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Top 10 best chairs for feeding in 2018


If you have a peanut in the house, then very soon you will have to think about how to choose a highchair. However, this case should be taken very seriously, as it affects the comfort and health of your baby. It should be noted that the general principle of using such furniture is the same, regardless of the model.

Before you choose a highchair, you should be familiar with the most important requirements for children's furniture. First of all, it should be as stable as possible. It should not fall, even if the child will turn in it. In the store, try to shake the chair. If he stands firmly on his legs, then for the safety of the baby can not be afraid. Naturally, if you have a small kitchen, then you should not choose too overall children's furniture.

An excellent option would be a highchair with wheels attached to the legs. In this case, it can be safely moved from place to place. The wheels must be equipped with an additional brake, which, if necessary, will be able to lock them in a stable position.

Before choosing a stool for feeding, it is desirable to pay attention to a table-top. It should have small sides that will not allow the plate or cup to fall. Naturally, the tabletop should be made of safe and natural material. And it should be easy to remove and wash. It will be great if the tabletop can be removed altogether so that the baby can eat at a joint table. The seat of the chair should be soft enough, not too wide and not too narrow.

An important element of such furniture is a seat belt. The fact is that a small child can not always sit quietly, and there is a possibility that he will simply slip. In addition, it is desirable to pay attention to the upholstery of this piece of furniture. It is necessary that she washed well.

Before choosing a highchair, carefully inspect it for damage, chips or deformed parts. All fasteners must securely fix parts of the structure. Check if its height can change. In some models, it is possible to adjust the backrest. If you often go to visit or to nature, then choose a model that can be folded.

As for the material from which the construction is made, manufacturers now use wood and plastic. Sometimes you can meet and metal chairs. In any case, you should choose the safest option. Remember: it should not have any extra details about which the baby can get hurt.

It should be said about the design of the structure. It must be bright and colorful to make the child like colors and patterns.

As for the most popular models, you can imagine Inglesina Zuma highchair. It fully guarantees safety, is very comfortable for the baby and has a beautiful design. Another great option is the Happy Baby highchair. This is a multifunctional item that fully ensures the safety of your child, and the bright design will ensure a great mood of the baby during the meal.

Basic selection parameters

Since these pieces of furniture are in high demand, manufacturers are constantly releasing more and more new models and designs of high chairs.

Not surprisingly, the characteristics of these products are easily confused. Let's see what parameters and design features deserve special attention.

1. Security. This is the most essential characteristic of any product for children. In this case, you need to make sure that the following conditions are met: availability of a quality certificate, special safety straps, increased stability of the device (provided by wide legs, rubber elements, stoppers with wheels).

2. Comfort. This is a collective characteristic consisting of several parameters and factors:

  • weight - this nuance is more important for suspended structures, classic wooden models are heavier and more resistant,
  • compactness - the ability to fold and carry the product is extremely important for mobile parents who often travel out of town or to relatives,
  • softness seat - chairs should have a soft (textile) seat. If there is none, then an additional case should be purchased for plastic and wood,
  • adjustment - well, if the chair is adjustable in height, the angle of inclination of the back.

3. The strength of the product. This parameter does not directly depend on the material, although wood products are traditionally considered to be more durable than plastic. But modern plastic is so high quality that it is often not inferior to wood. That is why more attention should be paid to the quality of materials and fastenings.

4. Availability of table top. This element plays an important role because it allows the child to feel like an adult (by analogy with the parents). In addition, ideally, the tabletop should be removable so that it can be washed in the sink or in the dishwasher.

Children's chairs classification

Before going directly to the rating and review of the best high chairs for feeding, you should briefly consider the main varieties of this children's furniture in order to navigate in functional and design features.

  • classic highchair. This furniture, as they say, comes from childhood. Moreover, our grandmothers also fed babies on such a chair. It is a wooden structure with high legs, without any frills,
  • folding high chair. It can be made of wood or plastic, there is the possibility of adjusting the height of the structure. A big plus - parents can fold the device to store, for example, in a closet,
  • booster. This type of construction is compact, characterized by small size and low weight. Such a stool resembles something a car seat, only it is fixed not on the car seat, but on an adult chair,
  • hinged model. As the name implies, such a chair is hung from the dining table with special fasteners. As a result, the child is “on weight”. Of course, there are special requirements for this design,
  • transformer. Perhaps the most popular type of chairs at the moment. These are the best chairs for those parents who want to purchase the most functional products for their children. Some models of transforming highchairs turn into desks, swings, chaise lounges, and game tables.

Popular brands

Such an important device as a highchair for children, manufactures many different companies. More economical models offer domestic manufacturers. But the helm chairs from foreign companies have a wider functionality and attractive design.

For the most part, all companies pay special attention to the safety and quality of products. However, among the manufacturers stands out a group of companies whose products are in the greatest demand and popularity. Consider them in more detail:

  • "Happy Baby". The highchairs of the English company are distinguished by their high quality and stylish appearance. Designs are made of plastic and metal, textile elements are removed and erased. Products are adjustable in height, angle of inclination of the back, fold. The cost of the chairs starts from 4,800 rubles,
  • Chicco. The main advantages of the Italian brand feeding chairs are safety, ease of operation, the presence of a large table top, a wide range of colors, the possibility of transformation from a chair to a game table or from a cradle into a feeding chair,
  • Peg-Perego. Another Italian manufacturer of high chairs, which boasts exceptional quality and functionality. Some models can be used from the moment the baby is born thanks to the height and angle of the backrest,
  • "Jetem". The German manufacturer offers very high quality and fairly inexpensive products for children. Jetem feeding chair is distinguished by safe hypoallergenic materials, reliability, comfort and ease of care. Jetem feeding chair can be purchased for a very reasonable price - from 2 300 rubles,
  • "CAM". The high chairs of this company are real “Italians”. They are distinguished by good plastic quality, pleasant color scheme, ergonomics, thoughtfulness, elegance. All that parents can fold and wash - easy to fold and wash. And the prices for these models are quite reasonable.

Of course, the list of popular manufacturers of high chairs for feeding the above brands is not limited. Famous manufacturers of children's furniture include the companies Inglesina, Fisher Price, Bloom Fresco, Geoby, Capella, Babies, etc.

Rating of high chairs for 2018

To find out if the highchair that you liked is in the 2017 best rating, you should study a lot of different online reviews on this issue.

To facilitate the task, we have compiled our own TOP-10 most popular helm chairs, which have earned the most positive feedback from parents and specialists. The review includes both low-cost products and premium furniture.

How to choose a highchair - comfortable and beautiful

A highchair is not on the list of products that parents buy before the baby is born. You will need to think about it when the baby is already sitting, and this will not happen before 4–6 months. Which chair to choose and what to look for when buying?

What are children's chairs?

The choice of highchairs, as well as other children's products is now huge. From wooden structures, similar to those that we had in our childhood, to aluminum structures resembling the chair of a spacecraft captain. The most popular are the two types - folding chair-book and transforming chair.

The folding stool can rest on plastic or tubular metal legs. Its plus is compactness in storage: when folded, it is easily attached to the wall and does not take up much space. There are two minuses. The first is relative instability, which is unavoidable in any folding structure. The second disadvantage is that in the unfolded state, the high chair can be quite large due to the impressive span of the legs (which is necessary, again, for stability).

Transformers are a field for experimentation, because, depending on the model and manufacturer, their capabilities are truly endless. In some models, the base for the high chair is a table set on its side. While the child is small, the design is used as a high stool with a table top. When the baby grows up, the transformer is disassembled into “spare parts”, organizing a separate children's place for feeding and games from the separate table and chair.

Multifunctional centers are one of the types of transformers: a chair can turn from a high chair into a rocking chair or a swing, or become a desk for studying.

Suspended, or road, chair - an option including for travel, because it does not have legs, but there is a clip that attaches to any horizontal surface such as a table or a window sill. Seat belts and armrests are a must!

8 questions to the seller

If you choose a chair in which the child will be comfortable and which will also be convenient for you, then when buying it is worth checking with the seller a number of points.

The ability to adjust. Transforming chairs usually allow you to adjust the height at which the child sits, under the level of the parent table. Such levels can be from 1 to 7, the more the better. The seat can also vary in angle of inclination, according to the age of the baby. The height of the step should be adjusted accordingly.

The strength of the mount. The legs of the chair must be securely fastened in the slots or pits of the base. Even better, if they are fixed with special snaps.

Sustainability. When buying a folding chair should be checked for precariousness, it must be stable. Fasteners that fix the span of the legs must be reliable. If it is intended to fold the chair often, make sure that it is easy to do it, it does not bind anything anywhere and does not require super efforts from a tired mother.

The material and shape of the table top. They are usually made of reliable and safe plastic and have sides and grooves in which you can put dishes or drawing supplies. It is better if the tabletop is equipped with a removable tray that can be removed after a meal. It is also important that the tabletop can be mounted at different distances from the child: children grow quickly.

Ergonomics. In any chair, the baby should have a footrest - this is important for the formation of a proper fit. And for safety, it is good if there is a special stopper between the legs, which prevents the crumbs from slipping out of the chair.

Angles. The shape of the chair (as well as any other object in the nursery) should be streamlined.

Seat material. His most important requirement is that the chair should be easy to wash, and if there is a fabric liner, it must withstand multiple washes. The oilcloth seat or the plastic base itself is enough to wipe with a damp cloth.

Safety system. It should not be just a strap across the belly - the seat belt should be the same five-point as in the car seat and in the stroller. wheelchair . The legs must be equipped with anti-skid stops (so that the design does not go on the floor, as on ice). The wheels, if any, should also be equipped with convenient and reliable brakes.

Fashionable and beautiful

Modern children's things for the most part, not just comfortable, tech, safe, but also beautiful. And sometimes the look of a high chair can be so attractive for parents that they are willing to close their eyes to some other options. Or rather, in their absence.

The fashion for the egg-shaped design has not bypassed the high chairs. Perhaps the brightest representative of this trend is the Bloom Fresco highchair. This chair looks great in fashionable minimalist interiors and is popular with moms and dads, whose profession is connected with creativity. Mima Moon and Phil and Teds Highpod can also boast an egg-shaped design. The cost of such models is higher than 10 thousand rubles, and they can be safely attributed to the VIP class.

Not losing ground and made with a hint of Japanese style Peg Perego Tatamia. And its more compact counterpart on the brand - Peg Perego Siesta - pleases with unusual colors.

For supporters of eco-style there are also options for highchairs. Wooden Stokke Tprip Trapp will not turn into a swing or a cradle, but it will serve both a child of 6 months and an adult weighing up to 120 kg. Although what does it have to do with it? We are about beauty. And Stokke, being a bright representative of Scandinavian design, is certainly beautiful.

As, however, and highchair Hauck Group Beta beech. From the other wooden chairs it favorably distinguish the wheels to move, a soft liner on the seat and a fairly wide table. And again we started talking about functionality. It turns out that it is even in designer models. So you just have to decide which highchair will be perfect in your case.


Pay attention to the stability of the structure. The main criterion for choosing a highchair is convenience plus safety during feeding. Enhanced stability is provided by wide legs, the presence of rubberized elements and stops. Models equipped with wheels should be securely fastened. But this will not completely secure the presence of your child in it. Without proper supervision it is better not to leave it.

Safety harnesses

Most babies are very active and mobile, so it’s not a good idea to fasten the legs and shoulders of the baby to the chair. And the presence of a five-point safety belt will ensure a secure fit. Perhaps, at first the child will not like this restriction very much, but over time he will get used to such conditions of safety.

Case Material

Stools can be uncoated, such as plastic or wood. Of course, they are more practical, but tough enough for babies, so mummies consider soft seats with fillers or fabric covering more comfortable. The choice is yours. However, it is better to choose covers of non-marking shades, this will allow you to wash them less often. The second practicality covers of oilcloth, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth after feeding.

Table top

The presence of the sides on the tabletop is a prerequisite. Small children are very active, which means that such a phenomenon as spilled soup or drink will be frequent. The sides protect the spilled liquid from leaking to the floor. In addition, highchairs are often used in developing activities that use cereals or pasta. The sides here will also serve as a kind of barrier.

It is better if the tabletop will have several positions for fixing. During lunch, the table top is attached close to the child, and when the game moves back further. Так же немаловажно, чтобы эта деталь легко снималась взрослым, но крепилась прочно и не доступно для снятия ребенком.


Детский стульчик для кормления должен иметь функции регулировки сиденья, спинки и подножки. The baby grows, as a result of which the stool after a few months may become uncomfortable for him. The function of the seat height adjustment will come in handy.

If the baby is not sitting well enough, the function with several positions of the back will allow you to choose the appropriate option. You can even feed the baby reclining. The feet of the baby should feel supported, and not free to hang out. It is necessary for the formation of correct posture.

Lack of distracting elements

Choosing a highchair, you will find in the shops quite a lot of different models, including with different game elements. According to children's psychologists, it is preferable to purchase a highchair of soft colors, because during lunch the kid should be focused on eating.

Additional musical elements or toys-rattles on the tabletop will also serve as a distraction for the child. Toys can be mounted to the tabletop after the mother has fed the baby. This will give mom extra time for household chores.

The equipment of various pockets and accessories does not play a special role in choosing a chair for feeding a child, here you are guided by your personal preferences.

No sharp corners, scratches or rough edges.

So that the chair you chose was not dangerous for a child, carefully examine its appearance when buying. The skin of little babies is very delicate, and any roughness can hurt her. The absence of sharp corners will avoid injuries and abrasions.

Do not hesitate to ask for a certificate of quality for the purchased goods. Buy children's furniture only in specialized stores or on trusted Internet sites.

For more information, you can visit the forum where moms share experiences. There you will also find the rating of children's furniture according to consumer reviews.

Clean house

No matter how gently the mother feeds the baby outside the kitchen zone, no one can avoid sprinkling all sorts of baby purls, mixes, porridge, spilled liquids around the apartment. The presence of a highchair will protect you from stains on the couch, wallpaper and carpet. It will be enough to wipe the chair itself or clean the covers.

Schooling a child to the ritual of eating

Basically, highchairs try to put in the kitchen area, combining with a common dining table. Dr. Komarovsky also confirms the usefulness of this piece of furniture. The fact is that looking at other family members, the child learns to eat on his own, properly use cutlery, acquires the skill of careful handling of food.

Time for mom

And one more important moment. All moms, without exception, suffer from a lack of time for household chores. If your child is quite diligent, you can take it for a while with a game or an interesting book, sitting in a children's “throne”. So you can calmly set the table or wash the dishes after dinner.

As you can see, the advantages in acquiring such a piece of furniture are obvious. The disadvantages include only the large dimensions of the structure. This problem is also solved. Basically, all the new generation of high chairs are equipped with a folding mechanism. Therefore, even if the size of your kitchen is small, you can remove the folded design after feeding, which will not take up much space. The compactness of the product will allow you to take it with you to relatives or on a trip.

Classic wooden model

Appeared one of the first in its category.

  1. Made from environmentally friendly raw materials. Wood does not contain any toxic substances. The only thing is to take note of what the surface is treated with and what is the quality of fasteners
  2. Easily cleaned. Practically does not absorb unpleasant odors. When contaminated enough to walk on the table with a damp cloth,
  3. Low cost. Wooden furniture is the most economical category. Explained by the availability of material. More expensive are products made of pine, beech, birch. Their wood is not only safe, but even useful.

Of the minuses are the following:

  1. with frequent contact with water, “bubbles” can form on the surface, which spoils the aesthetic appearance of the furniture,
  2. the chair is very bulky and practically not transportable. Wooden models do not have the function of folding,
  3. not adjustable in height. In connection with which it is very difficult to choose a model for height,
  4. relatively short-lived. There are models of chipboard materials, and it is already unsafe for the health of the crumbs. Be careful when choosing.


It has the following advantages:

  1. Easy to use. Thanks to the wheels can be freely transported around the apartment,
  2. Compact. When folded, it takes up minimal space, can be transported in a car,
  3. Some models have brakes. And this is additional security and the ability to install on the street, for example in the country,
  4. Additional features of the swing, which are equipped with some models, significantly save the family budget.

By cons can be attributed quite a lot of weight. In addition, they may damage the floor, leave marks or dents. When choosing, look at the material from which the wheels are made.

Hinged chair

Fastened directly to the kitchen table. Thus, your child is in “suspended” state. From the side it looks unsafe, especially for the impressionable. However, it has a number of positive points:

  1. The most economical option
  2. Takes a minimum of space. Suitable for even the smallest kitchens,
  3. When folded, it will fit both in the trunk of the car and in the travel bag.

  1. Fits not every type of table. Before buying, measure the thickness of the table to which the chair will be attached. It would be good to show the seller not only the size, but also the photo of the table, so as not to be mistaken with the choice. On the glass surface can not be fixed,
  2. Designed for a small baby weight,
  3. Not suitable for very active kids. When swinging there is a chance to knock over the table.

Booster chair

Similar to a hinged chair, the difference is that it is not attached to the table, but placed on a regular chair. Basically it has its own plastic countertop.

  1. The plastic tabletop is easy to clean,
  2. You can carry the child along with such a chair.

The safety and stability of such a structure will directly depend on the parental chair to which it is attached.


Such a chair-chair consists of several parts and can change its functions based on the destination. From here and its advantages in use:

  1. Multifunctional. In the stores there are transformer models that can transform into a rocking chair, a walker, a swing, a lounge chair,
  2. Duration of use. You can start using it from six months to 5 years of age, not only for its intended purpose, but also as a kind of desk for games and activities.

  1. Onerous assembly and disassembly process,
  2. Transformers are quite expensive,
  3. Very overall.

If you adhere to the principle “I choose the best for my children,” then the best is not always the most expensive! According to customer reviews, the top best manufacturers of children's furniture were compiled. These are Chicco, Peg Perego, Inglesina, Fisher Price, Happy Baby, Babies, Jetem, Nanny. These companies have proven themselves in terms of the reliability and safety of children's products. Their models are widely represented on the Russian market, which will easily allow you to choose the right option.

The best manufacturers of high chairs - which company to choose

Manufacture of high chairs are engaged in many manufacturers. These are mainly companies that make other products for children, such as strollers, toys, car seats, swings, cradles, cribs and more.

European brands are especially valued in the domestic market, as their products combine excellent quality, functionality and bright design. In addition to them, Chinese, American and Russian firms are also represented in the stores.

Here are some of the most sought-after brands:

These manufacturers are responsible approach to their work, the manufacture of products for children. They use environmentally friendly materials with hypoallergenic properties.

Before being released to the market, all products undergo a multi-stage inspection by the commission and testing. Of particular importance is the security conditions. We can safely recommend the goods of these companies to purchase.

Anyone who is looking for a specific model, we suggest to go to our rating of the best high chairs for feeding.

The principle of operation and the device of the highchair

The feeding chair is a specially designed device that allows the child to be at a meal table at the same adult level.

Very often, products are equipped with their own countertops, so the kid can eat or play comfortably anywhere in the house. Usually made chairs of wood, durable plastic with elements of metal alloys.

Classic specimens are high legged seats. The inclination of the back and the height of them most often do not change when it comes to wood products. Plastic models can be equipped with a folding mechanism, a variety of adjustments, a removable table top, a step up and safety belts.

Transformers are designed for a long period of use. They easily turn from a highchair into two separate items: a comfortable seat and a high-grade children's table. This allows the child to do various things, such as painting, modeling, learning, etc.

Wooden (classic)

Classic wooden feeding chairs are a high-legged seat. In the absence of a tabletop, it is substituted directly to the common table at which adults gather.

Models with a tabletop can be used in any place where it is convenient to feed the child. More practical products with removable table top. Such chairs will suit children from six months to three years.


  • made of environmentally friendly material
  • hypoallergenic,
  • Easily fit into the interior,
  • affordable cost.


  • no backrest height and tilt adjustment,
  • untreated wood is poorly cleaned,
  • difficult to transport,
  • glued fasteners quickly break.

Plastic on wheels

Plastic chairs for feeding, equipped with wheels, allow the product to be mobile. Such models are multifunctional and can be used by a child from six months to five years.

Such children's furniture is large, but thanks to the addition mechanism, it is quite simple to transport and store it. In most cases, plastic chairs have adjustable height and tilt of the backrest, which allows you to choose the right position for any situation.


  • mobile,
  • folded compact
  • easy to transport,
  • have adjustable backrest height and tilt,
  • undemanding in care,
  • are resistant.


  • plastic wheels may leave marks on some surfaces,
  • high price.

Booster Chairs

Such models of chairs are very compact. They attach directly to the adult chair. Such products differ from road ones in that they are made not of a fabric material, but of plastic.

Booster chairs have their own frame, can be reinforced with metal elements. In some cases, have a countertop equipment.


  • compact,
  • easy to clean
  • made of durable materials
  • easy to transport.


  • the level of security depends on the main chair.


First of all, pay attention to the stability of the chair. It is desirable that he had a special jumper between the front legs. If the model is equipped with wheels, then you need to make sure that they are equipped with a locking system.

It will be useful to have a height adjustment so that you can set the seat as low as possible before leaving the active child in it. Seat belts will need parents of hyperactive children.

Try to choose models of chairs, where there are no sharp corners and easily unscrew the small parts. The step will help to discipline the baby, he will not slide off, but will rest his feet on the support. A special partition between the legs will not allow the child to slip out of the seat and fall.

Seat cover material

On plastic seats there are always bright, colorful and soft substrates. Care should be taken that they are made of durable materials that are easy to clean. It is desirable that it was not a fabric, and the skin or its substitute. In the event of contamination, such a coating can only be wiped with a damp cloth.

Folding mechanism

The presence of a folding mechanism is necessary if it is planned to frequently transport the high chair or there is not enough space in the house to leave it disassembled. In the folded state, even bulky structures simply place in a secluded corner, thereby freeing up space. Note that the mechanism works quickly and easily.

What highchair to choose

1. Classic models will suit everyone who has enough free space in the house. If there are limitations, it is best to choose a model with an addition mechanism.

2. Transforming chairs should be chosen by parents who plan to use the product not only for feeding.

3. Suspended seats will be useful to those who have absolutely no opportunity to place a full-fledged chair.

4. Road mounts are easy to take with you on trips. We recommend them to purchase all parents who love to travel with children.

5. Booster stools also save space, so they should be purchased by owners of small-sized residential premises.

6. To ensure better safety, you need to choose sustainable products that are equipped with belts and height adjustment.

7. It is best to buy models with removable countertops.

8. Choose chairs for feeding, where the seat has a backing made of oilcloth, leather or leatherette.

9. If the chair will be used not only for feeding, then prefer the model with the presence of the backrest tilt adjustment.

10. Buy products with a folding mechanism. This will save space in the house and help with transportation.

How much does the highchair cost?

1. Chairs for feeding the initial category cost from 1,500 to 3 thousand rubles. This includes simple wooden structures.

2. Plastic models and transformers can be purchased for 3-7 thousand rubles.

3. Premium models, most often designer ones, having maximum practicality and functionality, will cost from 10 to 30 thousand rubles.

4. The most low-cost on the market are mounted, road and booster chairs. For them you will need to pay from 700 to 2 thousand rubles.

How useful chairs for feeding?

Not all new parents understand the benefits of this piece of furniture. The main purpose and at the same time the advantage of the device is the comfort when feeding both for the parent and directly for the child.

Let us consider in more detail the main advantages of this piece of furniture:

  1. The child is securely fixed in one place, and it is quite convenient for the mother. With this device, children's movements are easier to control, so that adults may not worry that the baby will knock over hot porridge or fall from the chair.
  2. Chair for eating - a pledge of cleanliness and hygiene in the room. Judge for yourself, the carpet is not exposed to porridge, baby food, on the sofas and chairs there are no traces of vegetable or fruit puree.
  3. Furniture for feeding promotes joint meals, if you push the baby to the adult table. Consequently, the mother will not need to specifically feed the child separately, at the same time you can tidy up in the kitchen and set the table.
  4. The use of this device is one of the factors of fast and successful schooling to cutlery, to parental food. The child rather learns to eat independently and carefully. Looking at parents, the kid gradually learns table etiquette.

About this, by the way, says Dr. Komarovsky. The pediatrician is convinced of the usefulness of this device. The child sees how adults are eating and sitting at the table, which allows him to quickly learn how to use cutlery.

When to purchase a highchair?

To think about the acquisition of this children's furniture should be at the moment when the child is already able to take a sitting position, his spinal column is already strong enough for a semi-vertical position. Usually these conditions are met at six months of age (usually, but not necessarily).

A child learns to eat independently with the help of a spoon, but due to poorly formed skills of chewing, motor awkwardness, carelessness, he often spits out food, spreads it over his own body and nearby things.

That is why the baby needs a specially designated place for eating. For example, special furniture for feeding, performing several important functions at once. In addition, it is more convenient for mom to feed the child sitting opposite to the baby, which is placed on the handles.

Universal furniture for feeding a child with the function of transformation will last long enough. Использовать такой стульчик можно с полугода и до приблизительно трёхлетнего, а иногда и семилетнего возраста.

Классический высокий стульчик из дерева

Это своего рода классика жанра – деревянный стул с высокими ножками, который выполнен в технике минимализма. Such products simply move to the adult dining table and are used for its intended purpose - help in feeding the child.

Classic highchair is designed for babies from six months to three years old. It can be used exclusively at home, because it does not differ in mobility and ease.

Important! Among the advantages of such a child seat there is a rather low price, the use of exclusively environmentally friendly materials, the possibility of close adjustment of the device to the adult dining table.

The disadvantages include cumbersome, heavy design. A classic wooden stool is not usually equipped with protective elements in the form of belts, it does not fold up and is disassembled, so it cannot be taken with you, for example, on nature. Let us consider in more detail one of the popular models.

Geuther mucki

A bright example of a classic wooden highchair from the German manufacturer. The appearance of the product, at first glance, is very simple, but everything is thought out to the last screw. Nothing distracts from the strict design of wooden structures. Parents especially appreciate the safety and functionality of this feeding device.

Highchair Geuther Mucki

Main advantages:

  • natural material, hypoallergenic paint coating,
  • stiff back allows you to form the correct posture,
  • safety footing is provided by a footstep, center belt and armrests,
  • easy and quick installation,
  • ease of care,
  • stylish appearance
  • durable and stable construction.

The main disadvantages are:

  • the child should be able to sit well
  • soft liner must be purchased separately,
  • the chair cannot be adjusted for height, the footrest is also not adjustable,
  • inability to adjust the backrest tilt.

Online Store Offers

You can purchase the Geuther Mucki highchair in domestic online stores. Some proposals with a detailed description of the product and current prices are presented below:

  1. The popular Russian online trading platform with a wide range of children's products (link to the highchair) is 8520 rubles.
  2. Another trustworthy online store with a large selection of toys and products for children (link to the highchair) - 7860 rubles.

Foldable highchair

This device has the same high legs, like the previous model. The seat is also intended for children of the first three years of life, and parents can fold it, adjust the table top, footrest, backrest and seat cushion for a particular child.

Folding helm chair can be equipped with small wheels, which allows you to move it around the house. The overwhelming majority of products have inserts for legs, safety straps and table tops that can protect your baby from falls and increase comfort of use.

The advantages include compactness, the ability to fold the product, the presence of a basket and pockets for small things, an arc with pendants, a removable tabletop. Folding highchairs also feature enhanced security.

There are design and disadvantages, among which include a fairly high price, low mobility (despite the possibility of folding, you can not take a chair with you on trips and trips). An older child will not be able to sit on his own and fall down from a chair.

Let us consider in more detail one of the most popular models in this category of feeding chairs.

Inglesina Zuma

This “throne” is regularly included in the rating of high chairs. The device looks really impressive - a technological novelty with a design that was thought out to the last screw. The model boasts 8 positions of height, three positions of the back, large wheels. Only high quality materials are used: textile, metal and plastic.

Inglesina Zuma feeding chair

Main advantages:

  • characterized by increased stability
  • very high quality (will last a very long time),
  • high degree of safety (five-point straps),
  • the ability to adjust the position of the backrest, footrest and the height of the product itself,
  • double removable tray
  • wheels in front and two secure clips on the rear legs,
  • the ability to fold and store, for example, in a closet,
  • quilted seat cushion (it can be removed and washed).

The main disadvantages are:

  • tight safety straps,
  • Velcro low-functional, because they "attract" crumbs and other food debris,
  • not very convenient removable tray,
  • hard going.

Online Store Offers

You can buy a chair for feeding Inglesina Zuma in almost any specialized Russian online store of goods for children. Consider individual sentences:

  1. Renowned online store offering a wide range of products for the younger generation (link to Inglesina Zuma feeding device). Approximate price - 16990 rubles.
  2. Popular online trading platform for parents with a huge selection of a variety of products for children (link to the chair). The average cost is 14,000 rubles.

Often, a small area of ​​the apartment does not allow purchasing and installing “full-fledged” children's furniture. In this case, the best highchair is the so-called booster, or a small seat that fits directly onto an adult chair.

This product is intended for children from six months to three years of age. The booster usually has a tabletop and safety straps, as well as a secure clasp that allows you to mount the seat board directly to the chair.

Among the positive qualities distinguish the mobility of the device (the chair can be taken with you on a trip or on the nature). Such devices, made of plastic, usually have bright, attractive colors, complemented by a removable panel with a variety of game accessories.

The disadvantages of the models include not too high safety structures, unlike wooden products. In addition, boosters are not attached to any adult furniture, but only to massive, stable chairs with a hard seat.

Enough inexpensive chair booster for feeding babies from six months of age. It looks very cute and cute (design in the form of animal muzzles), besides it is light and compact - the product can be stored and carried in a specially designed bag.

Babies H-1 highchair

The stool is attached to an adult chair with special straps. Also, the product can be put on the floor thanks to the convenient spacer legs. It is important to remember that this device has a weight limit of a child - 15 kilograms.

Main advantages:

  • lightness and compactness of the product,
  • nice design
  • structural stability
  • you can take a highchair to travel
  • removable cover can be washed,
  • 3-point safety straps,
  • you can adjust the height of the back,
  • removable comfortable countertop.

The main disadvantages are:

  • not very high quality materials
  • uncomfortable safety straps
  • narrow table.

Online Store Offers

Thanks to the low price, the Babies H-1 chair is in great demand, so finding it in online stores that specialize in baby products is not easy.

A pleasant exception is a popular online store that offers, in addition to this product (link to the Babies H-1 chair), many other toys and products for toddlers and teenagers. Approximate cost - 2800 rubles.

Chicco Hook on Chair 360

Feeding aids from the world famous brand. The chair is able to rotate around its axis, has a reliable reinforced fastening system and is intended for any surfaces of the dining table, with the exception of glass tops.

Chicco Hook on Chair 360

The seat is mounted using four movable fastening mechanisms and two protective screws. Removing the chair is also quite simple - the parent unscrews the screws and presses the button, which is located on the bottom of the product.

Main advantages:

  • compactness and lightness of design
  • very easy to wash and wash
  • the seat is deep, so the child will not be able to fall out
  • there are three-point safety straps,
  • there is a soft emphasis between the legs,
  • very comfortable seat.

The main disadvantages are:

  • there is a limit on body weight,
  • not suitable for all tables,
  • requires a certain thickness of the tabletop,
  • quite high cost.

Jetem magic

Another permanent "inhabitant" of the TOP 2017 in the category "best feeding devices". Transformer "grows" with the baby. Initially, this is a standard seat for feeding a child with the ability to adjust the product in height, and the backrest in inclination.

Jetem Magic highchair

As the child grows up, the device turns into 2 separate devices: a chair and a table with a stand for books and cells for writing materials. Such children's furniture will last until the child enters the first grade.

Main advantages:

  • different functionality
  • there are safety straps, stand and divider for the legs,
  • removable cover can be washed,
  • you can adjust the position of the back,
  • when the child grows up, the product turns into a chair and a desk,
  • long service life of furniture (up to 7 years old),
  • 3 position table top.

The main disadvantages are:

  • the table top is loosely attached,
  • bulky design
  • uncomfortable desk

Online Store Offers

Online stores are a great option for purchasing a Jetem Magic transformer chair. Here you can not only familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the product, but also order it with significant discounts:

  1. Very good online trading platform that offers the widest selection of a variety of children's products (link to chair Jetem Magic). Approximate cost - 8990 rubles.
  2. Also a good online store offering the widest range of products for home and family (link to chair). Approximate price - 8556 rubles.
  3. Another online store of goods and toys for children (link highchair). Approximate cost of goods - 8990 rubles.

Body material

According to this parameter, feeding chairs are divided into two main categories:

  • from wood,
  • from plastic.

Most often, classic products and transformers are made of wood, plastic structures usually are suspended structures and booster chairs. The bases of some feeding devices are made of metal.

Wood is one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of furniture for children due to its naturalness, environmental friendliness, visual appeal and high wear resistance. Curiously, wooden furniture can be cheaper than plastic counterparts!

When choosing the best chairs for feeding, made of wood, it is necessary to give preference to models that are made of hard woods: walnut, maple, beech wood. Similar products will last longer in daily use.

Plastic chairs are a great variety of models and design, style and shape. That is why many parents prefer this particular version of the material. However, before buying a plastic product, you must ensure its quality: no sharp odor, poisonous colors, certificates.

In addition, plastic - a more convenient material in terms of care. These chairs are washed directly in the bath with a shower nozzle and liquid detergents. Wood models are afraid of excessive moisture, so they should not be subjected to similar water procedures.

Table top

Even if your task is to seat the child at the adult dining table, it is much more convenient to first put the baby food and drink on a special surface, the tabletop, which is equipped with many feeding devices.

At the same time, this part must have certain characteristics:

  • the stool cover must have inflated sides that will hold the liquid spilled on the surface of the tabletop and will not allow them to stain the floor,
  • Best of all, if the tabletop will be removed so that mom can wash it thoroughly. At the same time, the fastener of the part must be reliable, so that the child could not take it off on its own or overturn the contents of a plate or a cup,
  • Often, manufacturers equip worktops for entertainment purposes with additional details: toys, pendants, music modules. For an infant, it is better to purchase chairs without such distracting elements, since the child should not play, but eat.

Position control

Regulation of the height of the seat, backrest and the position of the leg support is quite an important function, which allows you to increase the comfort of the child in the chair.

It is no secret that the baby grows extremely quickly, so the chair in which he felt comfortable at 6 months, in a year will turn into an uncomfortable design. That is why the possibility of adjusting the level of the seat is very useful for the convenience of the child.

The vast majority of models of feeding gears can be adjusted by:

  • height. Parents in this case will be able to choose the most optimal position for a very small toddler, and for an older rider,
  • tilted back. Chairs for the smallest users (usually transformers) can be laid out in the “half-prone” position. This is a fairly comfortable position for feeding a baby who still does not know how to sit well,
  • delivery positions for legs. The ability to adjust the steps allows the child to sit most comfortably, and also helps to maintain the correct posture.

Rules for teaching a child to a highchair

The basic principle is early schooling. As soon as the child begins to sit himself, will be ready to eat porridge or mashed potatoes, you should begin to get acquainted with the highchair.

Most often, children like to sit in such a “throne”, so that there are no particular difficulties with schooling. If the child is wary of the chair, refuses to sit on it, Use the following recommendations of experts:

  1. Make the feeding corner more attractive. For example, you can hang several bright magnets on a nearby refrigerator. Plastic jars with various fillings can be put on the dining table, as long as they attract and interest the little ones.
  2. Usually you should not “clutter up” the chair with toys, but in this case you can break this rule. It should be placed on the table top arc with pendants, put the music box. As an option - to offer the child all kinds of kitchen "toys" in the form of saucepans, colander, plastic bottles. It is only important not to overdo it with gaming accessories. Still, the main function of the chair - eating.
  3. The Internet, in particular, any parent forum, offers another way to solve the problem - the inclusion of cartoons or children's films while sitting down on a high chair. This advice should be treated with caution, because it may form a not very good eating habit.
  4. Offer the child in the highchair the most delicious and favorite dishes. This will lead to the formation of a pleasant association with this device. In addition, the baby can feed your beloved bear or a doll from a spoon.

In addition, experts are strongly advised not to make any manipulations with the helm highchair (backrest tilt adjustment or device height), if the baby is in the device at this moment. Such actions are fraught with children's fear and refusal to sit in a chair in the future.

As a conclusion

The question of how to choose the right highchair for a small child is really important. The above recommendations and rules will help you understand what to pay close attention to when choosing children's furniture so that it serves the baby for several years.

  • age of the child. Experts, including Dr. Komarovsky, advised to look closer to the chair closer to 6 months of age, when the baby begins to sit down and is ready for prikorm,
  • body weight of the child. Many plastic chairs are designed for babies up to 18 kg. Quality wood chairs and transforming models will last up to 35 kilograms,
  • installation features. It is important to select such furniture so that it stands comfortably in the room and has access to it. If the kitchen is small, it is better to choose a hinged model or booster. For the owners of a large room suitable transformers or classic seats,
  • functionality. Transforming chairs - the perfect solution for those parents who want to extend the life of children's furniture. As the child gets older, the model can be transformed to a desk or table,
  • product safety. It is extremely important the quality of the materials of which make the body, countertop, cover and belts. In addition, the chairs should not be chipped places, sharp corners, open bolts and screws. It is better to buy models with seat belts, dividers for legs and stoppers for wheels (if any),
  • hygiene. Of course, the highchair should shine clean. Ухаживать нужно и за деревянной, и за пластиковой конструкцией, но по-разному. Изделие из пластика моют прямо в ванне, стул из древесины протирают влажной тряпкой, смоченной в неагрессивном дезинфицирующем растворе.

A highchair is an important piece of furniture that will be useful for parents and children for quite a long period of time and will be used very often - you will have to feed your baby at least 5-6 times a day.

That is why it is so important not to make a mistake when buying. Compliance with the basic rules will allow you to choose the best device that will delight both adults and small riders for several years. Have a good shopping!

10. Check for sharp corners, irregularities on the table and chair.

The baby’s skin is tender, even a small notch can seriously hurt her.

It is better to buy a highchair in children's specialized shopping centers or in reliable online stores. Require a hygienic certificate for the product. The baby will spend quite a long time in this device, so quality and safety are the main criteria for your choice.