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Fashionable winter boots of the season 2013-2014


Boots are an indispensable part of the autumn-winter wardrobe. Such shoes can not only warm, but also emphasize the unique style of its owner. In addition, boots can be called universal shoes, which perfectly combined with dresses, tight pants and skirts of any length.

According to most well-known designers, in the fall of 2013, heeled boots will become the most fashionable trend again. Also eminent couturiers presented models on the wedge, which previously enjoyed popularity only in summer shoes.

Stylish boots for the season autumn-winter 2013-2014

In the new season, boots made of different materials will become fashionable, but patent leather will be the most topical. This material is typical for models in the style of the 70s. Find a suitable option in the new collections of shoes and fans of fur products can. Next season, stable heel boots and knee-length boots will enter into fashion, on top of which spacious fur capes are sewn along the entire length. The width of the tops can be adjusted at the expense of the drawstring, so these shoes can be combined with any clothing, including skirts, shorts and tight pants. In addition, genuine leather can be used as a cape for boots. However, such models should completely fit the leg and expand only at the base.

Famous designers once again return to the fashion boots "under the crocodile skin." Like a few years ago, models with low heels up to three centimeters high will become fashionable.

The suede fans will be able to choose a stylish pair of shoes in the new season. The main distinctive feature of the boots of this type is a bright color. Also a combination of different colors of suede to give the shoe an exclusive look.

As a material for the manufacture of fashionable shoes in the fall-winter 2013-2014 season, not only leather or suede can be used, but also plastic. Inserts made of transparent plastic make it possible to give shoes on a massive heel a lighter and more charming look.

A distinctive feature of many models that will become fashionable in 2013-2014 will be embroidery and appliqués.. Thanks to such touches, shoes look more accurate and feminine.

As for color solutions, almost all designers claim that a classic will remain in fashion. Not only the most practical, but also the most stylish will be the black boots. For lovers of brighter solutions, boots of light gray and sand colors are proposed. Of course, it was not without bold decisions - extravagant couturiers offer to replenish their winter wardrobe with golden boots mid-thigh high. Such models can be painted in classic black color and supplemented with “garters” or painted with ornate patterns with modulations of dark and light shades.

The shape of fashionable boots in the season autumn-winter 2013-2014

The main distinctive feature of the trend models will be a semicircular angular toe and a massive, steady heel. Stylish modern models were last at the peak of popularity about forty years ago. Of course, this type of shoes will be very popular. Couturiers claim that such models will become more popular than boots on stiletto or flat sole. Bright accessories are used to decorate boots in the 70s style - buckles, zippers, belts, etc.

In the new season, boots on a high platform and a wide stable heel will return to fashion. Such models do not need additional decoration, since the lower part of the boots is already capable of forming a unique image. For lovers of bold solutions, eminent couturiers offer boots along the entire height complemented by wide straps with buckles.

If we are talking about fashionable boots with heels, then such shoes should be made only of patent leather. In such models, there must be a platform and a rounded toe.

Of course, like last season, in the fall and winter of 2013-2014, boots from one of the brightest stars of the fashion industry AlexanderWang will remain at the peak of popularity. Their distinctive feature is the absence of a heel, but the presence of a high lift. From the outside, such boots seem to be unstable, but in fact they are also comfortable to wear, like boots on a flat wedge.

A special feature of the new season will be the fashion for boots with a high wide bootleg. As an ornament of such models, a central lacing can be used, passing through the entire height of the products. In addition, in the collections of world famous designers are presented and half boots with thin vertical lacing. Famous fashion designers have proposed several universal versions of winter shoes. Half-boots, which play the role of shoes with incomplete lace-up, can be a vivid example.

Materials, texture, decor of fashionable boots for fall-winter 2013-2014

  • Among materials undoubted leader - natural matte and structured leather. So, in the fresh collections of fashionable winter boots 2013-2014, many models are made of reptile skin or imitation crocodile and snake skin. For example, Gucci has released a collection of high boots with a snake texture from classic black to extravagant orange.
  • There is a trend combining contrasting materials: leather and fur, suede and velor.
  • In the decor can be observed toe and toe selection using different textures.
  • Unlike last year, decorations on winter boots 2013-2014 should be very modest and unobtrusive, for example, 1 buckle or 1 rivet.
  • Most fashion print for boots autumn-winter 2013-2014 - animalistic (leopard, brindle). Boots of the color of red wine became the refined novelty of this season.
  • The color base has not changed much. Still in fashion black, brown and beige boots.

Women's fashion boots in the winter of 2013-2014 in military style, men's style

The hottest trend is high army boots from smooth black leather. The wide leg and the absence of the usual decor emphasize the fragility and beauty of the female leg.

Such models of winter boots 2013-2014 may have flat sole or high but steady heel.

Femininity and sophistication in fashionable winter boots of 2013-2014 with heels and platform

Despite the diverse fashion trends of shoes, elegant high heels always remain in fashion. Fashionable boots 2013-2014 have different shapes and heels, from tapered and flared to various studs.

Platform Heel also remains a fashion trend in the autumn-winter season. Also, notice the new trend of winter - high-heeled loafers and platforms.

Cozy and warm models of winter boots 2013-2014 for women - ugg boots and quilts

This winter, the uggs are more vibrant colors: red, pink, blue, purple, and even fuchsia. These colors look great with any clothes. For example, bright uggs can be combined with pastel jeans.

In addition to bright models, classic brown and black uggs. However, they should be lavishly decorated with fur, rhinestones, metal spikes or rivets. Such stylish uggs can be worn with natural fur vests or warm dresses.

Comfort is in fashion again, and therefore in winter, as before, are relevant quilting boots and moon rovers. In addition to the fun children's form, they perfectly protect against slush and frost. Dutiki can be worn with jeans, leggings or tight pants. The main thing - do not forget to fill them in boots.

Fashion above the knees

First of all, you can congratulate lovers of high boots and boots, that's where there will be expanses for shopping. All fashion podiums and fashion magazines are literally overflowing with models of such boots, they can have the most different lengths - from the middle of the calf to the mid-thigh. Both free and tight models are in fashion, but, of course, models in the form of stockings remain at the peak of popularity.

Such models demonstrate a special luxury, sense of style and elegance of its owner. Best of all such boots are combined with leggings, tight jeans or dresses just above the knee.

As for the heel, there is a trend, both a flat sole and a low, steady heel. By the way, but with the decorations this season, you need to be careful, modest style in fashion, so there should be a minimum of accessories on shoes and, preferably, from one area, for example, only rivets or only buckles.

And the undeniable novelty of this season were army-style boots, their lack of any frills and jewelry. The boot has a hard and wide tops, can be supplemented only with a flat sole or a steady high heel.

By the way, the last option looks great, because at the expense of his style, he visually pulls the legs and slims the silhouette. Such models are easily combined with jackets, down jackets and fashionable sheepskin coats, but best of all they will look from a coat to the knees of a straight cut.


What other boots will be fashionable this winter? Already that season does not leave the podiums very characteristic color - snake skin. Someone such color may seem trivial, they say, there have been, we know, but this trend does not plan to give up their positions.

Just recently, the fashion house Gucci, known to everyone, presented a whole collection of knee-length boots that had the most diverse snake color: black, burgundy, pink and even orange!

The composition was complemented by a steady wedge-shaped heel or a small platform. Such shoes can give your look piquancy and just will not leave its owner without attention.

Back to the past

Retro style very few people can leave indifferent, this special charm of the seventies, as it is impossible, by the way, influenced some models of the upcoming season.

The undoubted favorite was fashionable boots, which have a stiff leg, high, but heavy and stable heel, as well as a characteristic feature of that time - a slightly rounded toe. These boots are perfectly combined with coats and jackets, it is best to wear them with leggings and tights, which are worn under the dress length to the knees.

But this variety of models of women's winter boots, of course, does not end there. Not quite appropriate, however, very unusual boots, which are a regular boat shoe, and, starting from the heel, a long piece of leather is sewn, which resembles leggings or stockings, more and more attract foreign women with their design. The ensemble is complemented by a high heel or stiletto. However, no matter how sorry, but such models are hardly suitable for our winter climatic conditions.

What about uggs?

These lovely, kind, warm and comfortable boots are so difficult to ignore, direct evidence of this - even few, celebrities could resist the temptation to get a couple of such comfortable winter “helpers”.

If you think so, then the universal adoration of such shoes began long ago, but it is absolutely not going to subside. This season, uggs with fur exterior, deliberately long and even sloppy, as well as their leather counterparts with a smooth surface will be especially popular. As for the color component, then every girl here has the right to decide for herself which one is more suitable in this case, there are no restrictions.

And, although many people believe that uggs are bulky and clumsy shoes, but even in them you can remain refined and elegant. To do this, it is enough to combine them, for example, with a cute dress or an elongated sweater, and to put on leggings or printed pattern tights.

Colors, styles and decoration of winter boots

Products made of genuine leather remain the favorite and irreplaceable leader, which is not surprising at all, because only leather can provide proper comfort and ensure the basic functions of winter shoes: ergonomics and durability.

At the peak of popularity are matte copies of the skin, but considerable popularity is beginning to gain structured, as well as textured leather, reptile skin models. Another trend is a combination of several different textures and materials, such as leather and suede, velor and velvet, and so on.

The next one on the leaderboard is, of course, fur, and it can be used of the most varied length and height of the pile, what is most interesting, all this can be combined in one model. As for the color component, this season the novelty is the color of dark wine, and the classic winter gamma remains in trend: black, brown, beige and burgundy.

As we have said, with regard to the decor, there is limited and minimalism. The decoration uses buckles, lacing and small buttons, decorative zippers and rivets are especially loved.

These are the novelties of the winter season 2013-2014, we should expect. And now, having replenished your luggage with knowledge of popular women's shoes, you can safely go shopping. Happy hunting, dear ladies!

Forms and styles.

Designers advise to abandon the usual thin studs and choose a more stable heel, by the way, the hottest trend of the fall-winter 2013-2014 season was army-style boots with no frills, made of smooth black leather. Their distinctive feature is a rather wide bootleg and a minimum of decor. Such boots can be both on a steady high heel, and on a flat sole. The advantage of the boots is that they visually lengthen the legs and "pull" the silhouette. These models are perfectly combined with leggings, tight pants and jeans, mini skirts and skirts of medium length. Coats up to the knees or short down jackets covering the upper part of boots will fit the jackboots.

In general, the majority of fashion designers in the upcoming new year have given their preference to a stable sole with a low square heel. At the same time on some models it can be completely closed with a wide elongated shaft, creating the effect of "Mexican boots".

Another trend is boots and half boots in jockey style. They can be black, brown or newfangled wine hue.

High heel and platform.

Nothing adorns women's legs like a high heel and platform. The wedge can be very massive, as well as the most subtle and elegant, and often its color is different from the color of the main part of the boot.

Still remains a popular model knee-length on a high rectangular heel. Despite the fact that this piece belongs to the style of the 70s, it has become almost a classic, since it has a minimum of details and is an excellent component of the basic wardrobe.

Material, texture and decor.

The undoubted leader among fashionable boots and semi-boots of the autumn-winter seasons are specimens made of genuine leather. And it is not surprising, because leather shoes perfectly copes with the main tasks - practicality and durability. In addition, leather masterpieces look very impressive.

Textured materials and structured leather are becoming more and more fashionable. In the latest new collections you can find a huge number of models of reptile skin or ordinary natural materials with embossed, imitating a crocodile or snake pattern. Moreover, the colors of these boots can easily vary from classic black and brown to shiny gold or silver. Such solutions look expensive and extravagant, and will certainly be appreciated by fashionistas.

The combination of textures is another fashion trend. Ie combination of materials of different textures: leather with suede, velvet, velor, fur. Very often stand toe and tops of models. As for fashionable prints, animal-painting is gaining more and more popularity, which should be combined with clothes of calm monochromatic tones.

Fashionable boots of the autumn-winter 2013/2014 collection include various shapes, styles, heel height, materials and colors, so any even the fastidious fashionista can pick out something unusual and extraordinary by satisfying their requests and preferences.

Photos of winter boots 2014 from brands JULIE DEE, PHILIPP PLEIN, RED VALENTINO, VICINI.

Photos of the latest boots trends autumn winter 2013 2014 (military, simplicity, "male style") from famous brands ALBERTO BRESSAN, BRUNELLO CUCINELLI, FANTASY, LEONARD, MANAS, TIFFANI.

Recently, brutal, a little rough, so-called "masculine style" has become increasingly popular. This novelty has touched and shoes, in this case, the boots. They look quite reliable, basically it is a steady wide heel. Some models could easily have passed for a man's pair, though they are still given a female more vivid color or the presence of a memorable decor. It turns out that the average between rustic-masculine and some military styles. But it is very convenient and most importantly - fashionable.

Photos of boots autumn winter 2013 2014.