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Without complexes - What fashionable short female haircuts to choose: a lot of photo ideas


Today, much attention is paid to creating your own image, and hair, as you know, is an integral part of it. Hairdressers offer many different options for haircuts in the shape of a face, emphasizing its merits and eliminating shortcomings, making the image for women exclusive and unique.

How to choose a haircut on the shape of the face?

To choose a haircut first you need to accurately determine the shape of the face.

There are several:

  • a circle,
  • oval,
  • square,
  • triangle,
  • rhombus,
  • rectangle.


  • Chubby women have a narrow or middle forehead, wide cheekbones and chin, with smooth even transition lines. Straight hair looks great in short-trimmed women, with the volume at the roots. Curly women with thin hair go haircut for the entire length. The face at the top of the head is brought closer to the oval.
  • Face shape oval it is distinguished by its elongation, with wide cheekbones, with forehead and chin with approximately the same width. Face lines are rounded. Topical haircuts with long strands. Straight and oblique bangs - a good complement.
  • Square face possesses a narrow forehead and wide lower jaw with sharp lines. It differs from others in the same width and height of the face. Haircuts that hide the sharpness of the lines will be best. By the way there will be curls and curls, bangs of disproportionate form. Hairdressers recommend raising hair at the roots.
  • Triangular shape or a face with a heart shape has a pointed chin with angular lines. Cheeks wide tapering sharply down. Usually found in women of Slavic appearance. Looking for haircuts, extending the chin visually, for example, the caret with curled tips to the outside, haircuts in the shape of a trapezoid.
  • Diamond shaped visible wide cheekbones and narrow forehead, chin. Suitable hairstyles, whose width is greater in the cheekbones and chin.
  • With rectangular shape facial elongation is observed, and the forehead, chin and cheekbones are the same in width. Voluminous curls will harmonize well, and haircuts with bangs are also good.

Haircuts for oval face for short hair

Owners of an oval face fit haircut "Pixie". Its advantages are that it conceals a high forehead and accentuates the face and eyes. A very good option is the good old car, which adds volume to the hair at the roots. Short ladder is relevant, but it is worth considering that on thick hair it will look like a mess. Ladder looks on thin and sparse hair.

It is believed that for women from 30 to 35 years old the best option is short haircuts, for visual rejuvenation of the face.

For oval shape fit haircuts:

  • "bean",
  • quads
  • "Garcon".

They will give the face the correct symmetry and rejuvenate its owner. Some believe that women over 40 should prefer short haircuts, but this is not so. If the long hair looks elegant or is tucked away in a bun, or curls are made, it will look very nice.

Women in 50 years fit hairstyles with a graduated haircut. Not the best option is long hair. We must not forget to tint gray hair, because it looks ugly and not fashionable.

Haircuts for an oval face on medium hair

The most common hairstyle is a medium length haircut.

Since it is easier to care for them than for long hair, but at the same time you can make a lot of beautiful hairstyles, for example:

  • tail,
  • spit
  • curls, etc.

The most common haircut is a helmete. To hide the elongation of the face, you can make curls, wrapping them out, and who is trying to hide an elongated chin, you need to wrap a few upper strands inside. The current option is a “bean” for medium hair, as well as “a-bob” - it differs from a simple “bean” in lengthening the strands in front.

You can also experiment with different lengths, so that one side is shorter than the other. For women from 30 to 40 years will suit any version of the above haircuts. But for women whose age is coming to 50, it is worth choosing a “bob”, a cascade is still a youth version.

Haircuts for long-haired girls with an oval type of face

For long-haired girls with an oval face fit a variety of haircuts.

It is difficult to say which hairstyles do not go to the oval shape of the face, almost all of them are more likely to fit:

  • With a bang,
  • without bangs,
  • curls
  • cascade,
  • straight hair,
  • ladder, etc.

If you choose a hairstyle yourself it is impossible, you can consult a hairdresser. He, on the basis of preferences, will select the appropriate current version of the haircut. There are special programs on the Internet for the selection of hairstyles. Enough photos loaded into the program, and after a while you can pick up a new hairstyle.

Women in 30-40 years can afford long hair, provided that they are neatly arranged, but in 50 long hair will look a little sloppy, wrinkles will be emphasized. As a rule, women in their 30s and 40s have lifeless and dull hair, long hair is not relevant, you need to take care of them and take vitamins for strengthening.

Square face haircuts with short hair

Women with a "square" face is better not to choose short-cut hair, because of the bare lower part of the face, namely the square shape of the chin. Pixie haircut should not be done, if you still want a short haircut, you should choose an elongated bob, bob-caret or asymmetric haircuts.

Younger than 30 short haircuts are best done with caution, they can throw a few years. This factor depends on facial features, skin color, etc. But for women of 40 and 50 years, short haircuts with elongated curls falling below the chin will be very much to face. You can experiment and make one side shorter than the other.

Square face shape and average hair length

The best option for haircuts in the shape of the face for women with an average length of hair will be:

  • multilayer
  • with volume at the top,
  • with bangs on the side.

A sloping square on the side, with a bare back of the head. The classic square for the owners of a “square” face will not work, since on the contrary it will emphasize the facial contour. By the way there will be a multi-layered cascade and stepped cutting with a thin ladder with a bang.

Relevant for women up to 50 years old haircut cascade and beveled bob with bare back of the head, they are suitable for younger. After 50 it is better to choose a multi-layered haircut without any asymmetric moments.

Haircuts for long hair for women with a square face

Women with long hair and a square face should refuse long straight bangs, it is necessary to raise the hair at the roots, thus creating a volume, you can also make a pile. It looks good graduation and ladder with a semicircular bangs or bangs to the side.

Long hair goes more to women up to 40 years. For more mature age, shorter haircuts are preferable. But if suddenly I really wanted to leave the long-curled locks, it is better to select the hairstyles with waves, as straight hair emphasizes wrinkles.

Haircuts for round face for short hair

Pixie is considered a universal haircut and suits almost everyone, including chubby girls:

  1. This haircut gives thinness visually, which is required for a round face.
  2. A multi-layered pixie hairstyle will look better with a slant or straight, and even better with a shaped bang.
  3. With regular features will be the highlight of an asymmetric haircut, it will only emphasize them.
  4. Pixies can be stacked in different ways and this is a big plus in achieving an individual image.

Such haircuts are suitable for all ages ranging from 30 to 50 years. For girls under 30, this hairstyle should be done with caution, as it may, on the contrary, add years.

Haircuts chubby with medium length hair

The best haircut in shape of the face for women with a round shape is a cascade with medium hair length. The hairstyle gives the face a slightly elongated shape, which visually gives thinness to the face. The “page” will be appropriate, it makes the image extraordinary and expressive by giving volume.

Hairdressers recommend a haircut to a cascade for women under 40 years of age, since after this age this hairstyle will look ugly. The best haircut for all ages and even 50 years will be page. Medium-length hair is the best option for middle-aged, the main thing is to find your ideal hairstyle and emphasize your originality and individuality.

For long-haired with a round face

Haircuts with long hair have always been considered a luxury for a woman, and many have grown their hair for several years. Sometimes you want to change the image, make a new haircut, but it becomes a pity to cut off your long hair. It is for long-haired and chubby women coined ladder hairstyle. It gives volume to hair, and if you add a bang, the image becomes younger.

In addition, the bangs can be made oblique or straight.

Long hair is suitable for women up to 30, after this age it becomes irrelevant, as the length emphasizes all the wrinkles and sagging cheeks. It is better to pick haircuts shorter or medium length haircuts.

Diamond face type and short hair

Rhombus is the most complex and beautiful face shape. To make the shape oval, you need to narrow the cheekbones, and expand the forehead. Fit haircuts covering the cheekbones, as well as curvy bangs of any shape. Raised roots with a pixie hairstyle or a bob caret with elongated front curls will be harmonious with this face shape.

Very elegant look and fit these haircuts in the shape of the face for women over 30 years old. The “bob-caret” will be especially bright - besides the fact that it will help to hide its irregular face shape, it will also add zest and hide the real age of its owner, especially at 50 years old.

Hairstyles on the average length of hair for the face in a diamond shape

A good option would be a graduated or asymmetrical caret. On which side it is better to make the extension should choose with the advice of a hairdresser. An elongated bean noticeably narrows the cheekbones. Curly hairstyle hairstyle will also hide wide cheekbones.

Such hairstyles should be chosen by women under 50 years. Still - this is a youth haircut and it helps to hide the wrong features, not age.

Diamond face shape and long hair

Girls with a diamond-shaped face with long hair prefer a long cascade and a ladder, and curls will look harmoniously.


  1. To achieve the desired effect you need to choose hairstyles with closed, sharp, wide cheekbones.
  2. If you raise the hair at the roots and make the hair along the width corresponding to the cheekbones, you can achieve a good result, as it contributes to the elongation of the face.
  3. With a lush bang, haircut will be relevant, the page haircut also looks harmonious.

In modern cosmetology and hairdressing, the oval is considered to be the ideal face, but the diamond-shaped face has become a no less beautiful shape. Long hair go to younger girls. Women from 50 years old is better to choose shorter haircuts, covering the cheekbones.

Haircuts for an elongated face with short and medium length hair

With this face shape, a high forehead and long round chin are noted. For an elongated face, it is important to visually expand it to the oval. To do this, you need to make a long straight bangs on the upper eyelid. Women over 30 are cascading haircut with an average length of hair. With short hair will be a good decision bob-square or square with elongated strands.

It is also recommended to add volume to the hair at the roots. Choosing a hairstyle should be preferred haircuts to the chin, as they allow you to expand the proportions of the face. It is necessary to exclude haircuts that fully open the face, this applies to any hair length. All the haircuts listed are suitable for women of all ages, especially from 30 to 50 years.

What is the best way to cut long hair with an elongated face?

To choose a haircut with this face shape, it is recommended to round out the contours as much as possible. As a rule, long haircuts only stretch the face, but if you choose a haircut correctly, the length will not aggravate the situation and even complement the image of the owner. A great addition is to lengthen the front strands of hair.


  1. With curly hair, you can leave the length, cut only the length of the bangs.
  2. Cascading haircut will be a bright highlight in creating the image.
  3. Straight hair needs to curl and give volume.
  4. Curls should not be made small, big waves will do.

Apply also multi-level hairstyles. Women at the age of 30 and older look great short haircuts, especially with an elongated face shape.

How to cut a triangular face with short hair with a haircut?

For women, it is important to beat the shape of the face in the form of a heart with short haircuts, so you should choose the safest type of haircut, for example, a chin-length bean. A good option is a haircut garcon with long bangs on the side or asymmetric. A bob with a large volume and a haircut with an asymmetrical shape will help in distracting attention from the chin.

A 30-year-old woman would be better, but if the facial features allow (usually correct with the least amount of wrinkles), you can make a square and a garcon, and a bob at 40, they will help you to throw off the year.

Triangular face haircuts for medium to long hair

With this type of face, a bob is chosen so that the length is lower than the chin with parting to the side. Ladder and combing on one side will be relevant with medium and long hair. You can often see this hairstyle among owners aged 40 years and older.


  1. The caret with lengthening is suitable, but always with a large volume.
  2. Asymmetrical bangs can help in distracting attention from a narrow chin.
  3. Also suitable hairstyle with rounded tips, with it you can pick up the bangs of any shape.

The volume from the middle of the face will help smooth the sharp chin and will suit a woman from 30 to 40 years old.

How to use a short haircut to emphasize a rectangular face?

In order to help a rectangular face to become more perfect, you need to reduce the length of the face with the help of a bang, it must be asymmetric, which will give not only an unforgettable image, but also smooth out the wrong facial contours. Also will be relevant multi-layered haircut with fine tips, preferably long to the chin.

To visually round the face, you need to give volume to short hair, making the appropriate haircut, it can also be asymmetric. Suitable for women from 30 to 50. Practically for women of all ages, you can do this hairstyle without fear that it will not work.

Rectangular face type: best haircuts for medium and long hair

With rectangular facial features, it is better to abandon long straightened hair, especially without a bang, it is better to make curls or waves starting from the middle of the face. Also, do not give volume to your hair. Asymmetric bangs will be a good addition to medium length haircuts.

You can make a ponytail, but with mandatory conditions, you need to release a few strands and lay them in waves on the cheeks.

It is important to leave the length of the hair until about 30 years of age.

Women from 40 to 50 length should not be grown, they will age their owner even more than to young.

Haircuts for a thin face type

With a thin type of face you need to visually round it, for example, using the volume from the level of the ears. Not the best option would be smooth and straight hair, horse tails, long haircuts. But if you still wanted to leave the long hair, it is possible to cut the ladder or cascade. Bangs are recommended to choose straight and thick.

A good option would be:

  • four of a kind, especially the volume up to the chin,
  • asymmetrical bob with a maximum length to the ears,
  • long bean
  • Pixies with volume will be an excellent choice in solving a problem.

What haircuts are suitable for wide-faced girls?

With a well-executed haircut in the shape of the face and with a broad face, you can harmoniously look. For a woman, you need to visually reduce the cheekbones, forehead, and cheeks to reduce. It will look very impressive curls, falling on the cheekbones, thereby covering their part. Suitable milled straight bangs on the eyebrows or a little to the side.

Haircuts in the shape of the face for women are selected so as to hide all the flaws.

To choose a short haircut, it is better to choose asymmetric and careless options, avoiding clear and even lines, as well as preferring haircuts with volume. It is better not to choose a bang above the eyebrows, a square long cheek or up to the chin. It is necessary to abandon horsetails and sleek hairstyles, as well as to avoid even partings.

What haircut is better to choose in 35-45 years?

Women who have crossed the 35-year-old frontier should prefer hairstyles that are young.

These include:

  • long caret, with volume at the roots,
  • bob with curly tips,
  • elongated oblique bangs, volume-laid will be correctly combined with medium-length hair, as well as with long hair,
  • short haircuts "under the boy"
  • cascading haircuts on hair of medium length.

After 40, pixies, bob, short garcon, cascade, multi-layer voluminous haircuts, cap, square with long locks in front and elongated quad are suitable. Для выбора прически стоит основаться также на типе волос, обращая внимание на форму лица.

Лучшие стрижки для женщин старше 50 лет

Большинство женщин в 50 отказываются от длинных волос. Во-первых, это не эстетично и, во-вторых, из-за потери здорового вида волос, и из-за недостатка времени.

Most prefer a bob on short hair, a short bob with and without a bang, a bob with a border, and also a short one for a boy and a short one with curls. These haircuts give a younger look, and hair looks much better and healthier.

Hairdressing tips on choosing the right haircut

To choose a haircut on the shape of your face, you should first consider the options that you like. Based on the shape of the face and age, choose the appropriate option. With the help of hair, you can correct facial features, hide flaws and emphasize the advantages.

Each woman is individual with its flaws and highlights. In order to hide something undesirable and emphasize their originality, they often turn to hairdressers, who in turn want to improve the natural beauty of women with the help of haircuts in the shape of their faces.

Video: facial haircuts for women

How to choose a haircut according to the shape of the face, find out in the video clip:

What haircut is right for you, see in the video:

Choose a new stile and form a new image - fashionable short women's haircuts 2018-2019

For many beauties it is familiar when the hair, even with a substantial length, has a faceless fall over the shoulders and cause their mistress only a sense of discomfort.

Every day, girls and women suffer in order to do something with a thin hair type, and in the absence of volume it is not at all easy to do.

The output will be fashionable short haircuts for short hair of a different type, pulling a woman out of facelessness, dullness, dullness, giving her brightness, extravagance, femininity.

Fashionable short haircuts for women and girls 2018-2019 - this is your chance not only to change beyond recognition, but also look younger by a few years.

Although there is a perception that fashionable short haircuts for women are a field for reflection for older women.

Properly selected for your type of face fashionable short haircuts for women are able to lose you up to a dozen. And this is not a joke, but a fact verified by many.

Let us consider, in order, the stunning fashionable short haircuts for short hair of different types from 2018-2019, which really deserve to be made by many, and their popularity does not fade with time.

Romantic short haircuts 2018-2019 - femininity comes first

Fashionable short haircuts for women are created by masters in large quantities. The names of haircuts are familiar to almost everyone. Among them, and fashionable women's haircuts 2018-2019 bob.

Trendy hairstyles of the bob 2018-2019 evolved, suggesting the beauties to move away from stereotypes and, in addition to the classic solution, choose fashionable ladies hairstyles of the boar with ragged strands, asymmetry, graduated curls, bob for wavy hair, bob with an unaccustomed side parting.

No less relevant will be fashionable short haircuts for women square without bangs and combed back.

Extremely fashionable solution for short hair 2018-2019 - pixie

The perfect hairstyle for extreme lovers, scandalous and creative persons will be beautiful short pixie haircuts that will draw everyone’s attention to your facial features.

Causing and provoking trendy haircuts for women pixie with heavily shaved temples - a bold decision, but with such a haircut you just will not be like anyone.
Pixies with shaved temples are striking. They create a very bold image, and, of course, slow down age.

Thanks to the multi-layered beautiful haircuts for short hair pixie create an inimitable volume, and are suitable for any type of hair. Particularly interesting will be fashionable haircuts for short hair pixie with various deformations bangs and multi-level strands on the back of the head and temples.

Weightlessness and carelessness: trendy bob haircuts and a combination of shocking and femininity - bob-caret

Undoubtedly, the current trend 2018-2019 will be beautiful female short haircuts bob and bob-caret.

These fashionable haircuts for short hair have a lot of variations, creating stunning stylish ideas for women of fashion - short women's haircuts.

Very often it is the fashionable short women's haircuts that choose stars and bob-bob, because these beautiful haircuts for women with short hair are very interesting in styling, and you can fantasize here indefinitely.

These types of short haircuts can be performed on both curly and obedient straight type hair with bangs short and long. Once again, these beautiful short haircuts for women are pleased with the number of incarnations, how to cut your hair.

Unsurpassed layered, textured, asymmetrical haircuts for short hair bob and bob croche 2018-2019, undoubtedly, will interest young beauties, making their image very feminine and romantic.

Asymmetry and graduation disturbing imagination - new popular hairstyle trends for confident beauties

Do not forget that beautiful short haircuts for women with multi-level asymmetry is a hit among short hairstyles.

Oblique bangs, asymmetrical and graded strands create the magnificent appearance of a mysterious and mega fashionable woman.

Usually, asymmetric trendy short haircuts look better on straight hair with good volume, but thanks to the technique of making this haircut on short hair, even very thin and curly hair can create very beautiful hairstyles with asymmetry. Also very popular torn haircuts for short hair with asymmetry.

French luxury: fashion haircuts page's Cesson

These fashionable short haircuts for short hair with a straight texture are somewhat similar. One fact unites them: they make a woman very refined, very unusual against the background of others, and extraordinarily beautiful.

Fashionable short haircuts for women page and sesson emphasize the beauty of the eyes, drawing attention to your face.

Ultra short women's haircuts garcon and cap for sensual women

Photos of haircuts for short hair garcon and cap immediately indicate the shortest possible length. Such fashionable short haircuts for women are not suitable for everyone.

However, if you still decide on these options, you will create a very romantic and sensual image.

In addition, these hairstyles can be laid, both in everyday and festive versions due to their versatility.

Trendy short haircuts with the shortest possible strand length

Ohhh, beauties choosing shocking short haircuts, really ready for anything in life. For them, there is nothing wrong with shaving their heads, leaving a little hedgehog.

Keep in mind that short hedgehog haircuts will suit you only if you have a beautiful head shape and your style and lifestyle allows you such unexpected experiments.

So we briefly told about short haircuts that are relevant in the near future. You do not know how to get a haircut, see our photo collection.

Choosing a model for owners of short hair

Each version of women's hairstyles has its own name. Lovers of very short hair know such a model as "bob". It remains popular until now.

Curly bob - improved ordinary. It suits the lady who has the correct shape of the head, the face is small and also correct. Appearance here depends on well-laid hair, which you can just ruffle your hand, giving them a natural location. This should be done carefully and in moderation in order to get a certain amount of charm, and not the appearance of an unkempt head.

Asymmetrical bean . If the hair is thin or wavy, there is no better option than this. It is to face with an oval and elongated shape. A very busy lady asymmetrical bob will help to be always normal, because it does not require complex care.

Pixie and Cesson - women's hairstyles, which only professional can do. They should choose the ladies of a certain type.

Pixie will decorate a young lady of short stature with small features and a small bone. If you really want to make a "pixie" woman of large stature, then you can conduct an experiment with the formation of bangs, but it is better not to risk it and approach objectively to your capabilities.

Many ladies, as they say, "balzakovskogo age" know the name of the hairstyle "sesson". Both the name and model came from the second half of the 20th century. "Cesson" is able to make a person a little older, so do not rush time, but rather consult a stylist and choose something else for yourself.

"Advanced" haircuts.

Very young and creative girls, who call themselves advanced, can choose for themselves the following female hairstyles: “mohawk”, “hedgehog”, and also make a haircut with shaved temples.

Cap - the name of the hairstyle, which is able to transform the owner of rare hair or a person with a problematic face shape.

Very short hair means haircuts under the boy », « Garson ».

They can choose girls with good skin, because these hairstyles reveal all the nuances of the neck and face.

This group of haircuts includes and " Enthusiasm ". This model does not imply styling.

Loyalty and constancy

Loved by many Bob haircut. This, apparently, is explained by the fact that she is suitable for almost everyone, so some ladies are faithful to her.

A good end to the "square" is a bang of straight lines. Strengthen the showiness will help hair painting in red or black.

Forget the name "caret" can only individuals with wavy hair.

Hairstyles for long hair

Girls with long hair one day want to change their image. You can decide on this, knowing a wide range of women's hairstyles.

Women's haircuts for long-haired girls will help to visually correct the outlines of the face, make thin strands voluminous, conduct an experiment in changing their appearance.

Cascade haircuts

Of all the female models, cascade-related are especially successful.

Cascade with oblique bangs. This type of “correct” chubby face shape of a girl: visually pulls his oval, “hides” a heavy chin.

Graduated car. The hair in this hairstyle is cut at a certain angle, combining a cascade and four of a kind.

This bob is made from many layers of hair. Girls with curly hair, too, will be able to change something in their appearance.

Long hair and hairstyles

Ponytail . It would seem so ordinary hairstyle, even suggestive of boredom. Turning on the fantasy, you can diversify it as well: gum, holding hair, wrap with a pigtail, woven from a strand of hair. In the main "tail" a few strands also make pigtails. Types of tail can be many.

Habitual braid now received diversity and became very popular. What are just the names of women's hairstyles with no braid! This scythe is French, and Scandinavian, and Greek, and a spikelet, and a basket — all of them cannot be counted. There is where to roam, picking up exactly your version.

Page designed for owners of smooth and straight hair. It can be called a caret for long hair.

What are the?

Sometimes haircuts are enough to create a beautiful hairstyle, and sometimes people use additional accessories, such as hairpins, flowers, bows, stones and much more.

There are simple ones for which all you need is to wash your hair, comb your hair and lightly put it on with a hairdryer. This option is best suited for busy girls.

But there is another kind, they are also called complex. They are created a few hours, while using hundreds of hairpins, jewelry and even false hair strands. With such a hairstyle, you are unlikely to feel comfortable at work in the office, but for an unusual photo shoot or party it is an ideal option.

And one can not forget about the so-called spectacular hairstyles. They can be seen mainly at special shows of hairdressers, for example at exhibitions.

For their creation masters use metal, wooden, plastic elements.

And sometimes the most extravagant hairdressers dare to create a multi-kilogram structure from their hair, for example, a bird's house or nest, and with birds in it.


Thanks to the hairstyle, you can become much prettier because it can hide the flaws of the face. And you can highlight your eyes or lips. In general, no matter how you treat hair manipulations, you should know that such experiments can significantly transform your appearance. Before heading to the barber chair, familiarize yourself with the basic types.

Drop down

So, perhaps, the most popular among the ladies are falling haircuts. This is an ideal option for everyday life, because often we do not want to mess around with a haircut. Falling hairstyles are simple and natural. They emphasize the naturalness of the curls and create volume. To create such a hairstyle, you will need curlers or curling tweezers.

Just do not overdo it with styling products, and then you can forget about naturalness. By the way, the falling hairstyle may well be without curls. Perfectly smooth hair, which is elegantly placed on the shoulders, slightly covering the face - that's what you need.


These naturally include the bob, bob and cascade haircuts. Women have been making them for at least a hundred years. But not everyone is able to pass such a test of time and fashion. Classic - often have straight lines.

This type of haircut is not suitable for all girls, you have to be internally ready for elegance.

Although now classic hairstyles have a lot of modern variations, so you will certainly be able to find what you have been looking for so long.

This look can be done if you have long or medium hair. To create it, all the hair from the back of the head is placed on the crown or the parietal zone. Most often this is a bit or a pile like that of Elvis Presley. It can be made both for a party, and for a graduation party. The only condition for creating a hairstyle for prom is the presence of a bright make-up and a chic evening dress.

As you guessed, when creating this hairstyle, all hair should be combed back. That is, the entire hairstyle will be located on your neck. Reverse hairstyles can create a romantic image, especially if before you collect hair, you lightly wind it. Another variety is a low tail. By the way, this is a fairly versatile hair style, as it would be appropriate for work and dinner with a loved one in a restaurant.


Some of the weaker sex can not live without training. Sport can be traced in all spheres of their lives and even in their hair. Sports hairstyles often look defiant, they have a lot of asymmetric lines. Their advantage is the uselessness of constant styling and the creation of a truly stylish look.

On the day of the long-awaited marriage, the girls want them to have a divine hairstyle. Therefore, hairdressers often turn wedding hairstyles into spectacular. In the wedding can be used twisted hair, even, multi-colored strands. And how beautiful the hairstyles with fresh flowers look is impossible to convey in words. The latest trend is the braids, so you can freely braid the braid with fresh flowers for the wedding.

It is not difficult to choose a hairstyle, especially if you trust true professionals.

Forward to change! Fashionable women's haircuts 2018-2019

Today we will not tell how this or that fashionable women's haircuts are made, leaving this job to professionals.

We will try to conduct a small information and photo review, in which we highlight the most fashionable women's haircuts, which are very popular with most women.

Whatever fashionable women's haircuts you don't like, your fashionable women's haircuts that go to you will be yours.

Do not be mistaken and think that all fashionable women's haircuts will suit you, because each haircut requires a certain thickness and length of hair.

Also, fashionable women's haircuts in one form or another impose obligations on you to adhere to a certain style, which sometimes not every woman can do.

Let's take a look at the fashionable women's haircuts for short, medium and long hair.

Fashionable women's haircuts: classic square and its variations

Whatever fashionable women's haircuts are - novelties, and the good old-fashioned car, which is performed by cutting the hair on the same level, has not gone out of fashion to this day.

And the charming, easy and unobtrusive hairstyle of the square has received a new incarnation in various variations.

Professionals in their field offer beauties with fashionable women's hairstyles in an ultra-short version, a bob for medium hair, a bob with bangs and without, fashionable women's hairstyles with bob with graduated strands. It is very easy to stack the breeze, despite the fact that there are plenty of styling options.

Fashionable women's haircuts: luxurious bean and bob square

Further our fashionable female hairstyles will continue such kinds of hairstyles, as a bean and bob caret.

Fashionable women's bob and bob bob haircuts are a truly elegant solution for those women and girls who want to add volume to their hair, despite their slim structure.

Fashionable women's haircuts of this type are performed using a graduation, which allows you to make a very beautiful hair shape, even with a small length.

Fashionable women's haircuts bob and bob square will suit owners of short and medium hair.

These women's haircuts look very stylish, and with the correct technique of execution will be able to rejuvenate any woman for several years.

Модные женские стрижки короткой длины: шапочка, паж, гарсон

Если длинные и средние волосы вам отрастить не удалось, но вы хотите изменений, оцените модные женские стрижки короткой длины. Такими являются модные женские стрижки гарсон, шапочка, паж.

Чаще всего такие модные женские стрижки выбирают женщины более старшего возраста, ведь они очень удобны в укладке.

Fashionable women's haircuts like haircuts garcon, cap, page will open the face, neck, focusing on the beautiful features of the face.

You can style such fashionable women's haircuts with straight strands, or you can choose a more vivid image, making your hair a little wavy. Yes, even with such a short length, original versions are possible.

Trendy women's haircuts with asymmetry and torn strands

Today, fashionable women's haircuts with asymmetrically trimmed and torn strands, which can be presented in both short and medium and long versions, are very popular.

Fashionable women's haircuts with asymmetry and torn strands in any version of the length make the image bright, playful and challenging.

Such fashionable women's haircuts undoubtedly change the look of their owners, making them real fashionable things, because asymmetrical and torn women's haircuts hide flaws, and emphasize the advantages due to the wrong proportions of haircuts.

The most popular are fashionable women's haircuts with asymmetry in the short version. Torn female haircuts look good on medium-length hair.

Fashionable female hairstyles sesson - concisely, elegantly, fashionably

Fashionable women's haircuts sesson (sessun) won their fans long ago, because for women with smooth and thick hair - this is the best hairstyle.

Fashionable women's haircuts sesson - this is not only short options, over the years sesson began to make women with medium hair, and then adapted the haircut for long hair.

Smooth and even strands that form a semicircle make fashionable women's haircuts sesson particularly elegant and feminine.

Fashionable women's haircuts sesson in the classic version start from the earlobe - and to the shoulders.

Fashionable women's haircuts cascade or ladder for medium and long hair

Here we come to the haircuts, which are most suitable for girls and women who want to keep their hair length, but at the same time to make a fashionable hairstyle that would give volume, would beautifully emphasize the shape of the face, and would be practical in styling and creating hairstyles.

Fashionable women's haircuts cascade or ladder for long and medium hair are formed from several tiers, smoothly falling on the shoulders of a woman.

The front part of the hairstyle is made using the ladder technique, so the curls smoothly move from tier to tier, creating a beautiful and natural volume.

Fashionable women's haircuts cascade or ladder make hair structural by creating several graded layers.

Extreme and defiant! Fashionable women's haircuts with shaved temples and nape

But fashionable women's haircuts with shaved temples and the back of the head will allow not every woman, because this hairstyle, in fact, looks very cool, pathetic, extreme.

Creative women's haircuts with shaved temples and the back of the head fit creative and confident women who are not obliged to comply with a special dress code. This haircut is unlikely to suit you, if you prefer a business and elegant style of clothing.

But for sports, street style and casual style, such fashionable women's haircuts are just that.

So we called the main, as it seems to us, the most fashionable women's haircuts. Do not be afraid to experiment. Choose a new haircut from our photo collection and run to the master. Let your life and your appearance change for the better!

2018 Fashionable Short Haircuts

3. Haircut "cap" - actual haircut season 2018-2019, gorgeous and spectacular, although requiring frequent adjustments from a specialist. Can be performed asymmetrically or at the same level.

This haircut requires special care and styling, so it is not for all girls. If you have disobedient, fluffy and curly hair, then such a haircut should be abandoned. When choosing this haircut, pay attention to the shape of the face, the haircut cap is suitable only for the classic oval-shaped face.

5. Pixie - a stylish elegant haircut that hides the age of a woman, turning her into a tomboy, but at the same time creating a fragile and touching image. Great for fine hair. This haircut has already been tried by many Hollywood stars such as Rihanna, Natalie Portman, Ann Heituey, Halle Berry, and others.

Word "Pixie" in translation means an elf, and indeed such a haircut gives the image a bit of playfulness and fabulousness. She is equally good for both aged women and young beauties. Suitable for oval and round face shapes.

Classic pixie haircut implies short hair on the sides and elongated at the back of the head, as well as the presence of oblique bangs.
Pixie cut doesn’t need careful styling, a bit of disheveled hair is not only allowed, but also welcomed.

6. Garson - hairstyle for business women with naughty hair. During work, the stylist mills strands on the temples, bangs, neck.
Haircut garcon looks like a pixie haircut, but they still have differences, they consist of a haircut technique. In the classic version of the garrison haircut, all the strands lie exactly under one line, and the hair is smoothly folded; when clipping a pixie, some strands are specially cut outside to create the effect of slight negligence.

The model of Twiggy is considered to be the legislator of this haircut, it was she who in the 60s shocked everyone with her short and stylish haircut. Since then, many celebrities have tried this haircut on themselves.

8. Shag - fashionable creative haircut. The hair is cut sectionally, as much as possible, which creates an unpredictable, slightly careless and expressive image.

Shag in English means “shaggy”, this haircut looks deliberately disheveled. Such a haircut can rightly be considered a trend in 2018. It gives the image a stylish and sexy look, styling does not require much effort, so your hair style will always look a little disheveled due to the hair cut technique. With the help of styling you can fix the styling and emphasize the individual strands.

Shag haircut
ideal for fine hair, as it creates volume and structure. On thick hair, you need additional filing to remove excess thickness and volume.

Haircuts for long hair in 2018

This season glamorous simplicity is in fashion, which characterizes hairstyles for long hair. Fashionable long haircuts perfectly transform the appearance of a woman, adjust the features and shape of the face, easily assembled.

1. Caret - bob and elongated caret - classic haircuts, which are always in trend, but the current fashion dictates for the first option - layered structure and slanting bangs, and for the second - elongated side strands, bangs with a blunt cut and graduated strands.

5. Creative haircuts occupy a leading position in the 2018 season. One of the most popular varieties of such a haircut is a combination of long hair with a shaved temple. Another option is a short cap of hair with a long lower tier, asymmetrically trimmed strands on the bangs and near the face.

Shaved temple haircuts gaining momentum, for someone this kind of haircut may seem too extravagant, for others bright and creative. Indeed, only brave girls can decide on such a haircut. But even if you don’t want to walk like this forever, there is a way out: if you divide your hair into even parting or parting from the main part of the hair and put it on the side where the hair is missing, then no one will even notice such a bright accent. However, girls who choose such a haircut are not used to being shy and openly show it.

Moreover, some Hollywood stars, fashion bloggers and Russian celebrities have already tried this haircut on themselves.