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Phrases and compliments for girls to talk


You are a whole universe, so amazing, ever-alluring, unforgettable and seductive!

With leg and bold, desirable, seductive and long-awaited!

You are the most tender, most passionate, unique, insanely beautiful!

Oh beautiful, dazzling and unique girl. You are filled with all my thoughts and desires! You inspire bold actions and good deeds.

You are insanely beautiful, I am blinded by you tirelessly!

K rasivaya, gentle, matchless! Goddess and sorceress. You are adorable as the first spring flower, and dazzling as the morning ray of the sun!

You're just perfect! Smiling and shy, seductive and intoxicating. The girl is a goddess!

You are perfection, you are my ideal, with you I have become happy!

You are unsurpassed! Angel-beautiful and very sophisticated!

D for me, you're amazing, fascinating, and amazing!

You deserve all the beautiful words in the world. You are the best girl on this planet!

With a romantic almost a little bit ordinary, joyful and enchanting!

Good, friendly and incredibly fascinating!

You are the pearl in the sea of ​​love!

You are always irresistible, unusual and unique.

Oh glaringly charming, divinely adorable!

All about you! You deserve the best on this earth!

You are unmatched and adored, unpredictable and unforgettable!

Excellent, amazing, always amazing and amazing!

R oskasnaya, romantic, unusual for all, amazing and bold, unusual!

You are so pretty, so cool, tender and passionate!

You are sexy and romantic, a little risky and very cute!

By rasivaya, unique, my girlfriend beloved!

You're awesome and amazing! Exciting and seductive!

You are my strawberry, you are my raisin, wonderful and clever!

You are a regal girl, wise and domineering!

With a gentle and fragile, unique and very beautiful!

In breathing, captivating, stupefying and always alluring!

Harming and beloved, sensitive and a little bit vulnerable!

You are like a blooming rose - sophisticated, harmonious, elegant. Do you need a bona fide gardener on a voluntary basis?

Always a cheerful, slightly flirty romantic girl! Beautiful beauty, perfect in everything!

With a nagging beauty, exciting to the depths of the soul. Your tender look makes my heart beat faster. When you are near, I want time to stop, and I could endlessly enjoy your attention. You deserve the best compliments, you deserve the whole world!

Key secrets

Let's pay attention to those secrets that tell you what to tell a girl to melt.

One of the main secrets of a good compliment is that it is necessary to pronounce it sincerely.

The girl will always see the difference in whether the guy really liked something in her, or he just said a compliment on autopilot. Sometimes not sincere words can sound not only false, but also mocking. And pronouncing fake phrases, you can reverse it against yourself.

No need to bother with ornate compliments, many girls can just say they like her eyes or smile. This will be quite enough to draw attention to yourself and to cause in her warm feelings towards yourself.

The second secret is that when beautiful words are spoken, you should try to speak in their sensual, soulful voice, leaning slightly toward the girl. For more effect, you can take her hand. But it is better to do such a maneuver with the girl who you already know for some time, if you only met, it will look strange.

Auxiliary phrases

Many probably noticed that what we are saying is very important in relationships. Therefore, you need to know the phrases, and what to tell the girl to melt and agree to go to the cinema or walk in the park.

To attract the attention of the girl you like, try to surprise her with something or make her laugh. Keep a few witty greetings in your arsenal.

Always avoid vulgar jokes.

You also need to know what words to say to the girl so that she melts, but they definitely need to be pronounced not all at once, but only at the right moment.

These pleasant words include:

They belong to the tender-gentle, and are able to add warmth to any phrase.

In the morning, say good morning to the words:

It will not take a lot of time and effort, but the mood will lift for the whole day.

Phrases that shorten the path to her heart include:

  • "With you, I realized that soul mates exist."
  • "I feel that we are on the same wavelength."
  • "You are a good girl, I am pleased to communicate with you."

What to say beloved, so she was pleased

There are moments in a relationship when there is a quarrel between lovers, and the young man begins to choose what to tell his girlfriend to melt and forget about the conflict as soon as possible.

Usually the phrase “I love you” is spoken only when they make a marriage proposal, and then they forget about it. But it is extremely useful for both in relationships, periodically reminding each other of their love.

Another smooth out the quarrel, and a little defuse the situation, will help any sweetness. Also try to name the girl diminutively affectionate word. She will be very pleased, she will feel like a child for whom they want to care, indulge, and that she is really loved even by such a harmful one.

In the evening at dinner, do not forget to ask how her day went, what's new. Just listen to the answer you need to carefully and to the end, otherwise she might be offended. Such simple questions will help preserve the sincerity and warmth of feelings in a relationship.

Do not forget to praise the girl for her efforts. Maybe she cooked delicious soup or omelette, perfectly stroked the shirt.

If you want a girl to melt next to you every day, then do not forget to appreciate her, love her and constantly tell her about it.

What words and phrases are better not to say

You should never compare your girlfriend with your mother, and even with her. Every person is unique, and any comparison can hurt, especially if it is not for the better.

If a girl is not made up or without a hairstyle on her head, you do not need to pay attention to it and make stinging “compliments” to it, like any other person, she wants to rest and be a bit lazy.

It is not necessary constantly, almost every hour, to say that you love her. It may need to eat and start to annoy. And instead of attracting her to you, you can push her away.

Say affectionate words and compliments watch your reaction, maybe she does not like something and it is better to stop. Not all girls love excessive “usi-pusi”, so you need to know the norm in everything.

And most importantly making compliments, calling gentle words, saying nice phrases, stay yourself, girls like real guys.

Affectionate words for a girl ↑

Compliments, pleasant words and phrases delight girls. No wonder this is one of the old proven methods to win a girl's heart. The more in the relationship of love, the more valuable are small signs of attention to each other.

You do not know how to gently call a girl to win her location? Then the beautiful compliments to the girl in verse, of course, will cause interest to you.

Beautiful you are like a blooming garden
In moments of bright spring,
And your voice, singing as a stream,
Filled with wondrous beauty.

You are beautiful face and article,
Rich in tenderness features
And ineffable grace
The world fill this you.

As tender as butterfly
Get to the calling flower
You admire
And you multiply the beauty.

You are the ideal of a love night
Your smile is not equal,
You inspire these lines
Love bringing a gentle light into them.

You are the poet's inspiration,
Your beauty is filled with light
You the universe is warmed up
There is no one like you in nature.

You are more radiant than the sky
And more romantic than the moon
You are primeval nature
You are the beauty of spring.

You are full of magic immensely
Goddess gentle probably
In you woke up and silent
Prayer as if doing.

And your languid pose to become,
as if to tell me
What an angel you are and perfection
Carrying love and bliss.

Falling asleep, gently whisper to his beloved girl affectionate words. You'll see, she will immediately spread into a smile, and in the morning she will wake up in a good mood from the words:

  • captivating,
  • inspired,
  • witchcraft
  • affectionate,
  • wonderful
  • the asterisk is clear.

Warm words for the night will not take away a lot of energy, will not spoil the mood. Repeat them more often to your loved ones. The main thing is to be sincere.

At bedtime, besides wishing good night, the girl can be called:

  • divine,
  • mysterious,
  • warming soul
  • unforgettable.

Do not forget to whisper in your ear beloved "good morning", and at the same time tell her beautiful words:

  • Amazon fascinating,
  • angel-beautiful,
  • delicious, delicious
  • seductively loving,
  • deafening
  • fiery
  • stupefying
  • all gifts worthy
  • inspiring
  • fascinatingly charming
  • fragrant.

After such unusual and beautiful words, the girl will melt, charge you with a positive, and you will feel how your fantasies come true. A friendly smile and gentle words in the morning will give you both pleasure.

No matter how long your sympathy for each other lasts: there were several dates or a couple of decades of married life. Girls are always pleased to hear and read beautiful words and compliments.

And let them be a little stupid or naive, but certainly with all my heart. A pleasant SMS will always intrigue, give a positive mood and the desire to meet as soon as possible. Feel free to write a lot of tenderness to your girlfriend in SMS.

How to interest a man by correspondence? The answers are here.

  • You are my most precious and valuable treasure and I will not give it to anyone!
  • You are my beloved happiness, my soul, unearthly beauty!
  • We are with you forever! And no troubles will not divorce us
  • Hi, my love!
  • I miss it as if I haven’t seen you for ages, I want to hug, caress and kiss more quickly.
  • God gave wings to his angels, he was afraid of everyone except you
  • that the most charming angel will fly away from him.
  • You want to see me - look at the starry sky.
  • Say only to come for you - I will come.
  • I will find you, WHERE YOU WOULD NEVER BE (a)
  • I need a little for happiness - I want to hug you very much,
  • I always want to be near you, not to let go, not to give.
  • I was offered an eternity without you, I chose only a moment with you
  • I keep my heart for someone whose caress warms me. For the one who believes in me, in my dreams, who tells me his innermost ... I am waiting for you, my one and only, unique one.

Beautiful compliments

Compliments to a girl is better to speak when she is in no hurry, does not crave loneliness. Be truthful and do not make fun of romantic feelings. It can hurt your girlfriend very deeply.

  • Only thanks to you can I believe in the existence of kindred souls.
  • You were able to give meaning to my life - now you are the meaning of my life.
  • I can not imagine life without you, and I do not want to.
  • How do you manage to look so beautiful, amazing, amazing always?
  • I am lucky to be with you. All friends envy me because of you.
  • You know how to make pleasant, surprise. You read my heart like a book.
  • You are the reason, thanks to her, my life is perfect.
  • You look great when you smile.
  • Your look illuminates my day and my path.
  • My dreams have been about you all night.
  • When I think of you, I start kissing my pillow in my sleep. Can you imagine?
  • Bastard from the aroma of your body.
  • You can get anyone in this world, but you choose me - how grateful I am for it to you.
  • I see you, an irresistible feeling arises to be there, an incomprehensible tremor and a desire to touch, cuddle, embrace the knees ...
  • How nice to think with you ....

Affectionate words of his girlfriend better to talk looking into her eyes, hugging her.
Complements in prose can sound much more pleasant than in verses, if they are said spontaneously, sincerely.

You can praise absolutely everything you like in a girl:

  • ... (girl's name), you have such cool, curly hair! You have them shine, shimmer in the sun, like gold! I want to touch them ... Can I?
  • It is interesting with you: you are both a cool companion, and you know how to listen. Few can boast of such a gift.

The red-haired girl can be called the sun, the fiery maiden, the priestess of fire, the child of the sun, etc.

When she is sick

When a girl is sick or just feels bad, you should cheer her up and care for her. Gentle and caring words will surely help you to get well, to feel yourself the most beloved, necessary.

  • Beloved, when I’m near, I always want to give you tea and jam so that you can recover as quickly as possible. After all, when you're sick, you feel bad to me.
  • Honey, get well soon rather, it’s not easy for me without you.
  • I love you very much, I think it will help you to get better ....

In addition to beautiful words, you can bring flowers, cook something tasty, offer your shoulder.

For birthday

Happy birthday to a girl is a special event. Beautiful words on this day are very significant. They must be touching, cordial, sincere.

Be cheerful, gentle, clear,
Carefree and lovely,
To laugh you carelessly,
To last happiness forever,

To all dreams come true
And the wishes were fulfilled,
So that you were like spring
Young charms full.

Let everything be as you want,
Let expectations not be deceived
And all the beautiful dreams
Your reality will be!

I wish to live in harmony with myself
Smile illumine friends and relatives,
To be able to give and receive love,
And ignite from the slightest spark.

Sweet, kind, gentle, nice!
How many are fulfilled is not the main thing.
In life I wish to be the happiest
All beloved, fun, beautiful.

Girls like when guys call them not like everyone else, but in a special way, even if it sounds ridiculous.

You can call a girl affectionately on behalf of almost any animal:

With the names of animals you need to be very careful, use them in diminutive form. The most funny and funny names like pokemonchik, telepuzik, dinosaur can offend a girl if she picks up about overweight or something else.

Also often carry out manipulations with the names of loved ones: Alenulka, Oxandrik, Oksik, Irishulik, Olyunchik, etc.

Listen to your heart, it will tell you what to say and when. If a girl likes you, then even the inept word spoken by you will sound romantic to her.

  • Hellishly divine
  • Cherry,
  • Exclamation,
  • Dovinka,
  • Star,
  • Hello,
  • Droplet
  • Yum,
  • Lion
  • Buttercup,
  • Butterfly,
  • Lakes your eyes
  • Fawn,
  • Charming,
  • Peach,
  • The fluff
  • Dewdrop,
  • Ram,
  • Flower,
  • Berry.

What does it mean: a midlife crisis? Read the article.

How to become happy in marriage? Learn the secrets of family happiness here.

Affectionate phrases and tender words play the role of a pass to your girl's heart. But at the same time, it is necessary to exercise imagination in moderation, without abusing, so that words that come from the depths of the soul are not taken for granted.

A young man should feel when his love messages or words are appropriate for his beloved. And then the girl will be thrilled to read SMS or listen to him.

A man does not need to be a poet to express his feelings for his beloved in beautiful words. It is enough to talk about your feelings looking into her eyes. Fake compliments are not successful, it is better to remain silent, because a sensitive girl will understand everything without words.

Feel free to say warm words and compliments to your girlfriend. A lot of options for any tenderness, it remains only to use them to the maximum.

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Words for a girl to melt

When you want to say compliments to a girl so that she melts - try to speak from the heart, and the way you want it. In this case, really appreciate your sincerity.

What can I say to a girl so that she melts, put on a stunning dress, goes with you to a restaurant and would not refuse an interesting continuation?

The sweet taste of your gaze sends my mind deep into the knockout, from which you don't want to rise.

You smiled so beautifully that I forgot where I was going.

Beloved, I never for a second forget about the flight that you gave when you entered my life.

Being with you at least a minute, it is more expensive than eternity without you!

You are incredibly beautiful, your beauty straight flows into my soul with classical music.

If God created something more beautiful than you, then he left it for himself.

The most pleasant words for a girl

Your hair, lips. You are just beautiful! After all, my heart is an arrow of cupid.

It seems that kindness is concentrated in your lovely hands: from your touch it becomes warm and cozy.

How happy I am that the world gave me the brightest eyes, gentle cheeks and an incredibly pretty smile!

Good words and favors for the girl

There are romantic moments when such words come from the heart, and you sincerely want to say them. Do not restrain yourself. After all, the openness of feelings in relationships is very attractive. When to say nice words? Не заваливай девушку комплиментами, иначе их ценность для нее потеряется. Да и тебя она может воспринять как подлизу, особенно если вы еще не очень близко знакомы.

Вы прекрасны на 85% — Я остального не видел.

It would be better if this day did not end, with you so well!

I will love you before the last rose dies.

The combination of your eyes, lips, hair is perfect. You are the golden proportion of women.

I will love you until death do us part, well, and then a little more ..

As such a guy like me, ended up with a princess like you?

Your eyes are like a beautiful dream. Who wants to see every night.

Despite your young age, you are amazingly intelligent and reasonable, and this is commendable!

I want to look into your eyes all my life!

Such a beautiful girl should have a beautiful room!

Beautiful words beautiful girl

Compliments are words that give people a positive and good mood. They are equally loved by both men and women. beautiful words will not please the chosen one if they are spoken casually or with a share of humor more than is permitted. On the other hand, even a pleasant ear will cut the ear of the girl if the gentleman’s speech is peppered with slang words or uncultured expressions.

How beautiful to tell a girl that she is beautiful?

There is no place in my heart because there is only you in my heart!

You're the most beautiful girl in the world, you're driving me crazy.

You look like a dream on a summer night - it's so nice to be with you that you don't want to wake up!

They called me from paradise and said that the most beautiful angel had escaped from them, but I did not betray you.

Your image can be compared with a bewitching lotus flower, you are also beautiful, beautiful and gentle.

You are an incomparable woman - the secret of your charm is unlikely to ever be revealed!

A beautiful figure, a charming look, a brilliant mind, a sunny smile - and this is all you!

You arrested me with your beauty, and I would be happy to serve a life sentence in captivity of your heart.

You know, I usually do not meet on the street. I was not so educated, but when I saw you I was amazed by your beauty and could not help but come up.

Drops on the roof, thunder roars, hail pours. And I am sitting by the window and I think what a blessing that next to me the most charming look!

Today I see you for the first time, but it seems that I have known you forever! You're beautiful!

I knew you before birth, I loved you when we were still disembodied souls, and I will love you for all eternity, because we are one.

Your smile is like a summer ray of sunshine. Warms and blinds at the same time!

Look into my eyes and you will find me, look into my heart and you will find yourself.

When there is a thunderstorm in the sky and rain is falling, I remember you. and immediately in my heart butterflies fly, the sun is shining.

The most beautiful words for a girl

If you want to say beautiful, pleasant and tender words about love to your beloved girlfriend, but you cannot find words, compliments will come to your aid! For you - the beautiful words of his girlfriend, with the expression of feelings that convey your positive and love.

Gentle, pleasant and beautiful words to your beloved girl need to be spoken every day, the below-mentioned compliments diversify the vocabulary of any man, and also help to come up with their own beautiful compliments in their own words.

You engendered fire in my soul, and love began to reign in your heart!

My thousands of compliments, you are inimitable!

May I hold on to you, and your legs give way from your beauty.

Cool words to a girl

You are worthy of the whole world, but I cannot give it to you. Therefore, I will give you the next best gift. my world.

Everything is just brilliant in you, I don’t even know what to pay attention to!

Although I did not feel it in reality, but it seems to me that your lips are the sweetest in the world!

You have the most beautiful place soiled.

I'm going crazy about your beauty! Your lips, eyes. would look at them forever!

If one day I was not at the crossroads of loneliness, I would never have been able to drown in such charming eyes!

Your kiss - a sip of water among the sultry dunes. So much fun, but still not enough!

The velvet of your skin is like rose petals.

The velvet of your skin is like rose petals.

Dear girl, I do not hope for anything, but I want you to know, your beauty seemed to me the most important decoration of this world!

You are a very reliable friend, you can even be trusted with state secrets!

Never in my life have I been able to meet such a bright, affectionate and at the same time charming woman!

You are like a bouquet of the most exquisite flowers. You cause a sea of ​​emotions and everything is on the verge of bliss!

I looked at your hair under a microscope and read the word “beauty” between the DNA strands!

I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow.

Sometimes you are not serious, like a little girl, and I like it. After all, then you can also become a child and some fun

I could conquer the whole world with one hand, if you held the other hand.

Your voice, like sweet poison, each time you want to listen to you more and more!

The most beautiful words for the girlfriend

How beautiful to confess love to a girl in your own words? Here you will find real 100% recognition to tears. Gentle words to the glory of the only, will bring new notes to the symphony of your relationship.

Your eyes, as if in the desert ocean, they drown and thrown into heat.

Your caressing smile puts me off balance!

Every time I look into your eyes, I fall in love again and again.

You probably spent a lot of energy on something that would look so beautiful: so I fell for it.

They say that a photo harbors 1000 words, but in your photo I see only three: I .. I love .. You ..

Good words to a girl who likes

Time has changed you, and I will note, for the better!

Such elegant nails. Tell me, how do you manage to keep them in such beauty?

It seems to me that you are capable of much, even save the world with its beauty!

You can act in films, you can be made a heroine of a fairy tale, and I could give you the main role in my life!

Once I made a wish for a falling star that I would meet my love. And being with you here, I understand that wishes come true.

This outfit is going very well with you, as if it was made for you!

Over the years, you are like wine, you become more beautiful, richer, and more valuable!

You are so smart that you can be called a genius!

The beat of my heart beats your name.

The green color of your eyes, like a beacon on the ocean, raises the tone of my entire consciousness.

The incredible taste of your lips reminded me of a few sips of Chablis. Uniquely!

Beautiful words for a girl who likes

Gentle words are compliments to the girl you like. Words of admiration for a girl!

You are like a red semi-dry in a crystal glass. Such a gentle, playful, intoxicating soul and at the same time priceless!

Your look with yellowish nectar flows into my soul. How sweet he is.

You are beautiful, like the sunrise, everything is so harmonious, gentle and unimaginably beautiful!

I collect signatures of the most beautiful girls. Do not refuse to put your?

And who said that angels are only in heaven ?! This is not true, because I see an angel on earth!

Gait. Your walk is like a light sea breeze. Which gently walked through my dreams.

Your voice, like a gentle balm, flows through my soul into the very depths of immense bliss.

I can hug you forever.

And you thought you were just a figment of my imagination: you look so beautiful.

Probably your friends are always jealous of you? And in another way it is impossible, because you are the best in all respects!

Show her this list and say "All these things I am telling you!"

The most pleasant words for a girl are phrases about the beauty of a girl

Quotes about female beauty - this is the best way to cheer up. So many meanings are attached to attractiveness, because it is multifaceted. And each of its side reveals not only this quality in itself, but also its strength and capabilities. And all this is perfectly reflected quotes about beauty.

Who can be late for such a beautiful girl? For example, I am already here!

I want you: oh, what am I saying this simply when I see a beautiful girl my tongue stumbles.

Every girl wants to hear a compliment in her address, but only you can rightfully deserve them!

Graces, amenities for the girl

I am blinded by the light of your beauty.

Miniature, tender, feminine.

I sent an angel to watch you. The angel returned a few minutes later, and I asked him why. He said: "Angels do not watch other angels"

Thanks to people like you, the whole world becomes brighter and kinder!

Why say a girl beautiful words. There are romantic moments when such words come from the heart, and you sincerely want to say them. Do not restrain yourself. After all, the openness of feelings in relationships is very attractive.

In your own words, how to say pleasant and tender words to your girlfriend? Gentle words are compliments to the girl you like. Words of admiration for a girl!

When to say nice words

Do not overwhelm the girl with compliments, otherwise their value for her will be lost. Yes, and she can take you as a little fit, especially if you are not very familiar. The most appropriate moments to express your feelings:

  • she is upset to cheer her up
  • romantic evening,
  • she did something for you
  • you just really want to express your feelings.

50 beautiful words to the girl, tender and pleasant compliments to the woman he loves

These compliments will make your girlfriend feel special. These compliments to beloved girls really work - and work on “Excellent”.

But, before using them as a weapon to lift the mood of the beloved lady's heart, consider a number of important points - otherwise they will not work.

How to say compliments to a girl

  • Choose the right moment - when she is in no hurry, not in a hurry, not busy with anything, not longing for solitude, no matter what.
  • Be true and do not lie: say only what you really have in your heart. Lying or bantering romantic feelings will be perceived as mockery and hurt your girlfriend to the depths of his soul - especially if the first part of the compliment was true.
  • These beautiful words and compliments to the girl can be said eye to eye, hugging her, or you can send via SMS, e-mail and other modern ways.
  • The most important thing - FIRST FEEL IT, AND ALREADY THEN TALKING.

The most beautiful compliments to girls are affectionate and the best.

  1. Thanks to you, I believed that there are really soul mates.
  2. You gave my life a meaning - you are now the meaning of my life.
  3. I can not imagine life without you.
  4. How do you always manage to look so beautiful, look amazing?
  5. When I'm with you, I feel lucky. All my friends envy me because of you.
  6. You always know how to surprise me and make me happy. Just read in my heart, as in a book.
  7. You are the reason why I consider my life perfect.
  8. You look so cool when you laugh.
  9. You light up my day every time I see you.
  10. I dreamed of you all night.
  11. I thought about you and kissed my pillow before waking up. Can you imagine?
  12. I can look at you forever. And I always have the feeling that I constantly miss you. I always have a little of you. I can not get enough of you.
  13. I like the scent of your body.
  14. I feel so happy when next to you, and when you are not around - my heart hurts.
  15. Spending time with you is my favorite hobby. At work, I only live with the hope that I will see you later.
  16. You are so cool dancing! So you move organically.
  17. You understand me so well - you read right in my soul, like a book. Even I myself do not know so well and do not understand how you are me.
  18. I can not wait for our wedding - so I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  19. I am happy just because I have you.
  20. You are my best friend.
  21. Thanks to your beautiful smile, all my stresses, troubles and problems disappear. You are like a morning dawn, like a sun that chases away darkness.
  22. No, you're not fat at all. You're perfect - just such a build, as I love. There is something to take, it's nice to hold.
  23. You could have gotten any guy in this world, but you chose me - and I thank you for that.
  24. When I see you, I feel an incomprehensible trembling in my knees and an overwhelming desire to touch, hug, caress you ...
  25. When I'm with you, I want time to stop. But it, alas, flies too fast.
  26. I regret that I did not meet you much earlier, that I spent so many years in vain.
  27. Just by hearing your voice in the morning, I get a tremendous boost of energy and vigor for the whole day.
  28. From your smile, I melt, fly away, and ...
  29. When we break up and you look at me at parting, my heart literally stops and so I don't want to go anywhere ...
  30. You have fulfilled all my dreams of the ideal girl - and beautiful, and smart, and strong, and self-confident.
  31. I have never met such a wonderful person like you before.
  32. I love you so much that I can't even explain it to you, although I tried many times. I love you more than any strongest love!
  33. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met.
  34. I like so much to touch your delicate skin with my hands - my hands enjoy making you a massage.
  35. I want to spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy.
  36. Never change - I love you just the way you are.
  37. Thanks to you, I feel like a little joyful child in an extreme park. You are my adrenaline.
  38. It hurts me to see you sad.
  39. You have such expressive eyes and a surprisingly deep, wise look ... I adore you, and I love your eyes.
  40. Because of you, I want to become better, change for the better - I want to be worthy of your love.
  41. Butterflies are fluttering in my stomach when your hands touch my face.
  42. You look so gorgeous and luxurious, and at the same time childishly naive that I’m afraid to touch you - you seem so airy and fragile.
  43. I think that no other girl is as close as perfect as you are.
  44. You are the person for whom I want to thank my fate.
  45. I love you.
  46. I like the way you say to me "Good night, honey" and kiss my cheek on the phone.
  47. I adore when your hair touches my fingers.
  48. I love when you hug me and stroking with your own hands.
  49. I want to kiss every gauge of your body.
  50. I got up in the morning thinking about you and go to bed with a dream about you.
  51. I love you so much that life without you just can’t imagine.

Want to check out these 50 affectionate and pleasant, beautiful compliments to your girlfriend in fact? Just tell the girl tender words from the heart, from the bottom of your heart right now - and share the result!

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Gentle words beloved girlfriend

In our pragmatic time, many girls want to hear (or read) gentle and romantic words. It is very important for them to recognize their uniqueness and receive confirmation of this. Men often believe that if they often pronounce tenderness, girls will perceive them as weak-tempered people. It's a delusion. If you like a girl or woman, she will not only accept compliments with pleasure, but will constantly wait for them. And if it is very difficult to speak gentle words to just a familiar girl, then they’re "torn" out to the beloved one. Sincere compliments always evoke at least sympathy in return. But other feelings are possible - more sublime.

Gentle words in prose

Words expressed in prose seem simpler. But if real feeling is embedded in them, they will sound no less romantic than in verses. These texts can be not only pronounced out loud, but also to write on valentines, postcards, simple little notes and, of course, send by phone.

When I first saw you, in an instant I realized that I could not live without you. In my heart - only you. And you for me is the whole world!

  • the only
  • good
  • sweet
  • sultry
  • tender
  • desired
  • dear
  • favorite
  • unsurpassed

Sweetheart and beloved! My heart! For me, you are the most captivating and mysterious creature! You are not like anyone. I want us to never part.

Unacceptable tenderness

The same compliment can make a different impression. One girl will be delighted with him, and the other will be offended. Therefore, you need to understand the nature of the beloved.

There are some expressions that almost all girls do not like. First of all, these are words related to appearance. Phrases like: "You are my adorable pyshechka or donut" seem to sound gentle. But it is better not to pronounce them. Even if the girl tactfully smiles, do not doubt that you offended her. This is due to the fact that absolutely all girls, even the most slender, are unhappy with their figure.

Also, it is not necessary to emphasize a particular detail in the exterior. The girl with big eyes will not like the expression: "My big-eyed beauty" or even worse: "My owl."

It is very important to pay attention to the sincerity of compliments. False is always felt. For example, a compliment: "Your radiant eyes sparkle like lanterns in a dark city" will cause the girl to be perplexed and awkward.

Finally, do not constantly repeat the same compliments. The girl will consider that you are deprived of mind and imagination. Also, do not say words, which then regret. For example: "You know how to cook so tasty that you will be a good wife." These rash words can engender unnecessary illusions in the girl’s soul. Moreover, she may perceive them as an offer to marry. Если у вас нет такого намерения, то лучше не бросаться ими.


Часто ласковые слова служат пропуском к сердцу любимой. Однако следует в меру «ублажать» милых созданий. Иначе слова, идущие из самой души, будут восприниматься как само собой разумеющиеся. A guy or a man should know when it is appropriate to make a gentle message with his sweetheart. Then she will wait for him and read (or listen) with admiration.

To say beautiful, gentle words to a girl, it is not necessary to be a poet. You just need to say what you feel and look into your eyes. False compliments have never been successful (unless only very narrow-minded girls). It is better to remain silent, and a smart girl will understand everything.

And finally - a cartoon about love.

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Romantic words to a girl

You are my sunshine, clear, light wind on the shore, you are a beautiful starry sky, I can't live without you! 77

I do not know, my love, how I would live If I had not met you once,

I have never loved so much! 143

You are my little star, the sun is clear, the most beautiful in the world you are! I hug, kiss you! You are one to me in the whole world! 129

My love for you is unearthly, that's how I love you! I do not need any other, my heart beats only for you! 94 - Romantic words for a girl

I want to hear your voice, touch your lips. To you alone, I dedicate this verse! 34

I can’t imagine my day without you, it’s empty without you, there’s no point in it. With you, I only understand how beautiful life is! 91

I want to be with you always, my love, and not lose a single moment of happiness! 21

Without flattery, I want to say: better you are not in the world, you are the best on the whole planet! 29

In the whole world there is no one more beautiful and more desirable than you! 39

You are my dream, a beautiful fairy tale! The feeling of love for you will never fade in my soul! 40

I love you very much, my bunny! You make the world more beautiful every moment! 35

In my soul, feelings and passions are hot, you are above all praise, I don’t know a girl better! 22

My love is still young, but there is a reason for that too. I hasten to tell you, kitten, that I'm madly in love with you! 3

You are radiant, like the sun in a clear sky, you are bright, like the first snow that fell, and as sparkling as the fire that just lit up! 20

I kiss, love, hug, press to my heart! Imagine it all, smile! Your smile gives life! 42

I need you, my star, As the desert needs water. I need you, my joy, As ships need seas. How do homeless need shelter

I need you, my love! 33

Words to a girl: beautiful, affectionate, tender, in verse, prose, sms

If your goal is to make the right impression on a young lady or make a pleasant woman you love, you need to learn how to pronounce or write gentle words.

A timely compliment is truly capable of creating a miracle, and, conversely, coarse flattery can destroy barely nascent sympathy.

Oscar Wilde also said that if you begin to get acquainted with the amenities, it can become a strong friendship, and we add - and turn into love. So, before you write the beautiful words of your girlfriend, remember that they are just a small exaggeration of these women's virtues.

How to write a beautiful compliment on the net?

A letter on the Internet is different from live communication, therefore a woman should write good words, observing certain conditions. But, first of all, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of virtual “tenderness”:

  1. You can postpone the answer and beautiful words to your beloved man, as opposed to real communication or telephone dialogue. That is, you can write love phrases to the girl at the moment you need. For example, wish a pleasant dream at night or put off touching words in the morning.
  2. The girl has the opportunity to more subtly analyze your words, in contrast to the conversation in real life. Having opened your letter, she will always be able to re-read it and “weed out” the truth from fiction. In addition, the woman is given the opportunity to compare the "testimony" of the man and, if necessary, to recall his cunning.
  3. The girl can always check if your love hints are unique. Any romantic phrases can be easily conducted through the anti-plagiarism system or through a search, which will inevitably lead to exposure. In order not to be trapped, it is better to say a compliment in your own words.

Affectionate words for a girl on the Internet correspondence can both melt her heart, and cause a persistent antipathy towards the intended interlocutor. You should not tell a woman standard phrases - for example, “you are beautiful”, “beautiful figure”, etc. Love games do not tolerate platitudes, especially since the young lady has heard these confessions 100 times already.

If you want the girl to melt, do not dwell on her appearance. Or make compliments as sincerely as possible and with some zest, pointing to the feminine originality and singularity.

To do this, it is not necessary to write a letter or message, just leave a comment under the photo in the social network. For example:

  • “Cool dress! It really fits your eyes! ”
  • “You have great taste”
  • "You look harmoniously against the backdrop of autumn birch, like a forest fairy."

Beautiful words by SMS

Men rarely make compliments to their second half, with whom they have long been married or in a serious relationship. And in vain! Sooner or later there comes a turning point when you have to make a certain diversity in family life.

Of course, you can show your love to your wife through expensive gifts, visiting restaurants, but the gentle words of your beloved girl will cope with this task just as effectively.

Send an SMS to your wife for no reason - wish good morning, "kiss" at night (if you are not around), remind how you love her, that she is the best and most beautiful.

But do not overdo it, otherwise a thought will appear in the woman’s head that you are asking for forgiveness for something (and there it’s not far from suspicion). You can write in the SMS and poems, but it is better to say about the tender feelings in your own words.

Poems or prose?

According to many lovers, only poems can describe the full depth of feelings, the power of desire, and, of course, female beauty. It is extremely difficult to argue with this statement, however the level of modern poetic works often leaves much to be desired.

The most popular poems and verse love confessions can easily be found on the Internet on specialized services. But by sending a letter with similar content, men do not always get the desired result. Quoting girls in the network verses almost 100 percent of cases perceived by girls as a cheap trick.

However, this principle does not apply at all to the classic poems of Russian and Soviet poets who touch the heart of any romantic young lady.

In addition, your own poems are also welcome, especially if you have previously proven yourself to be a brutal and courageous young man.

You can say about your love and write the kindest and gentlest compliments in prose. But your letter should not be filled with pretentious words (“goddess”, “poet’s dream”), so as not to tire the girl. In general, it is important for the representatives of the weaker sex to hear sincere phrases, especially if they accurately hit the target.

What beautiful words can you write to a girl?

Beautiful words to his girlfriend or wife speak quite simple, if a man has a little imagination. But what to write a beautiful stranger, so she melted and, perhaps, believed in love and other feelings at first sight?

If you want to write a letter to a cute young lady whose personal qualities you still do not know enough, but you want to build a love relationship with her, phrases that describe the appearance are allowed. It is only important to remember that you should not speak as a whole, how beautiful she is, it is better to focus on the small details that she is justly proud of. So you emphasize your observation.

  1. Phrases about women's eyes. No wonder blue or brown eyes are called numerous beautiful epithets, since they have long been considered the personification of beauty. Men can say that:
    • "Your eyes are bottomless",
    • "You have a very perceptive look,"
    • "Your eyes are like dark night",
    • "You have amazingly long and fluffy eyelashes."
  2. A letter about a smile and lips. Your potential sweetheart's tender lips cost 100 compliments, especially if the girl is smiling. To express their admiration, men can write the following words:
    • "Good morning begins only with your smile",
    • “You have very sensual lips, especially when you smile,”
    • "Your smile makes the morning not so dreary",
    • "I beg your pardon, but with such a smile, even the sun is not needed."

Kind, beautiful, unusual words to a girl are another way to start a relationship or strengthen existing ties. However, there are some nuances. It's one thing to say compliments to a wife or a sweetheart - here the words themselves add up to graceful verbal images.

But to write a letter and say a couple of beautiful words to an unfamiliar girl, in order to make a good impression, is already causing difficulties. But regardless of whether it is night or morning outside, you need to say compliments - write poems, short sms, in which the young lady will see your love and tender feelings. And then she will respond to you in return.

Top 10 nice words for your girlfriend

I would like to warn young men in love that the pleasantness of their words depends largely on the object of their sighs. If a girl herself is crazy about a man, then all his words will seem to her a cordial serenade.

  • Nice words to his girlfriend
  • The most beautiful confessions
  • In sms

If the capricious is indifferent to the guy, any of the most pompous speeches will be indifferent to her. Well, the last option, when a young man is so tired with his wooing that I want to run away from him.

Here it remains only to sympathize with "Romeo", because any words, even the most exquisite in verses and gifts, will be cruelly ridiculed and ruthlessly trampled. Although in all these options there may be different exceptions.

Nice words to his girlfriend

Any girl who is loving and not very pleasant words of love. They give her a reason to be happy, special, not like everyone else. Even the gait and look of the woman he loved her stand out from the crowd. The eyes glow with inner joy and warmth, the back is straight, and the step is sure.

How to tell her about feelings, in what words? The answer to this question is very simple. Because nothing better than “I love you”, humanity has not yet invented.

In all languages, the declaration of love is the same: “ich Liebe dich”, “I love you”, “je t’aime”, etc.

This is the foundation! From this all should begin. Then you can decorate the recognition epithets, gifts, flowers, kisses, complements. But the first should sound this phrase.

You can not repeat love confessions very often. Judge for yourself, one ice cream will pleasantly refresh and delight you, and ten ice cream briquettes will drive you to bed and turn off the hunt for a cold delicacy for a long time. On the other hand, it’s boring to live without ice cream.

There are men who can say anything, even bad things, but they will never utter this phrase. For them, the declaration of love is tantamount to public exposure. He lived here, he was strong and invulnerable, and suddenly put up his "Achilles heel" for everyone to see.

There is one of two things: either the guy is afraid to seem ridiculous (which means he is not sure of himself), or he appreciates these words worth his weight in gold. There is, the truth, and the third option - he does not like.

Before bedtime

It has long been noted that the sounds, words, information, all heard before bedtime, is well and permanently remembered. It is easy to memorize a poem, if in the evening, lying in bed, read it, put the text under the pillow, fall asleep, and read it again in the morning without getting up.

Stirlitz often used this trick. Remember his words: “Last phrase is remembered”? Therefore, the last words before bedtime for your beloved should be kind, gentle and pleasant.

  • fall asleep with his girlfriend - probably, here it is happiness! I am waiting for the night not to sleep, to relax, but to hug you, kiss your shoulders, stroke your hands, feel the scent of your hair and your body, look at you asleep, because I love you very much!
  • I want you to know how pleasant it is to protect your sleep every night.

Never fall asleep in a fight. She will be remembered and will interfere further to build your relationship. Even if you are not close, you have a mobile phone that will help you to whisper in your ear a few compliments and good night wishes.

In the morning these words must be repeated! And then your woman, as a school poem for the rest of her life, will remember how they love her, how beautiful she is, and that everything will be fine.

It will turn out even more festive if a man accompanies his morning words with some small surprise. Chamomile in a vase or coffee with toast.

  • I love waking up with you in the morning ... I feel my wings grow and I fly all day.
  • Promise me, please, that we will wake up together all our lives, until old age. I really want this!

Explanation in feelings

All of the above examples can be used for a declaration of love.

Birthday. Give a gift, congratulate the birthday girl and add words of recognition to your passion in the end of the dessert.

Valentine's Day. If the language does not turn to say these important words for both of you, just write them on a paper heart and hand over to your woman.

Confess your love for the night and morning on an empty stomach, so that she has it deposited in the subconscious, and she never doubted your feelings.

After a quarrel, when you do not know how to rehabilitate, tell her about your love for the first time. The spat will be immediately forgotten, and the relationship will enter into a new round.

And yet the most precious declaration of love is that which itself suddenly breaks loose from the tongue, because a great feeling no longer fits in the soul, overflows and splashes out in hot, tender, sincere words.

Without preparing the situation and the situation, without much deliberation of words and sentences, in the most ridiculous place and at the most inappropriate time. Recognition-impromptu is the most sincere and valuable.

  • Today, I imagined what it would be like if you and I didn’t meet or suddenly broke up ... Perhaps I never felt as bad as at that moment!
  • You know, I felt that I loved when I realized that I wanted to kiss you more than just put to bed.

After an argument

Even between Romeo and Juliet there were spat. The most tender relations do not manage without quarrels. Many psychologists believe that small tiffs are like peppercorns for an empty dish. The main thing is not to overdo it.

After each reconciliation, love seems a little brighter, hotter, more festive. It's like a juicy washed up, shining in the sun nature after a thunderstorm.

Any such thunderstorm can and should be stopped with the words of love. True, you should not use this technique often, otherwise your beauty will begin to provoke a special quarrel in order to hear from you pleasant words.

  • I want us to never swear again. I will try to make every effort.
  • I am sure we will cope with all the problems. Together