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Is rock style clothing a trend of the season? (9 photo)


Perhaps rock is not your life credo, however, it can be used to create bright and fashionable bows for corporate parties or parties with friends. This direction is also suitable for children, having made babies adults, serious and at the same time amusing in their immediacy and individuality.

The beginning of the rock-style originates from the sexual direction in "rock and roll" clothes. In the arsenal of this style you can find not only ripped jeans, T-shirts and leather jackets, but also happy cute fluffy dresses from the related style of rockabilly. The hem in dresses is made in the "sun" and "half sun" styles.

Among the accessories is a heel. He may be tall or not, however, his presence is mandatory. The legs in the shoes look slim and seductive, and the stockings with the arrows behind increase the effect. Interestingly, in Soviet times, women had to draw arrows on their own using ordinary eyeliner. Today, the variety of stockings is amazing, which means it's time to transform with such an extraordinary style.

Outrageous "punk rocker"

Once British designer Vivienne Westwood shocked society by releasing a collection in the style of punk rock. Becoming the founder of this style, she turned the classic look with checkered jackets and trousers, adding bright and bold accessories in the form of wristbands and collars with spikes and other attributes that are on the verge of items for sex shops.

The punk in clothes personifies one of the most outrageous styles and perfectly will be suitable as an image for a party. What to wear, deciding on this bold bow? Combine the incompatible, for example, leather and chiffon, lace and spikes, glitter on the waistcoat and ripped jeans. The main hairstyle of punk style is mohawk. Temporary acid-colored hair dye and maximally combed-up hair - this is the perfect image of a shocking park-rocker.

The history of the emergence and development

The history of the appearance of this style goes back to the 50s. Then rock appeared and began to actively develop. A whole subculture appeared, the representatives of which, having decided to stand out among the crowd, began to dress in a special way. The most famous singer of that time was Elvis Presley. And his fancy dresses and hairstyle conquered girls and young people.

Later in the 60s, the direction of music received a general name and became known as rock. And then new idols appeared - the groups The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Jackets and flared pants came into vogue. And all this was combined with long hair, which was unusual and caught many fans.

The end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s was the beginning of the dawn of the era of the so-called hard rock - hard rock. Clothing was brutal.

In the mid-70s, a new direction appeared - glam rock. The images of the performers were like a protest against the excessively rough clothes of representatives of hard rock. But at about the same time, punk rock appeared. The images shocked the audience, the clothes were bright and shocking.

Around the 80s and 90s, styles began to mix. So, hard rock began to get along with glam rock, and punk rock became more feminine.

Later, in 1993, designer Marc Jacobs created a new style called grunge rock. It combined simple sundresses with a floral print and heavy brutal boots.

To this day, this style is developed and maintained by well-known designers, who devote entire collections of fashionable clothes to rock styles.

Who would suit such a style? Those who are used to break stereotypes and stand out from the crowd. If you listen to rock and literally live it, then feel free to choose this style and show everyone what you intend to light (after all, the word rock from English means just “swing, rock, light”).

But if you just want to make a call to society, you can also choose clothes of this style. All this will do as well if a rebellious spirit lives inside of you, and it rushes out. But if you just sometimes want to feel free and relax, then on such occasions you can buy a few bright things in the style of glam rock or grunge.

How to choose clothes?

How to create an image in the style of rock? There is nothing difficult in this, since there are a great many directions, and no one forbids mixing them up. So you can safely wear a light summer dress, brutal comfortable boots and a jacket.

You can also wear jeans, loose T-shirts and much more. Do not be afraid, enjoy freedom, experiment and improvise, and you will get an original image. Rock style in clothes is chosen by courageous girls who do not care about the opinion of society.


Rock style has a variety of directions, each of them has its own characteristics. Let us dwell on each in more detail.

This is perhaps the most brutal and masculine style, the main features of which are rudeness, masculinity, a certain negligence. Here are some important points:

  • Color spectrum. The main color is black, it should be the most in the image. But colors such as blue, white, red, gray may also be present. Can also be used shades of brown and beige.
  • Basic materials are, of course, leather, metal (silver), denim and knitwear. Occasionally cotton and silk are used.
  • The following patterns and prints can be used: skulls, wolves, photos of rock stars, crosses, logos of popular rock bands, as well as Celtic ornaments.
  • Clothing: jeans (straight cut or skinny and tight-fitting), ripped jaggins, leather pants, plain-colored tops, knit T-shirts, denim or cotton shirts, leather jackets and vests.
  • Footwear: sneakers, Cossack boots, army heavy boots, grinders, camelot, sneakers.
  • Decor: metal parts, spikes, rivets.
  • Hairstyles: loose hair, horse tails with the effect of negligence, short protruding hair.
  • Accessories: wristbands, belts with large metal plates, silver earrings, pendants, bracelets, leather bracelets with studs.
  • Makeup: Smokey Eyes, bright dark lips.

Rockabilly is the most feminine style, very bright. Here are its basic principles:

  • Fabrics: chiffon, satin, leather (lacquered), cotton.
  • Colors: white in combination with bright colors.
  • Clothing: tight-fitting dresses, flared skirts knee-deep (plus minus 5-10 centimeters), light blouses, breeches, stretch T-shirts, fitted jackets and shirts.
  • Patterns: polka dots, flowers, geometric prints, stripes.
  • Shoes welcome feminine, always on the heels.
  • Accessories: waist straps, beads, plastic bracelets, bright earrings, hair bands, headbands, stockings with arrows.
  • Hairstyle: neat styling, hairy top, standing bangs, light curls, neat horse tails.
  • Make-up: bright eye shadow, red lipstick and nail polish.

Glam rock is a combination of femininity, brutality and sexuality. Here are some important points:

  • Materials: velvet, velor, vinyl, lace, chiffon, silk, leather, denim.
  • Clothing: jeans and skinny pants, ripped jeans or jeggings, leather jackets, fitted vests and jackets, leggings, leather-fitting pants, corsetts, short shorts, short-fitting tops and T-shirts, mini-skirts, silk, lace and chiffon dresses.
  • Shoes: sandals, sneakers, shoes with heels or wedges, boots (massive), boots.
  • Colors: red, burgundy, black, silver, white.
  • Accessories: scarves, chains, pendants, large earrings, spiked bracelets, clutches.
  • Prints: bats, skulls, roses, panthers, hearts, leopard.
  • Hairstyle: hair, loose hair, horse tail.
  • Makeup: bright eyes and lips.

Punk rock - rebellious style.

  • Materials: denim, leather cotton.
  • Colors: gray, red, black and bright colors.
  • Decors: lightning, thorns, rivets.
  • Clothing: leather jackets, leggings, ripped jeans, cocktail dresses. The basic principle: a combination of incompatible.
  • Shoes: ankle boots or sneakers.
  • Accessories: piercing, baubles, bandanas, earrings, wristbands.
  • Prints: photos of bands and performers, cell.
  • Hairstyles: Iroquois, hair, prickles, bright unexpected colors.
  • Makeup: either natural or bright.

Grunge - convenience, brutality and naturalness. Basic principles:

  • Fabrics: suede, cotton, chiffon, wool, denim, knitwear.
  • Colors: black and natural light colors.
  • Clothing: voluminous sweaters, sundresses and dresses, overalls, frayed and ripped jeans, leather jackets. All careless, shabby.
  • Footwear: sneakers, sneakers, massive boots and boots.
  • Prints: cell, flower, pea.
  • Decor: patches sticking out of thread.
  • Accessories: backpacks, massive bags, hats, belts, wide bracelets, knitted hats.
  • Hairstyles: careless loose hair, stuffed, horse tails.
  • Makeup: natural.

The indie rock style has the following features:

  • Fabrics: denim, cotton.
  • Clothing: jeans and skinny pants, loose shirts, cardigans, loose coats, dresses, tops and t-shirts.
  • Patterns: cell.
  • Colors: black, blue, light colors.
  • Footwear: moccasins, sneakers.
  • Accessories: hats, fabric bags, glasses, cheap handmade jewelry.
  • Hairstyle: bun, disheveled hair.
  • Makeup: natural.

What is the style of punk rock

  1. Black leather, shabby or tattered denim, abundant metallic inlay, lacing and bright makeup are the main components of the punk-rock look.

  • A black leather biker jacket will help you to customize your casual outfits. It can be combined with a feminine chiffon dress, and with classic black trousers and boots in men's style. Extras will add accessories with chains, clips and zippers. Numerous laces with grommets create an ornament that visually corrects the figure.
  • How it was

    1983 "Come down with your mind"
    Volumetric styling, thoughtful accessories, a leopard and a cage - the punk band in the film looks glamorous.

    The cheeky young temptress in the drama “Poison Ivy” wears black leather jackets.

    Rock for Kurt Cobain's ex-wife is a way of life, so black, dark lipstick, and a casual hairstyle are her usual choices.

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    Black leather jacket - the basis of creating style

    Ostromodnaya interpretation of the style of punk rock without thinking about the past - a combination of leather oversize leather jackets, leather miniskirts and boots in the men's style. A skirt, like a leather jacket, should not tightly fit the hips. You can buy such a fashionable leather jacket in the concept store of women's designer clothes.

    Feminine skirt

    Combine a powder skirt with deliberately brutal black shoes and high lace gloves - a tough contrast will be appreciated by lovers of shocking.

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    Music has changed, and with it fashion

    At first, the original image of Elvis Presley and his Kok style hairstyle made furor in his clothes, later flared trousers and T-shirts with photos of The Rolling Stones. They were replaced by hard hard rock and bright punk. Soon a glam-rock style was formed, promoting bright makeup and outrageous clothes.

    Since the beginning of the 2000s, rock style has firmly entered the collections of such fashion brands as Philipp Plein, Givenchy, Lacoste, Rodarte. In 2012–2013 models appeared on the catwalk, showing hippie and rockabilly clothes for the girls. And glam rock has become increasingly popular among celebrities.

    How not to get lost in the genre directions and find the perfect wardrobe?

    To look stylish, you do not have to study rock thoroughly, it’s enough to know the main points of the selection of things in this rebellious movement:

    • colors - the main black tone is complemented by gray, blue, red, beige shades,
    • fabrics - leather, jeans, denim, knitwear, chiffon,
    • decorations in clothes - spikes, rivets, stripes, scuffs, cuts,
    • shoes - martins, leather boots, high-heeled shoes or platform shoes, boots, sneakers.

    Some spectacular combinations

    An important attribute in clothing is a brown or black leather jacket with a zipper jacket. You can wear it over a tank top, T-shirt, or even a feminine dress. The image will complement the Martins. An excellent alternative is a checkered bomber jacket or shirt. Femininity and rudeness are the hallmarks of glam rock. Among the T-shirts popular options with the names and photos of rock bands, as well as elongated models a la dress.

    Classic leather pants, faded jeans, skinny and leggings are perfect for rock style girls. They can be combined with simple blouses or shirts navypusk. Under the shorts wear tights with a pattern. Skirts are also welcome - short jeans with a raw edge, leather with rivets, denim, fluffy flared. A bold image in the style of glam rock is obtained by combining a leather corset with narrow jeans and stilettos. A leather jacket on a black lace dress with high boots will create a stunning effect.

    Gentle girls will be happy to discover the style of rockabilly, which is characterized by dresses fitted silhouette with puffy skirts, shirts, knotted, with breeches, feminine shoes. In this case, you can use bright makeup with hairstyles such as bouffant or horse tail. They also fit the direction of glam rock.

    Jackets and vests

    Jackets and vests - leather or denim, short and fitted. Denim jackets very often have artificial tears or patches, while leather jackets have chains, rivets and other decorative elements that embody rock style.

    Rock shoes are massive boots, Cossack boots, grinders, martens, camelot, sneakers, sneakers. If you prefer dresses, as shoes you can choose shoes or sandals on the wedge, high platform or heels, but always with metal clasps, rivets, chains to match the chosen style.


    Accessories - rock is a rather extravagant style, so the accessories here should be appropriate, but in a minimum quantity. It can be a small backpack, dark glasses, leather bracelets, collars, a ribbon in hair, a bandana, pendants in the form of a cross or a skull, Celtic ornaments and images of wild animals, metal chains, large earrings and rings, and the like.

    Materials for tailoring in the style of rock - natural leather, matte or lacquered, denim, knitwear, silk, cotton, lace, velor, velvet, metallized fabrics. The color scheme is very limited. Mostly, it is black, but there are also red, white, blue, silver colors and their shades. In addition, bright colors are also allowed here. Rivets, spikes, chains, large zippers, sparkles, rhinestones, and fringe are used as decorations.