten a pigtail. It looks stylish and blends in absolutely any way.

From foamirana

Modern artificial material, which is called plastic suede. It is great for creating decorative elements on rubber bands, as it keeps its shape well, does not crumple and does not deteriorate under the influence of moisture. Most often, all kinds of flowers are made from it, which look very natural.

From satin ribbon

Craftswomen make rezinochki of satin ribbons in several ways. We use the technique of weaving, folding and gathering ribbons into one large pattern.

They are based on satin ribbons of different colors, additionally beads, beads, and other decorative elements are used. The most popular models are kanzashi rezinochki, satin flowers, bows.

This material is very often used in needlework. Especially well from it are obtained a variety of jewelry and applications. It can serve as a basis on which beads are sewn, pebbles, sequins, as well as direct material from which the decoration for rubber band will be made. Most often, it makes a variety of flowers that will complement a dress or a sweater in a cool period.

Another good option for the winter season. The elastic with pieces of fur will look appropriate and stylish. For the creation both artificial materials and natural materials are used - rabbit fur, arctic fox, mink.

What is it and how does it look?

Silicone gum - it is a device for fixing the hair in the hair. What are these gum? In fact, like everyone else, they differ slightly in material.

In total there are two types of such rubber bands:

  • Ordinary thin. They are somewhat reminiscent of the previously used stationery gum, but much softer and more pleasant to the touch. Stretch such gum fine, keep the shape for a long time. Such accessories can be selected by color, there are a great many variants of tones.
  • The second type - spiral rezinochki, in appearance resembling the wire of the old Soviet landline phones. It is very original and interesting. The diameter of such rubber bands can be different, as well as thickness. The color scheme is also diverse.

Advantages and disadvantages

Silicone gum has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the good:

  • They are safe for hair. Unlike some other accessories (the same stationery gum or rubber bands with metal clips, which can be removed if you lose a whole strand of hair), silicone gum does not tear the hair when removed, do not exert excessive pressure on the curls due to its elasticity and soft structure. So you can not worry about the health of your precious hair.
  • Suitable for any hair: thick, thin, long, short, curly and naughty. This accessory can be called universal, it can be used by everyone.
  • If the gum quality, it will serve for quite a long time and will not lose its original appearance, which is important.
  • Variety of colors. Want to create a creative image? Use bright gum. A combination of different colors will make your hair naughty and original.
  • If you need the elastic band to be not noticeable on the hair, purchase such an accessory to match your curls. Also on sale is a universal transparent gum, which "hide" and will not give themselves.
  • It looks very impressive and interesting.
  • Such gum perfectly hold the hair, which makes the hairstyle durable and protects from the "slipping" of tails from the crown to the back of the head, as is the case with some other accessories.
  • Spiral elastic bands not only look creative, but also allow you to make voluminous tails, so the hair seems thick.
  • The convenience of use. To put on and take off such gum is incredibly easy.
  • If some gum in the process of removal from the hair cause discomfort and even pain, then this silicone just can not be said for sure.
  • These accessories are inexpensive, and this is also important.

Now we list a few cons:

  • If the gum substandard, then it can stretch out after just a few uses. A high-quality accessory will last for several months even if used continuously.
  • Use these accessories should be careful. By sharp movement or by strong stretching the gum can be torn.

How to choose?

What to look for when choosing a gum?

  • Thickness. It can be different and depends on the structure of your hair. If the curls are thick, then too thin gum simply will not hold them. The thicker the hair, the more impressive should be the thickness.
  • Colour. It all depends on your personal preferences. Do you want to hide an accessory in a hairstyle? Pick a tone for your hair color or buy a transparent elastic band.
  • Cost Immediately it should be noted that too low cost should be alerted, as it often indicates low quality of the goods.

How to use?

Silicone hair ties are very easy to use. To wear a gum, do these simple manipulations:

  1. Take the gum in one hand and put it on folded fingers. If the gum is thin, then use two fingers (index and big).
  2. With your other hand, hold the strand you are planning to dress. Now grab this strand with a rubber band, spreading your fingers, and the other move the rubber band to the hair. If necessary, make another turn.

How to remove the gum? This is also not difficult

Large rubber bands are removed simply: grasp the rubber band with your hand and just pull it off. Do this carefully so as not to damage the hair.

Thin rezinochki often just cut and discarded, but if you want to use the accessory many times, then try to pull it too. To simplify the task, first remove one turn (preferably the last one when tying), and then the rest.

With the use of such accessories you can make a variety of hairstyles:

  • Using a large spiral gum, make large tails on any part of the head.
  • Spiral elastic can be used to create a bundle of hair.
  • Multi-level hairstyles. For example, such accessories are often used to create wedding and evening hairstyles consisting of many curls, sometimes intertwining with each other.
  • Pigtails (for example, African).
  • Often, thin elastic bands are used as a basis for tying up the tail (they hold the hair perfectly), and on top they put on decorative volumetric (they would not be able to hold the curls separately).

Where to buy, how much does it cost?

You can buy silicone rubber in specialized stores that sell hair accessories used in hairdressing salons or in salons. In ordinary stores, such goods are also found, but very rarely. And still such accessories can be ordered in the online store, but if there is no pick-up center in your city, then delivery can be expensive.

The price of such accessories is more than affordable. So, a wide spiral gum will cost about 10-30 rubles. The cost of one thin rubber band will be 1-3 rubles or even less. Most often, these gum are sold in batches of 50, 100 or more pieces. In any case, if you order a large batch (together with friends, for example), then the purchase will be more profitable.

Create bright images, make original hair with silicone hair ties.

Features and benefits

Original rezinochki who conquered the whole world, are made from a special plastic with an admixture of silicone. Because of the unusual shape, many girls treat them ambiguously. However, having tried the accessory for the first time in practice, most recognize that the spring is much better than any rubber bands we are used to.


  • Silicone gum does not absorb water and cosmetics, so you can use it in the pool, at sea, in the shower, including making masks and various hair treatments.
  • They do not injure hair, gently glide over the curls, not pulling out or deforming strands.
  • They are very comfortable - when you make a tail, with a spring the scalp does not stretch, there are no painful sensations. If earlier you had a headache from the gum and could not walk for a long time with the collected hair, now you can forget about it. It is so delicate that you can even sleep with a tail.
  • The elastic fixes heavy strands well, therefore it suits girls even with very thick hair.
  • Springs do not leave waves and wrinkles on the hair, hair loose in the evening will be smooth and even.
  • High-quality spiral well stretched, but overnight contracted, returning to its original position.

What is the name of?

The original silicone gum called Invisibobble is a registered trademark that invented this popular hair accessory. However, such rezinochki are expensive, so there are a lot of analogues on the market.

Most are classified as no name, so they call them all differently: telephone wire, coil, spring. Whatever you call it, it will always be a silicone twisted rubber band.

How to recognize them?

Not to notice the silicone spiral on the counter with hair accessories is simply impossible. Она напоминает колечко пружинистого провода от старинного телефона, раскрашенного в самые невероятные цвета. Отличаются они также размерами: от маленьких завитков до больших объемных колечек. It turns out that these soft elastic springs are able to keep the hair very well, while treating unusually carefully to your hair. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of women using this newfangled device.

In addition to the spiral silicone gum, there is also thin silicone rubber bands. Outwardly, they look like ordinary stationery, but are made of the same material as the springs. This allows them to have a number of advantages.

Editorial Board

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What made

Make gum from a special material based on silicone. The surface of the product turns out to be perfectly smooth, which allows the product to smoothly and smoothly slide through the hair without causing im mechanical damage.

The life of the gum is quite long. Reviews indicate that it can serve even with daily use for 3-4 months. You can easily stretch it, it will still return to its original position.

Silicone is not afraid of moisture. Therefore gum can boldly washwithout fear that their visual appeal will suffer or the spring properties will be lost.


What is the secret of the fact that in a short time silicone hair bands became so popular among modern fashionistas? The fact is that the form and material give them a number of advantages:

  • The main thing that silicone gum can boast of is respect for the curls. It does not squeeze the hairs excessively, breaking them, as does a paper gum or metal clip.
  • When removing the gum does not pull behind a bunch of tangled hairs, ruthlessly tearing and breaking them.
  • Due to the wide range of sizes, it can be used on any hair type: even, curly, thin, thick, long and even short.
  • Eraser can last for a long time without losing appearance and mechanical properties.
  • They can be used during treatment procedures with hair, as the feedback from women suggests that they do not absorb moisture and do not lose their attractive appearance.
  • A large selection of colors allows you to choose invisible rezinochki for hair of any shade or bright colored copies for bold, creative hairstyles.
  • Did not find the right color to match your hair? Buy a universal transparent gum, and she will adapt to your shade.
  • Silicone gum securely hold the hair in its original position, not allowing it to slide down under the weight of the hair.
  • The spiral shape of the elastic band allows you to make a volumetric tail, even from not very lush strands.
  • This versatile accessory is very easy to use.
  • The cost of gum is low, which allows you to purchase several different models in size or color. Thin rezinochki better purchase immediately packaging.

Weak sides

Silicone gum require careful and careful to yourself treatment. No need to make sudden movements and violently stretch them - the gum from such manipulations can simply break.

There is also a risk to purchase a low-quality product. In this case, the gum may fail or stretch out immediately after several uses. To avoid this, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of this accessory.

How to choose a quality product

Do not buy an accessory if its price is significantly lower than other sellers. This may be the main sign that you have a poor-quality product.

Correctly choose the size of the spiral gum in accordance with the length and thickness of your hair. A thin rezinochka simply will not hold a lot of thick and thick hair.

Remember the rule: the longer and thicker the hair, the more massive and more impressive the gum should be.

You should know that professional stylists use thin silicone rubber. one time. They are not pulled from the hair, assorted hair, but simply cut off with small scissors.

Plain tail

The usual horse tail tied with a silicone spiral looks completely new. And on the hair no wrinkles left, as from ordinary hairpins and tight rubber bands, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of girls who have already acquired this fashion accessory for themselves.

How to tie and originally arrange such a tail, look at the video.

With tail

The basis of this hairstyle is plain tail. Hair combed at the base of the tail into a fluffy ball and tied with thin silicone rubber bands in the color of the strands or colorless at regular intervals.

Tail with weaving

Very interesting imitation braids can be made on long hair using thin silicone elastics:

Collect the hair in the tail. Choose the location of the tail, you can at your discretion. This may be a high tail at the crown (as pictured), low at the back of the head, or even a side.

Strands of normal horsetail divided into 4 equal parts.

Take the two extreme parts and connect them with a thin rubber band.

Slightly pull the curls along the edges above the rubber band to add volume.

The hair remaining under the bottom, divide into two equal parts and fasten the next rubber band over the previous two.

Gently punch the curls to create volume.

Repeat the procedure to the bottom of the tail.

At the end of weaving, fasten the bottom of the tail with a rubber band.

Disguise the connection of the strands with hairpins with a beautiful decorative element.

Decorate the upper part with a ribbon or bow.

For special occasions, you can turn the braid into a beautiful curl and fasten with the help of studs.

Original ideas for little girls

Numerous reviews of mothers of small beauties say that silicone elastics are their best helpers for creating beautiful everyday hairstyles for young queens.

Gather the hair in a high tail.

Divide the tail into several strands, and at a short distance from the main elastic band tie each strand of silicone. You can use accessories of the same color, and you can take gum of all colors of the rainbow.

Each of the small tails are divided into two parts.

Connect adjacent strands in pairs, also at a short distance from the previous rubber bands.

If you did everything correctly, then you will have a beautiful openwork circle like the one in the photo.

Secure the ends of the tails stealth.

Decorate the middle with a hairpin with a beautiful decorative flower. Done!

In order to make interweaving tails, as in the following photos, you need:

  • Separate the hair of the front of the head with a horizontal parting from ear to ear.
  • Tie several tails at the same distance from each other.
  • With the parting parallel to the first, separate the next part of the hair.
  • Tie tails in a staggered manner, taking in each half of the strands from the neighboring, tied in the upper row of tails.
  • Do these steps the desired number of times, alternating the arrangement of tails in a checkerboard pattern.
  • Finish your hairstyle at your discretion: curled locks, straight strands, beautiful bun or pigtails.

By the way, this technique looks great not only on little girls, but also on quite adult girls.

Look at another option for quick hairstyles for babies in kindergarten.

Layered hairstyles for a special occasion

Reviews stylists say that silicone hair ties are often used to create multi-level holiday hairstyles.

You can even make this hairstyle by myself. Just follow these steps:

  • Take on a small strand from the temples on both sides.
  • Connect them with a silicone rubber band in the tail.
  • Turn the tail around the elastic to form a loose loop of hair.
  • Beautifully flatten the loops of the eyelet, forming a neat shell.
  • Take the following strands, also from two sides and do the same procedure.
  • The number of repetitions depends on how long your strands are. Your haircut may consist of 3 - 5 or more seashells.
  • Fix the finished styling varnish.
  • Add a decorative accessory.

Proof that this is done quite simply, serves as a video.

Another simple, but unusually beautiful version of a multi-level hairstyle can be viewed in the next video.

As you can see, with the help of such very simple things as silicone gum, you can make very interesting styling: for every day, and for special occasions. So do not forget, passing by the counter with hair accessories, buy for yourself these inconspicuous, but such necessary tools for creating bright, original hairstyles.


The Invisibobble rubber bracelet is suitable for everyday use, for swimming, jogging and other sports. In addition, it can be worn as a stylish bracelet. Ingredients: polyurethane.


The crochet hair tie is one of the most popular accessories used by many hairdressers. Especially convenient for creating hairstyles for long hair. With its help, you securely fix the tail or make the original bundle.

Bulk fabric elastic velvet. Diameter 14 cm. Country of origin: Russia.


Dewal Beauty "Pruzhinka" hair ties is a modern safe way to create beautiful, sustainable hairstyles. The rubber is made of high quality polymeric materials. It has an invisible welded joint, therefore it is a fully smooth structure. Thanks to its special.

The properties of silicone gum are exaggerated

For a very long time I dreamed of a silicone rubber for hair, but, unfortunately, it did not come across to me. And once I was given such a gum, or rather three: black, yellow and pink. My joy knew no bounds, but in the process of applying enthusiasm diminished.

In general, the gum is not bad. Neat, small, comfortable, like a piece of telephone wire. But my burning desire to acquire such was not due to this. I have a haircut with long strands in the front, mostly I wear my hair loose, I put it once every 2-3 days, the benefit is that the hairstyle keeps. But in the shower or when cleaning, you have to take the hair in the tail, and then from the gums, then there are creases on the strands. The whole look, of course, spoils, and advertising silicone gum promised to prevent it.

I have to say right away that creases on the hair from silicone gum are still present. Yes, not so obvious and clear, but still there. So again there is a dilemma in front of me: do not make tight tails and every 10 minutes correct straightened strands or put up with imperfect styling.