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The most frightening horror movies about dolls


Dolls only at first glance seem nice and harmless. But in the movies they can come to life and do evil.

Top 10 best horror movies about dolls:

  1. "Pretty Dolly". Eliot Reed is the new owner of a Mexican toy factory. Together with his wife and children, he moved to his new home. Business promises to be profitable, but who would have thought what this idea of ​​the head of the family would turn out for all its members. Archeological excavations were carried out nearby, during which a heavy slab fell on an archaeologist. And under this plate for many years the evil spirit languished. Now he was at liberty and settled in a toy factory. And nobody would ever know about this if the entity did not start creating something terrible. One day, Eliot's daughter, Jessica, received a toy, the lovely Dolly, as a gift. But to play with her was not destined, because the spirit settled in her. And his intentions are terrible.
  2. "Kids Games" - This is the debut of the doll Chucky, which will cease to lovers of thrillers more than once. Six-year-old Andy Barclay believes that his doll Chucky is very strange, as if he were alive. Of course, no one believes him. They didn’t believe him even when his nanny fell out of the window, and he told his mother and the investigator that Chuckie did it. A toy is not capable of this. But not in the event that the soul of a cruel killer enters it. And only Andy guesses that the series of horrific murders that took place in the city is the work of the seemingly innocent and lovely Chucky. But the worst will begin a little later, when the soul of a maniac decides to move from a useless toy into the body of a living person. Forces at the murderer will definitely be more.
  3. "Demon Toys". This film is quite old, but it is also worth seeing to all fans of classic "horror films." Just imagine: a warehouse of children's toys, deep night. Dolls are the most common and harmless, because they are created for games. But today they are waiting for a completely different purpose. By the will of the demon, they all come to life and turn into real monsters, thirsting for blood. Deaths today will be many, bloodthirsty and brutal massacres last all night. But what does the master need? His desire is so strange that it cannot be described in words. And the killer puppets cannot fulfill this unknown task either. But then why all this?
  4. "Bride of Chucky". The bloodthirsty doll Chucky appeared on the screens in 1998, and this film is her fourth “release”. In the story, a whimsical and addicted to Tiffany black magic acquires a strange and almost completely broken toy. The girl revives Chucky and even finds a bride for him. But it seems that this boy is not happy or wants something more. He brutally kills his new mistress, and inspires her soul in a doll bride. And also Chucky really wants to return his human body to a killer maniac who was buried in a grave somewhere in New Jersey. It’s not easy to get there and carry out everything conceived by two little dolls (albeit alive), and so they take a couple of Jade and Jesse who have run away from the house as hostages. Did these two know when they wanted to go on a romantic trip, what would their trip turn into? But there will be bloody scenes, chases and fear.
  5. "Lord of the Dolls: the axis of evil". Young Danny Coogan is bored at the hotel and really wants to join the Allied forces to start fighting with the troops of Adolf Hitler. But while it is small for this, so dreams remain dreams. Once the Nazis burst into the hotel and kill one of the guests - Andre Toulon. Danny happens to be in the room of the murdered man, and among his things he finds a strange suitcase filled with dolls. But these are not quite ordinary toys, but mystical. They not only come alive, but also have the power that can help defeat the fascist troops. But for this, Danny will have to try very well.
  6. The list includes a movie "Puppeteer". Dolls are beautiful, and some of them are very similar to humans. And five young people were convinced of this. It all started innocently and calmly. They came to the exhibition of dolls and there they met a world-famous puppeteer, who invited them to become guests in his huge chic mansion. Of course, the guys agreed, because not everyone can manage to see the true masterpieces of the art and creation of the master. Once in the puppeteer's house, the heroes came to a complete delight, because there is no such collection of unique exhibits anywhere. But soon they all regretted accepting the invitation. The master continued to create in his room behind the closed door, and at night the mansion was filled with ghosts and ominous sounds. But to whom can all these restless souls belong? And what will happen to the main characters? Be sure to find out!
  7. "Living Doll". The main character, Howard, is a morgue worker. One day he falls in love with the beautiful Christina, but shyness makes it difficult to approach her and meet her. The guy would have suffered if suddenly the girl did not die. And such a tragic event helped Howard finally get closer to his beloved. But at what cost! The guy decides to resurrect Christina, goes to the cemetery, finds her grave and digs up the corpse. And then he takes the lifeless body to his home. And this is where the fun begins. By the way, the title describes the essence of the plot, but further events will surely surprise you.
  8. “Demonic toys: personal demons”. Emilio Lorca has been collecting rare and strange things for many years. Once in his hands are ominous killer dolls Jack-out-of-the-box and Upsey Daisy. But this is not enough for the doctor, and together with his mistress, her adopted son and medium, he is sent to an old Italian castle, which houses a 700-year-old Devilletto doll, which has a mystical history. And at night, Devioletto comes to life, and then tries to bring Jack-out-of-the-box and Upsie Daisy into feeling. And when the dolls wake up, the guests of this strange house should rather get away from here.
  9. "Dead silence". If you are looking for an interesting film, then watch this. Jemmy and Lisa are so tired of the frantic pace of life in the metropolis that they decided to move to a small and almost forgotten by God’s corner of the earth. But the place was not so calm. Literally immediately after the housewarming, the couple heard a lot of stories that all the houses in the district literally teem with ghosts and ghosts. Young people did not believe the rumors until Lisa was brutally murdered. And then Jemmy, who, by the way, was accused of killing her lover, decides to figure out what is happening in this quiet place. He begins an investigation and learns the legend of Mary, who after death wanders around the neighborhood. But the search turns him on so deeply that he incurs the curse that killed Lisa. Can he escape?
  10. "Curse Annabel". Spouses Mia and John love each other and dream of children. And finally, the girl said that she was pregnant. Happy John begins to prepare for the birth of the first child: equips a children's room, makes plans and protects his pregnant wife. And he decided to make a surprise Mie. The girl has long been collecting dolls, and her husband gives her an incredibly beautiful antique doll in a wedding dress with the beautiful name "Annabel." Mia is delighted, and so far she does not know, the further such a sincere gift from her husband will turn around. One night, members of a satanic sect burst into the house of the couple. It also turns out that in the cute doll Annabelle there is a terrible force that can destroy a house and kill all its inhabitants. Can Jack and Mia confront something otherworldly and terrible?

What movie to see?

In addition to tapes about vampires, zombies and other vermin, paintings about dolls are very popular. Frightening dolls come to life in the most magical way, and as a result, the viewer expects a whole attraction of nightmares and horrors. Of course, each of these tapes deserves attention, however, in this article we will try to analyze horror films with the most unusual and interesting plot. Are the dolls capable of scaring the viewer, and is it possible to get rid of cliches and platitudes in modern horror films? We will try to deal with these issues.

Dead Silence (Dead Silence, 2006)

James Van is a film director who in a very short time became popular in the horror film genre. His creations instantly gain cult status through the use of excellent visual effects and original scripts. The tape "Dead silence" along with the movie "Saw: The Game of Survival" is considered the best in the director's career.

The film tells the story of a young man named Jemmy, whose spouse dies under mysterious circumstances. Someone is tearing out a tongue from a girl, and the main character is suspected of this. The man remembers that several hours before his death, a strange doll was delivered to their house.

In a small town where Jemmy was born and raised, everyone believed that a local ventriloqui kills people with the help of their dolls, and thus tries to avenge their brutal death. Jemmy does not believe in otherworldly forces, but gradually, faced with increasingly frightening circumstances of the death of his beloved, the young man decides to investigate the town’s mystical beliefs. His discoveries, so frightening and impossible, will lead the young man to a series of terrible and terrific discoveries.

The tape itself will make the viewer really get scared, because the dolls, who become the main villains in the story, make a strange impression. They look so mystical and unusual that the viewer only needs one glance at them to really get scared! Fans of the genre of such a film will certainly appeal, because what is happening on the screen leaves an indelible impression. James Van took care of the beauty of the frame, with the result that the film was aesthetically appealing.

The Puppeteer (Inhyeongsa, 2004)

The theme of the mystical origin of ordinary dolls has long been used by filmmakers around the world. And yet, Asian horror films with their incomprehensible etymology and frightening shots that turn over the consciousness of the audience, always produce the right impression.

In the story, the main character, along with several other young people, receives an invitation to hold a weekend at the house of a famous puppeteer. Chic mansion crammed with a variety of dolls from small to large. Here only so far no one guesses that these dolls live their own lives, and a curse hangs over the house itself. The main character all the time faces a girl in a red dress that looks so much like a doll from her childhood. Mystical events turn into a real bloody cocktail, and as a result the viewer is drawn into a loop of amazing and frightening events.

Of course, this is not the most famous Asian horror film, but for fans of the genre such a tape will be an invaluable gift. The plot develops nonlinearly, it constantly adds frames from the past. In short, an excellent example of the fact that independent cinema is also capable of producing a bright and frightening horror film, which has no analogues.

Maniac (Maniac, 2012)

The protagonist named Frank, at first glance, the unremarkable owner of his salon dummies. However, no one guesses that at night Frank turns into a ruthless killer, capable of destroying any woman in his path.

He does not know pity and mercy, and seeks to transform every girl into his new dummy. But when Anna intrudes into Frank's life, he realizes what the value of true feelings is. Experiencing both attraction and love at the same time, Frank wants to stop, however, his own criminal nature does not allow him to do so.

When a girl finds out about the downside of her new friend's life, she will want to escape. However, from the cunning and thoughtful maniac will not be easy to hide.

This film has become really scandalous. The press discussed the cult of cruelty, which at the expense of this tape was raised to a completely new height. The viewers also did not remain particularly enthusiastic about viewing, and only the most devoted fans of the genre enjoyed watching what was happening on the screen. Watch the tape is at least for the sake of the brilliant game of Elijah Wood. For a young man, such an unusual job is also a kind of experiment. And let the film receive restrained reviews from critics, fans of the genre still appreciated the picture. And this is, in fact, the most important thing, because every film must find its audience.

The Conjuration (The Conjuring, 2013)

Another creation by James Van in 2013 scared everyone, including critics. It is rare to find a horror film that receives such high reviews from critics and audiences around the world. Indeed, the frightening manner of shooting and the specific principle of the narrative have done their job. As a result, the viewer, even with the strongest nerves at least once, will be frightened because of unexpected plot twists.

In the center of the plot are famous scientists, researchers of the paranormal world Ed and Lorain. They take on the next case, which featured an angry demon. This same demon is trying to force the mother of the family to kill five children. The whole family is in awe, and now only the married couple can help them.

One may ask, where is the frightening doll here? In fact, the doll Annabel appears on the screen for just a few minutes, but leaves a lasting impression. The doll itself is a vessel for the strongest demon. The character liked the viewer so much that James Van decided to make a separate story about her. This means that very soon the tape “Spell 2” will be released on the screens, which will surely frighten the audience with its unusual plot and villainous adventures of the demonic doll.

The first tape is worth watching at least for the magnificent reincarnation of the Faith Farmiga. The actress plays at the limit of her abilities, creating a bright and unforgettable image on the screen. Watch for such thoughtful and interesting characters - a pleasure.

Kids Games (Child's Play, 1988)

This film has long become a cult with fans of the genre, in fact, like the main antagonist. A doll named Chucky, into which the maniac’s soul is infused, is so frightening that viewers simply cannot remain indifferent to viewing. That is why the first part has spawned a few more sequels, less successful, but still quite spectacular.

A boy named Andy immediately felt that something was wrong with his doll. The desired toy turned out to be a receptacle for the soul of the criminal, and now the boy and his family are in danger. A doll named Chucky first kills the boy’s nanny, and then tries to move into it altogether. Andy will have to fight with his own toy on his own, because no one believes the boy’s stories about the living doll. Soul maniac breaks free, and only Andy stands in her way.

Very entertaining film, deserving the highest praise. Viewers have always noted that such an unusual story will be remembered after watching. Perhaps the quality of visual effects and the primitive manner of shooting are not credible, but the very idea is simply inimitable. Who knows, maybe it was because of the success of Chuckie that all subsequent tapes were removed on a similar subject.

Perhaps horror movies about dolls are not as popular as, for example, thrillers about maniacs or frightening zombie tapes. However, fans of the genre have long understood that this direction has its own future. While young and talented directors are working in the industry, there is an opportunity to embody even the most controversial and unusual scenarios.

Movie List:

original name: Gekijô rei

Release date in the Russian Federation: 11.02.2016

Actors: Rika Adachi, Keita Machida, Haruka Shimazaki, Riho Takagi, Ikuji Nakamura, Mantaro Koichi, Raita Seridzawa, Asahi Yoshida

Description: Theater is a separate world in which everything is possible. Everyone can play their role as a victim or executioner, an unfortunate lover or a traitor who ruins his friend. Sarah always dreamed of playing a large-scale role that would not only be able to glorify her.

Comments: 31

original name: Kamisama no iu tôri

Actors: Ryunosuke Kamiki, Soda Sometani, Riri Furanki, Fukushi Sota, Atsuko Maeda, Chiron Yamazaki, Dzingi Irie, Mio Yuki

Description: Sun goes to school. He has a lot of things that others don't have. The guy himself most appreciates the popularity. This is very important for a teenager, whoever says anything there. True, everything has its negative sides. So Sun became his own.

original name: Annabelle 2

Release date in the Russian Federation: 10.08.2017

Actors: Miranda Otto, Adam Bartley, Stephanie Sigman, Javier Botet, Lulu Wilson, Alicia Vela-Bailey, Anthony LaPaglia, Talita Beitman

Description: A puppeteer and his wife are trying to recover from the death of their little daughter, although several years have passed since her death. The man does not even suspect that a doll by the name of Annabel, which is still in danger, may be guilty of the death of his daughter.

original name: Worry Dolls

Actors: Christopher Wil, Kim Jackson, Tina Lifford, Samantha Smith, Johannes Myles, Kennedy Bryce, Bria Grant, R. Brandon Johnson

Description: Matt is a police detective who has been trying to catch a brutal killer for a long time. Finally, he succeeds in this, and the criminal finds himself behind bars. After being caught, he found several “dolls of anxiety” - a curious tradition of their creation.

Оригинальное название: The Boy

Дата выхода в РФ: 28.01.2016

Актеры: Лорен Кохэн, Руперт Эванс, Бен Робсон, Диана Хардкэсл, Джим Нортон, Джетт Клине, Scott McGlynn, Джеймс Расселл

Description: Многие современные семьи нанимают нянь для своих деток, чтобы иметь возможность работать или отдыхать. Важно знать, что масса женщин выбирает такую профессию из-за большой любви к детям. Ведь услуги няни - это игры, развлечения, занятия, уход за.

Комментариев: 33

original name: Robert the Doll

Actors: Megan Lockhurst, Lee Bane, Flynn Allen, Susie Frances Garton, Cyd Casados, Judith Haley, Samuel Hutchison, Ryan Michaels

Description: Agatha worked for many years as a housekeeper in one house. But the young owners decided to dismiss the old woman and hire someone younger. Agatha had no choice but to pack up and leave the house. In parting, she gave the son of the owners a doll named Robert.

Comments: 10

original name: Annabelle

Release date in the Russian Federation: 25.09.2014

Actors: Annabelle Wallis, Ward Horton, Alfre Woodard, Tony Amendola, Eric Ladin

Description: John and Mia Form are an exemplary married couple, husband and wife love each other sincerely, even more happiness comes to their family when Mia finds out what she is expecting a child. On this occasion, John wants to give his wife something special.

Comments: 2

original name: Curse of Chucky

Actors: Brad Dourif, Daniel Bisutti, Hey Martinez, Fiona Dourif, Brennan Elliott, Alex Vincent, Shantal Kuesnel, Maitland McConnell

Description: A young girl named Nika is going through difficult times: only on the eve her mother committed suicide and now Nick cannot understand what could have prompted her to take such a desperate step, why she didn’t ask her daughters for help if she felt.

original name: Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

Actors: Kip Canyon, Jean Louise O’Sullivan, Oto Brezina, Scott King, Brad Potts, Kurt Sinclair, Stephanie Sanditz, Paul Arnold

Description: The fascists are doing their terrible deeds. Now they own a stern-headed doll. And now Mebus can do whatever he wants. The camp commandant decides to study all the habits of such a valuable artifact. Mad scientists are trying to uncover.

original name: The Melancholy Fantastic

Actors: Robin Taylor, Josh Barclay Karas, Geneva Carr, David Pierre, Shirley Knight

Description: The hardest event in the life of everyone is the loss of a mother. The main heroine will not be able to survive her all alone. Having buried the closest person, the girl remains completely alone. It’s easy to survive such pain. It also piled on her.

Watch for free the best horror movies about dolls in the list of scary horror movies about dolls

Almost all girls love to play daughters-mothers. Dress up pupae, create a whole world filled with luxurious things. But some people are afraid of toys in panic, experiencing inexplicable fear - pediophobia, and even the "look" of doll eyes - glenophobia. Doctors are looking for the origins of children's scares, and are struggling with healing, and filmmakers are happy to exploit a fertile subject. We invite the best horror movies about dolls Watch online for free, and watch how cute children's toys become deadly for little owners and others.

Script writers take the most irrational children's fears into the world, and create a movie, from which even adults breathe stops. How not to take advantage of plots from folklore: terrible urban legends about the revived dolls, rumors of terrible voodoo rituals and black magic. At the thought of the possibility of creating wax miniature copies of a person, with the help of which damage is induced, it becomes uneasy and completely sensible to people. Perhaps the reason for the panic of dolls is rooted in the past. For Slavic and other nations for a long time it was not customary to put eyes, mouth, nose on the face of the pupae. It was believed that an evil spirit could not enter a toy like this and would not harm a beloved child.

Part of the plot is based on the legend that the puppeteer, making a toy, spends not only his time, but also puts thoughts, a good or bad mood, and a part of the soul into it. Getting into the hands of his new owner, the doll transfers all the emotions that the master has invested in it to the inhabitants of the house. Resettlement of souls into a doll is generally quite often used stamp of this eerie genre. Angry puppeteers, offended at everyone around, or serial killers, avenging their execution, turn cute toys into terrible monsters from nightmares.

We are glad to see all the visitors of our cinema, but we strongly recommend watching horror movies about dolls without children of primary and secondary school age online - they have absolutely no need to test their weak nerves for strength. Despite the fact that the main part of the movie of this sub-genre is called quite harmless, the abundance of blood on the screen is comparable with the most notorious "slasher". At the same time, the best horror films about dolls are mainly produced in the last century, and can even cause a nostalgic feeling in people for about 40 years. Then such a movie seemed to teenagers a real breakthrough, and watching with friends was a way to demonstrate courage. Why not get together again all together, or alone arrange an evening of retro horror? Just choose the film and the time suitable for the whole company, and we guarantee good sound and video quality.

Let the films be shot in a deliberately primitive manner, do not differ in a large variety of subjects, and do not shock the number of computer special effects, the main purpose is to scare the audience, they perform great! Scary viewing!

Love object

The film, which is prohibited to persons under 18 years. In the story - the main character Kenneth - an ordinary clerk in a huge corporation. His life is dull and monotonous. He feeds secret feelings to the beauty Lisa, but due to excessive restraint he is afraid to approach her. His feelings are so strong that he is forced to buy a rubber doll, which looks like the object of adoration of a young clerk. In addition, the doll is ready for anything without any questions. In the meantime, a miracle happens and Lisa reciprocates Kenneth.

A company of young people, among whom is the main heroine of this terrible film, receive an unusual invitation. A rich puppeteer invites them to their home to visit. Guests are amazed by the huge and amazing collection. At the same time, they are haunted, why the owner himself is busy all the time and does not leave the office. At night, strange sounds excite the house, suddenly the inhabitants begin to die. Police blames the main character in everything ...

An elderly couple is about to go on vacation and hiring a young nanny for their son Brahms. The family has a lot of requirements for the girl, which relate to the treatment of Brahms in their absence. But the most incredible thing is that Brahms is a porcelain doll. But how many oddities happens in older people and the nanny agrees to this job. Later it becomes clear that Brahms is not just a doll. But not a man ...

Bride chucky

The killer-doll with the soul of maniac Chucky, who was mentioned in the first film of our list, reappears in the movie. This time the doll was bought by crazy Tiffany and she picked up a bride for the “boy”. Doll Chucky kills his new mistress and relocates her soul to a doll bride. This time, evil will do two already.

In the afternoon, Frank is an ordinary restorer who is engaged in the restoration of dolls and dummies. But at night he is a ruthless maniac who kills his victims and removes his scalp. The city is in suspense, the police are knocked down. But once Frank's life changes abruptly, Anna appears in it. She is an artist-photographer who plans to open her own exhibition soon. The further the relationship of young people goes, the more difficult Frank becomes to make decisions: a new scalp from the head of the victim or true love?

Doll lord

Another film familiar to us from the era of video salons. The main characters - Alex Whittaker and three more psychics study the rumors about the secret of eternal life, allegedly discovered by the puppet master Andre Toulon. This secret lay in the revival of inanimate objects and the infusion of the soul into them. Many years ago, Toulon revived five dolls. These dolls were intended only for murder, dismemberment and torment.

Curse Annabel

John and his wife are expecting a baby. They are happy and it seems that nothing can prevent them from happiness. Once, as a gift for his wife, John buys a vintage doll in a white dress. Her name is Annabel and she is fraught with an incredible past. At first, everything seems normal, but gradually John’s spouse begins to see that the doll is not at all soulless.

Scary movies about dolls

This list of films diversifies any leisure. If you have not liked any film from the list of “The most terrible films about dolls”, then do not worry. On our site you can find many more interesting things and be sure to decide which movie to watch. Pay attention to the New Cinema 2017, new 2016, a large list of good films or thrillers that are worth watching. Subscribe to our groups on social networks and share our collections!