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Cool tips for creating the perfect signature


Sooner or later, each of us thinks about how to come up with a beautiful signature so that it becomes a reflection of his style, character and profession. Suddenly you will become some famous or important person, you will leave your signature on the things of your fans, books, and you have it - an ordinary, ordinary squiggle, invented in a hurry while receiving a passport and used further out of habit! You can change the familiar squiggle to a spectacular and original signature at any age, but it is better to do it only once, otherwise you will create a lot of problems with important papers.

A beautiful signature is a peculiar image of a person, his statement about himself, an important success factor, a formula for expressing essence and character. That is why her choice should be approached with the utmost seriousness.

A point, a point, a comma - a painting was published. ... Oh, the curve!

When choosing a signature, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The signature must contain the initials or initial letters of the last name so that it can be associated with you and immediately understand that it belongs to your hand.
  • The simplicity of the signature is another important condition when choosing it. A complex facsimile with special effects worthy of a CIA agent will cause you a lot of trouble. In addition, you can forget the technology of its implementation, giving each time a different signature. The painting should be thought out so that you can remember it even with your eyes closed.
  • The basis for the creation can be someone's beautiful signature, examples of original autographs and murals.
  • Beware of signatures that are short and too simple, even if they are very beautiful. Such a painting - a godsend for fraudsters who can easily forge it.
  • According to Feng Shui, it is better to write in the upward direction, firmly and confidently - this is the key to your success and prosperity.
  • Girls are advised to tie their painting more to their first name than to their last name, since when changing the status of a girl to a married one, they will have to change their signature.

Learning to create a spectacular signature

Write your surname, first name and patronymic on a piece of paper and take a close look at them - try to see something new in them. Perhaps after sitting on this lesson for two hours, you will come up with an original idea. If the inspiration has left you, we suggest to turn to our advice.

  • One of the most common options is to use the first three letters of the last name or the initials capital letters. Such a painting is found very often and can hardly claim to be unique and original.
  • Try writing letters on top of each other. This is not the easiest option, but rather serious and concise. A beautiful signature will be obtained from the owners of initials, starting with the letters "O", "C", "E", "U".
  • Experiment with a beautiful mix of letters in the signature so that they smoothly merge into one another - the painting will turn out dense, incomprehensible and mysterious.
  • You can make two capital letters in the painting - name and patronymic, in the event that you do not want to focus on your last name.
  • Another interesting option is the use of the Latin alphabet, Chinese characters and Cyrillic in the signature. For example, half of the facsimile is made in Latin letters, the second is in Cyrillic, and is completed with all the hieroglyph. The signature will look luxurious and unique.
  • As for curls, which usually end the signature, it all depends on your imagination - it can be a normal circle, a broken line, a "cardiogram", a sinusoid. The main thing is not to overdo it with the use of curls, otherwise the signature will turn out to be tinsel and screaming.

If you have any doubts about how beautiful it is to make a signature and whether it will be spectacular, refer to the help of special programs or graphic studios that will acquaint you with examples of beautiful signatures and help create similar ones.

Painting in the passport: this is serious

So, the solemn moment of receiving a passport has come, and you have not yet figured out how to sign it. After all, the autograph left in this most important document cannot be changed, and, moreover, it is desirable that the signature be beautiful and like you.

When drawing up important documents, such as a contract of sale, the signature on them should be identical to the list in the passport. Therefore, it is better to take up the creation of a signature in advance in order to get used to it and learn how to play it, even with closed eyes.

In order for you to get a decent and beautiful signature on your passport, use the above tips. Remember that the male signature is more serious and concise, unlike the female, for which frivolous curls and curvatures are permissible.

Psychological portrait of the author's signature

Each person has a certain handwriting. However, when writing words, he obeys the spelling rules instilled in the school, tries to write evenly and accurately, which makes it difficult to determine his character and temperament. You can not say about the signature, which involves a flight of fantasy, giving a complete picture of the author's inner world. The person as if shows the signature the essence, draws the psychological portrait.

Stroke direction

If the end of the signature is directed upwards, its author is an optimist, his soul is overwhelmed by raging energy, inner strength, and confidence. He walks easily and simply along the path of life, not being afraid of difficulties and hardships.

The signature, going down, says the opposite temperament. A person is depressed, pessimistic, prone to frequent diseases, insecure and angry at others.

Straight and smooth beautiful signature tells about a man of the "golden mean". He is both a pessimist and an optimist, has a balanced character, he is used to doing everything accurately, accurately and correctly.

Signature length

A long signature is created by people who are accustomed to approach everything with seriousness and thoroughness.
These are people for whom someone else's opinion is fundamental, they are incredibly stubborn and persistent.

A short facsimile belongs to people impatient, nimble and a bit superficial. They do not like slowness, inattentive and inconsistent.

A person’s signature can tell a lot about him, about his values, worldview, character, being a mirror of his inner world. Do not rush when choosing a facsimile, constantly train to remember it and give it individual touches. After all, a beautiful signature is a personal brand that will be a kind of advertisement of your inner “I” throughout your life.

Interesting ways to create a unique signature

As soon as you sit down with a piece of paper and a pen at the table, hoping to come up with something original, all thoughts and fantasy go somewhere, only the most banal and boring options come to mind. In fact, to come up with something really beautiful, you need to improvise for a long time manually, without this you can not do without.

For inspiration, you can see and understand the unusual signatures of famous people, maybe some idea to use for yourself. So, how to invent your own unique stroke?

  • The simplest option, which, nevertheless, remains one of the most effective, is to use the first 3, 4 or 5 letters of the last name, which can be supplemented with an original stroke. It can cross the letters, go around them with a soft arc, or just be a kind of continuation of the letters. By the way, psychologists say that it is from this final stroke that the success of a person largely depends: if the tail of the squiggle goes to the top, then expect success! But if it is sadly lowered, then, most likely, the fate of such a signature awaits the owner of such a signature.
  • If this option did not leave positive results, then before the letters of the last name you can still add the capital letter of the name - thus, you will have two capital letters in the signature. Sometimes all these letters are combined into a single whole, and sometimes a small space or period is added between the capital letters in order to visually separate the initials. Finish the creation again with the help of the original stroke.
  • If you don’t want to advertise the name in the signature (it happens if it is not very harmonious), then you can use only one capital letter from it, and continue the autograph with intricate loops and curls. In addition, you can not use the surname at all, but come up with a signature from the components of the name and patronymic. By the way, it can be convenient especially for women, who with the change of surname and passport can not be tormented by inventing the next original autograph, but simply leave the former one.
  • The most popular recently began to use strokes, which are fully or partially composed of letters of the Latin alphabet. Due to the considerable number of differences from the Cyrillic alphabet, a lot of new options appear to create an interesting and extremely original signature.
  • The most beautiful and unusual are the strokes of people who are well acquainted with calligraphy - that’s where the rules of elegant combinations of letters and various curls are collected. Therefore, if you still do not know which version of the signature to come up with, then you can visit several lessons of this interesting science, where you will surely be thrown into several worthwhile ways. For example, they will certainly tell about some of the features and style of signatures: for example, women's strokes should be smoother and softer, and men should be complemented by a large number of straight and solid lines.
  • And finally: in creating a truly beautiful personal graphic portrait, only practice and training will help you. It is necessary to repeat the invented stroke on a piece of paper for a long time and diligently so that you can write it to full automatism. Ahead is to sign on a set of papers and documents, so it is very important at the crucial moment not to get lost and repeat your signature exactly as it was thought out by you in advance.

What is the signature for?

Without painting it is difficult to fully live in society. Any adult has to deal with papers. With the help of the “author's stroke”, the content of the documents, agreement or denial of information is confirmed. The first official is the signature in the passport. At the time of receipt of the document, it is important to determine the option and stick to it in the future. Instead of a quick squiggle, learn to portray a funny stroke, creative with curlicues, additional elements quickly, with a little effort and effort.

It is important to first decide on the form, and then to train the accuracy of its transfer in the documents. The painting is important - it indicates the character of a person. An experienced graphologist can easily determine the gender of the author, hidden character traits, psychological and physical condition.

How to come up with a signature for a passport

Creating a painting, you need to decide what it will be: simple or complex, short or long. How to create a painting based on convenience: too complicated is cumbersome. A simple one will become an “easy password” that anyone can easily repeat. The correct option will be a simple touch with its own distinctive feature. Look at the photo and select the best option.

Signature examples by last name

Regardless of who you are going to be: a teacher, director, accountant or worker, you will have to learn the skill of transferring your autograph exactly the same. Last name - a key hint how to come up with a signature. A successful stroke is created like this:

  1. Take a piece of paper, write the name.
  2. Separate the first three letters - this is the best way to come up with a signature in several ways.
  3. Well, if the last name begins with a consonant, with rounded, clear, graphic characters.
  4. Add the first letter of the name.
  5. Put your initials in front.

If it is undesirable to fix the surname, put the first letter of the name and patronymic. Next, use the elements for decoration. It is interesting to combine Cyrillic and Latin. Try playing with the letters, rearranging them in places. Many create cool signatures using vintage calligraphy and additional curlicues. Male autograph should be restrained, the decor looks ugly. Girls are allowed to add curls and squiggles, small drawings.

Create a signature

MySignature offers several fields to fill out: name, company, position, department, work phone, mobile phone, Skype, email and address. If you wish, you can add your photo or your company logo.

On the Social tab, you can add social networking buttons to your signature. MySignature allows you to choose from 12 social platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

The Choose template button allows you to select a pre-defined template for the signature. There are not many of them yet, but on the Design tab you can adjust fonts, colors, image size and other parameters by changing the existing template as you need.

When you create the signature template, click Finish. You can simply copy and paste the signature in any letter. To make the signature standard in your email client, you need to do the following.

Apple Mail

Go to the settings of Apple Mail. Select the "Signatures" tab. You can select all or for a separate account. For each account you can create different signatures.

Create a new signature, give it a name, if necessary, and disable the option "Always use the default font." Then paste it into the box and close the settings.

Open Outlook and create a new message. On the "Letter" tab, select "Signature", then in the drop-down menu, click on "Signatures". In the window that opens, create a new signature and copy your template there. Click “Save Original Formatting” and click OK.


This method is suitable not only for Thunderbird. Enough for the client to support HTML.

Right-click on the account you need and select Account Settings. Paste the HTML code generated by the service under your signature. Enable the "Use HTML" option. Then click OK.

Is done. Now your signature not only contains all the necessary contact information, but also looks stylish.

Typically, the contents of the signature - the name, surname, patronymic of the person

After all, this is the individual set of symbols that every civilized person has. Sometimes only initials, sometimes all entirely, sometimes only the surname completely, and the name and patronymic - only the first letters. Therefore, within the same family may be similar signatures. If you do not know how to beat a signature with an unusual first letter - look in the passport of your father or mother, ask them how they solved these problems at your age.

But you can encrypt and pseudonym, nickname.

Nicknames characterize us no less than the real names. Or maybe even more - after all, we invented them ourselves, based on some internal features, preferences or events. It is not necessary, of course, to write in the passportsexy boy 007" or "lollita_blue". But if you can skillfully disguise these inscriptions, then why not? This is your own business.

Understand what you like, and what signatures you think are beautiful.

After all, beauty is a subjective matter. Some people like 10 identical ovals in a row, someone has increasing sharp zigzags in the signature, and someone is addicted to typed letters. The main thing is that you personally like the signature. To do this, look at as many examples of signatures as possible - for example, in Yandex pictures, or google - search. Among the huge variety of signatures you will find the one you want to take as a sample. Also play with your relatives in the Moscow police, and ask everyone for documents. This will allow not only to see valuable and interesting variants of signatures, but also to earn on penalties for the lack of registration.