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Powder Synthesis


Baby powder is commonly used in baby care. At the same time, not everyone guesses that with the help of white powder based on talc, you can solve a lot of everyday problems. Hypoallergenic powder with a neutral smell useful at home and in the country. This cheap tool becomes a magic wand in different situations.

With baby powder on the plot

Unlike humans, ants simply do not digest the smell of baby powder. To get rid of them, simply sprinkle the powder in their places of accumulation. You can fight in this way with domestic ants, sprinkling it along the "trodden paths" and on the threshold.

Do not like baby powder and small rodents. She does not like not only mice and gophers, but even hares. What exactly does not suit them, the smell or the presence of talcum pollen in the air is not known for sure, but if you sprinkle with powder the place around the favorite beds, the uninvited guests leave.

In a rainy year or in the vicinity of groundwater, which is able to absorb moisture, the powder will help protect planting stock from rotting and prevent mold from spreading. It is enough to apply it before planting with a thin layer on tubers and bulbs.

Powder applied on handles of garden stock - excellent protection against callosities. Not superfluous powder will be inside the rubber gloves. Hands in them will not become wet, and working in the garden or doing the cleaning will be much more comfortable.

Baby powder is an excellent stain remover. It easily copes with greasy stains, regardless of the type of fabric. The main thing in time to fall asleep the stain and let the powder soak. Wash things after processing in normal mode.

If the books sent to the attic or basement are maps, other paper products are damp, it is enough to spray powder on them. The excess moisture will leave with an unpleasant smell, and the paper will not be damaged.

Love to walk barefoot has the flip side of the coin - wet sand stuck to the feet. Often it remains on the hands, especially in the summer. In order not to make sand in the house, you need to spray the powder over the wet areas, and then chill it with the sand.

Wand wand in the hands of an adult

Powder - a worthy alternative to dry shampoo. In order to "wash" the hair, it is enough to put powder on them, distribute it evenly, and after a few minutes comb it out. You can refresh separately the area of ​​the bang or parting. To do this, rub the powder into the hair roots, lightly massaging them.

Irreplaceable powder and when creating makeup. It can be the basis for the application of shadows or finish with the effect of matting powder. When applied to the eyelashes before mascara, it will provide a push up effect.

Use the powder to unravel the chain. It is enough to sprinkle the links with talcum powder and the resistant nodules will easily untie.

With the help of powder it is easy not only to eliminate the unpleasant smell from the shoes, but also to dry it. It is also advisable to use talc for new shoes - by reducing friction, the likelihood of rubbing a corn is minimized.

Ways to use baby powder,

In my shopping list for the baby one of the first points was baby powder.

Price in pharmacies and children's supermarkets, it fluctuates in the intervals of 20-250 rubles, depending on the volume of the bottle, brand, advertising costs, and reasons unknown to me. Chose the cheapest for 20 rubles. It was August in the courtyard and the heat was incredible. A newly-born baby was now and then covered in prickly heat in the neck, on the folds of the arms, on the wrists. They were saved by two means - petrolatum and powder.

Powder - an excellent adsorbent that destroys excess moisture, minimizes friction between the child’s body and diapers, and also dries the skin well, thereby helping to deal with diaper rash, serves to prevent diaper dermatitis.

Pluces: has an antiseptic, deodorizing effect on the skin.
Minus: during its use there is a chance that the child will inhale small particles of powder.

How to properly use baby powder?

  1. First, you need to pour a small amount of powder on your palm or use a cotton pad (do not pour it onto the baby’s skin right away).
  2. Spread the powder with light dusting movements to the skin folds.
  3. Do not use cream and powder on the same skin areas at the same time.

Pediatricians recommendations:

Pediatricians also advise do not use powder until the baby is 1 month old. At this time, the skin of the baby is better to feed the usual baby cream. Apply while it is necessary to dry skin after bath procedures. And from the second month you can use powder or liquid talc.

There are various unusual ways to use baby powder in everyday life, many of them I checked in practice:

1) Elimination of unpleasant smell of shoes.

To rid the shoe of unpleasant odor, it is worth treating the insole with powder and leaving it only for a few hours. After checking this method, the smell really disappeared, and I even felt a light pleasant aroma. Yes, deodorants for shoes are ten times more expensive than a budget powder, but, unfortunately, it does not eliminate the cause and does not have antibacterial and antifungal effects that many deodorants have.

2) Remedy for grease stains

Many housewives do not know firsthand how hard it is to remove grease stains. I ventured to try this method and understand if the powder will help me in the fight against difficult stains. And here is the result

3) Face powder

Re-read many ways to use powder as powder for the face, base under makeup, but was puzzled. After all, it is white, if you can still try as a base for oily skin, and it is advisable to apply a thin layer with a thin layer and brush off the excess, then talc will do its job and the skin will become a matte shade. Some make-up artists recommend this, but for powder, powder, to put it mildly, is pale. Therefore, if you are mistaken in the tone of the powder, as is often the case, then you can use powder as a clarification of tone.

​​​4) Deodorant

A delicate issue and many conflicting opinions about the use of this method. Some ladies (or maybe men) use powder as a substitute for deodorant, as the sweat and odor absorption mechanism starts. Some condemn this method by explaining that pores are clogged. But doesn’t the action of a deodorant create a film that blocks sweat?

5) For corns and irritations

Not once resorted to this method, I strongly advise, acts with a bang! Huge discomfort brought me earlier than wearing a new shoe before I learned that it was possible to both eliminate this problem and prevent it. Pour a little in the sock in the possible places of the appearance of corns and boldly go to walk new clothes!

6) Dry shampoo for oily hair

This method is best used as an emergency. There is not always time to wash your hair with regular liquid shampoo, especially since it will take a lot of time to dry them (especially for owners of thick hair), you can use powder. It should be evenly distributed on the hair, well, or on those areas that you think are the most greasy, and comb comb "dandruff effect." Used once, the natural shine, of course, also disappears, but it's better than to disgrace the hairstyle with greasy "styling."

So, with what better to use only you decide, I just expressed my opinion. I want to add that you still should not use powder daily for any reason, it may be unsafe for your health.

Adding an article to a new collection

Strangely enough, baby powder from the first-aid kit (white fine hypoallergenic powder based on talc) can be useful not only in child care. This is an inexpensive and very useful tool that easily solves and completely adult household problems.

For what it is possible to use baby powder in everyday life - in the apartment and even in the country, how can it help? We present you some unusual options for the use of baby powder.

Baby powder against ants and hruschikov

Some insects desperately dislike the smell of baby powder. For example, the ants and the Japanese hruschiku. This is very good for gardeners, because ants contribute to the spread of aphids, and beetles-beetles eat the leaves of plants. To get rid of pests - just sprinkle baby powder in their places of accumulation.

This method will also help against house ants - the powder is scattered along their paths and on the threshold.

Baby powder as a rodent repeller

Strangely enough, various small rodents like mice and hares also bypass the side of the place covered with baby powder - either the smell does not suit them, or the powder irritates the paw pads. So if uninvited four-fingered guests got into the garden, dust the ground around the plants they have chosen with baby powder - this should prevent pests from the dacha. They say that even raccoons and possums are scaring off - well, if suddenly in your area such exoticism is found.

Baby powder for pre-sowing treatment of tubers and bulbs

And in conditions of high groundwater or too wet season, baby powder, which absorbs moisture, will help save the underground parts of your plants from rotting and mold spreading. Just put on the tubers (bulbs, rhizomes) of plants before planting a thin layer of baby powder.

Baby powder against diaper rash and sweating

In hot weather, and during physical work, the gardener usually just sweats. This is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. On wet palms, painful blisters may appear, under the folds of clothing - unpleasant diaper rash, on the folds of arms and legs - wet abrasions and abrasions.

Before starting work, apply powder to the handles of garden tools, which will prevent slipping of hands during gardening and will protect your palms from rubbing and damage. Similarly, treat areas of the skin that are prone to excessive sweating and are in close contact with clothing — bends of the limbs, inner thighs, neck, etc.

Baby powder as stain remover

The powder perfectly absorbs not only water, but also fat, so at home it is an excellent remedy against greasy stains on any tissue. If you drop some oil or drop a piece of greasy food on clothes or a tablecloth, immediately sprinkle the stain with powder, soak it a little until it is absorbed, and then fix it in the usual way.

Baby powder against squeaking floors

Another property of the powder will be interesting to summer residents who own wooden buildings. The fact is that if the old wooden steps or the floor creak in the room, it is enough to sprinkle baby powder on them with a thick layer, and then sweep it with a broom in all the corners and cracks of the treated surface. We promise that if the unpleasant sound does not disappear at all, then it will certainly weaken considerably.

Baby powder on the beach and in the yard

If you are returning from the beach or are used to walking barefoot in the dacha, your entrance hall is very likely to be full of sand, which has not had time to dry and is not cleaned from hands and feet. Just sprinkle baby powder on wet parts of the body in the sand - the powder will absorb excess moisture, and with dry skin the sand can be easily cleaned.

Baby powder as a laundry freshener

If summer nights are too hot and humid, baby powder will not help "sticking" to the sheets on your own bed. This tool perfectly refreshes bed linens, absorbs sweat, and helps bed sheets and duvet covers to remain tactilely cooler.

Similarly, baby powder acts on wet paper, and without damaging it. If, for example, books, playing cards, etc. have become damp in your basement or attic - their sheets can be neatly filled with powder and slightly shaken.

Baby powder instead of shampoo

And baby powder in force majeure circumstances can act as an express means for refreshing hair - dry shampoo. It is useful for a short time, if your head is sweated or dirty, you need to look good, but there is no time for a full wash with shampoo.

Simply apply a small amount of powder to the roots of your hair with your fingertips and gently spread over the entire surface of the head, lightly massaging. The powder will absorb excess fat and the hairstyle will look much fresher.

Baby make-up powder

Baby makeup powder - a practically inexhaustible topic! Judge for yourself, this very budgetary tool can be used:

  • for the final consolidation of the make-up of the face as a weightless, and even matting powder,
  • for dusting the eyelashes or eyebrows before they are painted - the hairs will visually appear thicker and thicker,
  • as a means of helping to extend the beautiful look of made up lips - after applying lipstick, you just need to attach a napkin to your lips and gently walk over it with a powder brush,
  • as a base for applying shadows - so that they do not roll down during the day.

Baby acne powder and inflammations

But the powder is not just an external cosmetic. It actively absorbs excess sebum, depriving bacteria of the nutrient medium. Sprinkle with acne and inflammation and you'll see itching and irritation.

You can even make a mask of powder, slightly spreading it with warm water and leaving on the face for about twenty minutes.

Baby powder for tripping

It is for the above reason that baby powder is a great helper for tired feet and shoes that have been worn for a long time. It will relieve both feet and shoes from unpleasant smell and excessive moisture.

By the way, when buying a new pair of shoes, the powder is also useful. If you put a little bit of this powder in the still worn shoes before the first walk, almost guaranteed to not have callosities due to the reduction of friction.

Baby Powder for Pet Care

If your pet at the dacha is stunned by the abundance of fresh air and began desperately to have fun, swimming in a local pond, as well as wallowing in all of the oncoming puddles, piles of leaves and road dust, you can escape between the four bathing capital of the fourfold friend using the same baby powder. It acts in the same way as in the above described case with a dry shampoo - but here you should not be stingy, sprinkling wool with powder. He will perfectly save a dog or a cat from both excess dirt and unpleasant smell - the beast will have to somehow be brought to the bathroom.

And still baby powder will help to refresh and relieve the pet tray from smell, if there is no new filler on hand.

Baby powder for disentangling knots

You will not believe it, but baby powder will even cope with your jewelry. Many people know the torment of disentangling nodules on thin chains. It seems sometimes - they can not be separated! But take a needle, powder the entangled links with powder and easily separate them.

As you can see, an unpretentious white powder in skilled hands can become a versatile and multifunctional household tool. You just need to know how to use baby powder, and we taught you that!

About the tool

Baby powder has the consistency of white powder that copes with moisture absorption and friction reduction. These qualities are provided by the composition of the agent, in which talc is the main component. As an additional component can be used perfume with hypoallergenic flavors, giving it a pleasant aroma.

The use of powder allows you to avoid diaper rash in babies, preserving the health and integrity of the delicate baby skin, and absorb excess moisture. Created tool for the care of children's skin, but, as practice has shown, it may be useful for other purposes. So how can baby powder be used?

Female beauty

Yes Yes. Do not be surprised, but take a note. The powder can be an indispensable companion for women of any age, permanently “settling” in her cosmetic bag or on a shelf in the bathroom, because it has every chance to be used as:

  1. Primers for cilia. If you apply the tool on the eyelashes before using mascara, you can give them extra length and volume, making the look more expressive and intriguing. Nothing adorns women's eyes like luxurious eyelashes.
  2. Remedies for skin irritation. The female figure has its own characteristics that are attractive for men, but not always convenient for women, causing some trouble. For example, after running or sports training related to friction, irritation may occur on their inner sides, which can be easily eliminated with baby powder. It is enough to put it on the problem areas before training.
  3. Protection against burn during hair removal. This unpleasant procedure is familiar to all lovers of smooth legs. А ради красоты женщины готовы идти на любые жертвы, включая восковую эпиляцию. Но если перед процедурой нанести на эпилируемую зону средство, хорошо растерев его по коже, то можно избежать боли и ожога, создав защитный слой из присыпки.
  4. Заменителя дорогостоящей пудры. What are the advantages of powder? It is not worse than any powder can give the skin evenness of color, protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation in the summer, save from the luster associated with excess fat. Additionally, it will create a barrier against the penetration of skin bacteria that cause the formation of acne with inflammation.
  5. Assistant in clothing in fashionable skinny jeans. Beauty is a terrible power that you want to match, visually reducing the volume by a pair of sizes with the help of narrow jeans. True, to put them on the real problem, which is quickly solved by applying powder to the skin. Before putting on dark trousers, you should wash your hands well, so as not to leave white spots on the product.
  6. Accelerator absorption oil for the skin. If you like to pamper the skin of the body with oils after a shower and wait for a long time when it is absorbed, then you can speed up the process as follows. Baby powder is applied after the oil, after five minutes. It will not only help absorb the oil, but also relieve from excessive sweating. The same trick works successfully with a fat sunscreen.

Men's hygiene

And here baby powder is useful. True, your man will be somewhat surprised, but will gladly adopt some tips.

  1. If there is a problem with oily hair that quickly loses an attractive appearance, then the tool can be used as a dry shampoo. A small amount is distributed over the hair roots to absorb excess fat through the fingers and on the hair itself.
  2. Powder is an excellent deodorant that absorbs sweat well and prevents the growth of bacteria that serve as a source of unpleasant odor. Another plus in the piggy bank powder - this tool is effective throughout the day.
  3. After shaving, the powder will help relieve skin irritation, reducing disturbing sensations.
  4. The tool can be used instead of talc for feet with long wearing shoes, which is important for office workers.


Imagine, and here you can not do without baby powder.

  1. Not all animals love to wash, and sometimes bathing a pet turns into real torture for both. And this tool can completely replace the shampoo and quickly return to the pet an attractive appearance, additionally aromatizing the fur. So with the help of baby powder, the whole family, from animals with babies to parents, can clean up.
  2. Cat litter will quickly be updated if you pour the contents of a jar on a rug, rub and shake.

Household use means

The versatility of baby powder has been proven experimentally. Do you know that with its help you can solve many pressing small household problems? For example:

  1. On a hot summer night, a small amount of the product, scattered over the sheets, will give them coolness and moisture absorption, greatly facilitating your sleep. On such sheets you can sleep peacefully until the morning.
  2. It is possible to remove a grease stain on clothes or a carpet by sprinkling some powder on it before washing. After half an hour, the powder absorbs the fat, refreshing the fabric, and after removing it, you can safely send the item to the washing machine. A good result is guaranteed.
  3. To freshen up shoes, having poured the agent into it for the night, is also not a problem. In the morning, it will smell as good as freshness when using deodorant, absorbing unpleasant odors.
  4. With the powder, the old books will heal with a new life, you just have to clean their pages and cover from moisture and mold.
  5. Wooden floor with creaking floorboards in the past, if there is a miracle powder on hand. In places of squeak, a means is poured, the surplus of which is then swept away. Everything. Forgive the floor with a creak!
  6. The smell means good repel insects. Ants will forever forget the way to your home if a little powder is scattered around the perimeter of the windows with doors. The recipe of exile of insects works both at the dacha, and on picnic.
  7. In order not to bring home the beach sand, which is difficult to thoroughly shake off the body, it is necessary to apply powder to the places of pollution and, after absorbing moisture, clean them from sand.
  8. Do you have cleaning and rubber gloves, as usual, stuck to your hands? Pour in them means before putting on and get down to business.
  9. Powder can be cleaned old "greasy" playing cards. It is necessary to pour the tool into a spacious box, placing cards in it, and shake it repeatedly for free mixing. Maps will be smooth and pleasant to the touch.
  10. Even unravel knots on jewelry will help universal powder! It should be sprinkled on the decoration and unravel the chain with a pin.

Flower growers to help

This is an excellent tool in the fight against plant pests. Before planting flower bulbs, it is necessary to process them with powder, which will help scare off pests and curb the growth of mold.

Here is such an amazing baby powder! Needed and available at any age. What if the smell is unpleasant, and the quality attract? Mix the product with a drop of your favorite essential oil, give a little brew to a pleasant aroma and use with pleasure.

Baby powder: what is it used for

The skin of a newborn is very thin and tender, therefore it almost immediately reacts to the influence of negative factors. The risk of irritation in the groin area is quite high, since diapers do not completely absorb moisture. As a result of regular friction on the skin, redness occurs, after which inflammation develops. To minimize this effect, you will need baby powder, it helps to improve the processes of sliding.

Due to the pronounced adsorption properties, the dermatological agent quickly absorbs the remnants of moisture on the skin and prevents the development of prickly heat, can be used against diaper rash. It is applied not only in the groin area, but also in skin folds (under the knees, in the armpits, on the neck). It is worth noting that the drug "starts working" only on previously cleansed skin, so before applying it you will need to carry out the necessary hygiene procedures.

Instructions for use

It is very important to follow the recommendations on the use of baby powder, so that it acts as efficiently as possible:

  • When changing the diaper again, rinse the skin under running water or treat it with a damp cloth.
  • Dry the skin slightly with a diaper or paper towel.
  • Pour a small amount of powder on the palm, lightly rub it, and then proceed to the treatment of the baby's skin.
  • It is important to distribute the powder with the thinnest layer so that it does not roll into lumps in the folds (this can provoke irritation)
  • After that, you can wear a diaper.

Baby talc is hypoallergenic, therefore it is allowed to use it for newborns. Along with this, it is not only affordable, but also quite effective for irritations and diaper rash. This product can be called safe, since the risk of developing allergies is minimal.

What powder is better, how to use means or strong diaper rash, check with your pediatrician.

It must be borne in mind that for some babies this tool may not be suitable (will not eliminate irritation and diaper rash), then it is recommended to use a protective cream under the diaper.

What can replace baby powder

In the case when it is necessary to treat the skin of the baby, and talcum for the care of the baby’s skin was not at hand, you can use the following means:

  • Powder Panthenol is a powdery product with anti-inflammatory properties, has a calming effect on the skin, it is easily distributed
  • Starch (corn or potato) - serves as an adsorbent, provides good sliding of the skin
  • Baking soda - eliminates the manifestations of prickly heat, is applied to the skin with a cotton pad or sponge.

The above-described folk remedies can be used one-time, they are not intended for daily use, as they do not have the properties that baby powder.

Unusual methods of using powder

It is worth noting that this product is inexpensive and can be used not only for baby skin care. So what is baby powder for? This tool can also be used by adults, for example:

  • Use instead of a base for makeup or powder (powder mattes the skin and eliminates irritation)
  • Make rejuvenating masks (make them mostly with the use of cosmetic clay)
  • Remove grease stains - the powder is an adsorbent, so it absorbs moisture, apply powder to the stain (for about 5 minutes), after which the pollution is easily washed off
  • Apply as a dry shampoo - due to the fact that talc is included, the powder acts the same way as a dry shampoo - binds particles of fat and dirt, after applying the powder can be easily removed from the hair with a comb
  • Treat irritated skin after an epilation or shaving procedure (recommended for both women and men)
  • Remove mold odor from books
  • Treat acne (if the powder contains zinc oxide), the drug perfectly dries the inflamed skin and promotes its healing.

What can I say in general about how baby powder helps

Baby powder is a dermatological drug that has been indispensable for more than a decade for the care of the delicate, sensitive skin of babies from the first days of their life.

This light powder of the smallest particles with a light, pleasant smell is used to ensure the skin of the child dry under the diaper (diaper), to prevent its rubbing, irritation and the appearance of diaper rash.

Among its main components can be found talc and starch. In fact, there is nothing very complicated in the powder, but at the same time it is a unique and universal remedy.

Its main feature is to instantly absorb and retain moisture well, while at the same time changing itself minimally, keeping the original state as long as possible.

High-quality powder - weightless powder, which does not roll and does not stick to the skin.

It has a slight anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, along with coffee, this substance has the ability to absorb odors.

The combination of all properties merge into the ability of baby powder to be useful in many cases.

About the properties of baby powder to help adults in caring for themselves

It is important to note that even adults, even children, can provide such protection to the powder only if it is applied to a clean body, so a visit to the bathroom is necessary before using it.

Adults can appreciate the benefit of the powder, for example, in the case of a personal acquaintance with such a problem, when it is strongly rubbing between the legs when walking or running. But, if you put a little money on the problem areas - you will forget about the unpleasant for a few hours.

The powder can easily replace the sometimes dry shampoo, especially if the hair is oily at the roots - there will be no trace of this problem, and the whole hairstyle will look fresh and neat if you use the powder, distributing it and then removing it with a hairbrush .

If by the time of leaving the beach it is impossible to clean off sticky sand from the body, then powder is sprinkled onto parts of the body stuck to it and, in a minute, when it absorbs moisture, grains of sand can be easily brushed away to the last.

If you powder the body with a powder before waxing, it will affect the procedure quite varied:

• its pain will decrease both from the hair removal itself and from the contact of the skin with the hot mass,

• due to the ability of the powder to absorb moisture, the wax will capture hair better and stronger, which means that they will be removed more easily, faster and the least of them will remain (it will just crack).

The main thing is not just to powder the skin, but to rub it evenly, evenly.

You can take the powder and after the usual shaving (both men and women) - applied instead of lotion, it instantly and noticeably soothes irritation of even the most sensitive skin and gives it silky smoothness.

Powder is used even in such a complex area as the creation of makeup:

• to give the eyelashes length and volume, powder is applied with a cotton swab on the first layer of mascara, painting the eyelashes then again,

• To avoid the problem of fallen shadows (which are so often smeared when trying to remove), before using them, apply powder to the area under the eyes, and then just gently remove it along with the fallen shadow particles (keeping the flawless foundation and other applied ingredients),

• from acne and inflammatory processes that contribute to premature aging of the skin, helps baby powder in the composition of masks (often with the addition of a decoction of herbs, cosmetic clay),

• theoretically, the powder can even replace the powder - if you apply it quite a bit, it will not be noticeable clearly, but the color and texture of the skin will improve.

How baby powder helps in everyday life

On summer nights, when the night temperature is not much different from daytime, it is especially pleasant to sleep in clean, fresh clothes. A minimum of powder on the sheets will create the effect of pleasant coolness and will relieve from the discomfort that may arise from soaking the linen with sweat.

The properties of the powder “to take care of” the fabric are also used for the wardrobe - it is enough just to iron the same white shirt with it and you can forget about the non-aesthetic wet stains of sweat and unpleasant smell. And it is possible not to process all the matter - only the most actively polluted areas, for example, the armpits and on the back.

Also, powder can be an alternative to dry deodorant (with not too much perspiration).

If you powder the inside surface of a new shoe, getting used to it will be easier, and the probability of rubbing corns will decrease.

Powder works as a powerful deodorant for shoes, if you pour it inside at night.

If you pour it in the daytime, before you start wearing it, it will relieve the unpleasant sensation of sweaty legs and reduce the risk of developing fungal diseases.

A pinch of baby powder will make it easier to unravel an intricate, complicated chain of jewelry.

Baby powder helps to remove grease stains from the fabric, including furniture upholstery, carpets - for this, the powder is rubbed into the material over and over again with a cotton pad, after brushing off the dirt that goes with it.

Cleaning pet hair often delivers a lot of trouble for the owners - bathing a dog or a cat is not always possible, it is convenient. In this case, it is enough to rub the powder in the contaminated areas of fur, and then carefully comb it out. This will also help to remove the specific unpleasant smell of wool (if only a dog, for example, did not ride in fish).

If the old books almost started to mold and an unpleasant smell settled, soon after a translucent dusting of their pages with this tool, they will get rid of the harmful moisture and the risk of going to a landfill.

If the long-term use of rubber gloves (at home cleaning or at the time of troubles in the garden) brings the skin to a terrible state - it is enough to cover the gloves inside with the powder and even many hours of work will not bring corns and irritation as a bonus. Plus, so gloves will be much easier to remove.

How baby powder helps gardeners

To prevent slipping (as is known, which makes it difficult and slows down any work on the site) and the appearance of corns on the hands, it is recommended that the handles of garden tools be well treated with powder.

Ants are one of the most controversial and often undesirable insects-neighbors of summer residents. In addition to crawling into the house, they also contribute to the growth of the livestock of aphids.

To discourage the first, the tool is scattered on the ground where they often visit. It is also possible to create a blocking border from them in front of the threshold of the entrance door and on the window-sills.

Processing the bulbs of flowering plants with powder on the eve of planting allows you to win a lot:

• planting material for a long time will be protected from damage by rot as a result of excessive moisture of the soil,

• many pests, including mice, will not encroach on the future flower garden.