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Strong charms for home and family from Jerusalem - handmade, unique products: buy and protect the home and all households


The famous 33 candles from Jerusalem have the power of fire and the energy of purification. Lighting them, the ancient force is released, which envelops the whole dwelling, as if a dense blanket, protecting your family from any adversity and trouble.

Indeed, in our world there are negative substances invisible to the eye that can easily cause irreparable harm to our health and the health of our relatives. And there is no stronger and more effective protection today than the real Jerusalem 33 candles brought from the Promised Land itself.

Their strength is so great that after a few days after the ritual of burning candles in your life long-awaited changes will begin. You will immediately feel a surge of strength and energy, your health will become much stronger and your mood will always be at its best. Family disagreements that took place recently in your life suddenly disappear and an unprecedented calm and truly coziness will occupy the dominant places in your home.

In order to get 33 candles it is necessary to visit the lands of Israel on holidays or become the happy owner of gifts from the pilgrims of this country. If this is not possible, and 33 candles have long conquered your heart, and it became a matter of honor for you to get them, then do not despair, because the original Israeli amulets brought from the Holy Land can be bought on the Red Thread website.

Real Jerusalem candles feature the following features:

- Their number is strictly limited and makes up just 33 candles - there can not be several of them: one, two or three, namely, 33 candles that are connected into one bundle, symbolizing a particular number. Also, we offer you a large and small candle of David, which will help to clean your home or office from negative energy and protect it. No wonder the star of David was decorated with the shield of King David, one of the greatest commanders of all times and peoples.

- True Jerusalem candles must be made in the holy land of Israel. Such candles are made manually by monks exclusively from beeswax. Thus, when lighting an Israeli candle, it should exude the faintly subtle aroma of sweet honey.

Nominal suspension

Surely each of us at least once in his life thought about the meaning of his own name? After all, the name given to us at birth with love and care by our fathers and mothers carries the necessary energy charge that leads us along clear lines of life. After all, it’s not for nothing that they say: “How you call a ship, it will float in the same way” - this statement is directly related to us and you!

The unique sequence of several letters of the alphabet is yours, and only your name, which is like a strong magic spell, is able to build and adjust destiny for the better, attracting happiness, luck and love, prepared for you by the mistress of life.

Therefore, one should not ignore such Israeli talismans, such as personalized pendants and pendants made of silver with the magic hands of famous masters-jewelers of the Promised Land. These are really working charms that are made in accordance with the practice of Kabbalah and carry the mystery and magic power of your name. All products store and protect the code name, not allowing to disrupt the harmony and peace of mind of your inner world.

Named pendants from Israel are their own protection against evil sights, words and negative energy that can in any way harm your life happiness and spiritual harmony.

Believe me, this is very important and always relevant for each person, no matter what faith we belong to, from which country we are from, and what status we have in society. All this is nothing compared to the power of a name that is given for life, and if you choose the right talisman and correctly charge it, then all that we want and all that we dream about will come true sooner or later!

What are charms for home and family from Israel

Holy charms for the home - reliable protection of housing, the family hearth, which people use since ancient times. On all continents, in different countries of the world there are talismans, but only the Holy Land gives the power that can keep all people on the planet. This force does not depend on nationality, gender, age, religion, or belonging to a particular religious doctrine.

You can even be an atheist and believe in nothing! This will not interfere with the protection of the house. He is strong because he is consecrated and executed according to all the rules.

Personal talismans from Israel, such as hamsa, red thread and others, will protect you from the evil eye outside your home fortress. For the home are made other products endowed with special power.

Sometime wards for the house against the evil eye and spoilage were made by handicraft from natural materials - stones, olives, dried plants. Then in the Holy Land to protect the hearth and all family members began to use household items, animal figurines, dolls, prayers that protect them.

All products endowed with magical power. Each of the Israeli amulets and talismans had its own meaning, protected from some kind of misfortune:

  • evil eye and defacement,
  • premature death,
  • material losses
  • diseases and injuries
  • the effects of evil forces
  • natural disasters, etc.

People's beliefs, customs, and the very view of people on the events were changing. Changed technology. Preserved traditions of making and giving talismans magical power. They are owned only by experts.

  • Trying to create such a talisman with your own hands is completely pointless, even if you do it directly in Israel or buy charms for the family from the hands of handicraftsmen.
  • Watch out for fakes! Today there are many in different stores. Instead of benefit, they will bring trouble, if mistakes are made in the prayers, the form of symbols and images is not exact, there are other inconsistencies.

We give a guarantee: there are no and there can be no mistakes in our products! Each is made by hand by real masters of their craft, experienced and skilled, who know all the ancient traditions and technologies.

What family charms are ordered in the online store "Red Thread"

In the catalog of the online store "Red Thread" we suggest to choose from the catalog and buy a talisman for the home and family that suits you best. We have a variety of products, for example, buy a horseshoe for good luck, an amulet for happiness in the house, in the harmony in the family, from envy, guardian and many others. There are several ancient and most common talismans.

  • Blessing to be placed anywhere in the house. The product is made of noble metals. The shape is the most diverse, for every taste, but the color is blue or red. It is these colors that give the charm the property to protect from the evil eye. There are additional items. Pay attention, for example, to the blessing for the Granat house. It uses symbols and prayers to dispel the actions of evil forces.
  • 33 Jerusalem candles by the number of earthly years of Jesus. This is a powerful symbol made by the Jerusalem monks, protection from many adversities and misfortunes. Candles are bundled together, lit by a torch, not only on church holidays. Is there an important event in the family? The holy fire will strengthen its positive character and remove the negative.
  • Anchovy. One of the most ancient home wards. He is known all over the world, as are the Jerusalem candles. In form, this talisman of family life resembles a palm (hand), therefore it is also commonly called “the hand of Fatima”. Israeli drawings and prayers are put on the amulet. Choose suspensions or products on a stand, depending on where you plan to place your protective magic sign. In addition to the protection of family happiness, we offer Hamsa in the form of bracelets, pendants, beads, pendants and other options suitable for personal wear. In this form, the hand keeps the owner from evil forces, strengthens his positive energy, enhances personal qualities.
  • Guard prayers. They are performed in a special font, they look very beautiful, but this is not the case: this is a very strong house amulet, which additionally serves to attract wealth, for the well-being of the family. Hang it on the wall not only for protection!
  • The Psalms are preserving the house of prayers of different content, designed to eliminate various pressing problems. Buy depending on what impact you want to achieve, and we will help you make the right choice. Among our proposals are psalms for blessing the home and improving relationships between the household, charms for the family from damage and the evil eye, from theft and other troubles.
  • Key. Another wall mountaineering, which is a symbol of wealth and wealth. All products in our catalog, regardless of performance, are endowed with powerful energy force. Pay attention to this talisman, if you do not want to buy several different home amulets: in addition to wealth, it will become the key to health, love, self-awareness, protect against enemies and envious.
  • Dreamcatcher. The name says it all: it is a trap for evil wind dreams. They are entangled in the talisman's web. Very famous worldwide family amulet. Buy it, hang it over the bed, and it will keep you awake when the person is most vulnerable and especially in need of protection. The catalog contains bracelets and pendants for personal wear. With them, your sleep is normalized, thoughts and feelings will be harmonious, and nightmares will disappear.
  • Mezuzah In Israel there is hardly a house where this piece of parchment with the text from the Torah would not hang on the door jamb. It is considered to be a very powerful amulet, providing protection from all sorts of life's troubles and tribulations. Mezuzah will not let an evil spirit into the house. Even on a long journey, this charm to protect the family keeps all households. As a pendant or other decoration, you can wear Mezuzah everywhere.

Using family amulets: how to order and buy charms for the house, endowed with magical powers

What is family charms from Jerusalem, from the Holy Land? This is not a symbolism or decoration, although in this quality they are not forbidden to use. Their purpose is to protect the owners, and they do an excellent job because they are endowed with magic power.

  • All that we offer in the catalog of the online store "Red Thread" - products made in accordance with ancient traditions. This is a beautiful and delicate handmade.
  • Each talisman is unique; on each family preservation charm there are ancient magic symbols with prayers.
  • You will not need to further sanctify the products from the Holy Land, because they are all already blessed.

It does not matter what religious or political views your households adhere to, in which country of the world you live. It doesn't matter if you have a big family or a small one, how many generations are there. Everyone will be protected from problems and adversity by our amulets!

  • Good luck smiles to you. It is enough to choose from the catalog, order and buy a charm of family well-being, protection from the evil eye, damage, detractors, any evil.
  • There are no special rules for the use of our products. They simply hang on the wall or placed in a certain corner of the house.

If you have questions, we will answer them, advise and help. We offer delivery to any country in the world and to any region. Order a charm to protect your family online or by phone, but only directly in the thematic store "Red Thread" to avoid fakes!

What are the features of the Jerusalem torch

Everyone knows that on the eve of Easter, every year in Jerusalem a special service is held in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ. Many Christians from different parts of the world gather here to see the miracle. It is called the Descent of the Holy Fire, which reminds believers of the exit of Jesus Christ from the Tomb.

During the service, the priests allow all those present to take with them a particle of Light, having joined the holiday. Each pilgrim has a torch in his hands, consisting of 33 candles. That they are in a hurry ignite from the source, to get home a unique relic, cleansing from sinful thoughts, evil forces and negative thoughts. The house will be saved from adversity, disease and adversity.. Those candles that were lit on the eve of Easter near the Holy Sepulcher are called Jerusalem.

They are distinguished by their features, by which they are easy to recognize among the other church candles:

  1. Real Jerusalem candles are made by hand by the clergy using natural beeswax. You can make sure of this by the sweet honey aroma that even comes from an unlit candle.
  2. In the Jerusalem torch there are always only 33 candles. This number is the testimony of the earthly years of Jesus Christ.
  3. Candles that were lit in Jerusalem when the Convergence of the Holy Fire is considered real.
  4. It is believed that even a torch that burned once able to clean the house and sanctify it, and to protect all those living from disease and evil. This explains why believers from all over the world strive to get to the temple of the Resurrection of Christ on Great Saturday, in order to bring home the strongest amulet for themselves and their loved ones.

How to store Jerusalem candles

Such a shrine must be stored under certain conditions, without separating the bundle. So that he does not lose the miraculous forces, believers must follow the rules of storage:

  • the temperature in the room should not exceed +25 and be less than -15. This allows you to store candles in the refrigerator. Of course, if the temperature permits, it is better not to put the torch in the refrigerator, but to place it in the room near the icon and other sacred objects,
  • do not allow the torch to hit the direct rays of the sun, so that it does not melt,
  • You can not keep the Jerusalem torch between household items - books, kitchen utensils and clothing. It should be remembered that this is not just a souvenir, but a gift that must be treated with care and respect,
  • if you wish to keep the shrine for a long time, you need a bunch wrap with a linen trim or white cotton,
  • Jerusalem candles can be lit, but not in the same way as ordinary church ones. If the church is left to burn out to the end, then the torch is lit just a couple of seconds. During this time, any church candle is set on fire from the Holy Fire, and the Jerusalem candle is immediately extinguished. This will not allow the transfer of the torch power to the second light. Blow out the candles can not. They extinguish the cap or fingers.

Many are interested in the question: "Is it possible to divide the bundle?". Yes, you can, when they want to share with loved ones. The more sincere the candle is lit, the more benefit it will be from it.

Jerusalem Torch Candle Color

Today it’s easy to find sacred bunches of various colors on sale, and the photo allows you to be convinced of this. There is an opinion that each of them has different properties and gives as a result a different desired result. The color of the beam allows you to send a fertile power in the right direction, because each of the colors has its own character and strength:

  1. White - neutral properties, suitable for the protection of the house of detractors and slander. Prayer in front of this flame gives a person wisdom and patience. This color helps to find a way out of a difficult situation and gain strength.
  2. The black - helps to cope with troubles and problems. It is used for depression, depression and loss of strength.
  3. Red - eliminates loneliness, helps to find your soul mate, removes the crown of celibacy. Red torch eliminates quarrels and scandals. A harmonious relationship is established in the family.
  4. Yellow - A great talisman. This torch helps people on the road or new beginnings. It is very good at depression and failure.
  5. Green - A good assistant in correcting the financial situation. It allows you to get wealth and get rid of the constant need. If necessary, it can be used to restore health.
  6. Blue - designed to fulfill desires. Candles of this color are usually brought from Israel to their relatives as a talisman or souvenir.

How to use jerusalem candles

Receiving candles from Jerusalem as a gift, everyone wonders: “What to do with them so that it is right?”. In fact, the purpose of the torch is different. It allows you to direct any initiative in the right direction, to consecrate an apartment and any object, endowing them with miraculous power.

Most often candles from Jerusalem can be lit for the following purposes:

  • absolution and confession
  • the consecration of housing, shopping, and car,
  • blessing the wedding and the baptism of the child
  • improvement of the situation in business, the achievement of material wealth and development of the company,
  • deliverance of man from the blues and sorrow, despondency and apathy,
  • attracting happiness and good luck
  • blessing on easy childbirth
  • tuition assistance
  • improving family relationships
  • struggle with bad habits
  • celebrating church holidays, especially Easter.

To consecrate the apartment with a torch from Jerusalem, You should follow certain rules:

One of the candles is lit and gently pulled out of the beam. Holding it in hand, carefully bypass the entire apartment, reading "Our Father". It is necessary to go into each of the rooms and look into all corners. Затем свечу оставляют в гостиной либо в той комнате, где собирается много людей, и оставляют ее догорать.

Этот чудодейственный факел способен исполнять желания. Before turning to the Lord, you should thank Him for everything, and only then ask for what you want. Only after that the bundle is placed in front of the icon, they light it and read the prayer, concentrating on the Holy Fire. So you can sit for 5 - 15 minutes, and then bundle extinguish until the next time.

Burn candles from Jerusalem every day until the desire is fulfilled. Depending on the complexity, it takes from a couple of days to several weeks. Prayer should be uttered alone, so that no one interferes.

It is better to use these candles on Easter and other church holidays. However, it is necessary to take into account that it is impossible to turn to the Holy Fire on mourning days and Christmas. Be sure, this miraculous object brings to the house Grace and peace!

Jerusalem candles have tremendous potential to penetrate the Spirit of the Divine at home. They can be purchased or donated only once a year - after the celebration of Easter. Candles from a torch should be lit during prayer, on days of doubt and misfortune, on church holidays. Their incredible strength strengthens faith and fills home and soul with positive energy.

Holy land souvenir set

Israeli amulets from the evil eye and for good luck. Symbols of Judaica, items of Kabbalah

In the shop "Israel-Amulet»There is for you a large selection of talismans and amulets, whose magic power, which protects from evil, brings success, good luck and well-being has been tested for centuries. Traditionally, Jewish people always wore amulets with inscriptions to protect against the harm of supernatural origin. All our products are genuine. Israeli goodswhich are known worldwide for their positive energy. Make your choice amuletswith appropriate blessings that you need at this time and in the future. The store presents charms in the form of bracelets, rings, pendants, pendants, key chains, blessings for home and office, fridge magnets, Christian relics and many others that are necessary to protect a person from evil forces, as well as those that bring good luck.

Kabbalistic decorations, such as necklaces and bracelets, will bring you the best protection from evil.
In Kabbalah JudaismThis is ancient wisdom. Kabbalah teaches receiving the Highest Light and filling the soul with it, all desires, both heart and spiritual. This is natural, since all our desires are created by this very unusual light. And because only the direct filling of himself and is able to satisfy us. This word Kabbalah means to receive. Kabbalah teaches us how to get fulfilled in life.

Kabbalistic charmsAs a rule, they consist of symbols from the Jewish tradition. Are common symbols of Judaismwhich are used for amulets are the stars of david, hams hand (or hand of miriam), from the evil eye, The Flower of Life, and other motifs that Kabbalah believes are meant to averting the evil eye. On amulets, special emphasis is placed on sacred texts and spiritual instruments of Kabbalah.

Most of the items have Hebrew inscriptions that contain Kabbalistic meaning. Seventy-two Names of God, for example, is called a spiritual key that unlocks energy that will complement the positive changes in our lives - or, in other words, bring good luck in our life.

The Star of David is perhaps the most universally recognized symbol of Jewish culture. The star consists of two triangles - one pointing upward, or toward God, and the other turned upside down, pointing down toward reality - and is representative of the connection between God, the Torah and Israel. Talismanswhich depict the Star of David and other amulets with Kabbalistic writing is a way to openly express their faith and loyalty to the Most High.

The Hamsa Hand (Miriam Hand) is another recognizable symbol of Kabbalah and Judaica. This talisman of the hand, as a rule, is directed downwards, and was originally created to ward off evil and evil eyes. Sometimes Hamsa contains an image of the eye in its center to protect against the negative effects of its owner’s evil eye. On the amulet "Hamsa" sometimes there are also kabbalistic signs, which only strengthen the protection against harmful forces.

Amulet Blue Eye

The evil eye is feared by people all over the world, in all cultures, but this is especially true in Judaism. When someone throws an unkind glance at you, he thereby wishes for all the negatives to fall upon you. Amulets and talismans are designed to protect you from the negative effects of the evil eye. Protective charms are worn to protect from evil, harm and unhappiness and for good luck. Amulets will lure you good luck, health, happiness, success in your life. Charm "Blue Eye" or "Eye of Fatima" will protect from the evil eye.

The Flower of Life can be found in religions around the globe. In Israel, it is found in the ancient synagogues of Galilee and Masada. This symbol consists of the internal laws of creation, such as they materialized from the Great Void. The Flower of Life, or the Tree of Life, is the most famous sacred geometric pattern, which is said to have arisen from the thoughts of the Most High. The Flower of Life amulets contain Hebrew texts with a special spiritual meaning and serve as a reminder of our connection with nature or God.

Protect from evil, the evil eye, for good luck, success, and for many other good deeds, you can buy in our store. The store also has a large selection of Israeli food and health products. Convenient and secure payment, the possibility of exchange and return, delivery guarantee. Always for you!

Where do Jerusalem candles come from?

The Jerusalem candle is a torch of 33 candles. Their number corresponds to the earthly years of Jesus Christ. On the eve of Easter, on Great Saturday, the Holy Fire descends. In the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Jerusalem), a special service is held, at the end of which clerics endure the Holy Light (or the Holy Fire). It symbolizes the resurrection of the Savior.

According to legend, if the Holy Fire does not come down on this day, then the Apocalypse will come, the end of the world and the temple will be destroyed.

Every year thousands of pilgrims come to Jerusalem to receive the Holy Light. Many torches are lit on this day by the Holy Fire. Jerusalem candles (the photo shows that they are of different colors) keep the energy of purity and holiness for many years. A direct flight received the Holy Fire is transported to Cyprus and Greece. And then it is transported around the world.

In the holy land of Jerusalem, monks make candles. They are made from beeswax. Therefore, it is easy to recognize a fake - real Jerusalem candles exude the smell of honey.

Appearance of Holy Fire

The appearance of the Holy Light in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is considered one of the wonders of Orthodoxy. This sacrament is observed not only by pilgrims, but also by viewers of the whole world.

On the eve of the service all the lamps, candles, chandeliers are extinguished. The patriarch strips down to the cradle. This is done so that it can be seen - he doesn’t have any matches or other objects with him that help in the extraction of fire. This custom appeared after the Turkish authorities conducted a search inside the chapel. They even checked the pockets of the patriarch in search of matches or other means.

For the convergence of the Holy Fire, the sacristan brings a lamp and 33 Jerusalem candles to the cave (Cuvukliya). The significance of this action is the miraculous self-ignition that has been studied for centuries. A lamp filled with oil is placed in the middle of the Picturesque Coffin. The patriarchs (Orthodox and Armenian) enter Cuvukliya and the cave with them is sealed with wax.

In the temple, those present silently pray, confess their sins. Waiting lasts from 5 minutes to several hours. At that moment, when the flashes of fire appear, flashes a bell. Patriarchs go out, blessing the people and handing out the Holy Light.

In the first minutes the Holy Fire does not burn. Pilgrims scoop his hands, making ablutions. Such actions purify, instill in the soul the joy and happiness from communion with a miracle.

Two patriarchs

The presence of the Armenian Archimandrite at the descent of the Holy Light is a long tradition. She appeared in the days when Jerusalem was ruled by Muslims. The legend says that Armenians bought for huge money from the local ruler the right to single-handedly perform the ceremony in Cuvuklia. The Armenian Patriarch spent about 24 hours in a cave, praying for the descent of Fire. Other Holy Fathers were not even allowed into the temple. They stood nearby in the square. But the Holy Light never appeared in the cave.

The Patriarch of Constantinople prayed next to the temple, along with other priests. The beam that struck from the sky, hit the column, near which stood the Orthodox patriarch. Fiery bursts splashed out of the column in different directions. All the people standing near the temple, lit candles.

After this incident, the ruler of Jerusalem commanded the Rite in Cuvuklia to perform only the Patriarch of Constantinople. And for the edification of the Armenian Arikhimandrita, since then it was necessary to enter the cave with him and observe the performance of the ceremony.

Strange events in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Often the descent of the Holy Fire is accompanied by strange events. Lightning flashes sparkle in different places of the temple. Sometimes after such blinking appear luminous balls. They quickly move in a crowd of people or above it, without splitting or blurring. At some point the luminous ball lights the nearest candle or disappears, flashing.

The descent of the Holy Light, in some cases, is accompanied by sound phenomena. They are recorded in ancient historical sources, and are described in modern evidence. You can hear the rumble of thunder in the clear sun and clear sky.

Much less common are stories about self-repairing objects. For example, a hood or apostolic lights up during the descent of Fire. But after the flames are extinguished, things turn out to be whole, without scorched edges or burnt holes.

Blood and myrrh flow at the moment when the Holy Light appears. The very first case was described in 1572. Drops like blood appeared on the fez “Laying on a crown of thorns”. In the XIX century, the fez was replaced with an icon with a similar plot. And at the beginning of the 20th century (in 1939), on the night before Easter, she began to flow to the world. This was repeated in 2001. The icon of peace from the evening of Good Friday, but by Easter she returned to the old, untouched sight.

The strangest thing was that after episodes of myrrhiness, major historical events took place, accompanied by a massive loss of life. So, in 1572, 5 months later the St. Bartholomew night took place. In 1939, after 5 months, the Second World War began. In 2001, 5 months after the fact of myrrh, the terrorist attack occurred in the United States. The famous twin towers were destroyed, a large number of people died.

How to light Jerusalem candles?

The torch, lit from the Holy Light, is immediately extinguished. It is important to know that Jerusalem candles cannot be blown out. They can be extinguished only with a cap or with your fingers - so the holiness and amazing properties of the Holy Fire will be preserved in them.

Jerusalem candle, scorched by the Holy Light, requires proper storage and careful treatment. Each ignition carries miraculous energy. The priests do not recommend to divide the bundle of Sich. But in everyday life, people often give to relatives who know each candle from a torch. Such a gift personifies faith in eternal life and brings with it a particle of grace.

How to burn Jerusalem candles? On which holiday is it better to use them? The torch can be lit with a regular match. From this, he will not lose the wonderful properties. Then a church candle is set on fire from the torch. She becomes the bearer of the Holy Fire. And Jerusalem candles can be put out with a cap until the next time.

At Easter, a church candle is lit from the whole bunch. On other days and Orthodox holidays, it is allowed to light one Jerusalem candle and to burn the church candle from it. So the torch will last longer.

It is forbidden to light the candles of Jerusalem in the days of mourning, on Christmas, on Great Friday of Holy Week. This church ban is not negotiable.

Storage rules

A powerful talisman are 33 Jerusalem candles. How to use where to keep the holy torch? The bundle can be put to the home iconostasis. Do not store candles in a cupboard or sideboard. Even unlit, they carry within them a particle of light and grace. If there is no icon in the house, the torch can be put on the shelf in the red corner - this is the right far corner from the door.

After the Jerusalem candle has settled in the house, it should be lit and read a prayer of thanks.

Do not allow strong cooling or heating of the torch. At temperatures below -15 º it will crack. And if the apartment is hot, above + 25º, then the candles will begin to deform. Direct sunlight will fade their color.

It is best to wrap the bundle in a linen or cotton cloth and place it next to the house shrines - an amulet, cross, prayer book.

What are they needed for?

People who received a torch as a gift sometimes wonder why they need Jerusalem candles? What to do with them?

The power of the Holy Fire is transmitted through the flame of a torch. If you light a church candle from it, it will also become the bearer of the Holy Light. With it, you can clean the apartment of negative energy. Or put at the head of a seriously ill person. With a candle you can pray and ask for the fulfillment of desire.

Why light Jerusalem candles? How to use them? With a lit candle, you can ask:

  • about getting rid of sadness and grief,
  • about forgiveness and absolution
  • about getting rid of want, loneliness, disease,
  • about improving things
  • about promising work,
  • about luck in trading,
  • about the health of children and parents
  • about getting rid of alcoholism, drug addiction,
  • about admonishing a gratuitous husband (wife),
  • about protection from enemies, detractors,
  • about easy childbirth and baby health,
  • about improving relationships,
  • about a good road to travel,
  • about happiness in marriage.

Jerusalem candles can be used before starting a new, good deed and for consecration:

  • new purchases (real estate, car),
  • honeymooners
  • newborn baby.

Read the prayer before the candle in complete solitude, looking at the flames. If there is no home prayer, requests are made in their own words.

Fulfillment of desires

Helps to fulfill the cherished desire of Jerusalem candles. How to use them to make your dream come true?

All requests, prayers, desires are discussed one on one with the Higher Powers. It is necessary to light a candle, looking at the fire, to concentrate on the dream. Imagine that desire has come true. A few minutes to think about how life will change after the fulfillment of a dream.

Daily (from 3 to 7 days) you can ask for a miracle. After the request, be sure to thank God for all the luck in life. At the end of the prayer to extinguish the candle, without anyone talking, go to bed.

Jerusalem candles: the meaning of flowers

The torch, scorched by the Holy Fire, is in itself a spiritual gift and has miraculous power. Often such a beam becomes an attribute of magical influences. The clergy strongly condemn the use of the gracious power of fire for witchcraft. Forbearing actions with Jerusalem candles are forbidden.

But for the fulfillment of desires on sale can be found beams of different colors. Each of them has its own meaning and allows you to quickly come to the desired result. The source of great energy are Jerusalem candles. The meaning of flowers will help to concentrate the fertile power to bring good luck into the house or to get rid of loneliness.

Wax can “absorb” a large amount of information. And the colors of Jerusalem candles give them a peculiar character, feature.

Black color

The black color of the candles will help to cope with problems that have come over. He fights depression, blues, loss of strength.

If a person suspects that a negative impact has been imposed on him (spoilage, evil eye, curse) - you should definitely pray with black Jerusalem candles lit. They will help to level someone else's intrusion into the field of man.

If a small child begins to attend public places (kindergarten, school), it is necessary in the morning and before bedtime to light a black candle.

Red color

The symbol of love energy is red. Remove the crown of celibacy, get rid of loneliness will help Jerusalem candle. Red, it will protect the house, family from quarrels and scandals. Prayers in front of her will help to find love.

If betrayals began - it is worth every night to light a red candle. She will return good, harmonious relations to the family.

Green color

Green color is responsible for material well-being. Jerusalem candle of this shade will bring financial prosperity, will relieve from need. It will help to find a job in soul and strength. Will return good luck to the house.

Prayers in front of a green candle will return lost health. Green torch will help with alcoholism, drug addiction, impotence. Also by candlelight you can pray for the birth of a healthy child.


A powerful talisman are yellow Jerusalem candles. How to use them at home? Before a serious conversation, long-distance candles are lit yellow. They will bring support in new affairs and undertakings.

If there is a curse in the family, the yellow torch will smooth out the negative program. При болезнях, депрессиях, неудачах следует молиться, просить исполнения желания у иерусалимской свечи.

White color

Белый цвет является нейтральным. Он защищает людей и дом от негативных воздействий, клеветы, недобрых посетителей. Белый факел принесет собой мир и гармонию.

Prayers before a white candle confer wisdom, patience. Returned peace of mind. It is lit in difficult times and asked to give strength, calm in a difficult life situation.


The very first evidence of the Holy Fire falls on the VI century. But they have a description of an earlier convergence of Light. Some Christian denominations are offended that the Holy Fire appears on their Passover. Why only the Orthodox faith marked such a miracle? There is a legend that it is closest to the teachings of Christ. How true is this statement? Until then, theological disputes are held, in which each denomination defends its point of view.

Jerusalem candles carry great potential - they allow you to feel the divine spirit at home. They can be purchased or received as a gift only once a year - after the Easter holiday. When using candles allowed:

  • separate them, give, use one candle at a time,
  • light a regular candle from jerusalem
  • set fire to the entire torch or one candle during prayers, holidays,
  • extinguish the Jerusalem candle with a cap, with your fingers (do not blow it out).

Jerusalem candles are lit during prayers and Orthodox holidays, in the days of troubles and doubts. Their gracious power will help strengthen the faith, give strength, fill the house with positive energy.

The torch is not lit on Great Friday of Holy Week and at Christmas. Jerusalem candles - a symbol of joy and the miracle of the resurrection.