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Fashionable must-have: 5 dresses that should be in your arsenal


A denim dress is a hit of the season and designers are practicing to create new, unusual styles from this democratic and well-loved fabric. For a date or a walk, you can choose a romantic, detachable waist, a dress with a wide skirt or a tulip skirt, or a narrow, body-hugging dress on a buckle. These models are well suited for shoes with an average heel and a small handbag.

For work or shopping, you can choose a simple shirt dress, a straight dress with a through zipper, snagged at the waist with a belt, or a trapezoidal shortened dress with a long sleeve, a large bag and comfortable shoes complete the casual look.

Minimalism in action: denim shirt dress at the forefront of fashion

The undoubted mate hev of this season is a denim shirt dress. These clothes are so comfortable that girls are ready to go anywhere in such shirt dresses. It is better to wear such models with shoes on a low run: flats, shoes or sneakers and a bag over the shoulder. Jewelry in her hair in the form of flowers will remind you of hippie times and make the girl more romantic.

Such a different jeans

Another trend is a combination of several types of denim in one model. The combination can create a geometric pattern or design the individual details of the dress. The combination of light and dark denim creates an unusual texture of dresses and is an example of the creativity of designers. An unusual dress cut from different pieces of jeans a la pictures of suprematists looks original and bright. In such dresses, you can successfully appear at work and at a party - success is ensured everywhere.

New life Varenka

The distant 80s, when boiled denim was an absolute bestseller, are in the past, but the boil does not give up its position. Today dresses from such fabric are very relevant. Boiled jeans look very interesting in dresses of feminine cut with a wide hem. Such models are perfect for a date, and for everyday life. They can pick up bright shoes and elegant handbag and get a great bow for the evening.

Comfortable short-cut dresses of direct cut from denim look great with shoes on a small heel and a bag over the shoulder - such a democratic image will be successful for a walk or a hike with friends in a cafe.

What to wear with a denim dress: the principles of selection of parts

To denim dress did not look trite, you need to carefully choose accessories to it. Shoes and a handbag of intense colors: red, yellow, green will help to create a vivid image. A romantic look is obtained if you wear a hat to such a dress, take a straw basket and put on sandals in a boho style. For a casual look, you can choose lightweight sneakers and a bulky shopper bag, and for a business meeting it is better to choose strict oxfords and a soft leather bag for a denim dress.

Which bow did you like the most? What advice can you give on creating a trendy look with a denim dress? We are waiting for your feedback and comments.

Little black dress

The little black dress, of course, does not have a clear cut. Material, decoration, silhouette - all this can vary. The special value of such a dress is only a color. Black dress will be relevant anytime and anywhere: from a date or interview to a wedding party or funeral. True, there is an important criterion for choosing such a dress.

First of all, it should be laconic cut and not burdened with unnecessary details like fluffy ruffs and sparkling rhinestones. In addition, the little black dress should fit perfectly on your figure. You can not just buy any black dress. It should be the appropriate length and style. Do you have small breasts? Black dress with neckline to the navel is unlikely to help you look perfect!

Do not forget about the personal style: the style of the dress should fully reflect your views on fashion. A little black dress is almost the only dress in which you must feel comfortable, because it is designed to save you on unexpected dates, corporate festivals and other vital events. This dress can be worn with anything and anything. For example, with ballet flats and a cardigan thrown over it or heels with a bright clutch.

Sheath Dress

A conservative and at the same time feminine sheath dress will serve well - you can be sure! It is ideal for official events requiring a concise appearance, such as an interview or a business lunch. A strict case must be kept in the depths of your wardrobe: sooner or later you will definitely need it! In addition, it is enough to supplement it with a bright necklace of large stones and sexy studs, as from a business woman you will immediately turn into a dream girl!

White dress

A little white dress is not just got into our list of sexual trends. As in black, in this dress every girl will look stunning! It is best to buy a white dress in casual style. In this you can go for a walk around the city or a date. Understandably, the most important snow-white outfit looks in summer interiors and on tanned skin. But in the fall and winter, you can safely wear it to the party.

Raw Edge Jeans

Victoria, Victoria Beckham

Thanks to Demna Gvasalia and his team Vetements - with their light hands blue jeans with carelessly torn edges, finally, skinny jeans were ousted from the fashionable Olympus. Among other models, it is easy to recognize them: they are an exact copy of those jeans worn by London punks from the 70s on. Blue denim, raw edge, loose fit, high waist - to look fashionable and stylish in these jeans, be inspired by the looks of Chloe Sevigny and Debbie Harry.

Pleated skirt with a metallic sheen

If previous jeans are back in fashion thanks to Vetements, then the pleated skirt of the lame has become a star of street style and instagram, largely due to Alessandro Michele and Gucci. His maximalist approach to fashion suggests that you need to wear such a midi skirt with vintage blouses and tops with bows and a lot of jewelry. But with a classic white shirt, such skirts will also look relevant.

Not only combination dresses and elegant lace came into fashion from a linen style - comfortable sleepers also originate from the boudoir. This summer is to look for "slippers" without a backdrop, made in soft materials - suede, velvet or even lace. And it is better to wear them with the same jeans, midi skirts or dresses on thin spaghetti straps.

Dress with carved shoulders

Do not confuse these dresses with those whose shoulders are not carved, but deflated - let them be relevant today, but relate completely to different styles. Cold Shoulders or dresses, whose shoulders line is “cut” by another strip of fabric, do not resemble the sultry Spain, but the minimalist 90s - at that time even Hillary Clinton went to these. Michael Kors once said that dresses with carved shoulders look great at the table - so feel free to wear these at summer dinners and brunches.

List of Must Have spring-summer wardrobe 2018

  1. Coat or trench oversize
  2. Beige trench. Probably, to somehow neutralize the image in the style of tearing out the eyes a bright image,
  3. Denim and all of it: high-waisted jeans, torn and / or skinny, denim jackets, preferably huge and in the style of the 90s, as well as denim overalls,
  4. Sweatshirt or T-shirt, preferably overseas. It is worn with jeans, a beige trench coat, fluffy chiffon skirt.
  5. Dresses, suits, blouses and plaid pants,
  6. Pantsuit,
  7. Dresses and blouses with bare shoulders and / or ruffles.

Coat or trench in the oversize style - mast hev spring 2018

A good coat is a thing that is very necessary. Under such a coat you can wear at least a suit, even a dress, even pajamas, anything. Because a good coat is always what is called, make look

The model Jordan Dunn under the coat fashionable diving suit, see photo:

Model Jordan Dunn in a coat from Burberry

In the spring and summer of 2018, it’s not so much about things as about the image. The image is bright, causing, sometimes on the verge of a foul. The image that most accurately reflects you, your feelings and your personality.

Trench oversize for spring 2018

Mas kev spring 2018 - beige trench coat or beige coat

Surprisingly, but a fact - we put a beige trench coat on the list last week, and here it is again very popular

Beige trench 2018 for fashionista during Milan Fashion Week

And yet there are still stylish women in Paris

Paris street style 2018

A black turtleneck, white pants and a beige trench coat make the image of the French model Emilin Valade perfect, see photos:

Jeans - again a must have of spring and summer 2018

To fashion jeans in the spring of 2018, only two requirements:

  • Such as you, should not be anyone. Each pair you buy should be almost an independent personality and personality.
  • It is desirable that the waist on jeans was too high as in the 90s.

Jeans - Must HAV Summer 2018

Kaya Gerber wears ripped jeans with a red top. Definitely, the most fashionable color of spring 2018 is red, not ultraviolet.

Kaya Gerber in ripped jeans at shows in Milan 2018

This photo was taken in Paris a few weeks ago.

Jeans and trench kimono for spring and summer 2018

In the 90s, the denim jacket as in the photo was the same must have the subject of the wardrobe, as in the spring of 2018. But, unlike in our time, it was not so easy to buy one, even with the necessary amount.

Jeans and denim jacket - Mast Hev 2018

Jeans in combination with a blouse with frills and ruffles

Bella Hadid in jeans and a crop top

A sweatshirt, a booties cap or a sporty top is another must-have for spring and summer 2018

What to wear with jeans, if it is already hot in a sweater, and it is still cold in a shirt? Right, cozy and stretched knit sweatshirt

Sweatshirt for an image in street style 2018

Svishot - mast hev spring wardrobe

It is desirable that on your T-shirt in the summer of 2018 there was any inscription or brand logo. To boast a brand is fashionable now (although we don’t like this trend)

T-shirt in combination with a long skirt

Bella Hadid in denim shorts and t-shirt

Suits, dresses, skirts and squared boxes - favorites of street women of fashion in spring and summer of 2018

Clothing in the cage came into vogue a few years ago and seems to be not going to give up their positions.

Dress in a cage asymmetrical cut for the summer of 2018

If four years ago we were told that sandals, socks, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, joggers and a checkered coat would be worn in the same image, we would never have believed it!

Off-shoulder blouse and checked dress

Checked dresses in fashion in the summer of 2018

In the middle - actress Emily Blunt, on the right - a fashionista in a checkered jacket-bomber and a T-shirt from Christian diorbut we like this photo by itself, the personalities and clothes here are secondary

Emily Blunt (center)

Checked blouse with fuchsia pants

Must have women business wardrobe for spring and summer 2018 - pantsuit

Actually, not only business. Evening - too, see photo:

Anna Dello Russo claims that according to the contents of her wardrobe, descendants will be able to study the history of fashion of the XX and XXI centuries. However, at the collections of the fall-winter 2017-2018 season, she was seen wearing a black suit and a white blouse. She is also a professional in order to know exactly how and in what you can stand out from the crowd!

Carolyn de Megre shows impeccable style

Pant suit free cut easily fit into your trendy wardrobe 2018, see photo:

Giovanna Battaglia in a fashionable overseas costume

Blouses and dresses with ruffles and / or open shoulders - unconditional mast hev summer 2018

If you have already managed to visit the online store or the shopping center in your city, then you probably noticed the dominance of how many such blouses and dresses are on sale. All of these ryushiki-shuttlecocks and open shoulders were in vogue last year, but it was harder to choose them - the choice is huge.

Dress with ruffles and open shoulders 2018

These dresses and blouses look incredibly feminine, and, in addition, have the ability to hide all the flaws of the figure. In general, we recommend. Not because it is fashionable (more precisely, not only therefore), but because it is beautiful.

Dress with frill for the summer of 2018

Jeans in combination with a blouse with open shoulders 2018

Blouse with open shoulders in combination with white pants

Must have a blouse for the summer of 2018

Dress with ruffles for the summer of 2018 in the oversized style

Beauty in simplicity

Denim dress begins its history since the Second World War. Expensive fabrics then could not be found, and even opportunities to buy things made of them too. Therefore it was necessary to manage with what is. But after all women at all times wanted to look attractive. It was in those years that designer Claire McCardell created a denim dress with a scent with large pockets.

Perhaps for many it was far from a masterpiece of fashion, but the thing gained tremendous popularity, becoming a regular at the catwalks.

What is this dress with?

Denim thing is self-sufficient. And even without additional accessories creates a complete image. And it is very versatile. You can verify this by at least counting the number of suitable shoes. It can be:

  • classic shoes,
  • sports couple
  • sandals on the low run,
  • ankle boots with a wide low heel,
  • cowboy boots,
  • boots or boots made of leather and suede (lacquered models are contraindicated),
  • shoes with massive soles.

As for the color, brown, gray, burgundy and the ideal blue will be most harmonious.


The main thing with them is not to overdo it. The most successful are scarves and scarves. From the bags, you can choose a model with a fringe, a small “postman” over the shoulder, a neat backpack or a shopper bag.

Not superfluous will be a braided belt or a thin rope with a fringe at the ends.

Dress shirt

This can be put on work, on a date, and even on an informal celebration. The thing of a free cut looks good with massive shoes. For shopping and office as a supplement fit bulk bag, but for the evening out it should be changed to a small clutch, and shoes - on the classic pumps on the heels. A thin belt at the waist emphasizes the elegance of the natural lines of the figure.

The same cut, but in maxi length it is worth combining with a high heel.

It is appropriate to wear the fitted thing with ballet shoes or low-heeled shoes / ankle boots.

Denim + leather = the perfect combination. Just add a leather bag and belt, and a stylish bow is ready. For the fall, the image can be supplemented with leather leather jacket.

The total look is also in fashion, so feel free to wear the same jacket over it, and don't be afraid to overdo it. In a pair of her grab a large bag with a floral print.

Model knee-deep dark jeans will be an excellent base for military style. Wear a khaki shirt and massive boots or boots, and go on, conquer the world.

Such a model will look advantageous if it is sewn of thin denim, which lies gently and gently. The casual style will support a long-sleeved fit with a slim fit that can be combined with ethnic-style accessories.

For an evening out, choose a dress with open shoulders, complementing it with shoes with heels, a pendant on a thin long chain and a small clutch.

On the straps

This is a fashionable summer version, in which, as they say, both in a feast and in the world. Under it is appropriate to wear plain T-shirts and shirts that will add lightness to the bow. The kit can be easily carried to the office, where there is no hard dress code.

Simple, comfortable and at the same time stylish and elegant, a denim dress will appeal to those who appreciate comfort. Now you know how to combine it with other things, which means you can create a large number of different images. Be beautiful!

Knitted dress

A dress made of knitted knitwear is a thing that the modern world cannot do without. Designers, by the way, this thing is also very liking. Such an outfit, no doubt, will warm in the cold. Especially effectively it will be combined with leather leather jacket and heavy boots. Are you a fan of much less aggressive images? Then wear a sweater dress with a narrow strap and loafers.


Another noticeable trend of the season is the “working” overalls (we have already described in detail how and with what to combine them this fall). And, of course, a considerable part of them - jeans.

In the top of the model of the classic blue and black denim. Complement them with ankle boots (white with a sharp nose and a reptile) and leopard faux fur coats.

Midi length this season at the peak of popularity. Of course, this trend extends to denim skirts.

Among the most relevant are pencil skirts and buttoned A-silhouette models. Wear them with a “boyfriend sweater”, basic t-shirts or tonal denim shirts.

Leopard denim

And again the leopard - this print has already captured all possible items of clothing from outerwear to denim. And the latter is ideal for you, if the leopard fur coat is still not your story.

Take a closer look at jeans (flared and straight cut), mini-skirts and voluminous thin jackets that you can wear as an alternative to blazers.