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What men's shoes are now in fashion: the trends of the year


It should start with the basics, namely with the most fashionable and current trends:

  1. Bright tones. If earlier it was believed that men's shoes should be maintained only in strict and classic colors, today, representatives of the stronger sex can enjoy the brightness and allow themselves experiments. Now their life will be more interesting!
  2. The predominance of classic style, sports and casual everyday - casual. But the classics in 2017 will be interpreted completely differently. She becomes more stylish, loses austerity and acquires free or even sports features. And that should be the shoes of an active man.
  3. Mixing stylistic trends. Classics can be everyday, sport - elegant, and practical casual - bright. A universal model should incorporate the best qualities of current styles.
  4. The combination of comfort, practicality and brightness, sometimes bordering on shocking. Men can also be surprising, but now they will do it appropriately and tastefully, because the best designers have taken care of this.
  5. The combination of seemingly incompatible textures and forms. Earlier, some tandems would look at least strange, but now they acquire a new perception and stylish charm, peculiar only to real fashion lovers with impeccable taste. And wear such models should be with pride.
  6. Bright and unusual decor. Now not only women's shoes will be original, men can also look spectacular.
  7. Soft lines and mostly rounded shapes. Sharp angles and rough features go out of fashion.

Actual models

What will be fashionable and stylish men's shoes in the future 2017? Collections will be pleased with a huge variety of various models: from restrained and classic to stylish, bright and creative. And the most fashionable are divided into categories by season and are discussed below.

Demi-season models

In the offseason, men are available a variety of styles of fashionable shoes:

  • Classic shoes with round toe lace-up.
  • For everyday wear in the warm season, slippers are great, and practical, durable and stylish leather will be especially fashionable.
  • Sneakers and sneakers are no less popular, but they are best left for jogging or walking with a dog, because for everyday wear there are plenty of other options.
  • Lightweight moccasins will be an excellent shoe for every day.
  • Autumn is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure to look stylish and status. And so even in such a dull time of the year to be fully armed and attract the enthusiastic views of women, pay attention to such popular models as oxfords, chelsea, derby, brogues, and deserts. All of them are similar and united by common qualities: they ideally combine practicality, comfort and the embodiment of impeccable taste.
  • The military theme is supported by stylized berets. And their roughness is somewhat smoothed by uncharacteristic tones and materials.
  • In late autumn and early spring, semi-boots can be worn, although so far they have not become quite habitual, therefore only a few acquire them.

Winter shoes, above all, should be warm, comfortable and practical. But in 2017 it will also be incredibly stylish, so even an ordinary man will be able to feel like a model. For example, you can buy high boots that cover most of the calf. Trousers should be tucked into the tops, so they should be wide enough. A creative option for the real "style" - cowboy boots.

Summer models

Summer is a time of rest, and shoes should contribute to it, providing comfort and allowing your feet to breathe. Strict option - leather restrained sandals of neutral color. A more fashionable solution is men's “gladiators”, who are gradually moving from the catwalks to the masses. You can also choose a sabot, migrated from the women's wardrobe and took a strong position in the men's.

Colors and prints

In the next season, reserved colors will remain relevant: brown and black. But they are applicable to office classics. But in everyday life, and even more so in a special case, you can afford brighter tones, for example, blue, burgundy, dark green, marsala, mustard.

This may seem surprising to many, but there are also prints on men's shoes, and not only brutal and “unisex”, but also traditionally considered women, for example, flowers, animalistic motifs.

Tip: not only allowed, but also the combination of several colors, and not necessarily ideally combined with each other, is welcomed.

For the manufacture of men's shoes are used mainly practical and noble materials, such as suede and leather. But to make the model more stylish, designers use various methods of original processing, for example, varnishing or lamination, artificial aging. And if you want to show your status and exquisite taste, pay attention to the skin of reptiles, it is found in almost all collections of fashion houses.

Stylish details

Sometimes it is the details that decide everything, and in 2017 it is more relevant than ever. The decor of men's shoes can and should be stylish and bold, so the following elements will be fashionable:

  1. Although the sole is the main and important part of the shoe, in the future season it will also perform decorative functions, moreover it will be a masterly performance. The first stylish reception - a combination of incompatible. So, restrained brogues will refresh and change beyond recognition a thick sports sole. And it is not only convenient, but also incredibly stylish. The second technique is color contrasts. If the shoe is dark, then the sole may be completely different and be light or bright. And the third stylish solution is a rough molded rubber outsole, which will bring a touch of brutal carelessness to the image.
  2. Inserts from different materials. Moreover, fabric is especially popular, probably because textiles are used less and less as a base material. But in addition to the fabric inserts, fur is also relevant, although this material was only recently considered to be strictly feminine.
  3. Metal elements: various rivets, zippers, panels or even whole parts (especially socks, which are not only decorated but also protected in such a way).
  4. Bright contrasting laces can play the role of decor, and they are permissible not only in everyday or “weekend” models, but also in classical ones (of course, if the color is not too flashy and “acidic”).
  5. Attract attention and refresh the image of the seams.
  6. Fringe and tassels. And this decor is no longer perceived as overly feminine.
  7. Perforation not only serves as a fashionable decoration, but also provides natural ventilation, which is very convenient.

If you still have not purchased shoes, then finding out all the fashion trends and armed with the knowledge gained, you can definitely make the right decision and choose the most stylish and relevant option.

Fashion trends

New in 2018 in many ways different from the trend models of the past year. The style of this or that product is not so clearly defined: sports elements are present in almost every model, so it can be worn with different things. Sneakers, shod with classic trousers, are no longer a sign of bad taste, just like jeans, casually tucked into boots with a wide shaft.

Most design houses still focus on convenience, making it only from high-quality and wear-resistant materials: leather, suede, nubuck, textiles. At the same time, models for men become bright, catchy, and at times outrageous. It is about bold colors, unusual combinations of finishing materials, and the richness of decorative elements.

New in 2018, which gathered mixed reviews from the public, were futuristic sneakers from Ralf Simons and designer rubber overshoes from one of the Italian brands. Obviously, fashionable shoes, sneakers, shoes for men are distinguished by a combination of creativity and an unusual outlook on life. If you like this concept and you carefully follow the innovations in the market, then the season will be generous for pleasant purchases. Pay attention to the fashion models in the photo below.

Spring-Summer 2018 collection

Collections are represented by models that combine elements of sports and casual styles. Due to their practicality, they are popular with men of different ages and statuses. The main requirements for men's shoes spring-summer 2018 - the quality of materials, stylish design, nice colors. Features of a style, variations of furnish and a decor always depend on the imagination of the designer. This season, male models have the following design features:

  1. Sole. Models on a thick platform with strict lines are perfectly combined with a business suit or classic trousers. Fashionable this season shoes with a thin and flat sole - loafers and moccasins - successfully combined with jeans and shorts. Loafers also have a small heel for better stability.
  2. Lacing. Lace-up models have become the trend of the spring-summer season. Shoes or sneakers with laces are suitable for almost any outfit, so they are so popular among the stronger sex.
  3. Perforation. Trendy this season has become perforated men's shoes with a lot of ventilated openings. Stylish design and extraordinary practicality - its main advantages.
  4. Elements of decor. The abundance of decor will appeal to people who value their individuality. Bright embroidery, geometric prints, stripes and appliqués are just a small part of what awaits you when choosing this season!

Actual material and color

Basically, for the manufacture of men's and women's shoes using natural leather. In 2018, the designers did not change the traditions and chose this material for sewing different styles. Brand leather and suede products are not only comfortable to wear, but also look presentable. In exclusive pieces of thin perforated leather, it is not hot to walk in warm weather, and models from nubuck and suede are best left for winter and cold autumn.

This year, models from combination leather of different colors, as well as with inlays of textured materials, are relevant. Products made of artificial leather, painted in fashionable "animal" prints, look no less impressive, but they are much cheaper. Fashionable men's shoes are also made from polished leather, varnish, canvas and flax. It has a rich color - chocolate, burgundy, mustard, dark green, blue.

Brand shoes

The card of a man is his shoes. Everything matters here: style, color, condition, price. As if that would not be desirable, but shoes from the mass market will never look status and certainly will not last long. Buying branded expensive shoes is the choice of a successful man who knows his own value and strives for the ideal in everything.

Brand shoes manufacturers are world-famous fashion houses Valentino, Gucci, Casadei, Gianmarco Lorenzi, Rocco P., Guardiani. They sew their products from high-class durable materials and equip them with comfortable arch support and pads. Wearing it for a long time will not affect the condition of your legs - the orthopedic insoles will fix the correct position of the foot and save you from muscle over-tension.

Brand men's shoes have an elegant design and can be made to order. If you are the owner of large-sized legs, and models in ordinary retail outlets are cramped for you, order comfortable shoes in one of the multi-brand stores in your city. Acquisition of imported models is a profitable investment of your funds, because the quality of such products causes no doubts!

Winter models

Fashionable men's shoes 2017, designed for cold snowy winters, is made of strong and practical materials: embossed leather, suede, nubuck. Among the popular models, there are elongated boots-boots, boots with laces and elastic bands, low shoes with zippers, belts and buckles. Men's winter boots are presented in a wide model range:

  1. Military style boots. They have a massive “tractor” sole, strong seams, lacing on the front of the boots, less often - lightning. They are easily combined with everyday wardrobe, giving the image some texture and masculinity.
  2. Boots in cowboy style. They have fixed tops, elongated toe, figured piping and belt loops. Boots are comfortable to wear, well combined with things from denim and textiles.
  3. Classic-style boots with laces or zippers, complete with fur trim or thick elastic. They have a warm lining and interchangeable insoles in case the shoes get wet. Available in black, white, beige, blue, emerald, burgundy and other colors.

Men's shoes for men

Several pairs of high-quality demi-season shoes should be in the wardrobe of every man. Follow the simple rule: you should feel comfortable in any weather. Only shoes designed for the off-season, can protect your feet from moisture, freezing, sweating. Due to the quality of materials and a special moisture-resistant coating, in such shoes you can safely walk through puddles and not be afraid of a weak minus outside the window.

Boots and low shoes from world shoe brands Fretz Men, Sioux, Provocante, Josef Seibel, Rieker combine all the trends of 2018: stylish design, texture, shape geometry, an abundance of decorative elements.

Fashionable demi-season men's shoes 2018 are products in the style of "sporty chic", practical and elegant at the same time. Massive boots or stylish chelsea, delicate deserts or woven sleepers - you will need to review a lot of models before buying a suitable pair of shoes.

Fashionable men's shoes 2017 in the photo: sneakers, shoes

Fashionable men's shoes 2017

Fashionable men's shoes 2017 combination of two colors

Fashionable men's sneakers Nike 2017

Brutal men's shoes should be with cast sole in contrast to the top color. Suede shoes are presented in a classic solution. Derby and brogues this winter will be beige and light gray shades and are unlikely to leave fashion shows soon. Chelsea boots - classic shoes with inserts - elastic bands on the sides of patent leather or matte leather should be combined with a business suit. The most daring solutions are offered with an animal print and metal attributes.

Brutal military-style boots or retro with lacing and thick soles do not lose ground and remained in vogue next winter. On the podium many variations of images with sandals for a warm winter were shown, offering to wear them with socks.

Current materials

At the peak of popularity are natural textures - leather and suede. Nubuck is suitable for dry autumn weather. In the trend of the combined models of different colors. Some designers offer modern men to wear shoes made of high-quality artificial leather. Fashionable models look spectacular, and are a bit cheaper.

In a fashion model of perforated leather, which look presentable and withstand heavy loads. Looks stylishly shoes made of artificial leather, which is painted in minimalist prints. Very relevant look model with metal spikes.

This decor attracts attention and will not go unnoticed. At the peak of popularity black and white colors, chocolate, burgundy, mustard, swamp, blue shades.

Stylish reptile leather shoes. Python leather shoes have a certain luxury and chic. The unusual texture gives the models a special elegance. A man in such shoes looks fashionable and extraordinary.

Classic options

Traditional models do not lose their relevance. New season look very elegant. Suede and leather classic shoes look very luxurious. Shoes will be an option for warm autumn weather, and in winter, designers offer to wear stylish boots with fur with a round spout. Instead of fur, you can also find woolen insulation shoes in collections.

The elongated chelsea boots from Brunello Cucinelli look attractive. Such accessories as a hat and a scarf will be a worthy addition to fashionable shoes. Having placed the necessary accents in the image, any man will look very stylish and fashionable.

In the trend of the derby and classic Oxford shoes - classic men's shoes with lacing. Black derby suit business suit.

For an informal style, it is better to buy two-tone shoes from combination leather or brown models. Derby is quite versatile men's shoes. New items have perforation and stylish sole lines. Official strict shoes in the new collections looks very stylish and attracts attention.

Lace-up boots

Massive models of lace-up shoes will fit perfectly into a street bow. Almost all fashionable shoes belong to the military style. Stylists do not recommend to look sad and boring. High stringed "amphibians" - an option to diversify your outfit in cold winter.

The latest novelties of short length with a practical and dense sole are also relevant. Такой модной обуви не страшна никакая слякоть и осенняя грязь. Практичный материал не впитывает загрязнения и обладает хорошими водоотталкивающими свойствами.

Мокасины, лоферы, слиперы

Когда-то мокасины носили индейцы, чтобы бесшумно охотиться на диких зверей. Историческая обувь в XXI веке присутствует на всех модных показах. Сегодня мокасины – повседневная практичная обувь, предпочтение которой отдают большое количество современных мужчин. Lightweight loafers are particularly relaxed and have a simple design without unnecessary details. The walls of the models and the sole are made of solid quality material, so these shoes will last a very long time.

Low-key stylish moccasins and loafers are perfectly combined with a fashionable suit and are suitable for a warm autumn. Shoes dilute the excessive severity of a men's suit and help you look stylish. Dim colors will add formality to the whole image. New items look neat and make a pleasant impression. In the autumn collections there are a variety of shades of shoes, so choose the right option is not difficult.

Closed stylish sleepers with a textile upper are also in fashion. They fit perfectly with wide trousers and a loose shirt. Elegant models look great on foot and are versatile enough. In the trend, the youth options of stylish textile slippers are bright and catchy sleepers.

Collections of men's boots include unusual and memory options. Designers tried to diversify the new models as much as possible. Shoes look extraordinary, thanks to the presence of stylish chains, rivets and clasps. The abundance of metal elements gives the novelties a certain chic. Men's boots make a pleasant impression, despite their brutality and rough textures. These shoes are an option for courageous and active men.

The main trend of the latest innovations is minimalism and restraint. The rulers are traditional options with buckles, contrasting inserts and combinations. Fashionable models meet all the requirements of men. Practical shoes will be able to survive the mud and slush of the winter period, warm feet in the cold. Designers also offered lovers of shocking bright shoes with massive soles.

From the fashion catwalks do not go various options for men's shoes. Sneakers and their modifications harmoniously look with jeans, suits, wide and narrow trousers. Models have a sleek design and look very neat on the foot. Traditional combinations of black and white, blue shades, brown palette in a special trend. Stylish sneakers are perfect for a cold autumn, and warm models can be worn in the winter.

Stylish sneakers are sewn of leather, suede, technological nubuck and textile materials. Comfortable shoes are very practical and able to withstand heavy loads. Models have a soft and well-bending sole, which is suitable not only for sports jogging, but also for long urban walks. The leather upper of the shoe is treated with special impregnations that increase the quality of fashionable novelties.

Modern men's shoes suitable for daily use, publication and trips to work. Every man’s wardrobe should have stylish sneakers, loafers, shoes and boots.

From natural materials, the shoes will serve the entire season and will organically fit into any bow. Harmonious new items from the latest collections of men's shoes are striking in their diversity, so every man will be able to find a suitable version of the autumn and winter shoes.

Men's shoes: shoes fall-winter 2017-2018, fashion shoes, trends of sports models

Women are very easy to choose shoes. After all, any model is offered with a heel of different height and shape, and any decorative element dramatically changes the look of the style. Not so with men's shoes. Firstly, experiments with the heel are completely excluded, since no self-respecting man will wear, for example, oxfords on heels, and secondly, the decor suitable for women's shoes looks masculine, to put it mildly, stupid. Well, this does not mean at all that with the arrival of the new season, gentlemen need to wear old shoes, so let's get acquainted with the trends of shoes for 2017-2018 Winter.

Men's Fall / Winter Shoes in Business Style

Autumn-winter collections of shoes for men offer quite a lot of models, made in a business style. During the warmer period, men can wear:

However, with the onset of the first bad days, gentlemen should switch to classic-style boots.

The steady trend of shoes in the classical style is only on the hands of men who do not like shopping, as well as those who can not spend too much money on new clothes. After all, such models will be offered to you by the autumn-winter collection of shoes, created for any season. And yet, men's classic shoes in the Fall / Winter 2017-2018 season are slightly different from the one that was trendy earlier.

For example, it is necessary to note the trend for rounded socks. If a year ago, sharp-toed shoes and shoes were in trend, now designers have given their noses more rounded shapes.

It should be noted and color diversity, which appeared in the men's collections of shoes. All of these models can be found not only in black, brown and beige, but also from reptile skin or in red. Trendy Autumn / Winter shoes allow for a combination of two contrasting colors, as well as leather weave inserts. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that any deviation from the classics turns shoes from business into informal!

Fashionable shoes Winter 2017-2018 in casual style

If designers allow themselves to experiment with male models, it is only when creating casual shoes. Of course, one cannot say that men's autumn-winter footwear in the new season is very different from the one that was in vogue earlier, but some innovations did appear.

First of all, we note that the models that will be relevant during the autumn are:

These models are offered in versions of leather, suede and even velvet, which will allow fashionistas to choose shoes for any weather.

Fashionable winter men's shoes are:

Fashionable boots Autumn / Winter are also created from different materials, but, nevertheless, most brands have preferred functionality, so the models of moisture-absorbing fabrics are almost absent.

Now let's celebrate the innovations of the season. Let's start with the fact that some men's shoes "got" decor, or rather, a fur trim. Yes, moccasins and loafers with fur look very extravagant, but for those who want to stand out, they are just right.

The fall / winter men's shoes were also changed, the style of which is easily recognizable. We are talking about “chelsea”, which in the new season are not distinguished by an inset of elastic, but by the presence of a second lightning!

It should be noted and the color palette of everyday models, in which there were golden tones and animal prints. All this, along with the typical summer colors, significantly expanded the range of men's casual shoes. So, regardless of whether you need shoes or going to buy Autumn / Winter boots, give preference to unusual colors and patterns with decor.

Men's shoes Winter 2017-2018 sports style

The style of sport-chic is gaining popularity, so any fall-winter collection of shoes will offer you options for sports models that are suitable not only for sports, but also for everyday wear. The most relevant in the new season remain:

Of course, if you want to buy sneakers Fall / Winter for the winter period, then you need to pay attention to the warmed models.

If we talk about innovations, then it is worth noting men's sneakers Autumn / Winter, the appearance of which resembles shoes, socks. This extravagant model has one indisputable advantage - it perfectly holds the ankle, which makes it ideal for sports.

What are women's fashion shoes in 2017?

Women's shoes do not happen much. Every girl wants to have a couple for everyday life and a special occasion. However, before you make a purchase of a new pair or a wholesale lot for a business, you should clearly find out which shoes will be fashionable in the spring of 2017.

Based on the general mood of fashion collections, we can conclude that 2017 is a year of outrage and extravagance. As before, high heels are in fashion, with both thick heels and thin studs being popular. Special attention deserved:

  1. Shoes with straps and a pointed toe on the heel - the basis for creating an image in a strict classical style,
  2. Sandals with bright decoration - fur inserts, upholstery prints, large fittings, fringe. The harmonious combination of such a model with a general image,
  3. Bright shoes with embroidery and pattern - models with a pattern in ethnic style will be especially excellent,
  4. Slip-ons are gaining popularity as casual shoes, this season is to give preference to unusual patterns,
  5. Practical sports shoes will not go out of style. Popular will be used as a model for sports, and casual moccasins, espadrilles, snacks,
  6. Boots with low speed and thick soles - the trend of cold seasons. It is recommended to give preference from natural materials - leather, nubuck, suede.

In addition to the style, you should pay attention to what a fashionable sock in 2017 shoes. For combination with a strict classic outfit, they define shoes with pointed toe heels, for everyday life - with rounded ones.

Fashion trends for men

Trend of fashion shoes for men will be a combination of different materials in colors and texture. It is based on models from natural materials - natural and patent leather, suede, nubuck. As for color solutions, in 2017 mustard, emerald, maroon and dark blue tones are in fashion.

For everyday life, the wardrobe of every man should include a pair of sneakers in the original color scheme, for work and in combination with clothes in a simple style - classic shoes with thick soles.

What color of shoes is fashionable in 2017?

Having decided on a style, it is worth paying attention to the question - what color of shoes is fashionable in 2017. In spring and summer natural colors are in trend, but the pastel palette is becoming a thing of the past, and rich shades come to replace it.

  • Aurora Red - juicy extraordinary shade of red, which is the best way to complement the girl's personality,
  • Warm Taupe - pastel color, obtained in combination of brown and gray,
  • Lush Meadow - rich green hue - a fresh touch of modern fashion. The accessory of this color is a great complement to the clothes in dark colors,
  • Potther’s Clay - defiant red-brown boldly combined with light-colored clothing
  • Bodacious - lavender is used in combination with bright and dark red,
  • Spicy Mustard - an unusual mustard color goes well with chocolate and gray shades.

Asking the question - what is the most fashionable shoes, you need to remember that every thing should emphasize the individuality of its owner, her dignity and be combined with the overall style of clothing. Creating a new image you should take care of the harmonious combination with all its elements, for this you should pay attention to which bags are fashionable in 2017.

Choosing shoes is a personal matter for everyone. Therefore, shop owners are trying to provide the widest possible range.

Given the high cost of original branded products, copies of brand shoes at retail are popular. Replicas are not inferior to branded products in quality, appearance and aesthetics. Therefore, it is profitable for entrepreneurs to buy shoes in bulk from China, and to save on transportation costs, use the cargo delivery service from China.

Men's shoes of the autumn-winter season: fashion trends

There is still a great demand for high-quality natural textures that look presentable and at the same time withstand heavy loads and low temperature conditions. Preference is given to genuine leather, suede. Products made of perforated leather occupy almost the first place in popularity among footwear designed for the warm dry season. It is better to leave suede and nubuck until the cold. The footwear from a combined skin of different shades, with various stylish inserts is in the increased demand. Also in the trend of the model, made of high quality artificial leather, painted in animalistic prints. Such shoes look very impressive, but it is several times cheaper than genuine leather.

As for the color range, not only the traditional black and white colors are relevant, but also bright, saturated colors, such as:

Fashion models of men's shoes for the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season

The classics will never lose their relevance, and in the coming season this style is represented by traditional models. Elegant stylish men's shoes, made of genuine leather or suede, looks luxurious and presentable. For winter, actual boots with fur or wool insulation with round noses. The freestyle interpretation of the classics suggests original models, decorated with bright laces, hlyastikami, decorative seams.

Young people who lead an active lifestyle, prefer sports-style shoes, which are made of high-quality textures that withstand cold and moisture. If earlier such shoes were considered exclusively tourist (tracking), today eminent designers actively use it in their collections, and they offer to wear it with a classic wardrobe.

Winter sneakers, visually reminiscent of training shoes in the gym or jogging, do not go out of fashion. In the autumn-winter season of 2017-2018, models are presented in leather, suede, nubuck and decorated with original elements of decor.

Almost all the trend models with lacing refer us to the military style. The advantage of massive high-laced shoes "amphibians" is that they fit perfectly into any bow, with the only condition - the image should not be faded and boring.

In recent years, Beatle boot models resembling a chelsea are very popular, but instead of rubber band inserts they have lightnings. In the upcoming season, this type of shoe is a great way to make a fashionable statement and show your alternativeness.

For a warm autumn, moccasins of inconspicuous flowers, decorated with bright fringe, and loafers will be an excellent solution. Stylists recommend wearing them with classic strict suits, giving it a certain amount of formality and diluting, thereby, a strict classical look.

Footwear with the texture of reptiles - one of the easiest solutions to give the bow an element of luxury. In the fall-winter 2017-2018 season, designers experiment with snake skin, bringing, in this way, originality and underlined chic to the collection of shoes. Undoubtedly, shoes and boots made of python leather look gorgeous, but high-quality imitation is acceptable.