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What to give a boy of 16 years old and how unusual is his birthday?


The 16th anniversary is undoubtedly the first step towards adulthood. This is a time of independence, responsibility, and the accumulation of the first life experience. And because teenagers dream loudly and brightly to note this period of transition. If you are ready to give a real holiday to your maturing child, then our tips and ideas are just for you.

No longer baby

Many parents really find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that the child is no longer the little crying little ball and not the eternal why. And hands often reach for a holiday with funny animators at the head. The main thing is to stop in time and start preparing, always consulting with your son or daughter. After all, the closest relatives and friends will be invited to the holiday, and therefore everything must be clearly planned and beautifully organized.

How can you celebrate the coming 16 years, and what options to offer a teenager?

  • Holiday at home. If your child loves home gatherings with the family at a large table, then feel free to start preparing. Attract all family members to this, and a festive atmosphere will reign in your home long before your birthday.

Decorate the room with paper garlands, order balloons, build a photo zone, and, as an option, create a mini-gallery where guests can be touched by how your child grew up. Do not forget about the festive crackers, cake, and possibly salute.

  • Picnic. If a teenager asks to celebrate his holiday with friends, do not be upset. This does not mean that he is ready to exchange family for friends, just in their company he feels more confident and relaxed. Invite them to go on a picnic. Fun games and contests in nature, delicious grilled dishes, a relaxed atmosphere is a wonderful option.
  • Aquapark. This is where you can have fun till you drop. Even adults at first glance, girls and boys will enjoy all kinds of slides, and you can relax with a drink in your hand in the jacuzzi or bar on the "shore" of the pool. After such an active holiday, feel free to send the company to a cafe or restaurant, which, as a rule, has all self-respecting water parks.
  • Night party. Surely all teenagers dream of such a thing. But, unfortunately, not all parents allow it to be organized. But after all, 16 years is a period of taking on the first serious responsibility, so why not review our rules and not give the child a little more freedom? Choose a summer terrace in a country cafe where you can have a party, invite a DJ and make a buffet table. This option will not only be interesting to the company of adolescents, but also will appeal to parents who are worried about their safety. It remains only to agree on the time in which you come for them or a taxi.
  • Paintball. Great idea for a company of guys. Here you can run and shoot, and throw out the accumulated energy. A real vacation for real men.
  • Spa salon. Almost every teenage girl dreams of such a birthday. Give her the opportunity to feel truly adult in the company of girlfriends. Massage, sauna, and other pleasant and useful procedures will delight young ladies.
  • After such a relaxation, it is definitely wrong to eat. Therefore, we suggest either to go to the nearest café-bakery where you can drink tea with dessert, or to invite the maiden company to go home, where they will have to wait for a table with light snacks.

Every child, no matter how old he is, wants his birthday to be unforgettable, bright and fun. And while he does not organize it himself, you can turn the childhood dream into reality. In fact, it is not difficult at all. Enjoy your holiday!

Congratulations on the 16 years old boy

With the original congratulations to begin the holiday. Native people should wish the guy success, happiness, love, of course, and more joyful moments. After all, once a year is a birthday. 16 years is the age at which teens begin to appreciate the words of congratulations, postcards and little surprises with wishes. You should not forget about the main gift. It will be pleasant for a teenager to start the day, having breakfast with a cake with a candle or a cookie with a wish, to find a certain amount on the nightstand for organizing a holiday.

What to give a boy of 16 years? A gift for a teenager depends on interests, preferences and the donor. From the girlfriend, the guy will be pleased to get a cute pillow. From his parents, he expects something more significant. In fact, a boy of 16 years can be absolutely anything. Like the socks can be wrapped unusually, and the latest computer.

Gifts from friends

What to give a boy of 16 years? It could be anything. The main thing is that it is not useless and corresponds to tastes.

Comic gifts from friends, of course, amuse and cheer up. But in this case it is worth considering that his parents live in the house with a 16-year-old. So inflatable women and obscene shaped cakes will not work. Also, such jokes should not offend the birthday.

A great gift would be a poker set. Right at the birthday party you can play this game.

Gifts for the interests and hobbies are more useful than ever at this age. Since often parents do not consider the purchase of such accessories necessary.

Clothes for teenage boys can be a birthday present. Buying complicated and expensive items such as jeans, shirts or jackets should be left to the parents or the guy himself. And friends can buy an unusual T-shirt or T-shirt, specialized gloves, mitts, funny socks or a belt.

An interesting gift from friends will be a surprise party.

Gifts from parents

What to give a boy to his parents for 16 years? Here it is already somewhat more complicated, especially if the son has not declared the desired gift.

Universal gifts from moms and dads are: gadgets, computers, appliances, furniture, trips, excursions, courses, vehicles (motorcycles and mopeds), bank deposits, status jewelry and, of course, just money. Parents should not move away from this list. In this case, you only need to choose what your child will like the most on his birthday.

Clothing for teenage boys as a birthday present is not very happy. Although if this is a super cool jeans or branded sneakers, about which the guy dreamed for a long time, then boldly present them.

Toys and games for boys 16 years old to give undesirable. The guy is already an adult and may be upset that the closest people consider him a child. An exception would be computer games or board games (provided that a teenager plays them). But still such a gift is better to get from a friend than from parents.

What holiday to arrange for a sixteen year old guy?

Naturally, it is necessary to arrange a birthday party. 16 years, every teenager is trying to celebrate in a special way. Therefore, parents should be given this complete freedom. And if you prohibit something, then it is reasoned.

How unusual to celebrate a birthday? Choose a place to hold a holiday is not so difficult. Simply ask the child about it and if the family budget allows, then the issue is resolved. If the teenager himself has not yet decided, then you can offer: your own house or apartment, a country cottage, an entertainment center, a cafe, a restaurant, a club, a picnic in nature, amusement parks, a limousine and a boat. In each of these places you can have fun.

It is not necessary to choose paintball or all kinds of quest rooms, cinemas and theaters as a place for a holiday. This may be a component of entertainment at a birthday party, but by no means an entire holiday.

Fun and games

The choice of entertainment and games, too, should take a teenager himself or his friends. They know better that they will be interested. This also applies to contests with prizes, music and films. Adults should intervene only if the total amount exceeds the admissible budget or activities invented by adolescents are dangerous or illegal. Everything else depends on fantasy and interests.

Boys may like a regular party with music and dancing, funny games such as crocodile or fantasy (during these games, conservative parents had better go out). Also fit bowling or billiards. Do not forget enough adult entertainment, such as a sauna, a shooting range or a jacuzzi.

It is better to entrust sports games, relays and other similar contests to professionals and adolescents themselves. Otherwise, such activities may be too childish and uninteresting.

Holiday menu

In order to determine the menu, there are several rules:

  1. Food and soft drinks should be very much. Do not worry that much will remain. Because teenage boys eat a lot, more adults. If something remains, it will end the next day.
  2. Soft drinks, too, should be much the same as food, and even more. Soda and juice usually do not remain, most often it is not even enough.
  3. It is best to order pizza, french fries, all kinds of fast food, rolls and sushi. You can make sandwiches and make cold snacks. On the table should also be sweet and fruit. Some teenagers find homemade food more delicious. Then you have to cook meat, potatoes, salads. If the holiday takes place in a private house, outside the city or in a cafe with a barbecue, then the choice can be stopped on a barbecue. On the topic of dishes should be discussed with the birthday man himself. He knows exactly what he and his company love to eat.
  4. You can not ignore the cake. Sweets love without exception. It can be a cake of unusual shape, with drawings and inscriptions, or it can be homemade, made by your beloved mother, grandmother or girl.
  5. Alcohol. The question is quite complicated. On the one hand, it is worthwhile allowing the boys to drink beer, and the girls to take wine or champagne, but will the parents understand this step? On the other hand, if banned, adolescents can get drunk around the corner and, at best, start to fuss. And if you prohibit alcohol and lock up children, then a conflict may begin. It will spoil the holiday. To decide whether you need alcohol or not, you need to talk with the parents of the child’s friends and, if they don’t mind, put some wine or champagne on the table. This question is already worth solving with the son himself.

Leave the teenagers alone or look after them

Almost every teenager will want to send mom and dad for a walk on his holiday. Therefore, it is not necessary to discuss this with the child.

If the son himself asks to leave his company unattended, then you need to clarify what they will do, and whether they will disassemble the house on the pebbles. Then you should discuss this with your spouse. If there is no cause for concern, then it is better to fulfill this request.

If the situation does not allow children to be left alone, then, if necessary, it is advisable not to stand over the children as a supervisor. It will be better to rest in another room or cafe room.

If the birthday is held in the forest, then it is advisable not to leave the children there alone.

10 tips on how to celebrate 16 years of fun and bright

So, let's start with what we think about how much money you currently have. At 16, almost all adolescents are still studying and do not have a permanent income.

This means your parents will pay for your birthday. It's time to talk with them about how you want to celebrate 16 years, how you see the celebration, and what they can offer you.

No need to threaten, blackmail parents, humiliate, just to get the right amount. Understand that youthful maximalism sometimes pushes adolescents to a variety of actions.

Of course, I want the birthday to be the best, the coolest, but it is also important to take into account how much the parents earn.

Believe me, they will be happy to help you in organizing a holiday (including financially), but only if you argue why you want to have a party outside the house, why you want to invite just such a number of guests.

Together with your parents, describe who you want to invite to your birthday party, what are you going to treat people to where you want to go. Count the costs, think about what you can refuse. As a result, you will receive an amount from which you should push off - then find out if your parents are ready to become your sponsors in this matter.

It is likely that not only friends, but also relatives will want to congratulate you. How to celebrate 16 years in this case? Agree that one day you spend with friends, and the next - you meet with grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles. The result - everyone is happy, no one is offended.

If you are going to celebrate 16 years at home, think about where you can go. This may be a bowling club, rolledrom, paintball club, water park, cafe. If the weather permits, you can always go to nature: to the country, to the forest, to the beach, etc.

True, think in advance about the transport issue: how will the guests get to their destination, and how will they leave? No less important is the issue related to the menu. Calculate how many products you need to buy, what dishes you plan to cook.

Do not forget about the entertainment program. Games, contests, viewing a photo album with early photos of the birthday man - all this will create a festive atmosphere, will cheer up the guests and the hero of the occasion.

If desired, and in good weather, 16 years can be bright and cheerful in nature or in the country. This option is especially suitable if you and your environment like some kind of team sports, then you will not have to try to stir up a company of people lying on the grass.

If you do not know how to celebrate 16 years, consult with your parents and friends. Today, adolescents rarely celebrate their birthday at home - trips to cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers are more popular. Find out in advance all the prices and, if necessary, pre-book seats so that it does not happen that on the day of your birth all tickets will be sold or all the tables given away.

Most likely, relatives will want to congratulate you, but you are planning to celebrate a birthday with friends. What to do? Talk to your parents about whether it is possible for you to celebrate 16 years of life with bright and fun friends today, and tomorrow relatives will come to you. Everyone is happy, no one is offended.

It is good, if there will be a master of ceremonies at your celebration - it will make the evening more bright and dynamic. Do not choose the first accusatory mass artist - study all candidates. Pre-discuss scripts and contests for guests.

Take care of how you will deliver guests to the place of celebration, and then take them home. Also now you need to send birthday invitations so that guests can plan their time. Good luck!

Celebration for a child of 16 years from "A" to "Z"

When organizing a holiday for a 16-year-old teenager, it is necessary to take into account the psychological characteristics of the hero of the occasion.

You can offer a lot of bright entertainments to “lighters” who can’t imagine their life without a noisy company, practical jokes and fun: breaking the piñata, laser tag, rollerdrome, etc.

Boys and girls who are more attracted to intellectual pastime, will be interested in quizzes. You can experiment with the format of such an event: “What? Where? When? ”,“ Brain Ring ”,“ Own Game ”,“ Erudite Lotto ”.

More fashionable now at teen parties crocodile parties, the mafia. You can play them not only during a home celebration, but also in a cafe, on the street. Girls, and some boys, will like professional photo shoots and shoot video.

If there is no opportunity and desire to cook all this by yourself, invite a professional presenter.