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Funny competitions for the New Year 2019


Each of the guests on the leaf writes his favorite number or the figure that came to mind. Then the presenter announces that now he will ask each question in turn, the answer to which will be a number written on the leaflet, that is, the guest should answer the question posed by raising a leaf with the written number and loudly naming this number. Questions may be the following: how old are you? How many times a day do you prefer to eat? how many fingers do you have on your left leg? how much do you weigh? and so on.

Participants are divided into several teams and each team is given a task: to invent their own country, give it a name and come up with new traditions and customs for its inhabitants. For example, the same Tilimilitamy, there is a Christmas tree dressed up in the clouds, there is not Santa Claus,

Oh, this is a New Year movie.

The presenter calls winged phrases from New Year's films, and the films are mixed together: both Soviet, and modern, and Russian, and foreign. Who more than others will guess films, that and will win. Examples of phrases: “What is sick, what is in love, is all the same for medicine” - Wizards, “There are 15 people in this house, but for some reason all the problems are only because of you” - Alone at home, “Trust Santa Claus, and polloi "- Yolki," Is there life on Mars, is there no life on Mars - is it unknown to science "- Carnival night and so on.

Do you believe in New Year signs?

The moderator prepares a description of the various will take about the New Year, with what in truth and fictional mixed. One by one reads out for each of the guests, according to their signs, and he answers if he believes or not. The one who correctly guessed the most, he won. Exemplary signs: to tear the dress in the New Year - to a passionate romance, yes or no? (yes), in Cuba, in the new year, 12 grapes are prepared for each guest, they need to be eaten during the chiming clock and under each grape make a wish that will surely be fulfilled, yes or no? (yes), Cyprus escorts the old year in complete darkness and turns on the light only with the advent of the new year, yes or no? (yes), in China in the house should a butterfly fly on the New Year, yes or no? (no) and so on.

Everybody is dancing

All stand around the tree. The leader includes merry New Year's music and calls a hero to each song. And participants should dance in the appropriate style, for example, now snowflakes are dancing, and now - hares, and now - fur seals, and now - shy Snow Maidens and so on. The most artistic and mobile rely prizes.

We reveal talents

In a hat or bag are forfeits. Each of the guests chooses one and reads. Then, in turn, everyone demonstrates their talents. It can be written on fantami: depict the Diskobol statue, play the role of a drunken loader, sing a romance on the words of a childish rhyme, dance a gopak, show a double toe loop in figure skating, and so on. Who better to reveal his talent is worthy of the award.

Fun mitten

Guests stand in a large circle near the tree, merry New Year's music sounds and the mitten with phantoms walks in a circle. The presenter at any time can turn off the music, trying to make it so that the mitten is in each of the guests. On whom the music stops, he gets the fant from the mittens and performs a certain action, for example, he dances a hopak or reincarnates into a president and congratulates his people, and maybe he sits on a string or kisses a neighbor. In general, forfeits can be absolutely any (it all depends on the company).

Don't tell me the truth

For this competition, the presenter must prepare various questions on the theme of the New Year, for example, that all people dress up for a holiday? which salad is considered to be the symbol of the New Year? What do people launch into the sky, celebrating the New Year? and so on. Such questions are asked quickly and deftly by the presenter, demanding the same answer. Only every guest should remember that it is necessary to answer incorrectly, that is, not the truth. The one who gives the correct answers - at the end of the competition fulfills various desires or recites poems.

Photo Contest "Heroes at the Tree"

What a New Year without memorable bright and funny photos. So, each guest pulls out a fantasy out of the bag, in which his role is indicated, for example, Grandfather Mazai, Hercules, Cheburashka, president, animal symbol of the New Year, Baron Munchausen, spiderman and so on. And each guest in turn goes to the Christmas tree and shows his hero, whom you need to capture. Guests will have fun, and after the holiday will be happy memories in the photo.

New year to rhyme

Each guest in turn pulls his fant from the bag, in which 4 words of the New Year theme are indicated. The task of each participant is to create a rhyme for each word, for example, Santa Claus - Partos, Snow Maiden - hen, chimes - duelists, snowflake - mandarin and so on. But, here the presenter surprises everyone and announces that now you need to compose a New Year's quatrain, using your words and rhymes to them. The guest, who will make the most fun and beautiful poem, will receive a prize.

The most fiery contests for friends for the New Year 2019

Competition "Couturier"

Men of the company are invited to stay in the role of couturier. For the competition, it is necessary to draw on the sheet of drawing paper a woman's elegant dress with a lot of details: ruffles, cuffs, flounces, neckline, etc. The presenter, it is better that it was a lady, calls the different parts of the men in turn, and they should show it on the dress. The one who called wrong, is eliminated. The one who never makes a mistake wins and gets the title of world couturier.

Game "Web"

On a gymnastic or any other stick you need to tie colorful ribbons. They are intertwined in random order, but without strong knots. The player is given the task to disentangle a web of ribbons using pencils in both hands or another object, but not with his hands.

Game "Bouncing"

Players jump with a rope, competing in the number of jumps. All would be nothing, but they have flippers on their feet.

The game "How many bottles do you have?"

Boa in the cartoon was measured by monkeys and parrots, and we will measure the waist with bottles. It is necessary to measure the bottle girth, but not to report it, and the waist girth of each participant. Then calculate the size of the waist in terms of the bottle and offer players to guess each their own number. Who called more precisely, he won.

The game "The state of the wind"

Players are invited to put their state of the wind. Looking for the same banknotes for the number of players. All lined up in a row and the team blow on the bill, then run up and blow again. And so to a certain point. Whose bill quickly reaches the mark, he wins.

Seven funny Christmas contests for any company

Game "Blind Pirate"

The blind pirate was left to guard the treasure. His role is played by the captains of the two teams. Different objects are laid out around them: scissors, a pair of shoes, toys and more. These are treasures. Players of the opposite team will hunt them. The robber is blindfolded. The rivals on the whistle make attempts to seize the treasure, and the guard of the thieves. A thief seized three times out of the game. Time tagged for each team. The one who quickly left a pirate without a treasure, he won.

The game "In every drawing sun"

The relay race for the street or the big hall. Contestants are divided into two equal teams and stand in columns. Each is given a gymnastic stick, and at a distance of 10-15 meters from the players two hoops are put on the floor. In turn, the players run up and spread sticks around their hoops in the form of sun rays. In whose team the last player returns to the place, she wins.

Competition "Plastic Tree"

In order to hold this competition, it is necessary to prepare in advance some quantity of plastic cups (for example, eighty), in order to divide them equally and give one part to one of the two participants. Glasses are folded one to one. As soon as the competition begins, the players must collect the New Year tree from the "props" as quickly as possible, and then disassemble, carefully folding the cups as they were originally folded. The victory gets the fastest of two players.

Game "Snowman T-shirt"

To hold this competition, you will need three players who will have a seemingly trifling matter - just put on a T-shirt the fastest, thereby earning a victory in the competition. However, not all so simple. Before giving out T-shirts to players, they should be twisted and frozen in the freezer, which will definitely make the task more difficult.

Contest "lip read"

To hold this competition, you will need two players (for one round) and two pairs of headphones. Each of the participants puts on headphones in which music is already playing. It is necessary to check whether it is loud enough so that players cannot hear each other's speech. The first must ask the second a question to which he in turn answers by lip reading. After a certain time period, the roles change. In this competition, victory is given to someone who understands the essence of most issues.

Game "Dangerous Dances"

For the competition will require from five to eight people, for each of which will need to prepare an already inflated balloon and with the help of which it can be tied. The ball is tied to the foot of one player. The task of each - to burst the balls of opponents. Victory will receive the last "survivor", whose ball remained whole.
Competition "Race during the Sabbath"

To conduct this competition will require a certain amount of inventory. It is necessary to prepare two shawls, two mops and two buckets in advance. An unlimited number of people can take part in the relay, but they need to be divided into two equal teams, each of which is built at one end of the room. At the signal of the leader, the first of the rank as quickly as possible puts a handkerchief on his head, sits on the broom and stuffs one foot into the bucket, without using the help of the team. In this form, the participant runs to the other end of the room and back, passing the baton to the next player in his team. Which one finishes faster - and that victory is given.

Funny contests for adults for the New Year 2019

Competition "Joke with a beard"

This competition can be held without leaving the holiday table. The presenter gets up and starts telling some famous anecdote. Anyone who can continue it, gets a piece of cotton that you want to glue on the chin. With the following anecdote, the same thing happens. As a result, the winner is the one who has the biggest beard.

Competition "Ribbon Ariadny"

For the competition should prepare in advance: cut a long ribbon into many pieces and hide them in various unexpected places in the hall. In addition, it will be good for participants to give up such a piece for example. Their task is to find as many hidden segments as possible and tie a ribbon out of them. The prize is awarded to those who have this tape will be longer. It is better to hold a competition during dances, when the overhead light is extinguished and the room is illuminated only by light and light music.

Competition "Competitions horsemen"

This competition is very popular due to its entertainment, fun and excitement. The facilitator invites several people (usually 2-3) who are given carnival mustaches and hats. In addition, they are awarded "horses": children's horses on sticks. If they could not be found, you can use any household tool with a long handle, for example, a mop. The task of the players is to ride the distance to a certain goal. It will be even more fun if you invite them to play balalaikas at the same time. The winner is the one who first arrived at the destination.

Game "Open the secret!"

This game is for the whole company. Participants are given out sheets of paper and pens. Half of them write questions, the other half answer. Both questions and answers should be standard, for example: “Do you drink brandy in the morning?”, “Do you change the second half?” And so on. Answers: "Sometimes", "Only if no one sees", "With pleasure" and the like. Questions are piled up in one stack, and answers in another. The first player voices who he wants to ask a question and takes out a piece of paper. After that, he says: “Reveal the secret ...” and read out the text that is written on the leaflet. The person to whom the question is addressed takes a piece of paper from a pile of answers. Next, the respondent himself asks a question to some of the players, and so on. The winner is a couple whose question-answer has become the most ridiculous or original.

Competition "How to hear the number 3, take the prize immediately!"

2 or 3 players participate in the competition. They stand around the chair on which the prize rests. Santa Claus calls the numbers in random order and unexpectedly sounds 3. At this moment, you need to grab the prize. The most agile participant wins.

The game "Snowballs"

The snowballs in this game are white balloons, and the more they are inflated before the start of the game, the better. The players are divided into two teams. In each appointed captain. Each of them is given a large garbage bag with pre-made holes for the legs. Their task is to get into the bag and keep its top edge open. The presenter gives a signal, and ordinary members of the team come into play. Their task is to collect the “snowballs” scattered on the floor and throw their captain into the bag. All this happens with fun music. Then the presenter gives a signal to stop, the music stops, the game ends. Summing up begins - counting "snowballs". Which team has more of them. She won.

"Smell the smell"

They play five. Various things are prepared for the game in advance (tea bag, apple, money, beer bottle, book, etc.), which are attached on a string so that the players do not notice them. The first participant is invited to the room. The facilitator blindfolded him and alternately brings each thing. The player must determine in five seconds what kind of thing is in front of him, without touching her with her hands. You can only use the nose. The winner is the one who has the best sense of smell and guesses the most things.

Guests will enjoy such entertainment for the New Year 2019! Holiday greetings!

What will Santa Claus give?

Attributes: small sheets of paper, pens (or pencils).

Guests before sitting down at the festive table receive a small piece of paper and write what gift they would like to wish for themselves in the new year. This could be, for example, a new apartment, a car, a dog, a journey, money, a lover ...

The sheets are rolled up and put in a beautiful box, a hat ... At some point in the evening, the presenter asks everyone to pull out a piece of paper and find out what good Santa Claus prepared for him next year. Everyone has different desires, so it will be fun! And the wish will come true if you keep a piece of paper until the next holiday, and then tell you about what turned out.

You can attach the leaves to the rope / fishing line and then, like in childhood, blindfolded yourself with a pair of scissors to cut off your wishes. Another variation is to tie notes to balloons and distribute to those present.

I want, I want, I want! ...

Another game about desire. But this time without attributes.

Called 5-7 wishing. In turn, they call their desire for the next year. Need to speak quickly, without delaying the queue! Stop longer than 5 seconds - the player leaves. We play until victory - until the last player! (A small prize is possible).

Raise a glass! Christmas toast

When at the height of the feast the guests got bored, ask them not just to fill the glasses, but to offer a toast or congratulations to all those present.

Conditions are two - every speech must be one sentence long and begin with the letters of the alphabet in order!

  • A - I am absolutely sure that the new year will be the best!
  • B - Be healthy and happy!
  • Q - Generally, I am glad that today with you!
  • G - Pride is bursting at the sight of those gathered around this table.

The funniest moment when the letters e, ё, y, nd, s come into play.

“I'll sing about Frost!” Compose a ditty

Those who wish during the evening should write and then submit to the audience a ditty in which there are New Year's words or themes pre-set by the presenter. This may be "New Year, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden."

The author / authors of the most ridiculous and successful ditty wins. Performance is also estimated.

You can compose non-clashes - with an unwritten last line, but that can withstand the specified rhythm of the ditty. Example:

Hello, red Santa Claus
You brought us gifts!
The most important - ten days
we will just relax.

Snow news

Attributes: Cards with the word nouns. There are 5 completely unrelated nouns on the cards. It is advisable to include there at least 1 winter word.

The participant draws out the card, reads out the words he heard aloud and within 30 seconds (although if those present at the party are already, well, very tired, then 1 minute can be) comes up with the news from one sentence. And it should fit all the words from the card.

Nouns can be transformed into other parts of speech (adjectives, verbs, adverbs ...) and changed as you please, and the news should certainly be interesting and fun.

The news can begin with the words "Sensation!"

  • 1 card - “road, chair, roof, bike, snowman”. Proposal - “Outside the city, a huge snowman was found with a riding roof on a road bike with a chair instead of a seat!”
  • 2 card - “fence, sound, floe, shop, tree”. Предложение – «Возле магазина под забором кто-то оставил ёлку со звучащими льдинками».

Люблю/не люблю у соседа

Игра не требует никаких подручных средств! But требует достаточной степени раскрепощённости или раскованных отношений в коллективе.

The facilitator invites everyone present to name which part of the body (clothing can) they like from the one sitting on the left, and which one does not like. For example: “My neighbor has a right ear for my left ear and I don’t like a bulging pocket.”

After everyone has called and remembered what has been said, the facilitator asks to kiss (or stroke) what you like and bite (or slap) what you don't like.

Not everyone can play, and only 6-8 brave ones are called in a circle.

Our friend is an orange!

This game can be played on the New Year holiday in the office only if all colleagues are well acquainted. Or at least everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend in the team.

The presenter thinks about the person at the table. And participants with the help of leading questions are trying to guess who it is.

But questions are not simple - these are associations! Who won the first one, he won.

Questions like this:

  • - What kind of fruit / vegetable does it look like? - On an orange.
  • - What food is it associated with? - With pies.
  • - What animal? - With a mole.
  • - What music? - With choral singing.
  • “What flower?”
  • - With what plant?
  • - By car?
  • - color?
  • “Part of the world?”

Yin-Yang Cones

Attributes: 2 cones - one painted white, the other black. If you have nothing to dye - you can wrap them with colored wool threads of the desired color.

The course of the fun: the host is chosen from the guests, who will have these two bumps. They are signals of his answers, because he cannot speak at all. He thinks the word, and the rest with the help of leading questions try to guess what he had in mind.

The whole secret is that he can only silently show: YES - this is a white lump, NO - black. If neither this nor that, he can raise both at once.

Wins the first guess.

Instead of cones you can take multicolored Christmas balls. But you need to be careful with glass, especially if the presenter has already drunk a couple of glasses of champagne.

Associations on a piece of paper. Spoiled Phone Associations

Attributes of the players: paper and pen.

The first person writes any noun on his piece of paper and speaks it quietly in the ear of a neighbor. He invents his association with this word, writes it down in his own hands and whispers it to the next one.

Thus, associations are transmitted along a chain ... The latter speaks aloud the word transferred to him. It is compared with the original source and it turns out cheerfully at what link in the chain of associations there was a failure: everyone reads their nouns.

Laughable neighbor

Plays any number of guests.

We become in a circle, and the driver begins: he performs an action with a neighbor that will make him laugh. He can take him by the ear, pat him on the shoulders, tap on the nose, click on the arm, touch the knee ... That's all standing in a circle must repeat the same movement with your neighbor / neighbor.

Leaves the one who laughs.

Then the driver makes the next movement, everyone repeats. If no one laughed, new move. And so to the last "Nesmeyany."

Christmas rhyme

Leading reads little-known New Year / winter quatrains. But he says aloud only the first 2 lines.

The rest are invited to participate in the competition for the best rhyme.

The guests invent and rhyme the last two lines. Then the funniest and most original poet is chosen, and then the original poem is announced to the general laughter and fun.

“I see, see New Year!” Drawing competition

Those who wish are given sheets of A-4 with arbitrary lines and felt-tip pens. All have the same image (copier to help you).

The task is to draw a picture on the New Year theme.

Of course, everyone knows who in the team understands painting best of all. Here he or she will evaluate the results. Who is more interesting, he is the winner! There can be many winners - the holiday!

Nimble lump

Attributes: pine or fir cones.

Course of the game: guests can either sit at the table, or stand in a circle (if by this time they are very late). The task is to pass each other a lump. The condition is that you can transfer only by holding it on the back of two palms. Try it, it's hard enough ... But also fun!

You can still be divided into equal teams, and which one will quickly transfer its bump, she won.

My Frost is prettier!

You will need a variety of items such as: garlands, funny hats, scarves, beads, ribbons. socks, mittens, women's bags ... Two or three ladies who want to be in the role of the Snow Maidens for a few minutes choose each man for transforming him into Santa Claus.

From the objects prepared in advance on the table, the Snow Maidens create a cheerful image of their hero. In principle, this can be done by choosing the most successful and funny model ...

Snow Maiden can take a snowflake, which will help with the "design" of Santa Claus and with advertising.

Snow tracks

This is a very successful game to identify pairs for subsequent New Year's contests.

Attributes: colored ribbons of winter colors (blue, blue, silver ...). The length is 4-5 meters. It is necessary to cut the ribbon in half in advance and sew it, mixing up the halves.

3-4 pairs of players are called. The facilitator holds a basket / box, to which are multi-colored ribbons, the tips of which hang down.

Moderator: “In the New Year, the tracks were covered with snow ... The blizzard mixed up the paths in the house of Santa Claus. We must unravel them! Hold each pair in pairs at the end of the tape you like and pull the track towards you. A couple that draws out their ribbon before the others will receive a prize! ”

The players choose a pair and the color of the ribbon, expecting that there will be a single ribbon at the ends of the same color. But the fun is that the ribbons are sewn differently, and the pairs are completely unexpected.

The train of happy people

Everyone loves round dances: both small and large (and those who hesitate to admit it)!

Arrange for your guests a round-dance train. It is clear that having a rest at a party can be difficult to raise yourself to a mobile competition, so think up for them branded shouts.

- Now those who are attached to the train
a) wishes himself great wealth
b) wants to be loved,
c) who wants a lot of health,
d) who dreams of traveling to the sea, etc.

The leader leads the train through the hall, it is filled and filled with guests. And when it is clear that no one else can be pulled out of the tables from the tables, the locomotive dances (they can be shown by the presenter) under the music are arranged.

New Year Term Deposit

Two pairs are selected, in each man and woman. It is desirable that the men were dressed in approximately the same way (if one has a jacket, then the second one should be in a jacket).

- Dear women, on the eve of the New Year, and you need to have time to make an urgent deposit in the bank. Here's your money (each of the women are given a pack of candy wrappers). These are down payments. You will put them in the bank for a super time deposit. Your men are your banks. Only one condition - each "bill" in a separate cell! And pockets, sleeves, collars, lapels and other secluded places can become cells. A contribution can be made while the music is playing. Just remember where you put your money. Started!

The task is given 1-2 minutes.

- Attention! Intermediate check: who managed to make a full investment (in the hands there was not a single candy wrapper), receives an additional point. All the money in the case!

- And now, dear contributors, you must quickly withdraw cash - after all, we know that it was a super fast contribution. You’ll shoot each one blindfolded, but you always remember what was put where. Music! Started!

We are actors wherever!

Those who wish to participate are given cards with tasks. None of them knows in advance what they will have to face.

The moderator announces that the participants need the music walk in front of everyone, portraying what is written in the cards. Here is a sample list:

  • tightrope walker over the abyss
  • duck in the yard,
  • teenager with a stalled bike,
  • shy girl
  • shy Japanese in kimono in the rain,
  • a baby who starts walking
  • Heron in the marsh,
  • Iosif Kobzon on the performance
  • town in the market,
  • hare on the path,
  • podium model
  • Arab sheikh,
  • cat on the roof, etc.

Tasks can be supplemented and expanded with any ideas.

A funny joke “The bear in the den or the unsteady spectators”

The presenter invites the person who wants to portray the pantomime, takes him to a separate room and gives him a “secret” task - portray without words bear (hare or kangaroo).

In the meantime, the assistant facilitator agrees with the others to NOT understand his gestures.

The volunteer returns and starts to show the selected animal with gestures and gestures. Guests pretend that they do not understand and name anything, but not the one they are shown.

- walks, rolling over? Yes, this is the platypus (lame fox, tired boar)!
- Licking paw? Likely, the cat washes.

It happens that the person who is surprised by the lack of understanding of the guests, begins to get angry: “Are you so stupid? It's so easy! ”And if he shows hellish patience, he shows over and over again - he has iron nerves! But it also cheers the staff gathered at the party. Do not delay. When the player begins to run out of fantasy and patience - you can guess the correct animal.

3. Music contests

Can you imagine the New Year without music, songs and dances? Right, no! For additional entertainment and fun, a lot of musical games-contests for the New Year corporate party have been invented.

Scene “Clip-song”

This is the most creative musical entertainment for the New Year's corporate evening.

Prepare the musical accompaniment in advance: songs about Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Snow Maiden ... and some simple attributes that will help the players to dress up (beads, hats, felt boots, scarves ...)

The task is to make a corporate video for the song “A little Christmas tree is cold in winter”. We need an operator who will shoot a clip for the camera.

The participants, under song accompaniment, begin to depict all the actions about which they sing: “a gray rabbit bunny jumped under a Christmas tree” - the hero jumps, “hanged beads” - the team hangs beads on an improvised live “Christmas tree”.

Competition "Lazy Dances"

The players sit in a circle on the chairs and begin to dance to the merry New Year's music-song. But this is a strange dance - no one gets up!

At the command of the lead dance different parts of the body:

  • First, dance with your elbows!
  • Then shrug
  • kicking
  • with your fingers
  • lips
  • eyes etc.

The rest choose the coolest dance.

Twister song

This is a comic game that you can play at any time of the holiday. The presenter pronounces lines from the New Year / Winter song, but with the words opposite. The task of all - who is faster guess the original and sing it. A guess is given a chip (candy, candy, cone ...), so that later it would be easier to calculate the winner in the whole competition.

The lines might look something like this:

- In the steppe birch died. - The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree.
- The old month is slow, for a long time nothing will happen. - New year rushes to us, everything will happen soon.
- White-white steam rose on the ground. - Blue-blue frost lay on the wires.
- One gray donkey, one gray donkey. - Three white horses, three white horses.
- The brave white wolf was sitting on a baobab. - Gray hare, under a Christmas tree, galloped.
- Keep silent, Santa Claus, where will you go? - Tell me, Maiden, where was?
- You read me a book about 1 hour. - I'll sing a song about five minutes.
- A huge palm tree is hot in summer. - A little Christmas tree is cold in winter.
- Giri removed, out of the chain. - Beads hung, stood in a round dance.
- I was running away from you, Snow Maiden, wiped out a little bit of sweet smiles. - I ran after you, Santa Claus. I spilled a lot of bitter tears.
- Ay, heat-heat, warm you! Warm you and your camel. - Oh, frost, do not freeze me! Do not freeze me, my horse.
“Your worst purchase is me.” - My best present is you.

Song Competition "Musical Santa Claus hat"

Attributes: put the words from the Christmas songs in the header.

The players pass it in a circle under the musical accompaniment. When the music stops, the person who received the hat at that moment pulls out a card with the word and should remember / sing a piece of the song where it meets.

You can play teams. Then the cap is transferred from the representative to the representative of each team. You can limit the time to complete the task and reward the team for each guessed.

Candlelight dance

Dynamic, but at the same time very calm and gentle dance competition.

Turn on slow music and invite couples to turn on sparklers and dance. That couple, whose fire will burn longer, won and she will get a prize.

Want to add spice to the dance - choose tango!

Old song in a new way

Print the lyrics of famous (not even New Year's) songs and prepare musical accompaniment without words (karaoke music).

Suggest anyone sing them in different characters.

This may be Karabas Barabas, Snow Maiden, an evil police officer, a good woman Yaga, and even your boss.

Contest - relay race “Father Frozen Boots”

Attributes: 2 pairs of very large size (or one).

This game is played around a tree or around chairs by teams.

Those who play at the signal of the driver or the sound of the music wear large felt boots and run to race around the tree (chairs). If you have only one pair of such winter shoes, then let the teams compete for a while.

Don't drop the lump

Attributes: "snow" lumps made of crumpled paper, large spoons (can be wooden).

The course of the relay competition: going to two equal in the number of teams. At the command of the leader (or by the sound of music), the first participants should quickly run around the room back and forth, carrying a ball in a spoon and trying not to drop it. Do not choose too long routes - just make a circle around the tree.

The difficulty is that the paper is light and strives all the time to fly to the floor.

Play until the last run in the team. Who is the first, he won!

Office wishes a Happy New Year

Attributes: 2-3 sheets of drawing paper (depending on how many teams are playing), newspapers, magazines, glue and scissors.

For 10-15 minutes, teams should cut out words from the proposed paper editions, paste them onto a sheet and compose an original greeting for those present on the New Year.

It should make a small funny text. You can supplement the poster with clippings images from the proposed magazines.

The most creative congratulation wins.

Beads for Christmas tree

Offer teams stationery clips in large quantities (it is advisable to choose plastic multicolored). Task: in the allotted time (5 minutes, not more), long chains are collected under pleasant music.

Who in the end "beads" will be longer than rivals, that team wins.

Gather a team or "friendly mosaic"

The competition requires a little preparation. We must take a picture of the team, print the photo on the printer and cut it into small pieces. The task of the teams is to put together a photo of their team in the shortest possible time.

Those who quickly add up their puzzle, win.

Desirable that the photos were large.

The snowman is turning ...

Two teams. Each has 4 participants and 8 balls (can be blue and white). On each are written large letters С_Н_Е_Г_О_В_И_К. The snowman "melts" and turns ... into other words.

Leading solves simple riddles, and the players make up the guessed words from the balls with letters.

  • It grows on the face. - Nose.
  • Forbidden at work. - Sleep.
  • Candles are made of it. - Wax.
  • Harvested for the winter. - Hay.
  • Orange prefer tangerine. - The juice.
  • It is difficult to lift in the morning. - Eyelids.
  • Where did the office romance happen? - Movie.
  • A colleague of a snow woman. - Snowman.

The points get the fastest, and those who get more points win.

Rope for the brave

This competition is exclusively for an adult company. Guests are divided into two equal teams.

At a signal from the driver and to the fervent music, the players take off parts of their clothes in order to tie a long, very long string of them.

When “Stop!” Sounds, noticeably sub-divided participants begin to measure the length of their chains from clothes.

I dress up in the New Year! or "Dark Attire"

Two participants are standing near their chest / boxes / baskets, in which there are different items of clothing. They are first blindfolded, and then they have to put everything on themselves from the chest as quickly as possible.

Valued speed and accuracy. Although all the fun and the fact that things are mixed up in the game.

The snow queen is the opposite

Inventory: ice cubes from the freezer.

Several contenders for the Snow Queen's crown are selected. They pick up the ice cube and, on command, must melt it as soon as possible, turning it into water.

You can give one at a time, you can take several pieces of ice, putting them in bowls.

The first to complete the task wins. She is awarded the title of the Hottest Snow Queen.

Will Cinderella go to the New Year's Ball?

In front of two participants, mixed beans and pepper, hips, peas lie on a plateau (you can take any ingredients). The number of grains is small, so that the game does not run too long (you can check it experimentally before the holiday).

After the players are blindfolded, they begin to touch the fruits into small groups. Who will cope first, that will go to the ball!

The best ideas of Christmas gifts for women. If you have not ordered gifts for employees - it's time to choose!

Contests for the family at the table

1. New Year's predictions. For this part of the New Year program, you should prepare in advance. You will have two bags at hand (you can replace them with caps), in which you should put pieces of paper with notes. Итак, в один мешок складывайте бумажки с именами участников предсказания, а в другой – с самими пророчествами. Мешочки передают за столом по кругу, и все гости из каждого извлекают по листочку.First, from the first piece of paper, the name written on it is read out, and then from the second, the prospects that the owner of this name is expected to announce in the New Year.

2. Honest recognition. This game also requires preliminary preparation - write funny words on small paper (Kikimora, deer, capricious, kozyavka and so on). So, someone pulls a candy wrapper with one of the words (for example, capricious), and with a serious face, looking into the eyes of his neighbor, says to him: "I am capricious." If no one laughed, the neighbor picks up the baton, and so it goes on in a circle until someone laughs. After this, the fun begins again laughing.

3. Congratulations. This is a very funny contest in which it is better to know when to stop. Fill your glasses and say a festive toast. Each person sitting at the common table should say the greeting phrase in turn, but it is important that they begin with letters in alphabetical order (first the toast is pronounced with the letter “A”, the next participant says the toast with the letter “B”, and so everyone will speak) The next round of toasts is allowed to start with the letter on which you left off. Prepare small prizes in advance - each time one of them must be received by a person who has invented the most funny toast "around the circle".

4. Guess the riddle. For this contest, you should stock up on ordinary balloons, as well as little little notes with funny riddles. Roll the paper roll and put it inside the ball, subsequently inflating it. The participant must burst the ball and guess the riddle. If the guesswork from his mouth does not sound, then he will need to complete the task, invented by all participants in the game. Examples of such amusing riddles: “What does a student have in common with a lizard?” (Ability to get rid of the “tail” in time), “How many pairs of shoes does a woman need for happiness?” (One more pair than already), “What comes from one cities to another, but remains motionless? ”(Road) and so on. You can come up with similar riddles yourself or download it below.

New competitions for 2018 for adults

1. Drunken Drafts For this entertainment, you will need a real board for checkers, only now the checkers themselves are replaced by piles. How to distinguish between white and black newly-minted "checkers"? Replace blacks with red wine and white whites. The rules are the same as in ordinary checkers, however, having gotten the opponent's “checker”, you will have to drink it! Of course, it is not necessary to use wine - it can be any alcoholic beverages that simply differ in color.

2. Drove. For this competition you will need two cars on the radio. They play, respectively, two people, each of whom puts on his machine in a stack with an alcoholic drink. Now in the room arbitrarily selected a certain point, which will be the end point for machines. The goal is to roll your car to the finish line without spilling the drink. The winner drinks his stack. Then the relay goes to the next pair, and so on.

3. What's in my mouth. For the competition for the New Year, prepare in advance a separate container with products that will be used in this experiment, but will not be on the festive table. Let it be seven or eight unusual products. The player is blindfolded, and you give him to try this or that food - the contestant must, at the first attempt, guess what exactly is offered to him. With the next player you can use other products. The one who will give more correct answers will win.

Funny and interesting games

1. Snowballs. The competition will take place indoors, and, of course, not with real snowballs, but there is still an alternative - just crumple napkins or paper towels (stock up with this material in advance). You will also need chairs by the number of players who, in turn, should be split into two teams. Contestants of one team stand in a row on their chairs, and participants of the second, in turn, are trying to get into the opponents with a snowball. By the way, the "targets" have the opportunity to dodge the snowball. When all the opponents on the chairs are defeated, the teams switch places. Wins that team, whose performance is higher (more snowballs reached the goal).

2. Roll the ball. Competition for several pairs. Each team is given two balls, which are usually played in ping-pong. A man should roll the ball from the left sleeve of the companion to the right, and the woman should roll the second ball from the right leg of the partner to the left. The winner is the team that can cope faster.

3. Clothespins. Another game for couples. Competitors are blindfolded, and clothespins cling to any parts of the clothing of all players. After the beep, you must try to remove all the clothespins from your partner. Wins a couple that will cope with the task faster than others. Of course, we need a leader who will control this process.

4. To the touch. Two players are blindfolded and put on thick gloves or mittens on their hands. Before each competitor there are guests, and 10 seconds are given to guess each guest by touch. Players play by turns. Will win the participant who will cope with the task faster. Subsequently, the next pair of players is determined.

5. Burst the ball. For the game choose the opposite-sex couples, which is issued by balloon. The “requisite” of a couple should be clamped between their bodies, and the balls should be “burst” by the sound signal. Wins a couple who did it first. This is followed by a second round with a complicated task: the balls must be “burst” with their backs or even with their priests.

New Year's contests for fun company

1. New Year's crocodile. Well-known entertainment, which will appeal to contestants of all ages! So, we remind you the principle of this rather simple and fascinating game. Participants are divided into two teams, in each of which one person is selected. The facilitator says a word to the chosen one, and they must “show” it to their teams, without making any sounds. Win the team that quickly cope with the task. You can play differently - one of the participating "shows" the word to everyone else, and the one who guesses the first wins. To avoid suspicion that the word was invented on the go, we recommend to write it down in advance on a piece of paper. Since this is a New Year meeting, it is desirable to invent words on this topic.

2. Bows. Fun and fun fun. To participate in the game you need at least six people, so that they are divided into teams of three. Gender playing does not matter. One of the participants becomes in the middle of the room, while two of his teammates are blindfolded. One of the partners is given ten ribbons, and he, by an audible signal, should tie them to the one who stands in the middle of the room. The second partner, who is also blindfolded, searches for the bows to the touch and unties them. In the second team, similar actions take place. The winner is the company that accomplishes the task earlier.

3. Drawing blindly. The competition is played by two people. So, the participants are tied hands behind their backs and put behind them on an easel. Now players must arm themselves with felt-tip pens (their hands remain behind their backs) and draw on canvas the symbol of the coming year - the Dog. The rest of the guests should play the role of the fans and suggest in which direction the contestants should draw further - to the left, above and so on. Wins the player who can more reliably portray the cheerful guardian of 2018. Then the next pair of contestants enters the game, and the competition is held on a similar principle.

4. Hat. Another exciting contest whose participants can be absolutely everyone celebrating. The essence of entertainment is quite simple - players must pass each other a hat, putting it on the head of a neighbor without the aid of the palms (you can act with elbows, mouth). The one who drops the headgear is out. The winner is the participant who will eventually be left alone. Of course, this game is unlikely to come to the liking of the ladies, who decided to make a complicated haircut, but, as you know, the new year's hairstyles of 2018 imply simplicity and negligence, so there should be no particular difficulties.

5. The song in the hat. A very funny and memorable match that people who like to demonstrate their vocal talents will especially like. In advance, you must stock up with small pieces of paper, each of which should be written some word. Since this is a winter holiday, you can write words related to this topic: Christmas tree, Olivier, cold, snowflakes, reindeer, and so on. Put all these wrappers in a hat, and invite each guest to take turns to get a piece of paper. Now, the contestant must perform a small song, invented personally on the go, be sure to use the word he inherited several times.

Kids games for new year celebration

Check out the list of new fun entertainment for children.

Picture the symbol of the New Year

As you know, children like to depict different characters, so, for sure, they will take part in this competition with particular enthusiasm. Tell the kids that the symbol of the upcoming New Year 2018 is a dog, and invite them to depict this animal and also tell about it. The participant who will be able to most reliably show an adult dog or puppy will be the winner of the competition. However, there can be several winners. Of course, do not forget to cook some sweet incentive prizes for the most diligent guys.

This game is more suitable for children of primary school age, and not for kids who barely learned to walk. The fact is that this entertainment implies a clear coordination of movements and the ability to control one’s actions. Also note that only one child can play the game. So, first hang a couple of your child's favorite sweets on the holiday tree - the child should not see exactly where you placed them. Tie the baby's eyes and lead him to the tree, suggesting to find sweets on the tree for a certain time. Of course, the player will have to act very carefully so as not to damage the toys, the Christmas tree itself will not heap or it will not fall down on its own.

This game has many variations. For example, "Mice lead dance". First, with the help of a count, you need to choose a "cat" among the children The “cat” sits on the high chair or directly on the floor, closing his eyes. Other participants turn out to be “mice” who begin to dance around the “cat”, saying:

When the last words of the final phrase begin to sound, the cat dawns and on the last word “Round Dance” opens its eyes and runs after the mice that are trying to escape. Caught "mouse" turns into a cat, and so in a circle.

Drawing or writing to Santa Claus

Most likely, all children will enjoy this kind of entertainment, but for him you should stock up on sheets of paper and felt-tip pens or colored pencils in advance. Tell the children that now they will have to prepare a letter for Santa Claus, but they will not need to write anything in it - only a drawing is needed. In this picture, invite the children to depict how they see the next new year and what they want. We can talk about some trips, gifts and the like. Immediately clarify that, most likely, Santa Claus will not be able to fulfill all the desires, but he will still take some of them into account.

It’s fun and exciting to make a snowman, even in cases when it’s not about winter activities outside. For this game you will need softened clay. So, two participants get down to business who sit at the table next to each other (you can even embrace). Now these players must act as one. Let the right hand of one baby and the other's left act as if it were the hands of one person - the children will have to make a snowman out of clay in this way. The task is quite difficult, but if the kids start to act together, then everything will certainly work out!

Best Snowflake Contest

Most children like to do handicrafts with their own hands. Tell the children to decorate the room in which they play with snowflakes. Of course, for this, those same snowflakes will first need to be made. You yourself can demonstrate a master class on how to cut such snowflakes, or simply set a general direction and allow the kids to act at their discretion. Even if the result is far from perfect, in no case do you have to declare it - decorate the room with the snowflakes they made (stick them to the window, hang the chandelier with threads, etc.) with the children. Also encourage the most beautiful artworks with sweet prizes.

Competition - Guess the Hero

For this session, arrange young participants in a circle. Now invite each player in turn to name the continuation of the name of the fairy-tale character, for example, “Zo (lushka)”, “Red (Riding Hood)”, “White (Snowball)” and so on. A child who could not give the correct answer is out of the game, but those guys who remain continue the competition. It is important for you to take into account the fact that you have to ask a lot of questions, so you will have to prepare well in advance by writing the names of fairy-tale heroes for yourself. If there are a lot of children, it is not necessary to wait until there are only one winners left - it is possible to designate in advance that, for example, the three remaining will win.

It is probably difficult to find a person who has never heard of such fun. However, the principle of this entertainment is quite simple and is already hidden in one of its names. So, while one kid considers, for example, up to ten, having closed his eyes or hiding in one of the rooms, the other guys wander around the house and hide. When the set time passes, the child goes in search of his friends - the one who will be found first is considered the loser. You can start the game again on this one, or continue searching for other participants. The child who was discovered first, then he himself takes up the search, also counting to ten.

Fun entertainment for corporate parties

If you want your corporate party to be fun and memorable, take a look at some exciting games.

1. Mandarin relay. We offer a very interesting version of this entertainment, requiring two teams with the same number of participants. From each of the teams there is a player who puts a tangerine in a spoon and holds the spoon with both hands. Now rivals must reach a certain guideline with a spoon and return to their team without dropping the citrus - if this happens, the loser with the spoon returns to the starting point. Reaching the benchmark and back, the participant passes the spoon to the next player. Wins the team that will be able to cope first with the task. Note that when transferring a mandarin, it can not be held.

2. Bottle. This is a fairly well-known game, which marked the beginning of many office romance. Whatever it was, but it is really fun entertainment. So, at least 4-6 people take part in the game, who should sit in a circle, after which one of them spins the bottle clockwise in the center of the circle. As a result, the player who set the bottle in motion will have to kiss the person, who, like an arrow, will indicate the stopping neck of the vessel (or the person of the opposite sex nearest the pointer). After that, the bottle is offered to turn to the one who fell under "her sight".

3. Comic forfeits with predictions about work. Many of us have a positive attitude to various kinds of predictions, and some believe in them. The New Year has long been directly associated with all sorts of divinations, and may your corporate evening not be an exception, despite the fact that the predictions will be made in the comic form. How exactly to give forfeits, it's up to you. Anyone can take a note with a prophecy from the bag. In addition, you can make special pretty simple cookies with such predictions. Write only positive job-related predictions — about salary increases, new ideas, and the like.

4. Lottery contest. Very interesting lottery, which will certainly cause positive feelings among its participants. After making a list of participants of the upcoming holiday in advance, ask each guest to come with his craftwork, packed in a colorful wrapper. However, for this drawing it is not necessary to use crafts - it can be a souvenir or sweets in a certain price range. Stick the numbers on all convolutions, and write the same numbers on small pieces of paper. Subsequently, each lottery participant will have to pull out his number from a special bag or just a cap.

5. The game "I never ...". Very popular and exciting fun, which you could see in some foreign films. Each participant of the festive evening must utter a phrase-recognition, which begins with the words: "I never ...". Example: "I have never slept in a tent." People to whom this statement does not apply, take a sip of wine. Далее некое признание делает следующий участник вечеринки, и те гости, к которым очередное признание не имеет отношение, вновь делают глоток вина. Фразы могут быть веселыми, но каждый раз они должны быть все более личными, например: «Я никогда не спал голышом». Однако не стоит особо увлекаться, дабы не выдать своих самых больших секретов.

Весёлый новогодний конкурс “У кого длиннее”

Формируются две команды и каждая должна выложить цепочку из одежды, снимая с себя все, что заблагорассудится. У кого цепочка длиннее, та команда и победила. If the game is held not in the company at home, but for example on a square or in a club, then two participants are selected first, and when they don’t have enough clothes for the chain (after taking off the dress, you need to stay within the bounds of decency), the hall is invited to help the participants and any of those who wish can continue the chain of the player he likes.

New contest “Who is cooler”

The game involves men. Put eggs on the plate according to the number of participants. The host announces that players should take turns breaking one egg at a time on their foreheads, but one of them is raw, the rest are boiled, although in fact all boiled eggs are. Tension increases with each next egg. But it is desirable that there should be no more than five participants (they begin to guess that all the eggs are boiled). Very funny it turns out.

Hit the target!

Proven competition - bursting laughter and fun provided. Competition is more suitable for men-) Required for competition: empty bottles, a rope (for each participant about 1 meter long) and pen-pencils.
A pencil or pen is tied up at one end of the rope, and the other end of the rope is tucked into a belt. Before each participant an empty bottle is placed on the floor. The goal is to hit the bottle with a pen.

A fun contest for the family “New Year's“ Turnip ”

(This competition is time tested, a great option for the New Year, fun will be provided!)

The number of participants - according to the number of characters in this famous fairy tale, plus 1 leader. Newly-minted actors need to remember their role:
Turnip - alternately beats palms on the knees, claps his hands, and at the same time says: “Both, on!”
Grandfather - rubs his hands: "Tack-s."
Grandma - threatens grandfather with a fist, says: "I would kill!"
The granddaughter - (for a super-effect, pick up a man of impressive size for this role) - twitches his shoulders, says “I am ready”.
Bug - scratching his ear, says: “Fleas tortured”
Cat - shakes his hips "And I myself"
Mouse - shakes his head "Finished playing!"
The host reads the classic text "Repki", and the characters, having heard the mention of themselves, play a role:
"I put my grandfather (" Tak-s ") Turnip (" Ob-on "). The Turnip (“Ob-na!”) Has grown big-very large. Became Grandfather ("Tak-s") Turnip ("Both-on!") Pull. Pulls, pulls, can not pull. Grandfather (“Tak-s”) called Grandma (“Would have killed”) ... ”, etc.
The fun begins after the leading man says, “Dadka for Repku, Grandma for Dedka ...” To begin with, conduct a rehearsal, and then directly a “performance”. Explosions of laughter and great mood provided!

A Christmas tree was born in the forest (music scene, readers recommend)

We include the song “A Christmas Tree was Born in the Forest”, just as in “Repka” to distribute the roles to the participants (it is recommended to write the roles on the leaves beforehand and that the participants randomly choose the role: Fir-tree, Frost, etc. ) and already to the music to play this children's song.
It looks very funny when adults get used to the children's song.


The presenter reminds that New Year's Eve is in full swing, and some people can hardly remember the last letter of the alphabet. Guests are invited to fill the glasses and make New Year's toast, but with one condition. Everyone present begins the phrase-congratulations with the letter A, and then alphabetically.
For example:
A - Absolutely happy to drink for the New Year!
B - Be careful, the New Year is coming!
B - Let's drink to the ladies!
Especially fun when the game comes to G, F, P, S, B, b. The prize is the one who came up with the funniest phrase.

New Year's contest - a fairy tale for corporate

From reader Natalia: “I propose another version of the fairy tale, we played it at the corporate party last year. For the characters, the following attributes were used: Tsarevich - the crown and mustache, Horse - horse pattern in the form of a mask (as they did in kindergarten, Tsar-Batyushka - wig with bald head, Mother - crown + apron, Tsarevna - crown with elastic, Swat Kuzma - an apron with a male XXX, bought in this ... shop. There were all drunk and wallowed with laughter, especially from Swat Kuzma. ”
Tale of roles
Curtain (converge-diverge) - Whack-Whack
Tsarevich (strokes his mustache) - Eh! Getting married
Horse (gallops) - Tyggy melons, tygdy melons, And th!
Cart (hand movement) - Watch out!
Swat Kuzma (hands in a side, a leg forward) - That's nice!
Tsar-Batyushka (protests, threatens with a fist) - Do not push shu.
Mother (stroking the Father on the shoulder) - Do not hold, Father! In the girls will remain!
Princess (raises skirt hem) - I'm ready! Clever, beautiful, and just to issue.
One half of the guests Wind: UUUUUUUUU!
The other half of the Birds: Chick-tweet!
A curtain!
In the Tridentary Kingdom, in the Thirty State, yes Tsarevich Alexander would have lived.
Now it's time for Tsarevich Alexander to marry.
And he heard that the Princess Victoria lives in the neighboring state.
And without hesitation, saddled Tsarevich Horse.
Harnesses the Horse in the Cart.
Jumps into the Swat Kuzma Cart.
And they rode to the Princess Victoria.
They jump in the fields, jump in the meadows, and around the wind the noise is noisy. Birds are singing. Drive up!
And on the threshold goes Tsar-Batyushka.
Deployed Tsarevich Horse. He unfolded the Cart, and in the Cart Swat Kuzma. And the forests, fields back went!
And around the wind rustles. Birds are singing.
Prince did not despair.
And the next morning again harnesses the horse. Harness the Cart. And in the cart Swat Kuzma. And again with fields, again with meadows ...
And around the wind rustles. Birds are singing.
Drive up!
And on the threshold goes father.
And then Mother.
And here and Princess Victoria.
Tsarevich planted Tsarevna on Horse. And they jumped into the Thirty-th Kingdom in the Country of Farms!
And again with fields, again with meadows, and around the wind rustles. Birds are singing.
And the Princess in her arms.
And the matchmaker Kuzma is happy.
And the cart.
A horse drawn.
And Alexander Tsarevich.
He said marry - and got married!
Hall applause! A curtain!

“Drunken Drafts”

This board is used for checkers, and instead of checkers - piles. On one side, red wine is poured into piles, and on the other, white.
Further, everything is the same as in ordinary checkers. Cut down the enemy pile - drank it. For a change, you can play in the giveaway.
For especially strong, they can pour brandy and vodka into piles. In this scenario, three parties in a row win only the master of sports of international class. 🙂

Game “Baba Yaga”

Players are divided into several teams, depending on the number. The first player is given a mop in his hand, with one foot he becomes a bucket (with one hand he holds the bucket, and the second with the mop). In this position, the player must run a certain distance and pass the equipment to the next. Fun provided-)

Game “Situations”

Teams, to the judgment of the audience or Santa Claus, to offer a way out of the situation.
1. Aircraft left without a pilot.
2. During the cruise on the ship you forgot in the French port.
3. You woke up alone in the city.
4. On the island with cannibals, there are cigarettes, matches, flashlight, compass, skates.
And rivals ask tricky questions.

Most sensitive

Only women participate in the competition. Participants are facing the audience. Behind each is a chair. The presenter quietly puts a small object on each chair. At the command, all the participants sit down and try to determine what the subject under them is. Watch and use of hands is prohibited. The winner is determined first. You can guess the number of identical items placed on a chair (caramels, mandarins).

The competition is prepared in advance. We take the most ordinary balloons. On pieces of paper we write tasks. Tasks may be different. Put the notes inside the ball and inflate. The player eats any ball without the help of hands and receives a task that must be done!
For example:
1. Play the chiming clock in New Year's Eve.
2. Stand on a chair and notify the whole world about Santa Claus going to us.
3. Sing the Song “A Tree is Born in the Forest”.
4. Dance rock and roll.
5. Guess the riddle.
6. Eat a few slices of lemon without sugar.

All participants are divided into two teams. The first team comes up with some clever word, and then tells it to one of the players of the opposing team. The task of the chosen one - without making a sound, only with gestures, facial expressions and plasticity of movements to depict the hidden word, so that his team could guess what was intended. After successful guessing the teams switch roles. After some practice, this game can be complicated and made more interesting by guessing not words, but phrases.

Lung capacity

The task of the players is to inflate balloons in the allotted time without using their hands.

All stand in a circle and join hands. It is desirable that there are no nearby fights, sharp, etc. items. The presenter speaks in the ear of each player the names of two animals. And he explains the meaning of the game: when he calls any animal, the person to whom this animal was said should sit down sharply in the ear, and his neighbors on the right and left, on the contrary, when they feel that their neighbor is squatting, they must prevent this by supporting the neighbor by hand . All this is desirable to do at a fairly fast pace, without giving a break. The joke is that the second animal, which the host says to the players in the ear, is the same for everyone - “KIT”. And when, after a minute or two after the start of the game, the leader suddenly says: “Kit,” then everyone will inevitably have to sit down sharply - which leads to prolonged felting on the floor. :-))

Various funny clothes (national hats, clothes, underwear, swimwear, stockings or tights, kerchiefs, bows, diapers for adults, etc.) can be inserted into the bag beforehand. DJ is selected. It switches music on and off at different intervals. The music started, the participants begin to dance and pass the bag to each other. The music stopped. Who has a bag in his hands, he pulls one thing out and puts it on himself. And so on until the bag is empty. In the end, everything looks very funny.

“What do you like about your neighbor?”

Everyone sits in a circle and the presenter says that now everyone has to say what he likes in his neighbor to the right. When everyone tells these intimate details, the leader happily announces that now everyone should kiss his neighbor on the right in the place that he liked the most.

New Year's prediction

On a large beautiful tray lies a piece of thick paper that is beautifully painted to fit on the cake, which consists of small squares - pieces of cake. On the inner side of the square - pictures, what awaits the participants:
heart is love
book - knowledge
1 penny - money,
the key is a new apartment,
the sun is a success
letter - news,
car - buy a car,
man's face is a new acquaintance,
arrow - goal achievement,
hours are changes in life
the road is a ride
a surprise gift
lightning test
glass - holidays, etc.
Everyone present "eats" his piece of cake and know their future. Fake cake can be replaced by this.

Fairy tale characters

Props: Simple masquerade costumes or accessories, pieces of paper with roles.

At the very beginning of the celebration, the presenter invites guests to pull out of the bag on a piece of paper on which it will be written who they will represent the whole holiday: Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, Bunny, Kikimoru, Koschei, Fox. After that, guests are given a masquerade according to his character, and they have to enter their role for the whole holiday. Santa Claus threateningly knocks his staff on the floor and makes toasts, bunnies sing fervent songs, Baba Yaga famously dances with a mop. It will be very funny if the female role goes to a man.

Glass of water

Props: A few ice cubes, a glass.

Several people are selected, each of them receives a glass and five ice cubes. Participants must melt the ice with their hands and breathing in five minutes over a glass so that it quickly turns into water. The winner is the one who has the most glass filled with water.

Props: Bottle with a narrow neck, rope, pencil.

More than two men are selected for this competition. An empty, open bottle with a narrow neck is placed in front of them. Every man’s belt is tied with a rope, on the tip of which a pencil is tied. To complicate the task, the pencil should not be dangling from the front, but from the back. After that, men without hands on the speed should lower the pencil in the bottle.

Props: Baba Yaga Costume.

One of the guests is dressed as Baba Yaga. She comes to the guests and threatens to eat them all. There is a chance to escape if the guests give Baba Yaga something. She alternately calls things that she would like to receive: lipstick, scarf, smartphone, wallet, teapot, mug, flash drive. And guests should quickly find these things and give them to Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga Dance

Props: A variety of clothing, music from the cartoon "Flying Ship".

This competition will come before the start of the chiming clock. The presenter with a worried face declares to the guests that Baba Yaga stole her watch and will not be able to meet the New Year, as time is unknown. But guests can help to return the watch, for this they need to change into Baba Yaga from the clothes provided by the presenter. To do this, you can ruffle your hair, stick improvised warts on your face, add an image with your scarves, handkerchiefs, and cosmetics. After that, each Baba Yaga dances and sings to the famous song Babok-Yozhek. The spectators choose the brightest and most artistic Baba Yaga, who receives a letter from the presenter with a hint where the stolen watches are hidden.

Symbol of the year

Props: New Year's music.

Each guest in front of the audience to the music through dance should portray the symbol of the coming year. Whoever made it more artistic and funnier, he won.

Guests get up in a circle. The presenter does any action with his neighbor on the left, for example, touches him by the nose, cheek, and hair. All guests must repeat this lead activity with their neighbor on the left. Whoever laughs first is eliminated from the game. Further, the presenter comes up with new movements in relation to his neighbor until the last, never laughed participant remains.

When guests get tired of dancing, it's time to sit down at the tables. The moderator asks each guest what they don't like in the neighbor on the left. Answers are remembered. After all the guests have spoken, the host declares that they should gently kiss the neighbor on the left to the place they said earlier.


Props: Large balloons, tape, matches.

The presenter selects several men, to whose stomach with the help of scotch tape he attaches one large balloon and spreads matches on the floor. The task of the men is to collect matches by tilting, trying not to burst the ball. You can not get up on all fours and crawl. Who has burst the ball, knocked out of the game. Wins the man who collected a large number of matches and remained with the whole ball.

Big fashion

Props: Two rolls of toilet paper.

Two teams of two people each are selected. One person should use the toilet paper to create clothes for another person. Won the team whose outfit of toilet paper liked the audience.

Props: A piece of paper, pen or pencil.

The presenter gives the guests a piece of paper and a pen, they must write a favorite number. After that, the facilitator approaches each guest and asks an individual question, the answer to which will be the number written on their paper. Questions can be funny: How much do you weigh? How many classes have you graduated from? How many cats do you have at home? How many kids do you have? How many chocolate bars do you eat per day? How many minutes later will you get drunk and fall asleep under the tree?

Props: Dance music.

Leading each guest distributes a piece of paper with the name of the animal, bird or fairy tale character. Then the guests should portray, like dancing, for example, a bunny, a parrot, a snake or a crocodile. The most creative and artistic guest wins.

Props: Plastic cup, tape, coins.

Two or more teams of two people are selected: a man and a woman. A man scotch tape attached plastic cup in the abdomen. A woman is given ten coins. Then a pair is placed apart in a distance of three meters or more. A woman should throw all the coins into the glass. A man can twist his stomach and hips, helping the coin to hit the target, but you can not take steps and catch the coins with your hands. Wins the team that threw a large number of coins in the goal.

Ice Palace

Props: A lot of ice cubes.

Two teams are selected, each of them is given a huge bowl of ice cubes. In five minutes, before the ice melted, they had to build a beautiful palace out of it on the table. The winner is the team with the most beautiful and original ice palace.

Props: Large drawing paper with a drawn snowman, separately made of cardboard carrot with a velcro at the end.

This competition is suitable for an already well-drunk company. A pre-made drawing of a snowman without a nose is hung on the wall. A participant is selected who is blindfolded with a scarf and given a carrot. After that, the blindfolded participant is well spun up and the audience falsely suggests where to go to get a snowman in the face of a carrot.

Lazy dancing

Props: New Year's dance music, chairs.

The facilitator places the chairs along the wall, the participants of the competition sit on them. Himself leading sits in front of them. Then participants to the music should repeat the movements of the dance after the leader, without getting up from the chair: first we dance with our lips, then with our elbows, knees, eyes, shoulders, toes, and so on. From the side this dance looks very funny and unusual. The winner is the one who danced the lazy dance best of all.

Culinary duel

Props: Dishes and food.

Этот конкурс подходит на самый конец празднования, когда почти все блюда на столе съедены и гости готовы разойтись по домам. Отбираются две или три команды по два или три человека. Каждый из них должен из остатков еды на столе соорудить на одной тарелке самое необычное и вкусное блюдо. The winner is the culinary team, whose dish was chosen by the audience.

Collection of contests and games

The most simple New Year's games and all sorts of contests are those where guests do not need to do anything - for example, they can offer to burst the balls, inside of which there will be wishes.

It is necessary to prepare in advance a large bunch of balloons (their number should be greater than the number of guests, just in case) into which little notes with wishes are put. For example, you can give a guest a pair of scissors and suggest cutting the ball you like, and then reading it out loud to all guests — such simple but sweet entertainment helps the company to cheer up and rally.

New Year's games and contests based on the “question-answer” model always generate a lot of applause. It is no wonder - everyone loves to laugh, but no complications.

So, the presenter gives the guests small pieces of paper and pens, and suggests writing down their favorite number (or any other number that comes to mind). If you wish, you can record some sequence, and play a few laps. When all the guests have coped with the assignment, the presenter says that now all those present will be able to learn more about each other - he will ask questions, and the guests will answer them by picking up a piece of paper with recorded digits and loudly announcing the answer.

It is best to find simple questions - how many years a particular guest, how many times a day he eats, how much weighs, how many times he stayed for the second year, and so on.

"Not a word of truth"

My favorite games are funny contests for the new year. Of course, for a company of retirees, you will need to pick up something more decent, but you can always have fun in your own circle - for example, by playing the “Not a Word of Truth” game.

The facilitator will need to prepare in advance many New Year questions such as:

  • What tree is traditionally dressed up for the holiday?
  • What film in our country symbolizes the new year?
  • What is it customary to launch into the sky on New Year's Eve?
  • who mold in the winter of snow?
  • Who on television appeals to the Russians with New Year's speech?
  • outgoing year - the year of whom according to the Chinese calendar?
It is better to write more questions, you can ask about the New Year traditions of different countries, or the habits of the guests. During the game, the leader will have to ask his questions quickly and cheerfully, and the guests will answer, without saying a word of truth.

Anyone who makes a mistake and answers truthfully, can read poems, sing a song or fulfill various desires according to the results of the game - you can use desires to play forfeits, for example, the loser should be shoved over several mandarin slices for both cheeks and say something like "I am a hamster and eat grain, do not touch it - it is mine, but whoever takes it is the end of it!". Bursts of laughter are provided - both during the game and during the "punishment" of the loser.

"Accurate shooter"

As entertainment for the new 2019, you can play snipers. The funniest thing is to play this game when the participants are already a little podshofe - and coordination becomes more free, and less constraint, and get into the goal is a little more difficult.

The essence of the game is as follows - guests break up into two teams, and each player takes turns throwing snowballs into the bucket. A bucket from the players is set at a distance of five to seven meters, as “snowballs” you can use wads of cotton wool, crumpled paper, or just take a couple of sets of unpretentious plastic Christmas balls that are sold in any supermarket.

I decided to improve this game at the party in honor of the new year 2019 for adults and as a "goal" to use children's basketball rings - getting into them with a soft wad of cotton is even more difficult than in a bucket.

"New Year decoration"

Of course, New Year's contests for adults may be less sporting.

All present should be divided into teams of 5-6 people (depending on the number of guests at your party). The teams are tasked to build a Christmas ball. For making, you can use only toilet articles, accessories and decorations that are on the team members. The winner is the team that will make the brightest and most beautiful ball.

By the way, a small life hack - in each company there are people who are not too actively participating in contests and try to simply sit out, which is why a lot of time is spent on persuasion. So, appoint them to the jury - you can make them with the evaluation cards in advance, suggest to say a small speech in an improvised microphone. So they will simultaneously be involved in the general fun, and at the same time they do not have to persuade and pull from the table.

And of course, the sight of my mother, who speaks heartfeltly into a glass of champagne instead of a microphone about how grateful she is to Mikhalkov and the film academy for the opportunity to see the ice carnage in her own living room is priceless. :))

"Come, forest deer"

By the way, if you choose contests for a corporate party for a new year or for a party that will not take place in a city apartment, then be sure to play Santa with its reindeer. There is no need to divide the guests into teams, just enough to invite them to break up into pairs.

Each pair has “deer” and “Santa” (you can give improvised horns to one and Santa Claus caps to the other - both are sold for a penny in the fixed-price store before the new year).

“Deer” needs to be blindfolded and make a team - you shouldn’t be tricky, a simple clothesline or string that wraps around the waist will come off. The reins are given to Santa, who stands behind his "deer." The track is built up from pins, the presenter gives a signal and the competition begins. The winners are those who came to the finish line before the others and did not knock down the pins. Instead of pins, you can use empty bottles, cardboard cups for drinks or paper cones (we did it in the form of Christmas trees, it was very cute).

"Collective letter"

When it comes to New Year games at the table, I always remember how my parents and friends wrote a New Year greetings to everyone present each new year. You can use the finished text (as in the image), you can make your own - the main thing is that there should not be adjectives - they should be called guests.

The presenter invites guests to congratulate each other and say a big and beautiful toast - and waves a postcard to which he has already written a congratulation. Only here the adjectives were not enough for him, and the guests should prompt them. Adjectives connected with winter, new year and holidays offer each other at odds with each other, and the presenter writes them down and then reads the result - the text is very funny!

"Turnip: New Year's version"

Love the New Year contests for the whole family - then the turnip is what you need!

So, you need to prepare the participants - they need the number of characters in a fairy tale. Each participant gets a role in an improvised performance. Everything is simple, the participant needs to remember the key phrase and the movement that he has to play at the mention of himself.

  1. The turnip will slap itself on the knees, and then clap its hands with the exclamation “Both-on!”.
  2. Grandfather rubs his palms and groans "Ta-ak-s!".
  3. The grandmother swings his grandfather at his grandfather and says, "Would have killed!"
  4. The granddaughter, dancing, sings "I am ready!" In a high voice (when men play this role, it turns out just great).
  5. Bug itches and complains about fleas.
  6. Cat wags "tail" and mannered stretches "And I - by itself."
  7. The mouse sadly shrugs and says "Finished playing!".
After everyone has tested himself in a new role, the leader reads the text of the fairy tale (there are no changes here), and the actors play their role every time they hear about themselves. The grandfather planted (rubs his hands and grunts) the turnip (clap-pop, both-on!) And further in the text. Believe me, there will be enough laughter explosions, especially when the fairy tale approaches the final, and the moderator will list all the participants in turn.

"Strictly alphabetically"

In one of the pauses, the presenter takes the word, and reminds everyone that the New Year's celebration is just beginning, but it is difficult to remember the alphabet. In this connection, the presenter proposes to fill the glasses and raise a toast to the new year, but strictly in alphabetical order.

Each guest should make a short toast on his letter of the alphabet. The first begins with the letter a, the second must begin with the letter b, and so on. Toasts should be simple:

  1. BUTAbsolutely need to drink for happiness in the new year!
  2. BWe are healthy in the new year!
  3. ATlet's drink in the old year!
  4. EIf we do not get drunk, you will have to eat!
The task for all those present is to make toasts on each letter of the alphabet, and then choose the winner - he becomes the one who came up with the best toast, for which it is worth to drink!

Do you want to pick up outdoor games for the new year 2019 - play the bunny. For the new year at home, playing this game is best when there are a lot of guests - it is suitable for a group of friends.

Everyone stands up and holds hands, the leader goes around all the players in a circle and in a whisper tells everyone the names of two animals - wolf and bunny, fox and bunny, and so on. Then he explains the essence of the game - when the presenter says aloud the name of the animal, the person to whom it was made, crouches, and his neighbors on the left and right, on the contrary, pull him up without letting him sit down. You need to play at a good pace so that the participants enter into a rage.

The main joke of this action is that absolutely all players have a second beast - a bunny. Therefore, after people alternately sit on the names of other animals, the presenter says “Bunny!”, And the whole circle tries to sit down sharply (trying to overcome the possible resistance of neighbors, as it did with other animals).

Naturally, the general laughter begins, and on the floor a lot is gathered!

"News from the New Year"

An excellent competition in which you can play without leaving the table.

The facilitator will need to prepare cards on which unrelated words and concepts will be written - five to six words, no longer needed. Each participant receives a card and must quickly come up with hot news from the New Year's edition, using all the words from the card. What to write on the cards? Any set of words.

  • China, dumplings, roses, Wimbledon, lilac.
  • Santa Claus, wheel, eraser, north, sac.
  • New 2019, fan, pantyhose, pan, scabies.
  • Santa Claus, pig, herring, stapler, barrier.
  • Winter, zoo, laundry, boa, rug.
How to make up news? Give an example to the guests, showing that you need to use all the words, and the more weird the news, the more interesting.

Well, for example, from the last example I gave you, you can build something like this: "A rug was found in a boa at a Moscow zoo during the winter wash." There will be a reason to be surprised, to laugh, and to drink, so that all the news in the new 2019 will be just as positive.

"Jumping in the new year"

We in the family circle as entertainment for the new year often arrange jumping, and 2019 will not be an exception, I'm sure this is a kind of tradition.

So, how it happens: after the outgoing drink was drunk, the presenter brings felt-tip pens and pencils (the brighter, the better) and a large sheet of paper (drawing paper A0-A1) and invites all those present not just to enter the new year, but to jump - so that it will be dynamic, energetic and bright!

And so that all desires are fulfilled, you need to draw them. On a large sheet, everyone draws their desires - someone has time to draw several miniatures, someone is quite schematic to draw what they want. By the President’s speech, the drawing is usually finished or the final touches remain. After the President’s speech, the leader offers everyone to join hands, chorus to count the chiming clock, and solemnly jump into the new year and sell their own desires!

By the way, my mother and I usually keep the list, and for the next year we check for someone who has come true - also a topic for a table talk, by the way.

And in this article we describe in detail the 12 best ways to make a wish for the new year!

"The most of the most"

Good New Year's entertainment are without a lead. A good way to occupy guests is to give them some kind of tasks, but few people just want to compete like that, right?

Therefore, we proceed as follows - on the Christmas tree hang sweets or small gifts. It is best to opt for curly chocolate or other sweet Christmas decorations. Each is supplied with a note to whom the present is intended, but we write not names, but some definitions over which guests will have to reflect and get to know each other better (ideally, when there are beginners who need to join an existing company).

What to write on the labels:

  1. Winner brown eyes.
  2. The best high jumper.
  3. The biggest hooligan (here you have to tell everyone about your hooliganism in childhood).
  4. The owner of the best tan.
  5. The owner of the highest heels.
  6. The owner of the most dangerous work.
  7. A pair whose sum of buttons on clothes is 10.
  8. To whom it is today dressed more yellow.
I think you understand the main message. Guests will independently begin to find out who rested where, who has a brighter tan, measure their heels and discuss work.

"Song of a hat"

By the way, almost all New Year's competitions at the table imply a game with a hat - some little notes are thrown into the hat beforehand, and then they pull out and carry out tasks of relatives or colleagues.

In the new family year 2019 we will play a popular variation of this game with songs. In the hat you need to sketch a little note with winter and New Year's words, each guest blindly pulls out a little note from the hat and sings a song in which this word occurs.

By the way, it will be possible to have fun if you forget all the songs in the course of the feast - most likely, your family, like my relatives, have a smart idea to write a small song on the go for the most popular motive, or somehow remake one from famous New Year's songs of the past.

By the way, this game is also suitable for a small company of any age - of course, the schoolchild is unlikely to recognize Soviet songs, but the result will be funny, and different age groups will be able to get closer during the game - after all, cool New Year's contests combine!

Naturally, competitions for the new year for young people do not go without flirting - why not help your friends get close?

So, girls are dressed in bathrobes or shirts, and the guys are given thick winter mittens. The essence of the competition - quickly fasten the shirts on the girls so that they do not freeze!

"Draw a Santa Claus"

Creative Christmas contests for corporate parties - a great opportunity to have fun.

So, in the thick sheet of cardboard holes are made for hands. Players are given brushes, they have to stick their hands into the holes and portray Santa Claus. They do not see at this moment what they are painting.

At work, you can divide the team into male and female teams, and give the task of one to depict the Snow Maidens, and the other - Santa Claus. The winner is the team with the result that most closely resembles a fairytale character.

By the way, if you select contests for a New Year corporate party, do not forget to find funny music - I use cutting from children's Soviet cartoons for 2019 New Year contests, this usually causes the warmest emotions.

“Distribute Roles”

You can start fun competitions for the new year for the family with such entertainment.

Prepare more attributes of fabulous New Year characters, put notes with roles in empty kinder capsules (you can simply wrap in wrapping paper in the manner of sweets) and start playing at the table for the new year with a suggestion to find out who still rules the ball.

All present must pull out their role. These can be snowflakes, hares, squirrels, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, the snow queen, the overseas guest - Santa Claus and his deer. Distribute small attributes to all the guests who will match their role this night - for example, the snow queen will suit the crown, Santa Claus can loudly knock with an elegant staff, and the company of over-age bunny boys with white ears will decorate any New Year's photo.

Believe me, the New Year's feast games will acquire a new color as soon as the toast is taken to speak Grandma Zima or specially woken up for competitions for the new year 2019 and New Year's dances Mihailo Potapych.

What are the cool contests for the new year without photos?

Make a zone for a photo and collect some props in this corner - guests can take pictures in different images, and then you can arrange photo samples. So, you will need to determine who fits the role:

  • the most decrepit snowflakes
  • the sleepiest guest
  • the most fun Baba Yaga,
  • the most hungry grandfather frost,
  • the most generous Santa Claus
  • the kindest Santa Claus
  • the most beautiful snow maiden
  • most overeat guest
  • the most fun guest
  • the most cunning Baba Yaga,
  • the most evil Kashchei,
  • the strongest warrior
  • the most capricious princess
  • the biggest snowflake
  • and so on…
By the way, you can hold this contest a little differently - stock up with props, and invite guests to pull out the role in which they are to be photographed without looking, and the rest of the participants should help with their advice and deed to implement the image better. You can laugh in the process, and when you look through the pictures, it’s good, you can do it in just a few minutes.

"Little things from Santa Claus"

Расскажите гостям такую легенду, как дед Мороз шел через лес с подарками, провалился одной ногой в сугроб и просыпал из мешка подарки. Большие остались в мешке, а маленькие презентики выпали. А вы их подобрали и сейчас подарите всем гостям.

All kinds of nice little things that you bought beforehand, wrap in an opaque package, or a box made with your own hands, or you can wrap presents in small pieces of fabric, like miniature sacks tied with a thick thread or a ribbon.

As pleasant trifles can be: calendars, candles, key chains, pens, flashlights, Kinder, liquid soap, magnets.

Each time it is surprising how thrilled the guests are waiting for these presents ... Not only kids, but even adults :-)

Well, and finally, be a kind magician and predictor, another New Year's entertainment from MirPozitiva.ru:

Now you know how my holiday will go, and what games will you have for a New Year's corporate party or a house party? Share your ideas, because the new year's feast games and interesting contests are best prepared in advance, and the year 2019 is just around the corner!