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Where to go with a girl on the first date?


It so happened according to the tradition that the organization of meetings lies more on the shoulders of the male representatives. It is the guy who most often has to decide the question of where to go with the girl, choose the places that will appeal to his chosen one. This is a big responsibility: after all, the girl may not like the place where she was invited, or she will be repelled by the behavior of the gentleman himself. What you need to consider, going to a meeting, and where you can go with a girl, and tell this article.

Basically, most couples go out together for a walk in the evening. This is due to the fact that in the evening most of us are released: students come home from school (university or university), working people end their activities and return home. It is at this time on the streets and you can see young people walking with each other by the hand or in an embrace. When you look at them, the mood rises, older people want to feel younger.

First date

This is a very crucial moment, sometimes of decisive importance. The success of the first meeting will depend on the further development of your relationship. That is why the first date often makes nervous both guys and girls. Both sides strive to show themselves in the best light, hiding pride and flaws away. In general, it seems that you meet an ideal person, in many ways close to you. The girl will only think about something, and the young man already voices her thought and brings it to life with the help of another sweet gift or tasty treat.

Where it is better to go with a girl on a first date - a difficult question. It is better to prepare in advance for this responsible event. For the first meeting a cozy quiet place is ideal, where there is no extraneous noise, for example, a restaurant or a cafe. Why exactly? You need to get to know each other, talk. And noisy big companies will distract you, destroy the atmosphere of romance. In a secluded place, both a young man and a girl can relax, be themselves, show their best qualities of character.

To impress

If you want the date to be remembered to both of you for a long time, to cause positive emotions, then you need to somehow surprise the girl, hit her with something extraordinary. Where to go with a girl in the evening? Suggest your companion to stroll through the evening city, go to the shooting gallery for a little shooting (at the same time and demonstrate your abilities), show a couple of original tricks. It is necessary to think in advance what you will do on a date. When the crucial moment comes, not everyone can improvise, so prepare just in case some fresh jokes and interesting stories in case the girl doesn't get bored. In addition to the surprises themselves, the element of surprise must work. For example, rent a horse and surprise a girl, dance together in the street, and don't let the puzzled glances of passers-by disturb you. There are lots of interesting options for where to go with a girl. Turn on the fantasy, drop the negative attitudes, relax in the end!

Surprises and surprises

Going out with a girl for a date, you should know that the fair sex just loves various surprises, and you need to make every effort to include them in your wonderful walk. And your organizational skills should be left behind the scenes: you do not need to tell how difficult it was for you to negotiate with someone in order to make the girl pleasant. All surprises should look like a miracle, as if they arose by themselves, grew out of the ground or inadvertently fell from the sky. In this case, the gentleman should modestly observe the effect of his efforts and smile sweetly, as if miracles are a common thing for him.

If you are very worried about where to go with a girl and you can’t imagine what is unusual you can think of, then the simplest thing is to ask her: “What would you like now?” Let your chosen one come up with pleasant entertainment herself, though the surprise effect will disappear. Absolutely a win-win option - to pull a briquette with ice cream from behind at the very moment when she says: “I want something sweet”, or give her flowers right after you pass by the flower shop, and she dreamily exclaims: “ What an unmatched fragrance! ”

Do you always need a gift?

Etiquette obliges a young man to always keep on hand a small gift for his lady. You never know what situation can happen, and you will dilute the situation with your gift. Every girl is pleased with sincere attention. It is believed that coming to a date for a girl without flowers is a bad form. At the same time, not everyone can afford to spend money on a bouquet each time, which will cost no less than five hundred thousand rubles. After all, in addition to flowers, I want something more to please my darling: going to the cinema, cafe, etc.

So, the question of where to go with a girl in the evening may seem simple compared to whether you always need to give gifts. Imagine having dates three or four times a week. And each time with the most modest scenario, you need to spend 1,500-2,000 thousand rubles. But there are girls with large requests that you need to drive to expensive restaurants, give chic gifts: gold jewelry, diamonds. It’s good if you are a high-class specialist and earn at least 60 thousand rubles a month. And if you are a poor student who, except for how to feed yourself, you still need to pay for his studies? The matter is complicated by the fact that sometimes girls do not want to meet with those who have no money. This circumstance characterizes a lady not from the best side, but nevertheless, in our society it is considered that the guy is ashamed not to have money for his girlfriend.

How to be? Look at the situation. If you currently have a financial opportunity, then please the lady heartily. And if you barely make ends meet and are forced to save on everything, it is unlikely you will be pleased to buy her expensive gifts, and it will be awkward for a decent girl to accept them if she knows about the unstable situation of her chosen one. Do not be embarrassed and blush if you are a poor student and can not afford to once again buy a girl a bouquet of flowers. Just give her, for example, one rose. It is so touching and romantic! Any person is pleased with the attention, sincerity, and not the number of gifts, and how much money is laid out for them. Whoever says, but sincere feelings and expressions of love are valued more than anything else in the world.

If there is no financial opportunity

If it so happens that today you don’t have any money at all, then you should limit yourself to a walk in beautiful places. It would be a big mistake to assume that joy can only be given money. Do not worry! Be cheerful and spontaneous in spite of everything: laugh, joke and tell your lady funny stories. Meet the sunset together, admire the moon. Sometimes genuine feelings bribe much more than the most expensive gifts.

Cafes and restaurants

This is a classic in the process of caring for a girl. A trip to a cafe will help you better focus on talking with your chosen one.

You will no longer be distracted by extraneous sounds and noise. You can tune in to a pleasant and long conversation. In addition, restaurants create a cozy atmosphere, allow a person to relax. Cafe - this is the best option where you can go with a girl.

Where to go with the girl on the first date?

The first thing that comes to mind is a cafe or restaurant. In principle, this is a win-win option, but only if you consider some points. First, this place should be decent, and not a cheap eatery. Secondly, take as much money as possible with you (you do not want to get into a ridiculous situation). Thirdly, it is desirable that you know at least the minimum rules of etiquette.

Park or city walk. This option is not suitable for everyone. One girl, walking in nature, will feel much more relaxed than in a restaurant. The other one, especially if she comes on a date in high-heeled shoes, will think all the time about her poor legs and that you are a redneck. If you decided to choose a park, as a place for a first date, make this walk unforgettable. Prepare surprises for the girl: unexpectedly buy a bouquet of flowers, sing a song or read a verse. The main thing is that everything is appropriate and fun.

Gallery or Museum. If you decide to conquer a very intelligent, cultural and intelligent girl - this is the most suitable place for a date. Can not boast of special knowledge in these areas? We'll have to prepare and read something clever.

Boat trip. White ship, the sound of water, light wind, strawberries and champagne - it will be a very beautiful date, and it will surely impress the girl. The only thing that can spoil the evening is the cost of renting a boat, and seasickness for a poor girl. To avoid embarrassment, try to find out whether the girl is suffering from this unpleasant disease.

Dinner on the roof of the house. In principle, this is a budget version of a date. All you need is to bring the table and chairs to the roof of the house, it is beautiful to decorate everything: tablecloth, glasses, buy wine and candy. Pay attention that there should not be a garbage dump on the roof, the weather should be good, take a blanket with you (warm the girl). And it will not be bad if you see a beautiful view before you, and not the pipes of the factory.

Concert. If you know from which group the girl goes crazy and by luck this group performs in your city, you just have to invite her to the concert. This option for the first date will be successful if you also like this music. Otherwise, during the two hours of the concert, you will have a terrible headache, you really cannot talk to the girl, but she by and large will not give a damn about your displeasure.

Horse ride. This date should please the young lady, because horses are amazing animals and usually give everyone a lot of positive emotions. Make sure that the girl gets a calm animal, and that she did not fall from it. A walk in the fresh air will lift you both up. After the horses, drink wine in a quiet restaurant.

Aquapark. If you have a date with an active girl, lead her to this place. In the aqua park you will have fun, and, therefore, there will be no awkward pauses in communication. Moreover, even on the first date you will be able to appreciate all the delights of her figure.

Now you know where to go with the girl on the first date. I hope that you can cope with your anxiety, and everything will pass exactly as you planned.

Cafe, restaurant and other high places

This is a universal ready-made solution - almost like cereal with milk for breakfast. And, of course, it first comes to mind when you think about where to go on a date. But bear in mind: she probably had 1,500 such offers. However, for a blind date or a spontaneous meeting “for a cup of coffee right now,” this particular format will be ideal. In other cases, with all the versatility, there are several "but" ...

Underwater rocks: Consider that in such places as the main entertainment will be food and talk. Do you know how to talk with unfamiliar people, easily find some trouble-free topics and do not yawn in the neckline while she tells you about the adventures of her dwarf poodle? Not sure? Then it’s worth getting ready for the meeting.


  • Invite her not just to any decent cafe, but to a cafe with history (and you should know this story): maybe something unusual was happening here or someone from the stars had dinner ... And maybe there is something to tell about the building itself ? Of course, not every girl will enjoy a historical excursion, but this is better than awkwardly keeping silence and puffing 2/3 evenings.
  • Pretend that you are at least a little versed in the contents of your glasses, and the evening will gain a new cultural level. The main thing - do not go too far stick! And never, do you hear, never try to use her unfeeling body for its intended purpose - firstly, you are unlikely to like it, and secondly, neither the girl nor the Criminal Code will approve it.
  • A good idea would be to antikafe with board games or consoles. How about playing a wish for a naval battle? In any case, awkward pauses in the conversation can not be afraid.

Night club, dance party

It has its own "yes" and "no." Dancing definitely speaks in favor of “yes” (if you are strong in them, of course). At a minimum, you will have a legitimate reason to hug her around the waist and enter her personal zone. Plus, the dances contribute to the development of endorphins, and the joint activity, as psychologists say, always brings together. But there is one thing: where are you going to take it? Nightclub with thundering furious music is not the best place to socialize. Unless, of course, you decided to show her a strong-willed command voice.

Underwater rocks: Try to know carefully in advance whether she is embarrassed to dance and how she relates to this type of rest. Otherwise, your evening will be spoiled, and your legs hopelessly crushed.


  • Choose a club with a good lounge area or a themed party: samba, salsa, tango evening, dancing to the tom-toms, a disco of the 80s ... - depending on where her musical tastes lead.
  • This is exactly the format of the date, where the third and fourth - is not superfluous, and not even spare. You can bring a familiar couple with you, and it’s better from those who kiss more often in public than find out who will pay the bill. Looking at the lovers, the girl probably wants "the same way", and here you are at hand ...

Cinema, exhibitions, theater

Last rows in the cinema were the standard answer to the question “Where to go on a date?” From the time of the Lumiere brothers. And this makes sense, why don't she cling to your brave breasts while the screen villain shreds another victim? And then you will be able to learn her views on the development of the Star Wars storyline and other vital things - there is something to discuss over a cup of coffee after the movie.

With theater, museums and exhibitions all the more difficult. If you are really a fan of art, look for the one who has Van Gogh associated not only with the “Louboutins” clip. In any case, this date is not suitable for everyone.

Underwater rocks: When choosing a movie, let alone a theater, as the first meeting place, do not forget to ask about the tastes of the girl. She may not appreciate the subtle aesthetics of the Alien and the Predator. To lead a lady on a romantic melodrama is also risky. First, you will inevitably be compared with the main character (and it is still unknown in whose favor), and secondly, sentimental talk about “real men” is provided with 90% probability.


  • Choose a comedy - a win-win. And it is better if this is the premiere, because you don’t want the girl to refuse with the wording “I have already seen this film.”
  • In second place are the horrors and erotica - and that, and another causes strong emotions. And emotions, experienced together, always lead to rapprochement.

Amusement park

Yes, such a simple and, one might say, childish version. But it works! And even with those who have long gone out of the age of cotton candy. By the way, about wool - do not neglect these trifles: buy poisonous pink wool and ice cream for it, win a teddy elephant in the dash, roll on a roller coaster ... Let's not call Freud’s grandfather for help and dig in the depths of the female soul, just remember: for some reason they all love to feel like “girls” (did you not notice how the 100-pound aunts from the accounting department call each other?).

Underwater rocks: even if you really like surprises, it’s better to warn about such a date format in advance. Otherwise, she will not forgive you a broken heel on your favorite shoes, which you will definitely wear on a date, even if you can only stand in them.


  • Hold her hand, present an armful of balloons and behave as if you are walking your beloved 3-year-old niece (who, fortunately, does not eat sand or does not fight with a spatula). The easier you take this holiday infantilism, the higher the chances of receiving pleasure from it.
  • Do not get lost on the roller coaster - well, you understand, right? In a fit of horror and scream, she will not notice that she is embracing with someone she met yesterday.
  • Or maybe instead of rides - a water park? If she, of course, agrees. This is a unique chance from the first meeting to see her in a bathing suit.

Ice rink, roller skates and bicycles

The idea is beautiful, but not always successful. Perhaps there is a picture in your head, how you heroically pick it up in your hands and save it from an ankle crack, but ... In reality, things may not be so. Если она не умеет кататься, ты получишь красную, потную и растрепанную девушку, которая думает о поплывшем макияже и о том, как теперь с честью выбраться из этой передряги. Словом, предлагай такие вещи тем, кто в теме.

Как спасти свидание: если ты хочешь более-менее активного отдыха, а девушка явно не готова, лучше пригласи ее в бильярдную или в боулинг. Освоить эти виды спорта куда проще без вреда для макияжа, каблуков и отношений.


No, no, and no, even if Petya Ivanov is your creative pseudonym, and in fact, your friends call you Caruso. You can be sure of your vocal abilities, but what do you know about her? Moreover, it happens worse: what if she expected from you the whole repertoire of Stas Mikhailov (in her own, of course, honor), and you only had enough for Vladimirsky Tsentral? The ability of girls to arrange a grudge from nothing is a built-in bug, science is powerless here. And now she offendedly sniffs into a glass and looks somewhere past your ear, and hopes of continuing the evening inevitably float away.

How to save a date: Nuuu ... you can get a little more whiskey, and she - the fifth "Margarita". And maybe a bitter performance of “Vodka glasses on the table” will be reconciled by your duet. But seriously, it's better to go to karaoke only when you are ready to resolutely perform a serenade and do it really well.

What if there is no money

Sometimes the girl’s consent comes just like winter to public services - suddenly. What if you are completely broke? “To devote time to work,” common sense dictates, but we will not listen to him. After all, there are, there are still places in the world where a poor artist can walk his muse a week before his salary!

Where to go with a girl on a date out of money:

  • See what's left in your fridge and have a picnic in the park: feeding the ducks, boat rides, romantic photos in nature. Like everyone, even ducks.
  • Invite her for a cup of tea (of course, from a thermos) on the roof of a high-rise building: pigeons, sunset, romance ... Evaluate the weather forecast and bring along a blanket.
  • See the program of free city events: festivals, lectures, shows, tastings. Among them there is surely something interesting.

And remember, on any date, the main thing is not the place, but the mood. Good luck!

Cinema and theater

This is the most suitable option in the case when the weather is bad and you don’t walk too much. Cinema refers to the kind of entertainment, where to go during the day with a girl is considered a decent and normal thing. If you invite your companion to the theater, it is better to discuss in advance which production you will watch: unfortunately, people may not have the same taste for performances, and if you are delighted with Federico Garcia Lorca’s play, your girlfriend may be bored. To avoid this, it is necessary to take into account its taste.

The main rules of success

The first date should take place not alone, but without friends and relatives. Consider meeting only in relatively crowded places, do not settle for a visit home and do not invite a gentleman to yourself. Why give the boyfriend everything on a platter, depriving yourself of a holiday? If a man persistently invites friends to the company, find the reason for refusing softly or suggest your option.

You should not invite friends to the first meeting, even if the guy offers to meet four of them, taking a friend with him. In such a company you can not be alone and talk heart to heart. It is also likely that a man will like a friend more, because he still does not know that he caught a goldfish in your face!

Cinema as a date

Going to the movies is a good idea for a first date, as well as a second and all subsequent ones. There are many advantages here:

  • you can be close to the guy without taking the initiative
  • in the cinema there is no need to talk a lot, which means there will not be unnecessary questions,
  • You can wear high-heeled shoes without fear of getting tired,
  • no need to worry about evening wear
  • mono awkward questions not to answer, citing the need for silence,
  • There is an opportunity to quietly observe the reaction of the gentleman to life situations.

In order not to get tired of going to the cinema, choose neutral films. Erotic poorly suited for a first romantic date with a man. It’s good if you decide before buying the ticket that both are interested in fiction, comedy or action movie.

Going to a movie with a guy, choose clothes that do not hesitate to look decent on the way out. Grab the water - suddenly shut up with excitement in the throat or thirst will arise.

City walk

A walk is the safest option, ideal for both young girls and couples who want to get rid of loneliness at retirement age. This option is convenient because it is easy to expand by going to a cafe, cinema or other entertainment. Making an appointment in a crowded park, on the embankment or at the fountain, you risk nothing and can leave if you don't like the man from the dating site.

To brighten up the awkwardness, invite a gentleman to walk with the dog.

  1. First, if something goes wrong, you will have something to do.
  2. Secondly, you will not consider time lost.
  3. And thirdly, the dog will help to identify what kind of man in front of you and whether to continue the relationship with him.
  4. Fourthly, on a dog walking you can even without fear seem obtrusive to call a man who does not invite for a date.

For couples who already know each other, there are more interesting options for walking. For example, you can organize a mini-picnic in a city park. Even if a man says that you do not need to take anything, grab something simple, cooked with his own hands.

You can also go to the zoo, to the exhibition of butterflies, cats, scientific achievements or folk art. When there is a goal, it is easier to communicate and feel united as a whole.

Dress for a walk as convenient and comfortable as possible. Consider that you have to walk a lot, so it is better to give up heels, preferring comfortable shoes.

Beach or water park

It would seem that the beach is an ideal place to go on a date. But this option, as a rule, men offer in two versions:

  • want to appreciate the figure of a girl,
  • seek to save on free leisure.

If you are confident in your irresistible and do not feel embarrassment, you can recover on the beach or in the water park, in other cases, gently refuse, citing neutral reasons.

Strongly not suitable for a romantic date with a guy baths, saunas and other similar places. Find the strength to postpone the pair procedure at least until the third meeting.

One day excursion trip

Not very popular, but noteworthy option. There are small excursions without spending the night in each city, so choosing the most interesting for two is not difficult. And if you use the service of discounts on coupons, then the price will be good to save.

A date on an excursion will help you to get to know your friend better, to reveal his merits and weak points. See how the guy behaves with other people, whether he can support in unforeseen situations, what is interested in.

Choose places with and interests and do not forget about how you will look. For example, walking in mountainous areas will require sportswear, trips to the reservoirs may include swimming, trips to places of interest may reveal your poor knowledge of history and culture.

Home or him

You can invite a guy for a date home only if you already know him - they studied together, worked, and came across in common companies. Of course, this option will deprive you of the holiday in full, since you will have to undertake the organization of the event:

  • do the cleaning, including in the bathroom,
  • take care of light snacks, tea or coffee,
  • think clothes
  • prepare entertainment - music, movies, albums, collections.

The advantage is that you will feel more confident in your territory.

A date at the guy's house will relieve you of most problems, besides, you will get rid of organizational responsibilities. For home furnishings do not need to choose too frilly outfits, but do not go down to the form of sports and banal things.

If the guy lives with his mother, then arm yourself with tips on getting to know the parents of the potential groom.

Where else can you date?

The choice of the best place to go on a date with a man depends not only on temperament, age, social status, tastes and degree of acquaintance, but also on the place of residence. Perhaps you prefer these options:

  • circus,
  • theater,
  • cycling,
  • roller skating,
  • sports match
  • master class (photo, cooking),
  • talk show,
  • bowling,
  • karaoke,
  • planetarium,
  • night club,
  • disco,
  • sea ​​or river walk,
  • horseback riding.

If you don't have a date with anyone yet, don't despair! We have a selection of the best places where you can meet a man without any special effort. Visit us more often and subscribe to news in social networks.

Dolphinarium or Zoo

It's no secret that 90% of girls love animals. In the zoo or dolphinarium, you can give the girl positive emotions and memories of your meeting for a lifetime. Give her a pony ride or swimming with dolphins and she will definitely want to go to the meeting with you again.

Football or basketball game

This option is suitable if your darling is keen on sports. In this case, after going to the game of her favorite team, you obviously get mutual sympathy. Despite the game, you will have enough time to talk and get to know each other better.

Street breakfast

Unlike a noisy restaurant in the evening, with obligatory evening gowns and etiquette, an outdoor cafe is perfect for a first date. You can relax and socialize during breakfast, and then go to some institution. Just need to take into account that the street was sunny and warm weather.

You should not schedule a meeting on an early morning, because your girlfriend may be an owl and an early rise will discourage her from all desire to be with you.

This is a place for a lively and exciting pastime, it will help you see your girlfriend with all the vivid emotions that are inherent in her. In order to position her to yourself, you can sometimes give in to her, but only so that she does not notice this, because she can be offended by what you consider her weak. Still, it is important to take into account one nuance, if your companion has very long fingernails, then bowling definitely disappears. For you risk spoiling the meeting.

Picnic in nature

A great option for a warm day. You can go with the girl to nature, taking with him the fruit, a light snack and champagne. There you can talk enough, and know your darling from the side of the hostess, if she helps you get fruit or helps get glasses, then you made a good choice.

Unlike cinema, theaters and restaurants, the museum is a very quiet place where there is something to discuss. You will immediately understand how serious and educated your girlfriend is. With the phrase “let's go to the museum,” your girlfriend will immediately let you know how seriously she takes you. If she only needs to get bright emotions or “dissolve” you for money, she will immediately refuse, this is a kind of test. If she is interested in you, then going 1 time to the museum will not be difficult for her, but will, on the contrary, be an interesting excursion into history.


If your darling is too sunk into your soul, you can spend money and give her a balloon flight. Believe me, she will never forget that. At the time of the flight, you will have the opportunity to embrace her and show your care, because almost any girl is afraid of heights, and you, at this moment, seem to her to be just a superhero. Just do not tell the girl about the destination before arriving at the place, let the balloon be a real surprise for her and give genuine emotions.

If the date passes in the winter, then the zoo and the balloon disappear immediately, but you do not want to freeze your beloved one. An excellent alternative would be a skating rink. He will also give you the opportunity to get close, especially if both of you or at least one of you cannot ride. You can always hold hands, hug and talk. It will also help to see all the facets of a girl’s character, for example, if she teaches you to ride, you can see what mother of your possible children she will be, whether she can teach them correctly in the future.

If your girlfriend is an active lady and loves bright emotions, then you can’t think of a better karting option. He will give you an adrenaline rush and a great start to the evening. If, after karting, you still went for a walk along the embankment, for example, you could discuss all the emotions received during the races and get to know your beloved.

The fact that you can definitely drive away any woman of the fair sex is a spa salon. There, the girl will receive all the necessary procedures for her and will be able to relax and relax. Just be careful, if you express yourself too aggressively, a girl might think that you only need sex from her. Therefore, do not actively aktivnichayte and act only after certain hints from the girl.

Quest room

Nowadays, various quest rooms are becoming increasingly popular. And not in vain, because the theme of the rooms is different and will be able to show exactly those traits of a person that you want to know. In various labyrinths and riddles, you will have enough opportunities and to communicate, and embrace, and act as a hero for your companion. Just learn in advance about the room and think about the plan, because you do not need you to disgrace in front of the girl and did not show themselves in any way.

Limousine ride

If your lady is a sophisticated person who needs to be constantly happy, then give her a ride through the city at night with a bottle of champagne and fruit. Yes, it will cost you a pretty penny, but this date will be remembered by her for a long time. The languid muffled music, alcohol and the two of you. What could be better? This option is more suitable for those who are set to go to intimacy as soon as possible.


If your lady of heart prefers an active lifestyle and extreme sports, then a parachute jump will be an unforgettable gift for her. Only you must, for starters, find out from your mutual friends if she has not jumped before. After all, if it becomes her jubilee hundredth leap, memories of your date, she definitely will not.

Where to invite a girl for a date, we figured out a bit, now consider where your date will be boring and uninteresting:

This is a very bad idea, because all the time that you set aside for communication, you sit in complete darkness and can not talk because of the noisy movie. Moreover, you do not know what genre of films your sweetheart prefers. In the end: you will see, never knowing anything about each other.

But some cinemas spend days when horrors show all night and if you find such a cinema, you can grab your friends and have a great time.

Family dinner

Perhaps you have fallen in love and are ready to introduce the girl with all his relatives. That's fine, but put yourself in her shoes. Many strangers who strive to learn about it all and even more, constant questions and considerations. Any woman will feel embarrassed in this setting. Moreover, for such a moment is too early, you know very little about each other and your decision can change a hundred times.

Beach or pool

This idea is not suitable for a first date. Your companion really did not have time to find out how old you are, and she will already have to be practically naked in front of you. All the time of your meeting, she will be shy and normally find out something about each other will not work out for you.

Date with friends

Before the meeting, you will worry yourself and the idea to call your friends with you may seem successful, because in their company the experiences will disappear. But, such a date is doomed to failure. First, you can’t find out anything about a girl, and she’s not about you either, because all your friends can remember are some ridiculous cases in which you looked ridiculous, this clearly does not present you in a good light. Secondly, in the company of unfamiliar people, the girl is clearly embarrassed and wants to leave as soon as possible, no matter how pleasant your friends are.

In any case, wherever you invite a girl, try to be yourself and show only positive aspects and do not forget to think about what your beloved wants at the moment.

And in the video you will see the right places for a first date. The girl is firing chips:

Interviews with passers-by, ladies reveal relevant questions about dating:

Article written by popikar)) Do not drive a girl in a cafe or restaurant?)))
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Но женщиной она становится изысканной — только в руках гурмана!
И помните что, каждая падка и каждая сладка,)

Я водил девушку на Прогулку в темноте, ей очень понравилось, главное в темноте не растеряться и вести себя как мужчине, а не как истеричной барышне

Недавно со своей девушкой открыли новое уникальное место-кинотеатр для двоих Секрет )

When they came for the first time, he conquered us with his romantic atmosphere, big teddy bears, we wanted to stay there longer than 4 hours, now we started to look in quite often, amazing atmosphere, romantic atmosphere, everything is beautiful, rose petals and chocolate fondue it was divine)

watched the movie, played on the Xbox, in general, everything is as it should)

got a lot of positive impressions and I want to go back there again and again, thanks separately to the guys who came up with it all, very funny, lovely and friendly)

in general, if you want to spend time with benefits and really enjoy the evening, then I recommend this particular place to everyone!)

Walk in the park

Ideal when the gentleman does not have enough money for a cafe, cinema or on the street is wonderful weather. If you do not want to miss the wonderful warm days, then you should not even think where to go with a girl in the summer. Stroll through the park without haste, holding hands, admire the fountain near and from afar, take some beautiful photos. The evening will be remembered for both of you for a long time.

Art exhibitions and museums

If you consider yourself to be aesthetes, then you will certainly like to visit the opening days. Go see rare museum exhibits together, it will give you pleasure. To make it interesting not only for you, you need to coordinate this issue with your friend in advance. Who knows, maybe your proposal will not inspire her, and she will want to spend the evening differently.

Ask your companion a question

It is necessary to find out in advance with the girl what kind of rest she prefers. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a very awkward situation when you take theater tickets, and your girlfriend prefers movies and does not understand anything in art. Moreover, it is not interesting to her. If you go for a walk together, it means that you need to take into account common tastes and hobbies.

Clubs and parties

Suitable for thrill-seekers. If you like noisy companies, and your girlfriend is not a good fun, you can invite her to a nightclub or organize your own party. And the young man who wants to prove to his darling that he is a funny and cool guy should definitely become the highlight of the program. You also will not notice how time which you planned to spend together will fly by. Sometimes the company is much more fun. If you both belong to the type of people who love walking and all sorts of holidays, then feel free to invite the girl to a fashionable social party. So the question of where to go with a girl will be uniquely resolved.


What could be better than walking in the fresh air? Especially when the weather is favorable for this, and your mood is excellent. Leisure activities mean that you and your girlfriend will not just wander around the city, enjoying the scenery, but take some kind of active action: climbing mountains, playing badminton or playing some kind of sport together.

Imagine how great it will be when you and your companion share these beautiful moments together. Can you imagine racing around bikes or skating? If it is not so important to you, where to go for a walk, you can also consult with the girl. Suddenly she will offer you such an option that you cannot refuse?


Would you like your evening spent in the girl's company to be bright and eventful, forever remembered to both of you? Think over the cultural program so that later you don’t have to blush in front of your friend for poor organization. You are lucky if you live in large cities, where there are theaters, art galleries, and museums dedicated to various historical events. In this case, you have much more places to go with the girl. St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) offers many wonderful places: the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, theaters, museums, etc. You will get tremendous pleasure walking the streets of this amazing city. A stunning city is Moscow. Where to go with a girl there - decide for yourself, because the choice is practically unlimited: picture gallery, theaters, exhibitions, museums. Wherever you go, the main thing is to be polite, friendly, in everything show the lady your interest in her.

There are many decent options to go with your girlfriend. From a young man requires respectful attitude to his companion, the ability to take into account its interests, to be gallant and attentive gentleman. If you really like the girl, you should look for a lot of additional ways to really please her. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, just be sincere: give the warmth of your heart, share your happiness!

Choose a place where YOU like first

You should know the very locations and places where you will have a great time with her. YOU should be cool first of all., and your condition will be transferred to the girl. Because everything that you feel, she feels.

And she will not be able to refuse

Having a clear idea where to go on the first date and what will you do thereyou will have confidence.

Even when you call her and call, for example, to jump from a bungee, she will feel your passion and emotion in what you say. Because you like it.

Your urge to go on a date with you will be passed on to the girl. You both will have zeal and a pleasant anticipation before the meeting.

Deserted beach

I love to spend a date with a girl on a deserted beach Volga. There are almost no people and there is a small beach. I take along with me something to lie down on.

We hug and lie there with a girl, we look at the waves, at the birds, at the ships. We look at each other, do massage, communicate. In warm weather, you can sunbathe together.

Amusement park

Another my favorite place to date is the summer park.. There I am filled with childhood memories. There are great attractions, after which both of you will have a high emotional lift.

I do not say to ride a roller coaster. Attractions will give emotions and drive, help you get closewill create a story between you.

I walked in this park as a child, I always liked it and therefore for me it is all the more special. If I like it in this park, the girl will like it there a priori.

Riding a trolley in a supermarket

Great place to invite for a date - this ride trolleys in the supermarket. When I'm with a girl, I plant her.

We can choose products, and we can just enjoy the ride.

The route on the hypermarket is always spontaneous and funny. It gives you a childish pleasant sensation of fun..

In one supermarket, they already know me well. I received a couple of light warnings, but that does not stop me.

Together go to choose products

I had a date with a girl who lives not far from my house. On the first date we went with her in the supermarket to buy cookies. This is also a good reason to see each other.

Will be stupid to go to a cafe, sit opposite each other and eat somethings Nobody will hug anyone, just talk and food. Sit always near.

Do your favorite sport together

There were girls who called me to jump with a parachute. They know that I am adventurous and love to defy fear.

You can call a girl to do your favorite sport. For example, do a run together in the evening.

Someone likes rope-jumping, skating, swimming or just sitting in a cafe and drink tea together. To each his own.

The place where you like and where you feel comfortable is the best place to date.

Touch it from the start

Touch the girl more from the beginning. your meeting. This is what you need to do on the first date from the very beginning.

If you hug her initially, then she will get used to it and for her it will be normal. She will think: "Yeah, with this guy, it's ok to hug and touch. This is nothing like that". Act naturally, be yourself. This is the very behavior of a man that you need.

How to behave on the first date with a girl:

  1. As soon as you saw her, hug herkiss on the cheek.
  2. Hold her hand. From the very beginning of the meeting, I hold her hand and lead her.
  3. You can always just go in a hugy So, both of you touch each other. I usually hold her waist. The girl's hand, I myself lay on my waist, because she herself will not take the initiative.
  4. When you stop, hold her close and hug her. Hugging standing creates good attraction.
  5. When you are going to sit on the benches, plant it on yourself.. Only under the condition that it is not heavy! If she does not want to sit down, then, of course, do not insist. You can sit embracing.
  6. You can touch her hand when you sitplaying with her palm. Massage your arms or back. I often do back massage for girls. I say that a professional massage therapist. If she says that I am not good at it, then I ask you to massage me.

If you do everything as I described in the article, then there will be no more questions about how to behave on the first date with the girl.

How to kiss properly: video lessons with a detailed and step-by-step description of the correct kisses of a guy with a girl.

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Forget about the perfect date

Know that a smooth and perfect first date with a girl will never be. There will always be some elements of chance.

That which is beyond control will always happen. You will not be able to calculate everything in advance. therefore don't bother about ideality.

Drop expectations: everything happens by itself

Let everything happen. A perfect date is one that turns out by itself. No need to guess, expect. Spontaneity is your best friend.

Not knowing what to say is normal. Never try to have a perfect date. Let it be what it is.

You fail when you want to try your luck. If you do not set such a goal - any negative reactions do not concern you.

When a date is too perfect and even - this is very boring and uninteresting.

Do not buy flowers

I have never in my life flowers on the first date with a girl did not buy!

Having bought flowers for a girl, you will recommend yourself as her sponsor. That is, she will already consider you as a guy who buys something to her. Do NOT choose this path.

If you give flowers on the first date, you ruin everything to yourself, because:

  • harder to touch her,
  • she will behave arrogantly towards you
  • it will not be open you,
  • you yourselfput it on a pedestal above yourself.

Understand that on the first date you can just spend time with her and that is enough. No gifts or flowers needed.

Video with my approach

In the next video, I made an approach to a girl who initially spoke to someone on the phone.

I interrupted her communication and led me along. Did not wait for her to hang up.

The way the guy touches the girl, confidently or dominantly touches her - is not particularly important. In my video I advise you to pay attention to other subtle points.

By the way, many guys would wait for the girl to finish by phone. But it’s not interesting. All the details of my acquaintance look in this video.

If she says buy me this, buy me something

You say: “No, don't wait. I like you! I'm not going to pay for you. I like you, I want you, I can give you a lot of pleasure! But this does not mean that I am your sponsor! I am honest with you. ”

And everything, she immediately understands: "Oh, what a man. Everything is clear now. ”

She will not demand gifts and other things.

You let her know who you are.

And that's all. This is a great start to any relationship where everything is built on sincerity.

The beginning of a relationship without a lie, where a woman is not trying to suck the loot from the manand the man is not trying to buy a woman.

I am not ready to take my behaviorto keep the attraction of a 22 year old beauty to me!

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The right approach to dating

Advanced guys never say they go on a date with a girl.

The word "date" greatly limits your perception of meeting her.: as if there will be something official like a candlelit dinner, rose petals, fireworks and other heresy. It will all bind you and interfere. Why limit yourself?

Exactly this type of thinking will allow you to be yourself and relax. You will not feel the greater responsibility and importance of the meeting.

You are already self-sufficient and there is no reason for the opposite.

Men have trouble understanding what, who they are now is enough.

There is no reason to have uncertainty..

You are - that's enough.

All this knowledge will give you an understanding of how to make the first date with a girl best and get a result.

Call the girl and apply all the new things that you learned from the article, in practice.

You can also get other secrets of seducing women and dating them by signing up for individual training with me.