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What should be the perfect brunch?


"Brunch" - what does this word mean? This concept includes a tradition in Europe for a long time on weekends to dine in a restaurant. Brunch is a late breakfast. This word came from the English breakfast and lunch. However, in fact, it is a Sunday full dinner.

Brunch - what is this tradition, what is its story? The idea belongs to the Oxford students. It began in the eighties of the nineteenth century. In those days, brunch was held Sunday dinners only in prestigious hotels and restaurants. Such meals talked about the undoubted sign of the quality of the institution.

Family brunch is a great idea for a Sunday getaway. They can meet with friends or business partners.

Brunch - what does this concept carry? For housewives, this tradition is a great Sunday gastronomic scenario. In the restaurant you can relax perfectly after everyday kitchen troubles. You can meet here with your loved one. Undoubtedly, this is a wonderful start and a great continuation of the weekend.

Branches are organized, as a rule, based on the principle of "all inclusive". This allows you to enjoy delicacies in any quantity for a fixed fee. The main principle of such a dinner is its unhurriedness, because it is designed for several hours. That is why, when answering the question of brunch - what it is, you can characterize the Sunday visit to the restaurant as an ideal pastime. During family dinners, restaurants offer gastronomic workshops from their chefs.

Children's brunches are accompanied by specially prepared programs designed for small gourmets. In addition, kids are waiting for special dishes and clowns. Arrange brunch at the weekend during the daytime (from 13 to 16-30).

Nowadays, brunches are especially popular in the USA. For a typical American family, such a Sunday pastime is a constant ritual. The city of brunch is called New York. Residents of this metropolis willingly leave their homes on weekends to pamper themselves, their family and friends with sandwiches or sweets. The most popular dish of American brunch are eggs "Benedict." This classic dish has more than a century of history. Canadian bacon and Hollandaise sauce, English muffin and poached eggs are used as ingredients in its preparation.

Recently, Chinese restaurants have become increasingly popular. In them, brunch is a tea ceremony with a treat of light dishes, which include vegetables, rice, seafood, etc.

There are branches for special occasions. Restaurants and hotels in many countries of the world serve special treats on big holidays. These include Easter, Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day.

After a light morning breakfast it will be nice to go to a cozy restaurant with the whole family. Such weekend dinners are also gaining popularity in Russia. In order to attract visitors, places are organized entertainment programs and dance shows. There are also themed brunches. They can be fish, Italian, Asian, etc. However, it is worth remembering that the main thing in brunch is not food. The main thing in them is communication with relatives and the opportunity to enjoy Sunday rest.

Aristocratic tradition

From England, the tradition of a long feast on a day off after an early breakfast migrated to the United States, where the local elite instantly picked up this great idea. Allowing herself to have nightly fun, she received an excellent opportunity to give the body a pleasant and unhurried awakening, enjoying delicious dishes without haste. In addition, the brunch included inviting guests, who in this case were recent night adventure colleagues.

After some time, from elite circles, where brunch was considered more likely a reason for re-meetings and discussions of previous parties, it turned into a family tradition. To arrange such feasts was taken from 11.00 to 16.00, and their main features were the secular nature, slowness and satiety of the dishes served.

What should it consist of?

  1. Eggs This is a required component. Usually, they are cooked with fried eggs, but omelette, poached eggs, and Italian frittata are also held in high esteem, and various fillings are put inside. In England, three eggs are served per guest.
  2. Meat products. Traditionally, the British eat highly fried sausages. But it can also be bacon or ham.
  3. A fish. Especially often the list of dishes for late breakfast complements the cutting of smoked red fish, to which you can offer Dutch sauce from butter, yolks, lemon juice and spices.
  4. Vegetables. In order for the stomach not to be overloaded with foods high in protein and fat, plant fiber is needed. Especially a lot of it in avocados, broccoli, legumes and cereals. A favorite addition to breakfast in England is white beans.
  5. Smoothies and cereals. Although they are not traditional brunch dishes, they are still very well suited to it. It is nutritious and tasty, besides, such products will help to improve digestion.
  6. Bakery products. Late breakfasts often end with a cup of coffee or tea with aromatic pastries. After all, when to pamper yourself with such a delicacy, if not on a day off. In Europe, brunch is served with an easy-to-cook quiche loren, an open pie with shortbread dough.
  7. Dessert. Here the flight of fantasy is unlimited - pancakes with berry sauce, pancakes, cheese cakes, buns, or Belgian waffles with jam, adored in America and Europe.
  8. Alcohol. This, by the way, is another feature of brunch. After all, the breakfast menu consists entirely of soft drinks. Usually on the tables you can see dry white wines or sparkling wine. But if you agreed to a classic English breakfast, then it is allowed to serve dark beer. Various liqueurs and tinctures are perfectly combined with desserts.

The main thing you need to have when organizing a brunch is enough time. After all, it is a long feast, during which you can chat and eat deliciously, without haste, and is the true meaning of brunch. Enjoy your meal!

Business lunch

Business lunch is somewhat different from the usual. It usually provides a preliminary invitation by phone. As a rule, lunch itself takes place in a small restaurant or cafe and involves a fairly casual form of clothing. Of course, this does not mean that you can come to him in a T-shirt and torn jeans, but a discreet dress or shirt with pants will be more than appropriate. As for payment, the one who invites is usually paid.

Business lunch includes three dishes: snack, main course and dessert. The setting is quite simple: forks for snacks, a fork and knife for the main course and a spoon for dessert. All this is located on the edges of the plate, a pie plate for bread is placed just above the left. Depending on the choice of drinks, a glass of water can stand on the right above the plate, as well as a wine glass and a cup for tea or coffee.

The main difference between brunch and lunch in the atmosphere, as well as time. Branche called the meal that takes place between breakfast and lunch, it is about 11 o'clock in the morning. Most often, brunch involves an informal friendly chat, so it is often held on Sundays. It could be just a meeting of friends with families, or maybe a corporate party with a manager, suggesting the presence of wives / husbands and children. The atmosphere is often relaxed, quite often picnic.

From food, the most preferable are various types of baking, as well as grilled vegetables or fish. Desserts and fresh fruit will be appropriate. The change of dishes does not occur, because brunch is a large buffet, to which each guest can come up and take what he wants. It is important to take care of a sufficient amount of soft drinks, as well as low alcohol drinks with ice, if you intend to serve them.

Such a setting is done not only to create a friendly atmosphere, but also to ensure that the hostess is relieved of the duties of a waitress and can have a good time with the guests. So, if you plan to organize a small brunch in the coming weekend, be aware that the organizational points should be minimal. The main thing is a good mood.

The basic rules that unite lunch and brunch include light meals, easy conversation, and a short duration of time. Keep in mind that lunch and even Sunday brunch is not a dinner party, so do not stretch them all day. Of course, you can make brunch, smoothly flowing to lunch and dinner, but do not forget to warn guests about this - they may have other plans for the evening.