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What is depression for?


Recently, in all magazines, books, the word depression is increasingly common. The syndromes of this mental illness are familiar to many: apathy for life, bad mood, tears, depression. The causes of depression are simple.

Our permanent employment, the lack of a full physical, moral and spiritual rest, we constantly prove something to someone, are in suspense, and absolutely do not notice all the good things that surround us.

Ignore this problem can not be. It is necessary to deal with the symptoms, and the sooner the better. You can do this yourself by doing some of my advice. But, if you feel that everything is serious, and the love of life does not return, consult a specialist.

So, how can you make yourself forget about the torment of the soul

For starters, forget about sedatives and antidepressants. Buy and take such drugs without the recommendation of a doctor can not. The effect of them will certainly be, but think about the fact that not a long feeling of calmness, which they will give, will quickly pass away and you will have to take pills again. Antidepressants can be addictive, as can drugs. If you feel a strong surge of excitement, drink a warm tea with mint, or a glass of milk with honey.

If you feel tired, and at the same time did not do anything all day, immediately go for a walk. You just do not have enough fresh air and oxygen. Walk more, and do not forget to smile. In the world everything is connected, if you radiate a positive, then people will give you a good mood.

It is impossible to relax, because you are worried because of a particular problem: a bad team at work, a lack of understanding of close people. Instead of tormenting yourself, think how you can solve your problem.

Frankly talk with colleagues, find out the reason for their negative attitude towards you, suggest solutions to the conflict. If, however, to resolve the problem does not work, think about changing jobs. No one will accuse you of weakness, just at work we spend half a day, and if all this time is in suspense and to experience negative, then this work will not bring you much success.

To set global goals well and commendably, only without fanaticism. There are women who set themselves difficult tasks, without achieving a result, they begin to harass themselves and even hate them. For example, the desire to lose weight - a good goal, is not it?

But many people forget that every organism is special, and if someone has lost weight from the diet, and you cannot, this does not mean that you are not the luckiest. You can not expect that with a weight of 90 kg, in two months, even if you work very hard on yourself, you will lose 40 kg and you will have a cool press. Set goals, but do not forget that not everyone gets everything at once. Be prepared for long-term work, and enjoy even the smallest successes.

If tortured melancholy and nothing pleases, buy yourself what you have long dreamed of. Dress, bag, shoes, whatever. The main thing is to fulfill your little dream. Do not think that you have spent a lot of money, and because of this there will be problems, just enjoy the process of shopping and making new purchases. You deserve it!

Everyone's personal life is different. If you have not yet met your man, and in the evenings you do not want to return to an empty apartment, get yourself a pet. A good way to escape from sad thoughts. You will always be waited and loved, and the feeling of loneliness will leave you.

Throw off the burden of problems and sorrows, you can do something that you never in your right mind, did not do. But to get rid of depression you need to take decisive action. Jump with a parachute, ride a racing car, swim in the pool with sharks. Scary, but effective. At the time of stress and danger, our body blocks all unnecessary experiences, and believe me, you will be proud to overcome your fears.

Changing hairstyles is another way out of depression. They say that changing the hair color, we change ourselves and our environment. Well try. Look at yourself from the other side, admire your appearance, love yourself!

If coming home, you feel depressed, if you are tired of doing the same thing for months, change the situation. If possible, leave the city to visit relatives, it helps me. If you have nowhere to go, go to the cinema, or the theater, you can go to the circus. Do not sit within the four walls, it depresses you.

Do not forget that drinking is not the best medicine for sadness, loneliness and suffering. Alcohol can lead to more problems in your life.

No matter how hard you are, remember - there are people who are much worse than you. Beauty, health, home, love - you have all this, but you do not appreciate what you have. There are many people in the world who have lost all this, and yet they do not lose the love of life. So why waste your life on experiences? Take a look around, the world is beautiful. Try to see only good things around you, love yourself, no matter what, and then you will never know what depression is.

What is depression ?: 13 comments

Dipresia - Bolkzn 20th century. It was in the last century that it suddenly came from nowhere. The diagnosis of this disease is not the same. In it lies the conflict of the unconscious, the ego and the super ego .... Depression, as the disease is very young! This disease is observed already in adolescence. Its source is both social (progress and regress) and technical growth of society, as well as growth of the ego and super ego, as well as many components, such as: the emrtional mind, educational, social levels, as well as the integration of peoples, cultures and worldview . This is the biggest Question in this century.

Yes Yes! And you read the poems .. Or you did not take literature into the hands of the 20th century .. ?? The state of the blues and spline was typical for young ladies in early times .. They were saved by opium and points)))

I would compare depression with the birth of a man whom he controls independently already, and not under the influence of forces given in nature. And he begins to consciously turn to these same forces. Depression is a state, or the point of transition of a person from an unconscious existence in this world to a conscious one. Therefore, it happens so hard for us during this period, because we have to start living again and figure out how to do it. In the old way you can not live, but in a new way, you do not know how. I would like modern psychology not only to describe and explain what is happening in this period with a person, but also to be able to reveal other life horizons and values.

Indeed, behind each such fall is a rise to a new peak, an awareness of something that could not fit into your troubled head. But what can a man do if he is not able to climb on his own? Go to a psychologist? Play girlfriends? Read books? It's a difficult question…

Mdaaa, depression ... An unpleasant thing ... You think that she will never touch you. And when one morning you can not get out of bed, when everything seems to be so good and rosy ... Everyone around you says that you just stuck up, that others have everything a hundred times worse and that is all. And you don't care about these others. As if the rod inside you broke and nothing holds. Many days will pass while you wake up and feel the rays of the sun that slide on your face. In the meantime ... While you are lying in bed, you take a sick-list, eat, or not at all ... Homemade seem like real monsters.
Output? Stop feeling sorry for yourself! This is the first thing I told myself. Stop whining! She took herself by the scruff of the neck and shook herself properly. She wrote a wall with positive phrases, like: “If you want to be happy - be it!”. I watched only positive films, listened to the songs “Orange sky”, “Wake up and sing”. Even in the kitchen she hung the lyrics of the song “Wake up and sing”: “This law has long been known to be uninteresting in the world without songs, but even if it comes in the morning ...” and forced herself to sing. And I forced myself to laugh. Let it be forced and fake, but as you know, our brain does not distinguish when we actually laugh, and when it is false, and nothing left to the mood, how to improve. And my son read the name of the song and said a funny phrase: “Wake up and Noah” 😀 So with varying success, I came (or crawled) into myself.
And now I realized that all this is because we are chasing somewhere for something, we are persecuting ourselves. And all this running in one place. The reason for you. Missing something all the time. Always a little. Reached one goal, now another. Achieved this, and again on the road. An endless series of desires, not bringing satisfaction ...

“It’s hard to argue about the taste of a pineapple with a man who has never tried it.” Why don't you discuss other diseases? We still understand that it is impossible to cure diarrhea by “shaking yourself by the scruff” ... But then in “mental” diseases everyone is a good judge and they are taken to give advice of fantastic illiteracy. It's time to stop! ILLNESS NEED TO BE TREATED! DOCTORS! DRUGS! PROCEDURES! And relatives, like other patients, these sick people should pay more attention, simple human attention, without malicious comments about their egoism, age, PMS, etc.

For some reason it seems to me that all the so-called "mental" diseases, from the head, from our mega-egoism, not wanting to put up with the absence of the desired. Moreover, the desired can be, both conscious and unconscious, hidden deep from himself due to inconsistencies with generally accepted moral standards.
Depression is a state of deep despondency of either a mentally stiff person or an extremely weary struggle for what was not achieved. The best medicine, treatment and prevention of such conditions is to give a person knowledge about him and the reality surrounding him, which directly depends on his psycho-emotional state.

Irina, I agree with you in the main thing - people need to pay more attention.
We began to print this article by Vita Tsenev (a good, competent psychologist) who gave permission to publish his materials on our website, precisely in the hope that people will learn to look at the problems of other people - not flat, not superficial.
Unfortunately, the format of the site does not allow the placement of long materials entirely, so we have divided his study on depression into several parts. The article will be published all week. But those who wish, of course, can find it entirely on the link on its official website. There is a very well-described experience of his personal treatment for depression (real, hard).
I was personally very surprised and pleased with the part in which Tsenyev describes the role of social therapy in the treatment of depression. Because (I proceed, of course, from my university experience in the study of psychology) depression is treated as laziness (with zhirubesya), or as an adverse, caused by mental disorders, a disease that should be treated exclusively with injections, tablets. Or the most common way is to talk, entertain, and then pass by itself.
It is precisely this view of other people's problems, superficial, derogatory, that he speaks of selfishness, with which we treat others.
In general, I hope that if we can psychologists to provoke people to just be more attentive to each other, not labeling and stamping, not attaching a diagnosis, we will do a lot.

Depression is our unconsciousness due to ignorance about ourselves. What we focus on, we get. If the absence of the desired, the result will be at least disheartened, as the maximum depression or ... "ends in the water."
Unfortunately, secondary and higher education does not give us knowledge about ourselves, so that we can be adequate in the world in which we exist.
But it also happens that you do not understand what you want.
That and not necessarily understand exactly what you want. The main thing is to know that everything that I want gives me a more comfortable state, or happiness. If I am happy, then my body gets a straight posture, a smile on my face, emotions going wild over the positive. But no one told us about the principle of "feedback". When I, in spite of my psychophysical state, with an effort of will, “stretch” the mask of a happy person upon myself and hold it despite the temporary inconsistency with what I actually feel at the moment. And then I observe how external reality gradually begins to correspond to my “mask”. And then there is no need for a mask. Then external reality (any events) and my first artificial positive state come into vibrational correspondence. And I really enjoy what is happening to me.

And I want to say a huge thank you to my depression. 😉 If it were not for this state, I probably would not have understood that I need to change, that I cannot change the world and that I think only of myself and no one else, that I am completely immersed in myself and my problems .

I am the daughter of a psychiatrist. I had chronic depression 20 years ago.
Mom led me to the best psychoanalyst in our city. He did not help. Mama
She treated me with antidepressants. It got worse. Fifteen years later I realized that it was important for me to know how the world works. I began to look for answers to the questions that were tormenting me and the depression had evaporated. Based on my experience, I wrote an article. Maybe she will help someone.

16 hours will not help in depression. Many people are drawn into this pit by social dissatisfaction. More work and no one will get more from us. 8 hour day is not just invented. It takes 8 hours to work, but to receive, as for 16. it will be moral satisfaction, and free time already for what you yourself want.

1. They can purposely try to look as if they are doing well and even constantly emit streams of happiness and always be on the rise.

If you think that people with depression are always sad and gloomy comrades, then you are mistaken. Depression is not just a bad mood. Those who live, constantly experiencing depression, can learn to manage their superficial emotions, and even be the most “happy” person in your environment. We are all different. Quite often, people with deep depression control themselves in public and look quite positive, despite what is happening in their soul. No one wants to upset others with their problems, even if they have to hide their true feelings for the sake of it.

2. They can constantly take some kind of medicine.

There are serious treatments for depression, such as, medication.
drugs and therapy.

But besides the drugs themselves, there are also daily habits, like lifestyle.
For example, certain music, exercises, walks, in general, everything that
helps them get out of the black depressive hole. Hidden depression is really terrible, especially when a person is forced to fight it alone.

3. They may have big problems with parting.

If you have ever been depressed, then you can understand that this
heavy burden and not only for those who are depressed, but also for those who are near. Sometimes when you let someone too close and let them see your struggles and misfortunes, this person just leaves. Of course, it is hard to blame for those leaving, but for a person with depression, the usual separation can result in a constant feeling of abandonment by all and a feeling of loneliness.

Therefore, they often hide depression, even from loved ones. There is nothing
it is more painful to understand that the dark side of your soul is so terrible that even a loving person cannot look at it.

4. They can compose stories covering their actions.

It could be anything from cuts on their wrist to giving up on lunch. People living with different types of depression experience many difficulties that can affect the normal course of their lives from time to time. In such cases, they come up with all sorts of excuses covering the results of their heartache. Most often, they themselves do not want to admit that they are on the very edge, so that they know very well how to hide their condition.

5. They may have strange deviations in eating or in daily mode.

These signs may seem minor, but they have serious consequences.
Those who live trying to hide their depression sometimes show only slight hints of it. Excessive or inadequate sleep is one of the most obvious signs of depression. The same is with food - if your loved one has too much or too little, then this is a disturbing bell. Sleep and nutrition are the most important elements of health. And the person is able to control these elements independently. Depression creates such conditions that a person take control of himself. Sleep - may be the only way to turn off your mind and escape from pain, or, conversely, to become an impossible achievement because of obsessive thoughts. So it is with food.

6. They may have a different, more serious look at the consumable.

A person struggling with depression knows very well what influences his mood and how.
Они знают, что алкоголь – это депрессант, и если выпить его слишком много, то будет невозможно справиться со своим депрессивным настроением и не показать его. Они также хорошо знают, что кофеин и сахар поднимают им настроение, как и выписанные антидепрессанты. И они отлично знают, что и с чем им нельзя мешать.
Все это они знают так хорошо, потому что все вышеперечисленное меняет их настроение гораздо больше, чем у людей, не страдающих от депрессии.

7. They can have very clear, but difficult to understand ideas about life and death.

Not everyone with depression has suicidal thoughts. However, depression often provokes thinking about the meaning of life. And a person starts frantically searching for all the answers to life questions, realizing that everything inevitably goes to death. Such frequent immersion in meditations can lead to the fact that they will no longer be able to emerge.

8. They are most often talented and expressive.

Many of the best artists who inspire us, musicians and leaders of our world are also amazed by this plague called “mental illness”. Such a depth of emotions they experience most often results in their work. They are able to combine in him a good and bad part of their soul and show the beauty of life through the shadows of the emotions that they experience.

9. They often look for the meaning of something.

Everyone wants to have a purpose in life. We want to be sure that everything that we do, we do for the good. Be sure to move in the right direction.

And people with hidden depression also want it all, but with more
thirst and great despair. Feelings of fear and inadequacy of what is happening are far from new to those whose minds and souls are under the yoke of depression. And very often such people want to somehow compensate for their internal fragility and vulnerability.
Therefore, they can change directions in which they go much more often and be incredibly keen on the search for real true happiness.

10. Sometimes they can show their pain and give a faint hint of needing help.

Even a person who has already adapted to his depression and knows how to live with this burden sometimes needs help. But such cries of despair from people who always look strong are easily overlooked. Sometimes it’s just dangerous for them to be alone, even if they claim otherwise. And if suddenly they were able to open up to you and tell you what is happening to them, then know that this is one of the most important moments, it is these moments that create a solid and reliable bridge in your relationship, because you cannot constantly torture yourself and hide your true feelings before the best. friend or loved one.

11. They are looking for love and support, like all people.

Do not show your soul demons to the world does not mean to be dishonest.
People live in hiding their depression to gain protection. Protection for their hearts, and the hearts of the people who surround them.

We live in a world that forces us to hide everything that looks
ugly and glum. But we are not obliged to do so.

And the best thing you can do for people with depression is to understand that they need love and support, just like everyone on this earth.
Never turn away from a person who is in a fight with himself. Cry when you want it. Stretch a helping hand, even if a door is shut before you. Open your soul, despite the fear of being misunderstood. If we continue to ignore the bad, then the good will pass unnoticed.