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Quick ways to get rid of irritability


Sometimes life gives off so unexpected somersaults that it is too easy to lose composure. Even people who practice yoga and meditation are not protected from losing their temper at all. This state is very difficult, because a person gets annoyed from any thing - from a newspaper headline to a broken oven.

If it seems to you that you live in constant irritation, do not despair - there are several simple ways to get rid of irritability.

Stay alone with yourself

A survey conducted by scientists from the University of Durham showed that, regardless of whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert, he needs time to replenish energy. Being able to be alone with yourself can really help you relax and reduce stress. Being alone, you can devote time to reading, meditation, sports, or any other hobby with which you can calm down.

Someone soothes needlework - embroidery, knitting, beadwork, someone - a photo, and someone - a quiet jog on the street. Allocate time to yourself in order to spend the accumulated negative energy in time, and irritability and anxiety can quickly retreat.

Keep track of caffeine

Caffeine has a strong effect on blood pressure and increases cortisol levels in the blood. This hormone affects the level of stress in the body, and its increase may work against you. If you consume too much caffeine, you simply cannot fall asleep, which will lead you to an even more irritable state the next day.

Try kava

Kava, also known as kava-kava, is a traditional drink used in the South Pacific. A recent study by scientists from the Rutgers and Adelphi Universities proves that a dose of 60 to 120 milligrams of cavactones twice a day works perfectly as a natural means to reduce general anxiety. Of course, you can try to arrange a trip to the South Pacific, which will more than favorably affect you, and you will cease to be disturbing.

Act the way you want to feel

Perhaps you might want to knock someone for being too slow in a queue or yelling at a slow waiter. But how would you like to look if you knew that all your actions are filmed with a hidden camera? Surely you want your behavior to be as pleasant as possible. Start to behave as you would like to look from the side, and soon your movements and your mood will coincide.

Now imagine what you could do instead of knocking someone in the queue or yelling at the waiter? For example, you can talk to someone from the queue or cheer up the waiter, believe me, he feels at least embarrassed because he behaves unhurriedly.

Feel calm and peaceful

Members of The Women in Balance Institute recommend that everyone who is experiencing excessive anxiety and irritability review their diet. Try a diet full of anti-inflammatory and vitamin-rich foods such as garlic, rosemary, cayenne pepper, cranberries, strawberries and red peppers.

Chronic irritability and anxiety can be only a small sign of more serious problems, including clinical depression, chronic anxiety, dependence on something and an imbalance of thyroid hormones. That is why make sure that your body responds to all these tips, and if they do not help at all, take time to visit a doctor and consult him about your mental and physical health.

Where does it come from?

Usually irritability indicates the presence of some problems, less often it is a feature of a person's psycho-type. For some reason, people are sometimes annoying all around?

  1. Nervous exhaustion. The busy schedule at work, constant stress, deadlines, responsibility and the minimum time for rest with time lead to the fact that even an ordinary innocent question can cause a flurry of negative emotions.
  2. Psychological problems. Unpleasant events, the crisis of family relations, quarrels, dissatisfaction with themselves, the level of life - these experiences make a person overly emotional.
  3. Treatment. Patients do not always read the instructions for use of the drug, and doctors do not always warn about their side effects. Therefore, if you notice that everything around you is infuriating, you may be taking medicines that can cause such states.
  4. Diseases. It turns out that heart disease, gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system can also lead to a surge of aggression on others. Changes in hormonal levels may also have such side effects, which is particularly pronounced during pregnancy.

What to do?

But since such a problem has appeared, there must be ways to get rid of it:

  1. Identify and "neutralize" the cause. For a start, it is necessary to clearly define what or who specifically causes negative emotions in you. Next, your task is to eliminate this factor: stop communicating with an unpleasant person, do not watch programs / films / news that provoke anxiety. Thus, you significantly clear the information field around you.
  2. Get enough sleep. Sound and healthy sleep is a guarantee of good health and vigor, so determine the necessary number of hours for yourself, and completely forget about work and social networks for the night.
  3. Breathe. Fresh air is simply necessary for full-fledged work of the body, besides, oxygen helps the brain "not to boil." And control your breathing. At the moment when you are ready to crush everything around, it becomes more frequent, if you focus on it in time and begin to breathe evenly and deeply, emotions will die down.
  4. Direct the energy in the right direction. If you, for example, are forced to sit in an office over papers all day, then monotony will quickly make itself felt. Nature has a human need for movement and calorie consumption, so if you feel that a surplus of energy overwhelms, take walks or sign up for the gym, dance, etc.
  5. Eat right. Diets are based on strict restrictions, but the body’s failure to receive certain substances threatens both with physical and mental exhaustion. If you feel that the state has deteriorated after another attempt to lose weight, look for other options.
  6. Rest properly. How does a modern man usually rest? Sitting at the TV, computer, tablet, phone. And you need to change the situation and actively spend time, then negative emotions will definitely be replaced by positive ones.
  7. Half an hour of silence. That is how much time a person needs per day to put his thoughts in order. When around a fuss, a large number of people movement, it is annoying. Give yourself the opportunity to eliminate all external factors, relax and think about something good.
  8. Remember that pleases you. Ideally, you need to make a list of those things that bring you pleasure and look into it more often in order to carry out the indicated points at least once a week.
  9. Visit a doctor. If you do not get rid of irritability, pass the examination. Perhaps the problem lies inside. In girls, such states can be caused by hormonal imbalance and activation of the state of irritation before and during menstruation.

Emotional state is an important factor directly affecting health and well-being, and therefore also requires attention. To get rid of irritability is not difficult at all, the main thing is to listen to yourself in time.

How to get rid of irritability and anxiety

By irritability they mean a violent emotional reaction to external factors accompanied by a change in the intonation of the conversation, increased perspiration and a change in eye movement.

The reasons for this reaction are many, it is the wear and tear of the nervous system which is under constant stress, and problems in self-organization, excessive overestimation of the demands on oneself, and some physiological features of the body.

In order not to darken the life of myself or others, we must learn to deal with such manifestations of our psyche. Therefore, we give several recommendations on how to get rid of irritability:

Get enough sleep. Normal healthy sleep within 8-9 hours a day will help to normalize the nervous system. Also, follow as you go into the world of dreams, if all the muscles of the body shudder when you fall asleep, then take sedatives at bedtime, as this is a sign of not comic changes in the nervous system due to overworking of the body. Choose the time at which you will go to bed every day and clearly follow it.

To analyze what exactly is the cause of your irritability, you can make a notebook and record those moments when it intensified or manifested itself. You can do without a notebook, if you can analyze on the basis of memories.

Drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid during the day, and it is also advisable to keep certain hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If the cause becomes a catastrophic lack of time to perform all the necessary tasks, it is better to plan their execution in the diary in advance. You will create a system of actions for a certain day in advance and at the same time will not forget anything.

Another identified cause may be the syndrome of the excellent, in which a person constantly feels that he will do the work incorrectly, not in full or in poor quality.

Here, in order to get rid of irritability, it is necessary to work on yourself, each time when you perform your duties, and when fear arises, you must repeat the phrase: the one who does not work is not mistaken, or I, like anyone, have a right to make a mistake. Even if suddenly you make a mistake or do something wrong, the globe will not stop and you will not stop breathing, try to convince yourself of this within reason, of course.

The final part can give advice, at the very moment of irritability try to switch your attention to things and thoughts that always bring you positive emotions. Just think up in advance what it will be, and over time it will be obtained from you automatically.

How to deal with irritability

Irritability is defined by psychologists as the property of a person to overreact to the environment. Irritability is on a par with fatigue, because after a hard working day, when a person gets tired, he becomes prone to irritation.

Irritability in people from nature is quite rare. Therefore, most often irritability becomes a consequence of nervous exhaustion. This feeling experienced almost every person. This brings discomfort and as a result, people want to understand how to reduce irritability.

People reduce irritability in many ways. Some smoke, others eat sunflower seeds or even eat sweets. There are people who relieve stress through breathing or exercise. This article will tell you the most effective ways to reduce irritability.

The best way to reduce irritability is the alternation of mental loads with physical ones. If you work at home, alternate it with cleaning the house or going to the store. It will relax you and give you vigor and energy.

To preserve vitality it is necessary to drink about two liters of pure water. The fact is that water helps excrete the decay products that have accumulated under the influence of stress. Also, water has a tonic effect on the entire body and restores it.

If you want to get rid of irritability, try to get enough sleep. A person for normal functioning of the body should sleep from six to eight hours a day. If he systematically lacks sleep, then this will directly cause his constant irritability. Try to fall asleep at the same time.

Refer to traditional medicine. In folk medicine there are quite a few soothing herbs. One of the most effective decoctions is a collection of fennel, motherwort, valerian root and cumin.

It also helps to reduce irritability and decoction of coriander seeds. An infusion of motherwort with lemon will help to become calmer and more balanced. If you have insomnia, then an infusion of borage will help you well. You can also make a mixture of honey, three lemons, tincture of valerian and ground walnuts or almonds.

If you do not trust traditional medicine, but you want to get rid of irritability, then you can turn to traditional medicine and buy drugs at the pharmacy to combat bad mood and irritability. However, most often they are given out as prescribed by a doctor.

How to stay always calm

Pacification and peace in the soul help with honor to get out of any situation, but, unfortunately, we are not always able to contain our emotions, which often leads to the commission of rash acts. Not knowing how to remain always calm, we do not want to, we ruin our lives for ourselves and our loved ones. Nothing in this world is given for nothing. This statement also applies to the ability to own oneself, which is necessary to learn. In this regard, the following recommendations can be very helpful:

Often we dramatize the situation, with our nervousness and inappropriate utterances we blow the elephant out of a fly. Force yourself to stop and follow the usual and run-in scenario. Find for yourself and your loved ones words of comfort. Even a banal statement, like, “nothing terrible” can cool a brain fever to make him concentrate on solving the problem that has appeared,

If you want to get rid of irritability and always remain calm, do not rush to report everything to your friends and relatives, at least to those of them who by their sympathy can upset you even more,

Appeared negative feelings can be represented as a tied knot, or a dirty rug. At the same time, in order to remain always calm, it is recommended to concentrate on unleashing a knot, or on throwing out dirty mats. Both of these procedures contribute to the rapid attainment of a state of rest,

In the heat of quarrel, imagine yourself acting calmly and calmly, and begin to act according to the drawn image. Speak quietly and move slowly

Try to figure out which factors are annoying to you, and remove them from your life,

The cause of irritability may be associated with a lack of certain minerals and vitamins in the human body. For this reason, you need to take care of your proper diet, including more fresh vegetables and fruits,

Regular exercise will help control your emotions, because they help relax muscles and burn adrenaline.

Solving the urgent question of how to remain always calm under any circumstances of life, one can not fail to mention such an effective tool as prayer and meditation. A believer calms down very quickly if he begins to read prayers. A similar result is provided by yoga, or rather meditation. To do this, learn to meditate using the services of an experienced trainer, and then continue to study at home.

How excessive irritability manifests itself

Irritability is an expression of a complex of negative emotions of a person that are directed to a certain object, person, situation or other external factor. Irritability can manifest itself in absolutely every person. This is a natural reaction of the body to unpleasant situations, irritants. But the difference is that some people are able to control the range of their emotions, and some - can not control them.

At the same time, irritability, when a person is enraged, becomes dangerous for those around him, and not only for the subject himself. And still such people quickly spoil relations with other people, they begin to avoid communication with them, since their constant discontent is very unpleasant.

Such actions are intended to relieve emotional tension, calm and restore emotional balance. You need to know how to properly deal with irritability, so as not to harm either your health or relationships with others.

The main causes of irritability

Причины, которые вызывают раздражительность, могут быть такие:

  • Психологические. Сюда относят хроническое недосыпание и постоянное переутомление, стрессовые ситуации, тревогу или ощущение страха. Также вызывать раздражительность может зависимость от никотина, наркотиков или алкоголя.
  • Физиологические. Premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, period of menopause, thyroid disease. In addition, physiological reasons include the usual feeling of hunger, as well as the lack of necessary vitamins and minerals in the body.
  • Genetic. An increased level of excitability of the nervous system can be inherited. In such cases, temper and irritability can be considered a trait of a person’s character.

How to get rid of irritability: best tips and tricks

Watching a pronounced irritability for a long period (more than a week), you can not treat this frivolously.

After all, this behavior can be a symptom of the disease.

Also, increased irritability can cause exhaustion of the nervous system and even the development of neurosis. Then how to deal with irritation? Talk about this further.

The use of self-control and relaxation methods

In order to prevent or get rid of the frequent manifestations of irritability, you should listen to the advice of specialists, psychologists.

No need to try to keep all the problems and troubles "in itself." Share your thoughts with a loved one or a loved one, with someone you trust. Sometimes it is enough just to speak out to feel the general improvement of the condition.

When you feel a rage coming, - Try counting mentally to ten. This advice sounds rather banal, but it's really worth trying. These ten seconds may seem like an eternity, but after this time your emotions are likely to subside a bit.

Remember that even all recognized, truly brilliant people make a lot of mistakes. And that's fine. Never compare yourself with others, do not rely on the opinion of strangers when assessing yourself. You need to compare yourself only with yesterday’s, in order to get better over time and develop in areas that are interesting for you.

Try to practice relaxation techniques. Since it is rather difficult to not respond to stimuli when you notice sharp mood swings from calm to irritable, take time to take a break and meditate yourself.

Conveniently sit in a chair or on the couch, close your eyes and imagine that you are transported to a place where you feel completely happy and, which is sometimes very important, safe. Involve all the senses in the process.

For example, if you imagine yourself walking in the woods, imagine how you breathe in clean fresh air, feel the rustling of leaves under your feet, hear the pleasant singing of birds.

Irritability and lifestyle

Alleviating stress with alcohol or cigarettes is not the best option. Alcohol, even in small doses, will gradually destroy the brain cells and tissues of your body, smoking will deprive the cells of oxygen. Perhaps at some point it may seem that a smoked cigarette helped you calm down, but be honest with yourself - this is nothing more than self-hypnosis.

How to cope with anger and irritability, with anger? Really strong personalities learn how to cope with their emotions, and seek a different approach.

Sports activities. This does not mean that you need to give up all your business and go to the gym. You can do exercises at home. Start with the normal charge you did at school. You can also find on the Internet a lot of videos, which explain step by step what to do.

Thus, you will not only get rid of stress and lift your spirits, but also put your body in order. A nice bonus, isn't it?

Do what you like and what you have time for. Perhaps you like to ride a bike or just walk. In this case, make a habit every evening (morning, day - at will) to walk for at least 30-40 minutes. Do not run somewhere for business, but just walk. The result is not long in coming, this is really the best cure for irritability.

For normal functioning of the body, rash is equally important. Since in order to become less emotional, not to get annoyed at people and just stop being quick-tempered, you need to be rested first. Plan your days so that you have 7-8 hours of sleep. In extreme cases, 6 hours, but no less.

At bedtime, ventilate the room, and during sleep, remove all sources of light, especially flashing ones, even the smallest ones. A good dream is a dream in total darkness and absolute silence. After a couple of days you will begin to wake up rested and in a good mood. Energy will be enough for the whole day.

If you work at home, the question of how to relieve irritability becomes even more acute.

After all, you are almost always in the same situation. In this case, learn take breaks, get a little distracted. Take some physical work, you can remove or wash things. Even better - go to the store, buy yourself delicious fruit. Do not relax in front of the TV or flipping through the pages on social networks - it does not improve your well-being and does not add vigor.

Calming yourself when you are already in a state of irritation and stress is very difficult. It is much easier to prevent such surges. Rid your life of sources of irritation, love yourself and what surrounds you. Set yourself a task every day to find something good and positive in the world around you, and the world around you will begin to change.

How to find peace with the help of folk remedies

Consider how to get rid of hot temper and nervousness with the help of folk remedies. The most popular are the following:

Relaxing baths. The modern world makes us constantly rush, somewhere to run, to do something. And we try to spend as little time as possible on evening body treatments.

Try at least 2-3 times a week to still find time for yourself and take a relaxing bath based on decoctions of herbs for about 30 minutes. Water temperature should be maintained at a comfortable level for you. From herbs choose motherwort, valerian, yarrow. This method is suitable for people of any age.

  • Decoctions of herbs well help and as a drink. Prepare infusions of fennel, cumin, motherwort (you can add lemon juice to it), coriander. These drinks will help you balance your emotional state.
  • If you want something more delicious, buy honey, prunes, walnuts and indulge yourself from time to time.
  • Treatment of irritability with pharmaceutical drugs

    To resort to medical treatment is possible only after consulting a specialist. To choose a drug, you need to know the cause, which causes constant irritability.

    • For example, if the cause was a mental illness (depression, for example), then antidepressants can help (Prozac, Amitriptyline, Fluoxetine, etc.). They improve the mood of the patient and, accordingly, relieve irritability.
    • In cases where the cause lies in chronic sleep deprivation, attention should be paid to normalizing the patient's sleep. The doctor will select the correct sleeping pills or sedatives.
    • If sleep is in order, but anxiety is present, then sedative drugs should be used, but those that do not cause drowsiness (Mezapam or Rudotel).
    • In situations where irritability is caused by regular stress in the patient's life, soft anti-stress drugs are prescribed on a plant-based basis (Notta, Novo-Passit, Adaptol, etc.).

    Consequences of excessive irritability

    Do not ignore irritability and do not write it off on living or working conditions. A long stay in this state is abnormal and can lead to various kinds of diseases. You may experience severe forms of depression, neurosis, etc. Do not abuse alcohol and unhealthy foods. This will only aggravate the problem. If it is difficult to cope on your own, you should contact a specialist who can help you solve this problem and give you the opportunity to live a quiet full life.

    Causes of irritability

    - diseases of the heart, thyroid gland, stomach, respiratory organs,

    - disease of the nervous system,

    - overwork, anxiety, depression, stress.

    To get rid of irritability, first of all, it is necessary to examine your body for the presence of diseases. If everything is in order, then it is worth making your life rhythm slower, perhaps you need to change your job or place of residence.

    Quick ways

    As soon as a person feels irritation, the nervous system reacts instantly and the excitement increases like a snowball. Discontent grows into aggression, rage, and then uncontrollable behavior (affect). If you stop in time, the irritation will quickly pass. Psychologists are advised to count to ten in such situations, at the same time you need to take a deep breath and exhale.

    Exercise also helps to get rid of irritability. In a situation of stress or panic, you can do about 10 squats, the brain will be distracted, and the nervous system will quickly calm down.

    It is necessary to eat in a timely manner, as hunger also causes discomfort and irritation.

    Various practices that allow you to relax and feel your body can help, for example, yoga. Relaxing bath with essential oils and sea salt has a tonic effect on the nervous system.

    Cat lovers know how they can relax their pet's normal stroking.

    Those who often think about how to quickly get rid of irritability, it is worth looking for its causes. After all, such methods are just a short-term deception, it does not give a lasting effect. If noise acts on the nerves, then first of all, it is necessary to get rid of the stimulus itself; deep breathing here will not help.

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    Symptoms of irritability

    You can suspect the appearance of irritability if irritation occurs every day and not once, namely:

    • irritation lasts more than 7 days,
    • because of him relations in the family, at work, with friends,
    • growing sense of internal tension, it becomes chronic,
    • headaches appear
    • every day a person is like “getting off the wrong foot”,
    • everywhere there is discomfort, wherever they are and whatever they do.

    Additional symptoms of irritability include:

    • loss of memory and concentration
    • sleep disturbances
    • general weakness, fatigue and apathy,
    • muscle and joint pain,
    • migraine.

    Other symptoms (individual reactions of the organism) may be known about themselves, but this complex inevitably signals a weakening of the body's defenses, the need to combat irritability.

    The seizures themselves are manifested individually. Some people manage to keep their peace of mind to the last, but to boil inside (this cannot be done), others fall into hysterics and tears, and still others break at everyone.

    Irritability in women

    Women more often than men suffer from irritability, which is caused by psycho-physiological features (increased emotionality, natural regular changes in hormonal background) and greater workload. Most women have to combine work, child rearing and housekeeping.

    Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause contribute. At the same time irritability is accompanied by:

    Hormonal problems are treated by an endocrinologist and a gynecologist. If the reason is fatigue or dissatisfaction, then you need the help of a psychologist and a change of lifestyle.

    Irritability in men

    In men, irritability is most often caused by social reasons: workload at work, fatigue, conflicts, difficulties in the family. If an internal feeling of dissatisfaction, low self-esteem and a sense of the meaninglessness of life is superimposed on this, then the situation is aggravated.

    Male irritability often results in outbursts of anger and becomes destructive. However, men can longer restrain irritation, endure, hold back. Where the woman starts screaming at once, the man will keep silent. But that is why their irritability looks more destructive.

    Irritability in children

    The causes of childhood irritability are not much different from the manifestations of such in adults: psycho-physiological features, the effect of education, fatigue, fear, anxiety, self-doubt. In addition, irritability can be a form of protest against parental over-custody or, on the contrary, authoritarian education.

    Irritability manifests itself more emotionally than in adults. Although the specificity of the manifestations depends on the age of the child. For example, young children often cry, bite, scratch. Preschool children stubborn. Younger students violate discipline. Teens show aggression, slam doors, re-enclose. In addition to the age of the reaction depends on the nature, temperament (choleric and melancholic, more prone to irritability) and other innate characteristics of the child.

    Emergency help

    If you need to quickly deal with irritability:

    1. Use the score to ten, the method of switching attention to pleasant memories, technology change activities and distraction (walk, run, cleaning), write on paper and tear it, wave your hands.
    2. After that, write down on paper the possible consequences of irritation and its incorrect expression. Ask how it hurts you. You need it?
    3. Conduct auto-training. Say: “I understand that irritation is a bad emotion. I manage my emotions. I understand and accept the world around us in its diversity. I live harmoniously and without irritation. I get joy from the friendly interaction with the world. " It is better to conduct this auditory training daily.
    4. Do a breathing exercise. There are many methods of respiratory relaxation. For example, you can use this technique: take a prone position, inhale with the nose, rounding the abdomen, exhale with the mouth, drawing in the abdomen. Breathe slowly and deeply. Repeat no more than 10 times. Try another exercise next time: inhale deeply and slowly inhale, exhale sharply with your mouth and take 3 more dobydhoha. Breathing exercises should be carried out carefully. Better to consult a doctor beforehand! For example, it is not recommended to resort to them in case of heart diseases and at the time of a cold.

    Correction of irritability, like any other psychological problem, requires a particular approach. Generally, you can only say that you need to look for causes of fatigue and discontent, and then deal with it. It is useful to check your health for hormonal disorders. And of course, it is necessary to develop willpower and master self-regulation techniques.