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Luxury Holiday in Romantic Mauritius


The island of Mauritius can hardly be attributed to cheap tourist destinations. Like other island resorts of the Indian Ocean (Maldives and Seychelles), Mauritius has always been honed by a wealthy tourist.ready to lay out a substantial amount of money for a holiday in paradise.

Elite resorts of Mauritius in addition to luxury accommodation in suites and villas will offer the discerning client entertainment “for the elite”: golf, diving, SPA procedures, helicopter excursions, deep-sea fishing, horse racing and boat trips on yachts. Agree, these services can hardly afford tourists who want to save. Therefore, the public in the five-star hotels in Mauritius is appropriate, to match the elite entertainment that is not accessible to everyone.

Almost all coastal hotels in Mauritius - luxury five star resorts. This beach destinations and network brands with a name that guarantees world standards of service at the highest level are not spared: Four Seasons, One & Only, Beachcomber, Starwood, Sofitel and others. Any Mauritian hotel is considered to be a good fit to be closed for redecoration during the low season (summer months), which guarantees a glossy feeling even in elderly hotels.

Top luxury hotels in Mauritius:

Luxury hotels in Mauritius do not skimp on interior design and decoration. For example, the interiors and concept of the Sofitel So Mauritius 5 * hotel was developed by Kenzo Takado himself, and in the updated Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort & SPA 5 *, the design and even the opening date was chosen in the tradition of feng shui. However, the island lifestyle in Mauritius dictates laconic notes in the decoration of the premises, where everything, despite the simplicity and lack of gilding here and there, is thought out to the smallest detail and made of high-quality and expensive materials.

Needless to say, the best “registration” in terms of quality beaches, also went to the elite hotels of Mauritius. It is no secret that the picturesque coast in Mauritius is not always a guarantee of high-quality bathing. Some hotels are poisoned by corals and their debris, others suffer from the shallow coast, and others - from the waves. Therefore, choosing a hotel in Mauritius marked “luxury holiday”, you can be sure that the magnificent photos of the beach will match the realities.

All our tourists, returning from a trip, note that Mauritius is associated with beautifulservice from the hotel staff. If we analyze the national composition of the Mauritians, we can safely say that the roots of attentive attitude towards holidaymakers go back to the Asian style of service, which is so characteristic of the countries of South-East Asia. Any tourist who has come to rest in the elite hotel of Mauritius, will feel here the most important and desirable.

From the moment of landing at the airport in Mauritius, VIP guests can feel like in an elite resort. For several years now, special guests at the airport of Mauritius have been working VIP terminalwhere passengers are transported directly from the plane to the Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5. In the hall, guests expect luggage delivery on comfortable sofas, passport control and customs, a snack bar and a bar with premium wines and champagne work here. After passing all the formalities, you can go to the hotel on a Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce and even by helicopter.

Obviously, at the resort itself, VIP guests are not left without attention guides and representatives of travel companies who are ready to organize the most exclusive excursion programs for them, help with translation, organize a babysitter and even purchase gifts “made in Mauritius” and deliver to the airport for departure.

In general, as elsewhere in our modern world, “For your money - every whim!” But in Mauritius you will also feel that you are appreciated, regardless of the size of the wallet, and rest in paradise, no matter how expensive it is, justifies the budget spent on it.

How to get there?

Since the island is not so close, getting there by direct flight will be problematic, most likely you will fly from Moscow, Kiev or other major airports in your country. For example, travel time from Moscow directly to the island is about 12 hours, however, most often, you have to use flights with connections, then travel time may increase to 15 or 19 hours.

Depending on the selected airlines, docking can be done in Paris and Milan, or in Paris and Amsterdam. Taxis run around the island and public transport is fairly well distributed, and the most advanced can use the services of a car for hire (there is a certain list of rules, the list of which is better to know in advance).

And what about the weather?

Mauritius is, in fact, a year-round summer! The air temperature does not fall below 17-20 ° even in the coldest time of the year, the only thing that can confuse travelers is the relatively strong winds that occur here during the "winter" period - in June and July. August and September are the ideal time for those who do not tolerate extreme heat.

The air temperature in winter (the period from the end of May to October) is about 22-24 ° during the day, at night a little lower. In summer, the air temperature is about 30 ° and higher, however, it is never too hot here, because the tropical maritime climate is always accompanied by pleasant winds from the sea.

Island beaches

Almost the entire coastal territory of the island is beautiful and cozy beaches, to be sure of this, just look at their photos! Even public beaches are maintained in perfect condition: they are constantly cleaned and ennobled, and on some they clean sand from fragments of coral.

As in all countries where the underwater world is rich in corals, it is recommended to go into the water in rubber slippers so as not to injure your feet. So, where is the most beautiful nature on the island? What beaches really should go if you are going to Mauritius?

Go for a ride on the road from the capital Port Louis to Morn-Brabant: on one side you will see a strip of magnificent beaches, and on the other - a beautiful mountain plateau. The locals are very fond of the small town of Flic-en-Flac: the beaches there are simply excellent, and the local reserve is also located nearby.

Lovers of pristine nature and thrills better to go to Tamarina Bay: there is a completely different atmosphere and always strong enough waves that attract surfers from all over the world every year. Pereybere is considered the most youthful and lively beach: there are many cafes and nightclubs here.

Where to go?

What to see on the island, except for the beaches and the hotel in which you will live? And there really is something to see. One of the most famous and popular wonders of the island is the land of Chamarel. It is unique in that it consists of sand dunes of different shades, the boundaries of which are clearly visible on the surface.

The interest is that even if you mix colors, in a few hours the boundaries between the sands will be restored again. Go to the Tamarin Waterfalls - impressive and very picturesque places that you should see with your own eyes.

It will not be out of place to visit the natural park of Le Val - here you can see the natural life in the ocean, besides there are monkeys, deer, as well as various types of birds on the territory.

Do not forget that the majority of the island’s population is of Indian origin, because there are various temples everywhere. The most famous temple is Shivala, which is a complex located in the village of Triolet.

In addition, there are many remnants of ancient settlements on the island, which are scattered throughout Mauritius, as well as museums and cultural centers, mostly located in the city of Moka. Who cares how to prepare rum at home, then be sure to go to the estate "Les-Domen-des-Pays", where the whole process of processing and preparation will show you in all details.

There are many more places in Mauritius that we didn’t have time to talk about, but it’s really worth seeing them with your own eyes!

From the history of the island

The history of the state that gave the world one of the most fashionable resorts, captures. The uninhabited island was discovered by Portuguese sailors supposedly at the beginning of the 16th century and was first called Sishna (as one of the pioneers' ships was called). Subsequently, the Dutch colonialists renamed it in honor of Maurice of Orange.

Today, the cost of vacation in Mauritius does not care much for people inspired by the romance of the South Seas. The architecture of the island has kept many monuments of the era of colonization. From the late 16th century, it was used as a temporary base for Dutch merchant ships. By the middle of the next century, a Dutch village emerged, and around it were plantations of tobacco and sugar cane. Slaves brought from the island of Madagascar served as labor force. The entire population of the island then did not reach even half a thousand of settlers! Trips to Mauritius will help you to hear one of the many legends about this amazing time.

At the beginning of the 18th century, Mauritius departs to France and is now called Ильle-de-France. The French built forts, shipyards and roads, imported African slaves, developed plantations of all sorts of spices and coffee, grew vegetables. And in the early 19th century, the English fleet beat off the island from the French, made it a British colony under the Dutch name.

After the abolition of slavery in 1835, immigrants from China and India began to arrive in Mauritius - they took up rural labor here. Travelers going on tours to Mauritius will be struck by the fact that a very motley population has been formed in the republic, however, everyone is united by English, love for their country and hospitality to those who come here on vacation.

Having gained independence only in 1968, the state is currently a parliamentary republic. Today, favorable prices for trips to Mauritius are supported largely due to competent state policy.

What to see in Mauritius?

Here tea, coffee, spices and especially sugar cane grow beautifully, but the tourism sector plays the main role in the development of the national economy. Vouchers to Mauritius will open you to a tropical paradise, in which you will not be bored for a minute. The highest level of service and wonderful climate, unusual sights and the best beaches made tours to Mauritius a dream of travelers from around the world.

Volcanic activity is in the past, now the island is seismically perfectly calm, the terrain has a time-smoothed relief. But, arriving on holiday in Mauritius, you should definitely explore the most interesting extinct volcanoes (one of the most famous - Tru-o-Cerf) and the Rivière Noire plateau.

Unfortunately, the original flora of the island is not fully preserved. All the more reason to visit here and see amazing natural attractions. Now on the island there are less than 200 copies of the endemic Acanthophoenix rubra palm tree, which does not grow anywhere else! Wonderful ornamental shrubs and tropical plants brought from other islands, you can see by booking a ticket to Mauritius.

During the years of the colonial past, the number of species of birds has decreased. At the beginning of the 18th century, large birds disappeared - wingless dodos, which the settlers ate.

Today, setting off on low prices for holidays to the island of Mauritius, it is worth considering that its fauna could be richer if it were not for the carelessness of a person.

In the Black River-Gorges National Park (Black River), travelers who choose to travel to Mauritius will be able to see rare birds like the pink pigeons and Mauritian necklace parrots. Mysterious skinks and geckos, majestic boas - the world of reptiles here is very expressive. Dangerous predators in Mauritius are absent.

The island has unique natural values. If you won a trip to Mauritius, be sure to visit the seven-colored lands of Chamarel - unusual dunes of green, red and even blue!

Among the cultural sights there are recreated colonial estates, where they demonstrate the procedure for making real Mauritian rum. How not to try sailors, traders and colonists on the island?

Holidays in Mauritius are an ideal choice for active people: people come here to play golf and lawn tennis, go horse riding, ride bicycles and water skiing, go kayaking and kayaking, parachute jumping ...

Many hotels will be able to offer guests a boat trip on a boat with a transparent bottom and even a submarine!

This island is a place of beautiful, rich and safe rest. Choosing tours to Mauritius, you get an extraordinary experience. Local nature generously presents travelers with its tropical beauty. What could be brighter than a holiday in Mauritius together or with the whole family?

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