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The most fashionable swimwear summer 2013


The beach season of 2012 was still in full swing, when global fashion brands were already showing new collections of swimsuits and accessories for them in the 2013 season. Therefore, fashionable women can think out the most relevant images for future summer holidays without any fuss or haste: admiring the beach shoes of the spring-summer season, choosing fashionable glasses of 2013, looking at the tunics.

Fashionable swimwear summer 2013: models

The most important part of a beach ensemble is undoubtedly a swimsuit. And in the wardrobe every girl should have several of them. This is dictated not only by fashion, but also by practicality - in the humid tropical climate of seaside resorts swimsuits can dry for a very long time.

Let's take a closer look at what designers can offer us.

In the footsteps of new collections, you can identify several trends of beach fashion for the next season.

In fashion will be models with a complex cut. Multilayer, asymmetry, non-standard styles are welcome. And this applies to both separate and solid swimsuits. Attention will attract all kinds of cuts - on the bodice, on the sides, the connection of the top and bottom with the help of interesting details - rings, ribbons, braided elements, inserts - transparent, lace, mesh.

The most relevant style will be a bikini, the bodice of which is made strapless, strings - a gang.

Fashionable swimwear summer 2013: colors and prints

As for the colors, light calm tones will dominate here: light “silver” and “gold”, delicate ultramarine and pink shades.

However, lovers of bright blossoms will not remain offended - for them, designers have prepared models of juicy, even acidic tones - lime, orange, bright blue, which will perfectly tint tan.

As before, prints, especially animalistic ones, do not lose ground. Next year, predatory “leopard”, “tiger”, and peace-loving “zebras” will walk along the beach. Stylists are advised to choose such fashionable swimwear summer 2013 young girls and owners of chiseled figures. They will find their followers and models with floral, fruit, geometric prints, as well as polka dots, stripes.

By the way, success in the upcoming couturier season predict a combination of peas and stripes in one model. For example, a striped bodice and a bottom in small or large peas. You can buy two swimsuit of similar tone and then make combinations of them to taste.

Also, the sea theme is still at the height - blue or red and white stripes, anchors, ropes.

Those who appreciate elegance, elegance, designers offer classic models, decorated with lace and embroidery, rhinestones, beads, beads.

And the real highlight of the coming season will be swimsuits, the design of which will become noticeable only after its owner has been in the water!

Details of fashionable swimsuits summer 2013

When choosing a swimsuit, as, indeed, any other clothing, you must first be guided by the characteristics of the figure, as well as comfort. To a large extent, the convenience of a swimsuit depends on the fabric from which it is made. It should dry quickly, do not fade in the sun, and there should be no traces of sunscreen on it. Therefore, designers create their own models of modern fabric called teflon. But next year fashion models from denim and knitted can attract the attention of fashionistas.

Well, for completeness of the image to any swimsuit should pick up accessories - sunglasses, hat, pareo or dress (fashionable tunic spring-summer 2013) in tone, a stylish bag and shoes. And then you would never regret that you spent almost a year choosing a beach outfit.

What are the swimsuits in fashion 2013

Consider the main fashion trends prevailing in the world of fashionable swimsuits in 2013.

Fashion experts advise when choosing a new model of swimsuit from the designer collections of the spring-summer 2013 season, first of all, be guided by the features of your figure and do not forget about the convenience and comfort that you will not have to leave while wearing the product. Pick up a swimsuit on the figure will not be problematic, because in the spring-summer 2013 season all sorts of stylish swimwear, both of the closed type, including retro-style, and open deuces from medium sizes to completely miniature bikinis are relevant. You can buy a swimsuit in Moscow or another city, most importantly, when buying it, remember the recommendations that you will read below.

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Beach outfit of a closed cut, perfectly able to hide figure flaws and perfectly lengthen the female legs. Many well-known brands offered their ideas for such a swimsuit: asymmetrical cut, neckline, deep neckline, thin and wide straps, one closed sleeve, fashionable this season. bandini style (when the top does not provide straps). Closed swimsuit with underlined waist due to the wide belt, also became a new feature in the shows of beach collections spring-summer 2013.

Lovers combine in one model open and closed swimsuit can breathe easy, such products will also be very relevant. Moreover, design tricks in the combination of top and bottom in one set are sometimes very unexpected and original. Stylists advise such a swimsuit model to choose bold natures who are not afraid of experiments in the image.

Among the open swimsuits of spring-summer 2013, the leading position is occupied by the bandini model, in which the bodice can be made with or without the presence of foam cups, and everyone's favorite bikini.

Fashionable swimwear in 2013

Today, beach fashion is the quintessence of the most relevant trends of the spring-summer season. Where, if not on the hot streets of resort towns and sea beaches, you can see inflorescence of prints, a riot of colors and a variety of styles? Modern designers offer a lot of solutions for the beach wardrobe - from the traditional swimsuit to the original summer dresses and overalls for relaxing by the sea. There are lots of options: in their choice, summer vacation lovers can push off from how they are going to spend time on the seashore: traditional swimming and tanning or an active game of beach volleyball, beach disco until the morning, a walk at dawn. An original bright swimsuit will be enough for sunbathing. and wide-brimmed hats, but for a walk along the beach one should opt for a spacious tunic and comfortable sandals without a heel. For a fun beach party on the seashore, a maxi-sundress will suit you, complete with accessories - large wooden bracelets and a wicker clutch of non-trivial design.

Beach fashion has its own bright style features and it would seem that something new can be invented in the field of swimsuit design? Fashion designers are limited by the form and increased requirements for comfort, but this does not prevent them from annually producing actual collections of beachwear, which every season incorporates the most active fashion trends. So, for the summer of 2013, designers from all over the world have prepared new swimsuit models that can easily be a reflection of the catwalk fashion trends.

The main motives in design can be called so popular today. asymmetry, layering, a combination of different textures, active decor and prints. As for the figure of swimsuits, there is an undoubted headliner, as well as on the main podium of the fashion industry, - wide marine stripes. The relaxed beach style allows you to actively support the marine style in the decor: traditionally striped bathing suits are decorated with elements of the same theme - tiny sea anchors or ropes resembling ship ropes.

Also among the prints among the favorites can be noted bright floral drawing, animalism: for example, snake skin or leopard skins, oriental motifs, peas. At the same time, it is important to note that this summer you should give preference to a swimsuit, where top and bottom are different in color and print: for example, a monophonic bottom of deep blue color and top in a wide sea strip. An excellent option would be a colorblocking swimsuit - a combination of bright colors that work in contrasts: sunny yellow and fuchsia, grass green and sky blue. An example of this trend can be swimsuit models from the brands Zara, Maison Lejaby Plage and Zimmermann. On a tanned body will look gorgeous swimsuit snow-white shade - undoubtedly the summer favorite for many seasons in a row.

As for shapes and silhouettes, the absolute hit of the season can be called separate swimsuit in retro style: top with wide straps and high waisted shorts. Here you can also add the active use of ruffles and frills as a decor: they give the swimsuit a rather nontrivial romantic look.

Popular among fashionistas have become the so-called monokini - piecework swimsuits with vertical armholes on the sides, which allow you to visually stretch the figure. By the summer of this year, designers have prepared a lot of options for swimsuits with gang-bodices - riding a wide stripe without curly clippings. A more relevant swimsuit model can be due to decorative elements, for example, fringe, bows, and volume drapery, which are fashionable this season.

Fashionable swimwear summer 2013 - retro style.

It was worth expecting that the retro theme will affect not only sets of clothes in the spring-summer 2013 season. For relaxing on the beach, designers also recommend diluting the new-fashioned abundance of swimsuit forms with retro-style fashions — elegant, one-piece bustier swimsuits or separate with feminine gang-type bodices and a waist-high to the waist. These swimsuits will look even more refined in combination with a wide-brimmed hat, large dark glasses and wedge sandals.

Fashionable swimwear summer 2013 - floral print.

In summer, flowers are everywhere, and swimsuits are no exception. On the swimwear season of summer 2013 buds of various sizes and colors blossomed. The advantage in color remains for bright and juicy flowers - pink, cornflower blue, mint, lemon and coral. But, choosing a swimsuit with a floral print, arabio.ru advises to take into account an important nuance - it is full. Therefore, if you have magnificent forms, give preference to a bathing suit with one accented flower and in no case choose small flowers that fill the entire space of the bathing suit.

Fashionable swimwear summer 2013 - in the style of underwear.

The designers decided that in the summer of 2013, it was necessary to bring some kind of peppercorn into fashion and add frankness to the already open swimsuits, for which they drew a parallel with thin and light underwear. Now to appear on the beach in a translucent corsage or outright swimming trunks with strings alone will not be a bad form. Couturiers are confident that such swimsuits will become a real hot bomb of the summer beach season of 2013. No doubt, it looks sexy and very brave.

Fashionable swimwear summer 2013 - a game of colors.

In the summer season of 2013 in the fashion of bright and rich colors, mostly acid shades. The trend of the upcoming season will be a crazy mix of these colors pink, light green, konareechny, acid-lemon, orange, plum, turquoise, etc. Choose the brightest color combinations and do not be afraid to experiment, such a color palette will precisely distinguish you from the rest of the beach inhabitants and attract a lot of attention. In addition, a competent combination of color shades, can adjust your figure - whether you want to increase the size in some parts of the body, or, conversely, lose weight.

Fashionable swimwear 2013 - seascapes.

Whether you go this summer or not, you can take the gentle sea or the ocean with you even on your own beach. A light wave radiating to white sand from the caressing sun in the form of chaotic divorces - this is how fashion designers imagine the smooth surface of the blue ocean. In the top of the marine colors - turquoise, celadon, emerald and sky blue. Among such a variety of shapes and colors, you can easily find your “marine” theme.

Fashionable swimwear 2013 - divide and conquer.

In the spring-summer 2013 season, fashion designers offer to forget about the rule of uniform color gamut of the upper and lower parts of the swimsuit and try to combine the incompatible. And, by the way, they are good at it! For example - a white bodice and a striped bottom or a bright pea or floral top in combination with a monotonous bottom. Please note that the colors of the top and bottom of a swimsuit can be completely different, so you can use parts of those swimsuits that you already have to create new looks. Moreover, such diverse swimsuits will help you hide the flaws and highlight the merits of your figure. So, dark bottom swimsuits visually reduce the fullness of the hips.

Fashionable swimwear 2013 - decor.

The most fashionable decor swimwear summer 2013 has become a fringe. She can accompany both bodice and swimsuit swimming trunks, forming a variety of patterns. On the fringe should pay special attention to those who want to visually enlarge the breast or just draw attention to it. Another bright decorating trick - swimsuits with lots of fabric bands, which literally attract many views. Provocative options generally represent one single strip that wraps around the whole body, covering the tidy places. Jewelry that has a general idea with a swimsuit, for example, necklaces of flowers and a swimsuit with a floral print, looks very cool. And do not forget about the pareo, which should be chosen to match the swimsuit to get a set. The raisins of the spring-summer 2013 pareo season are bright massive fasteners.

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Retro style

With each new fashion season, we are increasingly returning to the ideas of past decades. It is difficult to think of a new one, but it is much easier to modernize the old one. Of course, the first swimsuits did not look exactly like they are now. They were very closed and hid the female body to the maximum.

Modern summer swimsuits in retro style are not as closed as their predecessors, but at the same time, they look more modest than bikinis.

These swimsuits are made in soft colors, often closed cut. Retro swimsuits have closed straps, frills can be, and if this is a separate option, swimming trunks are shorts. These swimsuits can be worn safely, because they can hide small figure flaws.

Closed - it does not mean modesty. In the coming year will be fashionable models with a very deep neckline in the chest. In such a swimsuit it is unlikely that you will be comfortable to swim, but you will surely succeed in conquering all the men on the snow-white beach. Just do not think that the closed type of swimsuit is absolutely not sexy. If you have a waist and hips, then it will very favorably emphasize your silhouette.

These are closed-type swimsuits that have a variety of cuts. Most often they are located on the sides. Sunbathing in monokini can not, as the tan will be uneven. But, but this is a great option for a beach party. In it, you will feel comfortable and beautiful. Only under the condition that your extra kilos will not hang down through special cuts. Still, you need to choose a swimsuit, based on your figure.

These are separate swimsuits in which the bodices do not have a strap. They look beautiful on a small chest (visually making it bigger) and on a medium one. These swimsuits will be decorated with rhinestones, embroidery and even lace. This is a great option for girls who can not boast of outstanding forms in the chest. Better a neat chest in an expensive swimsuit, than a big one is not clear what.

Swimsuits look beautiful on a perfect body, so always go in for sports. Do not think that if the summer is still far away, then you can eat and gain extra centimeters. Remember that when summer comes, you will have to show your figure for everyone to see and it is important that everything is beautiful with you. Always think that men prefer to walk on the beach with gorgeous girls in miniature swimsuits without complexes.