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Tattoo for good luck


What is a tattoo? This is a peculiar adornment of the body, a drawing applied to a particular part of the body. Initially, it was thought that tattoos were a sign of a person who was serving a sentence in prison. Now tattoo - a fashionable way to stand out from the crowd, to express their inner vision, the second "I", a protest to society.

Tattoos often hide a secret meaning, known only to its owner. This meaning can carry both the place chosen for tattooing and the drawing itself.

Many tattoos play the role of a kind of talisman or amulet. They may have a traditional meaning. Depict some symbols that traditionally bring good luck, happiness or love.

For example, the traditional symbol of good luck is a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe image.

To choose a tattoo that brings happiness and luck, first of all you should look for ready-made solutions. Which is better to choose? For example, such a tattoo that brings good luck, like a horseshoe, is very common.

Horseshoe is a happy symbol for a long time. The fact is that these items were made of iron. And iron was a rare metal at that time. Therefore, to find a horseshoe was considered a great success. Bringing it into the house and hanging it in front of the entrance meant protecting your home with a powerful talisman against evil forces.

Now this subject is much more difficult to find. But he has not lost popularity. It is used now as decorative ornaments to the house or pendants and key chains. Of course, the horseshoe is also very popular as a tattoo. She is able to attract good luck in all areas of life.

No less demanding characters that bring good luck in wealth. According to Eastern ideas, the peony will help to attract wealth. Therefore, a tattoo with the image of a peony is often used by both women and men. To attract money will also help images associated with wealth. For example, money bags and currency notes. Tattoos, bringing love and luck, can be in the form of a scattering of a star, speaking inscriptions.

Stuffing Features

Any tattoo starts with a rough sketch. First of all, it is necessary to decide which tattoos bring good luck. Then follows the stage of creating an outline. Features of the picture are selected depending on the place of tattooing, the condition of the skin, technical capabilities.

The process of tattooing is not too painful, and therefore passes without anesthesia. Best of all, pain relief can be reduced by a relaxed natural posture and relaxed muscles. The master must explain all the nuances before the procedure. For example, it is strictly forbidden to take alcohol. From alcoholic beverages, the blood becomes thinner, making the paint worse to fall.

Before the actual tattooing process, the following procedures are performed:

  • the selected area of ​​the body is exempt from hair,
  • skin is degreased with a special soap or alcohol-containing composition,
  • a special gel is applied to the prepared skin,

It should be noted that the gel layer should not be too thick. Otherwise, the picture will be vague.

The next stage - drawing a rough sketch. The master puts the pattern in a convenient way. Further, with the help of a special tattoo machine and needles matched in size, pigment is inserted under the skin to create the tattoo itself. Pain when using a tattoo machine is minimized, and the pattern is uniform.

As soon as the drawing is fully applied, the skin is treated with an antiseptic, and then covered with a thick layer of ointment, fixed with a bandage with a film.

For a finished tattoo requires care for some time. The entire skin area is washed with water. The main thing is not to wipe. A drying crust is formed on the tattoo, which in no case can be damaged. It should be smeared tattoo ointment, protect from direct sunlight. For the time until the tattoo heals, it is recommended to limit visits to the bath or sauna.

Since ancient times, people believed in mystical manifestations. Even now, many people attach great importance to symbols. It is believed that a particular pattern can bestow on its owner good luck, luck, health, wealth or love. It is only important to choose the right picture.

So, if the task is to choose a tattoo design that brings good luck, you should get acquainted with some traditional symbols in the tattoo.

Four leaf clover. To find a clover with four petals has always been considered a great success. The one who was lucky to find one, almost grabbed luck by the tail. In many cultures, the clover symbol as a herald of good luck is present to some extent. So, in ancient Greece, he was depicted on the attire of the gods. In Buddhism, the four-leaf clover personifies the fusion of the spiritual and the physical.

The image of the plant is widely used in tattoos. And both in traditional green color, and in absolutely unexpected coloring. For example, in black.

Sometimes a tattoo carries the meaning of something concrete than a general wish for good luck. For example, girls often choose tattoos that bring good luck in love.

The image of a white orchid will help to attract pure bright relationships. If we are talking about sex, it would be better to choose a picture of two dolphins. Not directly, but indirectly, a bouquet of red roses symbolizes this.

Now it is fashionable to use hieroglyphs in tattoo. But in this case, you need to be careful, because the selected hieroglyph can often either mean nothing or bear a negative value.

Another unexpected symbol that brings good luck is a ladybug pattern. This tattoo can be applied to come true cherished desire. In addition, this insect symbolizes tenderness and love. Such a picture is most suitable for women.

Meaning and Signs

Sometimes a tattoo can wear not very obvious value. In the photo, a lucky tattoo is an acorn.

Acorn is a Scandinavian and Celtic symbol of life, fertility and immortality. He was attributed to the Torah, the great ace. An acorn is most often used in tattoos for men.

Another implicit symbol of luck is the image of the skull. In ancient cultures, the skull was used to protect against evil forces. The skull symbolizes not only death, but also immortality. In combination with the image of a snake, he can wear the value of wisdom.

One of the common symbols often used in many areas is the star. For the first time a star as a figure was invented by Pythagoras. She bore the name "Star of the Sorcerer." She is depicted as a symbol of fate, rock. It also symbolizes good luck.

Types and values ​​of tattoos for good luck

Today there are several hundred common, regional, traditional, subcultural, intercultural and inter-confessional signs in the world that directly or indirectly denote luck, success, luck, profit, etc. In most cases, these symbols were created a very long time ago, in the times of ancient civilizations. There are more "modern", invented over the past 500 - 1000 years.

We have collected here a variety of symbols used as a tattoo for good luck:

  • Wheel of Fortune. This Roman goddess had many favorites among mortals. How to deserve the attention of the heavenly patroness? For this they made tattoos that bring good luck. It could be the wheel itself, or a goddess leaning on it with one hand. Today, the symbol is familiar to millions of people unrelated to Rome and its religious beliefs. The Wheel of Fortune even got into tarot cards,
  • In Ireland, they made tattoos bringing good luck with a four-leaf clover. He was considered a symbol of the patronage of St. Patrick. This is one of the few representatives of Christianity who managed to win great respect in the lands traditionally inhabited by the Celts - pagans. The legend about clover was so popular with people that many of them, not living in Ireland, began to massively make tattoos with this plant,
  • Horseshoe is another item associated with luck and luck. She was stuffed on her forearm, back, chest and other parts of the body. Where exactly the tradition originated is difficult to establish. It reached the Russian lands, partially preserved even in modern culture,
  • Rabbit's foot. Strange how a paw, cut off from a poor animal, could help someone. Even more interesting is how the talisman became her image, painted on the skin,
  • Acorn has long personified luck. Today, sketches depicting a branch of an oak tree with leaves and acorns are often come across.

Chinese tattoos for good luck

Popularization began in our country with the advent of Feng Shui. People who called themselves Christians / Muslims / atheists a year ago suddenly began to believe in Chinese mysticism, to read the Book of Changes. Many believed that all sorts of costume jewelry would not help them, and may even be lost. Therefore, they preferred to do tattoos for good luck, wealth, love, health. With this fashion associated many oddities. Often there were situations when masters deliberately, or intentionally, placed in the catalogs symbols, meaning not listed.

Instead of tattoo hieroglyph riches, luck, happiness, you could fill a symbol meaning “noodle soup” or something offensive. People could not know for years that they were deceived until they came across someone who knew Eastern languages, or did not find information on the Internet.

What is the tattoo character for luck? In general, there are several characters that are popular in Feng Shui:

  • Tsai - "welfare",
  • Bao - "protection"
  • Chen Gong - "achievement",
  • Yu Xiang - “well-being”,
  • Shengi Xiang Lon - success in trade.

The network often come across symbols that are far from Chinese culture and feng shui. For example, the "angel". In China, there is Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, etc. These are key traditions and religious trends. None of them have angels. In Japan, there is Buddhism and Shintoism. In both cases, the angels do not exist. Draw conclusions.

Tattoo hieroglyphics translated as chicken noodle soup.

Before you make yourself a tattoo of Chinese character luck, study the competent sources. Otherwise, the Chinese inscription “tomato juice”, “flea dog” or something worse will show off on your body. It’s historically so that the writing of this people is very specific, and the curse looks, at times, more beautiful than a blessing.

In China, they often depict another symbol of well-being - the three-legged toad, which holds a coin in its mouth. According to legend, she once did a lot of evil, until the Buddha came, and forced the toad to help people. In this context, the tattoo is designed to attract financial gain.

The symbol of well-being is a toad that holds a coin in its mouth.

There is also a Chinese character "chow", personifying a happy life and giving longevity. Another version of the same purpose "fu". Its focus depends on the meaning you put yourself.

Chinese character chow

If you travel frequently, travel by sea, then the best option for tattoos for good luck will be the image of the patron saint of travelers, Christopher. This is one of the favorite mascots for drivers. It is believed that it helps to avoid accidents, giving the owner unprecedented luck.

Tattoo of St. Christopher

In Japan, there is a cult character named Maneki Neko. She is often nazyvayut cat happiness, good luck, or money. She is always depicted with one raised paw. If it’s right, then it’s about attracting favorable circumstances, and the left attracts wealth.

Maneki Neko with one raised paw

Tattoos in the northern tradition and modern Europe

Very often on the skin of some people you can see the runes for good luck and wealth. Researchers believe that the runes are just letters for her, and some keys to understanding the mysteries of the universe. It is also a kind of programming language for the surrounding reality and our own life.

There are many options. These are both single characters and formulas:

  • Triple Fleece Fecha. In itself, it represents material success,
  • Knitted rune consisting of crossed Dagaz and Inguz. Indicates a long and prosperous life
  • Formula feho-soul-otal-vuno. A kind of program to achieve happiness and success in various aspects,
  • Knitted rune, consisting of algiz, "growing", like a flower from Inguz. These are the runes bringing happiness, helping to achieve a goal.

But do not forget that the northern gods do not like those who did not strike a finger for the sake of their own happiness.

In modern Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, some regions of Poland, tattoo symbol of good luck, is an image of a chimney sweep.

The symbol of good luck in a tattoo is a picture of a chimney sweep.

The British and the Scots considered the black cat a symbol of wealth and well-being.

A great tattoo option for good luck and happiness for girls is a ladybug. The meaning will depend on the number of specks:

  • One thing is to help those who have started something new, but are afraid of failure,
  • Two - harmony inside and out,
  • Three - discretion,
  • Four - amulet from thieves, gangsters. Will help those who travel frequently,
  • Five - help in work,
  • Six - study assistance,
  • Seven is a divine number conducive to prosperity.

If you are looking for a tattoo for good luck and wealth for men, and the main goal is financial success and independence, you can choose the golden key. It was the talisman of Genoese merchants. They, of course, did not make a tattoo, but wore a real object that revealed their own treasuries. But the key image is preserved even in fairy tales. Remember Pinocchio and the golden key?

Tattoo golden key for men for good luck

What might a lucky tattoo look like?

Inscriptions - tattoo luck always with me in Latin. There are several options:

  • Fortuna mecum - luck comes to me,
  • Fortes fortuna adjuvat - Destiny helps the brave,
  • Audaces fortuna juvat - Happiness accompanies the brave,
  • Custos meus mihi semper - my angel is always with me.
Latin tattoo: my angel is always with me

Items - the same horseshoe, Chinese coins, clover, and more. Real and magical creatures that give people good luck.

A good tattoo should be exclusive. But this does not mean that you can not use any popular plot. Examples are many.

What is your personal talisman? Who do you consider your protector, patron. Using this information, the master will be able to create the most original and unusual sketches of tattoos for good luck.

Suppose you like some kind of animal. Let it be a raccoon. He can hold in his paws an object that, in the view of modern people, should bring good luck and bestow happiness or wealth. You can combine the image and the inscription.

Tattoo of a flying crow with a branch of acorns in its beak

  • A raven holding a sprig of an oak tree with acorns in its beak. Usually depicted on the back, or arm. Sometimes on the chest, less often on the side,
  • A leprechaun sitting on a pot of gold coins, holding a four-leaf clover,
  • Ladybug on a leaflet, or flying in the sky,
  • Various religious subjects,
  • A combination of several luck symbols - a goldfish, a horseshoe, a clover, etc. How to create a composition for them - the question is already to the tattoo artist.

The style of the design can be any, as well as the choice of color. In most cases, tattoos of luck are not tied to the color, but to the form, specific outlines and contours.

Ask the master to jot down a few ideas on paper. Perhaps, having seen the first sketches, you will come up with some interesting details that he will add to the overall picture.

Success tattoo and zodiac signs

The only time that tint matters is zodiac tattoos for good luck. It is known that each sign of the horoscope corresponds to a certain color, number, etc.

  • For cancer, white, gray, silver and orange are considered successful. Failure brings blue,
  • A scorpion in a tattoo should have shades of red, purple if the style allows it. But for this sign the classic black is also favorable.
  • Taurus - tattoos with blue and pink tones. Yellow will help overcome laziness, hindering the move to success,
  • Capricorn - men need brown and black, women need blue, purple, red, dark shades of blue,
  • Lions choosing a color tattoo should remember that their colors are brown and orange for men, red, yellow, gold and orange for women. Avoid blue and white
  • Sagittarius - men can use shades of gray and purple, women - blue, blue, purple, purple.

Skin patches and their effect on tattoo value

Now you know which tattoos bring good luck, and even what color they should be for maximum effect. Therefore, it remains only to choose one of the options, and to figure out exactly how it should look, on which part of the body it should be applied:

  • on the back,
  • on the shoulder,
  • on the wrist,
  • on the forearm
  • ankle
  • hip,
  • on the chest.

If you are looking for tattoo options for good luck and wealth, here are some good solutions:

  • The tattoo on the shoulder is not just more noticeable. His task is to attract success, while protecting from various troubles,
  • On the wrist a symbol is applied by creative people inclined to dreams. В данном случае рекомендуется не только сделать татуировку, но и визуализировать свой успех, думать о нём. Не забывайте и о труде. Ведь без него не выловить ту самую рыбку, что исполнит три ваших желания,
  • Если нанести миниатюрное изображение на указательный палец, это хороший способ привлечь успех в бизнесе. Если ваша работа связана с финансами, это отличный катализатор развития,
  • Neck, skin behind the ear. Having made a tattoo there, you will attract not only money, but also success, recognition. This is worth thinking actors, musicians, other people who want fame.

Looking at the photos of various tattoos for luck and good luck, for money, business success, you will find a lot in common in them. In fact, they have one meaning. How can they help the owner in reality? People who are considered experts in this direction, mystics, argue that not the sign itself is strong, but our faith. A tattoo is a talisman, it is a conductor of our energy, its converter. He helps to direct desire and faith in the right direction.

Animalistic tattoos that bring good luck

It is believed that some animals, insects, and other living creatures can bring you luck, success, prosperity. We have compiled a list in this review:

  • The king of beasts, the lion, is not only a sign of good luck, but the tattoo is an amulet that makes you more determined and courageous,
  • The cat is suitable for those who go to sea,
  • The dolphin personifies protection, freedom, often personifies good luck, an arrangement to the person of light forces. About the same properties as a seahorse,
  • To achieve specific goals fit tattoo in the form of a starfish,
  • The wishes will be fulfilled by the golden fish,
  • Sly red fox ensures that wealth will come to your house. If you are the head of a firm or enterprise, it will give you success in commercial affairs,
  • A slow snail is also a happy sign for a tattoo. This funny creature symbolizes not only protection, but also perseverance, a gradual movement forward,
  • A very good sign is a small lizard tattoo. It can be applied to shoulders, arms, legs, neck, side,
  • Another symbol of prosperity and wealth is the elephant,
  • Wealth and fortune await those who make a tattoo with a frog,
  • The protection and luck gives the spider on the web,
  • The Egyptians associated luck and luck with scarab beetles,
  • A dragonfly or butterfly tattoo has a very positive effect.
  • Successful work, or learning will give a tattoo in the form of a bee,
  • Ladybird, this is a tattoo with two properties - attracting good luck and protection from the evil eye,
  • Profit, commercial success will give you a deer, hummingbird, or a beautiful bird feather,
  • Among the plants the most “successful” are peony (fortitude, success, beauty), thistle (not only luck, but also protection from dark forces), lotus (overcoming obstacles, reaching great heights), orchid (attracting luxury), dandelion (positive energy, perseverance, development, luck).

Photos of animalistic tattoos bringing good luck from the above list

Even "pop" stars in any form - from girlish tattoos to masonic symbols, are considered to be very good symbols for those who want to succeed in any business.

A bit of the history of tattoo

For the first time drawing pictures on the body began to be used during rituals. People believed that in this way they were most closely associated with their deities. Also, by means of tattoos, children were protected from parental anger, adults were protected in battle and hunting, and the old people were protected from diseases. In addition, there are cases when the tattoo was used as a punishment. For example, in Japan during the Edo period, for each crime, robbers were put on one line on the forehead. The result was the hieroglyph INU, which means "dog".

In Europe, with the spread of Christianity, tattoos, which were part of pagan beliefs and traditions, began to disappear. Drawing drawings on the body resumed among Europeans only in the XVIII century, when Christian missionaries set sail, and the sailors from their ships got tattoos to remember the places of their journey.

Currently, the tattoo is both a type of avant-garde art, and a way of self-expression of individuals. It can also mean that a person belongs to a social group.

Tattoo, symbolizing luck

You can offer in the salons of various types of tattoos. Today especially popular tattoos that bring good luck. So, here are some of them.

Cross. It symbolizes life, immortality, the unity of spirit and matter. Many people believe that this sign characterizes a person’s belonging to any religious direction, but this is not always the case.
On the one hand, the cross means eternal spiritual development, on the other - it is a symbol for attracting well-being.

Four leaf clover is a classic symbol of good luck. The image of this plant is done to ensure that the life of the owner of such a tattoo was full of favorable events, and fortune never left him.

Horseshoe - one of the most common tattoos, popular with many people. It means faith in gaining success and luck. The image of a horseshoe up horns symbolizes a full cup, happiness, abundance, luck. The same symbol, dropped down by its horns, is not a bad sign. Such a horseshoe protects its owner, she drives off misfortune and grief.

A spider descending through the web is a symbol of good fortune, good luck, and well-being. Greek mythology makes this predator wise and hardworking.
In addition, in the mythopoetic traditions, creative activity and professional skills are associated with the image of the spider.

Quite often, hieroglyphs are used as tattoos. So, people who want to draw luck into their lives choose the image of the character “happiness” or “kichi”.

Inscriptions in Latin are also popular with those who decided to get a tattoo. Often they use the popular expressions of great philosophers, writers and personalities. For example, it may be a tattoo in the form of the Latin phrase “Audaces fortuna juvat”, which means “Fate helps the brave”.

To believe or not to believe in the mystical power of signs and symbols is a purely personal matter for each person. The main thing is not to doubt that luck will never leave you!

How to choose a happy tattoo?

First of all, determine your desires. What exactly do you want: fame, recognition, wealth, happiness, health, strength, love, self-improvement or the acquisition of some qualities? Remember that thoughts are material, especially if they are visualized with the help of a wearable image, so think carefully, weigh the pros and cons and set priorities so that the tattoo will help you in the future, and not interfere.

In addition, if you really want something and will constantly think about it, then how would you charge the image, and it will become even more powerful in terms of impact on your destiny and life. But it is important to believe in such power, otherwise nothing will come of it.

Tattoo for good luck

So, we list the lucky tattoos:

  • The most popular and widespread symbol of success, happiness and wealth is clover, and certainly four-leaf. And it is considered universal, because it fits all, regardless of age and gender.
  • Sign of the Ankh or the so-called Egyptian cross. The cross itself in such a symbol means life, an interweaving of events, and the circle symbolizes eternity. Thus, the life path will be long and happy.
  • Virtually all winged insects, especially beetles and ladybugs, also bring good luck. For example, a fragile girl can put a ladybird on the body, but a bug is more suitable for a man, including a horn beetle (in this case, the horns strengthen men's energy).
  • If you list lucky tattoos associated with winged creatures, and to be more specific, it is worth remembering about the scarab. This is a sacred beetle, which has long been attributed to a variety of properties. For example, it is believed that he can resurrect the dead, as well as bring good luck and happiness alive.
  • Long since a star was considered to be a rather powerful symbol of luck. At all times, when people said “born under a lucky star,” they meant that he was lucky in everything in life. If you have not found your lucky star yet, then put it on your body, then it will give you success. Such a tattoo, by the way, is suitable for both girls and guys.
  • Acorn. Yes, the oak fruit is actually considered in Celtic and Scandinavian cultures a symbol of life, fortitude, immortality and fertility. And he, by the way, is dedicated to Thor - the god of thunder and storms, who protected people and gods from monsters.
  • Skull. Surprisingly, such an image in some cultures is considered a symbol of success and luck, as well as protection against disasters. By putting it on the body, a person seems to show death that he is not afraid of her, and therefore she avoids it. In addition, he may personify the immortality of the soul or be a reminder that you need to live as if today is the last day.
  • If you are looking for interesting images, then pay attention to Caduceus. This is a golden rod, which is decorated with two wings and braided by two serpents. He once belonged to Hermes and endowed him with the power to reconcile everyone. To this day, such a sign brings good luck, helps to keep calm, drives off illness and gives harmony and peace in the house.
  • Enumerating beautiful tattoos that bring success, we must not forget about feathers, which personify lightness in everything and literally attract happiness, luck and wealth. But do not choose peacock feathers, because they symbolize unjustified hopes, empty promises and useless spending.
  • If you prefer not drawings, but symbols and signs, then pay attention to the hieroglyphs. For example, "Fu" and "Zi" attract happiness, wealth, health and love. But it is extremely important to depict them correctly, since with the slightest mistake the meaning may change.
  • The symbol of infinity or the figure-eight turned on its side promises its bearer a long and happy life, health, strong marriage, as well as patience and good luck in all endeavors.
  • Many horseshoes hung over the entrance to the house, thus protecting the home from evil spirits. If you put such a pattern on the body, then luck will accompany you everywhere. And the horseshoe will bring wealth and help in all matters, because it is considered one of the most powerful symbols of good luck.

Useful tips

  • Choosing a particular tattoo, listen to your feelings and emotions. If you literally "sank" inside at the sight of one or another image, then use it.
  • Take responsibility for the choice of the master, because if he is inexperienced, he will spoil and change the image, thereby depriving him of his power of influence.
  • Carefully prepare for tattooing to be in a normal and even sublime state at these times. In the case of illness or bad mood, you can charge the image with negative energy, and then it will not work as it should.
  • In order to try out the effect of one or another pattern on oneself, one can, as it were, try on it and vilify for a while. To do this, apply the image with henna and follow your further thoughts, state, mood, events occurring in your life.
  • Do not wait for instant changes for the better after applying a tattoo, everything takes time.

    Choose and make a tattoo to become a happy person and attract good luck!

    Tattoo with a sense

    History refers to the times when the application of signs on the body gave information about a person, belonging to a tribe, status in it. Modern tattoos are filled with a special meaning, while people believe in the miraculous power of drawings and symbols. Before you make yourself an art painting on the body, it is desirable:

    • decide what you want with her support to add to your life,
    • distinguish male signs from female ones
    • know what the meaning of the symbols and drawings.

    Incorrectly matched images do harm to hidden meaning. You can see photos, read descriptions in the online magazine Tattooed Souls, to make an informed choice. What is the meaning of lay in the image on the body? Masters order:

    • symbols of good luck and success
    • inscriptions - appeal to society and yourself,
    • charms and amulets
    • images of children, loved ones,
    • memorable signs about important events
    • symbols of love and relationships
    • Signs of attracting wealth, health, luck.

    For girls

    For modern girls, body art is a tribute to fashion, a piece of jewelry that can emphasize originality and attract attention. A small sign in a secluded place will add spice, sexuality. Tattoos with meaning for girls are selected based on individuality, character, from photos in tatu salons. A very important point - you need to know the exact meaning of the image in order not to get into an unpleasant situation.

    What do girls prefer to impale, what tattoos bring good luck? Popular female body designs and their subtext:

    • cat - independence, elegance,
    • butterfly - beauty, freedom,
    • dragon - wisdom, power,
    • panther - grace,
    • tiger - aggression, determination,
    • star - luck, prosperity, happiness,
    • heart is love
    • scorpion - attractiveness
    • snake - wisdom, intuition.

    A completely different attitude to the drawings on the body in men is very rarely an element of decoration. The main task is to emphasize leadership, authority, strength, courage. Men's tattoos with meaning are found in the form of symbols, drawings, inscriptions and hieroglyphs. Prick them on the arms, back, chest. It can be a tattoo for good luck and luck, attracting wealth, wisdom, love.

    To understand the meaning of the male symbols, what they mean, you need to keep in mind - often the signs reflect aggression, power. What tattoos bring men luck, attract confidence, wealth, strength? In the salons and magazines you can see in the photo popular tattoos with decoding of their design:

    • lion - pride, cunning, courage,
    • dragon - power, strength loyalty,
    • snake - abundance, wisdom,
    • tiger - ferocity, passion, strength,
    • heart - love, courage,
    • cross - power, loyalty, power.
    • star - luck, abundance.


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