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Names for parrots, how to name feathered boys and girls


After buying a parrot, its owner will have to come up with a nickname for his pet. After all, the name will be with the parrot all his life. This is the most difficult moment, even harder to choose a parrot. When choosing a name for a parrot, you need to consider some subtleties. First of all, the name for a girl's parrot should be clear and bright. Very often people buy feathered pets to communicate with them afterwards, that is, in order to teach the parrot to speak. First, your parrot must learn to pronounce its name.

What name is suitable for a parrot girl?

1. Short, distinct names. As a rule, these are names with pronounced hissing, such as: Masha, Lavrusha, Michel. These nicknames are easily remembered and pronounced, so they are well suited for birds.

2. Short, sonorous nicknames with a rolling sound "p": Abra, Brenda, Chris. It should be noted that parrots with great enthusiasm pick up all the "growling".

3. Combined and original names for parrots girls. Above, we have listed the traditional nicknames of parrots. But you can come up with a nickname for your feathered pet. The main thing is that the names invented and chosen by you should be clear, convenient in terms of pronunciation and short.

In addition, you need to take into account that there are types of parrots that have whistling sounds - q, s, and h cause difficulties. Not necessarily on the first day of the purchase to give the name of a parrot, you can wait a couple of days. By this time, your feathered pet will get used to you and may begin to show its character. And you can choose a name based on his personality and temperament. The following list of names for parrots girls will help you with a choice.

How to choose a name: general tips

Name selection - not such an easy task, as it seemed at first glance. After all, you should like it and be easy to play for the bird. If the breed is not a priori speaking - then a little easier. You can not bother with the nuances of pronunciation, but simply choose any name you like. Although here, too, need to try.

Often practiced foreign names like Miranda, Ricardo, Orlando. If, for example, a pair of parrots, love to give legendary nicknames, for example, Kai and Gerd, Bonnie and Clyde, Scarlett and Ratt. Sometimes the owner names God's creature with a sense of humor: Skoda, Talker, Warbler, Donut, etc. This is, of course, a bold decision, because, acquiring a bird, you still do not know its nature and character.

Although it happens the other way around - from the first seconds of the caudate one already have such pronounced individual features that they clearly ask for reflecting names: Vyuzhik, Whirlwind, Shustrik, Tishka.

Some owners love to give double names Type: Mary Poppins, Jean-Jacques. You may have difficulty with the fact that the bird will not respond to any reduction. Or immediately accustom to the abbreviated name.

Still use variants of names "Unisex", for example: Quilly, Robertino, Ricky - this is if at the time of the appearance of the little bird in the house there is no complete confidence in her sex.

Choose a name (nickname)

If the breed is speaking, ornithologists recommend sticking to some rules:

  • the name should be short, clear, clear. There should be abruptly tapped the letter "P". Parrots happy to catch the words with growling sounds. Vivid examples: Patrick, Lavrik, Garik, Marik,
  • names of up to 6 letters are most easily remembered,

  • the hissing sounds in the name: “k”, “h” are easy to hear and remember for parrots, for example: Chris, Casper, Siskin, Charlie,
  • Many aram like the presence in the name of stretching vowels. They say them in a singing tone, for example: Daaah, Ke-e-esha,
  • well established short, intelligible clear nicknames. For example: Kesha, Gesha, Pasha,
  • even a name borrowed from other cultures should be accessible, convenient in pronunciation, for example: Oliver, Kerry, Heinrich.

In order for the feathered to perceive his nickname and start repeating it as quickly as possible, it is desirable to repeat it often in different variations. The voice should be calm, repeat smoothly, with love. When the bird feels that there is no danger in the word, it will begin to repeat it itself, and then more boldly pick up other simple words and sounds.

A good choice of the name does not guarantee that your mockingbird will quickly remember and repeat it. You should deal with him at least a couple of minutes a day. Do not scold the crested, if it still does not work for him yet - everything must be learned.

Naming boys, the owners most often stick to simpler forms.: Misha, Gosh, Kesha. Serial heroes are also immortalized in pets, and this is completely appropriate for them: Tarzan, Kemal, Emir, Robinson. If the breed is medium and large size, nicknames will be appropriate.: Caesar, Marquis, Aristarchus. But here is a reservation: these are complex variants and they are given to either non-speaking breeds or the most intelligent ones. Let's try to help you make the right choice.

Sound suggestions for parrots boys, a pair of options for each letter in alphabetical order.

  1. BUT - Almaz, Amur, Ataman, Ike.
  2. B - Boss, Bruce, Bucks, Golden Eagle, Baron.
  3. AT - Venya, Whiskey, Volcano, Whack.
  4. R - Count, Gray, Grill, Hector, Grand, Hussar.
  5. D - Danko, Dandy.
  6. E - Yegor, Eroshka.
  7. F - Groom, Zhorik, Jacques / Mr.
  8. H - Zeus, Zorro, Zero, Zephyr.
  9. AND - Irwin, Yosif.
  10. TO - Casper, Casanova, Corrado, Commander.
  11. L - Lord, Laurel, Pet, Lucky.
  12. M - Milan, Magnate, Marquis.
  13. H - Nelson, Nestor, Narcissus, Napoleon.
  14. ABOUT - Fire, Oscar, Ostap.
  15. P - Prince, Pirate, Dodger, Perseus.
  16. R - Raf, Romeo, Rubik, Ricardo.
  17. WITH - Skiff, Samurai, Sprut, Sultan, Sapphire.
  18. T - Tristan, Tisha, Tair, Troy, Tarzan, Topaz, Typhoon, Trash.
  19. Have - Umka, Hurricane.
  20. F - Figaro, Philip, Funtik, Farik, Flint.
  21. X - Hulk, Hippie, Javier.
  22. C - Caesar, the Gypsy.
  23. H - Charles, Churchill.
  24. Sh - Shrek, Sherkhan, Chef, Schumacher, Chopin.
  25. Uh - Elf, Elvis, Einstein.
  26. YU - Jung, Jusik.
  27. I - Yarosh, Yarik.

Usually for feathery girls choose a softer, affectionate name. Or vice versa - passionate, bright. It is possible to name the name of the heroine of your favorite book or series.: Nihan, Hazal, Jansu.

Exotic admirers are suited for such catchy nicknames as: Tiffany, Gioconda, Penelope.

Although the good old Shura, Masha, Dashi are also popular for their versatility. Talking girls best reproduce these names. So, we offer a couple of specific good variants of nicknames in alphabetical order.

  • BUT - Ariel, Adel, Alice, Asya.
  • B - Bella, Betsy, Businka, Boni.
  • AT - Viola, Vlada, Varya, Venus.
  • R - Gerda, Gloria, Gretta, Glasha.
  • D - Dallas, Jesse, Doli, Dasha.
  • E - Eve, Eshka, Egoza.
  • F - Giselle, Zhulya, Zhuzha.
  • H - Zara, Zita, Zlata, Zulfiya, Zabava
  • AND - Ivita, Ida, Irma, Iriska.
  • TO - Kira, Kuki, Xena, Cameo, Doll, Coquette, Candy.
  • L - Lola, Luna, Lada, Lady, Lyalya.
  • M - Madeleine, Maggie, Milady, Martha, Malvina, Marquis.
  • H - Nancy, Nadir, Nick, Norma.
  • ABOUT - Onica, Olivia, Olympia.
  • P - Pandora, Prima, Plush.
  • R - Glad, Rose, Ruby, Rita.
  • WITH - Sabrina, Santa, Selena, Stella.
  • T - Tutta, Tina, Tahira, Truffle.
  • Have - Uma, Ondine, Ulya.
  • F - Frida, Feona, Fairy, Fury, Faina.
  • X - Hanni, Chloe, Helena
  • C - Chick, Tsarina, Swell.
  • H - Chita, Chinara, Chang.
  • Sh - Sherry, Shahinya, Shayna, little thing.
  • Uh - Elsa, Erica, Elvira.
  • YU - Jurmala, Yusya, Utah.
  • I - Java, Jasper, Berry.

Do not forget the features of rocks. In some, the vocal apparatus does not perceive one set of sounds, in some species - another.

Wavy parrots, the most popular choice, easily reproduce words with hissing sounds and rolling vowels "i", "a", "u", "e". But they generally do not perceive the sounds of "s", "s" and "c". And some are at a loss with the letters "l", "m" and "n".

For feathered wavy girls such nicknames as Glasha, Masha, Eshka, Tyusha, Shella, Shandy, Sheri, Shusha, Nyusha are appealing.

Serious wavy guys will sound solid as Arkasha, Vikesha, Bosh, Trash, Zhora, Flusha.

The next most popular (accessibility / positive and comfort / whimsical) breed is Corella. There was a period when they were very expensive and were available only to zoos and very rich people. In the last century, the situation has changed. They are happy to join new families. Very much need contact (stroking, scratching). After establishing emotional contact, they are quite amenable to learning and training.

  • Corellam girls suited nicknames Ursula, Norma, Cyrus, Frosya, Rozzy, Jasper.
  • BUT Corella guys harmonious with the names of Thunder, Gray, Le Havre, Rocky, Archie, Philip, Caesar.

Smart breed parrots are very talented in learning and are very easy to memorize not only their long, intricate nicknames, but also whole sentences. Therefore, with their names you can show all your imagination and creativity.

Individual preferences

Of course, it is fundamentally important that you and your little bird like the new name. Try to “try on” the nickname to the bird. Call him several times by name - follow the reaction. If there is no reaction, try to repeat a little louder or with a different intonation. If the feathery does not react two or three times, it would probably be better to try another name.

It is not recommended to call pichugu after a beloved politician or a star, for example, Zhirik, Yanyk, Decl. Over time, the "star" goes out, and the name will lose its attractiveness and relevance. Or maybe it will even annoy you. A makholetu live with him for a dozen years.

If you called the birdie after the name of your favorite serial character - watch your favorite series together, the number of repetitions will also contribute to the memorization process.

How to teach a parrot to name

Your desire to have a “person to talk to” and to hear the specific chatter from your pet as soon as possible is normal and natural. But you should be patient and set up your learning process, adhering to all the rules that we somehow concerned throughout the article:

  • Establish emotional contact with the parrot, this will facilitate your communication not only in the learning process, but also throughout the bird's life.

  • It is advisable to avoid contact with other birds / animals during the period of training.
  • Depending on the breed, consider which sounds will be easier to remember, and which will clearly cause difficulties.
  • Choose a successful nickname, taking into account the recommendations of bird watchers.
  • Give the learning process at least a few minutes a day.
  • Consider the ways of training depending on the gender of the bird.
  • Do not forget to be patient, say the words in a gentle, friendly voice, clearly and concretely.

And a few technical training methods.

At first, it was recommended to set the cage at the level of human growth (cabinet, shelf) and, approaching it, to pronounce the name of the bird in an even clear voice without any sudden movements.

After about a week, he will already adapt to a new place and feel calmer and safer. In the next step, you teach the parrot to eat food in your presence, and then from your hands. This is done gradually. At first, you just walk slowly to the cage when he eats. And then slowly try to cajole his delicacy, pushing him into the cage in his fingers. This is the first and most difficult stage of dressage. It may have to be repeated longer than it seems at first glance. When the pet starts to take food from your hands, it will most likely still drop into the farthest edge of the perch, hiding from you. But this stage is replaced by the next - you teach the feathered to sit on your hand. To do this, in the open cage, palm is thrust with refreshments, and, speaking in a calm voice, they calm and feed the bird.

When he will quietly jump on your palm and sit there for a long time, you can begin to take him out of the cage.

It is necessary that he fearlessly sat on your arm or shoulder. Calling him by name, you show him a treat and invite him out of the cage into the room. It is important that the trained bird always return to the cage. Therefore, it is necessary to feed it only from the hand or in a cage. In general, this stage of training is best done when the bird is hungry, so he is more willing to execute commands in response to delicacies.

When a bird becomes tame, it perceives human speech without fear. Gentle tone and trust - the basic need. You can start learning when the parrot is sitting on your arm or shoulder without fear. It is advisable to pronounce relevant phrases on each of these processes.

When meeting, say “hello”, saying goodbye - “bye”. When the bird is hungry, to accustom to the phrase "give porridges", letting go of the cage - "go for a walk", and so on. Always a clear pronunciation and appropriate repetition before constantly repeating the action. The presence in your home of this active motley guy or girl causes a lot of positive emotions and teaches your children care, compassion, discipline. The process of teaching and training a parrot is a very exciting and emotional activity. In most cases, they are quite capable.

The time and effort you spent will return to you a hundredfold when your pupil skillfully and appropriately maintains a dialogue with you and your homeworkers.

Names for talkers

Nicknames for parrots are chosen based on the characteristics of each bird.

Talking parrots very amusingly distort their name, and it is the first word your pet will say. If you are counting on learning how to talk birds, then it is better that her name contains whistling and hissing sounds “s”, “h”, “w”: Czech, Stasik, Gosha, Tishka.

Also useful is the letter "p": Romka, Gavrosh, Jerick, Tarasik, Patrick. Short and clear names are easier to remember, but for a parrot that has a talent for imitating human speech, longer names will not be a barrier either.

In practice, there was a case when the wavy parrot, Kirill, called himself not only Kirill, but also Kiryushenichechka. Apparently it was a derivative version of the phrase "Kirill bird".

Parrots like to stretch the vowels, especially successfully they draw lingering "o", "i", "u", "e", "a".

Sounds: "l", "m", "c", "o" - are difficult for some of the species of birds (for example, wavy).

In some species of parrots, sexual dimorphism is not pronounced. When you are not sure who is in front of you: a boy or a girl, it is best to call the bird a neutral name that does not determine gender. Then Kiryusha will not become Ryusha, and Manya –– Sanya.

Particularly inventive owners give a double name to their birds. This should not be done for two reasons: the bird may not take the second name or simply keep back, the next reason is that the owners themselves subsequently abbreviate both words in the process of communicating with the bird.

The name must be pronounced gently, protractedly and clearly. The parrot will copy your intonation when you reprimand the word, and your clear pronunciation plays an important role. Birds easily “swallow” the letters, and even when you correct and begin to speak correctly the pet's nickname, the parrot will accept both options and you will hear Larik instead of Lavrik or Kalupchik, and not Darling.

To choose a better name for a parrot, it’s often enough to observe its behavior for some time, carefully consider the coloring of the plumage and note the characteristic habits of the bird (accuracy, agility, judiciousness, good humor, vocalism or funny reaction to something). After the observations, the name of the parrot may itself arise: Shustra, Whack, Tiny, Snowball, Limonchik.

If this does not happen, people turn to their idols and after that appear in the cells: Gerara, Sheldon, Taison, Monica or Kurt.

The fact that the child called the parrot can be easily understood when you hear the name of a member of the feathered family: Batman, Hulk, Rarity, Nipper, Olaf or Krosh.

If there is no intention to teach a bird to talk, then choose a nickname for a parrot based only on your preferences.

In order to make it easier for you to navigate and find the most appropriate name for your pet, below are lists of names for parrots for boys and for girls in alphabetical order.

How to name a parrot boy

Picking up the name of the bird, be sure to say out loud all his pet options. Most often you will use them.

A - Abrasha, Apricot, Alex, Albert, Alf, Antoshka, Ara, Arik, Aristarkh, Arkashka, Arkhip, Archie, Archibald, Astrik, Alt, Afonka.
B - Baksik, Berik, Berkut, Billy, Borka, Boria, Busik, Bush, Buyan.

B - Wax, Venia, Wickesha, Willy, Vinc, Vitka, Screw, Volt.
G - Le Havre, Gavryusha, Gavrosh, Guy, Galchenok, Garrick, Hermes, Gesha, Goblin, Godric, Gosha, Grizlik, Grisha.
D - Jakon, Jack, Jackson, Joy, Johnny, Dobby, Duchess.
E - Egozik, Hedgehog, Eroshka, Ershik.
F - Zhanik, Jacques, Jacqueline, Zheka, Zhirik, Zhora, Zhorzhik.
Z - Zeus, Zero.
Y - Yorik, Yosya.

K - Kant, Kapitosha, Karl, Carlosha, Kesha, Keshka, Kiryusha, Clementy, Klepa, Koki, Koko, Kostik, Krosha, Krashik, Kresh, Kuzya, Kukaracha.
L - Eraser, Lelik, Leon.
M - Makar, Dickey, Marquis, Martin, Masik, Mitka, Mityai, Motya, Michael, Mickey.
N - Nafan, Nobel, Nikki, Nikusha, Nils, Norman, Nick.
About - Light, Ozzy, Oliver, Ollie, Osik, Oscar.
P - Paphos, Pegasus, Petrusha, Petka, Pitti, Plut, Plutishka, Pont, Prosha, Pushkin, Fluff, Fawn.
R - Rafik, Ricardo, Ricky, Richie, Rocky, Romeo, Romka, Rostik, Rubik, Ruslan, Ryzhik, Rurik.
S - Satyr, Whistle, Sema, Semen, Smiley, Stepan, Sushik.

T - Tank, Tima, Tisha, Tishka, Cumin, Tony, Tori, Toto, Trans, Trepa, Trisha, Trash, Hold.
U - Uno, Hurricane, Umka, Usik.
F - Fars, Fedya, Figaro, Fidel, Philip, Fima, Flint, Flusha, Forest, Funtik.
X - Hulk, Harvey, Tail, Hipa, Hlyup, Khryush.
C - Citrus, Caesar, Gypsy.
Ch - Chuck, Chelsea, Cherry, Churchill, Chizhik, Chik, Chika, Chikki, Chip, Chisha, Chucha.
W - Scarf, Schweppes, Shrek, Shurik, Shumik.
E - Elvis, Einstein, Ethic.
Yu - Yugo, Yuddi, Eugene, Yulik, Jung, Yuni, Yusha.
I am Yantar, Yasha, Yarik, Jason.

How to name a parrot girl

The choice of names for girls' parrots is even a bit wider. The main thing is that this range really helps you decide on the name for your pet.

A - Abra, Ada, Alik, Alice, Alicia, Alpha, Ama, Amalia, Anabel, Anfiska, Ariana, Ariel, Asta, Asten, Asya, Aphrodite, Achcha, Achchi, Asha, Aelika, Aelita.

B - Barbariska, Bassi, Basia, Betsy, Bijou, Blondy, Bloom, Brenda, Brett, Britney, Britta, Businka, Bootsy, Beauty, Bella, Betsy.

B - Vanessa, Varya, Vatka, Vesta, Viola, Whirlwind, Vlasta, Volta.

G - Gabby, Gayda, Gamma, Geisha, Gera, Gerda, Gizel, Gloria, Gothic, Dreams, Great, Gressy.

D - Dacca, Dame, Dana, Dara, Dasha, Degir, Desi, Jag, Jackie, Gela, Jerry, Jessie, Jessica, Judy, Julia, Dix, Dis, Dolari, Dolly, Dorri, Dusya, Dymka.

E - Eve, Egoza, Erika, Eshka.

J - Zhanna, Jacqueline, Geri, Zherik, Gerry, Josephine, Jolly, Zhudi, Zhuzha, Zhulba, Zhulga, Zhulya, Zhura, Zhurcha, Juliette.

W - Bully, Zara, Zaur, Zeya, Zina, Zita, Zlata, Zora, Zosya, Zuza, Zulfiya, Zura.

And - Ivita, Ida, Iji, Isabella, Iriska, Irma, Irena, Sparkling, Ista, Italy.

K - Kalma, Kama, Camelia, Kapa, ​​Kara, Karinka, Carmen, Kasia, Katyusha, Kerry, Ketris, Ketty, Kzhel, Kristka, Kisha, Klarochka, Button, Koki, Confetti, Kora, Chris, Kristy, Christie, Krazy, Ksyusha, Kat, Katie

L - Lavrushka, Lada, Laima, Lally, Leila, Lesta, Lika, Limonka, Linda, Lola, Lolita, Laura, Lawrence, Lot, Lusha, Lyalya.

M - Magdalen, Madeleine, Malvinka, Manya, Margot, Marquis, Marfusha, Masha, Meggie, Mary, Miki, Milady, Mini, Mirra, Mirtha, Misty, Michel, Monica, Murza, Maggie, Ma'am, Mary.

N - Naira, Naiad, Nani, Nancy, Natochka, Nelly, Nelma, Niagara, Nick, Nymph, Nita, Nora, Norma, Nyamochka.

O - Oda, Odette, Olivia, Olympia, Ollie, Olsie, Osinka, Ophelia.

P - Pava, Pandora, Pani, Parcel, Patricia, Peggy, Penelope, Penny, Pitt, Pride, Prima, Priti, Passa, Page, Perry.

R - Rada, Raida, Ralph, Rummy, Rachel, Raya, Regina, Rome, Rimma, Rita, Rozana, Roxana, Ruzan, Ruta, Raja, Redi, Ressi.

S - Sabrina, Saga, Saji, Sally, Sandra, Sunny, Santa, Sarah, Sarma, Selena, Setta, Cindy, Signore, Syrena, Snezhana, Sonnet, Sonya, Suzy, Suzanna.

T - Tahira, Tais, Tamarochka, Tamilla, Tanyusha, Tara, Thames, Tera, Terry, Tertius, Tessa, Timon, Tina, Tisha, Torah, Tory, Troy, Tum, Turandot, Terry, Tusha.

U - Lancer, Ulli, Ulma, Ulmar, Ulya, Uma, Una, Ondine, Urma, Ursa, Urta, Ustya.

F - Faina, Fanny, Farina, Felik, Fairy, Flora, Frant, Francesca, Frau, Frezi, Vries, Frosya, Furya, Fancy.

H - Hanni, Helm, Hilda, Chloe, Juan, Hella, Harry.

Ts - Tsatsa, Zelli, Cerri, Cecilia, Tsei, Tsian, Tsilda, Zinia, Tsintiya, Tsypa.

Ch - Chan, Chang, Chanita, Chara, Charin, Chaun, Chach, Chezar, Cherkiz, Chik, Chilest, Chilit, Chinara, Chinita, Chita, Chun, Chucha.

Sh - Shammy, Shani, Charlotte, Shaheena, Shane, Shane, Schell, Shelley, Scheldt, Shandy, Sherry, Shurochka, Shusha.

E - Edge, Elly, Hellas, Elba, Elsa, Elf, Emma, ​​Eric, Earley, Esta, Ester.

Yu - Judita, Southerner, Jozef, Yucca, Yulia, Yuma, Yumar, Yuna, Yung, Yuren, Yurma, Yusya, Yuta, Yutana.

I am Java, Yana, Yang, Yarkush, Yasya.

The name for the parrot is an important step that concerns your future relationship with the bird.

But one should not rely only on the well-known proverb: “how to call a boat, so it will float”, an important fact remains the education of a parrot. Therefore, try to find harmony with the name of the bird and decide on the tactics of behavior with it. Then you will have a reliable friend for many years.

Recommendations for choosing a name for a winged resident

Of course, you can not even think about what to call your parrot, if for you it does not matter. We offer interesting options, but you definitely decide. If it is difficult for you to decide, our advice can help you with a choice.

There are several principles by which names are chosen for a parrot.

  1. Convenience. It should be easy for a wrist to pronounce his name easily.
  2. Nickname should like you and your pet.

When choosing a nickname for your wavy, consider the following points:

  1. Half a parrot, because it is known that boys have a better ability to memorize and, accordingly, to play. Girls, on the contrary, are more silent. Therefore, it is better for boys to choose a simpler name, and for a girl it can be a little more difficult. But if you doubt the sex of your bird, you can give it a neutral name.
  2. Character. The budgerigar chicks begin to show their temperament from the very first days in the new house. But if you are not sure, then you can wait a little with the name and come up with a suitable nickname over time.
  3. The size of the bird and its color plumage. For example, large boys can be called Arnold, Maxi, Jupiter, and small birds, Kid, Pencil, Whack.
  4. We do not recommend you to use the names of relatives, as they may not correctly perceive such a “gesture of respect”.
  5. Long names may seem very beautiful and unusual. But your wavy can take it badly, does not want to pronounce and will not respond to his nickname.

According to research, it is much easier for parrots to pronounce their name, which is built on the hissing sounds and the letters “h”, “k”.

Nicknames containing the letter "p" also like almost all parrots.

Given that the "talkers" utter their names in a singing voice, one should also pay attention to the vowel sounds that are included in their names.

For example, the simple name Ksyusha - the parrot will pronounce it something like this: “Ksyu-th-th-th-yush”.

Coming up with a nickname to your pet, you need to pay attention to the sounds that, as a rule, parrots practically do not pronounce. All birds can not pronounce such sounds as "n", "m" and "l". Difficulties arise with the sounds of "s", "s", "c".

Of course, you can teach your "talking" pet such sounds, but it will take at least several years.

Do you want your parrot to learn his time in such a long period of time?

Fans of original names, like Merry Poppins, need to think about the fact that a double combination of words can cause some difficulties for parrots not only in pronunciation, but also in perception. It's easy to name, but learning is not so easy.

Many ornithologists say that most birds, which have already managed to get used to their double names, are not able to respond to any part of the nickname that sounds separate.

When giving the parrot a female or male name, it is necessary to ascertain its gender. However, it is very difficult to do this, especially since there are such types of budgies that have practically no signs of gender.

Of course, you can contact a specialized veterinary clinic, where qualified veterinarians will conduct research, determining the bird's sex by DNA.

However, not every owner of a feathered friend is ready to lay out a fabulous amount of money for such surveys. But you can choose a simpler way - to call it a different name.

Such a similarity will cause the parrot to doubt, it will be confused and, in the end, it will incorrectly remember its nickname.

It should be noted that the choice of a name for a parrot is only half the battle. The second component is the successful memorization of the name of the bird itself.

It is necessary to speak with the parrot constantly, trying to pronounce his nickname in a smooth, gentle and calm voice.

Only such training can guarantee a quick and high-quality result, because the name uttered in this way is not capable of evoking a feeling of fear and danger in a pet.

Repetition is the mother of learning. This saying is also good in teaching the parrot its name. Try not to miss the opportunity and pronounce the nickname of your pet in different expressions and sentences.

If you stick to the set of these recommendations, the parrot rather quickly gets used to his name. Having chosen it, the pet will start chattering it all its free time, that is, always.

Sounds that must be present in the parrot's nickname

Today, a lot of controversy among bird lovers is caused by the names of wavists, namely which sounds are easier for them to pronounce, and which letters should be in their nicknames. Previously, it was thought that compulsory for parrots should be the letters “ch”, “sh”, “u”, and the rumbling “p”.

Now the owners of parrots enjoy a great variety. To the above, you can add more open vowel sounds "a", "e", "and", "u".

You can use voiced and deaf consonants in the name of the wavy, for example, "p", "t", "d", "p", "k". Names with such sounds are very easily remembered by both males and females. In addition, with these sounds, boys can be called beautiful and funny names.

If you are going to teach your pet to speak, avoid whistling consonants: “с”, “ц”, “з”, “л”, “м”. Be guided by the principle of brevity, since wavy players best remember words consisting of two or three syllables.

Table suitable for wavy parrots names

As soon as the bird learns its name, you can begin to study other not very complex words that are present in the everyday life of the family where the “talker” lives.

For convenience of perception, we decided to reduce all the names for parrots into one single table, dividing them according to the sex of the pet.

And this is not all the names that can be called their feathered pets.

We come up with a cool nickname for the boy wavy parrot

But believe me, there are a lot of options to call a beautiful name.

  1. Funny nicknames for cartoon characters.
    For parrots green color perfectly suited to the names of the heroes of the same name cartoon about ninja turtles. According to the sounds it will be very successful to name the male Raphael, Mikko, Donat (from Donatello), Schroeder. Active wavy can be given such nicknames from popular Disney cartoons: Chip, Rocky, Stitch. A lot of ideas will come if you recall cartoons known since childhood: Shrek, Sean, Pooh and many others.
  2. The names of the heroes of your favorite books.
    Remembering the favorite characters of the books one of the most romantic names for wavy is, of course, Romeo. But among the classics there are a lot of colorful characters in honor of whom you can name your feathered pet. Variants of the nickname for the parrot: Georges, Balls, Plyushkin, Don Juan, Myshkin.
  3. Nicknames of wavy on the heroes of films.
    Zhora, he's Gosh, he's Yuri - all this fits. And you can take into consideration three options at once. Look at your wavy character, think about whether he could be a superhero or supervillain? Of course, in the good sense of the word. You can name a wavy parrot with the following names of popular movie characters: Jones, Bond, Rocky, Ripley, Hahn, Solo, Robin (Robin Hood), Luke, Thor, Lokki, Cap.

What nicknames should be avoided

You should not give a long or double name, it will be difficult for the bird to get used to it, but in the end it will still begin to pronounce the abbreviated form that you will use. Before you call the parrot Mary Poppins or Sarah Michelle Gellar, think carefully.

A bird can be perplexed by a name consonant with one of the family members, which will significantly prolong the process of memorizing and pronouncing a nickname. This rule applies to the nicknames of other animals or birds that live in the house, and will avoid confusion for the female wavy.

What to look for when choosing

Based on all of the above, the parrot fit the names of Sheri, Chichchi, Rita, Dasha, Varya. When choosing a nickname, you can push off from the color and activity of the bird and call it Noise, Zhuzha, Roziya, Sonya, Tigra, Shusha.

Remember, choosing a nickname for a female wavy is a very serious step, because any attempt to name a bird would otherwise be unsuccessful.

If you have taken a female parrot for a child, the decision to call the bird should be his future owner, who will feed and care for the girl. Often they give a name to their favorites in honor of the caring characters of cartoons, and what will be a delight if they hear the chosen nickname from the mouth of the pet.

How to hear the name from the wavy girl

In this case, the main thing - patience. Even the simplest names do not guarantee a quick memorization, and pronouncing them out loud. Try to follow the correct and frequent pronunciation of the nickname. Its worth talking slowly, stretching sounds. At the same time the bird must be aware that they are turning to it, and gradually will begin to correlate the name with itself.

A calm atmosphere is necessary for the training of the girl, morning or evening is well suited, at which time the bird is watching you very carefully. The wavy should not be hungry, he also needs strength for training.

After the name has been studied, the girl will be able to repeat the words that are often used with her. For example: "Rita is good," "Dasha is smart." With high-quality and frequent learning, these words can be complicated, give a diminutive form. The main thing is to be patient, because the result will give pleasure not only to you, but to the whole family.

If the female does not speak

In this case, before the fantasy of the owner of the parrot does not arise obstacles. The girl can be given the tender and romantic names of the heroines from a movie or a book, be it Juliet, Assol, Esmeralda, Maggie, Ophelia or Alice.

When choosing, based on the color of the plumage, or character, it is not always necessary to focus on English or Russian, such translation as Runa (yellow), Scarlett (red or red), Celeste (blue) can be original.

Despite all the recommendations described above, there is no universal advice when choosing a nickname. And each wavy parrot owner has the right to give the name that he considers the most appropriate and worthy. But do not forget that you give the name for life, and the nickname should please not only you, but also the wrist.

What else can be called wavy?

Often wavy parrots are named after famous political figures: Zhirik, Putya, Yanych, Lenin, Stalin. If your parrot has a steel character and sometimes terrorizes you with a morning cry, then such a nickname will suit him well.

For girls, Margaret will suit the great Margaret Thatcher, Cleopatra, Jeanne, recalling the courageous Jeanne Darc, Lisa, in honor of Queen Elizabeth.

Suitable for boys budgies and just funny names: Chacha, Bob, Kuki, Chappy, Pinki.

Finally, I would like to note that when teaching your feathered friend to your nickname, remember about censorship. The buddies very often decide to speak at the most unfortunate moment, and an expletive can be uttered at the best time. Therefore, approach the choice of nicknames wisely and remember that this is a long time.

How can you call a parrot

When choosing a name for a feathered pet, it is important not to play. If, for fun, there was a desire to name a bird in honor of a politician (Chubais, Zhirik), then it is worth remembering that noisy birds are long-livers, and the popularity of politicians is temporary. The joke will soon cease to please, the parrot no longer wants to call it that, but it will be too late. The following tips will help make a better choice:

  • Do not call the parrot the names of relatives, neighbors or friends to avoid embarrassment when guests descend. To do this, make a blacklist.
  • If there are other pets in the house, be it animals or other birds, then for a new family member, the nickname should be chosen so as not to be consonant with others. For a parrot, a combination of sounds is important, so do not make the feathered friend get confused.
  • To make a parrot quickly get used to its name, say it often, clearly and emotionally.
  • If you have several parrots of different sex, use ready-made paired names, such as Gretel and Hansel, Boni and Clyde.
  • Do not rush to choose names that indicate behavioral traits, such as Snarling, Skoda. Such nicknames are suitable for adult birds that already have a character. It would be absurd if the name does not match the temperament of the pet.
  • If you can not determine the sex, it is better to choose a neutral name that is not underlined sex. Unisex nicknames: Lori, Flopi, Hypo.
  • Give up the idea of ​​giving the bird a double name. There are good reasons for this. The parrot may not perceive the second name, will not pronounce or will not respond. A person quickly gets tired to pronounce a long nickname when communicating with birds and begins to shorten it.
  • For a parrot that does not reproduce human speech, it is necessary to choose a short and clear name: Richie, Kesha.

Where to look for inspiration?

When you have just brought the bird home, it is still difficult for you to judge its character. In addition, over time, the behavior of the parrot can change. Therefore, inventing nicknames for boys' parrots, reflecting behavioral traits (Screamer, Badass, Talker) is not the best option. Like topical names in honor of pop singers, politicians: in a few years they will be out of place, and the meaning of the name will be lost.

It is best to name a bird in honor of a popular character in a fairy tale, a book, a movie, in honor of an exotic island, in a word related to the jungle, the forest - its homeland.

If the bird says

Many species of domestic parrots (Jaco, Amazon, Corella, wavy) "speak" - that is, sounds of human speech are very similar. Abilities to this all parrots are different. For example, Jaco can learn many words (up to 800), and Corella says the words more clearly.

Обычно первое слово, которому учат попугая – его собственное имя. Конечно, такие занятия требуют времени и терпения, но если вы твердо решили выучить питомца звукам речи, то лучше всего будет подобрать то имя, которое ему будет легко произнести и запомнить.

Не все звуки даются попугаям легко. Они хорошо произносят шипящие: «ч», «ш», «щ», согласные «к», «р», «ж», гласные «а», «и», «е», «е».

It is not easy for them to pronounce the protracted vowels “o”, “a”, “u” and sonorous consonants: “n”, “m”, “l”, “d”.

Best of all, as a first word for a parrot, a combination of 4-5 "easy" sounds for him.

If you prefer larger pets and decided to have a boy dog, then be sure to read the tips on choosing names for boys dogs. After all, the nickname for the new member of the seven should emphasize his individuality!

Female names for dogs should be chosen taking into account the characteristics of your pet. This article contains tips on choosing a name for a dog girl.

How to name a budgie

Budgies - the most common of domestic feathered pets. His plant most often due to its compact size and bright color. In terms of "speech abilities," the wavy parrot "middling": he can learn up to 150 words and pronounce them quite legibly. The names for boys wavy parrots are best to choose from "light" sounds. Here are some examples:

The simplest nickname for a boy's budgerigar will be a disyllable name, the best of four letters using the vowels "and", "e" and hissing consonant.

Names for Corella

The Corella Parrot is a large bird with a beautiful tuft and a bright yellow head. Therefore, the names they usually give a more resonant and "solid" than wavy parrots. Corella is also best taught words of two syllables and hissing sounds. But their “diction” and “language skills” are better, so the name with sonorous sounds and long consonants is also suitable for them - the main thing is that you and the rest of the family like it. If you study with the parrot for a long time, he will remember any word. Here are some examples of beautiful names for Corella boys' parrots:

Choose a beautiful name for a parrot

If you do not want to teach the bird to speak for some reasons - for example, you have a “non-speaking” breed (cockatoo, macaw), or there is no time for “classes”, or you do not want the “talk” of the parrot to break the silence in the house - the list of names becomes unlimited. Even if the parrot does not learn to pronounce its name, it will soon respond to it - in this case, the name can be anything (reasonably).

You can call the parrot the name of your favorite movie actor, character - or just a word that you like. The names of exotic islands, natural phenomena, everything connected with Africa and the jungle are well suited to parrots as names. Here are some examples of beautiful names for parrot boys:

Funny names for birds

Parrots are very funny pets. And if you teach them to pronounce their own name, they can cheer up all the guests and family members! Therefore, many people choose “funny” names for parrots - so that every time the bird pronounces it, there is a reason to smile. Among the cool names for boys parrots can be:

  • Names of funny or comic characters (Chaplin, Goofy, Pinkie, Chucky),
  • Funny combinations of sounds (Chacha, Kuki, Bobo),
  • Nicknames that characterize the parrot itself (Taciturn, Bully, Bird).

Remember that you should not write indecent nicknames for your pet: firstly, it is not very beautiful in relation to an unreasonable creature, and secondly, a parrot can suddenly "introduce itself" before your family or guests.