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Jam made from walnuts without lime - a tasty and healthy delicacy


Have you ever tasted nut jam? Do you know that the hostess sometimes spends several weeks for spinning one can? And all this time they are virtually radiantly conjuring over the raw material of the future dessert. And they do so in order to get the most valuable product for health. Despite the apparent complexity, the recipe for jam from walnuts is quite capable of even novice cooks.

Why have so many people never heard of nut jam or only remotely remember its taste from childhood? The answer to this question in the geography of the growth of walnut. And it grows in the Caucasus and the Talysh Mountains, the Tien Shan and the Balkans, in China, India, Iran, Ukraine, Greece and Asia Minor. Residents of these regions are lucky, and they have the opportunity to prepare young fruits for future use. The population of the rest of the world is left to enjoy ripe nuts, which is also not bad. But why are green walnuts so useful and how do they differ from ripe ones?

What is useful in the product

Walnuts - an inexhaustible source of essential substances, vitamins, minerals. They are rich in protein and healthy fats. But as the fruits ripen their chemical composition changes. The value of unripe nuts is that the peel, which then hardens, contains a huge amount of iodine. Insufficient intake of this element with nutrition threatens to suppress the functions of the thyroid gland, and, consequently, the disorder of all hormone-dependent metabolic processes. As the walnut peels ripen, it loses a significant amount of iodine, and the remaining part is hard to get from the hard shell.

In addition to iodine, nuts are rich in vitamins B, C, PP, A, E, K. Plus they contain: magnesium, iron, fluorine, cobalt, zinc, sulfur, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, selenium, sodium. High content of essential acids: stearic, oleic, palmitic, linoleic. The composition also includes tannins, flavonoids, quinones, essential oils. This list is quite comparable with the description of pharmaceutical multivitamin complexes, is not it?

Such a rich gives nuts a set of useful properties:

  • improve cerebral circulation, memory, concentration,
  • strengthen blood vessels
  • have a pronounced anthelmintic effect,
  • have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action,
  • restore muscle after exercise,
  • stabilize the nervous system
  • strengthen bone tissue, teeth, joints,
  • help the work of the heart
  • able to establish the function of the liver and digestive tract,
  • improve metabolism.

In addition, nuts are beneficial for women in the process of restoring reproductive function. Benefit for men is invaluable in impotence and prostate.

When delicacy is taboo

However, it’s not worth losing your mind from such a number of advantages and starting to absorb the product recklessly - walnuts have their own contraindications. Precautions need to use nuts for women during gestation and lactation, because they are quite a strong allergen. The exception is women whose pregnancy is complicated by iodine deficiency. For them, such a delicacy will bring invaluable benefits, of course, provided there is no allergy to nuts.

Calorie nuts, and it is about 654 kcal per 100 g, makes people who control their weight, to refrain from excessive use of delicacy. Do not forget that the excess iodine is also harmful to the body, like its deficiency.

Walnut preserves: starting the preparation

Making green walnuts, whatever the recipe is,
the process is long and laborious. And the value for the final result is not even the recipe itself, but the preparation of the fruit for further cooking. Due to the fact that immature fruits are so rich in iodine, they have a bitter taste and only long-lasting, and most importantly, correct soaking, will help to get rid of it. The quality of raw materials is a decisive factor.

Choosing fruits

Only young nuts are suitable for jam: their skin is green, it is soft and with a slight waxy coating, and the core has a consistency close to gelatinous. The fruits reach this degree of maturity closer to the end of June, and the walnut jam itself starts to be boiled in early July, after careful preparation of the raw material.

For canning, only ideally even nuts are suitable, without stains, dents and other external damage. Therefore, they are torn directly from the tree. It is advisable to pick the fruits of medium size about the same size. Their willingness to become a raw material for jam is verified as follows: try to poke a nut through a wooden needle or toothpick. If you succeed - you can harvest.

What should be the dishes

Not every container is suitable for making nut treats. Copperware will give out metal ions to raw materials. And aluminum is not suitable - acids can break the oxide film, and metal particles can get into your workpiece. As shown, the best is enamelware. Suitable and stainless steel. Keep in mind that green nuts will release iodine during soaking, which can cause light enamel to turn an undesirable shade, which is unlikely to get rid of. It is better to use dishes with a dark coating color.

Method number 1: with lime

  1. Soaking lasts from two to four days, the duration depends on the size of the fruit. Do not forget to change the water for fresh at least twice a day.
  2. The first water will be dark because of iodine secreted, but with each subsequent change the liquid will become lighter.
  3. The next stage is the preparation of lime water. To do this, you need 100 g
    hydrated lime for every liter of water.
  4. The solution should be allowed to settle to precipitate out. Next, nuts for a day pour the top water, strained through a loose tissue.
  5. Carefully wash the raw materials.
  6. We prick each fruit with a fork in three or four places.
  7. Soak it again in clean water. And again at least twice a day we change
    liquid to fresh. Two days is enough.
  8. Next, nuts are cooked for ten minutes.
  9. Water is drained, the fruit is cooled.

Method number 2: with citric acid

  1. Fruits pierce with a fork immediately after cleaning.
  2. Soaking lasts from seven to ten days depending on the size of the nuts. It is necessary to change the fluid at least twice a day.
  3. In this recipe do without lime - prepare lemon water. To do this, a half to two liters of water diluted with one teaspoon of citric acid powder. We fill in raw materials for days.
  4. Next, boil the fruit in lemon water for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Without pouring lemon water, we withstand another day.
  6. Rinse with clean water.

Method number 3: with cloves

  1. Peeled nuts are pierced with a fork.
  2. Nashigovyvayut fruit buds clove.
  3. Steep for four days, changing the water every four hours.
  4. Next, the raw material is boiled for about half an hour, cooled and washed.

Go to cooking

Cooking the correct young walnut jam is not an easy task. Occupation is laborious, long and responsible. You will not be able to leave somewhere or even leave the house for a long time during the whole preparation, starting from the preparation of the raw materials and ending with the spin of the cans.

Yes, the endless washing of fruits and frequent changes of water is tiring. But the result is worth all the effort. Before you start making jam, carefully review the following step-by-step recipes and select the one that suits and is most convenient for you.


This method of making jam is conventionally called a recipe in Armenian, but in fact it can be attributed to the majority of the peoples of Transcaucasia.

  • pre-prepared fruits - 100 pieces, which is about 1-1.2 kg, depending on the size of the fruit,
  • sugar - 1 kg,
  • water - 0.4 l,
  • lemon - two citrus,
  • carnation - 10-12 inflorescences,
  • Cinnamon - 10 g.

  1. Cook the syrup from water and sugar. Cooling down.
  2. Seasoning can be simply poured into the cooled syrup. But, if you don’t like to chew a clove, you can form a small bag from gauze, put spices into it and drop it into a syrup in this form.
  3. Then the main ingredients are added there: soaked nut fruits and squeezed lemons.
  4. We bring the jam to a simmer on a slow fire, turn it off and forget about it for exactly a day. The next day, again bring the mass to a boil, cool. The third day is similar.
  5. And only on the fourth day after boiling, cook nuts until tender. We remove the bag with seasonings.

In Bulgarian

The Bulgarian recipe is rather complicated and troublesome, but the result is unforgettable.

  • soaked fruits - 1-1.1 kg
  • sugar - 1 kg,
  • water - one glass,
  • citric acid for syrup - 10 g,
  • citric acid for boiling - a teaspoonful for every 1.5-2 liters of liquid.

  1. Prepare a solution of water with citric acid and bring it to a boil.
  2. Immerse there soaked nuts for four to five minutes.
  3. Then we extract the fruit and immediately immerse it in cold, clean water. This sequence is repeated five to seven times.
  4. Next you need to cook the syrup from water and sugar, and already in it bring the jam to readiness.

In Ukrainian

This is perhaps the easiest recipe, since it does not require a long pre-soaking of fruits.

  • green fruit - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 1.2-1.3 kg,
  • lemon - 1 citrus,
  • carnation - 10-12 inflorescences.

  1. Young nuts are finely peeled, washed and pierced.
  2. Then they are immediately immersed in water and heated.
  3. After boiling, boil them for at least 20 minutes.
  4. Pull out the fruit and immerse it in cold water for further cooling.
  5. At this time, boiled syrup from water, sugar, lemon juice and cloves.
  6. Then the cooled nuts are immersed in it.
  7. Boil the jam for five minutes and cool naturally for one hour.
  8. The procedure should be repeated three times.
  9. And only then bring the fruits to readiness.

Mistresses can vary the ratio of ingredients, trying to achieve that same unforgettable taste. Try adding green walnuts to jam, such as vanilla or ginger, and see how the taste of delicacy plays in a new way.

Reviews: “It tastes like chocolate candy”

According to my mother, this recipe saved me as a child from chronic bronchitis. For me, this is the taste of childhood. And with great regret, my grandmother took the recipe with me to the world of innocence ... Now it has risen for me ...

lebedewa alena2016, http://www.povarenok.ru/recipes/show/57987/

Last year we decided to make jam without lime and missed, it turned out to be a soft, mushy plum (the cooking process lasted 3 weeks). Before, I was treated to lime and jam, it looked like an unusual but tasty chocolate candy.

“I love this jam, lived in the Caucasus, cooked it with the whole family! It is very original and tasty, and fingers are painted with iodine, if you peel nuts, oh, oh, oh! But yummy worth it. 5+! ”

Maria KMW, https://www.edimdoma.ru/retsepty/24598-varenie-iz-zelenyh-ne-spelyh-gretskih-orehov

“We in Azerbaijan love this jam very much, but a lot of fuss, not everyone makes it ........
Sabina, http://ovkuse.ru/recipes/varenye-iz-zelenyh-greckih-orehov/

“I do not like the recipe with lime, I do like you without it. It is better to spend more time. So the taste is completely different. ”

The basic principles of making jam from walnuts without lime

To make this unusual delicacy tasty and healthy, you need to follow a number of rules.

It is necessary to choose the right nuts: large, without any flaws, as smooth as possible, of the correct shape.

For jam, walnuts are taken unripe. That is, the skin color should be green. To check whether the nuts are suitable for jam, they are pierced with a thin knife or a toothpick. A sharp object must pass through. Usually at this stage of maturity, walnut is in the second part of June.

Nuts must be prepared, namely - soak. In plain water or with the addition of any substances, such as soda or citric acid. Water is usually advised to change a couple of times a day.

Cook this jam in an enamel pot, you can use a saucepan or stainless steel basin. Utensils made of aluminum, copper is not suitable.

Most often, the nuts are immersed in a syrup of water and sugar, less often they are poured with sugar and boiled without adding water.

As an additional flavor ingredients in the walnut jam put cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, citrus zest and other additives.

For better consistency, it is advisable to cook the jam in several stages.

Jam of green walnuts without lime

This recipe is also called Bulgarian jam. In the performance it is very simple, but the taste and texture are just wonderful. Nuts are “hardened” by alternating, then they will be soft inside, but they will perfectly retain their shape.


1 kilogram of walnuts of milky ripeness

900 grams of sugar

10 grams of citric acid.

Cooking method

Wash the nuts, peel off the films and dip into the citric acid solution for an hour. The solution - 5 grams of lemon per liter of water.

Then boil the water and begin hardening the nuts. For five minutes, immerse them in boiling water, then return to cold water for the same amount.

Repeat the manipulation at least seven times, the more the better.

In parallel, you can put the boil syrup, mixing water and sugar.

When the solution is boiled and the nuts are sufficiently hardened, place them in the syrup and cook for at least half an hour.

Check the readiness of the nuts - they should be soft inside. Add a pineapple, bring to readiness.

Hot pour on banks and clog iron lids. It can be removed under the usual lids, then the jam in the jars should cool well, and only then can it be closed.

Walnuts without lime with cinnamon

This recipe can be considered basic. The composition of the spices is not strict, you can change at will. The jam should turn out pretty dark in color, the nuts themselves are almost black. Thick aromatic mass is an indicator of readiness of the future delicacy.


100 dairy walnut nuts

Sugar two kilograms

Water five glasses

Five pieces of cloves and cardamom

Full teaspoon ground cinnamon.

Cooking method

Wash young nuts, peel off the films, pierce the ends with a thick needle and cover with water.

Keep 10 days, changing the water two or three times a day.

Then start making jam. First, the syrup is prepared: sugar and water are boiled.

Put slightly dried nuts into the syrup.

When it boils, hold for five minutes and remove from heat. Cool it down.

Repeat two more times. The second time you put in a container with jam spices - you can in the bag. The third time pull out.

After the last cooking pour a lot of clean banks and roll up. Turn over, leave wrapped up for a day, clean in the cold.

Lemon Lime Walnut Preserves

Lemon note diversifies the sweetness of nut jam. According to this recipe, it will turn out to be more dense than the previous one, since less water is taken into syrup.


Young walnuts 100 pieces

Sugar two kilograms

Water two glasses

1 large lemon

Clove optional.

Cooking method

Soak the nuts for ten days, after removing the skin and piercing each from two sides. Do not forget to change the water frequently. This is done to get rid of the typical bitterness of walnuts.

Boil water and throw nuts there so that they are completely covered. Boil until soft - must be pierced with a fork.

Drain and leave to dry slightly.

Meanwhile, make a syrup of water and sugar.

When the mixture is boiling, put nuts and spices into it.

Squeeze juice from lemon and add jam to future.

Bring the mixture to a boil over low heat, turn off, cool.

Repeat the procedure again and again. For the third time, boil until the nuts are completely cooked, that is, until dark in color.

Packaged in banks, roll up, hold the day covered and put in storage, or begin to use.

Jam "Separate" walnut without using lime

The essence of cooking this jam is that the syrup is cooked separately. It turns out the mass is very thick, and thanks to the spices - especially aromatic.


Kilogram of unripe walnuts

Sugar half a kilogram or a little more

A pinch of vanilla and cinnamon.

Cooking method

Prepare the nuts - wash, peel, soak for ten days, changing the water.

Boil sugar and water syrup.

Put spices in syrup and pour nuts, cool to a warm state, mix.

The next day, drain the syrup, boil it, cool it, reconnect with the nuts.

So repeat a total of four times, the syrup should be thicker.

On the last day, put the syrup with nuts on the fire, boil for about ten minutes, quickly pour into containers and close.

Walnut jam without lime in Ukrainian

Lemon flavor and spicy aroma of cloves fill the walnuts, cooked according to this recipe. It is prepared in several stages, but preparation does not cause any special difficulties.


A kilogram or a little more sugar

Two glasses of water.

Cooking method

Peeled washed nuts of milky ripeness are soaked for a week in pure water with the addition of citric acid. Change the water twice a day.

Rinse the nuts well, pierce with a thick needle and boil for 20 minutes in water.

Pull in cold water, cool.

Make a syrup by boiling water and sugar.

Put nuts in syrup, boil for five minutes, turn it off.

After cooling, repeat the procedure, and then again.

В четвертый раз довести до кипения варенье, убавить огонь и держать до готовности плодов. Проверить их вилкой – она должна хорошо проходить.

Put hot jam in storage containers, roll up, keep warm for 24 hours and put in a cold place.

Secrets and tricks of making jam of their walnuts without lime

Walnut jam turns out dark, especially if cinnamon is added. To make a light jam, you need to add lemon juice or acid - either in the mass itself, or soak the nuts in a lemon solution before cooking.

When working with unripe nuts, you must wear gloves so that your hands do not darken and the skin is not burned from contact with fruits rich in iodine.

Ware for storage washed with baking soda, boiled water, dried. Jars of jam are kept cool with no access to light.

It is often recommended to close the jar of jam with a metal lid. However, under the usual nylon it will be well stored in the refrigerator or just a cool cupboard.

Fruits preparation options

Zelenets, walnuts are harvested from mid-June. If you plan to dry walnuts, then you need to collect them much later, when the nutlet has completely matured inside, and the skin itself will be asked to remove it.

Before cutting the fruit, they are checked for suitability for cooking jam. To do this, try to pierce a nut with a sharp skewer or a small knife. If it turned out to be done without much effort, then the time has come!

When choosing nuts, take only specimens, aligned in size, as well as with undamaged sandpaper. At the same time, the green skin should be covered with a thin layer of wax.

Harvest washed. After, each nut is peeled. The slice layer should be as thin as when peeling potatoes. Time to clean up will take quite a lot, but the effort will pay off handsomely.

Important note! If you want to keep the whiteness of your hands, be sure to wear thin rubber, vinyl or polyethylene gloves before cleaning the fruits. It is advisable to change them after cleaning every 15-20 nuts, since the dark pigment is able to corrode the protective material. Neglect of this advice may force you to sit at home for several weeks after processing the nuts, waiting for the dark divorces to get away with.

Further possible options for processing nuts. Let us examine each of them in more detail.

The first method: using lime

Peeled nuts are poured with plenty of cold water and soaked for at least two or three days. In this case, there is a high probability that the liquid will ferment. To avoid this, water is changed as often as possible, but at least 3 times a day. At night, a bowl of walnuts is taken out to the street, where it is cooler. The ideal option is to keep the nuts for the entire period of pre-treatment in the refrigerator. Water in this case is changed with the same frequency.

The first infusion of the merged will be dark brown - it comes out iodine bitterly, and each subsequent - all lighter.

Next, prepare a lime solution. To do this, 300 grams of hydrated lime is poured with 3 liters of water, and thoroughly mixed. Then the talker is allowed to stand for 2-3 hours. The upper turbid water is gently filtered through two standing flannels or other thick fabric. In this lime mortar dipped soaked nuts for 24 hours.

This is followed by thorough washing and pinching each nut with a fork. Ideally, they should be soaked for another couple of days in clear water, but many people neglect this stage, waving before this with constant draining and pouring liquid.

Second method: with citric acid powder

So, here the technology is a bit different. Green fruit is peeled from the skin and pierced in several places. It is very convenient to use a fork for this. As the saying goes: "One blow, four holes ...". Then the nuts are poured with water, just as in the previous case. The term soaking with periodic replacement of water - 7-10 days.

Then it's about acidified water. It is prepared from 2 liters of water and a teaspoon of citric acid. In the acidified solution soaked the raw material for another 24 hours.

Then, without pouring the infusion, the nuts are boiled over medium heat for a quarter of an hour, and then left for a day for control soaking.

Everything! Zelentsy ready for cooking jam!

The third way: soaking in clove infusion

Peeled fruits of green nuts are pierced in 3-4 places, and dried clove buds are inserted into the holes. This spice has a very sharp aroma, and is able to bring bitterness from the fruit of walnuts much faster.

The soaking technology is similar to the previous options, but the period is reduced by 2 times. On average, it will take four days.

After that, the fruit is boiled in pure water for 20-30 minutes, and then quickly cooled under running ice water.

With lemon juice, cloves and ground cinnamon

Two glasses of filtered water and a kilogram of sugar are made of thick syrup. In a boiling solution dipped gauze bag with 7 buds of cloves, also add the juice of two medium-sized lemons and cinnamon (5-10 grams).

Pre-peeled and soaked fruits are put into the fragrant syrup - 100 pieces. The method of preliminary preparation can be any.

As soon as the jam boils, the fire is immediately turned off, and the bowl with the fruit is covered with a clean piece of cotton cloth and left for a day. After 24 hours, bring to a boil, repeat, and then the dessert is cooled again.

After triple boiling and cooling the mass proceeds to the next stage. It consists in the main cooking of walnuts for 30 minutes.

After the fire is turned off, a bag of spices is removed from the syrup, and the fruit with the syrup is poured into sterile jars. How to sterilize the container for conservation at home, read here.

With citric acid

This option is quite long and laborious, but worth it.

So, first prepare the acidified syrup from a glass of water, a kilo of sugar and a tablespoon of "lemon". Mass is brought to a boil.

In a bubbling syrup shift kilogram of pre-prepared nuts. The fruit is kept in the syrup for 7 minutes and then removed with a spoon on a metal sieve. Syrup and greens are cooled at room temperature.

The fully cooled syrup is again heated, the fruits are laid, and after seven minutes of aging, they are removed. The procedure is repeated 6-7 times. The last time the peeled fruits of Hazel boil a little longer - 10 minutes. Ready jam from greens of a walnut is packed up in jars.

Channel "Simple video recipes from Summer TV" is a three-day method of cooking jam

Method without soaking

Milk walnuts (1 kilogram) are peeled from the skin, removing it as thin as possible. Next, the fruit prick in several places.

Next, the fruit is boiled after boiling the liquid for a quarter of an hour or a little longer. Then the water is changed, and the cooking is repeated for the same time.

Simultaneously cook the syrup from a glass of water and 5 200-gram glasses of sugar. To the solution add the juice of one lemon, a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon and a sprig of mint. The last ingredient can be taken, both dry and fresh.

Boiled nuts are dipped into a fragrant boiling mass. The jam is boiled for 5 minutes (countdown after boiling), and cooled at room temperature. After about 5-6 hours, cooking is continued. It consists of triple boiling and double cooling.

After the mass has been baked for the third time, the walnuts taste. The top layer of nuts should easily get through, and the flesh inside should turn into a delicate jelly-like mass. If all is true, then the jam is ready! Before packing the mint sprigs are removed.

Irina Kuzmina presents a relatively fast cooking method in her video. She uses baking soda to soak the fruit.

Who should stop eating nut jam

Since green walnuts are rich in iodine, it may seem that such a product is completely safe for consumption, given that many of us are deficient in this mineral. However, excessive consumption of iodine-containing products is highly undesirable. Therefore, jam from nut greens is dosed, not more than 2-3 tablespoons per day.

Walnut allergy - a reason to completely abandon such a delicacy. For the same reason, to exclude jam from the diet should be pregnant and lactating women.

How to store walnuts

The rules for storing an aromatic and very healthy dessert are simple. The main thing - the observance of the technology of cooking and packaging the finished dish in a sterile container. It is also important to boil the lid for a short time. 5 minutes is enough.

Store the jam in the refrigerator or basement. To preserve all the nutrients need twilight and coolness. We are sure that such a place in your house will definitely be found. The shelf life of the product is 1 year.

We also offer you to familiarize yourself with the original recipe for walnuts and grapes jam.

Unusual recipe history

Do not be intimidated by our courage and decisiveness: it is really possible to cook jam from walnuts. But not from those that have already ripened, but from quite young, the so-called dairy maturity. These green fruits are still unsuitable for fresh food: they are bitter and their taste is not at all similar to those nucleoli that we compared to brains for appearance in childhood.

These very fruits will be needed for tasty, fragrant and healthy jam. They should be collected, depending on the region, from the end of May to the first decade of July. For example, in the south of our country, already in mid-June, the nuts most often enter the period of ripening and become unsuitable for jam: the shell begins to form and harden.

To determine the desired level of ripeness, pierce the fruit with a toothpick. If it passes easily through and just as easily gets - feel free to pick nuts. You can check each of them in this way, because afterwards you still have to puncture them.

From ancient times, jam of unripe walnuts is known in the Middle and Near East, in the southern countries of Europe and Southeast Asia. Now this dessert is very popular in Italy, Spain, Greece, Moldova, Ukraine, the North Caucasus, in the Kuban.

In each region, the recipes of this dessert have their own characteristics, but they are all based on the same principle.

The general principle of cooking nut jam

Although dairy ripened walnuts are very soft compared to fully ripened ones, they still need additional processing before cooking. The juice of the nuts is very bitter due to the high iodine content, so it should be removed by prolonged soaking.

Traditionally, nuts are soaked not in pure water, but in a solution of lime at the rate of 100 g of substance per 1 liter of water. Modern housewives are often outraged: "And so around solid chemistry, more nuts and soak in a limestone!". Let's remember the school course on this wonderful subject.

Firstly, all products known to us have chemical elements in their composition. Secondly, lime is nothing else than calcium oxide, a harmless substance used everywhere in everyday life. It’s not worth talking about the benefits of calcium for the body. If we recall that table salt is sodium chloride (the result of the interaction of two toxic substances), so you can be completely scared. However, we add to most dishes, and nothing, is very tasty.

We finish the excursion into the basics of chemistry and return to our jam. Nuts are soaked for him in a lime mortar from 5 days to 2-3 weeks, until soft. Strongly darkened during this time repeatedly punctured or cut in half, and then boiled for several hours in sugar syrup. The standard ratio of products is:

  • 1 kg of soaked nuts,
  • 1.2 kg of sugar
  • 1 liter of water.

The number of ingredients may vary slightly depending on the region or even the preferences of the hostess. In addition, in the dessert, many people like to add spices - cinnamon, figs, anise, cloves.

By the way, it is desirable that stainless steel was used for soaking nuts: aluminum is contraindicated for so long to come into contact with water and iodine contained in nuts, and you may not wash an enameled pan or bowl from resistant nut juice. For the same reason, you need to clean the nuts with gloves, so as not to go for a week afterwards with black hands.

What is the benefit of such a dessert

In comparison with ripe nuts, unripe fruits contain much more vitamins (groups B, E, PP), volatile production, tannins, vegetable fats. All of them are stored in the fruit after cooking jam, albeit in smaller quantities.

In folk medicine, nut jam has been used for a very long time, it effectively treats such diseases as:

  • rheumatism,
  • gout,
  • heart disease
  • diseases of the kidneys and bladder,
  • angina,
  • furunculosis,
  • stomatitis,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, it is recommended for:

  • nerve overload
  • intense mental work
  • sleep problems
  • pressure jumps
  • increased physical exertion
  • pregnancy (since jam contains the necessary amount of iodine),
  • the rapid process of growing children.
Jam from green Greek nuts - a source of trace elements useful for the body

And for men such a jam is very useful: it favorably affects the reproductive function.

But it is worth noting that walnut jam is contraindicated for people with stomach ulcers, diabetes and obesity.

We offer you several popular, not very complicated, but interesting ways of making jam.


You probably tried prunes, and maybe you like to use it for various dishes. So, the walnut jam, cooked according to the classic recipe, very much resembles good dried plums, both in taste and in appearance.

It will take you a lot of time. And besides him you will need:

  • 4 kg of green nuts,
  • 2 liters of water
  • 2.5 kg of granulated sugar
  • 10 carnations,
  • 1 pinch of citric acid,
  • for soaking nuts - hydrated lime at the rate of 100 g per 1 liter of water.

Be sure to weigh the nuts: depending on their weight, you will have to adjust the amount of the remaining ingredients.

    Wash the nuts and place in a deep bowl or basin. Fill with water completely, to the top. At least every 6 hours you need to change the water, and so - within 6-7 days. If you doubt that the nuts are already a little closer to ripening, keep them in the water for a week. But do not forget that you also need to change the water 4 times a day! Do not worry that the liquid takes on a greenish color: it is the peel of nuts that gives off excess juice.

Green walnuts can be stored under covers for a whole year in a cool room, and you can eat right away.

Armenians are big lovers of desserts made from walnuts, including jam. The peculiarity of this recipe is in the use of alum. In addition, be sure to peel the nuts about as much as potatoes. Do it only with gloves: it is very difficult to wash your hands from nut juice.

  • 100 pieces of young walnuts,
  • 3 kg of sugar
  • 1.5 liters of water
  • 10 carnations,
  • 10 g cinnamon,
  • 5 cardamom fruits
  • 0.5 kg of hydrated lime,
  • 75 g of alum.

You can start cooking jam.

    Peel the shell off each nut. Put the fruit in a deep bowl.

That's all. Now the finished jam can be arranged in jars and rolled up. Or serve on the table, pre-cooled.

Nut jam without lime

If the presence of lime is still confusing for you, we offer a method of preparation without using this tool. It is easy to replace the usual and often used in cooking soda.

So, take these products:

  • 100 pieces of walnuts,
  • 250 g of soda,
  • 1 lemon,
  • 2 kg of sugar
  • 4 glasses of water.

Cut off the skin from the nuts, always wearing gloves, and proceed to cooking.

    Put the nuts in a deep pan and cover with water. There is a little secret: to ensure that the fruit is soaked faster than usual, it is better to take water not cold, but warm, about 35–40 C. Put the pan for 2 days in a quieter place and keep there, returning every 6 hours to change the water for fresh .

This kind of jam goes well with creme brulee ice cream: the tandem is Coca-Cola. And by the way, this method is the fastest. Unlike the previous ones, such a jam will take you only 5 days.

Italian chocolate recipe

In sunny Italy, their tradition of cooking desserts. Italians are great lovers of sweets, they often add additional ingredients to their usual dish to make it original. Milk-green walnuts jam is very popular in this country, and we are sure that you will like its chocolate variant.

  • 1 kg of nuts (already boiled),
  • 1 kg of granulated sugar
  • 300 g of water
  • 100 g of cocoa powder.

Take for jam only those nuts that are easily and effortlessly pierced with a toothpick through. Immediately sort all the spoiled fruit.

    Cut each nut from two ends. This is necessary so that the fruits can give away the bitter juice contained in them as quickly as possible, being in the water.

Walnut chocolate jam can be not only a separate dessert. Its syrup is great as a sauce for cakes, pastries and ice cream.

Guest housewives

Last year they made this kind of jam. Without peeling cleaning, nothing happened, it could be digested, because the peel fell off during the cooking process and the jam turned out sour and not tasty. But with peeled skin turned out to be a success! Ruby syrup, taste great. And no lime and any cardamom there, etc. Pure sugar syrup and everything.



I pick nuts for jam until June 20th. На разрезе орех мягкий, как бы молочный и главное — скорлупа ещё не образовывается. У кого есть возможность, следите за развитием орехов каждые две недели, (я имею ввиду: сорвать — разрезать) будете знать, когда на варенье собирать.



Вымачивают орехи в холодной воде… я по такому рецепту не делала. Peel green nuts? This is the most delicious jam. I simply cut the nut from two sides, pierce the stick (I have it specially sharpened, the toothpick breaks) and soak it for 10 days in cold water, changing the water 3-4 times a day, and then boil the jam. This is very troublesome, but worth it. Nut jam in our family is the most favorite.



Jam is tasty and healthy, I cook every year, it helps well for colds and is useful for those who have problems with shchetovidkoy.



Summer is a great time to experiment, so why not try new dishes that you have never cooked before? We hope our recipes will help you accomplish new culinary exploits.

Or maybe you have experience in its preparation? Share it with our readers in the comments. Enjoy your meal!

Cooking secrets

Given the tremendous complexity of making this wonderful jam, not every housewife will dare to try to cook it. The fact is that this sweetness is not prepared from walnut kernels, which are usually used in cooking, but from whole nuts with skin and shells, only in the stage of milky ripeness, when they are still soft, and the shell has not yet been formed. In addition, the cooking is preceded by a long and tedious soaking - the nuts at this stage contain a lot of bitterness, so this process cannot be avoided.

Basic secrets and rules for the preparation and selection of nuts for cooking the following:

  • For jam, you need to take the fruits that are easily pierced with a toothpick - only to this degree of ripeness will they be soft after cooking.
  • All procedures with nuts should be carried out in rubber gloves. Fruit juice is very caustic because of its high iodine content, and hands after it will be black for about a week, or even more.
  • The main step in preparing a treat is soaking for a rather long time — one, two, or even three weeks. During this period, you will have to change the water in the nuts three or four times a day. It is quite troublesome, but if you do not do it, the fruits will sour, first they will be covered with unpleasant mucus, they will get a stale smell, and then they will disappear altogether. Since green nuts are too valuable a resource to spoil it like this, you will have to tinker.
  • In many recipes, after soaking in ordinary cool water, the nuts are immersed in lime mortar. It should not be too biased and suspicious of this method - it is quite safe for health. Sometimes, instead of lime, ordinary baking soda is used, which looks harmless.
  • Replacing a long soaking can be boiled repeatedly in pure water with the addition of citric or tartaric acid. Some simply blanch the green nuts for 5−10 minutes in soft, clean water without any additives, just have to repeat this action up to a dozen times.

All the culinary tricks of making such jam are verified and honed by thousands of housewives and years of practice - in some countries it is brewed constantly, they even have their own centuries-old traditions of making this useful dessert.

Chemical composition and benefits

Like any fruit, a walnut gradually changes its chemical composition as it ripens - some substances accumulate in it, and some of them “evaporate”. For example, ascorbic acid, which is abundantly present in green peel, is completely absent in mature nuts.

Besides, The immature fruit contains:

  • Vitamins E, PP, B1 and B2, F, A and K.
  • Many of the amino acids necessary for the human body - phenylalanine, glutamine, cystine, valine, histidine, asparagine, serine.
  • A rich set of trace elements and minerals - magnesium, iodine, zinc, phosphorus, iron, potassium and calcium.

As well as in the composition of the nuts contain tannins that help with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Because of the valuable vitamin kit, jam is actively used to strengthen the immune system - when cooking this dessert, only a small part of nutrients is lost, so the product is used not only as a delicacy, but as a therapeutic agent.

Jam has tonic properties, increases physical endurance and stress resistance and reduces the influence of external negative factors on the human body.

Due to the high content of iodine, this dish will be useful for iodine deficiency and diseases caused by it. Vitamin E causes the ability of jam to remove free radicals, as well as slags, toxins and accumulated harmful compounds from the liver, as the main organic filter, and other organs.

Green nuts are able to peel the main body fluids are blood and lymph.

However, people with increased blood clotting should use this product with caution - it contains vitamin K, so this jam can thicken the blood a little.

But in any case, this delicacy improves its composition, and also contributes to the acceleration of blood circulation, especially in the vessels of the brain.

Known and antitumor properties of this product - the tool can not only prevent the development of malignant tumors at an early stage of the disease, but can also facilitate the course of the disease in the more severe stages of cancer.

Phytoncides of green nuts increase the body's resistance to infectious and viral diseases. And also nut jam was used by folk healers to treat gout and rheumatism, kidney diseases, stomatitis and boils.

Its application recommended for increased nerve loads, before active mental activity, for insomnia, and it will also be very useful to include it in the diet during pregnancy.

In the period of active growth and cognition of the surrounding world, children will not only like the vitamin delicacy, but will also become a good vitamin aid to the growing organism.

This product also has a positive effect on men's health, increasing sperm motility and improving reproductive function.

However, it should be remembered that all useful products and tools have their own contraindications.

In the case of peanut jam, it is, first of all, an excess of iodine in the body.

In addition, for people with diabetes, this delicacy is impossible by definition, since a large amount of sugar is used during its preparation.

You can not use this dish for people suffering from obesity, because, depending on the method of cooking, it has a very high caloric content - from 240 to 480 kcal per 100 g.

When stomach ulcer is also not recommended to eat green walnut jam. Well and the main thing - in no case is this jam for those who are allergic to walnuts, this is probably understandable.

Jam Recipes

In different countries and regions there is a mass of their own recipes for jam from walnuts. Which one of them to give preference, each housewife chooses to your taste. Best of all, of course, try several different cooking options to evaluate which one is more to your liking.

Cooking without lime

There is also a faster version of walnut jam, the recipe (a simple recipe) of which does not contain lime, which can greatly please those who are confused by this component in other recipes.

List of required ingredients:

  • Green walnuts - 100 pcs.
  • Soda - 250 g
  • Lemon - 1 pc.
  • Sugar - 2 kg.
  • Water - 1 l.

This recipe involves the purification of a thin layer of skin with nuts, so you must always arm yourself with gloves and clean all the fruits.

After that, they need to fill with water. If you pour in not cold, but, for example, forty-degree, then the nuts will get wet faster. Within two days the water is changed every 6 hours.

Then wet peeled nuts are poured with soda and left for 12-15 hours, stirring occasionally.

After the required time has passed, the fruits become brown in color, now they need to be well washed and filled with water, after having pierced each of them with a fork in several places. Again leave the nuts soak for 2 days, from time to time changing the water.

After soaking, it is necessary to plan the walnut fruit 3−4 times in boiling water for 3−5 minutes.

Next, prepare the syrup from water and sugar.

Prepared nuts are dipped into it and boiled for several minutes. Then put the pan off for a while, then boil again and cool again for 10 minutes.

Add chopped lemon.

It is better to take thin-skinned varieties, they have more acid, and the content of essential oils in the peel is quite high.

Then boil for 3 minutes and poured into banks.

This dessert harmonizes perfectly with ice cream and tea, and is also excellent as an unusual filling for cakes and pastries or for their decoration.

There are other recipes for the preparation of nut sweets - Italian with cocoa powder (the result is a delicious chocolate-flavored jam), Armenian with various combinations of herbs and spices, as well as original recipes of some housewives.

In the preparation of this dish there are no strict rules, so you can let your imagination roam.

The only condition is to soak the nuts, but some cooks lower it and use multiple boiling, so as not to wait a whole week.

Despite the fact that for the most part all the recipes are rather laborious, the result can not fail to please.

It is necessary to cook the walnut jam once to fall in love with this delicacy forever. A suitable recipe will be displayed in the cooking process - someone will add an orange instead of a lemon, and someone will replace these citrus fruits with other interesting ingredients and combine the walnut with hazelnut, peanuts or, for example, apricots.