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It only seems that buying a birthday present for a child is easier than ever, because the counters of children's stores are literally bursting with a variety of all kinds of toys, books, sets. In practice, choosing a gift is not an easy task, even for mom and dad, let alone other relatives or friends of the family! It's so desirable that the child not only liked the gift, but was also useful for as long as possible!

In this article we will try to sort out the question of what to give a child for his three year anniversary.

Age features

3 years is the first crisis period of a growing man. He begins to demand independence, distinguishes himself from the outside world and demands that his “I”, at least, be respected. It was at this age that the previously affectionate and compliant kids become moody, stubborn, touchy. This craving for independence can be wrapped in a big plus by choosing a child for a three-year anniversary a gift that will help the little one to self-realize, to become more confident.

Stubbornness can be turned into purposefulness, giving the kid something that will require him to take consistent actions, for example, a very interesting designer. At the age of three, children need to be given the right to choose, and this need should also be taken into account when considering a gift.

The rules for choosing a birthday gift

Choosing a gift for a three-year-old baby, it is worth remembering the "golden" rules of gift etiquette:

  1. Buy well in advance. It is better to buy a present a couple of weeks before the celebration, than to grab the first one in a hurry that comes to hand, or what the seller advises in a children's store. Haste is a bad helper, and the seller, even a very good one, does not know the particular child, his character, interests, or developmental characteristics.
  2. Draw a line between the sexes. HDespite the fact that the baby is only three years old, it is very important that he felt like a boy or a girl. And therefore you should not give the guy pink ponies, even if he likes watching cartoons about them. A girl, even very militant, should not be given a toy machine gun or a set of soldiers.
  3. The gift should not touch the child "for living". This rule should be well remembered by those who love to give gifts "with meaning," as an edification. If a baby is still being written to bed at night for a number of reasons, in no case need to give him a beautiful musical pot, it can touch and offend the crumb, he unconsciously feels uncomfortable, because he already knows what to write in the bed is not good.
  4. The gift must be safe. 3 years is the age at which children try to gain a certain independence, but they are still quite small, and they will definitely want to unleash, everything that is not keeping well. Your gift should not hurt the baby, it should be made from high-quality and non-toxic materials, not have small parts, sharp elements.

Best educational toys

Modern children spend a lot of time at the computer, with gadgets in their hands. Now at the playgrounds, even on weekends, it’s not as crowded as it was 30-40 years ago. And the need for physical activity in a growing child is great. On this basis, you can give your child a sports simulator: a bicycle, a scooter, a runbike.

Age up to 3 years

Having presented a gift, do not be offended to such a small child, if suddenly you do not see a smart reaction to your dear gift. Just sometimes kids from a lot of attention are clamped and elementary shy. Do not doubt the calm, homely atmosphere, he will certainly appreciate it.

A child for one year can give clothes. At that age, she quickly becomes small, and it gets dirty a lot. A new suit or dress that will turn birthday people into fairy-tale heroes will be a good gift. The brighter you give clothes, the better. Just be sure to spend a photo shoot in the new suit to keep the memory.

Little girls can give earrings. It is not necessary to immediately carry the child to the salon and pierce his small ears. This procedure can be performed at an older age. Gold is simply a gift that will not lose its benefit over a large amount of time.

The baby is just beginning to take the first steps and master all things familiar to us. Therefore, you can give him a set of dishes for small children. It is made of light and non-toxic materials. Pay attention to the manufacturer, the quality and color of the dishes. The brighter it is, the more the child becomes interested in it.

Of course, a child can be presented with different toys for his birthday. For one-year-olds, these can be rattles, for older ones - a designer consisting of large items, books, dolls and cars. Just remember that toys should be simple, without removable small parts. Since there are quite a few cases of injuries to them.

Little hero come in handy. In it, he can play in safety and learn to make the first steps. Yes, and for parents such a gift will be a real salvation.

Preschool age

It's no secret that at the age of 3-5 years each child has a period called “why.” This is quite normal because the baby begins to realize that there is another world besides mom and dad. It is impossible to ignore the child’s questions, it will only cause protests in him. In your power to help the young explorer of life find the answers.

For this you can give him books. They should be about animals, space, people. Thanks to vivid illustrations, children are able to learn the alphabet even before school and start reading and counting. So, educational books, with the help of which a child can develop his abilities, will be a great gift for a birthday party.

Good effect on the development of kids needlework. Therefore, you can give your child a set for drawing or modeling from plasticine. A large number of colors, various felt-tip pens and pencils, as well as plastic knives will help the little creator to develop imagination. By creating new shapes with it, you will help your child to memorize information faster.

Of course, at this age, the baby should definitely give toys. Only now you need to listen to his tastes. If a girl is interested in dolls less than a plush hare, then you should stop choosing a soft toy.

Children at this age love to imagine and imagine different situations. Therefore, for a girl, you can give a dollhouse with heroes, and a boy with a rocket with astronauts. Now the choice of these toys is just gorgeous, so you have to choose among them.

Also, the baby will be happy to receive a swing as a gift. Naturally, it should not be placed too high. The child simply enough to dangle in different directions.

And you can give your child a trip to an amusement park. As it follows, having jumped on trampolines and inflatable slides, he will be just happy.

At this time, the child begins to go to school, so choosing a gift for him, you should not forget about it. For children it is important not to be worse than others, so you can donate fashionable clothes for your birthday. For the girl, you can choose beautiful jewelry: hairpins and hoops, bows, and for the boy - a scarf, tie, belt.

For a birthday, it is better not to give a brand-new briefcase, because what’s really there to hide is not all kids love to attend school. They want at least on the day of their birthday to not hear anything about school.

In this age it is important that the child live actively. Therefore, a good gift would be skipping rope, badminton rackets, football and basketballs. And even better if you build a new playground for your child with swings, a basketball hoop and a football goal. Living in a private house is not as problematic as many people think.

For your birthday, you can donate a wall with a large number of steps, rings and crossbars. Children like to crawl and conquer new peaks.

Many children at this age dream of getting a telescope or a mask for scuba diving as a gift. In your power to fulfill this dream.

Toys are still relevant. Only now should they become larger and more complex. For a boy, a car or a plane is perfect, which can be controlled using the remote control. And for the girl - a real Barbie doll with a lot of clothes in the wardrobe.

The child will come to the indescribable delight, if on his birthday you give him a trip to an interesting place. This may be a circus, a planetarium or a dolphinarium. The main thing is that there was a children's entertainment program.

10-15 years

Children over ten years old are already actively starting to want to become adults. It is difficult to fight this, so for a birthday you should not give what you think is right, but what your growing up child wants.

You will not lose by giving a mobile phone to a birthday party for a child. Just choose the middle, that is, it should not be the cheapest and most outdated and at the same time you should not spoil the child with an expensive gadget. For a start, it’s enough for an ordinary, modern phone.

The child will be happy to receive a gift player and headphones. Just do not forget to explain to him that walking in the streets with headphones is not safe, especially on the road.

For the girl as a gift for hair dryer and curlers. Let her learn how to make hair for herself and her girlfriends.

Boys in 12-13 years, it is useful to go to different sports sections. If he is keen on karate, he will like the new kimono. An equally useful gift will be good sneakers or boots.

Children like to have something of their own, so a personal cup, towel and personalized bathrobe will flatter him.

Here is a large selection of options for a gift to a child. You should choose one of them only after you know exactly what the birthday boy wants most. To do this, you can ask the parents of the child or his friends. Well, in extreme cases, it would not be bad to ask the hero of the occasion himself. Children like it when adults take their opinions into account. We wish that all your gifts bring only joy.

P. S: For a successful birthday, one gift is not enough, it is important to arrange a good holiday banquet. You can read about what can be prepared for a child's birthday by clicking on the link.

What to look for

A birthday present for a child is something that should please a minor. Usually, problems with choosing a present begin at school age. Then, when the children already know what they want.

When choosing a gift for a child, parents should take into account:

  • baby age
  • minor skills
  • your child’s hobbies
  • the budget that you want to spend on a gift.

Usually, parents give children expensive presents - this is normal. And if there are no problems with finances, then it’s easy to choose a gift. Especially when taking into account the interests of children.

We ask the birthday man and his friends

What to give for a birthday child? The easiest way to choose a presentation is a dialogue with a minor. Parents can simply ask the children what they want for their birthday. This practice is found in many families. And it starts from the moment when the child is already good at talking and has some interests.

If the birthday is a teenager, parents can find out the information of interest through the friends of the child. So it will make a real surprise. Often, friends and classmates know what gift the future birthday man dreams of.

All that remains to be done later is to find and buy a present. And on a birthday present a gift. Nothing difficult or incomprehensible.

Hobby to help

What to give a child a birthday? Sometimes it happens that children have several desires. Or they just do not know what they want to get for their birthday.

Such situations are not very rare. What to do? It is important to pay attention to the hobbies of the child (as a rule, as a rule, for children of school age). And with these features, choose a gift.

Fans of technology can approach a computer game, laptop, computer or hardware for PC. Does the child like to read? A good book or a gift edition - this is what will surely please the young reader. Is a child an athlete? Sports equipment or a subscription to your favorite type of sports activities will work fine.

The most important thing is to know what the child really likes. Parents who are friends with their children do not have any difficulties with the question of what to give to the child.

Emotions in the first place

The age of materialism is leaving. Children and adults are starting to prefer not material gifts, but emotions. Pondering what kind of birthday gift to give to the child, parents can dwell on ideas that fill with positive memories.

Here the gift depends on the age and preferences of the birthday. Young children and preschoolers can hire animators for their birthday. The child will be pleased and even pleasantly surprised by the holiday to which some favorite princess or superhero has come. Usually such events are organized in children's rooms - a show, a cafe, contests and gifts - this is something that will definitely bring a lot of emotions. And most importantly, the child will be able to invite their friends to the celebration.

With children of school age will, of course, be more difficult, but not by much. Before puberty, some parents send out invitations to the child's birthday, arranging a celebration in the children's rooms with animators or in cafes / pizzerias.

On the day of birth you can give:

  • tickets to the amusement park
  • tickets to the concert of your favorite group (important for teenagers),
  • trip to the circus (for younger children),
  • subscriptions to various workshops,
  • games in questroom,
  • a game of laser tag or paintball
  • classes in the dash.

This is not a complete list of interesting gifts that will be remembered by a mass of positive emotions. But, as a rule, they are already suitable for children closer to school age. A small child’s birthday animators will seem fabulous and incredible. And this can be used. Some parents invite fairy-tale heroes straight home, even without a cafe.

What to give for a birthday child? As already mentioned, everything depends not only on the interests, but also on the age of the birthday man. Consider some interesting ideas for different children.

Let's start with the smallest. A huge problem is the choice of a good presentation for babies. Birthday of a child at 1 year is a holiday mainly for parents. After all, the baby is unlikely to remember it. Nevertheless, the gift for a young birthday should not be forgotten. Especially his parents.

Kids for 1 year can give:

  • kinetic sand
  • Finger paint,
  • unusual sorter,
  • set of books
  • bath toys
  • walkers,
  • jumpers,
  • Chair for babies,
  • rocking chair (for example, a horse),
  • children's developing tablet
  • synthesizer for the little ones
  • drum or other musical instruments.

In addition, if you want to give your baby something useful, you can give preference to a variety of educational toys. There are a lot of them - talking toys, multifunction sorter, musical mats and so on. All bright and beautiful is suitable for the baby.

Children after three

What to give for a birthday child? Less problems occur with children after three years. At this age, kids can already say what they want to get. And with most toys too cope.

Congratulations on the birthday of the child, as a rule, include good gifts. After three years, children can be given:

  • puzzles
  • Stuffed Toys,
  • dolls
  • cars,
  • Pushkars (and up to 3 years too),
  • constructors
  • bicycle,
  • quad bike
  • toy robot,
  • radio control toys,
  • play sets (kitchen, auto repair shop and so on).

It is also important to take into account what the kid is interested in. Books are also a good gift. But, as a rule, children in 3 years are more pleased with toys than with a production book.


What to give to a child (boy) for his birthday? With age, some parents no longer have the problem of choosing gifts. In particular, due to the fact that children already know exactly what gift they would like to receive.

The list of presents for preschoolers is similar to the list for 3 year old children. The difference lies in the fact that in 3 years the invitation to the birthday of a child in a cafe with animators is still amiss, and in 6 years it is unlikely. It is better to gather friends of the birthday and just arrange a celebration at home or in a pizzeria.

School, school

Birthday of a child at 1 year is not the most difficult period. After all, the older children become, the higher their requests. And not always parents can buy this or that gift.

At school age, pick a gift is not as easy as in the case of kids. In addition, it can be noted that closer to school, children are strongly divided in terms of toys and hobbies for boys and girls.

Что подарить ребенку (девочке) на день рождения? Школьницам могут понравиться следующие презенты:

  • наборы для рукоделия,
  • набор для создания мыла/свечек/парфюма своими руками,
  • занятия по кулинарии,
  • набор детской косметики,
  • комплекты для творчества (например, с пластилином),
  • куклы.

Мальчикам можно преподнести:

  • компьютерные игры,
  • машинки,
  • a set for playing tanks (radio control),
  • kits for creativity,
  • developing play sets (such as "young chemist" or "do-it-yourself experiments"),
  • toys on the radio.

Usually listed gifts come up to high school. Teenagers prefer completely different gifts.

For teens

How to give a child a birthday present? We will deal with this question later. To begin with, we will try to find out which presents are best for modern children.

Teenager difficult to please. This is an already formed person who wants a lot of different gifts. And not all of them are budget.

Teenage girls are sure to rejoice:

  • a set of expensive cosmetics,
  • quality perfume,
  • subscriber in the fitness center,
  • massage course,
  • visit the spa,
  • fashionable clothes and accessories,
  • disks of your favorite group.

Modern teenage boys will surely be satisfied:

  • carting tickets,
  • clothes and footwear of corporate type,
  • computer games
  • game consoles,
  • PC accessories.

Some teenagers happily go with their friends to a pizzeria, a cafe or a quest room. The main thing is not to send invitations on the child's birthday to relatives and not to “lock up” the teenager for family gatherings. Few would prefer dinner with family fun with friends.

Universal Gifts

Finding a good birthday present for a child with proper preparation is not so difficult. Some ideas for the presentation, we have already listed. There are a couple more win-win options. But as a rule, they are suitable for adolescent children.

For a birthday, you can donate:

  • money,
  • a set of cosmetics for body and face care (professional),
  • phone,
  • computer,
  • a laptop,
  • the tablet,
  • smart watch
  • virtual reality glasses
  • game joystick
  • game console disc,
  • Playstation
  • Printer,
  • camera,
  • Wrist Watch,
  • e-book.

That is, among the universal gifts for children (and for some adults, too) allocate money and a variety of equipment. According to statistics, gadgets today are valued more books and other gifts.

Newborns and parents

We found out what to give for a child's birthday. Almost all possible interesting ideas were presented to our attention.

It remains to figure out how best to present a gift. And we have not considered the question of what can be given for the birth of a baby. Usually such gifts are gifts for both parents and newborns.

At birth you can present:

  • cake from pampers,
  • clothing sets for newborns,
  • rattles
  • baby monitor
  • baby monkey
  • chaise lounge for baby,
  • ergo backpack or sling,
  • a set of good baby cosmetics for newborns,
  • educational toys for newborns.

In addition, newborn parents, as a rule, are given money for the birth of a child. And already on them you can buy what the family really needs.

How to give

Some want not just to please the child, but also to present a beautiful gift. Usually, this process does not deliver any special problems - the purchased gift is beautifully packaged, and then, upon awakening the birthday boy, they give it. At the same time they say congratulations on the birthday of the child. For example, they wish you happiness, health and success in school.

Want to be different? If a birthday is organized in the form of a celebration in a cafe, a gift is better to give there. Especially if it is not very big.

Some parents invite animators not only for the sake of children's entertainment. They also give gifts to birthdays. Usually such gifts are just an addition to parental gifts. But they still make happy birthday.


We met with some gift ideas for children of different ages. The listed gifts are not exhaustive. The majority of parents simply face them.

In fact, just say what gift the child wants, can only the birthday man himself. Kids are presented with toys, gadgets for older children. Teenagers prefer to give money for a gift - let them choose a gift of one or another value.

First birthday

The main thing is not to panic. Of course, I want to mark the event in the best way so that it remains in memory forever. But do not forget the fact that the baby does not realize anything yet, and you will organize a holiday, rather, for adults. It is better to invite friends and relatives to your home, because the child is still tiny and will get tired quickly.

Try to choose a convenient time for the celebration, taking into account the mode of the baby. Decorate the room with balloons, paper garlands, lights, large bright letters. Create a festive atmosphere. Let your baby choose his outfit by spreading out his clothes. Play with him with your favorite items. And, most importantly, make a surprise in the package.

And what to give?

For a start, let's look at what gifts for a child’s birthday are undesirable. So, toys that can not be bought:

  1. Not by age. The manufacturer on the packaging always indicates the age for which the product is intended.
  2. Stuffed Toys. Firstly, they are not yet suitable for him because they are intended for role-playing games. Secondly, they quickly pollute, collect dust.
  3. With fine details. This is dangerous, because the child still pulls everything into his mouth.
  4. Do not buy toys for growth until the baby is older, it can lose relevance, simply outdated.
  5. From questionable manufacturers. Ask for a certificate of quality.
  6. Sweets and even fruit. It is better to discuss this issue with parents of the birthday man.

And now let's figure out what to make a birthday gift to a child a year. To better understand what to buy, let's talk about the development of a one-year-old baby.

What does he already know how to do?

At this age, children are very mobile and get to know the world through the game. To understand what kind of gift to make a birthday child, find out what he can do:

  • String rings on the pyramid.
  • To drag a toy for a rope, to push, throw.
  • Lull a doll or a teddy bear, mastering feeding skills.

It is now easier to figure out which gift you can make for a child’s birthday.

What will play?

At this age, he is attracted to simple toys. Satisfying his research interest, he can roll cubes in a truck for a long time, empty it, transport it from place to place. Will play with dolls, roll a round object on the floor. So, you can give:

  1. Wooden or plastic trolley.
  2. Combined from the cubes train.
  3. Toy wheel on a stick.
  4. Cubes can be hollow, which are inserted into each other.
  5. Soft plasticine.
  6. Finger paint.
  7. A book with bright pictures.
  8. Removable matryoshka.
  9. Large puzzles.
  10. Wheelchair

Of course, everything will depend on the financial component. If the budget allows you to make a more expensive gift, you can buy:

  1. Bicycle with a handle.
  2. Children's play tent.
  3. Swing.
  4. Rocking toys.
  5. Pool inflatable with balls.
  6. Sled.

From the category of expensive gifts are:

  1. Golden cross and chain, earrings for girls.
  2. Silver name spoon.

No matter what means you have, as long as the surprise was necessary and useful.

What to give a child for two years?

The gift should be bright, because the baby is attracted more by the appearance than the internal content. What you should pay attention when buying a toy:

  • It must be hypoallergenic.
  • You need to choose interactive toys with many features.
  • It is important to consider the sex of the child, the disposition of the baby, his activity.
  • It is necessary to arrange the packaging beautifully with shiny paper, a large bright bow.

So, now we choose a birthday present for a two-year-old child.

Gift examples

Given the recommendations, it can be:

  • A colorful book with large letters and interesting pictures.
  • Easel for drawing.
  • Toys that develop hand motor skills.
  • Backpack with cubes.
  • Items contributing to the development of intelligence.
  • Finger theater.
  • Rocking horse.
  • Any musical toys: piano, book, instruments.
  • For a boy, railway, garage, parking.
  • For a girl, for example, a baby doll and a pram, dishes.
  • Constructors.

And you can also give a tricycle, sandbox, the same house.

How to please a three year old baby?

So, choose a birthday gift for a child of three years.

At this age, children no longer want to play with simple toys. So, what is a birthday present for a child? You need to choose those items that copy the actions of adults.

The kid already plays for a long time independently. Through the game, develops communication skills, learns to understand the feelings of others, includes logic.

Developing games

Great gift. This may be a development table, a children's computer, musical objects, role-playing games (set of doctors, hairdressers, shop).

This birthday gift is unique. You should still choose publications with large, bright, realistic illustrations and large print, especially if the kid is already learning the letters. It may be the same music book or manual with different tasks. For example, stick the stickers into place and so on.

Gifts for games

A soft toy, but not simple, but talking or moving. Various designers who will build houses. You can present a sweet gift, beautifully designed in the form of a bouquet, or put in an interesting box. Personalized gifts are very popular, for example, using photo printing. The kid will like to drink juice from a cup with his image.

What other gifts can be made for a child of three years old?

Children of this age are very mobile, so you can buy a sled, ski, ball, skates for skating on ice, roller skates, skate, scooter. As well as a sled, bike, rackets, air mattress, children's hockey sticks with the ball, the gate.

A very good gift will be various educational kits for creativity. The main thing is to make it bright and unusual, because for a child of three years it remains still very important. Be smart, pack in shiny paper, decorate with balls, ribbons. And when choosing a gift is, of course, take into account the interests and hobbies of the child.

How to please a five year old baby

A child of this age is already a mature personality, having his own hobbies and interests. There are already worth buying useful gifts that will contribute to the development of logic, speech, aesthetics, coordination of movements and so on. For a girl, this is a doll and a house for her, sets of clothes and accessories. The boy can give the car on the remote control.

A wonderful gift will be the designer, now with small details, puzzles, logic games. As well as a two-wheeled bike, running bike or a scooter.

Sets for the development of creativity. These are paints, plasticine, felt-tip pens. A girl can be presented with a set of beads for weaving jewelry.

For mobile kids, you can buy a Swedish wall, that is, a sports corner in which the baby will be happy to ride on a swing, climb up the rope, hang on the rings. And you can also give an electronic pad for dance movements.

So, now we know what gift to give for a child of five years old. The main thing to consider is that the kid is preparing for school, but still remains a child. Therefore, through interesting, not necessarily extremely useful, toys, the development of skills and knowledge that he will use in later life occurs.

Choosing a gift for a child of 7–9 years old

The girl is already interested in fashion trends, so you can safely buy a beautiful dress, handbag or backpack for your birthday, even an ornament. And the boys will be happy with the car and the plane on the radio.

Girls also do not cease to be interested in toys. Beloved doll. To the gameplay flowed longer and more exciting, you can buy accessories. For example, a hairdressing set, kitchen, furniture, wardrobe, as well as a doll house - the dream of many little princesses.

What other gift can you give a child a birthday from seven to nine years old? For the boy, choose a set of soldiers, Indians with equipment and military paraphernalia. Or a pistol with bullets, water guns, arrows and a bow, rifle, and so on. As well as a professional soccer ball, folding gates, table billiards, hockey and the same football.

If the child is not hyperactive, you can buy a designer, from which the equipment is assembled, any figures, objects, puzzles, logic games.

What else can you make a birthday present for a child of eight or nine? Moving active baby buy a ball for gymnastics. It may even be objects for the interior of a children's room, namely, a fabulous wall clock, a lamp. For needlewomen to choose a set for knitting and weaving.

Girls start to take care of their appearance, so you can donate baby cosmetics, a handbag, a beautiful bezel or hairpin, jewelry. And also some clothes.

So now we know which gift to give to a birthday and to a nine year old child. It may even be any school supplies, a fashionable backpack for a boy, a bright pencil case for a girl, and so on.

Gifts for a ten year old child

The first conscious anniversary of a teenager. Therefore, the gift should be memorable, desirable and very important to him. Of course, the choice of a present will depend on the financial component, the sex of the child, his hobbies, and temperament. If you are not able to buy what he wants, you can ask relatives to donate money.

So, what to make a birthday present for a child of 10 years? Here, of course, there are many options. For example, you can please a teenager boy or girl by buying a new mobile phone. A laptop, game console, tablet, and accessories will become useful and necessary. And also a bicycle. If the child is keen on hockey, a stick or skates, a helmet. The active boy can buy a two-wheeled skate, ski, snowboard, skateboard, table tennis.

Any gift certificate

Of course, a young lady would be better off. Thanks to which you can attend a master class in drawing, fascinating needlework, purchase a foreign language course, go to another city for an excursion and so on.

If the parents do not mind, you can give a pet, a cat or a dog. But this is a very important step, so it is necessary to discuss it in advance with the family of the birthday man.

You can also give a watch, both to the girl and to the boy. Any school supplies, figurines, piggy banks or collectibles. If you choose something fascinating, you can stop at a set of a magician, an interesting board game.

With the choice of a gift for a ten-year-old child, the situation is a bit simpler, because he knows what he wants. A girl can buy a beautiful box for hairpins and jewelry for her birthday, perfume. The boy has a silver or gold chain. And so, and others fit dance mat, beautiful bedding with your favorite fairy-tale characters.

And only parents know that giving your child a birthday gift is better than anyone. By the way, there is another amazing surprise, let's talk about it.

How to prepare for it?

There is nothing difficult. First, think about where you will hide the gift, you can choose any place, a wardrobe, a washing machine, under the bed. Then compose riddles-tips leading to the present. If you plan to come up with five stages, they must be difficult, fifteen - simple. We need a middle ground so that the quest is not too tedious or, conversely, fleeting.

It will be more exciting if the child finds related small pleasant surprises in the form of souvenirs and sweets. And, in general, everything will depend on where the event is planned to be held, in an apartment or in a large open area, in a forest or in a country house. You can invite friends and organize a fun holiday together.

Take the idea of ​​a pirate quest. We invite animators to help arrange a real presentation in the search for treasure. The birthday child will receive the main prize, and the invited guests will receive consoling surprises.

The holiday can begin with the fact that the Captain Hook will appear with the pirates and ask for help in finding him the treasure. Announces the first message-hint, for example: "To get the next hint, you need to dance a fun dance." And so on, step by step, children will move around the area in search of the main treasure. A note may be hidden under a stone, on a tree in a casket.

Children and the birthday boy, in particular, will receive a flurry of unforgettable emotions. And what could be better, a happy child for his birthday?