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The best developing cartoons according to psychologists


Nowadays, many films, cartoons and programs for children are published every year. But not all of them are of high quality and can teach a child something good. And to find the best cartoons in this variety is very difficult. To help you, we offer our selection of good and good pictures.

Cartoon rating

So let's get started! We begin our rating of cartoons with modern full-length and multi-series pictures. We will pay attention to both foreign and domestic producers. The following cartoons will be focused on children starting from primary school age. A selection for kids is presented at the end of the article.

"The history of toys"

Today, under this franchise, 3 full-length films have already been released. The last, released in 2010, - "Toy Story": a great escape. " Nevertheless, of course, the first part, which was published in the distant 1995, had the greatest success. At one time, this cartoon won many awards, among which is “Annie”. And this is not surprising, if only because its creation was undertaken by the two largest animation companies, Disney and Pixar.

The plot is based on the adventures of living toys, among which is the Woody cowboy who lives in the room of a boy named Andy Davis.

"Toy Story: Great Escape" is a continuation of the previous parts and tells about the adventures of all the same characters. The cartoon received critical acclaim and great success with the audience. He was awarded two big awards - the Oscar and the Golden Globe.

“Toy Story” is a naive and cute cartoon that tells about friendship, loyalty and loyalty.


The rating of cartoons is continued by a rather sensational series of full cars. To date, came out 3 parts. The picture tells about the adventures of animals, sent from the zoo in New York to the wild after their failed escape. The main characters are Marty the zebra, Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippopotami. The cartoon is full of humorous scenes and jokes. The creator of "Madagascar" - DreamWorks Animation.

In 2014, another film from this series was released - “Penguins of Madagascar”. But this time, the spotlight turned out to be the minor characters of the previous parts - the penguins. Their story begins in childhood when they were still living in Antarctica.

“Madagascar” is a funny adventure cartoon with charming characters. There is no big didactic orientation in it, it is rather just entertainment for a child.

"Cold heart"

“Cold Heart” is a cartoon produced by Disney. He was favorably received by critics and was a huge success with the audience. He received many awards, including Oscar, Golden Globe, Annie.

Cartoon tells about two sisters-princess. The eldest, Elsa, from childhood owned a magic power. Once she accidentally injured her younger sister Anna. From that moment on, the girl began to fear her abilities. Years have passed. Sister matured. Elsa’s coronation is approaching, but on the eve of the feast, her abilities are getting out of control.

Among the advantages of the cartoon is not only an exciting script, beautiful graphics and music, but also a rich semantic load. The full-length film tells about friendship, betrayal, true love and sacrifice.

Rapunzel: A Tangled Story

By all accounts, the best cartoons are cartoons created by Disney. And this is confirmed with every picture released by the company.

So, the story about Rapunzel, published in 2010, was a huge success with young spectators. True, contrary to the canons, the princess imprisoned in the tower did not wait for the prince, but a thief, but the heroic role of the savior went to the white horse, but all together it turned into an exciting adventure.

The cartoon tells about the consequences of greed and selfishness, which are embodied in the evil stepmother of the main character.

"Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf"

Interesting and new cartoons, released by the Russian animation studio "Mill". Like this one. The first part of the series, released in 2011, was a huge success with critics and viewers, it became the leader of the Russian film distribution in 2012. At the moment, the cartoon has two less successful continuation.

The plot is based on Russian folk tales. The main character is Ivan, who by chance turns out to be the bridegroom of the royal daughter. True, before the wedding, he still has to accomplish many feats in which the Gray Wolf and the Scientist Cat will help him.

In general, this is a great adventure cartoon with Russian humor and heroes familiar from childhood.

Cartoons about heroes

Probably the most famous new cartoons, among domestic full-cars. To date, the cycle includes 7 paintings. They tell about the adventures of the three most famous heroes in Russia: Alyosha Popovich, Dobryni Nikitich and Ilya Muromets.

The first cartoon was released in 2004 and was very well received by viewers and critics. With each new picture, the box office is growing, which indicates the increasing popularity of the franchise.

The creators did their best to work not only on the plot of cartoons and the images of the main characters, but also paid a lot of secondary attention. So, some of them are even more popular than the heroes themselves.

The output of the 7th part is scheduled for January 2017. A new cartoon will be called “Three Warriors and the Sea King”. Cartoon is designed for children from 6 years.

Another domestic project. Unlike the above cartoons, Smeshariki is a cartoon series. Appears since 2004. Translated into many languages, broadcast in 40 countries, including the United States and China. Rating cartoons about the adventures of spherical characters does not fall from the moment of release.

The main series of the cartoon, there are 450, among them there are just entertaining, but there are quite serious, even philosophical ones. Therefore, the animated series is watched by both children and adults.

Also, the franchise included 2 full-length films: The Beginning and The Legend of the Golden Dragon.

Soviet cartoons

Despite the abundance of new cartoons, do not forget about those that were created in the Soviet years. Despite the fact that they may seem less colorful, many children like them very much. In addition, in such cartoons there are no jokes and scenes that are not intended for children, which is what modern tapes often sin.

So, we list the best Soviet cartoons:

  • "Brownie Kuzya" - a multiplication cycle, based on the books of T. Aleksandrova. The whole series consists of 4 films.
  • “The Kid and Carlson” - Soviet adaptation of the books by A. Lindgren.
  • "The Mystery of the Third Planet" is a science fiction full-length cartoon. Is an adaptation of the book "Alice's Adventures" K. Bulychev.
  • "Mowgli" - a full-fledged animated series based on the works of R. Kipling.
  • “Hedgehog in the Fog” is a masterpiece of Russian animation recognized by foreign critics. The author is Yuri Norstein.
  • “Once upon a time there was a dog” - a cartoon of Eduard Nazarov that was familiar from childhood.
  • "Leopold the Cat" - an animated series about the opposition of an intelligent cat and two snooty mice.
  • "Last year's snow fell" - a cartoon by Alexander Tatarsky. Filmed using clay animation.
  • "Plasticine Crow" - another great ribbon Tatarsky.
  • "Cheburashka" - a cycle of Roman Kachansky's cartoons about the friendship of the crocodile Gena with Cheburashka.
  • “Well, wait a minute!” Is a very popular cartoon series, which appeared on screens from 1969 to 2005.

Cartoons for the little ones

Now we list the films that are recommended to watch very young children:

  • “Tishka Train” is a story about small trains that are just starting to master the world.
  • "Classic baby" - designed for children from 6 months, developing. Begins to acquaint the child with classical music and painting.
  • "Baby Einstein" - designed for babies from 3 months.
  • “Aunt Owl’s Lessons” is a series of educational cartoons. Includes: alphabet, arithmetic, English, history, geography, environmental studies, etc.
  • "Luntik" - the animated series, which can be watched by children from one and a half years.
  • “Nuki and Friends” - for children from 9 months. Describes the adventures of the bear cub Nuki and his friends.
  • "Fixies" - you can watch from the year.
  • “Masha and the Bear” is a Russian animated series about the adventures of restless Masha and the educated and calm Bear.

Thus, for a child of any age there is an interesting and, importantly, informative cartoon. We hope our rating of cartoons helped you navigate.

What do developing cartoons give children according to psychologists?

Many tend to underestimate the degree and significance with which developing cartoons affect children and in vain. Just imagine how much new you personally have learned, thanks to the documentary films from the BBC, National Geografic, Animal Planet, In the animal world, Around the World, and the list goes on.

In the same way, children will learn a huge amount of information from cartoons. All kinds of flora and fauna, different countries of the world and nations, cities and towns, villages, means of transport, household items, domestic and wild animals and much more one way or another appears in virtually any cartoon, and the child learns all this, remembers and folds in a certain memory cell. Without developing cartoons, our children were much less erudite and prepared for the modern world.

The best developing cartoons according to psychologists

In this article we will talk about the best cartoons and cartoons, which can be considered as educational cartoons for children from 1 year to 7 years. Basically, these are foreign cartoons and literally a few domestic ones, because we recently started shooting mulseries recently and not always professional psychologists were involved in the creation of the cartoon, therefore we need to talk about the usefulness of certain domestic cartoons separately. In the article about what kind of educational cartoons you can't show to children, we raised this topic more broadly.

What should be educational cartoons for children from 1 year

The first in the list are developing cartoons for the youngest viewers. Many parents are puzzled when deciding when to start showing cartoons to your child. We think that it doesn’t bother to try anything from literally a year, but it’s worth taking this process extremely responsibly and thoughtfully!

First of all, you should understand that there are special developmental cartoons for the youngest children and it is not recommended to replace them with all others designed for older age. Below we give some of the best examples of developing cartoons for kids by the year.

These and similar cartoons combine several main qualities. All of them are very bright, contain large and easily recognizable objects, voices sound slowly and distinctly, or are completely absent. Such cartoons should be extremely calm, smooth and ideally, they should use classical music.

The best educational cartoons for children from 1 year:

The best cartoons in this age category, no doubt, is the series “Baby Einstein”, created by Walt Disney. We talked about it in detail in the article “The best educational cartoons for the smallest (up to 2 years)”. There you will find links for online viewing or downloading of all series of the series.

Several series of the animated cartoon Baby Einstein for review:

Baby einstein

What should be educational cartoons for children from 2-3 years

For educational cartoons for children from 2 years can already be attributed interactive series, in which the child can directly participate and engage in dialogue with the cartoon characters. Interactivity very well helps the child to delve deeper into the plot, get to know the characters of the cartoon more closely and identify themselves with the events on the screen.

In order for the child to quickly become familiar with the new format of interaction with the cartoon, try the first few episodes to show the child how to respond to the requests of the cartoon characters. Participate with your child and he will quickly get comfortable and will continue to “communicate” with the cartoon on his own.

The best educational cartoons for children from 2-3 years

In this group we include those already familiar to many and recognized as the best developing cartoons in many countries of the world, the famous “Dasha-traveler” and her cousin Diego from the TV series “Forward, Diego, Forward!”, And also developing series "Guppy and bubbles".

These stunning cartoons in their essence, content and implementation deserve special attention due to their unique interactive interaction with the child. Each series contains many seasons and if you do not abuse and watch one or two episodes per day, then this material will be enough for your child for several years.

Dora the explorer

Go Diego Go!

Guppies and bubbles

What should be educational cartoons for children from 4-5 years

By this age, the child already understands native language well, speaks and can discuss with him the plot and what is happening on the screen. He developed personal tastes and preferences, he can already explain what he liked in the cartoon and what did not. Therefore, developing cartoons need to select the appropriate.

Starting from this age, parents should make it a rule to discuss with the child the plot of the viewed cartoon or the next series and ask to tell about the conclusions that he made as a result of the viewing.

It may be about such questions:

  • What was the cartoon about? (briefly)
  • What were the characters in it?
  • Who did you like the most?
  • What actions of characters did you feel good and which ones were bad and why?
  • How would you (a) do in a given situation and why?

All these questions must be asked calmly, with sincere interest, without haste and addiction. This should be a dialogue of an adult, caring and loving parent with a young viewer. Learn to create an atmosphere of trust and participation so that your child will share his impressions with you enthusiastically and with passion. This will greatly help you in the future at all stages of his growing up.

The best educational cartoons for children from 4-5 years

In this list we have included the kindest, fascinating and vibrant developing cartoons that will be interesting to both boys and girls.


Paw Patrol

Maya the Bee: New Adventures

Robokar Pauly and his Friends

Chaggington: Funny locomotives

Girlfriends from Heartlake City

The article is written to familiarize and understand what kind of educational cartoons should be shown to your child, and with which you can wait. If you have any questions or desire to discuss the material of the article - feel free to write in the comments all that interests you and we will be happy to discuss it.