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Keratin hair straightening Inoar


Sometimes owners of playful curls want to straighten them to look different. But the irons smooth curls long and tiring, but the best keratin for hair straightening will do it efficiently and for a long time.

This cosmetic procedure for unruly curls can be done at home.

Keratin straightening is unique: it will flatten not only natural curls, but also after chemical perms. After all, this is a restorative procedure in which silicone and keratin intensively enrich the structure of the hair and protect it with an enveloping film.

Features of the procedure

Curls after such a procedure, straighten, become obedient, smooth and shiny.

This magic effect lasts up to six months and depends on the composition of keratin cosmetic preparations, the initial state of our hair and the professionalism of home care.

The effect of the composition on the hair

The instruction lists the components of a particular keratin straightener.

  • Aldehydes and its analogues under the influence of high temperature ironing form formaldehyde vapors, which act as keratolytics.

Formaldehyde straightens any hair, silicone gives them shine.

  • Aldehydes react with the natural keratin of our hairs, destroying disulfide bonds under the heated iron, so the curls and straighten.
  • Keratin-silicone film envelops each hair, as after lamination or glossing.
  • During heat treatment, the scales under the iron are smoothed and sealed.
  • Leveling curly, thick and thick natural curls that can not be styled.
  • In case of hair loss, we should refrain from this procedure, as the keratin composition makes the hairs heavier - and weakened follicles cannot hold them, which will lead to even greater loss.
  • The procedure is also unsafe in allergies, because formaldehyde provokes their manifestation.


The procedure is successful on any type of hair.

  • This is a good alternative to chemical rectification.
  • Facilitates daily styling: strands become obedient, well-groomed, smooth and delightfully shine.
  • The effect will last almost 5 months, and the hairstyle is perfectly preserved in any weather.
  • Disheveled curls will be smoothed by the first procedure. We completely eliminate tousled hairstyles.
  • The subsequent correction will take a minimum of time.
  • The session is possible already after 2 weeks after the un-liked perm.
  • The protective shell formed on the hairs will protect them from harmful external influences.
  • The procedure will relieve hair from static electricity, because the strands will be perfectly smooth, because the scales are sealed.
  • Absolutely smooth and shiny hair reflects ultraviolet light, and the dust from them will simply slip, not lingering.

Unfortunately, there is no absolutely safe straightener. And there is formaldehyde, which will smooth the curls for a long time, and silicone, which will make them dense and shining in just 1 session.

The essence of the process: hair is impregnated with harmful formaldehyde, from which it is straightened (and not from keratin, as indicated in the name of the procedure), and with silicone - it makes them shiny and well-groomed. But keratin in the composition, of course, useful hair

This straightening silicone cosmetics is gradually washed away (with natural keratin!), Weakening the hair.

From silicone hairs dramatically heavier, and the bulbs are accustomed to a gradual weight gain during hair growth. Therefore, many of them drop the hair shaft.

Types of keratin straightening

Developed different types of keratin for hair straightening.

There is no particular difference between any keratin formulations, there are only differences in the percentage ratio of aldehydes. The main ones are the Brazilian Keratine Treatment and the American Keratin Complex Therapy.

Note! The shorter the duration of the effect the manufacturers promise, the safer their product: after all, it has less aggressive chemistry.


The complex (shampoo, basic agent, fixing mask) costs about 16,000 rubles.

  • The drug will eliminate dullness, fragility of the order and make them smooth and healthy.
  • Protein will fill the voids of scales and protect hair from external negative.
  • The effect lasts 5 months.
  • Curls will not appear even in rain and fog.

Consumption composition for medium hair density:

  • Caret - 50 ml
  • shoulders - 60 ml,
  • to the blades - 80 ml,
  • waist - from 100 ml.

This means that this set is calculated for about 15 sessions.


The photo is an American product.

  • This formula has a lower percentage of formaldehyde. This condition will heal the hair, fill it with life.
  • Keratin regenerates hairs at the cellular level.
  • The effect will last only 2 months, and then we will refresh it with a second procedure.
  • The cost of this tool is much more than the Brazilian.
  • The minimum price for salon keratin straightening is about 4000 rubles. for short hair and 7000 rubles. on average.

Description of keratin straightening technique

Salon straightening takes 4 hours, although it depends on the experience of the master, as well as on the length of curls.

The essence of the action is that under the influence of a temperature of + 200 degrees keratin coagulates and thinly envelops the protective sheath. Keratin molecules penetrate inside, improving the structure.

And formaldehyde eliminates the tousled hairstyle. In this case, all the porous places, as well as the tips are sealed, providing a chic shine and smoothness.

Salon straightening

Aligning curls with keratin is now the most effective procedure.

The hair shaft becomes much more susceptible to this cosmetic preparation.

This stage is long, because smoothing one thin strand takes up to 5 minutes.

At home

Modern cosmetic developments are designed for independent home straightening, although it is inconvenient to equate the curls with the ironing behind.

This procedure is similar to the salon.

So, we act with our own hands as professionals.

  • First, well wash the head with the shampoo attached in the keratin set. As a rule, it is a deep cleansing drug and removes any dirt from the curls on the hair rods and from the revealed scales.
  • Soaking the curls with a soft towel, apply the basic composition on them.

Tip! It is convenient when applying to use a thin comb that separates small strands up to 2 cm. It also distributes the straightening agent evenly over the curls, because their smoothing will be successful from this.

  • Then the strands processed with this composition slowly dry with a hairdryer on its average power.then the straightening drug is better absorbed.
  • Curls smooth styler. Remember that the quality of this work depends on the type of strands over the coming months. On the back part the invited assistant aligns the curls better.


In the 72 hours following the session, we will achieve the best result if we are NOT:

  • make a tail tail
  • use invisible hairpins, hairpins, clips,
  • wear glasses, pressing down their hair,
  • moisturize styling cosmetics,
  • wash your hair

Then we will not be puzzled why keratin did not straighten hair.

Tip! After this smoothing of the curls for 2 weeks, it is better not to stain them, so as not to damage the thin shell that has formed. If coloring is inevitable, it is worth making it before leveling.

Shiny and silky curls always attract everyone's attention

When keratin straightening used cosmetics from natural ingredients. They gently affect our hair. This keratin, protein and nutritional ingredients - in fact, the liquid version of the hair.

Keratin molecules quickly and deeply penetrate the hair shaft, strengthening the structure from the inside, and thus protect the hair from the negative formula that straightens hair.

This straightening will simplify the daily styling, strengthen the hair damaged by chemical bleaching and highlighting. Now let's see this action on the video in this article.

Golden mean. All about the procedure (the secrets of the master)


To begin with, keratin is the protein that our hair consists of. I have been doing keratin hair restoration for about a year, I have tried many brands of keratin in different categories from economy to premium class. And with confidence I can say that INOAR Moroccan Treatment is the golden mean. It is economical, convenient to use, perfectly smoothes hair, it is not expensive, relative to other premium brand keratins.

The composition and safety of keratin

According to many, keratin is harmful to health, but keratin itself is in no way harmful, evaporating which are formed at the final stage of the procedure - working with iron, harmful, but official keratin suppliers always have certificates of conformity about the harmlessness of this composition, and formaldehyde, which everyone is so keen on frighten, it is allocated in admissible, harmless to health quantity.

Keratin as a dietary supplement in hair care products

A.I. Sapozhnikova, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Toxic-hygienic tests conducted on various types of laboratory animals showed that the resulting preparation is harmless, does not have skin-irritating, resorptive and sensitizing effects in concentrations of the intended input to the formulation of products, and also does not cause a damaging effect on the mucous membranes of the eye and the cornea. Histological examination of skin biopsy specimens revealed the biological activity of the drug, which was confirmed by the proliferation of fibroblasts in the dermis, dilatation of the mouths of hair follicles, and water-holding effect. Biochemical experiments revealed that keratin at a 10% concentration significantly increased the content of total soluble skin proteins and did not change the level of total total lipids of experimental animals as compared with the control group. It was also established that experimental water-oil emulsions containing keratin stimulated the growth of rat hair by 37-65% as compared with the control.


Keratin INOAR Moroccan Treatment is thick in consistency, so it is very convenient to use, it does not drain from the brush during work, it tightly covers the hair.

Mode of application

1. Rinse the hair with deep cleaning shampoo 2-4 times, preferably the same brand as keratin.

2. Dry hair to 100% dryness, the air temperature is not important.

3. Before applying, ALWAYS shake the bottle with the product several times so that all components are well mixed. Separate the hair on the occipital and temporal parts, retreating from the roots 1-2 cm. Apply the composition with a silicone brush (thanks to the silicone brush, the composition is less consumed and easier to apply) combing hairbrush with a small step, thereby removing the excess keratin from the hair. We process all the hair in this way.

4. Withstand the composition of hair from 20 minutes.

5. Start drying. Here it is VERY IMPORTANT to dry hair with COLD air only up to 100% dryness. Remember keratin is afraid of water and heat!

6. We divide the hair on the occipital and temporal parts, heat the iron to 230 ° C. The width of the strand is important, that is, the strand should be as thin as possible, keep the iron at a 90 ° C angle, so you will avoid creases at the roots. We pull back the strand 2-3 times, then tightly squeezing the hair between the plates, straighten the ironing up to 12 times, without twisting the ends.

7. It is possible to wash the hair on the same day, not earlier than in 40 minutes, under warm water (WITHOUT A SHAMPOO.) And dry it with a hairdryer.


Hair is soft, well-groomed, filled, easy to comb, do not get confused, do not push, even in wet weather.

Care instructions

Since the drug is not chemically aggressive, such as perm or permanent straightening and does not affect disulfide bonds, that is, does not destroy them, but only restores, being like a “shape memory”, the effect lasts from 3 to 6 months depending on the structure and extent of damage to the hair (that is, depending on the initial condition of the hair) and the subsequent care for them. The more porous the hair, the deeper the drug penetrates the hair shaft. The tool has a cumulative (cumulative) property. Each subsequent procedure increases the duration of the result.

1. This procedure is absolutely harmless to health, and especially to hair. First of all, it is hair restoration, saturation with keratin from the inside.

2. For a complete smoothing of very curly, damaged, split ends or very thick hair, 3 PROCEDURES may be needed once a month.

3. To maintain the effect of straightening, it is necessary to use only SLEEPLESS SHAMPOOS. They are now in a wide range in stores and at an affordable price (from 100 rubles). Many girls believe that shampoo without SLS is a useless tool, but these shampoos are not only hair-friendly after keratin straightening.

4. You can dye your hair WEEK before the procedure or 2 weeks after it.

5. Dry hair with a hair dryer! Under the influence of heat treatment, the hair takes on a sleek look. If dried in a natural way, the waves will appear, as keratin hardens under high temperature and takes a given look!

YOU must understand that, first of all, this procedure of hair restoration.

Keratin is suitable for any type of hair, bleached, burned, fluffy, damaged, wavy, curly, thick or liquid, thin or thick, the basic principle of homeopathy, according to which "like is treated like."

What it is?

In general, keratin is a special natural protein that is part of our hair, nails and even the corneas of the eyes. This substance provides the correct structure of tissues. If the hair is fluffy, weakened and has a porous structure, then, most likely, they simply do not have enough keratin. But it is quite possible to fix it.

During the procedure of keratin hair straightening, a specialist applies a special composition to the hair, which contains keratin. The substance penetrates the hair structure. And then the master uses the iron. And with such a thermal effect, keratin coagulates and forms an invisible to the eye, but a very strong film. Due to this, the hair straightens and becomes stronger and healthier.

How do they do it in the cabin?

If you decide to make a keratin hair straightening in the salon, then here are the main stages of the procedure:

  1. First, the master will wash your hair with a special deep-cleaning shampoo, which will remove all that is superfluous and allow the substances of the compound to easily penetrate the hair structure.
  2. Then the specialist will apply a keratin composition to the hair. Ideally, it is selected individually for each client and taking into account the structure of the hair. When applied, the master will retreat about 1 centimeter from the roots, since the composition should not affect the scalp.
  3. Then the curls will be divided into large strands. Master using ironing will straighten strand by strand. Temperature, by the way, should also be selected individually. With such manipulations, keratin will form a film on the hair.

As you have seen, the technology is very simple, so that the procedure can also be carried out at home.

Choose a tool

The choice of means for straightening should be considered carefully and responsibly, since the final result directly depends on the composition. What you need to pay attention to?

  • Acquire any means better in professional stores.
  • The price of the qualitative composition can not be too low. But overpaying for the brand is also optional.
  • It is best to seek advice from an experienced master, he will tell you what is right for you.
  • Consider the color of your hair. So, if you are a blonde, then it is worth to choose gentle compositions, since blond hair is naturally weaker than dark hair. The same applies to colored curls. And if you regularly bleach your hair, then you should choose the most benign remedy, otherwise you risk spoiling your hair (after all, keratin straightening is a chemical effect).
  • You also need to determine the type of hair. So, if the hair is soft, then semi-professional compositions are suitable, for example, such as “Keratin research”, “Ekoz”, “Aqva”, “Inoar”, “CocoChoco”. For medium-curly hair, choose one of the following products: "Inoar", "Daniel Philipp", "Cadiveu". But if the hair is tight, then you should use only professional products with a long-lasting effect: “Cadiveu”, “Brazilian blowout”, “Global Keratin”, “Inoar”, “Coppola”.

What is required for the procedure?

What is needed for keratin straightening? Here is a list:

  • Shampoo. Before applying the head, it is better to wash it with a special shampoo from the same series, this will strengthen the effect.
  • Straightener.
  • Spray bottle. It will allow to apply and distribute the composition evenly, which is very important.
  • Barrette. It will simplify the procedure.
  • Hair straightener. It is desirable to take the device with a ceramic coating, it is most harmless to hair.
  • Hairbrush. The best option is a round brush.
  • Hair dryer It is needed in order to dry hair, it will allow substances to better penetrate into the hair structure.

How is the procedure?

How to make homemade keratin hair straightening? Here are the main steps:

  1. Wash your hair with a special shampoo. Лучше сделать это два раза. Затем высушите локоны с помощью полотенца.
  2. Means for straightening type in the spray.
  3. Secure hair with hairpins at the back of the head.
  4. Separate small strands one by one, apply the composition to it and immediately comb it so that it is better absorbed. Do not touch the roots!
  5. Wait 15 minutes (you will learn the exact time from the instructions).
  6. Blow-dry your hair while straightening it with a comb.
  7. Slam your hair again. Separate one strand of medium size, straighten it with an iron. It is better to seek help from a friend, as you are unlikely to succeed in straightening the occipital locks.
  8. Apply a special keratin serum.

What should be the care after straightening? Here are some important points:

  1. You can wash your hair after the procedure only after three days (although with the use of some drugs this can be done the very next day).
  2. Three or four days do not stack and do not curl your hair, do not use hairpins and elastic bands.
  3. For two weeks, do not perform any other procedures.
  4. Repeated straightening to fix the result can be performed no earlier than 10 days after the first procedure.
  5. Within three days after the straightening, give up swimming in the sea and in the pool, as well as intensive loads.
  6. Brush your hair gently.

1) In fact, “straightening” is just a marketing ploy, and the procedure is initially aimed at the restoration and treatment of hair.

The composition with keratin under the influence of high temperature is temporarily “sealed” in the hair structure, filling it with shine, strength and, at the same time, straightening them. Marketers decided to focus on this pleasant "side effect". But if you have strong and elastic curls, after keratin straightening they will not turn into perfectly straight. They will be more obedient and curly. Initially, curly hair will become wavy, and wavy - more straight. And only on straight lines from nature this procedure will give the result of a perfectly smooth, flowing hair with a glossy shine.

2) After kerativic straightening requires special care.

First, you need to limit yourself to using regular shampoos, prefer non-sulphate. Secondly, for a few months you have to give up any oils and masks. Oils weight the hair structure, and the masks loosen its cuticle and contribute to the leaching of keratin. How long the result of the procedure lasts depends on your lifestyle. If you go to the pool, often wash your hair, go on vacation, where you will swim in the salty sea water under the scorching rays of the sun, the effect will not last long.

4) If you dye your hair, do it before, not after the procedure.

In this case, the hair color will last longer, as the dye pigment is also sealed with keratin. But if a dye is applied after keratin straightening, the effect of the procedure will immediately decrease. The exception is if you dye only the hair roots. In this case, you can be absolutely sure about the result, since the keratin composition is always applied by the master, retreating from the roots by 3-4 cm.

5) Keratin straightening can not be done independently at home.

This is one of the most technically complex procedures, which requires the master to be highly professional and to strictly follow the rules for applying the composition. In this case, experience is also very important. If your master cuts and dyes hair perfectly, but is a newcomer to keratin straightening, it is better to refuse the procedure. The slightest mistake in drawing up the proportions of the composition and its application, holding or ironing - and at best, there will be no effect on the procedure.

6) If after the procedure, the hair did not become better, but on the contrary, deteriorated, in 90% the reason for this was the master’s mistake.

After application, keratin must be “sealed” with an ironing device at a temperature of 230 degrees. If the master applied too little keratin composition or did it unevenly along the length of the strands, then the 230 degrees burn the hair itself. In this case, instead of recovering, they will be even more traumatized.

7) If after keratin straightening the hair became “oily”, quickly get dirty and visually lost in volume, then the procedure is technically incorrect.

Hair can "zazhirnitsya" if the master was mistaken in the amount of keratin composition, caused him too much or overexposed him. The most important thing in this procedure is the refined technique of performing step by step instructions. For example, the amount of funds that is suitable for voluminous hair and thick hair for thin hair will be too "heavy."

11) Keratin straightening does not affect the thickness of the hair shaft, after the procedure the hair will not become thicker.

Keratin will make your curls more shiny, resilient, restored and smooth. They will stop pushing from the humidity, become more docile in any styling, curls and curls straighten. But quantitatively they will not be more. The impression of volume is created by enveloping the hair with a keratin composition. And if you have initially porous and badly damaged hair, in this case, the recovery effect will be most noticeable.

13) Many manufacturers write that there is no formaldehyde in their keratin formulations, partly it is.

In fact, it cannot be part of it, because formaldehyde is a gas whose vapors arise as a result of certain chemical reactions with keratin, which occur under the influence of hot temperatures. Unfortunately, during the procedure, he really stands out, but in a minimal amount. To date, there are about 10-15 brands on the market that produce compositions for keratin straightening. In work with some, the smell is almost not felt, in others it is felt stronger. The choice of a suitable tool also depends on the experience of the master, specialization and the level of the cabin. How to make sure that the composition is really harmless?

If this service is presented in the salon a long time ago, the master does not specialize in it for the first year, and the price for it is not lower than the market price - here are some indirect signs that you should not worry about the result of the procedure and your own health.

15) There are no contraindications for this procedure.

It can be performed on any hair: curly, wavy, straight, dyed and unstained, brittle, damaged and healthy, thin and dense. Keratin is a natural protein that makes up our hair. Restoring it, absolutely any curls acquire vitality and brilliance. If desired, the procedure can be done even for pregnant and lactating mothers. If a good composition is used in the cabin and a professional master works with you, then there should be no side effects.

How is keratin hair straightening in salons

Immediately, I note that it is better to perform a keratin straightening with a good master, who has extensive experience working with negligent clients' hair. Savings here will be questionable, as an inexpensive service implies the use of cheap materials and the poor quality of the procedure. And if you plan to improve and straighten hair for the next six months, then do not be too lazy to read reviews about the work of the master you are interested in. In the meantime, let's see with you what a keratin hair straightening procedure is.

Preparation of hair for the application of keratin. So that the composition is well absorbed into each hair, the curls need to be prepared, removing from them all the existing dirt and grease. To do this, you must thoroughly comb your hair and wash it with a special shampoo of deep cleaning.

The next stage is the application of a keratin preparation to the hair. This procedure is performed on slightly towel-dried hair. Means with protein and keratin is applied very carefully, promazyvaya each hair on the client's head.

This is followed by drying the hair. Drying under a hairdresser's cap is considered correct, allowing the procedure to be performed at higher temperatures. But many masters are well wielded and hairdryer. So here they act based solely on their preferences.

And, finally, the final stage - straightening hair ironing. This procedure is necessary for durable sealing of each hair with keratin. A professional iron with a heating temperature of at least 230 ° C is used for this.

Keratin hair straightening

How responsibly you will treat hair care after straightening with keratin will depend on how many months you can postpone the next visit to your master. So get acquainted with the general recommendations:

  • Do not wash my head and do not use styling products for 3-4 days after the procedure.
  • Do not do any hairstyles, do not stab hair and in general touch them during this time. In the morning, just comb them with a comb and leave them loose.
  • Make hair coloring before keratin straightening or postpone the painting for the next two weeks.
  • To wash your hair, use only professional non-sulfate shampoo.

How to make a keratin straightening yourself

If you are not ready to spend several thousand hard earned on straightening hair in the advertised salon, then it makes sense to carry out this procedure at home. Given the cost of materials, it cannot be said that such an alignment will cost three kopecks. Cheap means will be ineffective for a stable result, and good cosmetics at a price comparable to salon straightening. But it will be a one-time cost, and you buy keratin enough for 5-7 times, depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

I described the general technology of keratin hair straightening above. Home procedure in its order is no different from the salon.

Pay attention: keratin straightening on damaged hair is performed at lower ironing temperature (up to 210 ° C). Ironing along the strands should be smooth, but not too slow to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the hair. In addition, you should not be zealous at the tips - they are much more sensitive to the effects of high temperatures.

When you are thoroughly familiar with the technology, you can begin to prepare. But first you need to buy all the necessary tools and, if necessary, borrow the necessary tools from a friend.

For straightening and treating hair with keratin you will need special cosmetics. Buy it best in professional stores. There are several advantages. First, the sellers in this store will always give you a free consultation on each manufacturer. You shouldn’t unconditionally believe all their words (marketing has not been canceled yet), but in general you can get a decent idea. Secondly, many stores are ready to offer cosmetics for keratin straightening for bottling. This is a convenient option for those who are just familiar with the procedure on themselves and are not ready to empty the wallet for the liter of necessary funds.

For the home straightening procedure, you will need a cleansing shampoo, a keratin composition itself, as well as a mask and a sulphate-free shampoo for caring for the strands in the future. It is advisable to choose all the cosmetics from one manufacturer, since each brand has its own nuances regarding the instructions for use. By the way, do not forget to examine it carefully before proceeding with the application of keratin on your hair.

Now about the tools. I think that you can find a hairdryer and an iron, like any modern girl. If anything, they can always be borrowed from a friend. By the way, about a friend ... Most likely you will need her help in performing the procedure itself. Keep your hands up all 2−3 hours while you pull each strand, you are unlikely to be able to, and she can help in case of anything.

Here, in fact, all the difficulties. But for the first time, I would advise you to perform keratin hair straightening in a good salon. Still, adherence to safety procedures during the procedure is an important point not only for perfectly smooth, but also healthy strands.

What is the secret of the wonderful composition

The fact is that the substances that make up the keratin straightening, literally restore the structure, even if your hair is very badly damaged from all sorts of techniques: for example, from irons and hair dryers. Also, another remarkable advantage of keratin hair straightening is that the hair itself grows much longer and faster, it becomes thicker.

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If you often use irons and hair dryers, and also combine water as cold and hot when washing hair, which, by the way, is not allowed to do, then keratin acts as a defense that acts favorably, it is a kind of effect on the hair as the real protecting film.

In our time, the procedure of straightening hair with keratin has become quite affordable, inexpensive and quite popular therapy. You just need to call the beauty salon and make an appointment at any time convenient for you. Also, straightening speaks for itself - hair becomes straight. This means that you should not use irons anymore if your hair is curled.

Forget that every day and every morning you need to carry out the procedure of straightening. So how exactly keratin hair straightening is the most worthy alternative to any different technology and attributes that you use in the morning. How does the whole procedure work? Is it effective? Let's try to figure it out.

Main types of straightening

And the first thing to remember is that straightening hair with keratin is of three main types, each of which is slightly different from the second. There are Japanese straightening, chemical straightening and Brazilian straightening. Now we will consider each of these species separately, in order to understand what their essence is and how they differ from each other.

Chemical hair straightening includes ammonium thioglycolate and sodium, also everything is mixed with a fairly rigid alkalinity in nature. Thanks to this wild composition, the scalp begins to smudge and irritate at the same time, and the hair then becomes silky and straight, beautiful and smooth, and even after bathing it does not lose its remarkable effect.

Chemical straightening is that it is the most dangerous effect on the hair. The fact is that the girl’s head seems to be quite well-groomed and beautiful, but the hellish composition that goes into chemical straightening literally damages the entire growth structure, and also breaks all sorts of protein bonds in the head.

Not every master can apply chemical straightening competently and thoroughly, because the whole procedure is done very quickly, sharply and fairly accurately. One of the main advantages of such chemical therapy is that it all lasts for quite a long time. But there is a clear disadvantage, due to which many girls refuse to do this type of hair straightening.

What does work depend on?

The fact is that much depends on the thickness of the hair, but here it is completely different, because someone has thick hair, and someone has thinner hair. So, the effect depends on the speed of the application of chemical hair straightening. Therefore, many girls are very afraid to resort to chemical therapy. Moreover, professional hairdressers around the world do not recommend such straightening on hair that has been streaked, on very light hair, as well as on hair that already has a perm.

We now turn to the Japanese hair straightening. This is a softer and lighter option to make hair look even and straight. But here you can immediately point to a significant minus. The fact is that after the Japanese keratin hair straightening, the head looks just unnaturally straight and level, it creates the feeling that the girl is carrying an iron in her purse, with which every free time she straightens her hair.

It sounds rather strange, but if you search on the Internet for a similar topic about Japanese straightening, you can see that the girls' hair is literally fake, the feeling that they are just beautiful wigs. Another drawback is that it is the Japanese hair straightening (despite the fact that the composition in it is quite softer than in the chemical), violates the integrity of the hair. It is understood that fragile beautiful female hair becomes so brittle that it seems you can take it up - and it will immediately disappear. If you decided to resort to Japanese straightening, then think about the fact that every day you will have to use masks and balms, serums and all sorts of other cosmetic detergent attributes to maintain nutrition. Otherwise, you simply risk losing your length.

How does the Brazilian straightening

Well and, in more detail about the Brazilian hair straightening. This procedure, on the contrary, favorably affects the scalp, and it is also surprising that all this restores the structure of the hair and their growth. This procedure is used in all hairdressing and beauty salons. Главное, чтобы техника выполнения была правильной.

Если обратить внимание на состав бразильского кератинового выпрямления, то можно увидеть, чтовходящие в него вещества не такие уж и агрессивные, как первый и второй тип. В бразильское выпрямление волос входит в состав овечья шерсть,всевозможная соль с разных мест Мертвого моря, натуральные масла (растительные!), а также экстракты известных лечебных растений.

Brazilian straightening rather favorably affects the scalp, and also with the help of its nutrients restores hair growth, which is why they begin to grow thicker, longer, faster and longer. Thus, if you compare this with the effect in practice, then you will have really healthy hair, which everyone will admire.

And since the Japanese straightening and chemical is not so rich in its structure and visual image, we will analyze Brazilian straightening, as one of the most popular and relevant in our time.

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The composition of the Brazilian hair straightening includes such components that help 97% smooth hair. The duration of such a procedure is valid from one to four months. This is the longest length of hair straightening socks. Moreover, if your hair is very dull, unremarkable and not memorable, then it is Brazilian keratin straightening that will help you to get a brilliant look, shine, and also give your hair a wonderful color.

It is worth noting that, along with two other straightenings, it is Brazilian that helps hair to be combed very easily and easily, the hair itself does not pull out and does not accumulate static electricity at all. If chemical straightening cannot be applied to pregnant women, then Brazilian, on the contrary, can apply absolutely everything.

What is the essence of the procedure?

Before you apply keratin to your hair, be sure to thoroughly rinse them with shampoo so that they are completely clean of dirt, dust and other accumulations that have settled on them in a day. By the way, you even have no idea how much dust your hair absorbs.

That is why we wash them every three to four days, since they cannot stand for more than a week. Therefore, they make themselves known about washing by the state of fat. It is clean hair that allows you to open all the scales that provide penetration of this very keratin. After that, be sure to dry the hair well, but, in any case, not a hair dryer. Better use a regular towel.

After you dry and dry your hair well, you should proceed to the therapy itself. The master begins to slowly coat each hair with makeup, it all depends on your length and thickness. This process lasts about 15-25 minutes, again everything depends on the length of your hair: so, if they are short, then even 10 minutes will be enough, if they are of medium length, then about 20 minutes will suffice for full dressing.

After keratin straightening is applied to the hair, they begin to dry. Thus, each strand begins to literally bake in keratin liquid. In general, it sounds pretty scary, but this effect cannot be described in any other way. After the hair is all dried, all the hair scales are closed - all this is processed with a special cosmetic ironing. And after all this, wash your hair.

This is such a strange procedure. It would seem that you first need to wash your hair, dry it, and only then straighten it out, but no, the keratin straightening procedure includes a completely reverse procedure.

How should care for hair after a Brazilian keratin straightening?

For you to enjoy the effect much longer, you need to specifically care for your hair. For example, there are such shampoos that do not contain sulfate - it is they who need to wash their hair every time you feel that they become dirty.

The thing is that it is the sulfate that is in ordinary shampoos that washes away all the keratin contained in the hair, and this effect is not needed by us. Suppose you are going to relax on the sea or swim very often in the pool, while doing keratin hair straightening - fill in the fact that you need to use serums that allow your hair to look well-groomed, and this is a special protection from water.

Moreover, if you think that keratin hair straightening can be done every three to four months, you are deeply mistaken. This straightening should be maintained every time, and every week. It is necessary to lubricate the hair with a special tool that contains keratin, and leave them for 20 minutes, and then just comb the hair without washing anything away.

Keratin hair straightening at home - we do it quickly and easily

If you are not a fan of beauty salons and consider that you will pay much more money for the services of a hairdresser than you will do it, then there is an excellent way out for you: you can make keratin hair straightening at home. In general, home procedures are carried out by branded cosmetic attributes and products.

Other recipes that include gelatin, egg or something like that are not keratin straightening. What are the differences between home and salon straightening? The fact is that, firstly, the most honorable place is awarded to the composition of the funds themselves, which are used by girls.

Thus, if your hair is too curly and naughty, then you just have to turn to a professional, as you can not straighten your hair yourself, and make it worse. In general, all available means for keratin hair straightening is available in specialized self-care stores, where you can buy absolutely all the tools that are necessary for the procedure. The second difference, which is also significant - is finance. Sometimes, even at home, such a procedure costs twice as much as you go to a nearby beauty salon and sit for 20 minutes.

But the point is that salon therapy lasts only one session, and keratin hair straightening at home will last for as many as 7-9 sessions. If we proceed from the calculation of the fact that you will have to visit the salon next month and in a few weeks, then having this therapy therapy done at home, you can forget about the new extension for two months.

Again, if you are the owner of long and thick hair, then this procedure at home will cost you twice as much. Well, and another thing that relates to straightening hair with keratin at home, it is that you never need to save on its beauty. If you still decided to do it at home, then do not neglect the expensive means, because this is your health, this is your appearance.

What do you need in order to carry out the procedure for straightening hair with keratin at home?

  1. Be sure to use deep cleansing shampoo, in another such a tool is called peeling hair. It is he, and not some other shampoo, that removes all the possible remnants of all sorts of different painting means or just moisturizes your scalp and hair, and also prepares yours for the procedure.
  2. You will need a keratinous agent. Be very attentive to the composition, which is written on a jar, as it should include a complex of vitamins, which literally should protect your hair from external influences. As soon as you see in the composition of the keratinous agent not particularly good elements - do not buy it.
  3. Next you need a spray. With it, you can spray keratin remedies evenly on your hair. Be sure to use this, because of the keratinous agent you can literally burn your hair and make them fall out. Therefore, the spray is very important in order to apply it to the hair after applying the shampoo.
  4. Now you need a regular hair straightener. It is very important to pay attention to the technique, as it should be with a ceramic coating so that the hair is not burned when you carry them. The heating temperature must be at least 200 degrees.

In order to see in more detail how you can cope with your hair yourself, then watch keratin hair straightening at home video clips. This is what will help you visually, quickly and simply, as well as a much more detailed understanding of how to handle your hair.

  • Shampooing hair twice.
  • Blow-dry hair to a barely wet state.
  • Comb hair and their distribution on the same strands.
  • Applying to the hair and each strand keratin means.
  • Waiting time within 15-25 minutes until fully absorbed.
  • Straightening each strand of hair with an iron with a temperature of at least 200 degrees, each strand to drive for 5 times.
  • Combing hair.

Here's a detailed beauty formula for you, how to make your hair much more attractive, more obedient, smoother and more elegant. But, once again, remember that if you decide on something like that, then take the golden rule - to care for your scalp, with tips and roots, otherwise everything straightens out.