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How to choose a chair-cocoon?


Today you can buy a chair on hangers in various variations of forms: swing and hammock, cocoon and ball. This interior detail will decorate your home and attract attention. Rattan, plastic, leather, textiles can be used as the material for hanging chairs. The option that fits into the style of your room is easy to pick up.

What is a hanging chair

For the first time a hanging chair appeared in the 1950s in Denmark. It was created by the famous Danish designer Nanna Ditzel, when she hung an egg in her apartment with a hole for a seat. These unusual swings became the prototype of modern models of the chair. This thing was unlike all the usual things: it hung and swayed, it could spin around its axis and almost hid the person who sat in it from outside eyes. A new piece of furniture was liked by the guests of the artist, and in 1968, designer Eero Aarnio created a commercial version of plastic egg.

Buy hanging chair

Online stores offer a large selection of hanging models at different prices. You can buy a chair on hangers that suits your request to enjoy relaxation. Many sellers arrange delivery by courier and by mail. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities, you can cheaply buy hanging furniture at a discount price. Below are descriptions and characteristics of the top models of Yandex of various production options.

Chair cocoon

Hanging furniture is no longer exotic. If you want to feel especially comfortable, then you should look and buy a hanging ball chair:

  • Name: hanging wicker chair Fresco 107.
  • Production China.
  • Price: 20 000 rubles.
  • Specifications:
    • withstands up to 120 kg
    • dimensions 110 cm x 85 cm x 65 cm
    • artificial rattan.
  • Pros: decorative pillow with high-quality filling quickly takes the form of the body.
  • Disadvantages: a small "egg" and too large a cutout in it will not be comfortable for a person taller than average.

Russian designers offer their own vision of a classic hanging “cocoon” with elements of ancient Scythian motifs:

  • Name: Alania cloud castle with artificial rattan braid.
  • Manufacturer: Russia.
  • Price: 24,000 rubles.
  • Specifications:
    • metal rack 210 cm,
    • width 150 cm
    • artificial rattan braid.
  • Pros:
  • the braid lets in sunlight
  • Purple, yellow, white, blue, red, brown, black are available for sale. The model is highly durable and is suitable as a garden swing.
  • Cons: artificial materials, of which the sheath is made, are very cool and will be uncomfortable for indoor use during the cold season.

Hammock chair

Hammock models are distinguished by the absence of a rigid frame. In Carina hanging furniture you can hover weightlessly above the ground, feeling the support from light but durable material:

  • Name: hammock CARINA GARDEN4YOU.
  • Manufacturer: China.
  • Price: 5300.
  • Specifications:
    • maintains up to 100 kg
    • the seat is made of cotton,
    • armrests are absent.
  • Pros: low weight, easy attachment.
  • Cons: the lack of its own shape and back does not provide full support to the body.

Suspended chairs for the apartment and garden this season are particularly relevant. Even a simple model with foam inserts does not need a special mount and can make your rest comfortable:

  • Name: hammock seated hanging with pillows RGK-2.
  • Manufacturer: Russia.
  • Price: 3500.
  • Specifications:
    • natural wood support plate
    • seat material - cotton,
    • pillow filler - foam rubber,
    • maintains up to 150 kg.
  • Pros:
  • low price
  • simple mount
  • nice soft version with supporting foam foam inserts.
  • The model will not work if you prefer models on a hard frame,
  • hammock will be more appropriate to look at the cottage than in the apartment.
  • Cons: no.

Swing chair

Hanging chairs, swings - hello from childhood. Some models of this type are similar to the classic, suspended from a hook on the ceiling:

  • Model Name: INCA.
  • Manufacturer: Brazil.
  • Price: 8600 rub.
  • Specifications:
    • 65 cm wide seat
    • maintains up to 140 kg
    • openwork weaving from polyamide yarn.
  • Pros: an elegant pattern and exquisite fringe looks great in any interior.
  • Cons: reasonable price.

If you like free space or want to retire with a friend, then a wide model will suit you:

  • Name: suspended wide swing made of artificial rattan MD-050/2.
  • Manufacturer: Russia.
  • Price: 26 000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: product withstands weight up to 300 kg.
  • Pros: in this swing, you can easily stay together. Quality pillows create maximum comfort.
  • Minuses: the model is suspended at two points, and therefore rotation around its axis is impossible.

Nest chair

Hinged chair will help to achieve complete relaxation. Elegant model with a fringe and a rigid frame will suit vintage and country lovers:

  • Name: Besta Fiesta CARTAGENA.
  • Manufacturer: Besta Fiesta, Brazil.
  • Price: 23,000 rubles.
  • Specifications:
    • the model is designed for one person
    • at the heart of - woven mesh,
    • seat width 125 cm
    • the frame is made of wood,
    • in a set there are pillows with covers from textiles of the mixed structure.
  • Pros:
    • perfect on the terrace of a country house or in the garden
    • hammock forming mesh, elegant fringe are made by hand,
    • soft pillows.
  • Minuses:
    • expensive, the price is several times higher than non-brand counterparts,
    • large size is not suitable for small city apartments,
    • lack of back support.

"Nest" is a simple design. You can make it yourself or purchase a real work of art from professional designers:

  • Name: armchair ARUBA.
  • Manufacturer: China.
  • Price: 12 000 rub.
  • Specifications:
    • total weight 6 kg
    • seat with a diameter of 77 cm,
    • maintains weight to 120 kg,
    • materials of manufacture - rattan and polyamide thread,
    • in the design used macrame knot weaving, forming a strong and beautiful lace,
    • big pillow with a water-repellent fabric cover.
  • Pros: an elegant model on the wall will be a great design element for your garden and apartment, it is distinguished by its convenient size and shape.
  • Cons: hard frame is not suitable for long relaxation, additional decorative pillows will help reduce the discomfort.

Rattan chair

Natural rattan is a type of tropical liana. Among other materials for weaving, rattan is distinguished by a uniform and smooth vine, which significantly improves the quality of the braiding work. Rattan is resistant to moisture and tolerates temperature fluctuations. It is possible to buy a suspended rattan chair in a private workshop, lighter and unpretentious synthetic analogues are used on an industrial scale:

  • Name: MD-0032 from rattan
  • Price: 21 000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: diameter 95 cm, stand height 195 cm.
  • Pros: an unusual design is based on the interweaving of large trunks of the rigid base of the chair. Such a design will transform the interior and give it a touch of elitism.
  • Cons: only suitable for a small person up to 170 cm tall.

Some models of chairs look like a chaise lounge suspended from the top of the head and are great for relaxing in hot weather outdoors:

  • Name: Impex Wind with a rigid frame.
  • Manufacturer: Russia.
  • Price: 15 479 rub.
  • Specifications:
    • own weight 30 kg
    • withstands up to 120 kg
    • collapsible design.
  • Pros:
    • comfortable armrests,
    • soft pillow of water-repellent material
    • steel rigid frame,
    • artificial rattan does not require care.
  • Cons: not suitable for lovers of closed nests.

The model with a soft frame will be a cozy nest for your child. Made in bright colors, Nest products have an unusual shape, suitable for children from 3 years:

  • Name: Children's Hammock Nest.
  • Production: Colombia.
  • Price: 5 000 rub.
  • Specifications:
    • weight 5.9 kg
    • load up to 80 kg
    • material: cotton 100%,
    • compact packaging.
  • Pros: the model is made of cotton without any metal rods. Even if the baby falls asleep inside, he will be comfortable. Bright colors will highlight the model in the interior of the children's room.
  • Cons: so that the colors do not lose their brightness, the product should be washed in cold water.

Suspended hammock chairs in bright colors, made by well-known manufacturers, will last a long time. Even when the child grows up, Milli Oceon will be able to keep him:

  • Name: Milli Ocean.
  • Price: 5 900.
  • Specifications:
    • the material is cotton,
    • base of wood
    • depth 180 cm
    • width 130 cm
    • maintains up to 150 kg.
  • Pros: conveniently mounted, classic hammock shape.
  • Cons: the lack of a rigid frame.

Armchair on the rack

Models on the finished rack have a secure mount. Popular wicker hanging "egg" - Lunar artificial rattan chair, mobile, comfortable and looks good:

  • Name: LUNAR.
  • Manufacturer: eco-design, China,
  • Price: 19 790 rub.,
  • Specifications:
    • hanging on the rack,
    • maximum load up to 120 kg
    • support in the kit,
    • diameter of a bowl is 117 cm.
  • Pros: the model is easy to use, it can accommodate a person of any size. The size of the egg and the rack allows you to carry it through any door.
  • Cons: "egg" looks too synthetic. Its design does not suit the setting in a rustic and classic style. Artificial rattan and pillows get very hot in the sun, which creates discomfort when used in the hot season.

Original and simple models allow you to adjust your position with the help of slings. The stand in the kit provides installation of your favorite nest in an arbitrary location:

  • Name: MAYA SET.
  • Manufacturer: Besta Fiesta.
  • Price: 22 900 rubles.
  • Specifications:
    • maximum load 150 kg
    • wooden base, consisting of round hoops.
  • Pros: A high level of comfort is provided by a hemisphere-shaped frame. Comfortable stand-pyramid will provide stability with intense rocking. Natural materials are environmentally friendly.
  • Cons: swings are not designed for closed small spaces.

How to choose a hanging chair

Answer a few questions before choosing furniture. This will help you navigate the variety of models:

  • What is the maximum load the chair will experience?
  • Where do you plan to install it?
  • Should it be a mobile model?
  • What is the maximum cost allowed?
  • Are you looking for a model for a child or an adult?

Model features

The chair-cocoon is a model with a seating position, which has a rounded shape and resembles a cocoon from which a butterfly hatches. The main feature is that this part is suspended, that is, the person sitting has the ability to swing or rotate.

Consider all the advantages of this model:

  • The chair-cocoon is a non-trivial and original piece of furniture that is able to bring a zest to the interior or even become an accent of design. Your apartment or house will get a modern and interesting look.
  • The seating position creates a partially isolated inner space in which you can isolate yourself from the events taking place around you, hide from everyone, relax, think about something or do your favorite thing.
  • It is convenient and pleasant to sit in such a chair: you can choose a comfortable position, sit down or lie down, hide yourself with a blanket, put a pillow under your back or head.
  • Although this is a non-standard model, it is almost universal, as it fits well into various styles of interiors.
  • This option is suitable for a house or apartment, and for giving or a country cottage. In addition, the chair can be safely placed on the street, if you choose materials resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.

  • Many cocoon chairs suggest fixation. Mounting requires certain tools and skills, and also impairs the integrity of the surface used as the basis for mounting.
  • If you choose a stationary model with mounts, then you will not be able to move it, which will limit the possibilities of rearrangements and frequent interior updates.
  • Quite high cost, exceeding the price of more familiar standard pieces of furniture.

Types of chairs

If you do not know how to choose the chair-cocoon, then consider the main types of models, depending on the fixation and placement:

  1. Suspended chair-cocoon is mounted on the ceiling and hangs on a chain or other similar element. This allows you to freely move the seat, swing, rotate.
  2. Outdoor fixed chairs also suggest mounting, but the floor is used as the base. This option is more reliable and preferable if the ceiling has insufficient thickness and strength.
  3. Models on the rack are characterized by mobility, which is their main advantage. The seat also hangs, but is mounted not on the ceiling, but on the main part of the structure, the lower part of which serves as a support.

If the basis of the classification to take the forms and design features, then we can distinguish the following types:

  • The seat with a rigid frame has a fixed-shaped seat, which is maintained during operation.
  • The soft frame makes the cocoon chair look like a hammock, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to fully lie down in it, as the dimensions are limited. The seat is soft, changes shape when you change the position of the body sitting.
  • Ball. This model has the correct perfect spherical shape, which looks very original. The open part can occupy a third or a half of the sphere, or it can be quite small.
  • Cocoon implies a deeper and more closed inner space that will allow you to create a partially isolated area in the room. And some models have a fully enclosed or even zippered seat.
  • A drop is an interesting chair, but rather a childish, resembling a hanging hut or a small house with an entrance window.

What materials are cocoon chairs made of?

The material is an important selection criterion, as it affects performance and service life. Fasteners, as a rule, are made of metals, since they must be as strong, durable and reliable as possible.

But for the manufacture of seats can be used various materials. It is interesting to look rattan or natural vine - ideal for giving, which can be placed on the street in addition to wicker furniture. Wood is an environmentally friendly and noble material, but it is exposed to moisture. The metal is durable, but it has considerable weight and can become rusty on contact with water. But forging looks especially luxurious.

Textiles are suitable for making frameless seats, upholstery or soft liners, and it can be a variety of fabrics. Plastic is a light and inexpensive material, but rather fragile and not the most durable. On sale there are also models from glass: air, seemingly weightless and very interesting.

Tip! If you choose a cocoon chair for the summer cottage or a house plot, give preference to materials that are resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.

Important selection criteria

When buying a chair-cocoon, consider a few points:

  1. Who will sit in the chair? This affects the size and maximum load.
  2. The style of the interior. The chair should fit into it organically and become an integral part of the design.
  3. Where will the piece of furniture be located: indoors or outdoors? If in the room, then consider its area to find the optimal size.
  4. Purpose If the chair is purchased for recreation, choose a comfortable and convenient model. If you need privacy, choose the option with the most closed seat.

How to fit a chair in the interior?

To the chair-cocoon organically looked in the interior, consider the style of the room. So, if this is a classic, give preference to concise forms and natural materials, such as wood. Choose discreet noble colors.

In the high-tech style will fit a model of glass on a chrome rack with metal bars. White plastic is also suitable. The shape may be spherical or ovoid.

If the room is designed in the Mediterranean style, then pick a wicker rattan chair or light with a frame in the form of a cobweb. The seat will complement the soft upholstery.

Textile cocoons with soft, frameless seats made of simple fabrics (linen, linen) will fit into Provence and Country styles. But allowed frame made of wood: natural or coated with a single layer of paint.

If the design style is modern, then choose a non-standard model of complex irregular shapes and noble shades with decor. And in the direction of pop art will fit the chair-cocoon of bright colors, but with simple outlines.

The original cocoon chair will be the accent of the interior and favorite place of the room!

Style and design

In terms of style and design, the selection of hanging chairs is now enormous. Of course, the shape of the egg does not lose its popularity for many decades in a row. This type is most often chosen for garden plots. He is attractive because it is very convenient to hide from everything and be alone with himself.

Egg-shaped models resemble an egg only remotely. Today they have undergone a lot of changes, sometimes becoming more elegant. В некоторых креслах мы можем видеть сужения по бокам, а в некоторых какие-либо дополнительные элементы вроде подставки под ноги или дополнительных подлокотников.The oval look is more closed and secluded, so it is mainly chosen by those who like to spend time in solitude.

Round shape is also quite popular. Armchairs in the form of a sphere look pretty massive. To smooth this out, the designers began to carry them out in the form of lace lace or make them from transparent materials. An excellent option that will look light and elegant, is a round base, woven from multi-colored threads. Drop-shaped forms also occupy one of the leading positions. Often, these models are easy to mount, because they do not necessarily attach to the frame. They will look great in every corner of the garden and are suitable even for an afternoon nap. These chairs are especially popular with children, as they are easy to hide.

In addition to these basic models, there are still many forms, for example, in the form of an ordinary chair, a triangle, a narrow strip, slightly expanding downwards. If you make a swing yourself, you can safely give vent to fantasy and dreams.

Swing cocoons can be of the most different colors, ranging from white and ending with fancy rainbow patterns. For the garden is best suited brown in all its natural shades or green. Such models will be perfectly disguised among lush greenery. If the seat is chosen for a child or for the purpose of raising the mood, then it is better to stop the choice on bright monophonic models, for example, yellow or lilac. For lovers of marine subjects, the combination of white, blue and yellow colors is perfect.

If you wish, you can mix as many colors and shades as you like within one model. Rainbow colors are great for summer hot days.

For balconies best chairs-cocoons in light or, on the contrary, dark colors. This will give them elegance and sophistication. If you want to diversify and slightly raise your spirits, you can use colorful bright pillows.

How to choose?

When choosing a cocoon swing, you should first decide who it is for and where it will be located. After all, for a child, safer models are needed, and for adults - more durable and hardy. Also, chairs can differ in where they are located - in the living room, dining room, kitchen, nursery or on the street. Sometimes they come in a few pieces in a set and mutually complement each other. It is desirable to give preference to products with simple shapes and a minimum number of decorative elements. Such models will always be comfortable and elegant. You can always add any small details to your own taste. Looks great options with compact size and tight braid.

It is important that the product has a warranty, and its term can be up to 10 years. Of course, this is only possible if the purchase was carried out in a company store. When choosing it is important to pay attention to the quality of the model. It is best to independently check how strong are the fasteners and mechanisms.

How to do it yourself?

If desired, you can easily make a cocoon swing yourself, having studied the master classes. The easiest way to do your own wicker models that will look great on the balcony. For such a cocoon chair will need:

  • metal-plastic ring (section from 35 mm) for a backrest of 1.1 meters in size,
  • metal-plastic ring (section from 35 mm) for a 0.7 meter seat,
  • 4 mm polyamide fiber thread up to 1,000 meters long, preferably with a polypropylene base,
  • rope slings,
  • a pair of tight ropes to connect the hoops.

The dimensions of the swing can be very different, and based on them, the quantity and the materials themselves can vary somewhat. For example, if the chair will be made for children, then you can choose rings and with a smaller diameter. In that case, if the chair is supposed to be used by all family members, then it is better to choose materials with maximum strength characteristics. Once everything you need is prepared in advance, you can gradually create a “cocoon”.

  • Begin the manufacture of the chair should be braided hoop. It is necessary to take into account that 40 meters of thread are needed per meter of pipe. It must be laid tightly in an even layer. After every 10 steps, it is worthwhile to fasten, tighten and fold the trailing loops. Braid should be smooth and dense.
  • The second step is to create a mesh on the hoop with a double thread. At the same time, it must be fastened to the sheath with a sturdy loop. It is not necessary to cut off the ends, since they can later become an ornament in the form of a fringe. How elastic the mesh is depends solely on how the thread is stretched. Do not be afraid that too tight weaving leads to deformation of the hoop, as it is then aligned with the stretched knots.
  • In the third stage, the braided rings come together. Hoops must be connected with a thread on one of the edges. On the other hand, put two bars of wood or metal. Their length is selected depending on the height of the product.
  • Further the back is woven. For her, you can choose any scheme. The thread must be fixed in the upper part of the hoop, and then in the process of work gradually lead down. Knots should be tightened on the bottom ring. The remaining threads can be collected in tassels.
  • After this, it is worthwhile to strengthen the cocoon using two ropes that secure the seat to the backrest.
  • The final touch is the attachment to the sling cocoon swing.

When the product is completely ready, you can install it in the chosen place and indulge in a pleasant rest. We can arm a chair not only using macrame technique, but also using crochet or knitting. Of course, these methods are more time consuming and require some skills and special skills.

Successful examples and options

On the balcony will look great light and air model «Tropicalia Cocoon». It is made in the form of a suspended chair fixed on a rigid steel frame. Airiness was achieved through the original weaving. For the base taken tapes made of thermoplastic polymer. Practical owners will love the “Egg Stand” model, which is made from synthetic fiber. It is resistant to moisture and sunlight. The designer Nunna Dietze created these unique swings. She specifically made them suitable for both adults and children. Moreover, this option is also suitable as a cradle for kids, if you disconnect the "base-egg."

Characteristics of the chair cocoon

The design is an upgraded model of a hammock or rocking chair. Improved furniture allows you to get comfortable with maximum comfort, read or just take a nap. Attractive design will organically fit into any modern room, interiors in Japanese, Scandinavian and eco style.

Modern analogue of a children's swing has a number of distinctive features:

  • uniqueness - a spectacular bed will decorate a bedroom, nursery or living room,
  • Exclusivity - a wicker hanging chair made to order will emphasize the status and high position of the owners,
  • comfort - comfortable furniture more than others is suitable for excellent rest and evening relaxation.

Mounted hanging chair to the ceiling with special mounts. Just move such furniture is impossible, to dismantle fasteners and rearrange it to a new location. The disadvantages include the lack of possibility of installation to the tension or mounted surfaces. However, if you leave space for installation in advance, it is easy to hang the bed in any convenient place.

Hard frame

The frame, made of plastic or acrylic, is covered with durable fabric or decorated with strong rope weaving. The unusual structure is more like a swing, so it will be the perfect solution for the design of the summer cottage or children's room.

As a basis the natural rod or rattan is used. Suspended rattan chair looks elegant and creative.

Soft frame

The soft design is more like a hammock chair. The only difference is the size of the suspension bed. Cloth hammock is designed for a person lying down, and a soft hanging bed is much more compact, occupies less useful area.

High side walls perfectly hide the inner space, allowing you to have a good rest and do meditation. Only in such a place can you hide from others in a cocoon and reflect a little. Furniture design has many options, it allows you to equip a room decorated with any style.

The chair egg suspended simply amazes with the appearance. The design is made in the form of a ball, for its creation are used a variety of materials. Especially impressive is a chair made of durable glass or plastic. The master class shows how you can best use this ultramodern model of furniture for the decoration of modern interiors.

The ideal children's hanging chair in its form resembles a hut with a window, necessary for getting inside, where you can provide complete comfort and privacy. Small original doors will greatly delight the little ones, they will make a comfortable children's swing not only functional, but also fabulous, magical.

On a metal rack

Artificial rattan suspended chairs are attached to the ceiling surface or to wooden beams, but there are options that are mounted to a rack mounted in the floor. This chair has more mobility and functionality. Furniture for daytime rest can be easily detached from the monolithic rack and hung anywhere in the room. The chair is easily rearranged and even carried out on the street.

Selection rules

In addition to external differences, suspended structures are divided according to the load, the selected material and the type of fasteners. Before you give preference to one or another model of “flying” furniture, you should decide on where and how it will be used, and what load will be placed on it.

For the design of the children's room should pay special attention to the environmental friendliness of materials. Most often it is a natural rattan or a vine. During the decoration of the living room or dining room, you can use high-tech modern materials, such as glass or plastic.

Furniture designed for outdoor terraces should have special strength and resistance to external influences, so the garden hammock is better to choose from a material that withstands the negative impact of natural phenomena and has a special durability. At the end of the summer season, dacha furniture should be brought from the street into a heated room.

The new hanging chair should not only have excellent technical characteristics, but also organically fit into the interior of the dwelling.

Armchair in the interior

Suspended bed has a unique opportunity to fit into any interior style:

  • luxurious furniture made of natural materials is more suitable for a classic interior,
  • for Provence or Country the canvas hammock looks most organic,
  • Mediterranean interior perfectly complement the white chair gossamer,
  • High-tech or minimalism is, of course, an amazing cocoon or plastic egg. The modern room will decorate the design, made of chrome rods.

Original furniture can be turned into a bright accent of the interior. To do this, more than others fit the modern model with built-in LED illumination, placed in the most prominent place of the room.

An unusual product of design ideas will help with maximum comfort to get settled after a hard day's work. The decoration of the surface of the ball can be chosen at will and successfully implement your individual project.

Designers advise to place a comfortable bed in the corner of the room, closer to the seating area, next to a soft sofa or armchairs. It is better to make a hanging chair with your own hands, in a single color palette with all the furniture.

Features of mounting and mounting

It is quite difficult to create a convenient wicker construction independently, but with certain knowledge and skills it is quite a feasible task. In this case, a completely logical question arises: “How to make a hanging chair?”

To do this, first of all you need to be able to advance, or learn to weave beautiful patterns in the process. But this may become an optional condition, it is enough to buy a ready-made net of dense and reliable twine, slightly strengthen it and subsequently pull it onto the frame.

Durable frame is the basis of the design. At home, you can make the necessary construction of a wide variety of things. The most popular item among masters is a hoop or as it is also called hula hoop. The whole process of work consists in the following: two sports projectiles are firmly fastened so that later one of them forms a kind of entrance, and the second - the basis for future sitting.

Basis of construction

The newly formed building must be strengthened. The edges of the hoops are connected with thicker ropes and equal elements of similar hoops. Subsequently, all components of the structure are wrapped with ropes, the back of the chair is created from the finished mesh. The disadvantages include the inability to constantly maintain a stable form.

Much easier to make a soft frame. In order to create a beautiful wicker product, only certain skills are needed in weaving macrame. At its core, it is a completely related product, with only external rings for hanging out. To give greater rigidity of the structure, you can install the seat or back.

Instead of artfully woven linen, it is possible to use durable fabric. And if you add a metal hoop to this design, you get a comfortable functional model of a hammock, which is located on the open terrace or balcony.

Creation of the frame

The most common to date design is a cocoon hanging chair. In appearance, the model is a hemisphere, woven over with a web and something similar to a cocoon of a caterpillar. One of the easiest manufacturing techniques for hanging furniture consists of several stages:

  • the frame is assembled from the hula hoops with the help of special screws. The future design takes the form of a ball. To form a ball for rigidity, you need to add a few half-rings - this will divide the surface of the ball into a large number of equal segments,
  • a rigid seat is built into the resting device,
  • the last step is the grid. It, as in previous cases, you can weave alone, or buy in the store.

It is not enough to buy a hanging chair, it must be properly hung. The problem can be alleviated by a special hook, for which the rotating structure will cling with the help of a bracket. Additionally installed spring will swing in different directions.

All of the above technologies are not the only correct way to manufacture a suspended structure. The entire manufacturing process depends mainly on the desire and capabilities of the master.

Suspension mounting

On the video you can see numerous options for homemade cocoon chairs.

Features of the suspended chair in the interior of the nursery

There are a number of advantages in a child suspension chair:

  • Comfort combined with relaxation. Suitable hyper active or easily excitable children of all ages. The process of easy swinging will appeal to both boys and girls.
  • Most models are able to withstand an adult. So you can not be afraid for the safety of the child,
  • Very original design. This chair will be a unique accent in the interior of the nursery,
  • Some uniformity of forms is brightened up by a rich choice of weaving pattern,
  • Can be used not only for home. With the same success, such a "cocoon" can be put in the garden or in the yard. It is easily carried when equipped with a stand.

Frameless hanging chair cocoon

The most simple can be called frameless chairs. Often these models are called cocoons. This is due to the fact that the design closes from the eyes of outsiders 2/3 of the internal space. They are performed most often from very dense textiles. Externally resemble a hammock hybrid with a camping tent. Children really like it because they allow them to play in a hut without having to climb to a considerable height.

There are the following mounting methods:

  • Ceiling. For this purpose, holes for a hook or ring are drilled in the ceiling tiles. If the ceiling blocks are hollow, then they are pre-filled with special polymer compositions of strong fixation. They are sold in special syringes and easily squeezed out. Fittings are mounted immediately, but the chair cannot be hung up after 2 days. In the case of a ceiling type of mounting, height adjustment blocks are installed at the same time. Most often it is a system of special cords,
  • The beam. If the ceiling is made with the presence of wood beams, then most of the problems with fasteners disappear. Simply flip the cord or chain through the beam and secure with special rings. Very reliable way
  • Combined. In this case, the ceiling mount is combined with the floor. Верх кресла подвешивается к потолочной фурнитуре, а от его донышка может отходить несколько зафиксированных к полу шнуров. Качаться в этом случае не очень получится, зато надежность существенно выше.

Подвешивание к потолку любым методом требует от него прочности. Ensure that your slabs are able to withstand drilling and subsequent loads without destroying floor slabs. The place of insertion of accessories must be strengthened and masked.

The maximum load of textile seats usually ranges from 80 to 100 kg. It completely depends not only on the method of hanging, but also on the density of the material.

Frame models of hanging chairs

Teenagers will like the hanging chair in the nursery with a wicker body in the form of an egg or a drop. They are a fairly rigid rounded frame with a woven base. The base materials can be:

  • Rattan (natural or artificial),
  • Young willow
  • Plastic,
  • Acrylic cord,
  • Silk cord with glue impregnation,
  • Thin metal rods.

If you prefer a wicker made of natural materials, then be prepared for additional care. They do not like moisture, overheating, and they need regular updating of varnishing.

Regardless of the type of material frame is made openwork. In addition to the ceiling and beam mounting such chairs are often mounted on special racks. They are made of metal and are equipped at the bottom with a wide stop in the form of a loop or ring. The center of gravity shifts, which allows the structure to become more stable. They will easily withstand the weight of not only the student, but also an adult. Average recommended load ranges up to 150 kg.

The top of the rack is equipped with a special hook. A sturdy chain is attached to it. It can be additionally equipped with a spring mechanism that enhances the depreciation. The length of such a chain is not very long and the other side attaches it to the upper ring of the frame.

Most children will be delighted with the bubble chair. It is a transparent hemisphere of acrylic or durable plastic. Suspended as well as other options.

Structural rigidity is easily softened with textile pads or a soft blanket. Often, these chairs are immediately equipped with a soft seat. It remains only to choose the desired color and design.

Give your child the opportunity to relax in comfort. The modern world and for children is a big burden. Unfortunately, stressful conditions significantly "younger", going over to adolescents. Home swing is a great way to relieve tension and have a good rest. And for kids it is also an extensive field for games.

What make hanging chairs?

In most cases, such a piece of furniture can withstand a weight of up to 100 kg. Naturally, for this reason, adults use them exclusively to equip children's rooms.

You can be absolutely sure that the correctly installed suspension chair will support this weight without any problems. The following are the main criteria that will allow the selection of a suspended chair:

  • the material from which the chair is made,
  • type of attachment to the ceiling
  • the type of the chair itself.

Today, a variety of materials are used to create hanging chairs. After all, they can be successfully used as garden furniture. It should not be forgotten that the material must be chosen on the basis of practicality, and not style.

Suspended rattan chairs have extreme ease, which can not but have a positive effect if the chair is used by an adult. Also common are the so-called bubble seats.

They are distinguished by a frame made of metal hoop. The body of the chair is made of acrylic. As a result, the chair is a partially open capsule. If it is difficult for you to force a child to read that reading in such a “capsule of imagination” is guaranteed to be interested in a restless person.

How to hang a chair?

For this purpose, specialized mounts are used. As a rule, we are talking about one thing. It is strongly recommended to use anchor bolts from 10 mm. The principle of their installation practically does not differ from the classical one.

At the beginning, a hole of the required depth is made using a perforator in a given place. Next, the anchor is hammered into it with a hammer. Today the market offers ready-made anchors, the end of which is the right hook.

With the aid of an adjustable wrench, the anchor is pulled apart in the hole and it is no longer possible to pull it out. The chair is suspended on a chain that is made of hardened steel.

The video will demonstrate how to use a hanging chair in the interior of a modern apartment:

Types of hanging chairs

Suspended chair with a rigid frame. The basis of it is rattan, plastic, acrylic, and then it is covered with cloth.

Often a vine is used as a base. The most common hanging rattan chair that even an adult for a moment returns to childhood.

Such a multifunctional chair allows you to calm down, get a little distracted, relax as much as possible.

Suspended chair with a soft frame - looks like a hammock.

Its plus and difference is that the size can be any. Most often, this chair model is compact, takes up minimal space.

Armchair-cocoon - its inner space is hidden behind wicker walls. Retire in such a chair everyone wishes. The chair egg suspended gives the chance to everyone how it is necessary to relax and have a rest.

“Drop” is mostly a children's hanging chair, because it looks visually like a house.

All chairs are divisible and according to other criteria: by type of attachment, by load, by material. Before you start choosing a chair, you need to know exactly who will be using it.

Pros and cons of hanging chairs

Suspended chairs to the ceiling, like everything else in our environment, have both advantages and disadvantages. So, the main advantage of the suspended structure is uniqueness and originality, especially if the chair is made with your own hands and with a soul.

How to make a hanging chair, you can learn on the Internet, looking at the master classes of work.

The lack of furniture is that it is difficult to move it in the interior - it is not easy to install such a chair, and after a while to dismantle it.

Moreover, if the suspended wicker chair is transported to another place, it is difficult to hide the traces from the previous fixture that will remain on the surface of the ceiling.

Do it yourself

Everyone, for sure, dreams of having a hanging chair in his house. Not everyone is ready to lay out the exorbitant amounts for furniture, and therefore prefer to build such a chair with his own hands.

No need to have special skills to work, you need only the material and a set of tools.

In order to make the frame, you need dense fabric, scissors, tape measure, gloves, fleece, polyamide threads, fittings, assemblies, foam rubber, cords.

The easiest way to assemble a chair, the frame of which is soft or wicker.